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Mut and Merloni, Final Show: 1p-Final hour, 5-22-14

May 22, 2014|

The entire final hour of the last Mut and Merloni Show.

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After their new lunch combos featuring the artists -- grilled chicken come -- sandwich go down productivity. Goes up. We'll see you tomorrow. New England weather it's cold supposed to get warmer high. We've got mocked a big down and show up I'll kick your ass like it no problem doing and -- loan. -- It's the money in Maloney -- this is a Raza Rondo and every month Maloney. -- mud on Sports Radio WEEI. Final hour today final hour. Forever but flew 937 WEEI think it'll -- -- too -- a fraud shift today. They are Red Sox baseball three when he looked forward that. Pregame show come your way then Red Sox baseball for all five early last year pitching match up I promise you'll lineups. In your Red Sox lineup Pedroia leading off. Victory you know is in right Ortiz DH. Jonny Gomes -- cleanup hitter is in left AJ Pierzynski is catching. Zander Bogart's is that shortstop today carpets that first brought colts at third Jackie Bradley junior in centered date to a Mike Napoli flew. He's out of line up which means again -- is in there so Pedroia victory in Ortiz goals Pierzynski Bogart's -- hole and Bradley is they try to get one. Three against the blue jays here this afternoon. Well -- now at least flu symptoms and he can still use them again the game I don't know he's out here it kind of -- I I would really you know it's. We -- been last week Debbie moving him. I would be putting him now and that we talked about this you mention it but these wanna get comfortable wanna get in the flow with things the guys -- 394. In his last nine games. In bullets all over the place a bit of second or third. -- -- -- right now I do the same thing I told you for I would I would go. Now -- second or third with -- Pedroia and incites more -- of them he's just locked him mount a logo. -- just ego company oracle do you think it's that topic but it gets extra bat and right now we spent 394. In his last 33 that there's a lot of things that the red sock at the deal with not just today but going forward. Of the forty here John Ferrell on the pregame show. -- would he asked the state today about clay buckles may balk was not good yesterday. Box now got a 632 ERA. Harold in Alex beer at this that he is a 109. Out of a 110 starting pitchers. In terms of we are the only guys better than right now is Kevin freaking Korea. The only guy big qualifies that he is ahead of -- 652. -- 63 Q. That's unbelievable it's at. Awful and they got to get him right to edit the profits right now -- a lot of baseball -- back Camelot will join us. Our bottom of the hour at 12361777979837. AT&T text on their -- Gil -- at 379237. Heard sandy volatile back some of the signature moment in the history of the show Kevin's in Bristol here quite a bit with the NC Kevin -- of. -- -- well you know I I want Molly I apologize. I -- I was -- -- rebelled against a lot. After the dale on the -- a little trash. What finally came around to realize how good it was a thoroughly enjoyed it. Backed -- and I I'll let the -- but by saying. I think that. I want it might not tell you why. The politics not the guy called into the wind and a ticket on the -- -- Brought on an incumbent look at all the way there and -- won't think there are no. I liked it a lot. And. Sure sure -- don't know what will be back. Like Alan. Job I'll call on what -- executed on soccer you beat you in a Tuesday night the first night do you guys are -- and -- -- guy was done very nice job -- with. Creative follows a frequent and a chronic for the DNC show. Kevin for our show wasn't. I -- you caller but I think we've had signature callers over the last three years George. So we don't forget others that will never forget I would put this next caller is that when their -- situation. You know source I'd put him in the the never forget category. Boiled Welker girls -- -- remember you deduct from -- players got moved heard from him current term chart. Recently time and a couple times that night he did with with Mikey Ryder -- used to call us doesn't go my -- gentlemen just discuss call most guys now governor from a long time. I see Doug -- -- -- on the board I will I will. This is not amok and regret this although I'm gonna wait once -- institute. -- what's going on. -- -- This is gonna happen again to me it just didn't we go to a caller has been on hold for 32 minutes I'm Mikey and he's gone -- sector created several hours. Does keep fresh out of here I'm here. All I got -- tell you scared that live and I thought something must act happened you may be of well off Sarah's tractor. Well I think you guys who actually put -- -- also I can't take credit particularly that one so. Iran. She can think what's going on with the hope is little indication on call to go. But any rate cut all the important. That particular. Adversary. WEEI -- pretty well known that content. Who launched your scenario you don't like -- for some reason. Well I think he doesn't fight fair. Com I think that he has shown signs and I'm not a professional. -- from. Psychological delusion. And they think that some of these signs -- irreparable up this point in Britain guy