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Mut and Merloni, Final Show: 11AM hour, 5-22-14

May 22, 2014|

The entire 11am hour of the last Mut and Merloni Show.

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You back with more money and we're -- on the -- -- Sports Radio network. Thank you for taking a few minutes to talk about. -- the AL manager of the year vote a lot of people have been talking about the vote how it went down you voted for. Bob Melvin for first Joseph Maddon of Tampa Bay Rays the second book -- wolf for third and wanna get your talk about your thoughts of how you came to. That top three frail manager of the year this year. Yes. I mean. Open has so many premium players like what is it your area they have enough leadership in my name is they'll treat you well. There's not. Are now is on outstanding manager and world -- what to do it again. How ever I -- the -- when people Melamine. I hate Heidi Ewing back thirteen. That -- of carried on were. There you need it but it. My first few months. Is my -- is -- -- and there's not a. That's the voice of all of the new friends we've met during a three years here do this time slot Mott and -- not -- 37 WE yeah that is a -- of brown. Who in some way shape or form not exactly sure I believe it's writing at one point I I was under the impression it was photography but. In doing the research on us to go around the tonic she covers. Seattle for -- some publication. She covers the Mariners in some way shape or form because that she's part of the BB WAA we'll be critical at times it. I think you take you back. Here. Volume they're gonna talk to Seattle. He plays for Seattle there ago we believe the -- -- you basically -- -- -- -- reported nature flawed if that's where she came overtures here since the each row. Arrival and in that time for it became a voting member of the BBW -- baseball writers' association association of America. You and I and others big critical of their voting in the past special when it comes to the hall of fame at all. And this case. We -- when the voting came out. And it's -- brown not only left Terry Francona. But John Ferrell bolt off of her. Manager of the year ballot and then as you'll hear. Went on to basically bolt for the same three managers. In the same order that she did a year ago. Is sick and how did she get a vote. -- brown how she allowed to vote for AL manager of the year. If she's not an -- for Ferrell or. -- Terry Francona two teams that had unbelievable years flash your base in the projection double the Red Sox Indians. I just -- for the whole thing with all those voting right. AL MVP AL Cy Young hall of fame manager of the year everybody can have their own opinion. But you just take it serious enough to be able to at least have a good explanation wrecked and that's what -- and it's a problem to some people. And maybe just don't agree with their opinions. Of all fame -- any ties it -- with steroids I don't put yen I don't agree with that. But that's their opinion but with very it was just she just -- looks a payroll. But the lowest payroll team in baseball Webber's the bench keeps going up -- she finds a good team it's as manager of the year except she doesn't look at you know. I payroll team that was dead last bit obviously all the buttons are pushed in the right direction for -- pro Lester are still prediction of one. Mention the military furcal was deserving as well. But the explanations were really kind of throws you'll have. -- -- -- -- let me ask you this because you have the third is 31 place votes out there Francona that sixteen stroke -- Wallace's 28 of thirty. Went to two individuals that you didn't vote for at all. When you look back at that you think that now may be getting to the -- away. Didn't. Know I don't think so -- Wish you circulated think about it for a long time. There and listen and we were we did that interview and a lot of people afterwards are saying you. That we showed great restraint. In outlet I just actually shredder she's collectors -- -- Which gave the -- number one English as a second line -- in order to go nuts on -- spirit anyway the public Danny second language or English to. -- can't you can't have that conversation he can't do it and I thought. We give her a bunch of different chances Joey right to sort of explain her position as she never. She she never sold us on her voting process imagine the division and like I agree with you by the way I thought John Ferrell because of the division. Deserved it over Terry Francona so when it got down your third place vote and you wanted to vote for. Someone the toughest division I guess my question be why not the team that won the division Red Sox at 828 game turnaround in division that I guess you and I agree on something. Was the toughest division in baseball so did you consider -- all for a third place -- to just decide that because they spent a lot of money. That you couldn't vote -- that position. Like I said I think Boston had ten -- in at least so. In -- it manager cam. Cam Matt -- and you know good piece right Pete you hit into that right. Politicians. It it will work. -- Africa she watched shooter Francona -- -- that's like that's why said you've left -- offer. Top three the guy