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The Dale and Holley Show - 5-22-14

May 22, 2014|

Short show as we bring you the Red Sox pre-pre-game show and try and figure what plagues the BoSox.

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Well welcome and do what should theoretically be an abbreviated version of the -- -- program Sports Radio WEEI. I say theoretically because even as we speak it's raining at least hearing in Brighton I'm not sure about downtown of Fenway Park just couple miles away. Weather forecast this afternoon is -- a spotty drizzle spot showers. Sounds like the sort of thing they're gonna play through at any rate here this afternoon. So it is expected that there will be baseball this afternoon at Fenway Park and what thank goodness soccer side that the Red Sox cannot wait to get back out onto the field. And just continue hard right that might not actually be true if you're not hearing Michael -- -- right now because he's in deep depression. He's getting some medication and then he's gonna join us he's actually. Down at Bristol that that ESPN where he is guest hosting on numbers never lie and we are making connections with Bristol right now. -- out for you this we had our our conference call at 10 o'clock this morning is we do every day notable for a week we get ready to -- -- And he sounded like guy who needed to -- clocked back in off the language he sounded a little depressed about toppings are going and if your Red Sox and I understand that. Should they lose this afternoon. It's the first time they would have lost all the games of a home stand as many as six games in a long time since like 1990 or something. If it has been a long time since they've had a stretch like this certainly didn't have a stretch like this at all last year in Jon Farrell's first year as manager of the Red Sox. Eyes you just heard during the flash the last time they won as many are lost this many is this. It was back the final eight games of the 2012. Season. And we all know what that season was -- with a manager whys and why things were as bad as they could possibly be. So the question now becomes. And you got an -- from the sample size and I think. A legitimate argument you do enough of a sample size to say yeah this is the team this is who they are this is. What we're gonna have to deal with for the rest of the summer. Or is there some semblance of hope that you know it's early in up in the year -- haven't even made the change that they just put in place. Stephen Drew the erratically cleared waivers an hour ago. Which means he can begin his minor league assignment and it is twenty to 25 at bats in and then jump back in here to help them the Red Sox team. You know. Maybe that helps solidify the defense -- left side of the -- certainly helps your hitting against right handed pitching. Gives -- -- step up there. I'm kind of happy to see that and hear that John Ferrell thinks that there are still looking to perhaps get some outfield help. Now that may be from the minor leagues may be bring up Daniel novel from Pawtucket who's sitting right he's very while right now. You know in in in a further attempt that kind of solidified the offense because offense. I know in the aftermath of a Clay Buchholz another Clay Buchholz implosion and that on the heels of the shoulder issues suffered by Felix who brought when he apparently banged shoulder into a car door. In the aftermath the ball close it seems somewhat silly to talk about the offensive problems for the Red Sox but I -- think that's the bigger issue right now. I do you think that. Unfortunately they can't figure out what score some runs and especially. It would runners in scoring position especially hit better against right handed pitching. -- those of the things that they're gonna try to work on. I think that the Stephen -- part of the puzzle was just step one. I think they're going to a endeavor as best they can't get up perhaps some help in the outfield who can give them. Some some help in that inning against right handed pitching. I'm hitting with runners in scoring position things like that I think that they desperately need it. And I think that's. Among the things that they're going to be looking at here. -- -- think that the manager is blameless of course the outlook we talked to yesterday. There are a couple of instances just the last couple of games where he made moves that. Quite honestly kind of played against type bunting twice two nights ago. You know in an attempt to put runners in scoring position I guess the erratically but -- Brock -- to get. And David Ross to the plate with -- David Ross -- offensive issues. Over the weekend Shane Victorino first and third steal second base Brad Ausmus has -- -- no problem I'll take the bat right out of David Ortiz is hands thank you very much. Gives him the intentional pass and -- the Red Sox want and not score as many as they might otherwise so. The managers had some some moves here but I think could be called into question. The general manager. And I don't see him ducking this -- talked about how they've been trying to find help at third base for some months going back even before spring training. They ultimately came to the conclusion that they they couldn't keep looking. They had to do something. And they had to make a move. To help third base as much as anything Yeltsin unfortunately the guy who kind of paid the price. And at the expense of all of this stuff was the shortstop Zander Bogart's. I thought John barrel yesterday bench Harrington this morning when he was on with the NC I -- they made it very clear their issue was not with Zander Bogart's. While they didn't say it by name it was pretty clear that there issue was more with will middle Brooks and then ultimately will middle Brooke's departure from the line up. Created an even bigger hole those were the issues that they were dealing. They try a field they couldn't come up with help at third base that wasn't gonna cost them a lot more than they were -- be about. The only move that they felt they could make immediately. With to bring in Stephen Drew who was available cost them nothing but money cost on the prospects in return. And moves into -- over at third base appointing a lot more things they got to work on. And and let's bring in my buddy Michael Ali and Bristol while Michael and no details that you get -- -- -- -- you know after a