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Mut and Merloni, Final Show: Noon hour, 5-22-14

May 22, 2014|

The entire Noon hour of the last Mut and Merloni Show.

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At exactly 1205 here to try to now WEEI WE TI dot com Clay Buchholz shell. To the tune of five runs four of those earned in just four and two thirds as Red Sox lost their sixth straight 64. Against the blue jays who have been away. I can't cure why why it -- one of these. What -- amid a hand switch off all the time when -- is not there why isn't this city ever had to do it trending now. No -- -- five and sunny focus your -- 1205. I'm not doing a 1 o'clock threatening talent you have did you Lester and what's not -- noticed that -- say is I'm I would go. -- -- now the 63 QE RA he takes the loss too -- to get the win for the blue jays in a Bogart's heating up. Three hits now batting three guiding -- last 33 at bats. Afternoon baseball prevent way Sox try to salvage a game in this series Lester and early. In a batch of what left these pre game begins at 320 right here on the Shaw's star market WEEI. Red Sox radio network John -- saying Wednesday there are ongoing discussions. About improving the outfield the latest on that and all things Red Sox right now at WEEI dot com cutting now brought to you by Casey pro. If your car's air conditioning not blowing cold enough air bring back the cold in under ten minutes with doing yourself AC pro go to AC pro dot com. But the store nearest you weather mostly cloudy. Some sunny high about sixty. We'll talk to classy woman Jackie O two and its next threatening now WE EIW we got to -- you know play the Guitar Center Memorial Day said. -- on hundreds of deals throughout the store. Like -- squire Stratocaster electric guitar for only 89 dollars now through Monday that Guitar Center. You've gotten much. -- a dig down. Show up -- kick your ass like -- no problem doing and -- loan. It's the money in Maloney show. This is -- -- Rondo. I've got to talk to much. -- -- Who -- on Sports Radio WEEI. A later on this hour revisit what I can only call the Chicago KK incidents for 2000 and thirteen month and -- 937. WE BI your calls all day our final. But and Maloney program loose -- -- all with the new midday show which will be good days and FB. I got one problem already events just so we ought to we're clear about I told him to a space so this is not talking -- -- all are they are on known unknown. -- -- -- So as the UConn alone we don't get -- gonna get along because of that and there's just. I think there's not enough Syracuse guy so what's another one in the ball sports third season of baseball program we put it. As you know problems that a beef now I'll find something. I'm sure you will beginning next Tuesday sold before you bagel and a -- NFB. -- MF BBA Tuesday at ten you'll hear me on Red Sox on Tuesday night joining us on the eighteenth the hot line. As we try to recover from. What I can only deem is a major disappointment in the draft lottery Tuesday night -- McMullen joins us on the eighteenth the hotline Jackie buck -- -- But you know let -- fire your agent I would say you should not have to promote the new show I'm at saint. That's not right there of a brooding but at the Jacqui I am rooting for Lou and Jolie and -- work with now for. Three years old but -- and I come on the show but her crying now should not promo -- -- a bullet isn't. You're going to be kind they're going to be kind. He is going to be five because if I sat across him having kept trying to promote new ship -- -- that that that probably wouldn't go over too well Libya be in a -- a jerk a kid do what. That's right -- trio. Right about. I appreciate the kind words Jackie and I wish I could be as we should be thankful for what happened the other night in New York but this is just become. Unfortunately it trend and Jeff -- was on yesterday called the worst result possible. For the Celtics how did you view of the number six pick in the upcoming draft what they landed on Tuesday night. The worst is right well I mean I can't say I get sick of the same state bright sharp though but I mean. The thing is. You know they -- lost that they weren't even before the draft lottery when they lost the coin flip and which eliminated them from taking -- Because I do believe that exit music and the player. That they had interest and and the top four players in no particular order at least I still think and I know some people next to go in later. It's going to be indeed Parker which indexes show. You're out of the -- some possibly out of the exit suite that before you even started because you couldn't get that for it so the other reason it's just so bad is. In order to -- Randall well we'll let that six spot sure. And it's it's redundant -- the one thing they didn't really need another -- for so I'm sure Daniel come up with something. The biggest reason that that would not in the top three tickets so disappointed because. -- with a topic that you're in your and it's for real with Kevin Love down. You're just another suitor. And you know accused him in the mixed Chicago I