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Mut and Merloni, Final Show: 10AM hour, 5-22-14

May 22, 2014|

The entire first hour of the last Mut and Merloni Show.

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And kudos. We're gonna look at. -- reserves. What you with this that was. We bother in the front to -- -- -- you're exactly right next. But it's fixed you wagon -- a couple of shots. But the station -- if I could see that the whole lot. The station wagon and your spun back a proposal stage like I always thought back right but you ruined it basically is a reflection of yourself of course we have. -- suburban opener that yet. No big traffic back picnic on that Alitalia this summer and the -- -- done. -- -- -- It. 61777. I don't -- deputy detected a month and not on the eighteenth I guess my 37 night present on Twitter why I connect ash asked her why questions did today. Except the qualifier off our. It's. -- Join money in Maloney for their final broadcast and number 120 -- he went man straining. Use a product that's right for you and your menstrual flow. I -- -- -- -- -- irritate and develop on the Internet -- -- a day for president. -- -- -- Think you down a lot I'll kick your ass -- -- no problem doing okay William crappy thing here. But I I love it built up by. Modern Maloney the final show today -- only on WEEI. Here's a -- channel seven you're the spreading now WEEI WEEI dot com click buckled shelves. To the tune of five runs four of those were earned in just four and two thirds Red Sox lost their sixth in a row 64. Blue jays at Fenway Park golf now I think 63 QE RA on the season. He takes the loss through Hutchinson of Toronto gets the win for the blue jays Sander Bogart's. Had three hits in the lawsuit now batting 394. Over the last week take that John from the -- afternoon baseball for Fenway today Sox try to salvage a game. In this three game set Jon Lester opposing fast working Mark -- Pregame begins at 320 right here on the Shaw's and star markets WE ER Red Sox radio network John Ferrell said yesterday. There are ongoing discussions on how to improve the outfield the latest right now for you at WEEI dot com the Suffolk County DA's office Wednesday asking for help. From that few artists who -- former patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez said they might have information. They can help them in the investigation into the 2012 double murder in Boston that is one of the Hernandez is now under suspicion for the running now. Brought you by assembly -- The out with an assembly -- kick off grand opening season may thirtieth with a sneak -- On Memorial Day weekend check out the brand new outlook jobs for only seven minutes from Boston assembly -- dot com the opening bell report. He's brought -- you from the floor of the Armstrong advisory group at this hour the Dow is down just five points the NASDAQ is up just two points the S&P 500. We'll says here -- point 39 points weather today mostly sunny high into the sixties that's trending now WEEI WEEI dot com. This disease that WE. Five Sports. Radio network where it. -- -- Health system and. What's what's getting you know what went Glenn let you know. Do you have a Odierno claimed to be good but what does that mean gang bang. I'm here for the game. What does that -- I think that it. Out of any gang back. At Novo. Rabbit it was important. That. She's looking at her vagina is a place where child comes from under breasts are for feeding you need to snapper hole mine sent back to what -- China's full potential is. Some early -- activated -- Butler 97 WEEI I'm really not. Or -- and -- -- good spotlight Florio what day of the she's got a mug shots of the -- let's think about sailors. Astrology also I don't apologize audio discussion and I apologize for anything just -- about. That interest that's. And little or -- Q did you ever play again didn't he was manager in Asia. No not not -- opinion they are Asian guys Japan but look different -- I'll take all challengers to get off the year there noon I'll take you down show up. I'll kick your ass like -- no problem doing it use a product that's right for you when your menstrual flow. A camp on cubic can irritate and develop -- this -- -- have -- One of those days boys Bob and Lou for the final it's always there was 937 WEEI. -- to get too high and so or the for a second Mike is there like -- This to a few. It's not -- We got to all the way till 2 o'clock as no surprise we have. Want to guess on a month alone -- be -- -- -- Mac will join us. That is is our final show we will look back at some of what I would call the signature moment. In the history of the show they announced the couple weeks ago the show would change its time slot would change and you. And Jim -- Christian Fauria -- and that's beaten we'll start on Tuesday I am. Even though it's out of liken it