conference call this morning your current depressed let them may be neat little. Spirit in you know -- You've always been the difference I appreciate you worry about me and in. The drugs and other drugs are little but should probably gave me too many so that's why -- descends on what your. Definite yeah I mean I wild definition of you know not ready to answer about it and caught. Up in the middle of the afternoon intelligence. Was a little knocked out. But -- her what you had to say about the Red Sox and this legit -- they've got this is not one of those. While the rest of the NL east is not very good in the Red Sox will be fine. It's. Haley says not the the dominant division that we thought it would be used god is not his so honest -- we thought it would be but the Red Sox. Have real problems. And they they look like a team I mean look at that team against Toronto. Another swept at home small sample size on and on. Did like they were the equal of the Toronto Blue Jays blue -- the better than the Red Sox yet. A lot better -- -- the tigers are better than Red Sox a blue -- -- at -- are. The tigers are better than the Red Sox right now period. It it's -- as I said yesterday it's fine to say the rest of the division is not running away with anything but that's the real issue the real issue is. The Red Sox to make -- look like. I don't think they're capable of of putting together anything that will. That pool be good enough to challenge. For a for the division in the elite the elites and not even -- far. Apple why and by the way you're right if if the Red Sox were in the American League west right now they'd be nine and a half games out of first place all right. In the American League east they're four games out of first place. In fact look at it this way Michael in in that stat that I like to look at so much run differential. There's only one team in the American League east the tape -- positive run differential. The Toronto Blue -- surplus twelfth. They're the only team in the east with a plus run differential and thank you Boston and -- put in perspective Oakland is plus 99. I mean that's the difference between the two divisions. So I agree with you that they're lucky that they're playing where they are that that does give you hope I think that's why they made the move that they made for Stephen Drew. What do we think is the issue here is offenses -- pitching is defense is that all of the above. It's -- number one is pitching. I know all the stats are runners in scoring position but you can -- explain. Explain explain those away because of on base percentage numbers for the Red Sox which are pretty decent. He can't explain away the pitching. -- buckles with the ERA over six. Felix do brought on the DL. Jake Peavy inconsistent. So really big guy who's gonna start today weather permitting. Jon Lester you're left with him. He's reliable his numbers. When laws. For whatever that's worth. -- lost doesn't tell the story he's a guy that you can rely on in John Lackey is too. And then after that it's a crapshoot -- a problem. Well and I look at at Clay Buchholz and and he might be the most baffling -- -- a guy who at the beginning of last year was unbeatable and unhittable. He was nine and 01 point to start the season last year. Nowhere near the same guy I've spotted interest in that John Ferrell said he won the -- the pitching coach spent a light night at the ball park last night. Breaking down video of Clay Buchholz -- Efforts last night. And they are convinced and I sure hope they're right that this is strictly a mechanical issue to mechanical issue we can fix that it's not an arm problem -- you know he's not hurt. I hope that that's right and I mean you know obviously in a whole lot more about pitching and I do they say the -- late night film study showed them. Our I hope they're right too but you look at Buchholz and beginning of the season. And he's like in this is enough and you mean if you're out there and in your Red Sox fan and you're trying to figure out what the team is going to be season -- season. You guys are probably -- this for the last two or three years who was the X-Factor who's a wildcard. Who was a guy that will will determine how far -- ago. And most of the time I'll betcha it's Clay Buchholz as the number one answer. Wouldn't talk about -- colts for a few years and it was the perfect word -- you said baffling. He's a baffling guy. I mean you look at his stuff is off -- -- she's really talented pitcher and nobody nobody says that he doesn't have stuff he has that. A season a season you don't know what you gonna get from Clay Buchholz last year he got a great start. And then it abruptly. Came to a stop for a long time and some of the same questions about his durability came out. And then what he returned there were more questions. Before his World Series start is he gonna make it does he have the fortitude to it take to kind of got it out. In the season before that he actually gave you innings. Maybe about a under 18988. Innings in the Bobby Valentine here but the performance wasn't there's a one year gives you great numbers. But not a lot of innings a year before he gives you a decent amount innings and our great. Numbers this year. He has missed the star but he Sox. So what's this too well and let let's hope that their late night study last night finally put a finger on it. -- kind of -- they may be done before this but that's beside the point apparently they did it last night they figured it up let's say they -- Clay Buchholz. Let's say that they get that part straightened out I'm with you I think Jon Lester spine and will continue to be fine you can count on him stopping this losing streak this afternoon. So you got two guys that you feel fairly confident about John Lackey gives you a third. And then the question becomes four and five Felix the -- just got hurt. Under circumstances that are a little bit questioned corridor to have a man I tell those car doors and and by the way. You picture shoulder on a car door. You don't tell anybody don't tell a trainer you don't tell -- pitching coach you don't tell the manager it apparently happened the day before his start. Then you show up but you start throwing poorly and -- the ball out of the velocity going down they pull out of the game -- don't tell. And now they start talking about let's get him scheduled for an MRI let's see what all well by the way