think -- single state. With David -- and maybe Harrison Barnes and pick or something like that. And so that's the disappointing you know he can have that top -- pick -- some really incredible enticing options. And now you have to expect. Yes I would agree with you you know I think it dumb. A lot of the guys in that range right now you're talking about powerful or rather it's gale Gordon of lonely or or or you can nine Kentucky -- Jewish -- soap. The -- deposition but the power afforded you mention is Kevin Love following the shooting forward if you wanna call him. Now the asking price to me may be goes up right near the top three pick may be don't offer as much and I just think that the asking price goes up but at the beginning. Should still be doing everything he can't. -- and I'm curious. And -- but you know -- if you're Golden State you can offer all star David Lee. There's been warriors wanna hold out they don't want to offer Klay Thompson. But if push comes to shove you can trade the clay Thompson and that 2015 personal -- Forward Kevin Love and you have to take them back along with that you probably do it right -- the -- and 21 round picks state. Did it -- Jimmy Butler out -- -- contract might be appealing to Minnesota because it's going to be up since and then -- you -- in -- -- -- We Kjell played for a minute and this sort of believed in him vacant lot -- and Chandler Parsons and you know picks. -- All of a sudden. -- you don't quite have the the -- about the good that it is still ahead of the Laker because they want. Animal out it would now they can only after -- seven picked Phoenix with another team had to worry about the terms of higher -- so. All the not completely and and you know let. -- -- A good player at six or get a very good player in Danny I'd like in history. They've been written they've been looking at this strapped for Cuba last year because the idea was always to go forward right would float staying up this past -- -- actually that was coming. So I'm sure they've done. Check advocates here's a little bit though because it seems like. Some people you know don't wanna go that target Kevin Love for -- where do you stand as Danny do whatever it takes to get him if he can't. Yes well without specially now especially if you of the sick sick and you can turn that into Kevin Love -- you have to throw in Salinger that's. Avery Bradley do it. Do it yesterday. I I believe that now needs obviously -- people there what about -- -- first of all. There are starting out at point guard rubio second it's the idea I would think is its keeper Kevin Love in. -- go -- -- love and possibly Jeff Green peace still you know he's now part of that packet let's say. And start building around and starts it's our feel good about yourself against big question that we have to ask their questions -- is. It Kevin Love comes in and you're gonna have to give -- the Max. Is -- going to be OK with that and are you gonna give Rondo the Mac -- you -- Camelot the -- the well let me although dynamics work I think those are all the interest includes. We brought this up when it came to Rondo and and and love and I don't think Kelly give. Rajon Rondo Max contract that would knock your Rondo Max contract right now when no other major building blocks he -- the sixth pick in the seven ballots they help but. If you told me that that didn't the negotiations start with Kevin Love and he says won't find -- There Rhonda was gonna be there for 45 years and I was going to be their four or five years I'd be more likely to accept this trade and sign that deal in that case Jackie. I would sign -- a twelve Max deal to bring catalog here I would would you. It's a really tough one because I think you're overpaying Toronto I don't know that there's anyone out there right now. They would give Rondo a Max deal unless it was a team or program you know like a team like Sacramento what's at -- her arguments and and they have a point guard Isaiah Thomas but. But it's shaking like that they really want to make a splash that's willing to all the page and -- tell -- Rondo going to a place like that stokes. What does the market for -- -- we don't honestly know he that unique talent. A unique talents. A valuable valuable player. But is seen. If I could accept being one and one day with Kevin Love you really have a chance to get some echoed by Pakistan I'll be -- in for action air box I think I just think. I think it got accused in particular with Mikhail there and with the talent that the combination of the veterans in the -- they can offer. That it looks like a good landing platform. -- equality SP embossed into joining us get a part of this is right does -- wood is eighteen trading for Kevin Love if you just wanna signed extensions so I take me through the process of what would they -- to convince -- he's -- West Coast guy Callahan brought about the other day you know Bill Walton would call. Brightened and Paul Beatty were there were put the full core press on Powell. How would they sell Kevin Love how would -- sell Kevin Love and actually wanting to sign an extension with this team knowing that he withdrawn though. They're