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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Aaron Hernandez tattoos

May 22, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

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Headlines brought you by AT&T. They cover more than 99% of all Americans about precision fitness equipment shop with -- pros do. Precision fitness equipment you keep me. Being the right down -- has this in turn can go. Eleven feet. To get coffee. Come back out he was trying to get to the cop stops straight to the -- -- -- read newspapers or attorneys I hadn't run your opponent way to much treatment. I don't know how to make up I had to push him aside. So like it might come in as a ticket box and ought to wait. I bought my coffee and I told him what kind of gets you okay cases on the defensive made up low defensively. I thought he was making a coffee run downstairs yes that was what. I thought. If I noting it's just gonna monologue done that a million times and I feel bad he said -- -- that got this in the kid you gonna have to send him again because he just. The couple cream would you agree it is too much agreement that's obviously an awful lot. Our deductibles for two Summers -- did yes -- -- it and automate it screwed up -- -- That cheapest and didn't listen didn't work the drive through window. I know I did I -- ever go to the drug to nook which incidents group you're early 99%. As opposed to -- -- -- -- really know why it is intimacy diminish Johnson's ice cream and gotten. -- not like you. I was my parents -- kids a couple of days. He's here's route 190 remembered that my brother you know which member of our fraternity worked hero truly school -- seats in terms. Really all rights go to -- no trade -- payments to transport it's like a story can. We ordered there but. Just it's coming -- and boy scout camp camp called upon exit and stopped their Johnson's ice cream and -- Investigators are asking for help from tattoo artists who may have inked. For patriots tight end Aaron and his right arm between February 2012. In June. The suffered DA's office stressed the tattoo artist consider witnesses only top suspected wrongdoing but they quote. May have made observations of out. They think. That he might have a tribute to -- the double homicide -- Commemorated his. Congress that appear to be in keeping with command yes intelligence be when you heard it did you find it hard to believe I'll I believe I believe it -- I horrified by it I love I hope that is evidence LP is forced. By a judge to rule obviously as I'm just gonna guess that anywhere as long sleeves. When he finally goes to -- ethics is gonna guess. Role obviously and showed the jury. That is going to be some in some -- there amid public that a hundred pictures right there is patriot way to write about it and cut into the picnic it. Get these flying Elvis over here. A picture of a double but somehow he commemorates the double murder when he just. Unloads on to unsuspecting guys who just happen to be in the card next is authorities Bob mentioned several places in their quest for tattoo artist to talk to promote the beach. Bristol Palm Beach Miami. Massachusetts and -- so what do you can call it a tattooed punk. Yet the tattooed thug because when you do that nowadays you know works there forces. Has killed three people like Clinton but -- in this case yacht. We do have a judicial system -- it -- kill the Chile's people allegedly. Your head you begin to allegedly. Oh where are OK -- Aaron Hernandez has -- gotten you had a pinky dinky. I -- I think I did collect the court have its day but I think at an event that humanity is already evidence that turns the case is a tattoo on its -- is -- if you're writing one of Europe Europe -- puff piece columns. Yeah if if you had worked in Hernandez in the apart piece on cart on the mutt yeah it would use that allegedly. No -- an artist he said most people in the in this business are a holes allegedly. Had an epic. He's of that trial got to get -- credit -- they let that were ago it's even on the website. The -- the minute hand rules a hole that one works where we should be -- -- a -- what if you get in trouble part -- reticent about it seems to be going around. You know you. What do hard though is the public -- -- -- -- notes I don't know that there are still work toward it's a good word about its first reports you know like self important. And how to describe it. Does it Wear sunglasses inside yeah cargo move sunglasses inside we we around -- we get another -- reports called the dean. You know. And another definition in my heart it was someone who is a concert shirt with all the CD's. That the toward -- move at all that is ha look at Bruce he's got that look. Did he get in here and unless they're hysterical different that did twenty years I've. And he's got the -- is that this tight jeans jacket. Pants leather pants his cheese and and a grown man with children is wearing that shirt around work. Well as part of the -- I'll say this I was in line the other night if the show. Roll the dice go. Home and why did you -- -- -- And I'm waiting in line to get the so the quick hits the Vietnam the only ones that I'm an outline of salary and early in the and that's a pretty honest guy and well I only insurance probably for a moment and you're wearing a through share. Pointed the guy next recognized for the show I wanna buy used for the year. Only hard that would except that I say -- any it's gonna do it. -- publisher Jim. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know -- compensation of executives have concluded that I'm with regulatory if you -- -- if he watches sunglasses which we -- those on the what you what you like it had to get it now obviously if it's you look like -- carrier. -- -- -- -- I'm glad you're so concerned about how things. They have a tough guy I am a light or consolidate -- -- OK fine cargo boat you're pretty sure it will trigger. I'm gonna eventually marry it tough that is not a guy that -- could come up with something else of them that doesn't apply. That's business. Every part you ever -- which are we're what part of the you can pick -- -- get that -- your article right now you're -- US and -- I did not send me any one you -- me. It tonight that I sent you anywhere but once the -- teacher. -- 1 December stomach she wanted Starbucks it's run around the corner by product by product they've worked their records he should be if they wouldn't have you. Yet many headlines and in fairness -- the -- The textures and tweeters wrote a book called me up -- busting your ball library where -- that hard social anarchy in the house of