can. Who single handedly you'd want an influential voice. In getting what walker out here on the immediate ankle. He is now going after he didn't. Rajon Rondo. And -- He's really I think he shot. That Douglas it's worth that you have or influential member of the media bear lake I called you a sorcerer at one point. Odd -- from -- to join the conversation Doug -- of. He was getting old punchy. And his hair was -- past. And he sat around the region. Telling stories up the past. Or maybe it -- energy that he had -- To exploit with his buddies. Were here those are. And then sometimes to a -- Is it became a joke all of my people listen to what could he knew where he spoke to -- here is still no longer. -- not is going away. Because that's something that. Generally here. On the east Texas lady. -- -- Welker the talent and you ran -- and better sound you're on the verge of running great uncle at a town. And it just -- -- He's -- -- anyway Doug Doug he's going to these little Red Sox. Coverage. Well in my world these rounded -- Look into the speech it -- friend. And not make no mistake about it you wore white best friend in the whole world. I. You're going away. And -- are all trying to keep it together okay I'm trying to keep my composure like I do so well. This yeah I heard you call and daughter to call -- night you'd call -- -- much going to be either. Well. I wanna do is -- second straight. Day. Set the record straight when we want to keep it until you everything and our pension welcome back to couple years ago we heard it being so. Stalker. Vs -- in -- and just wondering -- How to work it out Korea. -- of the cost that memorabilia got we're gonna -- notes that worked. Well I was 141000 dollars and actually I'm sold most of it for bowel. Roughly twenty. So I dollars that our money on my investment but it doesn't. Diminish. Lost but I paparazzi favorite player go. I'm telling you -- went out to the this year and so those that in our our. -- -- -- -- -- I get paid a phone Hillary Clinton in and out I don't know what's going on. One of those cases where you analyze their bulletin callers go to. -- I didn't run Wes Welker on staff sucked thanks Doug. I didn't feel right. I'll figure rated body yet. Arsenic out of makes me nervous now isn't so sure I'll talk more Celtics pretty good Celtics and Red Sox goals we -- a lot of that today -- in western Bryant. Yeah -- never been a -- it's going up. -- -- thanks me on the so guys are gonna tell -- that. Let them around you guys have been talking a lot of the so they're strapped than prom. From what they are very disappointed I don't see the possibility of yet knock -- involved in here. You know this Kosovo would you know would -- be willing to trade with the Celtics but that's expected -- May -- we could move off. What I wanna talk about what was what do you guys think about the possibility. Of them trading at seventeen. And some of the other future picks that they. To move law so that they have potentially to talk and -- I think that Danny Ainge has about thirty different scenarios fresh well that's I think I think -- that's one of them. He likes he like six. Maybe he'd like somebody -- picnic the kid out of NC state it was a Warren TJ -- that and maybe because that he's got a mark that gave him it to law I think they're there is options galore for daily danger of these explored each and every one of them. Everyone and his roster with a -- to move up what the future picks to move up future picks to get players to any danger right now can do. But million different things. He's probably thinking about all. -- While I didn't but it all right let me -- right. Here Merrill -- -- let me ask you -- to move up into the top ten if they wanted to move -- -- top ten. They could -- that's a sweet spot that the sweet spot at the top five I what team. If they like a player that top five and certainly in that top three it sounds like between Wiggins and Parker and indeed. That is the strong top three -- -- xmas coming on the strong top four. If you like one of those four guys why would you trade the pick this year. And hope that the lottery pick itself is giving you for next year and it seventeen. Is worth anything act the problem is going to be getting -- that top fighting in the top ten. -- again of the top five Alicia really over -- I don't remember and in our area II group which is why did you have to do whatever you can bright thanks your call. To get Kevin Love and we talked to Jack McMullen about an hour going -- suggested that it's going to be tough to get him because. You're now in a group with Golden State and Phoenix and others where you don't have that premium -- Give a better pick this year. Then -- the lakers or the suns -- that will help BO. The nets unprotected pick in 2016. I believe is their best chip right now. And if it means stealing your sixth this year. Unprotected nets pick in 2016. And a couple players to make it work I would do that every day of the week. To bring Kevin Love you -- -- star's league. You -- wanna deal what -- mid ninety's Celtic run again I don't. I don't. You know what prospect can say is as long as he wants -- good face on this and say were committed to the future were committed to. Make in this thing better. But he does not want another year like this year he does not one of the