probably still a couple of years away from legitimate championship contention. Well I think what they would element that point to the Garnett law it's a lot. We got Ray Allen. And then that we eventually coerced Kevin Garnett become because they had Ray Allen because he has wealth here though you have Rondo and Kevin Love. Also you look at box and you say you know -- stable ownership. An innovative GM. Who I think player friendly and a coach that really people really like and respect and parts and really think and do the job. So maybe you get a veteran free -- come under those conditions maybe David let's make the move you know David collection area. So those are opting you know. Somebody's gonna take a leap of faith that that problem I think the Celtics have this. You just don't know what Rondo thinking and I think it's thinking changes from day to day week to week and I'm sure I blamed on them by the way he won a championship here. It's been an important player that -- captain all that and yet. You know he believes he's the best point guard police said that many times and yet. Nobody seems to really want to think he's worth a Max deal so you all act upon it protects you a little unpredictable. In my estimation. And yet you are relying on him as much achieved reliant on you at this point so I think it's it's such a fluid situations. That really hit. Yeah I agree with -- feel good because -- -- though this is wheel house writes that he's got a lot of things that he can do about it but would you. -- I don't think they'd they'd they don't make a trade for some like Kevin love the devil himself for some of that ilk. I don't see them giving Max deal the Rajon Rondo so now to me I look at it as either -- Kevin Love and try to compete the next two or three years or you address the two kids and you compete may be in five I mean is it. Read -- much harder to get delayed I don't get -- delicate -- he got all these drastic. Not just that not just the Celtics fixed but the Brooklyn -- you don't think that I'm not tactics and he really valuable religion. And he drafted he'd been stockpiled all these -- He put himself in and ink has been very good position to have bargaining power and to have chipped -- to make. He's cleared out flat cap space. He's done everything right now it's just a question of who can you can convince Kevin what the company -- I don't know so on the blanket camps. Getting drafted see you know maybe he's sitting -- the right now I'm sure he had all the scenarios and they're saying we're not sure who you know will wait and see a lot -- they're pretty good idea of who they want it checked. Depending on if its grand old air Randall isn't there -- actual follow that are that CD panel they see that happening. I'm gonna fallout on -- got to follow up on -- -- a lot of people are texting and because of our conversation yesterday with Jeff Goodman in Jeff was very critical. Of Rondo at the time when Jeff was talking about him and he talked about. Rondo of the ways dealt with coaches in the past the ways dealt with teammates in the past and was. It was critical -- the personality Jackie then of the player and a lot of attacks work when -- Jackie on tomorrow ask Kirk she's always defended Rondo got. When you just talk about him if felt like you were saying a similar sort of thing that he is. He's unpredictable and because of that. He leaves a lot of people behind the scenes coaches fellow players except through sort of wondering what this guy is that a fair assessment him. Often credit and I -- its interest in the people think -- and it might be I think he's I think he's unique talent I really do. And there are times when I I think wow what are what -- special special player. But I didn't likely get that Bret Stephens and people say that for being with overblown I don't think it was. It was a young coach who is trying to establish themselves and in the past -- He's that you please not an -- I don't simply not that we don't watch you do that you did it anyway I thought that was terrible. And I thought it was -- -- -- it Pratt even handled it beautifully by the so I can understand -- to -- that meant coming from Jeff technocrat he was a long time probably a little protective and -- -- dot. And and Rondo can text all day long now they can talk while I'm on the all know I don't care you -- -- we all -- My all of that now that by the time you do not let your -- -- you. Fed up with Rondo and the Iran -- -- So he has a difficult player. Now a lot of great players are difficult but it just a couple of different ways and I can understand why people would be. At the bottom but honestly an eighteen that would interest in Iran that it would not stop them going after him or retreating form because at its unique. -- Jacki great stuff is always an exciting time in the input and we'll see over Fenway Park. I'm gonna call you some night and I'm at at my place. On and I don't know what we're gonna -- We'll that's a good thing that I wanna have Jackie in the car after at whatever game you're covered that night Colin on the way -- a degree and are you a prominent. Good thanks Jacqui thanks