that won the award Terry Francona. Had a lesser payroll then Baltimore and why was Terry Francona not. But on that list eventually won. Yes yes I get. So first my first few months rented and its Arab monitors for home when he hit the budget. Teams and I thought the third the bullets hit. Come from if you get into the Alley is that -- dividend and Major League Baseball. The reason why. I didn't -- over and what I like that. There -- a number of -- came from against Kennedy eat -- eat your team would be oh are struggling team. But that. My third bullet went to. Showalter. Who maintain that same level as last seen them. I've always felt that my needing a teen in it David Jones is more challenging and different from. My -- being used other Indonesians. Again that led to me yeah we agree so lineup Francona getting a vote that's Francona beat. Showalter in the stand a millionaire that -- too short -- want the public. Issue come from a tough division. A couple of the dailies. Who won that he released the Red Sox last time I checked. The -- they got to me and you pointed this out and I. Know which one bad -- question here right here but when you vote for the same three managers. Back to back years not a great bazooka how how long have you been voting to be VW -- I hear people are being in 2000 that and I became commander in 2011. Being. Well I started covering Major League is looking into it -- under two. Alas what for mediate did you realize when he put your -- you voted for and different order. Well you ended up voting for the same three managers. In consecutive years. Yes. -- care -- lot hi hello and that's what I thought you know they. They should be -- tentative. It has been asked. Well we play by heart as yeah -- bullet. Deep bunker do you think you do you think you'll vote. For the the same through next year. I don't know it depends on that team then yes this is how I. You know when I read that you haven't that he and. There's no doubt in my mind do you think you'll vote for the next same three next year is no -- aren't always the answer order will be. Bob Melvin. Buck Showalter Bucs number one right now Melvin -- control and open revenue -- so would be Bob Melvin going to be Buck Showalter. It'd be Joseph Maddon. Whose team right now is a game better than Houston Astros. You know so there's no doubt -- market down it's gonna go Melvin Showalter one -- two and Joseph Maddon. The host team right now is at the basement only two -- teams behind your Red Sox but there's no question -- -- third. -- payroll. After they finish under 500. Is available payroll -- there's allowed us while -- against you look at that central. Then again just like the division but Minnesota Kansas City stay in this thinks that what we might sneak in there. Palin Joseph Maddon they finish last nearly we're gonna vote techsters are Ross in the same question on the eighteenth the hotline at 37937. -- she still have a vote in as far as we know. Yes. The jury anywhere in the offseason the -- Nebraska lose her vote no she's just a few years away from voting for the -- think. -- -- -- -- Beagle and as well that was a lot of fun numbing data that was -- couldn't help myself with a get a Kennedy's chime in with gets tough one but and at that would show great restraint and wanna. Akaka said it is that there was really no need to really attack this wasn't. Old school with my man when I was an epic show that that guy's name down -- down in Dallas when he left. That the joy yet leading to merit rug grant Evan grant at the joy is normal mechanical and September to come -- stop -- In just refused to admit he just forgot. Because he went off in September that year and BO and and he just left the mosque siege completely forgot that was. That was a fair fight go back and forth this what rural. Wrong. But -- couldn't help myself. I couldn't -- -- did I tried to show great restraint there -- could -- -- I couldn't do what year. 61777979837. The phone -- here bits and highlights of three years of the show including next hour an extensive look back at the -- -- call the Chicago cake incidents that okay with everybody. Vincent caller from Florida on the Red Sox events at. Don't wanna congratulate you -- in -- trying to that I listened to every every day and gives people but suck it and have a state of Florida. The good view of the talk in his secret documents I would stand. Right now -- Kevin Youkilis that would -- good attempt to bring him back to may open person period. You could probably get rejuvenated pretty spectacular catch. I -- good you call today thanks to the on call Vincent I'm a pass on Kevin equals right now. I've not I was hoping this one of those things -- we saw bring you back you look at his numbers with the what. And -- as a team it's an Iraqi Government. Rock attend the very pronounced that I have no clue you played over there it's Boston may be in charitable that stuff turned fairways even doing over there are we Stewart. Now you Q you broke down Yankee sending gave some free money. It was it's -- cash or nearly broke out. I just don't. That I don't. Subsequent cancer. And I'll be 35 years old here pretty soon I think you can. Up Paul's an Auburn he's on 937 WEEI Paul torn up. A -- you know luck in