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Red Sox continue to struggle 5-22-14

May 22, 2014|

John, Gerry and Buck discussed the scuffling Sox.

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I really wish rob Bradford him this morning for two reasons one buckets of and a program that's true wanna get through confirmed that -- -- -- or again maybe maybe -- -- later is -- a management meeting at a department at -- and equipment bloody violent -- -- stuck with cynical ego driven -- back -- -- this reason number two. I was gonna get Bradford in silicon. Question him again middle. Debate last time. Men and wrote a good column that for years ago actually it was three weeks ago -- that. When you're at the Hagerty appease a few weeks ago and they barrier of course in and you know rug doesn't he knows him those are the best. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Above the fault what would happen in the Boston Herald the minute wrote that column on page back page. Splash. She's on -- one should tees up for a -- beyond one. Nazi because we understand with the readers want and instead. We -- know it's us that no offense to Alex spear but I look from it has called today because I knew we was working on some. And -- moment it is prominently placed on WB the beauty -- -- uses it incorporates a cream here yet I I click on the dot com and I see. Featured column. Is out -- what a Red Sox options -- -- to shut down. As the featured call a fair question a great column but the featured column should be Kirk met man I'm Mike miniscule would agree -- I don't waste it and it held my interest yes it's very and I guess I'm not -- now Hillary should -- front nine red Dawson okay we all we all agree it's -- Alex is that is the greatest hits out his greatest writer -- that's better than. In the Hemingway's better than to escalate Holloway. I mean I think we're here all that's Spock. I would make love him on the floor right that it affects about. But the featured column should be current men and Mike and it's well it's because you're gonna get a lot of hits in what you can get a lot of credit for -- -- Because many and goes off that Microsoft does tribute to our fallen on. It who you know. -- -- good quality. We could use some of that I would wait read music kindness in this Edmonton music as she think we should do reading usually -- domain of the -- that name here but oh that's right it's. It can pride in case he says that name you get. Away rob right now I was texting Kirk violently -- phone it's gonna go off your circus he's. And on the website again. Hi I am actually is a really good column on the website. This is it is not that is featured clips on the front page of the if you have to look at what would you agree to disagree. Disagree on personal give you credits Richard Burton that Alex is called -- two part of the new us it's different -- -- is better. -- Obviously at pretty. It took a year and a -- And hands alls are officially back in on the back of the door and the bosses it's comparing apples and it's not you get a choice which would you feature if you -- because it's not constitute because it's it's -- -- agree so was Alex read outs and just hold outs is the greatest sports writer in the history of sports right. No one -- -- about were about to open the he's featured them. Usually by the way Alex is another one of those people. No one likes or dislikes. Right so you're wrong again with your assertion -- Everybody talks out of that orbit the what you what you -- stumbled in the semantics watch what I do. You eat what you missed the big point. You all tumbled on a semantics and I'll wrap writer they had not. Every single person hates every single person -- if that's what you wanna make the side argument then so be it but that's not what we were discussing. So with what's collected -- talks I couldn't hear you guys talk so what can you can't talk about anybody without Sen in Alex. Alex one outs on the right guy to. Awesome just great. Did pick up right that's a nice -- skins -- great on great citizen. Is a good guys. Why given notes are right that's -- -- sounds like he wrote it out first. Guys you can see you could hear the semi colon yes yeah he's one of those rare people that this just speaking of the top pick one with ticket talk like that itself. And Cogent and organized rather. In -- Disorder it's worked out for yet worked for me fun I'd I'd say before you can and you put just try to give -- credit for his call I appreciate it very much get on you do a Google search. You know use. It typed in the right -- the words per minute hand and Mike minutes I think you might be able to -- Anyway it's real good -- attribute from Mike minutes you would do his final show ever and and I'm ever and then when he goes in the hospice care that's it it's like guys like John -- coming home. Actually he'll have a good time