Eric Eric. Jacqui McMullen ESP in Boston Germany's year. On the eighteenth the ally in the -- -- but you know what what. And post game with you you're gonna have some guests every would call -- -- Let's be tough to get a -- in the hot like his lines will be full of five bullet ratio that's expect. And it is -- -- from Quincy you'll be up there. -- -- -- -- -- -- Six you at all. Arnold Klein from situated how bundled the goody goody. -- constituent and really the rest of the way besides talking him along we're gonna go through some of the signature moments and calls from bits of the shield you wanna call in and talk about you can't. 6177797937. Doug from six -- gave you the nickname that is stuck in the U. To the point and he call you called yourself this nickname only what are. You called yourself that nickname off the air today quote. Maybe this source will strike again -- that one and -- on our conference call you realize -- it's enjoy yourself in the third person he did he I didn't. The sorcerer he called himself the sorcerer today is what I just you know. We're talking about Stephen Drew and and now sort of looking at in -- camps -- longshot but that is -- to be a center fielder out and Chicago that I think can help but a lot of areas regrets. And though we'll see hopefully -- to -- a greedy right now I get -- drew back in town this week I don't wanna get greedy. But I think Bonifacio is a good -- Dodges a bigger service agreement before the -- we talked about it he's -- -- -- -- -- the sorcerer's right and you did you call until the sorcerer let's talk to Amy and Hanson waiting patiently speaking of female callers Amy what's going on. Hi -- -- -- -- I would bring -- into that element -- that would drive or what but don't look like we talked stakes game thank you for a weight in my heart and did not like explain any England we'd like on the TV. And he sat -- listened to the outset and they are becoming what I want to know. So I found yourself by accident and how I -- who wants. It's not gonna be related to. Well it's it's going to be different yes. -- explain anything Lewis got -- going to be here to explain it and they'll be like well Christian -- can explain football and DMZ events and I'm I'm your bends his frequent on. And everything you'll be okay. Well I mean you look at an -- on on -- into the radio I'm driving. And that I -- and I think I actually -- this screaming in the arm. So he can't hit from Quincy yesterday. I didn't wanna have a heart attack while he -- any baggage screening and I got and I -- -- lonely and all we got a medical person inside because. You know on the he would get so wrapped in what now what he was talking about -- In fact I thought that. Learn more gently let -- a grand daughter is from the other and that's sure you know black kid out of pocket more and everything. I mean I agreed that the routes to get shouldn't prosecute the Golan but if the judge and that's what it is holiday -- -- well. We're back to call specific with the game it takes I think her feel like a civil will try to continue to inform and entertain and move forward to be different. It will be different potential Al plead the -- -- complain that her husband. Does like to explain sporting events I gotta be honest. Well it's not between ten and two and -- home my wife and she's asking about something Red Sox related or she asked recently about offside and hockey. I didn't wanna explain I didn't. It I didn't listen to our show tomorrow okay we'll talk about the Marlins watch the damn game right now I said listen at double wide a gap he tells you about golf and hockey and Vince Lombardi riveted the garden across a street. Invented football. -- came called fat loading more right Susan -- Boy we wait that we see this call comes early. -- -- Heather province on the board up when Butler and 937 had a good afternoon. Captain -- -- the -- -- -- throughout the playoffs we just so nervous now it called I would unemployed. Here. All scenario work you lazy that I -- I was. And -- and I -- lifting an intense captain -- now. I've got to get some kind of a crisis not mind the fact that they -- excellent -- and I can't get very sad news. Well Joey with Heather over here that this look at -- intern ship and this is not like Q. As Joey this is this is -- -- wheel hub rather send me a JPEG and a jays are. I don't really have an idea that I come. There -- -- -- -- -- -- my I have to say it's going to be a different show without income. Parents I don't know if that might -- definitely excited as. Carried me to be sent south and Europe quite yet to top news -- the name. And you know it's like a double heartbreak and ask -- what happened that Providence Bruins -- I didn't tell us. I think -- lot is that it they get knocked out of the -- he got caught out by the penguins' second letter. Stamped England's. Yes so yes anyway but I just want to let you all about black and little letter and it -- hockey season. You're gonna listen to this show and your call and after Providence Bruins games and like I'll be the go to Providence Bruins came down the Aussie could sneak down there and you tell you go