your future endeavor and now it's really pollute the a mindset. You guys -- -- that apparently not. You know works you know and they've played in the big league and all that you know they do get sent down to minors. But we might need them Mac and that I'm sure that you know what a -- -- -- you know -- illegal or whatever. And I worked out down here and what their what they are there. The -- individual you know let me ways you can go down there in -- doesn't do any good. Because you know the one thing you always got to keep mine that messages get sent to thank you are going down. Today. That it will Mel Brooks or whoever that might be you're going down. In a couple of weeks we're gonna need a player don't give us an excuse not to call you back up. That should be the message. -- because. You sit there -- pout and you lose it at the plate you not play well in the field ten days later two weeks later. They need to make a move they go to the man agents they wish is had a he's lost he's completely lost right now. He's not doing anything that we wanted in the do. You know he's not having good at bats he's not playing well on the field he's pouting well we don't call him back. You can't give them an excuse not to call you back you gotta go down there and get better. It's not like anybody is getting sent down because they're -- 290. -- you get. Video now but -- scent dogs at 146. Aren't you -- put out it figured out and give them a reason to call you back up when it's needed if Jackie goes down you're going to Abkhazia and 210. He got a bit out and figured out and be ready they need to against same thing with -- -- Brooks I mean nobody still recent 300 get sent down for the element. Doctor Laura Ingraham on how they. You don't take it can proceed and how they move forward with the. Exactly cameo yet here it's ugly don't control so much just were able to control what we here in the big leagues in failing you control that it didn't go so well. Tonight down a minor leagues you can't you can't control -- -- sit down you had your opportunity didn't go so while. Tonight kind of finally took any control all -- draws are played tonight. And hopefully a couple of weeks. They can look -- it did a novel right now acute stuck in those numbers were traded hitters -- the 800 OP that's his job on the big league roster right 878 fuel yet hit right handed hitters. -- -- PS was 568 wouldn't be talking about bringing him back up now. Those going down there is -- he's got to do. And you know you give. They gave Grady Sizemore 34 more weeks and they gave Dana an -- and Austria for five weeks maybe two more weeks six weeks they might say well it's not working ousting -- don't. While we -- 860 OP yes against writings on could bring him up what is it 560 or PSP lost a -- or break month. So you it's all about the state of mind to get a -- way butcher on business yeah it's -- couple text asking novice full stats is is basic stat line through 67. Batting average 367 on base for thirteen slugging 780 -- but against -- like Lucent it's what is going to be asked if that's his job. 283. 400 on base for 72 slugging. 878 you'll PS3 home runs and twelve RBIs so all three of -- home runs at the docket. Come against right handers twelve of his fourteen RBIs. Have come against right handers ten walks in twelve strikeouts. Against that's a look at your job bread -- at a -- elected -- specialist under Tripoli is different data not gonna play every day ready a lefty in the big leagues that's maybe not the case. So what's he don't leave it lets his role going to be good at rice okay how's he gonna guess righty that's recounts. You're left handed reliever you're AAA and they don't manage the game like they manage in the big leaks. It's different -- -- -- -- -- a third of an inning all the time AAA sometimes but that that they'll give me the inning. So you left it specialist strike out the first two lefties -- -- three ready set bombs off the you know what he did his job the big league levels jobs to get lefties out you -- give it up to a three runs to right he's but it basically she won't be facing -- So he's doing his job and that's not -- against right handed hitters. Is doing his job 25% and opposite paths Angela gets 75 at bats at triple -- level but 25% of those basic come when mark runners in scoring position that up. A lot when runners on. He's breaking. Raking in that spot he's six for eighteen batting for 7667. Slugging. A one point 0830. PS2. Over is up three home runs -- and runners on base. So you say what does this what does this team need right now company's success against right handed pitching definitely there what ten and after last night ten and twenty. Ten and twenty against Fridays this year what you faced two thirds of the time that's incredible. And -- a script together four runs last night. So what does this team -- hitting against writings C Stephen Drew CD and you'll mama. And they need some water hitting a run -- position not a dust -- pros. And I've seen no reports that he's on his way back up today. So I got to be this afternoon for Toronto but I'd say within a week he will be here and they'll be some sort of resolution when it comes to Grady Sizemore you can't keep playing. The way they're