felt like reading many hands column today I was dying yet. It's like dressed up with -- funeral today I had the black -- everything -- listens to read the article through I'm sticking around the station I'm -- -- be work enough on the Red Sox pregame in game and post game which means Red -- review will be -- -- out of -- at 910 to twelve so ten to midnight to get out of Comcast of people -- the -- -- the guys again out of the bars that's my ignited by new people talked to guys right now that are. Go to work. We -- and -- two guys and gals leaving the ball or it's a while though we get up early drinker here -- that -- 40 absolutely. It does happen occasionally I'll be filling in I was forceful today by a couple that for sure. On the -- there are asking me to -- for them that's it will let me get through some of our time here fellas what seemingly don't wanna go from six to midnight and then quick -- that. 430 I think there are some executives wanted to do that and it dead at the big people happy but I'm but it like I want -- I'm looking for -- Fenway this afternoon gonna meet with -- and gave. Talk about minor -- the Red Sox broadcasts and as part of that it's our final official showed together they would do in the show for. It's not quite a thousand shows did you send an email is like 250 shows a year -- over three years it's like it's three years -- about a -- shows started. It's it's over 3000 hours of time I've spent with the the last 34 which a lot of times that's a ton of time and a lot of -- with one purse the only we a month it is it's it's obviously the last last day and you'll -- on to a threat such coverage and will notion new show what you mentioned Jim Benson Christian forward Julian starting on Tuesday -- Three years. That we both walked into this thing kind of like nearly went -- it would which we -- Aren't it's just that's just talk -- through this thing and a lot of people out there in the special this week we appreciate you know that loved the show when and and we help you get through some days and we appreciate that's what we -- for. Unfortunately sometimes you know it's it is it's about ratings right and it's been a tough go for a couple of years and when you lose anything in Philippines growing area changes are made -- said. Stick with me for some reason obviously you're going to be moving on the Red Sox though we appreciate it -- and we had a lot of fun but we had a wants a law. I understand. And in my skin they think we're both gonna Joseph -- -- -- fun -- in my skin on a daily basis but. It's it's the scoreboard business that they have a right to. The make changes that I I hired -- this and I agree I full faith that. And I haven't heard as much of -- quite frankly but I know what you would Christian network football you guys. It's going to be good show I'll be listening Tuesday Cunningham I'll be locked and ready to go matches. That's the nature of the business when things our goal you move pieces around and and I get probe stay with the station -- work -- Joseph and Dave. I'm looking forward to you know in in the three years of work together rotated through things that stand out and -- this will be the sappy I get up working -- -- two things I didn't know about them before the shall start of the known now. One is that generosity. Is there will. If there was never a -- electrical unless we forced it. Never let us pay for me on the road or a lot of road trips Super Bowl World Series. Orlando. Orlando couple months ago there. There really forty dialogue and update you lost your jacket we were no Lenovo couple days -- it. Lou never let Joey and I pay for a meal and it's how we got -- year he picked it up he never asked for money afterwards. But it went beyond that easy in fact I forgot six. The work you when your wife do for him to grow I mean I'm for the a lot of time to put in here you not a time reported Comcast the -- you put it on the Red Sox radio network. On and oh by the way. Your you when your wife for heavily involved -- room to grow and other charity events around here and I adding know that. Before working with view. I dreading Jenner you were with York reverend league dollars when it came that hanging out and when it came to your earlier in charitable endeavors pulled you would you like -- commend them. Then again and -- how -- -- hard worker who was people don't understand and they are the people on the message sports people it exports. You're allowed -- your opinion that's fine. What you don't know is how hard this job. That is actual work. You don't show up and just do four hours of a show itself that's it you go home and get the next day drive to work you do the show. There is a lot of Rican man hours put into this not only watching other games put all everything that goes into doing before our show. You played baseball urge on the big show urge on the