lottery here this team. A team a year where their -- with the ping pong balls and an all your people are pointing towards the draft. And -- wait make that happen is trading for veteran. And the guy that makes the most sense of veteran star kid does Kevin Love. Get it done trail what ever it takes to get Kevin Love fear that means extending out -- -- on a duel Max deal you do that too. Minis in Braintree talking about Jackie Bradley -- eight. -- are confident are you guys have suddenly attacked not at all that worked out good player. The -- to doing terrific anyway look forward to now to my accident. I would want to talk about Jackie Bradley and -- mom come on make me feel even better -- greatly eighty Sheehan sports. To upload your -- yes I am -- issue good guide to. -- -- Jackie Bradley -- a guy looks so. Pathetic that they prepare you at other times he looks like it would really put a real good swing on the ball. That poor guy intends really messed up and he looks like it could be a potential he has to come -- right now that poor guy is -- And I feel so bad -- him because. I thought the Red Sox wouldn't want to let this team get away from them when they won the World Series -- -- for me to say I'm not spending money. But he got the look at it is the Red Sox have the money they couldn't easily put the patient back. And they didn't they try to get away it look like with not spending much talk and that will kemba. After the World Series not now not everybody knows it's going to. But don't plots like the Yankees they're a little bit they can do it but take it and I know what that -- and returned to delete probably so setup. What these guys not put note finished tenth in the big -- right away don't blame them but we -- watching the games. Gale -- that I I -- I agree with you located and you look at Jackie Bradley right now in the month of may. It hit 151. With a 445 on base percentage. The real PS rather for -- I think that'll be oh yes rather. For 45 OPS and the scary thing is. Right now he's the best option. That's why I say that they don't have an internal options that's right I have to go outside the organization. And have to find some -- played big league center field in the way that I mean. All around and there won't be as good defensively is Jackie Bradley. You know of Grady Sizemore was not as good defensively -- Jackie Bradley was in 282 united 300 he'd be there every single danger Q wouldn't be here. But not only seen on it as well nobody has improved defense objected to us. 151 with a 445 -- PS in the month of may and he's their best option that's an issue that needs to be addressed -- zone and the manager six. Days ago did not trust him to -- with two men on nobody out against Max Scherzer. -- -- a bunt down down -- running -- one of the best pitchers in the American League if not all Major League Baseball. There it's it's between the years right now for him and I wanna see him get some playing time but if you told me get sent -- today. And Corey brown got brought up -- a mother got property wanna go next couple days with. When -- and and center or -- I'd be all for that. Actually shocked he still in their today and BS a bad deal not to before we hear gain a mob opt for other trip to Tampa this weekend. Let's go to -- on his call for -- he's on 937 WEEI Sean go ahead. In my room lucked out on Syria thanks for the past few years great let -- be era. Can't wait to hear you have before the game after the game -- was sitting on the but it MLB apps though ice. I'll be able to get here before against are sure and I'm really the reports -- now I thank that they want to listen it. One -- one opposite bank but her interacting. On Twitter or anything like that -- lot of guys just don't seem to really respond much about your respondent in the past been. I did make it brought more fun it public to report abuse so. There you got they appreciate the work but in the past few years. But thank you and in other sport utility that you I didn't but part thanks it's not that -- My big question today. If it's gonna be about pitching I'm in the red dot. I know that. You know. It's been OK from what you're -- really -- for black. Of course you brought him up all that and disappointing to Italy. Might know a guy yesterday landed on the DL that -- lead. A big money guy that looked like Goodell is gone anywhere. That the kind of wondered -- and and not -- Charles phone cut out but he suggesting what many had suggested. And what the sorcerer has suggested in the past that we have not bought his name up in a while but the acquisition quickly. And would he be fit for the Red Sox if they wanna go on acquire Frontline pitcher I think he is if you will eat some money he'd be good fit right now. I think starting pitcher is down the list at least today. Starting pitcher is doubtless the Red Sox need center field left field figure out what's going on your own guys. Those are all ahead of acquiring closely bets -- make its first ever heard his name awhile but just a gored again he's making 25 this year. 25 next year. At 36 years old and 37 as a 27 point five vesting option. With a twelve and a half million dollar buyout even if you don't pick it up. So. To doubt -- at 36 next year point five million plus twelve point five buying amount. I still -- give pitch that you