playing a score runs the way -- score runs against righty and not make some sort of changing give knob and opportunity. Jack is -- ladies on 937 WEEI Jack. I do and -- -- subject. First thing in my I don't know what you could you guys -- well I'm -- public call -- an issue. And our -- -- Obama didn't get a little so we could not restore our own pay always there are still around Jack. We we got to start we're gonna take that little -- let's go. -- -- -- -- -- you better start in about. They would rather have supple lockyer the present an open is that he's not doing great work in an -- -- -- gets flushed that acceptable to 627. I mean I'm god I was so glad that they get rid itself and restore our right in my -- and yet we needed a change of scenery. -- you know you're part about a spark COLT since he'd be your Lackey. I mean Christine. -- consistency within hearing -- just you know we -- undergo a bad banners there you know -- evident during. And they say they don't have a maybe it could be right -- just suck. And that you know PV six -- are -- gonna get from -- anger blocks. And -- -- night before and there is what you don't want and in this letter went the other -- -- Yeah -- -- -- point and it's too bad they hit one board game. I mean nickel on no current cycle pitchers. Not a -- -- -- consistent right now object there's no question about it -- there is consistent guys Lester I -- your bag and a -- -- Jack but Lester and Lackey. You signed what they given you start by start -- says three bad starts that have ballooned ready RA buddies. Government and particularly witnessing your lately and lately Doug you're seeing it I don't our economy. And the other thing that we got like three -- four guys around -- -- -- -- line hit 200. I mean despite that game and we watched the bigger train hit it in the other practically every -- at the top of the product come up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- great. And anyway I felt like the last Philip the last two nights. Toronto was just. Waiting for Boston to take -- gamely bolt writes there and they just figuring it out. But every sector are all being that spare. And you know and in the embryonic oh he's a great job I guess -- -- -- -- Oh boy like you said the other question. -- has. Which is named Bart Bradley -- that you don't have Barton. I mean -- -- -- want to not clinic and sure there is no excuse and -- in the meanwhile it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And he can't let out of -- well mannered person -- and the -- then that you know what I'm not a game that an excuse. That's straight jacket in -- there's no defending John Ferrell the last couple of days unity -- and he defended himself yesterday at some point that they'll play some of his conversation with dale -- but they didn't ask -- compared to Friday night which -- Very defend that we talked about the ross' -- the other night and I told you -- L I probably wouldn't have done it but I again. The sixth inning to back up catcher face a right. It was not strain of that well at all -- get that you're down three in the sixth he doesn't feel good is trying to get you know a positive out. Maybe and cut the lead to one going into the seventh I get that the eighth inning I don't. And we talked about scratching clawing and everything else. Meeting say it will then what happened Friday in a one nothing game against yours that name came up. But he did defend the other -- last night and a two nights ago and I just. You can't do it after what you saw on Friday you just can't -- you can't chase bunting. That's -- I felt -- did in that game on Tuesday. 6177797937. -- -- and -- -- text this on the AT&T text line 379837. The final addition. Under what -- show we have like Jackie and while we'll join us at noon. On gonna play back some of our Chicago okay incidents. Also in the 12 o'clock -- Kevin Millar will join us at 130. All of our favorite Pierre McGuire on the offseason for the Bruins and the NHL playoffs. He'll join us next here on Sports Radio WE yeah. You have no idea how much are being on shows. Strong words must -- what happened. -- you guys any kind thanks very much for having me. Archive here -- NBC sports network. So -- shells. The turbulence may have -- -- he's been a big picture of our show last couple years I don't know how it came together officially but. -- Joey credit for track now here the first time but it became a picture this program and even -- over Fenway Park. Last summer we seem -- this year I didn't know. Does look a lot like -- that's like to show off the air much Lou hurry though. Hello hello there Pierre. They what I'm a citizen and I asked you not to repeat this to my friends in Montreal Tony merit narrow. I wish Kerry price for healthy Pierre I wish she were healthy which we had a competitive series but I fear that. It's going to be a quick four or five game series with the Rangers advancing. -- the Stanley Cup final the injury to price DC anyway around that beginning with game three. The only way is at Montreal -- Jean -- and wind is in the comfortable manner I don't -- going to be able to do that. One of the things that might -- commit to what are conditions I know that sounds strange -- because he played indoors