bang my shoulder into a card or yesterday. Well Felix and to take a trip up support -- five Chrysler and Dodge -- where the car doors. Don't -- you don't get you back yeah unload their inventory go out there are now tell Mike Wallace and Jeremy. I don't I don't know what the story is -- that's a pitching -- You look at look at the Red Sox. At Fenway Park. In their record at home and how they struggled. To to string together hit some say that. -- -- runners in scoring position tells you that you do have rhetoric that the good news is you do have runners in scoring position. -- the bad news that you can't. He can't bring them home so there's something there with the Red Sox and in their lineup. I don't think that is. I don't think that's a long term problem like the pitching staff is in district about that last year pitching was fine. You always expect the Red Sox to score I still do that so I'm not I haven't. I'm not convinced that the Red Sox just you know overall offensively. Look I I edit at the risk of you know overstepping my place on the planet. Let me make a suggestion to -- John Farrell and -- at the time that he was -- yesterday and into the lineup so I didn't know to make this suggestion. Maybe needs to lock in on a little bit horrible batting order and and most importantly. Dustin Pedroia dominate run producing spot at three yesterday he was hitting second today sitting lead off. Our public if you just locked -- Pedroia at three Ortiz at war. The erratically Napoli he still sick and isn't gonna play today but Napoli at five. Maybe Gomes at six or whoever it's going to be maybe. Just that part of the of the batting order a lock that in and leave it alone who sets the table who -- your table setters you haven't they they keep messing around with okay today. But -- gonna lead off yesterday hit second. I mean I. I'm not a huge believer in this whole batting -- of -- in the batting order matters but what I don't know is that run producers are run producers. And give them an in run producing spot in the hell alone. Well I'll tell you another positive sign if you'll look at the positives. That's writer Michael asset to our -- boss sometimes. Zander Bogart's. Looks like he's figuring figuring it out at the plate. So. As I've mentioned before -- I got no issues with with -- -- with -- on that hey -- should handle even a little spot stick him in the number one spot if that's what you wanna do and I'm OK without by the way. Stick chain -- know what the number two spot leave it alone and then as we said get Pedroia Ortiz Napoli and and leave the top five alone. Our -- let's say he does that in the pitching still breaks down and they turn into legitimately bad teams yeah I think I get the sense that -- most fans don't quite believe that yet. That that that the record. Is an aberration this is not really who the Boston Red Sox are they won the World Series last year John Ferrell I read that managed brilliantly -- -- read all the time. All the time -- on Twitter you say something about the Red Sox hey buddy. Buddy. Did you forget that we won the World Series last year. -- case you did relax. So how I do believe that's happening at that a lot of people are angry passing should be angry life's too short angry all the time. But. I think the the lack of outraged. That lack of urgency from the fan base toward the Red Sox has a lot to do with 2013. It was a great moment. Unexpected championship. Don't certain olds are better. In some ways those are better than that dynasties. Have you you win and he waited 2007. And in 2008 you're right back there and ALCS you're expected to be back Darren in the ALCS. And then when you lose it's bitterly disappointing losing game seven Tampa. But 2012 we just want to be above water. And you wind up winning the division. Easily leading the league and rounds. It winning the World Series. Thank you -- a lot of people say thank you. I can't ask for anything else I'd -- -- be too selfish. I'm not a selfish person that you gave recently gave me this gift thank you sir. A walk away and I won't. I won't take you to task for a year to. I think that's what's happening but. -- for some people. But if you really think the Red Sox are legitimately bad team what do you do. It if they become of this six game losing streak becomes ten and. Do you. Waited out with your veteran guys. Or do you do what the the Yankees did in 2005. Remember that year they started eleven and nineteen. And they called up a young player named -- can know when they made some changes and they wound up tying the Red Sox with a division. I actually won the division. So would you do something like that or. And it big afraid of scoring with a young players. AAA in double A you know what a mess of smoky. He don't want to mess with Henry Owens. You don't want to mess with Dutch -- he just -- We'll take our nice. 81 and 81 we'll take our nice 78 and 84 and come back next year what do you do. I don't think that the Red Sox and I think that drew move proves that they're not content to sit on their. The World Series championship laurels I don't sense that the fans are willing to give them the pass. I mean we hear enough complaints here we see enough of -- on our on our Twitter feeds and on our text machine and on our telephone lines. I think that the fans are bitterly disappointed with how they're playing right now but they're casting about for ways that you can fix it. What can you do and and that's what we're gonna try to figure out between now and and what we get to Red Sox baseball at around 330 -- -- I don't think people are giving up past I really don't. But I think they're also normal what the heck he would -- here who stormont negates anybody storm well turning around and but he storming the gates -- but c'mon man stormed those days to yell -- -- the charge will see what you guys think it's 6177797937. The AT&T -- line is 37937. Now we're supposed to be until about 325 or so take it at pregame show for Red Sox baseball -- we will be on -- Off at 325. We will take it at pregame show for Red Sox baseball. I will tell you that this up. Rain this front of rain it's going through Boston is supposed to pass through I think they're gonna planning getting this thing in but at the moment at least it's a little moist out. Wanted to just looked out the window you'll window with the right -- The got a window in the studio and tell people what -- -- you seem to be a little tough to do I think you're looking at Fenway park Maryland and friendly park I'm looking at a Celtics logo on looking at the garden over there. I got a New England Revolution logo just -- panoramic view of the Boston sports cities are all all all around all behind me somewhere is a Red Sox logo to Bruins logo. But that's the number hop on board with us we'll talk -- baseball would -- 6177797937. Dale and Holley Michael's -- Bristol get credited in numbers never lie I'm here enough -- and we get right to the call with you coming up next. Or it is deliver not done so he's making mistakes he's been up in the strike -- -- removable plate. In the last night. More than we've seen -- this season. He pitched behind in the count a lot in and that's again from repeating your delivery or lack of repeating his delivery as much as. He knows he's better. He's disappointed what's taken place so far. There have been glimpses -- there been individual games or it's been more played like. But it's. He knows he's got to improve. John -- prior to today's game at Fenway Park talking about Clay Buchholz after last night's performance. But maybe this is simple may be it is a mechanical thing they'll figure it out everything will be great let's hope that's the case. But I'm a little worried about offense. I'll I'll take it one step further Michael we were talking about how much of a shake up does this team needs and I and I'm not trying to make this sound like. This is the guy who -- all your problems any more than Stephen Drew does. Many times and Jackie Bradley junior back to the tactic to work on his swing a little bit. All right so you're just sent him back. -- -- option in center field. Well you're gonna have to play Shane Victorino there because in when you send him back you're gonna bring up Daniel Nava was actually doing a pretty nice job right now against right handed pitching the -- right field. Well I'd prefer men left but if I've got Plame and right I'm OK -- who's got me right fielder Victorino in center. Yeah I hear you're probably gonna have to play and right. And and as I said this is a perfect world I. They they tried to have three kids. -- break in at the same time this year and it just that it didn't work. And and yet can you afford we talked about this earlier can you afford to keep letting Jackie Bradley junior. Trot out there with the issues that he's having -- and wait for him to figure it out. And they didn't he know they didn't want three kids to do what they want it to kids to do right. And the plan was never for Jackie Bradley to start the season. As a center fielder look at it all goes back to the offseason and they they have to know what we keep talking about it and it has to be said again. They had a very. Ambitious let's put that way that's at a positive way of being negative is that does that contradiction while. How about that skin deep is getting deeper and here. They had a very ambitious plan plan for replacing. Jacoby Ellsbury it was an ambitious. Low budget plan anyway you look at who we bring up -- is Jackie Bradley junior is a part of the mix. Here tying him the minimum so less than any real money and then. You sign Jacoby excuse -- you -- Grady Sizemore. Who is Jacoby Ellsbury before Jacoby Ellsbury hey you signed him. 28. Pretty reasonable contract incentive related Lleyton if he returns to form he returned to form he got something good well. So far. It's best not the plan. So if they have to send down Jackie Bradley junior again which was what what they wanted to do -- beginning of the season. It really leaves leaves them where they were the day. That Jacoby Els vary and Joseph Girardi had that obnoxious. Press conference. In the Bronx where Joseph Girardi green. Portrait -- as they -- -- -- don't they didn't have a good replacement for a guy that they knew there are gonna lose. So -- -- -- that's part of the plan defensively who part of the problem defensively. And part of the offensive problems. Let's get to the call see what you guys think 6177797937. By the way during the commercial break Michael I left the studio so -- could look out the window. I liked the -- better when I was in here. Does bring out their right now it's gonna pass on and in sports has a two reports tonight it is supposed it looks like it's so with. -- on the cellphone can Europe first on dale and -- -- -- I'll put him on -- if you guys can find him -- in Westport Mike you're up first on dale and Holley. I of the younger brain -- -- -- -- Every time I remember that we -- you one in the world period last year I figured. -- a little bit more about here. I mean it's it's shopping you know from people do have that data loser hey we won the World Series and I hit I went to -- brewer in early in the season and it was like her nose like this atmosphere wasn't. Wasn't what you'd expect her you know. One of the purse in a year from an all World Series and not have a replacement for -- very. -- big -- air here no production from our field or outside our infield. I don't even -- I like it you know he can hear righty. I don't I don't think -- answer. It all on the all common. I think -- would you like or -- it definitely the pitching. Apple in there. The years outward ball awful and that -- -- -- Well and and look I I hope it's as simple as though a late night study session by one EMS and and John Ferrell and -- Rico we've discovered what the problem is we can fix this I hope that's it. -- it's not going to be the case with Felix to brought who's already been placed on the fifteen day DL. -- does sound as though this won't be as long term as what I thought Tom walk walking off the mound two nights ago. But you know they're gonna have to get somebody in here John Ferrell told us yesterday. It would probably be either Alan Webster or Rahm or Brandon Workman. Like -- as well he said one of those two guys now they don't need a starter yet so what they'll do is they'll bring in a reliever. For tonight's game and I'm assuming by this point that. No actually it's tomorrow 1 o'clock they're gonna be shorthanded tonight tomorrow 1 o'clock is when the erratically. Stephen Drew clears waivers they'll bring a reliever and for tomorrow night's game. On the road in and at least have use of a reliever over the weekend. I really wanna get up people's opinion on this to dale. Or something Micah and Westport just alluded to