viewpoint that I it I don't know what -- dealers all -- We'll hear him he's going nowhere whose files show with Lou today and the -- you should listen and as a primer for you listen that -- minutes column thank you can -- you take it. Just gonna statement. -- sort of thing halfway through just what deceit did you agree it's good good read it's a great read. It no qualifiers it's a great read. But like I said the breaking news show. Even eight current mini and puff piece has heroic because I was can get that that sentence them from -- but with this business is all about 12. A lot of great radio memorized and and. I've been around long enough to know that this though this is a business stuff with cynical ego driven evil backstabbing revenge fueled got to -- -- -- -- Which is kind of what I was talking about the other day right absolutely. Tough guy used to -- hallway without. Potent symbol it. I think that's true which it. It it's that is that this is big business stopped within a hundred is sex stabbing revenge if you got to beat. -- like Tyson had some people mind I sure do. And when I mean. I'm one of anyone else is one of them. Or other guys on other shows heard about it and fuel what. Gossipy -- -- so we can say I don't wrote that it back home. August again Bradford credit they let that. Well there's still a bit newspaper mentality -- do that -- -- certain words I've I've been able to -- allowed to act approved by the waking -- and the rate that didn't happen. That's that's that's that's out now on the website and -- call wasn't a lot of VOA news now that's how well -- we don't know. Produces most have no idea what this post. Is actually -- weeks ago the judge just in the when -- is actually no way that -- Those aren't accurate. Thirty on network TV but with that -- and -- -- blaming I don't know that -- if if the word and you don't commit. Maybe ethics and went to affect. What you heard my computer a lot worse yes -- speaking of which. Which we we don't -- that was that if that is yet it wasn't such as father now things. -- might check this has not tweet tweets a lot is required -- -- -- it is warmer goes Michael. She got his wife to death. A quick I'm. As -- wrote in the -- I fully supportive and rooting for you -- huge because on the days that these -- with an FBI am I want that do well I like everybody involved. -- so -- that -- back from doing my name of the show. It's -- self. Titled a radio show. You know he's given me. Hard time that's the balls and our boss office two years. The less than a year and a half of them masculine. K I have a question -- at all. It's leave comments if you -- -- although it does that shot on court and you and you both morning and after that happened of that -- It was a feeling that not so I was serious question what happened of that and it's stealing a great. Now it's called the bosses every day I just don't see it being fit. In told week in and cannot do that's not that's. Not now it's on every other pilots closer to instill a poignant look at that I don't need to take some shots Patricia. Different regret -- grass -- -- -- -- -- -- not -- that -- -- -- does -- -- -- -- Groups namely all the names. That don't -- went to him it probably. You guys to -- in six -- together. No no no no you cleared him out of that he does different in the week it's more comfortable for. Is that you -- in my mind. Did you tell like bill boys I won't I won't -- buck or aren't they won't -- him -- -- to -- his -- and the leaders. This version I don't know which says. He's looking good away. He's lost a lot. -- -- Shoney's on the well I said Weis says that the rewards he's not from me for my year but. Scoreboard is scoreboard they've they've won that that's what changes are being me integration beyond unlistenable in insufferable bore cast himself has been -- or any opportunity now. So. You're really -- shot. I once had a high. Priced radio consultant says -- is rare because it was more caustic on the hand and in print. Like -- because he's more -- in print that there used to be you know like a room. More caustic on the front and I you you know we are we are about thirty hours removed from the talk about now sentinel. That's not caustic. It's always wanted to raise what would it -- that. We appreciate it's more about him have a section below -- -- -- for Jerry and yet did you let it sit for awhile before you had sex with a twelve I do whatever. There's a whole life. And whatever I was jail. Until August war yes I was exploring. The that's just one of the reasons I wanted to. Bradford here to talk about that and commend them because it's a feel -- clicks on not -- very much agree. In in I think every network that it's able -- have never -- anybody -- does and that's pretty artists through he has good at the that I don't like the UConn stuff. Count upon reasonable. But it's it's it's it's with its way over the top