but. It's really wet here in Manhattan in new York and it's extremely Internet and remember Madison Square Garden late surge was on the pit -- our -- let humidity built up and -- the people come out of the building. Cheney is in need -- fast track if they're gonna compete with the Rangers arranging debt on our short track too because they're a little bit bigger especially and the French. But for Montreal and you're out struck in the top five and so this could be a real pictures. Gel with my appear to have up to sit here and say you know what's the difference what the Rangers doing differently the Bruins couldn't wise as Montreal team looked differently. But we all know when you lose a goaltender like Carey Price and that confidence. -- looks like a different team in front of him is as simple as that Carey Price are you seeing different things. While it's Carey Price Carey Price is a big part of it and he gives us team a lot of confidence and automobile. He's not there they know what they have to play letter perfect they know what they can't make any mistakes especially off transition -- -- the Rangers were fasting. And cycle defense because of the way the Rangers have really dominated -- played the first -- inch. So they know they don't have any broke her and they had more we're a little bit -- Jerry. And the European a cup I'm warm -- up pretty equal Rangers government I'm doormat and no problem no -- -- I'm doing -- with the Rangers. Appear -- does that the first game and as I continue much of the second game as well -- the Rangers do a nice job of taking. Out of what he wants to do have you noticed what they are doing specifically with him try to knock him off what is normal game planets. They're -- -- play more defense rather not actually review that's why I said they're dominating and it's a great point by you blow it -- dominating cycle play. And the air force some better played only six minutes and game more on the force and the rebel attack. The -- for whatever reason -- good -- into their series where they were just trading chances than they really weren't dominating cycle flex. And that kind of plays into all the strength the PK -- that attack rather than defending. And saw that was a bit of an issue and I I watched this period up on the first two games and it's a lot different the most -- -- the postures. Golf market arranged call me look at that Western Conference last night decade in the kings come and have slid out of nowhere still like Chicago but. Did you look at the Rangers -- cannot put them in their right now is are better matchup for. But one thing about the Rangers is they've got this thing going about scrambling now immunity -- that they didn't have before and obviously a lot of that's -- -- the passing at least mother they also have a great equalizer 10 o'clock west. And ever since electric -- and amazingly piled -- up -- the Rangers and obviously routine screening getting into a gold medal game. With a way undervalued -- now that Russia should have a lot more star power than me that it did all the because of injury. And once it's got on the gold medal in an. I think the biggest bank for the Rangers just get through this series and let the other guys each other up now you know you're bought at least five games I see you're probably bought six and radio seven -- the Rangers and get out your sisters early that's going to be really good as you can just. I think the -- and -- Chicago opened got a chance to get very currently are starting Austrian. Or I can't -- game three Saturday out of Saturday night excuse me obviously game three tonight Montreal. And the Rangers -- -- appear -- these -- Sears are going on the Bruins who began. They're offseason -- it starts that losing their assistant GM Jim Benning officially be in the GM in Vancouver your thoughts on that hiring for Vancouver and I -- we asked about this before it happened but do you feel like now betting is there. Does that open the door for potential trade talks were Adler is back -- ball that was reportedly in negotiation at the trading deadline not a betting is in a I spot there Vancouver he might know what he likes here in the Boston organization may actually help a trade between of the Bruins in the connects. Personally I think the -- straight month I think -- -- appropriate -- most Trevor -- really well he's definitely paid his dues each other up. Couldn't interview for jobs certainly gonna get him by. This is a nice payoff for camp. And he called back to a place you really familiar -- so I think this is an amazing opportunity. There are incorrect guide the tanker trucks desperately need players. And if you look at some of the addition -- body screening Peter surely Jim -- Cam -- -- grown. You look at -- recruit to look at Kevin Miller. That you too can call sort of urge you -- -- down the line and look at some players that have been added to the current and very eyes and other on the comes to mind. It to the peanut or high profile players became very important players I think that speaks volumes to what Jimmy can do what -- -- -- has yet to call. But I think he's gonna be a tremendous job for the -- who were actually I'm really happy for him because it's what you work for. What -- gunplay