that. When he went to a game earlier this year and Milwaukee and in the brewers really rag -- them they had their way with them at Fenway Park early in the season. -- sides of things to come. You know. What you win the World Series it's. If you have a team that says that's a surprise World Series winner. I think it's natural. Not to have that same passion the next year. That that profile of World Series champion the surprise World Series champion people are kinder. To that kind of team. As I mentioned earlier 2007 Red Sox they still had. He still had Manny Ramirez at the beginning of the 2008 season not at the end. Still had David Ortiz. Dustin Pedroia Jon Lester Josh Beckett great expectations for a team like that high payroll team. So he get a little mad. And ENN you're still you still are hungry that next year is no falloff. And then when you have. I guess if you have the older team not near prime which does know. That you've got a couple players and they got a couple of years left in their careers. And you got to take advantage of everything that they have. You get a little get a little jumpy and nervous. When your team is -- when your World Series champion is not defending the championship right now but the problem but these Red Sox and what percent. They don't fit any of those categories they were just an excuse me can you believe this oh my god pinch me. They won -- unless they're dreaming yeah yes I wondered if people look at it that we just can't they can't be mad at this team after all the goodwill. That was built up for the last well it's entirely possible that this is a much more accurate depiction of what this team is the -- wants. But last year was just one of those you know lightning in a bottle is -- kinda years. And this is what reality really is -- up in Portland page appear next on Sports Radio Dele Ali. They're desperate they're liberal AGF. Yeah alum you know publicly about that's about what I -- I'm a regular visitor to the Portland they don't appear. They at club it never went out what every -- I really hope they don't rush it in this kid looks like he could be. -- fantastic let that start for the future. Nobody would bring proper spot start later this year quite but I do I really hope that it Russia. The look at this scheme is. I can't see Jackie Bradley and -- that I don't mind leaving -- -- -- And I think the one way you can really turn this scene around offensively. It's a threat -- -- public capital we have had our minor league and maybe throw in a car or whatever it takes you know long -- that capital. To go -- -- -- -- and so and Colorado I know one time they were talking Gonzales might be available in Colorado. You know you probably can play left field and -- -- cents. And you know I'm Jacqui Brett leaders to come around at every level government that you generally figured it out and get better. Call it -- direct. And I -- but I think Michael -- Michael hit the nail on the head earlier their intent wasn't to start the season with him here. They didn't feel that he was ready to start at the Major League level this year certainly not be the starting center fielder they kind of got forced into what. Through you know their own issues in the offseason whatever it is I'm not sure they. They're probably not surprised with how is going right now. Yeah and then Victor -- victory they'll be heard if -- -- -- with Jackie Bradley. Now we talked about a coming out of spring training and it was almost like. An admission that he could've done more and that was that it was a -- can't even said it wasn't. He he did not have a great spring training and can't take that for what it's worth for young players it means more. To them than it does to guys like Dustin Pretoria and and David Ortiz. He needed to prove something in the spring and he didn't but the only reason he was on the team is because of Shane Victorino. Brought him on back. Dexter by the -- says if you dated a hot girl last year Michael aha ha butcher dating an ugly girl now right. All that matters is that your data ugly girl now with Seattle look at that awaits answers and I am I'm sorry that you're seeing superficial. Because she's not ugly today no she's got a great personality. We have -- we have talks the talk about ideas not only will we don't just. Sit around in and watch all the trashy -- like he showed their big growth like do we need that -- I. I would watch all the trashy TV shows and like she just me thinks that what it is. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I don't think she's -- real and how -- Yeah well she was -- may -- You know it was worth. Well to -- that -- -- that -- that. Why oh why oh. Shelf -- the airedale coma 6177797937. -- telephone number. AT&T text line -- 37937. It's -- holly Red Sox baseball coming up this afternoon and Sports Radio WE yeah. -- thing -- to a big growth in the -- Well what do you what were striving for is one of the two curveball or changeup to create some velocity separation and disrupt timing. Right now when he's pressed to make a pitch and he's gonna go to Korea has gone to pitch that's been hard. In velocity -- fastball cutter. So we've got to get back to the point of being -- relative to change -- more answers and for strikes not just of the -- from technical. Red Sox manager John -- talking about Clay Buchholz. Yesterday Michael I was I was mentioning what a weird game baseball is. Yes the Detroit Tigers come here to Fenway over the weekend and just clocked the Red Sox look like the best team in baseball. Go to Cleveland gets swept. Right now it's -- as we sit here right now there in the bottom of the fourth inning at home against the Texas Rangers and the Detroit Tigers are losing seven to nothing. What's gonna happen in this game it's illegal fourteen innings -- -- -- and is this -- this year -- we got to prove your. It's just that probably centered at the old times -- progress I got no problem prowess at all it's just it's such a weird sport now. I wouldn't be a bit surprised and based on his history it really wouldn't be surprised if Jon Lester goes out there this afternoon and and pitches a jam. And the Red Sox salvaged a one game of this six game homestand. And they head out on the road with some semblance of of some optimism. Because I think he's that good but it's such a weird game I mean you saw that Detroit team over the weekend. -- good that they block. Here look