station urge all watch on TV. But I know you're that part of a worker and what I found out pretty quickly and what I hope other people in the business -- -- other athletes they're trying to do this this is a job. And you're treated as much. And you did that from opening date -- to a final three outs here today through now at 2 o'clock those that threw things I would say I didn't know about you before the show started. And I know because of -- but the work ethic thing. The show is in good hands to view and Joey Christian -- going. Well I'll say this I'm in that we we've got to get it together you know we you know you don't -- And we we started off not really knowing were -- and here -- shows our first first time. It really got to know each other at all we talked -- pre trip that when shall you Bradford knows about it and laugh that's trying to figure out how to do this thing. You know -- it was a struggle Europe -- -- you'd better. Even -- The ratings didn't show it. Don't agree that's why I have no problem I figured I had so much to the nights in the in the broadcast and and the opinions in the conversations back and forth and Indian part of that pre and post I think that's up and it's -- that an area that. -- -- The levee improvement and quite frankly I'm biased because that worked the you know and all hard you work and how much you care about so that's. That's all early matters and in a U turn you have fun -- that -- it. We've tried to have fun. We try to have a good time and there's been a lot of great moments you know but I've. Fully confident that whatever it is and -- such coverage -- an awful lot through and argue work out looking for two text -- suggest and we read all the -- we yet on the ATP -- one of these you know about Lou. Use -- face -- in college. That -- celts put a name to a book that might be true. Did you paint faces a Providence -- houses still tells us still pissed. Because -- as I like the idea thanks -- in the last day of the show sentiment let's go yet. Yeah so so -- Kelly was an animated individual and sometimes the temper would overflow little -- the of the Irish temper was out there. The red faces at times when he got out he would kick. The -- -- with his cleats. So one year we look Christmas parties and housing -- news a veteran -- got a month amid low ball politically to I don't think he appreciated that ever since gives retract. So they go. It's not my phone GO. Another -- -- it's never been my phone really it's really not yours is your iPad over there -- your -- is that they probably that was about Sonia Sonia. The -- -- teller a note Tim bends -- doesn't know technology not a real strength of his computers phones. Or Michael -- -- everything when he was here back in the day. The setup is -- it when -- -- -- listing -- I'll I don't know turn off our cell phones. First go around. That we do it so over the course of the show today they are gonna be some signature moment you're gonna hear okay and -- and again be the times of these because. People are asking what are we gonna play wanting to play all right I will tell you at 11 o'clock. We will reset some of our conversation with the super brown. Who is the most embarrassing BB WAA voter in the history of voters that's as an interview that got national attention. Because the -- brown had some awful voting. I believe was the one of the wants to do not include John -- In a manager of the year voting super brown nice enough lady sounds like came all of us and try to explain -- votes. Or have a replay while reset the super brown and -- -- them. About 1220. That's our. I didn't feel we're gonna go back and elect today but it beautifully and get her with -- and -- -- -- on the pregame -- Clubhouse insider with a -- brown would -- special make directly -- got you got ever wrought. This goes must listen you gotta go Soka -- break out of all elites. Also the payroll was my. I resent. You'll hear it at summer ecstatic conversation with a super -- 11 o'clock. And maybe the moment that stands out to be the most the last three plus years is our interaction with the Chicago radio the score. -- Chicago. Matt Spiegel. Aloha that clown I -- -- follow radio care. And realize from that how close we were for not being on the air anymore Seattle denial over it that's up a story it has never been told -- -- be for a few days. The high level copper calls the -- -- -- on and the words that were used. It began with. If it in anyway occasion like the dictatorship. You'll hear the inside story of our Chicago KK incident why blame somebody if I -- purity more quite frankly. And you'll get that that's going to be along part of the -- with a product well when you're so. After doctor -- -- -- and you wanna call it talk about the show you can still be a call to talk to lieutenant to talk to me drunk or sober after Red Sox game to a talk about