and -- done coaching waters go in the game outside in the media this way you'll torture stronger and cultural. -- -- -- wandering the opposite that maybe if this kind of shuts down the trade maybe because the John to order Ellis situation you know there's room as the players want to get out and admitting that maybe it's tough to play with this guy maybe now he's gone. If they do wanna stick around we see that. Good bet that very there's merit to that what you're saying Lou there really has -- it's one thing. And Jim -- all right normal a lot of people around the league all of their career tracks do not have a a roster full of data or. All one of those countries around the -- because he's going to -- -- It's a different things and it certainly do -- renewed hope to -- Bank does not just cosmetic such hope that they got abused -- the left arm. Immediately at -- three players are complex and Claire Trevor actually gonna have to do that that's some major major -- -- out there Ingles. But still let's talk with a heavy building here Alice they have rebuilding I think it's more of potential reconfiguration. Your boss and it's hard to drove again appear you to talk to him during the year. And you said he was enjoying his time here and the reason it's settled in I had been a better player in Boston and it wasn't Pittsburg he bowed his whole family here and like the city. Have you had any conversations -- so far in the in the short offseason and do you think they'll be any hiccup in the Bruins trying to resign him to a low salary number -- -- its veteran contract like he signed last year. -- -- all. After her for introduction straight. Or are to appear on hold GO -- -- he's answer very important question because he talked about. The important question the Bruins have just offseason to were three of them. It might not be number one number one might be again again experienced veteran defenseman. Number two was got to be what do you do withdrawn again. Is draw McGee in the willing to accept the Dili to plaster which -- dollars in the books but. Potential for bonus money in the back in the could bump -- up the following year that's what -- accepted this season yet read it. Goodyear first flight five goals in the post season. Talk about one back he's not -- thirty year five goals in the post season he was a guy you could count on in the post season. And the regular season so woody except a similar deal PR your phone cut out these damn cellphones these days you can react to that question for. I sure can't walk -- talk to draw almost right before in other. And I thought you nuclear grade -- on the end and bought some experience it is teenage group in Jordan claimed it died due to create cheer me on -- -- -- or. Number two group. Think you can give -- a good deal and I think -- probably want to sign the bill he'd been a really good job and again them -- -- marketplace for him I have to think -- -- -- box and I don't rich culture potential. You know the other guy to show up -- lot of people were talking about him moving on and those rumors of Calgary searching for that type of leadership. A look at there's a fourth line guys no doubt he has a -- regular season we don't know what he's all about. I'd like to see them bring this guy back below teams look at him as an important piece. -- experience wise leadership wise it and maybe pay more in a Bruins are comfortable with. Well I think it can -- ordered but because of Brian -- from the track control almost revealed something up there aren't. And all gone really well -- you. It doesn't hurt like top 4811. And inserted in the water. He became extremely important. -- -- Appealing to our -- up for every interest at an outlook previous relationship for the level trump. -- management course we know whose actual value to the organization especially I think all our side of the pet shop net laser -- favorite ball. I would caution there. He got a tremendous career. Truly bought an hour is cut your bald spot even -- from Ontario in April lot of other tools. He's a boxing guy is a possibility that he should be remembered. And I will just all he wouldn't do that is -- short term deal at all to get more than another -- a lot apply. I would hate to see him leave and not be remembered as a bosh and brokers such. Here's -- era -- on this Anderson if you don't wanna answer but there's report out of Pittsburgh the last twelve hours that the Pittsburgh Penguins want to interview you. For their vacant GM job I joked about this last time we talk that this apparently now is. Out real news in the NHL -- Pittsburg calls would you be interested in becoming. -- general manager or general manager in the NHL. Let's slow the greatest times of the year because -- got. And probable hockey going on we're in the content articles in the usually almost start that you've got amazing that -- potential candidate trawl these different jobs so everybody starts to talk about it. And it makes for great drama and all sorts of hockey and it's just create more intensity around our world. And then you've got people actually get hired. And real good iron actually betting -- -- prior -- -- -- Carolina not larger goal so that -- will -- every year. Everybody's talking about different aims