all roster. With whom -- certainly that -- and that's a huge fan of both video and I -- the other bad. Heather are greatly accelerate. Well and that is -- province just takes time off for -- shortly. -- Since it like that. He has a woman with the job when he calls when he working loading okay I'm with the F sometimes. Speculation that the selling themselves money at you as a woman with a job. That were the only I have waited penetrated into years 6177797937. Is the phone number the AT&T text line. 379 -- 37 final edition of the month and Maloney program will come back and revisit. An incident that was just. Not long ago right last year last year. The Chicago cake incident and the things you're not hurt as of yet that's next Sports Radio WE yeah that is a tickets and non dry -- -- revisiting. Some of the signature moments in the history of the show -- and -- 937 WEEI in addition to your calls. All day at 61777979378. -- detects on. Is 37937. This all started. A year go to the Stanley Cup finals the but eventually ends up as the Chicago -- incident. It started because on the show we got a to a pattern of once in a big series you know playoff series we would. Have Joey or an intern producer would -- interns here. Our role on opposing city's radio show considering what the what the tenor was of that city and first it was to get this phone call what the phone caller saying. About the matchup. But sometimes the host would do things like Spiegel McNeal. -- really bad jokes about the broad we ought to get some reaction -- at Tony marinara. Right who is calling and we are looking at you that's listening they have talk about it that homer side you know -- -- -- homers or however when. And we try to get some kind of reaction so we actually tuned in and just. Which really surprised -- It wasn't there wasn't anything at this. I don't enjoy we squared up -- Red Sox tickets for Tuesday night in Boston about it but you know I really I. As I'm just as I was about to click the button and buying yesterday did you call the plays a dumb last week on -- yes okay. So why I got to go to the dome. And what you're. After remind me. The minute and a longtime writing because I guess it has extreme dump like equality it is it's him it's a classic dump. Yeah it's in big McNeal calling it a dump in Spiegel. About to be very interesting carries -- only -- names to Bruins adding dog dog veins char role. Beverly instead -- -- And we were very critical of them and. So many chances I had dogs' names late when he can't I don't know as a dominant FF I can't -- -- today. One of the few players that didn't get Tobler you know no real well last night Patrice tomorrow. And technical aching stomach he's in Beverly for Beverly properly as it is -- apparently these names -- -- -- in Beverly and you pick one of those guys man they're not from Chicago man. Yes we -- about security we are critical them on the air play that sound made fun of them. And what happens is in the day of Twitter you know you'd find a person Twitter account our listeners started tweeting them. They weren't happy with -- they. We're so -- it's smack talking snake in last -- woods and I yet right wheel house Virginians in north and I. Create -- win right. Bulls and Phoenix were playing in the final I guess that's that they don't even today -- there's -- a lot of their -- talking about us because a lot they can't come up with actual -- -- talk about the -- get Bruins in the only -- You know what it is. Yeah when you're down 01 in his series you mad at everything I guess zone after two goal lead their Matta yeah Abbott and messier live involved -- a now you can't get around anywhere and irons in Britain miserable trappings and. So they kind of got -- through a recent championship trophies. So -- look what what happened was one of the producers there. 01 -- here was tied into one of their hosts and you've got the word that they were texting producers here at the station asking the us cast a stop -- found itself making fun. So instead of stop miners out we try to which got again touched the rightly refused that we wanted to go on near those guys -- They they didn't wanna do anything like that. They had no part of the meeting when they come in and down Tuesday is that we aired Tuesday. It just to line him up maybe get an in studio aren't enough for me. I'm not wait until then here's what like to try to do if we care. Can we just called their show. And let -- try to goal on their shoulder because they are they refuse that well liberal question just if I end up but if we just can't call them out like eight -- unless they have full phones year in the flight that last hour there -- whatever hours. Is their chance we just call in -- as -- as a phone call early so call us I don't want tech works you tell me it was technically possible if we could do that. -- I would like to 'cause it annoys me that he thinks he show is -- above largely the same crap that I hate to call that the that Steve from Allred I hated that are suffering from Gloucester. So you know and just. -- though there's talk to us it's talking about the league deal ever for Brighton a catalyst