the show. I'll take those call in addition everything -- 61777979837. Is your phone number the ATP excellent. Is 379371. Tweeter three -- well apple rumor -- -- mutt and UT. W week yeah. We started the show on march of 2011. It is now three years and two months later. I can say with 100% certainty. In those 12243638. Months. We still don't know what -- -- things -- we still not figured out what the hell clay buckle the going to be for the Boston -- maybe we do. Right may may be mrs. It's kind of been who we've been this whole time right I mean it was from the from the no -- second outing to. Having to go down a AAA and they wanna change an onslaught to come up and be lost and and to be dominant and be lost and would be dominant in the and. Missed two weeks missed three months from it may -- we do. Know exactly -- its. Right just inconsistent you don't know that's it's coached at that's part of the problem like British Open bench Eric and John Farrell won the Davis issues. And you look at this guy. I mean we've seen this before from clay. Read I don't even know if if they know what to expect when to expect its -- -- will stick with some as long as he's healthy. And hopefully it'll turn. You can go back couple years ago we saw exactly this matter of fact two years ago Rio whose first nine starts he was worse. It was the absolute worst -- seems impostor who is no question he was worse. Right now we sit -- rule let's get a 632 we area 74. ERA. In nine starts. OPS of 954. In nine starts. This year 892. Up eleven home runs in nine starts this year seven. It twice ever watched points ever strikeouts to doesn't talk this year 1635 it. It's he's better this year than it was two years ago he's come back to back you go let it go now -- comeback from a shoulder can't let it go or some that. That's it it's tough. How do you evaluate him you just rolled it well right try to figured out hopefully you'll pipe evaluated guy says he's not hurt but in. As it gets started at the Minnesota Twins last week. Did not shortchange a business -- last finally -- twelve and his ninety pictures. How am I supposed to evaluate that. That's his best pitch you're gonna record -- -- -- Bugs Bunny changeup and it's -- I'll -- he's as good as Pedro changer but its best but it's as good as. Any other changeup in baseball and pitching in his past. He's thrown twelve -- those into starts Lou how the hell do you wait for that how can a guy that good. Only throat well changeup -- starts. That's -- that that doesn't make any sense to me now. This goes back to the pitching part of this I. What does it mean it can of the injury related if he's not throw a changeup is there an injury a pitcher would have. That would stop him from going -- it -- I don't August that I. I have seen pitchers before you know sometimes you lose power it was velocity and he'll spin the ball as well you -- all the -- of the curve ball whatever it is only a split. Just doesn't dive as much as it used to be his shoulders fatigued. But I I've never heard you know that would affect a changeup straight change its fastball changeup. You know I -- the arm speed is what it was nice to see 1993%. 94 Toronto. -- can't figure that pitch out. -- I've heard excuses or reasons why he can't spin the ball because you know gone straight to whatever the splits not died and and yelled you get older your arm angle changes egg drop down as you get older -- -- issues so everything has a different look. Noticed the curve ball looks more like a little slower than it did twelve to six but history change. President feel for all year long when nine starts and I don't know that's I -- that's the problem. With clarity it just never know now that start that I told you 2012. At that point after this tenth start. Because he would he would 29 starts that year it from that point -- reform won the 36 -- and and I don't see that was below because last thought you pick -- up like six runs into a part of next nineteen years sup three ERA. So does it just click for this guy will what does it take right now as a pitcher the confidence and all that much -- abort its optimal -- today to block sort of touch on this last week. In law arts or give us an idea of the competence might be an issue and I saw that again last night on the mound. He doesn't look confident and it will talk to Kevin about that today again in the 1 o'clock hour -- how do you instill confidence in the guy is. The guys this talented and with that just pure talent standpoint. The innings -- out. Thus help brought out but just losing talent. And the guy should be a lot better than he is right now. And you say just think he's gonna is gonna turn on I don't audio and confidence is gonna have the year he had 2000 the only son gonna. No the only thing you had and I don't think you have is that we guided edit that's the only thing you