very good but you know we bring him back we bring you back home. Are there are the Red Sox the reason that the that the Detroit Tigers. Looked as good as they did. Here here in Fenway. And they have and they just have a lot to do it. With -- Boston which is a bad team had a hole and I also understand how they can be bad at Fenway Park up. It's hard to figure out and most of us can't and it's why this has been so baffling look if it's baffling for. For guys like bench Harrington and John Farrell and and baseball ops in those guys. What chance do we have I mean -- we're just fans watching this game and we had no chance of figuring it out Ted and Plymouth Ted you're next on Sports Radio stale holly. Yeah you guys are the curriculum Ireland I'm just about every day. Yeah but then I think in -- -- a big time stock. There have been for quite awhile and he looks to be like did they had. They have obviously some different problems but the main problem is it is now a team that went eight. They're like a team that I think by reputation that they were like back in the seventies where they -- Hope I'm lobbying team that's one piece at a time. At best and I think the thing that the missing in which every team needs. We need a spark plug. And spark plug that we know they lost was -- Because as the leadoff hitter he usually could get up there -- you know he could get hit. And he could lay down upon with regularity. He could steal a base. Mean -- the league -- stolen bases which is a big factor could -- -- for the single he got a double. When you get a double in the epic triple and of course offensively we know how good he wasn't gonna field and I think they've matched that just the ball offensively. I think Bradley is. Just about as good if not as good on the field. But they don't have anybody that that that that -- club. Well is it safe to say that the only reason Jackie Bradley junior. -- that the plan at the beginning of the season Michael was to stardom in the minor leagues was because Grady Sizemore looked so good in spring training. That he changed their plan that maybe their plan. Going into spring training was Jackie Bradley junior's gonna start the year at the Major League level and Sizemore you know catches fire down in Fort Myers -- go. You know what let's hold off on the -- -- Well you know I -- a lot of crazy things on the radio so I may have said this I may have said this at the time I'll take that tape can back it up. But I always thought that was a crazy planned to just. Have Grady Sizemore on the roster without. Jackie Bradley junior thought they went hand in hand just because of Sizemore is injury concerns and so far injuries. Haven't been the issue with Grady Sizemore just doesn't look the same he can't. Can't play center field consistently. But are you gonna have a guy like Grady Sizemore on the roster. Then you need to have a Jackie Bradley junior on the roster too for defensive purposes but. They didn't agree and they in the send them to the minors then victory you know throughout the plant so if it comes down to just Jackie Bradley junior. And Grady Sizemore what you're saying is. If you didn't that's just like it's not good enough for a defending champion. 484 replacement for Jacoby Ellsbury and got to make that the argument that they should have signed -- very. They could've. -- In all I -- anybody around here one of them to -- well. Now at at that kind of money out -- in all fairness I didn't make the argument at the time. I'm not gonna. You know revise history. If you're not gonna resign them. Even though you have the money to do it. He's not gonna resigned Jacoby Ellsbury you have to come up with the a good a better plan be good solid plan and senator yeah. And it just it -- so now now that they failed at that. Mean don't we expect that day that that they they have to do something to try to fix it I mean and I'll grant to Michael -- failed in the offseason bench -- didn't do enough. He should just sit here and and plod along all right. I mean the Stephen -- move shows me that they're not just plodding along. John -- talking about looking at at possible help in the outfield indicates that they're not just plodding along. They're saying OK if we messed that up how we fix it what do we do here. And I want them to do that. Yet there aren't there and an interest in position because. As we had a caller a couple callers ago I agree with him from Portland who said. And I didn't wanna rush Henry Owens I'll take a step further. -- wanna rush Henry Owens. I don't wanna rush -- -- great name I don't know I don't wanna rush. -- I don't wanna rush Barnes any of these guys. So if you if you're not gonna bring those guys up to fix your problems. And you have some guys in the Major League roster who are forming what do you do you don't want also I don't wanna -- -- certainly don't want to trade him. So you know DD have to live. -- did you have to grin and bear it. In the -- being in the -- about making a trade with the team what you trade value. If you want to trade the guy he's probably not performing that well. So. What what do you do. But the Red Sox they may be we may be experiencing dale always maybe X there ain't seeing the bridge year. The one that we thought we were going to class titled this is untitled bridges they call eight. But here it is -- help out at eight techsters here who texture from 617 says but I missed something guys I thought drew was signed sealed and delivered. Ten days to play into shape where waivers come from. And and I'll try to make this -- simple as I can see he was signed sealed and delivered he's actually on the active roster -- had to be as they signed him to a Major League contract. But working out Miami and Atlanta doesn't mean you're ready to play in the major leagues today he's got to get some at bats. -- go to the minor leagues and get those at bats but in order to do that he's got a clear waivers first. Now this is kind of perfunctory there was an article I read today about. I think Ken Rosenthal wrote this you know the erratically a team like the Yankees could mess with the Red Sox put waiver claim in on him. Cause the Red Sox to recall waivers and he's got to get himself ready to play in the major leagues here he can't go anywhere. But they're not it really is kind of a gentleman's agreement on the last time we saw a team mess around with some like that was Kevin Kevin -- right. Whereas now the whole Japan thing and -- and all -- So yes he he he's on waivers now nuclear waivers at 1 o'clock tomorrow. He'll be playing for a minor league team tomorrow night. I haven't looked at the schedules to see where Portland Oprah -- at our. And he would get his twenty to 25 at bats and because you don't want and getting those at bats at the Major League level. Where it matters to. Yeah it's funny it's -- five at bats might be. Might be rushed as well for for Stephen Drew. I -- probably needs. Twice that much. But they don't I feel like they're pushing it doesn't yet they don't have the luxury of waiting form. So that's what the waiver thing is about that's why he's on waivers look at some team puts claim on and they're gonna recall waivers and he's not going anywhere. But I don't think that'll happen I think will be playing for a minor league team tomorrow night 6177797937. -- telephone number it's dale and Holley Sports Radio WEEI. Whatever -- Elena holly Sports Radio WEEI. I did look it up Michael while we were up. In the break. And that's I was checking the schedules. You know wondering where it was that we -- gonna see Stephen -- -- the -- The put -- -- team is on a road trip in Syracuse, New York through the weekend. Then they come home for four games next week. The -- double A Portland sea dogs are in Manchester, New Hampshire this weekend. Somehow and the Red Sox haven't said this this is me theorizing. Somehow I have a feeling you might see Steven pro in Manchester, New Hampshire beginning tomorrow night. So like this this sleuth work that you do. You know you just kind of start sniffing around. Start talking of people. You know. Leaning on your sources for information. Yeah it's like looking up the two schedules on the Internet Wallace at the source that's the worst comes let's seems to make the most sense. You know it's it's fairly easy -- Manchester for the weekend. They are home in Portland. -- after the weekend trip to to Manchester. The Portland sea dogs -- home through next Thursday. Pawtucket as we said after they finish in Syracuse comes home for four games so he could go to put -- or Portland. Now after the weekend in and get his at bats in and get ready to play here so that would. The you you expect to see Steve underwear and what day of the week. Well I mean realistically you're probably looking like a week from Monday a week from Monday here's a question for you. When Stephen Drew us to keep school -- that well wells is gonna say that's a question when Stephen when Stephen Drew appears for the Red Sox. Will they be a 500 with a B a 500 team. Probably not. Now around. I mean look you'd like to think they're going to be able to turn around with a without him but let's be realistic what what indications -- had that this -- on the on the verge of turning around here. Nothing none. NFL wonder if they're surprised by any other. Hit I guess you you can predicted Jackie Bradley junior would struggle. At the plate. Maybe you didn't think that Grady Sizemore would have a hard time but I don't Pashtun and think why would you be surprised by the SE Grady Sizemore would be a surprise to me. Because he hadn't played in -- you hated him anyway no I don't pay a dime don't they don't die now. But. In I don't trust him as a player. I don't I don't trust that you can be out of baseball that long and then come back as an everyday player. And play center field. -- if you look at that may may -- it's just. There. There are surprised that if if I had -- guests are surprises at the -- ended the performance of young Zander short. Defensively. A little surprised that AJ Pierzynski. Behind the plate. And. Like I guess. You have to say we'll battle -- once again. -- metal Brooks. There a couple of things with him one is injuries. Already in his young career he's had DO several injuries and the other one is. -- consistency. So I. I can't help wondering. I don't think there's any doubt that he was the area that he was the -- they were most disappointed. This wasn't Zander Bogart's thing. I can't help thinking that some of this could have been avoided. With a little more planning. You know you will we name those name those three guys. I mean you look at anybody else you look at it is presents key problem for -- is Napoli a problem Korea. Napoli not present -- a little bit I mean I I I have to admit. And and I'm one of those people who wonders about pitching staff and how they perform with Pierzynski in the fact that. Jon Lester are already seems to have a designated catcher and it's not AJ Pierzynski. And yeah I I have to admit Pierzynski guy wonder about I I I didn't understand the signing when they get it. I didn't understand what it just didn't bring Saltalamacchia back if that's what they want. You know they've they've got catching prospects percolating through the system that are ready I understand that rather Saltalamacchia here for a couple of years than presents. Yeah I think some money to. That's what what the Miami Marlins gave them. You know Red Sox -- it didn't wanna go there. Back to the calls we go at 6177797937. Greg's on the cell phone hey Greg. -- -- -- -- Well I have this putt Syria on what I'm with you guys and that you know the problem that he did you both are obvious but. The -- to do it says that she really be helped lacked. Beauty -- under there that an -- here from I know at the horrible things -- tragedy. And day. -- -- -- around that point that the ball strong whenever they were down that it looked up at that you know. Jersey are -- -- this city you know and it -- it I'm just not. -- that that here at the -- -- it's a little bit well that part about it affected. I I I don't. It may be that they got galvanized by what happened here last year and that is a result they performed way above expectations a year ago. And the more this season goes on the more I think they did perform above expectations a year ago. And and I certainly would understand Michael if if that's that that galvanizing influence didn't carry over to the next year I haven't shocked if it did. You have an and it's not the reason they won it was great they -- playing great baseball. And in that they took responsibility. They they took it upon themselves to really bring some joy and happiness and entertainment. Four for those many of those were affected by the marathon bombings but I don't think that. That's the