know he's mentioned the DL what would you have left but I still think you can parole. Ton of monies to be an absolute. Ton of money needs to be nothing for quickly because it's still a lot left. Keith isn't bad for one of our favorite variety 37 WEEI afternoon keep. Able to execute -- good all locked -- -- but a idyllic. I don't I don't think Witten let you leave the show Ahmad. After. Everything you've done attacked I think you ought to do this transition thing every week get cute with this shows this week have been great. Hot fire easily. How they were hot playoff sweep all man I I would just keep retiring. From the ballplayers do that you know you come back -- Brett Favre you know what maybe does one believe we have more these great -- -- -- believe in I do it I'm about it. You know I know he's still listing number and don't don't lose hope -- may be back more than before you know it. -- if you raise new camera in pebble and I did two. Thirty years in though all the -- and -- and everything great home I have to start again. It's a great families their -- -- man. Better and you know what the -- argue that they're better -- I'd like to give BB com misnomer the parts of pepper. Do you take forward in here into -- Let's close to a lot of women have called me the pipe pepper. That I know is alive. Think if if if if that. We know that's alive but. I liked it types of -- The pirate ship that pro league all use that can't keep it -- appreciated by what you -- my case and keep next Tuesday night Red Sox and rays -- the second two games that. I want use the first caller talked to view. I love -- I get on first and I'll call you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I love -- like -- we say hi we say -- eight and and Joey displays all hot dog -- like Joseph always way of saying Heidi key hot dog oh hi Joey. -- that's your way of saying that in July of that one smaller quest before council seat -- is this Red Sox if I get that you get that new file. We make all hot dog appeal for people to download as their ring our ringer text and a jury can arrange that sort of like a regular work I get to robot dog hot dog. Real quick for talked camp in the long we'll talk to all the guy Scott. The new balance him across the street Scotty aria what's going on -- what's -- ideal man Lou Lou how real calm getting fat and out of shape power you know. And I'm not gonna comment and and I play it was not that not CP is -- And I don't know -- -- the numbers that Joey just tweeted out. -- may actually from march. April and -- little I think you know normally think -- -- it to its. Well a little overboard but his conspiracy theories regarding you'd be in any reason modest leaving could be true in this case. You know he might you might have some. Animosity toward him that he worked out more than you I don't know. It looks better than Maine what he's in better shape than me. You know and I knew what you -- up. In good shape back in your -- so maybe just want to relax a little bit of militant leaders in which happens which happens so. -- getting a four hooked up with them -- got to work out of it that's what that's what Julius said so you know. Lou I know eat this certain amount of limited memberships we have for the -- guys yes so we're gonna actually cancel yours okay. Because Christians -- to come all resolved. Yeah I think device won't care because you know you don't wanna -- -- -- rightly so I know it's fun this one and look good. We know we wanna make sure he's comfortable with his new role as well. They mrs. -- is gonna like this -- But will it be Louis B Holmes set to chase snakes around -- democracy. And there is sort fix some things done -- -- on the chase snakes -- Between between out here and other duties but. Just -- the call was not the bad Leno Celsius so I wanted the Bible it either Tuesday afternoon -- and a pleasure and Woolsey you. At different times today announced that Britain China morning a lot of it is doing it again. I will I'll enjoy that we'll see you next -- -- a good all right and I need a certain guys got over it into balance gym across streamed into those standing -- followed Joey on Twitter here's the total gym visits since we started this in March -- 25 for -- 25 for Joey. Three from here you go oh. -- -- Three in March -- -- on April zero for today said before you say Jackie Bradley due to busy all the since April and if you look at it you can tell. 90. Guys he has Jack we tell -- it also does some guys work -- worked too much can you know. To three events go to fado -- and I can't wait charity events that I get to start the show by saying yeah I didn't realize your generosity to work again double -- for launch -- again the Dayton. Fenway Park Comcast usually just all over the place at NATO and your charitable work because -- kid and what's even -- time with the event tonight real quick. The events and as takes the trip after you'll probably not because -- -- -- what I was outside and throw that we get a break anyway. We talk normal are is he gonna join us and nobody can be here tomorrow you are bad Matt. I'll we'll talk them alarm get your phone calls in Allendale holly through Sports Radio WEEI. Will not be here tomorrow so our Friday regular spot. -- -- -- happens today he's got to move in my life slash show air rest restoration