and different people everything else I think they're ready for game -- tonight. -- -- -- Well say this you've been great to our show. As you know this is our last show and and -- -- moderates such coverage and and now we starting with a couple of different guys sit and I hope it is a relationship that we can continue Pierre and I think you'd be outstanding to have the general manager of the Pittsburgh Penguins on once twice a week. They just kind of just get a feel the organization I think it be great. We're not covering -- relation I haven't -- you guys are true litmus. Jolt of unbelievable professional lot of lyrics -- you are not going to be. People. I watched -- Fenway Park where you'll be working -- people -- what your portrait yeah. -- -- I think this is that a black strips guys and I had to come here. I just -- -- fans and boxer that is look there are a lot of time and I loved board games -- a -- during games there. And I look forward maintaining this relationship over time. We talk about the rest of the post near the west -- have fun out there tonight we will will see at Fenway Park. I'm remembering a lot on -- might expect to guard every time here at their -- -- -- will be watching tonight thank you. Very particular about marred by a greater relations. Go that is up here McGwire article are the eighteenth you know like god. But what they ought to do they would -- peer to go have fun out there and I'm a major ethnic that in their Indians that would tells every player. Is pregame interview go have fun that you gimmick yes -- peer to go have fun out there not knocking angle Pete. -- Pierre gave Joel smooch Jesus -- she's me shouldn't. The original order came in in in that the boards they convey the data or does it all the time -- believe in the sport but the problem I do he doesn't doesn't matter where he does. 6177797937. Phone number. To stop what this could -- here's why do we come back and never say stop -- we never. We've got some pretty significant female called the show have and we at some point gonna get one of our favorites. What's he sounds like what you call them hopeful we'll do that next to -- -- That later in the show ever do that that is doing now what's the bell crushes on our female like -- -- -- -- at -- may I certainly some good female -- Russians. Enjoyed -- -- in the females in this building up the difference but I -- over the phone via radio. -- get an actual females who -- every person it's got to get personal. And I don't. We'll get personal you'll get female next portrait -- ya. Love. -- that I get to them is going on peddlers in Providence I haven't hey guys and has that much so excited -- golf and hands and then feel like damn thing I didn't -- -- ActiveX female old Floyd you -- it's the all female sex -- Shell. -- I was a little blond female writing it we had to let her out the ladies who really -- calling into -- -- emotionally and I have not been more excited about anything in my right at this moment I. -- really -- Rick really ignite some. Come -- supporting me. Thanks I'll look like you know I think how -- was that upon. She said -- penalized gas what -- -- if they want penis size. Yep the Levys just can't get enough of -- Maloney and those who don't beat because they love you do -- what's really -- boyfriend. But -- said -- looks -- Badges and so I haven't been penetrated in the year. I think you know we -- -- -- that if you look forward to -- let's say we'll never forget -- troubles that -- -- forget Heather from Providence. I would have argues that little bit surprised had a problem it's not called last week so I'm a little hurt. That we get them from or some for you today a couple of us again one of the biggest Bruins fans. Season -- able Providence Bruins we always loved our listeners -- to know what's most ever seen Heather from Providence. But you know she's like supermodel left at this point right when she calls it because her voice in order to voice everyone's like this girl's gotta be I know I do have promised -- assault three voice is that we would say and so people that creeps any listeners that are out there. Send in messages that review Walt run Heather every time she calls also at this text to that we printed out -- just recently as much. As a female listener I have enjoyed everything about your presence and -- I know it underneath that often sophomore attitude. Lies true gentlemen. You're the reason I continue to listen. As between you and we'll have felt that was getting a great deal real sports knowledge and passion. Good luck she says she's looking and a vagina is a place where child comes from under breasts are for feeding you need to snapper hole mine sent back to what -- -- -- has full potential -- Little bag that text -- -- -- ME -- to elicit -- Israelis that service the ladies here a tentative Heather was great gift you always go back some great moments. We're doing today yeah go back about a year ago I believe it was during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. And there are some people that would nervous. But Megan from the -- You remember all -- and bought from the good hey I had not thought about meg from the cape until he just said that. You member that's yeah -- but do you remember what