love. If you trust. Some analysts are still dying them but with the by utilizing the article did you agree to it I'd love Springsteen seemed limitless love Springsteen. Hates these things on the main. But the odds are all of my results -- all kinds of trouble composers and and -- -- -- three openings ever for restrict. Achievable with a lighter than ever you you you brag about the lately is the light subject that is something. He's but it got really good on the river. I grew up with them. Now I was I don't is YE a little man that was where miles and Soledad. Right -- -- why is it important for a with Springsteen fans to let you know how many times they think -- -- -- you know you -- don't -- could -- jump -- to ask that question. I I -- tell people laugh when you ask that it had -- you know what when your. It -- that many times you're not supposed to get Springsteen metric on this issue that I heard -- would punch I do I heard you report storage is -- -- weekend partner which is the same way -- -- it's just it's crazy you have to. Wonder whether they really like Springsteen on the just think it's cool. Yet it's really cool core it is a bunch of fat ugly white guys is the coolest -- -- coming around. -- never said that before you are a few voices John seemed Springsteen together. Now economic issue. But the signal against them like you guys can get. It what are the great. Which is another one of those guys in the disliked yes that's true these big -- don't dislike -- he incurred. That's true for you -- I could just -- that. It was and who hate Hugh. Mean honestly I -- seed. I and we know. What's that -- and I don't know with the Diamondbacks follow that. Of course so and it is a backstabbing we easily with the and he. Stuff that they should be as the host. It's the system and this morning. Last night posted on the I'd write the month man -- south of Atlanta and if you were editing you would have -- from this placement on the -- as it as it has for Israel's. He writes this is a business stuff. Since stopped the cells that puts himself up with cynical ego driven. Evil backstabbing revenge -- gossipy. Eight holes in its whole word. -- -- Now whenever I reporters Apple's. Whenever describe something. The key industry for the button again print. Whatever type describe. Really. Wanna come in colorfully described something someone at some of them that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We do that in -- month with a hybrid. Hybrid so you had a couple people out. I know that the people feel like but I know that's applied that this applied. Two. Crashed as well topics. EU to -- an evil acts that revenge fuel costs or above some food. Who's about me and a for over six we -- what go to hell would you agree that everybody outside of those things but very few all of them. I think more goes on I'm not I'm not saying I. Definitely revenge fueled right exceptionally excited but overall market cornered and got him. He's definitely somebody requirements all. Sorts let's give him. But -- -- a dead body goes into meeting management comes at a different and I'm sure which curtain into catcher. Is that it had not -- gonna do this for a quick. This Carol I was in the ASCII Rory -- very strange. So that those two kids going to be out for efforts that the wedding invitations -- get married. And then he dumpster a year after breaking up with a little bit -- -- broke up for awhile. Because -- -- she took a picture drooling sleep. The invitations now it's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You think as the great athlete. Yes grit and Jimmy Connors and Chris Everett -- of -- and -- -- all of it -- portion. Remember she did she never talked about he had known him and Jimmy and I and I'd like to read everything. And I saw that's. If you read some stuff you know I think he was looking in the matter that it forget about ego. -- opens evil. Acts that in residents fuel gossipy. People are bad people. Good people that people could question. Back to ponder and that I do think -- is certain. Level low. Arrogance. And you add though that makes you better -- being eagle ridden in and caustic and whatever words you used. That make you add. Alex makes you different and each assembly this go to ego driven does make you ego maniacal -- with the best person. That drafted the first. Which is now being used was sick. Our Boston Herald maker and its pages very nice -- couldn't be nicer and -- -- megs. Anemic assays are free accretive to agree guys you know it's very well read to Leo and talk to Dallas reading list of I'm Eric and Alfredo show you don't you don't do TV I am now to them on TV right now but you go home you like going. He's alive you're one of those guys it was. Basis. One of those guys who makes that much money you don't gain duty this guy makes. That this thing. Among them listen I don't I used to go do that thing look -- -- back and maybe someday I'll be back ma am in this. Am Mi Jack Edwards of what that you still went to an easy -- Mr. -- you'd -- up to win his fourth Sunday night that changed my life logo program TVs in mind to actually did did she will be behind home plate. And a tennis but it's always good -- know we got a ring. He got a ring as a got a break when I went to see him but not at that I'm not a big fan of -- budgets every time he's a Brad Fo po puts the 33 axis of -- -- -- rings courts. Option I -- -- this year the players you capture and he's this he's that -- that's headlines but speaker Bradford. He the American American Liver Foundation teamed up with Jonny Gomes experience. The two tickets are Red Sox game -- on the passes for batting practice a meet and greet with go on a field. Jonny -- game is fabulous which can help work while an eight Jonny -- back to call 617. 9310937. To be at all proceeds go to the American liver. You have screwed up the clock but we are gonna come back and take a couple of these calls lots of brits -- called sprint the calls we asked the question -- who ski. Which Red Sox player which meant a member of the organization. As kind of avoided blame here and now is the time as we've been focused on Bogart's Bradley in middle Brooks. Those guys -- Bruins aren't skating with those guys that it would deal with the other guys we discussed Pedroia buckles. Speaking of which we will talk to venture that in the next hour. I don't have a question for you -- a give you a minute ponder you know it's good at this -- do the same thing. Was the toughest. You know just flat out -- you know. When I talked to one of the toughest athletes one of the toughest human beings. I now but in the next -- well.

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