specialists and vibrant and smoke shop but he joins us here. On the AT&T hotline cat -- Lou how are you. Boy I don't -- -- for you now might spur you on made the special appearance on third pick and use your -- shell. I had a feel for your brother. Which means you'd. Think it's a rare times during the week you have a golf tee time so I'm glad amateur golf the time today campaign. I'm at the studio this week -- studio so we got about -- that I got got. I recorded double and we are those that would be quick. And it's got he's got make up you know he's got the whole thing -- -- -- there are confirmed a report for -- you golf what you'd shoot this morning. I didn't call the sport we're gonna call it rained we're going to replace -- processors that's owned by the Arizona she I only eighty members -- -- -- place but government look I'm rally in the morning. Would that it's almost all of. CK I know this every day you know he's trying to self over that MLB network in knowing you always in the clubhouse isn't always talk with former players there and it's got to admit them in the last three years of its special. -- this is being on our show and it -- enemy more poorly probably talk in the mutt and just get a breakdown. These guys that made me who I am I really appreciate that he has done market share right here in my I. I now. You get to really feel the Red Sox on a one on one basis and now. We're gonna see how does it go but out here to manage the -- A spectacular again created about soccer Maloney you know -- I. The stretch this kinda young -- look and see what you can do a lot -- -- the radio so -- my. We got released when he was made trade fair indexer value yet and yet to pick console but it might -- go -- and report. Well you've been a big part of our show Kevin since really the start of weeks we appreciated I week. We gotta get two people wanna talk about today we'll start with the guy we've spent I think three years talking about quite frank that's clay -- and I I imagine has started the show. In the three years the I didn't show together I feel like we know. About as much now as -- did we began this thing about clay -- I still don't know. What this guy's gonna become he's been awful this year he was awful last night against the blue jays what did you see in his start at Fenway. I think it's a bit below what we -- we value like it stop spare what you. They're our partner met -- at the local that your it's we -- out there. Endlessly I mean it's perfectly and and if you look at clay pop culture tracking. All occur all the changeup. Cutter. Their portrait painters from Saudi -- Dmitry are white and -- alternate I -- -- expert Paul Ricard. Yeah you gluten potter wrote quite vocal on the mound you need -- -- we don't wanna lose. Believe me -- -- quite -- not find a bailout there he's not trying to bail out their products that are in the world right now on the -- element got. Watch six home runs and seven date. You're also going to be think it. I'm with you we -- it figure out. It's almost like that the real slim shapely standout who the real quick buckle we get a gaggle -- At at at that -- -- dominate the -- like never before an Oceanic I struggle. Like we've seen it put ball down a little -- action a matter of I don't know what the world -- -- -- out. You know you -- you do deal with -- love those guys six players and pitchers with where URO that MLB network and and I was talking about this before right because -- buckles is nine starts deeper stills and found his changeup in LA and and I've heard -- -- -- guys still lose the bite and a fastball because the powers not -- the arm angle changes in the curveball change in the slaughtered a split David doesn't. Doesn't you know dip as much as consistently but. I have ever heard of a guy that lose their straight changeup. It is always bad -- I mean. The right and I'm not picker I don't know what they're both my and got a stake you know a little bit or it's tough for guys like -- -- -- We gotta remember the games are okay this game are we haven't Micah Baldwin it all much traffic sit back and what got him back all the players. And we -- comparable OPEC you know even proper answer pop -- merit at all look up -- the results. And -- -- a lot of little respect but this in the I'm sure quite partner at a court like movement street you're. I mean how are you -- the changeup you know circle change it up all her work but at this point quite got yourself out right and he knows that. And I'm not you know we we got to understand. That this super struggle in the Red -- at that team our struggle on authentically they're hard to watch it I'm. But still very cup games but I don't know like now a perfect spot you know they've -- -- -- -- Four they're not a good spot in the they're not right now and I think with the -- big picture it gets -- and I'm sure it's something that. If this strike continued you guys will talk about OK I know you don't like to delve into this is you know you wanna sit back and you don't wanna be reactionary but at some point the conversation will come. We go vertically buckles has the talent that he shown in flashes and it is -- -- ridiculous level talent last year unbelievable second -- 2012. Unbelievable if it's a flashier and a flash there at some point you'll say. Is you know under achiever