have. To try to figure out what is going on. And it happened right here it happened in front of everybody in happened. In front of the GM in front of his teammates. How bad he was two years ago and we are used now -- because you've seen it. If there's nothing else to do but stick with them if there's no injury but here's a guy last year that winning -- injuries are ready to be 100%. You know we civic gave her too much of that I don't wanna hear a 100% you just get back on the field if it's 9095. -- -- a 100%. So we've been very candid usually extremely honest with how he feels he says there's no injury. So you got to take him for a word but. It almost -- -- needed the strength isn't there you could see it but it does nothing you can do under the rule remote that it hoped that it turns because. They need him to a BP doesn't he pitches like this there's a plea deal is done for the year. He -- serious problems we've said this about other pitchers including -- buckled from the past you almost hope it's an injury. That's Olympic explanation you would have that would make any sense right now -- mechanics are off. Guide this go to. And it is big deal about buckle to the offseason treating it have a different approach. Well so -- not worked out and you hope that it's an injury but all buckle and Farrell are saying it's not. So what else go all -- -- 617779. 793 -- the phone number the eighteenth -- -- line is they're for all day at 37937. In addition helping it just buckled. You wanna talk about they've now lost six in a row. They have a chance to have one of their worst home starts in 20/20 five years if they get swept out today. Why mark orally and the Toronto Blue -- what are the others think other things this team is going to do you. What the next steps for this team besides trying to fix that buckles. We start it boggles the Red Sox your calls all day long 937 WEE. These women to. What's this product. -- and don't get married in two months of waiting and made sure to be heading to the cougars Saber toothed tigers and all sorts of -- -- -- -- -- broads she hears that quite a bit telling talk. 24/7 also on me and hopefully will be most other love Adam locally tomorrow. Think it's beautiful to him and get the mall to the wedding on Friday NASDAQ and make that happen though Mullen could take him otherwise boring day for -- and -- his. Leo just the thought of it makes a month very executive we'll moist so what's going on before the wedding thing you probably within like twelve hours of saying I do. Annual white prison prison she's dancing with another guy she hits you on the shoulder and -- an alleged that exciting why would you get -- get all this advice on the -- from -- Like to go and could. -- months get married this guy should run or at least he says he is known from the show will be there the witnesses how could anybody from -- stations go he doesn't. Think so many of these invitations anyway today however like -- for months getting married and it all happens tomorrow. Five they got an anniversary coming up. -- thank you. Butler -- 37 WEEI if you got married save this year yeah we Joey and I've been able to ago pops up. Do they might know what -- for a couple of months later I would have invited you guys who was it was like a month it was and you start the show in March which is a couple months. I a couple of months later. And all it was a really big summer wedding. That's with Soviet we all knew we -- little bit more. It was a mistake on my part not to what you guys the way. We didn't we do all of the oil on the air waited three over three years and finally get an analyst like Joey. Joseph wasn't there with a opening day and Joey came and afterwards I knew him even last Jimmy stimulus that is true my producer you're on the weekend a bunch. You would Bradford. But -- for the weekend you did that -- terrible show that was a great show we live -- is Jon Stewart the first what month and a half million Jimmy Stewart for the first week and a half. But although all the prep leading up to like the three weeks leading up to what we wanted to do. You just I I don't know I don't care. Good luck I am about -- take a look -- job across history -- against so much help leaders so much help to get off the ground around. Look at -- yet another gig and just really wasn't helping us get off. -- -- -- See guys looking back and I've added a couple extra seat to the table for four seats. Once you when your wife and Joey and what girl beating them better yeah because it done. Probably should have done our. Denorfia -- on Donny Marshall was there I know because -- along strike by Marsha got invited. Nobody talks about that when you go when he calls in Israeli UConn duke I don't know. Police. Were still married that's a positive and a kid that's a positive and an anniversary comes. Burn you guys we have our next winning