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Ben Cherington on the future of Bogaerts 5-22-14

May 22, 2014|

Red Sox GM Ben Cherington joined the show to discuss the future of Xander Bogaerts.

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The front office report has brought to buy a new home turf care to -- business solutions and the New Hampshire Motor Speedway joining us on the phone line is Red Sox. General manager then -- an event. We lots of questions and everyone has lots of questions -- is the first one -- is that on Sunday. I read in the Boston Herald -- -- was sure shortstop that you committed Zander and on Tuesday. Stephen Drew was signed what changed was it just a matter of middle -- breaking that finger. Well -- knows those part of it you know we were. We've been looking to add an infielder. Some kind. Really for awhile at that. Kinda goes to try to build as much. Talent and depth and it has many -- rosters can have gone back to the -- and training. We -- let the -- into an area that we or that someone to. Because as we all know that the seizures. Is the long war in Florida. So the chance or many thousands possibly got to have a limited mentally players on the rosters are also. We just didn't we've been looking at that area and it just so happened that these. -- obviously is treated. And enters flexibility allowed us. Consider other shortstop or third base option. And who will that hurt. You know Gary and our congress -- so like. It was important terrible sort of rosters without the way to do it it's. They really had nothing to do it. Editor of the fact that it's versatility allowed us to consider. You know multiple options. Was Zander. -- disappointment to you in the field. No he you know -- you know obviously doctors involved. Early and see that we we actually thought as he sent to stabilize over the last through weeks Eric -- a couple of errors. Couple hours ago. But he you know he used -- performing as expected again after. Transition period early. Look like you get more comparable. That that will get better news. Ares Serwer looks like. He turning into the offensive player that we we know we can be and we're just you know turn it in better explain that is definitely system. Adding that do you play shortstop or not we're trying to make it better. You know it. For young guy is how that is he has spartiate eager as a whole different shortstop. You know but it's sounding conversation. But you know. He's such. It's such a team guy that's unique individuals such huge part of our organization -- long term. That. After that you know national conversation. He just duties as. Though right and it showed up yesterday I was sitting in that department. And you know it's over really well. Then I mean I happen to think the book -- is going to be a third baseman for a long time soak it in that respect I applaud the move but. I'm going back with Scott Glover wrote on Sunday this is after the -- works injuries at this point is going to be on -- number of weeks. And drew was still out there that hadn't changed and you're you're quoted as saying we don't have any reasonable Levy can't play short. You've got to keep going in the right direction but he looks to me anyway. A little more comfortable up there and -- in the routine plays and that's all he needs to do so I guess again asking him what changed because the. And change the united I eight I would still I don't I -- we don't have any reasonably well short. We're turning in better yeah. We let it looked. All of -- options. I'm a lopsided in feel secure after wheel record. We did look at their -- possibilities. We just felt like it was the the right acquisition yeah. Yeah and all the information acquisition costs that are. So the fact is entering those intricate -- there. A lot of the pursuit if it didn't have anything to do it it's not leaving it short we're just trying to make it in Merrill. I don't I didn't read I don't remember exactly are clear to remember talking about this weekend you know. I remember talking about the manner are beaten him in and as a source that we don't leading -- short and certainly in better. -- -- maybe Scott too good ticket to a different level brick at his hero one thing they won't do Colin move -- thought sustainable goods and other positions though. Yeah I -- And may have inferred that that's not something -- I would I would never. I would never put -- put some quarterback saying you know it's one thing. To say. That. We believe any guy we do and it's another thing. Do the things necessary to make it better and work and we're trying to argue though. So let's say that drew plays plays well. But Gretchen was a third hitting like he's hitting right now is middle Brooks -- I mean where where does he fit long term with this organization. And I think you know again mrs. You know -- -- -- It's. Understandable. Why these questions are asked. It's probably not. Talk about it like this but. You know we just believe that. The the way to leave it at all it's so competitive. And so flat. And -- here so long at such a crime that the plumes could have. The most of the best available options. For every position. Is that our routine that had the best chance to be an intent. And sort order to give us the best chance to be more of those things. -- destroyer -- there's as much quality. Incident and -- Collecting gathered in mind it much harder and it will certainly. Can be a part of it and she's. Playing -- he's healthy and playing. To its ability. Than. Where. We're much better team with MR -- and the other guys and right now we just got to get healthy -- Hugh Laurie Arlen -- and it's going to be you'll be. Recovery that we need to take personal story -- When he self interest on the enter rehab assignment and well pure air that's -- Mickey is he's the guy who is what it is they're not any other big -- and do what you can do. At third base from a physical. Power. It -- criticism. Yes -- he knows that it -- performance hadn't been. What you opposite view and it won't be. Nobody attended an -- South -- Receptive except for the men and until that happens it's sort of a the -- -- religious -- it's our first. Then can you tell us what happened Jackie Bradley we look at -- minor league numbers and OBP 400 he had power. -- set at the other day city's loss to what does that mean what is what is his problem at the plate. I think Jack use. Deputy need guidance. Honest teachers accountable. It's always been a part of the winning -- or embarrassing -- reforms. And so. -- isn't abilities -- He's going through transition gone through some struggles the team doctors and -- That is saying yeah and you know it's it's I think it's refreshing honesty. I would be concerned the news hiding from the issues so the fact that he's not he's confronting the issue is peace. He's sitting at an -- and use it absolutely making adjustments Corcoran art behind the scenes. You know our track sourcing and our New -- The defense is so they're. I have an opposite tracker there it goes back. Totally kitten. Is all fit at whatever alone -- that. There and you know that in the very content in the big leagues but. You do as an organization able worry that you stress so BP and patience at the plate too much in guys get passive at the plate and lose their aggression. Well. We we certainly believe that over the long term over six