reason. That they went on this unbelievable run I think with the with the marathon bombing brought out. Is what people. Behind the scenes there already knew that they had a very close team. And the they had tremendous leadership and they were thoughtful. They under they understood they really wanted to prove something to themselves into the city of Boston so. This event. Allow them to be who they who they work that was the personality of that team last year I don't think. The team was going one direction. And -- thirteen America on bombings happened and then the Red Sox suddenly became somebody else I don't buy it. Our Larry's -- in Connecticut Larry you're next on sports radio's dale and Holley. Hey guys a little while it earlier talking about. Beauties here -- the book holder by our our proposed that beauty is on the skin of a hold the and that what's what's been ugly this year but the attacks. Last year they ground out at bats Chichester and eliminate him up put blocks and guys on base and base it's. Pretty much the whole lineup this year that a particular -- fastballs right down. Middle and second pitch -- that state get behind them they're not making -- work. And I all what's the difference though what are a philosophy that they used a year ago. Why have they stopped use to get this year Larry. I think Pickens pitched definitely I think -- is -- to a detention would definitely they're they're get right down them at all. -- now and now you hit the nail on the head you know what they're doing. -- first pitch strikes here you know they no regrets not work and roots and it asks. -- -- you know it's the opposite field grade. You know get ten pitch at bat then walked this year. They kind of look lost you know they're not comfortable with two strikes -- that you know some of the new guys like Bradley -- middle blocks was in. I more are present either all kinda missed some -- Part of it. You know -- guys to draw a and Napoli they're still they're still you know who they are -- there haven't its season but. Prefer a line that's just not. That's not working form this year and I don't know in -- six. That that's a great approach and I'll tell you what to do initially thoroughly and as you know some really really productive but intuitively I. Larry it's it's simple start swinging at first pictures from time to time not all the time but I I do think Larry's got to hit this Michael Lobo he's surrounded a little bit. Opposing staffs are saying look. Bust them. Just boss strikes to start -- counts because they're trying to work counts that try to get deep into counts they're taking pitches. Well when your down all one old till it's kind of tough to get much of a good at bat and adapt. Yeah but I haven't they always. Dale and Larry haven't they always had this approaches has been there organizational approach. For a very long time and we're talking about more in ten years. You know you go back to 30 win in 03 and some of the guys he brought in in the off season. How old Ford championship team did this -- seven championship team did this thirteen and they start to figure it out now. Or maybe these guys a -- you compare. The talent of the 2013. Champions in the 2007 champions maybe these guys just aren't as good as as that team. But I can't imagine that this is something new to other teams in baseball have been doing a for a lot. Johnson LA -- on site are. Lifetime and I -- Q quick points first law. Criticism of -- Bogart or registered criticism of the kids in general fine. But think about it overall. Ease economic and Italy India I think our first and short Utley. They -- in the second -- Any contact it's really good. You know regardless of how young you couldn't -- -- get better -- encouraging. On the second point is united in saying that they didn't do during the year. Ordering yacht in the Sinai Ellsbury and -- subplot nocturnal -- The Yankees are learning it on in the Red Sox earned by the party. That yeah like right now port saint Claude it's really tending to say. We need to we need Jacoby out our front line. -- and knowing how -- accuracy. You really hate for that order should years and elegant it's about here right at -- bit on -- -- -- -- cost Beltran or interpreted. Before even plentiful here so. I think it a little bit different take here in the left and the -- you know are still our ballot even now in the midst of the plot. That's -- -- jobs but do you know two things I think the criticism of Bogart's has nothing to do with his bad. I guess a little planet out reduction -- -- -- but it got I'm saying -- runs batted in this yet in nobody's saying he looks overmatched at the plate just less you know more power. A little more run producing. And -- in terms of a CC sabathia and Jacoby -- during year six year seven of the contract I still think fans care. You know maybe if if you are an intern and you wanna get do I get into sports management one day. You're out at that UMass program that. That bench Arrington went to -- you start thinking about spreadsheets and here five years six -- seven of the contract critical to a game. And just wanna see your team perform. Who gives a damn if that they're doing great today and it won't be so great in three or four years. In most fans worry about today which is why I think the Red Sox when unsigned Stephen Drew by the way and the text -- who says. Everything gets fixed like the other sports. No one I don't think the other sports are fixed either stop the Teddy surrender so at NetApp F a money and might even -- -- -- Mikey. I don't know I out check the number could have been Mikey chicken and two. Look I I I know I don't believe it's fixed I don't think that Major League Baseball set about to make sure the Red Sox won the World Series last year. -- it because you know because of what happened here last April no I don't believe that I know there's some folks out there who Google but. And -- the were among them. I don't go anywhere we may be back -- I was always what are your instincts tell you think we're we're gone I are gonna get some baseball where are you think so yeah I think this stuffs on the way throw. Ott tomorrow Steve Lyons will join us as our third man and Michael Garcia and well maybe it wants. I'm sorry I won't talk I'll talk to help -- we'll talk tomorrow hawk. -- annihilating at a Red Sox baseball Sports Radio WEEI.

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