so sensitive because I never said in nor anyone hockey -- call them almost knots and just. Commenting on people from Chicago what they're saying that's all is it technically impossible I should ask you off the -- -- Saddam are. Nobody technically -- I just knew if I didn't find their phone number we call it division yet they're gonna portal -- minutes received though if don't want. -- you know analyst in the -- and Stanley O'Neal. Attack in our city. I think they also start off with a bunch of drunken irishman day in Chicago. -- -- that was part of that I've got a -- rub up the did did the drunken part of that there might be right there notre that's OK I can at least admit it. Good game I don't hate my goal allowed one goal left to go rest. And he -- eleven living in the city. In Israel and -- -- -- might go and this is who might talk to right now. Page. -- From Massachusetts are. Jason from where Jolie from Medford. -- -- In -- Boston Medford mass. -- -- -- Oh when you're afraid. Bless -- and I -- -- talk about some Blackhawks fan out here in a lot of people talking trash about the Blackhawks and how you know Bruins should feel good about game wore on and you know solar. Stuff and it's fun to talk to those guys about it it's a Blackhawk fans on here. RE -- -- -- -- Joseph always the Mets that generally. It. Here are cannot yeah Serb leader -- -- While she came in days. But -- look to a shop -- these guys which -- dramas like that. There -- yeah. -- try to -- currently Paul Politico the franchises. Coming back and now Big Brother getting him ball. Are you guys do what they see I guess. Listen to those guys to talk trash that's -- yeah outdoor world literally at any -- or under the bed so. I know Democrats say. Ones who want to put a song we can talk this thing out there Anderson to Darnell memory we have our own show going on here were Kagan at generating unit need to do these sort of a little. Morning used to on that we're we're -- That's okay we'll talk hockey. Because apparently act I can't talk occupied paper out that are at all actually we never take personal shots we didn't you guys in because you guys thought you were pitched to an outside perspective and and you got -- all sensitive and it got a little weird out and pay any time. Go go hawks. In a bid -- aren't the good called Joey. There's still play along Joey for Medford what a great call that wasn't Chicago radio it's a good job and -- Rivera off -- Kane -- shot. He really throwing off without -- -- is gonna get your office. A few games and -- -- or me. The -- -- didn't. Black cars -- Atlanta Hawks fans don't have their reactions are right after that that's when Spiegel goes nuts on me that next conversation what he buries us. But eventually they. They were elected to and we have to -- Cassell those guys and he yelled at us and we yelled at them back and forth and whenever it happened but it wouldn't it took it took that call. It took that call that you made as joy from Medford to really get them to admit to do. Any sort of some -- it was that call that eventually led to. The sun cast and I give you all the credit in the world boy did it just you know we just want who just wanted to talk and again somebody that gets it okay. He might be in knowing you might hit creative art Tony marinara their candidate. Up there Montreal came over here and we put we put together we talk to each and every day people loved it people enjoy it. He get his opinion now we get our opinion out it was a beautiful thing. Then you get two guys that would just so sensitive the judges couldn't understand what's the big deal. You are -- Stanley Cup where in the Stanley Cup let's let's talk this thing out let's get some opinion it's good radio. They call it minor league stuff OK our -- well -- Soledad it's sort of led to. As it out of desserts well let it. What it said. Be the night caller right now speaking of -- all things. All things Thursday. The last show when I wanna come back and there's some more wanna play from that incident including. Your mom calling the station. And on top of that. -- sent their way like you said they came to Boston we decided to be friendly it's and the desserts and that caused some problems. But before that is a free ticket Thursday even night's caller right now at 61793109. B 37. Caller number nine at 617. 9310937. -- -- -- is get it went Red Sox tickets these three for ticket Friday. -- -- free ticket Thursday. But it is a free ticket Thursday on our final edition a -- and -- 937 WEEI caller nine is gonna win tickets right now we come back. Desserts being sent to our friends in Chicago and the fallout from that and your mother. Being so upset about what's going on what the show she actually picked the phone and I'll listen. You hear that next Sports Radio WE ES. To indicate that the Medicaid -- just -- describe the -- -- our sister station -- ours is knowledge and I don't know CBS affiliate out there they're not as is just as you guys you're fighting -- the other -- as soon as Elena lost I lost my exam on Friday Mac you know I was like Nazr Mohamed Shelvin LeBron on Friday at about 1230 have been a rough