for bad school. -- don't like him -- you like you are like -- Frederick BO we don't have that great I think you'll go bigger and I think he and the -- we -- we play golf again. In the news not forget how to get one. Who Adams in -- Much as I'd be okay thanks Mike Mike -- six months after his job but he is nesting -- to business yeah. And I don't think they get along great but they -- which is good to think that will have much they'll have been guessing game yet. As you know so that's gonna be tension right there and if you see his Bono lately hasn't. Should do we have an office before the -- today don't have a lot lately last week epic. -- stolen and an extra salt. Apple so that so much Mike took adams' nesting -- now they were together in unity tension there you I guess so yeah not -- That you -- analyst -- keep things in a month ago. My keys you know like he's I think if he's not reasonable I think he can understand how much did the one that's shot. Take this job. That they understand the situation I don't know. Have you heard from month it is again number read in the I have not heard from -- from a lot of progress on the right. -- appropriate -- in this morning now that all the golfers would be about Kevin Love. Wondering about -- that -- -- you were slightly to the left and on topic -- -- what the capital of sores or five weeks old by the Thomas sat down yesterday afternoon it felt that. That ties past I feel like you're gonna have the right again this week he got through it again today or tomorrow because the should -- -- at -- -- and it's on it it feels like it's the sort of feel like it's about the get ugly around yes yes I'd been around there couldn't hear anymore. We have in this time the -- can't replace Bobby Valentine don't try to soda have a perfect storm going here where you have. The general manager the manager the pitching staff all line up. All in the cross -- that all sharing the blame it's I mean -- did a federal presser yesterday and buckled and not -- them on which yesterday. Yes yes yes there among the year -- get the sense that. Does that back story here with which were not familiar. I -- William and I'm sorry I am my mistake to brought a thing about him -- -- sort of car he never told anybody that older I always wonder. Know that. Belichick says nothing about injuries. And your business. So they can they dance around -- but if you if you hurt your shoulder. Take met a word. You paying in a car door with election somehow yeah. Isn't it incumbent upon you to bring this to the attention of management and make your lawyers of course. How would guess yes guess that would have a little concern so shouldn't. John -- had been sitting the -- saying we are pit. It's good question instead goalless and that's why -- either John love it's with -- pathological liar and it was like yeah he. Shoulder a car he added that ticket that's always solid you that you match. Valentine would have blamed the player. While -- -- -- tonight here anymore yeah. But we we did we did. Ago but it just butchered in two weeks ago two nights ago. Now. Now we bunch now it doesn't. I mean was and now the more. One of the more bizarre. Strategic decisions that he took all the blame for yes they said it was his call all the stupid blog calls minutes ago Ross book that popped up. And then -- Brock hole but did to move the runners along. For David Ross and Jackie -- And his logic and we like you just wanna get a run and at the top of the order coming up -- beat up three runs and one one did you ever look at that situation with the two guys on Wednesday. You know we just like to get a run. And then may be next -- will give them is that your opportunity to score. Big comeback Francona would -- keep the wind moving -- was on his that was what his favorite phrase would you like to keep the line moving we have three hitters to put two guys on to them apps suck right now the other -- that it. And two hits in the game Brock -- looked at anybody in -- take the bat out of his hands and put it Ross's. And a -- things would -- Wouldn't you agree that would bunting works particularly in this situation you're Euro Weaver you Billy Martin and -- John McGraw. While he's a genius old school baseball scrap and what doesn't work -- adult. There's no middle ground halt the fight -- clinics it's like the fake the fake punt with Tedy Bruschi. -- and you know with Bill Parcells. Very -- to respect -- it was. Two but those of all right in of them Tedy Bruschi nets. He drops that they lose 3046 to Denver if that play more works. Their genius if it doesn't work there idiots at the leaders of -- In the report from the net new -- fitness club -- has just arrived from his work out so people attracting them so much. -- today you can get on the -- GPS the UNC where he -- you -- accuse me -- being -- that's fine but you know he's my brother he's my boy brother. Boy -- you