UB OK perfect 617 cents or seven -- 79837. Your phone interview -- On the AT&T text -- 37937. I get some thoughts with the Red Sox can do next else wanna get your call throughout the course the show and is admiral island and joins -- and little high end. I. Why you -- and Harry and the final all out there and -- back. So yes he is an -- entity but the guys that at it that it -- back and I hope. Wasn't very -- that view is that Joey -- me I'm sorry about it would. That that it is that how I'm gonna slap him around wanted to sell uranium. Yet but I'm very happy about it. Adobe impact but I am very sad about you guys break it up I am so much. I know it's sad day like this they'll get -- your favorite baseball and nothing till dark and -- -- during the bill today Ford's pardon. -- -- Gotta be the thing. Yes I will be hell of -- all of to a new hosts we will still be. Talking baseball player anyway it. You'll yes as a matter of fact Christian Fauria tight -- patriots want suitable former knock her former. And Tim bends so he's gonna be our new host -- -- desperate for a few years. Oh but what our planet got to -- Hamlet yes yes we're gonna have all covered him. Likely kill the putt well I'll try to -- -- baseball the UN -- didn't do it added that. -- A group we missed we gonna lose their their in and out. Yeah and thank you thank you so much we know he had yet again and we call forged great one Richard Taylor I'll show on a better phone line that. Could really tell who will replace some of classic in the last couple weeks she -- the three we've only -- in the last ten days and now I'm aware she's. -- dance up in -- he's -- 937 WEEI had been. Are you ducked under and up first third call under and thank you for Rachel -- it is. When -- -- inferno everything I've learned from new boats bought and thank you not put me. I think you and you -- also. In the best of luck well gaga. Questions today and a lot on the show up this show and -- -- what should take on not been cherry instead of -- to bury. You'd think middle Brooks will return. -- that eventually -- direct talks. And even avoiding your question about the Clinton like sharing too important personal life but things change from some that it. I -- -- affect your call but I'll tell you Lou and I disagreed on what we heard that your that the what I heard was. We're not -- -- middle Brooks right now because his value sucks -- -- on Tripoli and hit and we need -- we need him but going forward. We were committed to Bogart's -- we are committed to will that -- that's what I heard today from venture lot of spirit that point that they are but you -- gone. That if I don't they also can be traded this year to help them out they would trade him down here at all if you are he's not right now pot I signature part of their play if he has to be included in a deal to do a -- you need -- -- got to do which he would do. Through -- club. He also talked a lot about depth and along season in them the better or more players you have the Betty Wal-Mart it's he will middle Brooke's going down Ambien AAA all year. Until they Needham. If he goes -- offensively figures it out. This journal missed all the campaign could come back in cricket Claude tweaking -- to record growing -- injuries you have when you try to come back too soon. And he could say you're in shape but baseball shape is different work all went along your spring training efforts which -- So some good happen there. I think you can keep woman looks around and I think he's gonna play of the -- you can still play third maybe the majority but will play third. He can play left I put him at first I DH Jim -- both these guys get their -- down a AAA and if you Needham. The medical what is right if drew goes down in a boulder to shorten middle Brooks at third and maybe it clicks it a month or two when I was with well. I think used to -- it would give up is more valuable this organization. That he is -- a -- alas. Some team demands that they get a minister -- -- up and you would say in a trade for Stanton or. For Mac camp a guy you've talked the last couple weeks. It's now at a point where. You drew is going to be here all year in the -- arrows or is their chance -- arrows ready next year and -- archer full on third baseman. Will little Brooks to me is no longer untouchable this organization all the -- tiger debt. But I area at the -- that to keep morale because depth is big. The B right now we know last year we talked about this if somebody went down he could call up mosaic leases. You know somebody went down you could call up another an -- that can help you out this year. Uniter not a interplay -- available to Tripoli in a Christian baskets in -- so it catcher in field. -- you've got a big league option. You know basket he's young we get an option come up and up you went. That's how you build depth that's how they