proxies and that's where. Being collected and seeing pitches and make pitchers work. That in America or north -- somewhere. A purpose lineups that had. You know a little bit of an excellent mix of styles yeah that. I'm might really kind of humor that an immediate -- -- to build a more aggressive than any ambush that so. That's not a bad -- to have and you know we we suckers that you have that that's the result is a new look for the stroller. You know on the one hand there are sort of across the board. And it's been well documented police have ever had not done with runners on base like that. We are seeing it as we are getting on the news. And over over the united beat USC and I guess that. That we have a number of position players it's not the young guys it's their number guest. That are performing. Their platform and the other occasion not just decided not performing to expected. And I -- that. Sort of a good thing partly in that note I mean -- -- -- problems. Is it better players and so. Find their norm over the course it's either that happens less than analysts Aurora. One more. You're Europe pitcher collagen hammers or you pitcher. Through our combined and a bomb arm do you feel like you under pretty good pitcher do you feel like you understand pitching because the reason I ask is. -- guy on the -- last night at this time last year was the best pitcher in the American League at this time this year. He is a -- the worst pitcher in the American League statistically speaking second worst ERA among qualifiers in the league. He says he's healthy everybody says it's not physical. What is wrong with -- buckles from your perspective. Quote of the work actively. Our figure out who try to figure I think one of the worst thing that made plays so unique and special Ortiz. It has best is that. He has. Multiple. Weapons. And when he has that he's very unpredictable and he has bought it for weapons at all moved in different directions. And -- when he has most of those working. It is very difficult at the -- can't stay in anyone's spot. -- and you when they do. It or or -- it didn't they get hit that they're looking for. He got up late movement that is harder. It's part of our part of barrel out. And so you know -- I think I guess we see is that. Those multiple operating having that are consistent the in my view that -- -- the change diplomatic the other killer herbal diet. So he's trying to find. Some consistency. People in the secondary stuff. That's really the mix that it made him so good and so dominant at times. He's not a guy that can feel that some guys you know go pitch. -- -- About -- be out about it pictures -- just. Rely on fastball command and then and be effective that way that's not quite has never been -- Gonzales. A lot of lot of mixed. And whatever reason the -- has not been there consistently has -- without so it's as you said. And does not appear to be -- physical -- QB he says he goes good work hard and we've got we got to try to help him. Aren't good feel for that mix that when he doesn't able to put more -- in the hitters Ryan develop common. Then you'll start to see a better. Result but it -- he -- obviously he knows that. And they'll -- -- to perform more than he does of course we we need that there. Are just and we thought that. Who fewer jobs a little bit better -- so. You just said the job that a little better now is -- obviously mess right now is that going to inhibit you. Going out to America's heartland of the draft coming up is and know that you guys the the modern GM. Goes out and sees these plays the old days the farm director in the scouting people did that you just sat there and press the button so what what is your game plan the next two or three weeks. Well I am out there yeah right now this week and you know I'm not. I'm not sure that. My present them a lot -- necessarily help certainly -- Java every day in stock they got back there and they've got to get at all -- are so. But you know that we we got to keep working raw products and we're certainly. -- below -- and it reminded every day that there have been reminded every day recently anyway that there are things that. We need to do better and and and over and we will look better. You know as you look at I look at our team. As it. As it's currently. Constituted -- -- look at arm -- -- -- should be and then where. -- alternatively might have. Get into the -- and it's also very good as you know relatives -- at the division but clearly. With Kirkland there. -- that I know you're a very busy man thanks for your time today. -- talked again soon. That's been -- thin Red Sox. General manager. That you enjoy that in view you know the answer to look at yeah I mean I think he's he'd do we asked him several times about what happened between Sunday and he's I think he's still dodging -- I think something. Internally happened. Because that we are ready this is what he did say and I one obvious that they looked at third baseman to wasn't a plan like brewer lost. They have nothing else and that's -- -- -- I guess some not as it is adamant his man I'm not a true fan and as adamant as men and they didn't have another option what's the other option -- and I agree you saw. -- Brock called last name back to earth when you say your options if you're going to commit young guys play young guys at the position over to short. But you -- -- third and leave them alone this team is gonna -- -- do you think slightly younger -- anyway it's like what. Young guys or it's not you think there's anyone in the organization thinks they may have ruined Jackie Bradley. Offensively that he might be able -- and the guys that he's 21 mean eventually got to play the at least 34 bald bloke just when he won. Now I'm all for Michael Laporte and just telling -- that has to be dissenting voices in that you wouldn't want to Kenya. Third Bogut had short together right now and where you and you haven't scout her -- I have he's struggling yes that oil -- be able. Right now he's not your strong -- -- Cy Young contender. And it's it's this is like when you're rebuilding they are trying to rebuild. I don't think defending World Series champions is supposed to do just post it can't rebuild when Europe this is exactly just posted -- -- is not doing games of today is it for games Toronto is in first place. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They need to shore up the defense on the left side. Bring him up if you wanna put the ball better and I don't Oprah feels better feel now that withdrawing before hop ground is going -- a hole I -- -- -- I wanna see these kids play IQ so if you -- to step I through the kids are planning to start. Educate I didn't play short because I don't know if he can play the field right now at this level I don't know why we find out. We will see Stephen Drew Steve of these signals scrutiny given to key -- with the -- Jeremy means screw it we're and it. But given up on the rebuilt they should be should these kids play ice sheets. And save this. All right let's take a quick break and come back. You gonna do trending we come back a picture -- that anything today and a lot more that you we hope. We hoped to talk to the toughest we know who's gonna challenge. You're skinny ass we're replay charged in 940 outside my that's my we're gonna do excellent -- for two.

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