do. I'm a loyal guy you do kind of animal on -- evidence that he's like I -- make fun of his fares -- pathetic. We'll throw despair and I've had sex and his wife. Creepy yes previous secretaries not but that's because it's six when -- -- like yes we when we put seasonable whatever happens happen. I was like I -- the father whose child is you don't bend your brother. I've listened I totally immense this idea that I want to bend to be good that you -- does that really sound. Negative ads showing Obama and not allowed to -- -- he's not that's not nothing doing but don't be like I want to show to be good odds are however you want. Don't know don't listen to him be I don't know I have to be -- courts once already he hook you want to beat you were the other day coffee spilled. Literally beat however you were when when Brad was that was good way to but doesn't hate us hate -- got a lot of great. They'd brag for what -- -- show there was rated review that's true I was fortunate there was chaos was good when you pretzel and and and you're displays in the middle -- As good today if Bradford was the year you know what happened it would deteriorate. Same way you know what happened. Buck because I think the homers and buck called -- -- face home twice ever criticized elements are well disability is that not a fact. -- -- -- -- -- -- it tell it like it is about it there's a fact is that this is hat. That's your opinion. I happen to agree with okay it was but it Kenyan. Of course it is the fact is by definition it would be on his little baseball card if he had won. And he's not the worst homer on the big well is -- what. Happened to your friends in the press sparks. If this if they continue to circle the rate they are in danger is coordinate points this if they lose today. It's the longest winless homeless winless home stand in twenty years. And much well he put tops and territories twice and August the longest losing streak from last year it's the longest losing streak in the major leagues. It is disaster. Here at Fenway right now possess third worst record and are you -- you wrote. Three days ago we -- and on the walls of aura that would happen of that I don't know that it the stuff like that as -- -- -- regret any minute. I -- who took that it is just that weasel move we got what it was a paper with. I wanted to -- -- -- -- your head to protect. I don't know -- -- -- Now oh I don't think I would look you know all the -- here but things like that's a little producer. It's going to be Joseph we EU RO one of the afternoon guys gonna produce. The -- soprano would not do that to me. Well even approach you weak pathetic if Dina did you take my belly human right Ali memorize the title says no more children not more honeymoon talk right now. So we've put that there if they can do you know come back chuckle -- audiences apple -- -- -- gone and rented out we can't put these things up on the -- took place to put that. The patriots schedule on the walk as we've heard so often every gay community gone. I'm nervous and gone is the bus was coming in person ticket number -- possible cleaning not cleaning person doesn't think so I posted as well. Because all of us how official business yeah certainly it's certainly guys that we can't see if there's any copies did not take it now I look at this this is actually assess if we care that much about this service. There -- cameras that are in the film studio albeit -- that's true we could catch that person you're one of our interns -- left it can go back and finds -- -- -- this -- -- -- -- every day he what's the a market on the as a picture on the wall out there about former boss. We hated. Every as the real and in -- -- it would take a marker to cross the guy's face up. And every day someone like golf and clean. Or worse yet somebody somebody put that nameplate -- former boss in -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- junior -- Space absolutely -- that line again for -- -- it yet and some but something took it out of the year and like washed it off. Which one would hope -- if you loved the old boss to reach -- Euro now that's strange I saw the worst. I saw the reason you have to go to school study hard and I wish it -- -- -- on this system leave him. Now on the stairs. Realistic every day in one of these hard work and we have people and they are. Salt of the earth people absolutely he's scrape it will put America that would have to be good with print out and computers not just enjoy that doesn't say markers that it was the same. That's yet but it doesn't war that's sucks that's lose it and that's weak or someone tries -- -- down. There was a guy who's cleaning guy he's -- up on the -- wouldn't come off like stumps the key cumbersome. Those keys to scrape in with one little keys can scrape the stairs. To. Announcing it must pick and tenements and the screen to someone left on the floor on