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WEEI SoccerCast - Liverpool Legend Ian Rush joins the show

May 22, 2014|

Ian Rush, Liverpool Legend, joins the show to talk about the current state of Liverpool and their remarkable 2013/14 season. Rush talks about his fondest memories of his playing days and of course we get his World Cup predictions.

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Welcome into another edition of WPI soccer -- I'm your host today. Kitchen also I don't back down. Always show afternoons here at W -- yeah I -- six you can hear me. Moderate forward for every day and you can also follow me on Twitter at young Ben WEE I just wanna thank my sponsor. For the WEI soccer -- the Connecticut school of broadcasting is where I got my start broadcasting business it's where you can get your start. What are you waiting for. Just as a -- is B dot com or call 1800 TV radio to get your start you can be doing sports all day every day and get paid for it. As an amazing amazing feeling today. We're joined by Liverpool legend. Ian rush. For those of you who don't know. Is the all time top scorer for Liverpool. With 346. Goals and amazing amazing tally in just put that into perspective. Luis Suarez. Is about 250 goals away. That is an amazing amazing number. By Ian she was partnered up with Kenny dog leash for a long time king Kenny -- maybe the best attacking. Duo. England has ever seen. The -- was a great great great player for Liverpool. I want when he left Liverpool for a year to go to Aventis. Came back after year. And said. It just felt like I was living in another country. As a Yogi Berra ask quote right there from Ian rush. In Russia is also remembered for having possibly the greatest mustache. In all of sports sorry Don Mattingly but Ian rush's. Mustache. Was ridiculously awesome. Now part of the purpose of Ian Russia's joining us today is to promote the upcoming matchup -- apart between Liverpool and as Roma. It's very interest in negotiate a soccer match. On the grounds of Fenway Park is very bizarre. It doesn't look right to look small -- it is small 'cause it's a baseball field you're trying to squeeze a soccer field on top of that. But it's very interesting and if you haven't gotten tickets go get your tickets now they are on sale. It is an amazing time it is an absolutely amazing time to go see them play right there in the heart of the city. -- experience. That can change. Change the way you view soccer here in the states here in Boston here in New England. It really ten if you go to that game if you're French. Soccer -- or you don't really watch at all. You can choose did you choose a night here coming up in July go to the game. It can change the way you view soccer. So again that those tickets are on sale right now. Liverpool AS Roma here at Fenway Park in July go get your tickets join me at the game it is a lot a lot of farm you will enjoy yourself. Joining the show right now Liverpool legend Ian rush. Ian how are you today as far as event. How is it out there and sunny old England. I'd like to say it was a building that but it may fielding a bit. Of course of course it is well I just wanna tell the audience right now we have an absolute legend on the show right now Liverpool's all time leading goal scorer. Ian rush the man -- The most epic mustache. And all sporting history. Credit I figured out exactly killed all the bad book the second biggest suck it up with the ball -- That's so your comment are you coming to the game here that's gonna be at Fenway Park the Liverpool -- game. Yes I have them go to be having rubio told that this thing for the side that says solvable. They get a couple there's a couple of years ago I enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to it would go together. Did you ever play a game on a baseball field. No I debacle no debating to cloverfield but never -- a baseball field. It it is very odd I was here the last time. There is that the game was played at Fenway Park and the field just looks really tiny. Yeah added they'll think compared to although the pictures to this article so I thought they could -- that. But the but the players know it tight control mode if need more excitement that is almost all of pitch. Absolutely it is a much smaller pension it is very very strange to watch now. I'm very interested -- one thing here and that is obviously you know the Liverpool owners on the Red Sox and -- trying to bring the team over here to help build. Soccer as we call it here in the states -- do you like the strategy that they're doing to help broaden the fan base for Liverpool. Yeah I've got to look up until the vote so they know we got that we have we get -- to the public open. Only -- people -- get to go to most of the field I don't feel so legal not to -- -- that will play at public will -- an incredible. They'll. -- overtook to a million pollute the gulf of medical hold so. We have to take the closest to the football is because I thought that the most important thing about it so it's great -- come over there don't you the benefit two years ago. We