won last year -- -- an option right now they want to wait make that next step without trading for a Satterfield aren't talked about Bonifacio and in others is. -- -- you guys -- really a blockbuster got settling on right now that I want here. I'm I'm ready leaned back -- a mob again in Daniel -- Pawtucket is not lightening it up piece overall batting Q 67. With the Tucker right now -- for thirteen 4780. -- PS overall -- against writings. That 2830. PS of 872. Three home runs twelve runs batted in ten walks at twelve strikeouts Robertson scored position. Over a thousand OP yes in almost when he at bats now -- not again not lighting it up but we have gotten to a point where they've got to be -- aside. Is it race is kinda called being a love up and ready to decide that Grady Sizemore. Great story but the 46 almost fifty games. Nowhere near. The production when he got him on a Major League roster we're gonna platoon in left field. We need somebody could produce right now Sizemore onto that I don't know to be today or tomorrow but they got to be getting close. The -- in the Grady Sizemore spirit the Major League level is no longer part of our plans well. Take it passed through to get. Banality and keep an eye on that now. That it's a quotes. So when you hear. John prosciutto -- what do got a missed a lot of time in his up they're facing good -- pitching in a regular basis been chairing that. May be just a matter of a little further time to adjust to that will see. We're optimistic about what he can do this his bench -- it was got clobbered Harrell. Ultimately he knows that we're trying to win games and at some point. Production matters. We're all working toward that. -- you know I would agree allies are on him. And whether it's -- situation Nava. You make that switch -- and solve this in -- field and we don't blockbuster only about Emilio Bonifacio Bosnia and Iraq the cubs yet and he said. It is really feel what they need any power well any force things you know if they want player right they could use. A lead off hitter blockbuster does that excuse center fielder he can play that they can use. Speed athletic system he can bring that through his bring power but he -- three other things that this team could use speed leadoff hitter center fielder. I think it's him I think it's a movement. Hopefully Theo Epstein at the given -- freaking creek Chris Carpenter for himself the wrong -- cannot get anything forum. This pro -- Foss your piece that you 61777979837. Is the number the AT&T tech like 37937. Right back here called we revisit a souped up brown BB WAA voter at 11 o'clock you run 93 point seven WE yeah. Since. -- my guess is plenty weird stories coming your way went you know get back with money goes. Face of the tweets that works. And John Dennis WEEI. The final month and -- 937 WEE IU what does that mean gang bang home court. That's it now I don't job that you're -- on the honeymoon and I did not know if they -- Like this if you would tweet on media honeymoon might be anything goes the rest of the way. Boy ranks in Gloucester is on 937 WEEI hi frank. Kimono mad at Bristol Bristol what they get across one a result of the -- trend basis. -- banana boat drool drool Boudreau -- recommended changes Salgado or even Joseph Coleman would you not. They -- a -- but -- -- the impact comparable twelve -- runs -- it. Not Beijing to dissipate in the prince told them not make all the blame. And I of their Obama's senate mod that -- going to go in the Mitchell objected to a -- great great great job unbelievable -- -- -- -- talked about. A portable she'll follow up what you all. And ticket would go to Obama because you -- -- -- -- -- apartment integrated. -- is not -- anywhere Joey futuristic middays of them FB -- to start next Tuesday at 10 o'clock. I suspected and that first Yankee game with the Yankees beat the Red Sox in a new -- doctor you. He will call -- I also suspect the first Red Sox kicking game with a Red Sox win. Frankel -- of course not that is what is going to happen it'll take -- call it the way. First place yankees -- for -- anyone Christian Drake has some thoughts of the Red Sox game last night -- had. All right Gerri Willis our personal horribly to you know they say thanks to combat aren't shell -- all of you lose and you move. Stat of the Manchester -- and -- -- -- a great job so we're gonna -- this year thanks but. That SARS thing is so absolutely -- way to locate our throats did little right doses. -- what we think he has now. Maybe not hit the my location and narrowly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Can be orange you know maybe I -- you can just -- doesn't ride. So move at all. Just Jimmy's keep up here are spot start very -- and just to see what they can do look at is how do we really want. But it gets the war. -- gonna say. You missed it you're gonna see it you know