week and out. And Jack -- and an event they don't know those guys. The witness -- what they did it is like to -- findings of the station from out of town and half of them tonight at a video and and I took the bait and and and David backed him. Well they set is over a cake did -- Maloney. And it says and do we need to we did talk relative unsure if it says eat me on the cake. And then there are various body parts displayed in chocolate both white chocolate and black -- it's a very inclusive. On dark chocolate they should say very gruesome amount front and a -- hooks them. I suppose delicious but much more alluring than any -- you've ever seen if people are now lined up at the bar here at I hop to take photos and photos of the case. So I think that's that's a win for about Maloney on the on the cake delivery well done I don't know why they would put a woman's legs spread. I -- as the -- say it -- just saying happened if there -- -- -- really -- says -- -- -- know that but you've got a woman's legs spread apart and I'm very nice job and really how fragile region at a time last year radio as always there to find a little button there Phillip Arnold out well. BR BR daily bag I had touch and it's -- That was the delivery of aid delicious cake for our friends -- sweet and ask these big Reebok and -- -- -- seven W we've -- we'll talk about that after right. He got congratulate Danny was our big ticket when every Thursday. You can win tickets to the Red Sox in free parking courtesy the credential center Roger your W we -- -- insider. -- it -- the Red Sox radio network broadcast Booth as well fraud few by Geico account retire and your home for Boston baseball Sports Radio 93 point seven W we. EI on our final free ticket Thursday here DN -- job for ticket Thursday again next week with the -- itself. We had a patching things up like I said it we played you before the break. The anger that was there -- try to get on the year eventually Spiegel relent to be -- -- apologized to a off the year and on the year it's a little bit nuts and beat a really good guy. And so they go to the heart we send them what would you describe as a a sweet and nasty -- very -- but there are female body parts on it. And it's it's an adult cake. It's an adult -- we said to those guys. And basically how we got ourselves in hot water can't remember reverend remembering this correctly in hindsight. Make mistakes you know me let's -- sports talk radio it's like that locker room close mentality open so it's sophomore at times we understand that and I -- maybe. Social media wasn't maybe the best placed action but the picture of the kicks everybody got this year but. It was still. Still it's a lot of fun I stand by the -- what we were made a mistake was putting it on your FaceBook or Twitter. That was a bad job at a loss it was repeated over -- an adult cake which of the senate to those guys left it to the imagination moved. Instead we put the pictures often. And then had arrows in matter right now article so little boy at a Provo Richard -- gone now before the -- get The Herald part of it. No it was not -- anyone in this room idea to do that. Actually somewhat above our pay agreed not to throw under the -- he no longer works here. But it was not technically. Our idea I remember actually the email -- read simply to three of us this is what we're send them boys. I might still have that he -- -- I believe and those -- -- That suggesting it's entertaining but this is what we're sending okay. -- percent of the mistake again might have been the social media part of but if you thought the kick was a pro yeah XT you know. We -- offices -- animated at the noted that that the Harold you know it's great and it was a time obviously when. Everybody just -- throwing out the entire station and a -- It's not a ban flag in one to -- everything else age want H one nothing else going on in the marathon story and Whitey Bulger story they put that on the front page of Boston Herald put this on page one that we are members of that animal or the other -- -- -- Joan -- I don't know that -- -- -- -- -- at the Whitey. Case exactly wow. Bombing Whitey. -- pastry but the point I mean it is an email from the -- and for many of us. This is what we're send them boys at the bubbly the warning was still pride a -- select laughed at it. And who is dealing with it afterwards the three of us three of us again is who is dealing with a I remember in the aftermath of much of -- became public knowledge but it clicked the statue limitations probably over think. We still work here -- often you and I were on long conference calls with people way above our pay -- And words like link the vacation got a -- we got to do we that oh god we hear that raised. We're gonna have to do we have to do. And I thought the overreaction from some people in this building was a little bit much. But I already take whatever medicine they were gonna get us at that point but there or a couple of days they're it was touching -- -- after show conference calls people are no longer here. Saying what might have to do. -- -- AB. CDC. Path. GH. It was like it was a laundry list of things