is the guy that at the talent but is not -- -- put together consistently enough that we've all rated him. But at the same -- -- Dario you wanna get rid of people gray and I don't know I don't know I'm not getting critically buckled but at some point you'll have that question right if he doesn't. Put together for a full season here at some point. -- at some point it to you what a cute guy and make it starts every bit stay right you -- you -- -- there help you -- Troy Tulowitzki up there -- we might not to. Order for eight weeks and then dive for a ball he'll three weeks later and -- rip off you know you won -- -- at the productivity and that. That respect -- right now. When that guy -- or going through time to throw and it looks like -- -- not bear that's all click buckle I've been around quite vocal lot. Hit a very -- spoken -- you're not gonna happen job lacking at air app that are that some argue look or. But believe me like -- the teachers but he cares about what's going on it checked out fine. Elect and that it's it's it's like with a competent and as a human being we we we competence. And when you're making millions of our -- -- rep shot. You can sit there and act will all practical about -- mark you are -- what we're player. Know that they're pretty funny but when you struggle article 148. You're -- culprit right now quite cool air it's your. -- answered you can elect talked quite now appear out of a lot out. Are the Sox thanks Stephen Drew and our -- eleven kind of lingo or because at that -- brings -- known to bring stability and and Bogart's most at third base now we've heard of people that feel that. This is a demotion at this is the wrong move that you wanna keep Bogart's it shortstop I love the mold that makes the team better and up and -- -- Kiki Cologne. And play again shows up again at least 41 years old would you think we heard about the signing. I'm hoping the answer you know that taught at -- point and her great player at that point I'm looking at -- being put a bigger picture. Like the fact that it out -- running some homered and mark. He can't solve an actual -- data -- is going to be a fine player and -- -- at all. 71 home run ever are rather well -- what they did it you know you could drive in the run. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So I don't want action that I don't like OK that's cool. And believe you recruit Mike gotta -- be according get back on the field we can't sit back on what what this guy I watch him play. Now I can sit -- taken a year off the baseball because the contract that. I well that would be -- so. It's correct or even drew a direct slap I don't know I don't know what we're now not gonna clutter up well what books now put out when he got back. And that hurt. It -- meet. OK here are -- drew. Me you know I. What they -- I think just I think it's a small I think it's a piece you know -- a moving in the right direction. You know because to me I don't think the Red Sox this -- a lot of leave Bradley Center leave Bogart's issued third at shortened believe Mel Brooks at third base to play the young kids that's the other says Boston. You know this is in Pittsburgh this is in Minnesota he -- whenever he gets about -- to kids about winning. Correct that's when you sign a perky and what are you let with big organization and I agree with -- can't bring it even now. Gives them some stability at that veteran shortstop and that is that you know have a statement that affected the market -- -- -- -- guy. I mean you know her a particular point or not he's got some power struggle to play out so what that happened. But -- it's a piece I've just looking at the detector. In a car you know you suspect you like my. It up in a locket on offense -- that's -- -- meg but and I can report what were react and more work it work there. Where are they haven't I haven't. Yankees say you really know what they are right now the elder and identity. Order that there are they look at them -- you look at -- standing order that's what -- that's who they're who they argue -- What we're not quite not quite well. We have not we -- -- -- -- -- place. Now ambiance -- -- rabbit out of school. At Stanford and the picked himself up right and I kinda half out there not -- and the Detroit tiger thank god right. That's the good news so we're gonna hurt you know very happy. Aaron -- -- -- -- -- -- this publicly is that you get a handle. Every team in the east. Had a losing record at home the Yankees are 1111 -- the best team. But every -- stroke belt -- -- the blue jays Red Sox rained every human equivalent to record all. Correct I don't know I wanted to clearly. That's my point one of your radio show it often wondered about the -- Red Sox -- could lose. Melodrama all right now on the east. Shall rule the poll is but I like -- in about an -- there is Kevin Garnett and he's about to go to -- -- LB network where Chris Russo become their major star with high heat in the -- days but a lot of people still talk about. Thought intentional talk in the afternoon in the lark and gave Chris Rose Kevin thanks and best appreciate the kind words and please remember those when I am asking to come on the pregame show with -- -- Don't -- everybody and on board there ago let's the real 15 Kevin Clark joins us on the eighteenth outline and I believe speak