because first -- to Bronson a deal so. You're probably gonna see Brandon -- first. And then you gonna give him. -- a couple of starts. And he reevaluate everything you know see how he looks the reason given a chance to win it you keep in that rotation. Now maybe you wanna get look at Webster -- than maybe it's a Renato in a general ruby Della Rosa so mean they have. Tomorrow they haven't needed the tapping through this year. Then there and not think it's it's it's time minute they're forced and -- it's going to be time to see somebody. But I figured this -- to see somebody. Some most flowers and it still. -- -- -- -- You know poppy Harlow now until whenever -- our beaches up and running early most fat in there and sure we can. You know hold. I don't -- I'll. OK -- -- think the issue there announcer call but he can't play center field every game he just can't physically he still. Not there and that's understandable he's gonna place in left field to play a little bit of center but until they go on making a trade or make -- roster move. Jackie Bradley junior is going to be basically your every day Centre field I'm biscuits are left fields and the senate right now folks. Mean Jonny Gomes outside that rare home -- hit couple days ago he had Sizemore combined into twentysomething with six home runs. They're getting very little production overall from that position. Daniel Volvo is raking writing down their Tripoli. Over 800 OP yes. And he's the guy you bring back can you say all right Daniel Pakistan. -- an opportunity here in left field the question is does that mean with Sizemore except the demotion to triple play. We woody just outright release him I don't know what you're getting to that point the read the quote from ensuring -- They might not be there today may 22 but they're get there we got a lot novice production back in that lineup a group. Probably goes back through you know or peanuts and about well are you help me win and in if you look at -- -- degree continue to one of these guys swing the bat well object he gives a better chance to win playing center field. He's a platoon guy left field. You know if you gonna put -- you wanna be more power from the left side is gonna face already in right now for Oprah's last twentieth pick one for sixty no homestand. -- O'Grady was it's almost it's a point now fears. It is a good success stories spring training. You know we Douglas -- does -- mean much. Let's go back projected -- two years ago let's go to Grady Sizemore nothing with Grady is risk reward. He was not brought in here go to beat due to challenge Jackie during spring training. It turned out that way. Did they didn't expect that to happen. I believe he was brought here you know being down early in camp to give Jacqui April to give Jackie intimate. And hopefully by then they can just sort of weaned gradient the playing baseball again and by the end of Mayo in that area mid may. Miss it Jackie was struggling to agree sizable could be an option. Well that changed because physically he was able to deal. But now after a couple of months that's another tough for guys have played two years. How long do you stick on them. In a track record goes back six years ago in between that there was nothing. So how long do you stick -- you'd do now is the solution to say Grady Sizemore. I still think there's an issue -- -- -- still think bleak it could become an issue will see in -- bullpen in most look at another starter in this rotation is a few areas still to go. Just so we're clear we disagree on who they should call you said -- last couple days I am all in -- -- Webster I want a kid -- pitches well AAA. And works on what they tell the work on is successful I want that got again an opportunity Workman is too old to be a better picture at the Major League level you know that. Let's just got the three run better ERA right now -- get jail. Tsunami -- Al Webster this weekend you'd start work and I'd start Webster. I bring up not a pretty soon years well 61777979370. Is the phone number the final addition. Of the -- Maloney program your phone calls all day and -- back at somebody. It shouldn't be sad trombone day -- and assuming you take care of get our front -- missile firing here will be good day rule the call has been made well. Load that a levee breaks it'll be a very good day and we are looking at it this year calls all they were looking back it's eleven call on the signature moment. On the history of the three years of the shall start the first when we come back with your phone calls. -- brown as a BB WAA. Affirmed voter rights she is yes she verified member. Her voting was not good she came on the air and tried to defend her voting. I'd -- and it was -- I'd say did not go well for -- brown you'll hear that next yards Sports Radio that he week.

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