the stairs. Let them on the back in the same project. That's both baskets and -- -- kids who go to college yes and hopefully one might. Grandmother was described woman in her seventies. In Boston scrub woman if she used to clean floors and apartment in downtown opposite to get that. Come on that crap shoot marlin is uneducated she was raising a family and she kept working up to the day she died when she. She died the night of the black out 1965. I don't know he -- How would I not know that it is obviously a pretty good rapturous point you to the date of the black -- nineties she died of she was in a building in the lights went on the power went out and I got architect an important. Always shoot 74. Good long life she does scrubbing floors at the notes before. That's -- What I'm saying here is what I thing is that -- should know this as well as anybody the people who come to this country and worked their asses off. Other ones who got a race dirty kids who gonna go to school as true as true. And you know I'm sure this it will pass that work I -- a woman in my hotel room in New York about twenty years ago. She can entice that she went to make the bed up and I was Wharton and we start again having. And she had had the like Dominican accent. And we were talking she's only been here for nine years and so forth and so on and we just started grabbing it she was -- voter kids and her oldest son just record high school he's in school now. And it's a great -- go to school and she said Dartmouth. Oh this is a woman is up there working hard every day to put food on the table raising a family that's. Those are the kids more likely to go to school the parents who provide in set up a work -- It's no questions what he learned. Implicitly in. You see -- your father gauntlet. I never saw -- father does not want him in my dad in forty years I never sought after it was. The work. If you grew up and it was like one of these. -- Pull. What sort of work for the that John O'Brien and and Probation Department. Which was just infested with acts and they took note every Friday the Monday as a it would you learn and that's and you learn. That there and he says he doubts it's enough work. What you learned that works not that important just let the same business usually that you follow that goes. Right to say -- you wanna get the pension as what you know you want to steal from the taxpayers. Which is what all of -- on O'Brien's people do right. It's would you learn from your father mother would you learn if if you if your father -- Probation Department quote unquote worked. Would say the goal in life this scam. Really work but just get a job quote unquote and scale and the taxpayers. Would be. Oh like you did that is that might my dad was not a like your dad my dad music truck driver and felt. Mean when Upton went to work every day -- -- weekend so we can rent a house -- Marshall with -- and -- ever remember him trying to get not work -- like just trying to get. Like we see people here who do. You know sure do come up with excuses. Don't make stuff up so people out. Backstabbing weasel right there that it measles has taken every unhappy in this case. Dot com in minutes tribute to much but enough of a remedy wish your call today. Willis as always fix it is always not try to hit it but it is gravity field as possible you broke the field brevity. No it was good ma ma will be happy -- cry. Easily he's the -- piece was three times this week. -- -- But you know this is another -- and audit support from my characters sometimes. Showed -- for bushels but you you were choose -- run. No no. He wrote it you were choose what I could never do -- Right is about seven under words that do that but that's tomorrow if we do that but it's much of them. I can't stand. -- know I'm right I'm always certain it's going to run but when it doesn't get really -- particularly if they don't call and tell me. Move her and that two times it happened involved you. It was what you sports editor and I wrote a column and then you wrote the exact same column. Well because your jury Cali and I didn't have any this totally -- is a why aren't they written our -- communication issues. But the I called the boss I set I'm gonna write a column on this topic. Great -- later on my up to start working. You call the office say and Eric Colin disguises okay great. -- can't present your missed the morning drive time Sports Illustrated -- they run your column cheese in my column and that was Saturday. -- -- -- -- But the thing -- three days later on Saturday out pocket. -- I'm surprised I can't remember and coming out Collison said. Once. But I was and how they -- -- tonight I'll be curious coming -- I never I always is that this is a -- backed by the way this isn't just some made up and. I know you don't make stuff up so. I believed. -- The government whose real honest guy and you're not culpable for