look at all the people possible people to Milwaukee. That that I've done so -- I think of people to get them. It was a great surprise for me to -- to see everybody. That is multiples of the road that it have people that should consult. Things got even stronger now. It it is getting stronger and stronger by the day here and I can attribute that to something very simple. A video game. Defeat for video game it's Soledad wildly popular here and people get to do. Crazy things of -- -- to create you -- your striking partner Kenny. And put them together and play with them like -- 1984 all over again. Ha ha yeah what although I think there we have the technology that they got now you can reach great things the political about a -- think it. Believe that they yet they've they've got to get back aside qualified for the -- told. Well I think about that people would have lilco was in the USA. All the little things about are open hopefully they'll live look at sort of the Red Sox at all like no so that they can even stronger. So last night as I was prepping for this interview I it was watching a lot of you know we'll documentaries about you and and one thing that kept popping up. And I think this was the greatest compliment to you was. How versatile -- when you do and that you were the first line of defense. How much pride did you take in being the first line of defense for Liverpool. Well it was -- job the next couple of civilian you know people talk about Miller defended the Lola the advantage of a strike could just go portable. Let's -- was to supplement to make it difficult for the midfielders and defenders. Of there are adjust to it I was looking I was very different by the -- -- So. -- critically wolves led. Really was talking to lovely young players that that they would -- it goes back -- -- And then they'll say like Alan Johnson back Robinson but he said he said look at that though that -- out there because -- -- the emotion. Dog is surprised when he said that when he was coaching apple it's true what he said you know and there -- -- was not just Google's boxes to make it difficult for the opposition defend his. A Major League follow the feel that the because there's. Then you sure did know what when you came to Liverpool from -- he came on 8300000. Pound transfer fee which was a record at the time for teenager. And you had a slow start. Did that weigh on you -- the transfer fee being as high that was. Looking back now maybe was a little bit but nothing -- bit. Click on the little village in truly political this city was the feat -- itself. That is I was a little bit if that didn't it go out of I was good -- there seem like -- Soledad good. It was -- probably executed exactly that they. But I think it will lead seemed almost to realize. I was in these sorts stupid I was -- I think definitely that sort of thing that was most probably. The other thing to get tickets -- that was that a shot then. I -- lawyer and executive at these great because but wolf I got to play -- the page. I realize they'll want to put -- good is that. That shall we -- but then the problem is that is getting the chance to prove you are political view to get quality chances you don't get fired up they. So I was looking built to take my child with a chance to blog about a year later. One of the things he said was I believe -- Bob Paisley supposedly pulled you aside and said he had to be more selfish you have to be more selfish to score goals and be effective is that true. Yet but it sure you know what I've played with it seemed to play seven games. And we will look at people five adults say that but I'd I have sort of gold. Like his I was very excited that exceeded -- double -- he broke me that until -- -- I would see it. He just -- because he said he did not play because you know you don't score goals. Like -- think -- Balkans the team gave you can get hate gay people -- sort of got. That would be physically decided to go to school goes so this really popular chocolate. So hardware though. That they really felt the sort itself. But again dug up a break -- of that saw the score goals. Optical cables OK because they didn't of a political track to -- well don't -- -- -- David. I think I think they'll be careful of what the -- so it. Simple page that I've ever put you -- that defense plays well are they just psychology -- ball by the end of days. Well it it worked because you started scoring and you never stopped. So what are. Yeah I've got an update -- them the best example certainly you know we gave it is sort of give it confidence to do stuff. -- wind up being self exam but I think that is a lot of those appeals go to go -- regular. Milosevic played for the kingdom but the credit -- Clinton defended the principle because it is. I would say I wasn't publicly defended a picture of justice -- builds. But opportunities to get at least we're can -- -- -- about where they're dependent Kagan. Now you've had a lot of amazing moments throughout your career with the bid had protests and -- you know winning the treble -- in the golden -- what what's your favorite memory