you and I liked the looks back and forth during this phone call. Like hands -- in the air could not believe that -- her goal. She -- like I don't know always use people sinister -- crack -- zone and not too much coffee but mega from the cape. Remember this phone call from -- girl megs down McCain talking to give -- -- Islamic. -- how are you guys good magnolia meg. Good thing I I actually used to live in -- that I feel like now that and that the city really -- getting here. You're still though I really appreciate you guys -- seen that get me get me out. Diana but talking you even if I'm not an option I would I dropped yeah -- so maybe what that. Talk yourself then if you're not talking to us that you just. -- -- -- -- -- their people but I know and I actually driving a Jeep wranglers Beck and I used to. The chocolate is Docomo and Tony -- the current time is on you're saying that I found on -- afternoon -- -- your -- -- our -- Many paint and and that they spend that many are down this funny and I left the pro and con. Monica it was like 1015. Around there for about twelve minutes and it was the right after I sell that gas and actually sharing my -- my nice new picture of these but it's a real real syndicate. Pretty day and I -- literate and making out swear that I -- kind of pumped to be a weird Turk and allocate let -- -- only capture. -- talking and acting -- for no reason other than each. You know I'm entered the I was telling him. That I a sudden he allowed came out of that McCain sounding bad. Per year helping them and I lived -- that distinction that you know it's 4 o'clock that afternoon lynch. Our brand -- child at a place leases. Yeah I thought we go there. I was still -- window and after that series gluten brought a disposable camera a little higher. Hire and all that first period and played them on fire and I had never seen much. It would just it would like it yeah how quickly. That would go -- and I remember walking out of there and the only thing that kind of got a -- -- that was. -- little topic oh my god I'm gonna have to act okay it's apple -- letter saying that you got. I think I'm not checking account that the economic and I used to love to Kenny Thomas -- potential I had -- both are certain -- have again. I love Anne -- the explorer. Things are getting a little leery because that really funny I don't want those what's in your I think -- good -- commercial. -- and a little off site haven't we had a very little late and I was so much Hillary Clinton kinda. Note on you -- -- you can pick up on social networking because all the sudden it's like their first time just to speak at. We have I'd go -- when it at a -- yup. So you think that the FaceBook posting there at the end turn people off. I did I do think he had the second thank you forget why you're cloaking and that's why hockey so great I get. So disappointed in him and I think. And violate meg I don't think you know in this one you're not -- it will -- our music. Your minutes and 33 seconds and you know great about -- 233 folks I think we got a text we were just Joker it was that serious and we got a text attic from her brother saying yes that is my sister. And she know her -- are -- doesn't -- -- yes -- it -- call back I think the next day yes and apologized this issue was nervous but that was. Two through 33 it we just look at you tell the -- time -- equipment we we kind of talked over and no surprise. It would you always apt to do was placed on. Sound -- over the poor girl well as a nice guys pictures basically ruining your radio show and that's crazy is just let it go and go so there's little -- -- -- a little nugget of of real inside radio tea will do more that's when it comes the Chicago -- story. One of the criticisms I would get marked for former program director Jason wolf would be -- let callers who want to. And I think it was eighth and still do quite frankly. It's a faction of working weekends of factional work in New Hampshire repeat got a call in New Hampshire holy crap keep that calls Hologic hand. It's -- listen to that and I'm with you Joseph waited ten different times during that call where now in 2014. A cut that call short. I let meg I want not let it cut her short that what -- beautiful yes it was it's it's nostalgic to think back on it now. We talked for 233. Thirty foot -- didn't take a -- the caller she didn't take a breath that's a bad job by me. Love I make it was at the bad job I can tell that it was early in the the he should have been cut off which it happened but she is great -- you call back to part of our show we appreciate mega all the females that a lot of lot of Rodham. -- women we won't show female friendly show yeah. Your wife would call the show my wife would call the show but one of the clashes women can say that. Mean I don't -- I don't know what we -- about wives -- -- -- -- Robert -- you know -- like this crazy he called my wife crazy but that's why -- -- color -- but as far as people that call our show regularly -- Timberlake was better than Michael Jackson -- That's a crazy thought. What can we say that one of the class used. The most respected female caller guess that we then. To never next -- moment.

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