this and I don't -- or justices. Ago I would say what do you want. I still do that. And don't call a pitch ideas. Occasionally did you really get -- out of the press box to Montreal because you insult to the virtual Montreal woman yes and I was bored you know and very accurate -- it was worship at the guy said he was gonna buy this -- Via a bunch of big hairy. Michael on club big mountain man. He said he's gonna throw me fighting ago. And -- press box over -- bungled yet -- you know. And I. Don't think the white guy in a press box and it was a bunch of people all pretty hostile. But I just want. Them in the press room -- -- get a look that up one of these days and read it years it was it was not stents. They surround -- at the airport. And basically said that all Quebec he women are at this I don't they'll smoke and Erica was. -- our city vs charges in the rest their -- skeptics and show what they have a sense. Particularly that a French and didn't disclose now this was a French language. Sports writer from a press via the take things very personally. And that's no he won by the which would open. Okay picnic and was that the guy who's only there was the guy who's the separates it doesn't stand in the yes yes that's a stamp of the French Canadian -- protests and -- if -- doesn't stand for the -- nationally all kinds of crazy at first question Briscoe has to be in French now if they hire a coach who's up bilingual. His own notes that it's in consideration. You have to speak in -- -- of you have to have that same number of French questions is -- was questions right. You know you're so afraid -- box score. They have to watch sports French. That and that one out first threes and simple language should be represented of awesome there you know it's critical Julian is -- English news. Flawless you'd have thought he grew -- in Kansas. That's Baptist Church is English and it seems pretty good so yeah that's like -- what are saying is like Michelle Kerry and he speaker is English is very choppy like Bergeron. It's pretty impressive. There of the English speaking people like it is plain folk that they go to the game in the right up there -- war everything is right. Us vs them is that -- when he doesn't stand for the Canadian National Anthem. He does so like demonstrably put to speed up and -- -- I am pretty sure it's on I think my counties. LP is used it sure. Big scary angry. Anyway the lights blink and pockets here many hands here where that has its work ethic. And his Springsteen shirt stolen is a story that kind of just -- it will get to that. It's fascinating many hands where 45 dollar. Pristine world tour four dollars. Did you buy it at the show which is more important it was purchased that can actually and actually has all the cities he went to his or on the back yet but it's. Something I thought you were above really really surprised why. -- -- -- It's that's the nearby. On -- buy it you brought man -- -- it has. It was purchased at what what this story -- it -- -- what that was being bought it at the venue weeks and when I buy it but it was Kirk Paul and get to. It would teases with this -- -- to get to the worst pitcher in baseball was perpetrated is a city that I tried three times to get to the Red Sox you guys keep got sidetracked scrapping do you re telling me it's a -- exactly can't put it down about peace and we sit there trying to Hellman and a good job we did it pretty whistling in the picture. Mr. -- blowing like this to you that's probably what it will do what cart is building industries would advocate to that would get to that I think the Bogart's. -- -- And as divergent. -- nice distraction. For the rest of the votes. On this team in this that ago in this front office there's a lot of -- do the blame. Society special. I already -- is special get used to it by the way that you -- did digital you pulled me. I was at I was a bit because you sold it to site with such surprise -- Solar and see. -- John meet Perot made his first appearance on the station gets -- get -- -- back unceremoniously. Booted from our war. Was -- that you think you guys just standing yeah I'm a big -- and I think most people like -- two -- and he's always it's. The box right you're wrong people one likes. In the it. He's books when -- when you just wrote he's the only guy. But feel like he was Batman O. Yeah that is. A 27 dawn is not follow that lead to victory yesterday -- He is he did you -- to ride you took so oh. So if it misses means they would welcome back -- do you. You know it it's. A quick answer I just realized where. Yeah approaches Earl culturally mixed picture this guy is good. -- -- that's vintage look. And I sure would get the story in the shirt and minute but we have to get to blame -- Red Sox are circling the rain right now he he's eaten the talk about that. Little -- did --

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