tree. He still part of -- and a Beagle yes yes yes yes yes yes he was still be. Do we still he hearing him in his normal time slots on crutches Friday but he's not going anywhere yet. The audit last Q was filling -- more -- and real quick where it's the brick -- here tomorrow we have for the birds showed -- card yet and might -- RD Harlow. With the boys you guys that off. Daddy got that him and love. You know absolutely let's get to break come back we'll tell you what's not happening Dele Ali to Sports Radio WEEI. Back to your calls Jimmy is in the car driving around Jim what's going on whom I have blue bag. -- John as you Rhode Island we get back your -- on a Tuesday post Super Bowl John Tate Bob isn't -- today these next couple months Lou Bob eight. I'll get back to your phone calls Joseph is in Delaware today he's next up -- month -- Joseph and another jobless wanting Cambridge -- -- Ferguson is in Cleveland today berg. Back to your calls Jim is in the car driving around Jim what's going on I have -- does Jimmy. LA now on the KLA. -- Derek in Providence today hi Derek. There with the wrong guy to beat. Up Madison Franklin as we get back to your phone call that eight. -- westward from the sneaky mean what's up Mike looked all right Mike -- -- in Rhode Island -- your next up -- Maloney 937 FMR. I did today right right when he got. It's got its up in Maine got that going around that area yeah I've just got to. Back to your phone calls Johnson Cambridge next up on late Tuesday Johnny how area. -- there. Put John -- guys. -- -- -- -- Both you and nicknames are like that guy like -- Ray -- just what Ferguson -- -- -- Cleveland. Our. Guys know what's really rigorous. Would have been Tracy would have been Jarome would have been -- We've taken home. -- Sometimes like to call people like old spice federal. Energy bill -- the thoughts of the calls are dragging you've got to try to inject your own energy into it sure but called suck and sometimes the colts suck and you try to. Add your own juice to it well without at the caller with about one that special force it wasn't like an interview -- wasn't a phone call. But I think it was something that really meant a lot to us it meant a lot to our listeners of one thing -- we've got a plus. -- Obama made me. And honor yet. You know crash and -- all. This. -- Again. Yeah. Everybody -- -- Good. Weeks' time -- Maryland he's no just. Okay. You think they know those two girls no I don't give -- viral video for how much that was played by showing off the last couple years that plan and bat. We -- a few million BO was -- -- -- -- of for many of them but he got talent that is real quick just because there at the second annual takes to feel all like I said charitable. Sam Adams you -- your -- opposite -- tonight on that divides. 4539. O'clock. Ten dollars tickets will be there my wife and I Stephanie are hosting -- proceeds go to benefit room to grow. But the mission really -- always in -- of kids are born into poverty David's you know after the age of three years those critical years development. All proceeds will go to -- to be giveaways it's going to be a fun night. So with that said. Might -- you know it's been it's been a lot of fun you know three years of this now I can't believe this is. It is going to be I learned an awful lot of learned an awful lot for you when I know that the failures of the show. People I know enjoyed our show you know unfortunately the ratings we -- with the businesses in the ratings weren't there. That we put a good show together. You know and I. You may be better I kind of learned how to do this thing we've both got to push one another and I appreciate that they can be success. Then the post game coverage to pregame coverage it's gonna be a lot of fun people and enjoy talking knew each and every night after the games the -- before the games. In the gonna hopefully things I've learned to -- to this new show. And hopefully -- result Weiss ratings -- David hopefully we see something different to -- be good show but. You will be missed and the shall be missed and had a lot of fun doing it and I want to thank you. On this the interaction -- with you guys and that is human against that bank I want to thank -- when I've heard from off the year today via text and Michael very nice but. In particular -- are -- produce the show the most. Michael Berger Jimmy Stewart or produce the showing a previous life wanna thank those guys as well all of interns. That we had most of the female variety recently based on -- Obama takes. They were great and obviously work with you Lou has been a pleasure last three years and I'm going to be listener -- As a 10 o'clock and Mike content herself. I don't get to go on Tuesday Alito I had done it. And I expect you to BA caller. The Lula are -- into Red Sox absolutely -- I it's been a lot of fun and appreciate the passion of the callers and listeners wrote a list and who called the technical friend about the show. Thank you very much and make sure you're listening Tuesday morning. Out today cement the victory listening to Red Sox three -- -- close. On Tuesday. I'd say we see you tomorrow we want to hear dating for Carter and Mike yard -- Dale and Holley our -- they got a broad shift today Sports Radio WE yeah.

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