they got that Palin -- -- one of the things was you and I don't have a -- certain amount of time right. Try to get that point to register as it can't believe you're even gold through this and now -- didn't go on to Boston it's okay when even our idea but -- -- ticket. Let's heal when every under. Nobody going to set at three tee times. You know for the next three days I told my wife was great today again at 9 o'clock tee time set up the next three days you wanna do this newest front in that's cool. But you -- a lot of heat from that thing. Yeah unheralded actor was awesome to it and agree I want to thank written communications who was off the -- comedy I want to thank our first they were doing good. They were -- of -- that time. Anymore obviously not I've since heard stories of the head of that group. That he was the leader of try to get off course suspend they work for us directly they were what we're doing -- -- firm yeah how many years and the guy ran -- to what is was felt a offended by what we did it one of us. -- cheered as he wanted to is that we have them because -- at last I checked the last two or three years the publicity around here as a -- to go but don't worry. We got a farm -- make it sure everything is smooth. Yet thanks for the PR. Export really appreciate it. -- -- really the -- period that's to kick incident but everything else the guys go way out front up and you're awesome appreciated banks doing the job. Worked out real well. That they were at Billy -- not happy with it though sandy Maloney were wasn't too happy there. Well that you stick on each of which are Sandra is in Framingham this morning first up with -- -- and Lucent for good morning good. I mean this is that sandy Maloney I am a little Malone he's -- -- mom is Sandra Oh yes and yes entry yet. I am I calling because I see it do I dread of school but in framing -- and I am getting. All -- agree to belittle. All predict things. And say you know what I plan would -- her. Being involved in ignite that if I find out that he is I'm gonna go down that they shouldn't be Al lot of. -- there wasn't there wasn't news Joey in -- they they were the ones are all the whole idea and everything else right of course you know me I had nothing to do with. I knew what I kept saying my son would never do anything like they act and they and they would really giving -- the business. And I think you know what -- a compliment find out how am I knew he could be now. Didn't not not that might not your baby. Well that's your great and I'd go to the boy that you carried for nine months not here they'd be. Exactly. Now I'm glad he used to say that so. Because -- really given me -- -- down in the. -- cedras' this is Mike that I throw I have talked to you it's a pleasure that you called in today it was given you bill out of people giving you grief your coworkers given in business. Coworker. Said -- what kind of UW got that we do something like that I said. I kept saying not hi my baby he would definitely see -- act. But look what level brief visit like the level of grief -- when arousal for three and you are in the market basket and people were telling you how bad a little more at that level. Yes and you know I had quite a few of them one from the line. Not -- open threes unified if you a lot. And I want you to know that I had absolutely nothing to do with this is below -- always not true at all this was Joey. I would never I would I don't believe that my son would. Everett have been he wasn't brought up like four to April. You guys don't know the current guys don't know upside Framingham -- parents via direct me in the body but it's wrong -- -- -- right. Exactly right among gets a better knowing that I had nothing to do it is OK who am party -- -- -- -- love -- -- I I -- -- -- -- And Israel made a mistake at 32 under the bus but we all know audition I'd like somebody under the -- I'm youth growing Joey and I accuse me of Langley under the oncoming accused me of lying at that point. I you know and giggle and upper management you're a little above forehand quote you knew about it before and that I have anything to do with -- who sent the email was that you -- You must we're gonna send this these guys as the -- diets I lied -- delegate. And annoyed at about picnic place. So -- -- thanks. Decisions from above what do we Delaware underneath them okay you -- send it will send it and then we'll take a bullet -- then I would do everything else. To be fair they didn't suggest this take pictures of put on social ball that's what we might have made a little miss. That's when we might have been a little missed my bed. And recipients. It's estimated enough -- thus ends the lunchtime hour mark missed against him mr. FaceBook W weakness the social media mr. hinders their -- slash that are rights -- -- left or swipe what is it. Swipe to the left select the left. And coach -- about you know exactly what I'm talking about creep show. I get to trying to here at the top and include a bracelet on lineups and gobble get to all your calls the final hour the actual final hour mark -- 937 WE.

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