of your entire play anger. It's difficult to let somebody they'll say it's terrible they people. The women that he didn't issue a little bit is particularly gold but it was they drink they devote to an individual. It's really I would like doing what I was a kid. Just was to score the winning goal in the ethical vital. In 1980 they -- my dream came true. We played Havoc that we believe that we before. So we've played Havoc in the Bible where it is to -- used to support for the kids. Tell me what the final table and let's go to golds and it was incredible that up because my dream came true. I don't like it they would be coaching kids though you have to have a dream. What they do it you'll dream come true and I can think -- -- my dream came true. While that is absolutely amazing now in the waited as he left for season and went to Italy to clip for you Aventis. And then came back. What what was it like the transition from going from Liverpool to turn and then coming back I read your quote about it which was fantastic definitely doesn't and another country because here. No I think it was. I think Joseph gets created particularly. It was our thoughts -- -- as they would like them the truth -- it exhibit. But I thought I was going to the same the same thing both. It was awfully good for this many individuals particularly. No it was like. If you're if you're Lofton was that the rules of defense is false. When you won't let the rules of the event as well so. But it looked like also about the -- game I didn't. The it was very defensive people all that they got up so wed. We go well below the that she would settle for a while bill. -- -- -- -- -- to achieve cold so. I can't think that solo player. I -- I would say go outside the box I became the law back. All rough playable. -- wiped out our look at closely on the trip. But that the football like a world hockey with the -- all they go play it was that but he defensive front. If you don't copy with the football you play you'll look at that you you've got -- also -- -- -- copied -- -- political payback for me. How touching was it for you win when you did leave that they're the fans had a campaign Russia must stay how how much -- that. Make you feel how how did that make you feel on the inside there. Does it is incredible got pictures -- show much. No light it up to the -- with the support is you know is even know what the political don't think that people feel they -- -- the palaces so. Feel really -- Couldn't. I've got close they doubled to disable -- The deal would already be -- So basically. I have to go. Well you know got the radar site that's -- it's vital principle is so -- to. It's incredible feeling but they won't be today. But again that -- -- all the business of a sudden there could be vulnerable I would anybody looking to get the chance to combine again though. And Liverpool's very lucky artistic impact in my dad. Now look let's move to it to today with the Liverpool team now they did a great campaign and they fell just short of their goal there. What went wrong for them in those last two matches. Well physical fitness goals to finish it's awful but -- go look at bucket at the beginning of the season I think every political support that. Would say that we could have been helpful we've got a great season. We've looked at though. We couldn't get it but I do want that guy that. You know where there you go look at the positive side say that the that we begin to anything in the second it was actually sub -- -- they've we'll be culpable. The luck should only two days people look at the Chelsea gave a good look at the Crystal Palace gate. Yet they we've made a mistake there and maybe they'll chose to take control. Of the week we picture change our football season that if we could look up -- all. If people as a political boarding. They put up all the debate like the -- different photos to go to court the pilot critical pilots know when we have tradable. We know we tried to those -- fortifying political difference. Themselves to -- got called about the the -- they people -- bit inexperienced. But we'll look out for that these. Topic -- that the political. The other but they are things that go by the Fatah succeeded but the the second hopefully improve about the season. They absolutely did a fantastic season now. There are you big Suarez stand do you enjoy watching him enjoy watching him work on the field on the pitch. Yeah I've got what I like it said he's one of the few you pay you -- -- political walking. He's been absolutely hot topic this season in great -- Well updated and David got up over the that you play is. Everything goes well and do that again this season. Think he needed to pop up now. You've got absolutely incredible support -- he was it is certainly don't play the game everywhere don't have all the -- I don't think. You -- John Travolta and hopefully they're political years ago. There you brought up Derek Bell's name a fellow welshman. If you could've played with him on the national team could you guys have done some damage in the World Cup. Yet again without gossiping -- -- -- double Eagles have played by Jake is well known event. You know this debate nobody even excited. Will plot. Let's by the play as well thought they -- build up ready for you know look I think it they would be great who played a little about the only regret. Not talking to Ryan as well his only regret the whales the qualifying for the major told that -- hopefully they'll. All our affiliate -- motivating -- visit -- qualified for the major Talbot. Nobody got like you've got to bail it out of their big buildup gives you that that hope. Absolutely they brought the World Cup here. What do what do you see happening this summer in Brazil to -- you have winning. The entire World Cup. Well it again not very very difficult to because the legal opinions of what it felt so bad it got him. Well I think -- do can you believe tried to change you you know this bill that they're going to -- that because you played in Brazil. I would say they got the best -- of is there a little going to be that. I think if you bet he kept the full sovereignty there -- like -- -- buffalo look I think they could -- that. But again I don't think I think -- -- put me Jim he's going to be my -- to -- official looking cheap -- too wedded couple Medicaid because at that took place. They've learned from them what they did four years ago it might take the other gate at the right page I don't think they -- they're going to be well presented it to win it. Well we love our brackets here and I fills up my World Cup -- I have a dark horse winning you're going. And it's all because of loose cars. Well again these are exactly saying that the if swallowed it could perform like he did. Political -- good what you look chocolate with a vehicle that they get it Super Bowl Sunday the problem live. -- today than it -- it will probably Google it but they believe it will. That's how the league has played so yeah it players. So played out they go with the heat of the pole lead -- bet that it will go up -- problem I have with -- -- this place. -- something the American fans want to know and they -- no time is will the US team make it out of their group. And they're obviously got Germany Portugal in Ghana in the group and the US make it out. Well that's impossible but just. Well played adult lives about it and you know. Because -- Portugal made Judy clinical conducting government pulls you could be getting a little that they have. And the other thought they. I'd like to say yes but I think -- over. Professional point of view you know they they did you like -- it will put it didn't get up that a group. Now it was a question I want to ask people specially players that have retired is if you could choose one player in the world right now to play -- Who -- player -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- all right. Well thank you -- very much for joining me this morning here in Boston and this afternoon there for you and and Liverpool. It's it's been an absolute pleasure speaking to you it's going to be an absolute pleasure seeing you here at Fenway Park in July when Liverpool does come visit me and thank you very much again. Thank you very much looking -- -- -- Absolutely it's going to be a very good time and we're going to be building more and more Liverpool supporters one day at a time leading up to that. And thank you. In that was Ian rush Liverpool legend absolutely fantastic I was super nice and EU's. He went through some of the moments of his career that were -- -- -- reserve. Very open about some of the stuff and what do -- died what a great interviewers. Liverpool AS Roma at Fenway Park tickets are on -- right now I have my tickets you need to career tickets. It's imperative it is so much fun -- -- going down to do it to -- game is one thing it's fun it's a good time but it's a huge cathedral of a football stadium. And you can't see. You're not it's not as an intimate. A setting as it is at Fenway Park and obviously did the fields. Dimensions are a little bit strange at -- but it is really cool to see -- and if you haven't gone before reading -- last time you gotta go this time. It is a great time. One thing I remember specifically and if your boss and friend. You'll remember this Liverpool had their. Their show that was airing here on NASA and and it being Liverpool and when they came here to Boston they were in the dressing room the locker room at -- -- with the Red -- Bobby -- -- -- talks. And Adrian Gonzales. Was. Going over the schedule some of the players insurgency we have one day off this month -- off this month. Who won their offering in August and two days off in September is going to schedule these guys Anderson no wallets that's amazing just -- the time. And it really ticks me off to no end because instead they're going you're comparing your game of baseball which is a great game don't don't get a wrong love baseball patrol time. And you're comparing it to. Soccer. Which is wildly inaccurate because once -- running running running for ninety straight minutes you're running your sprinting multiple miles. In ninety minutes and in baseball it's a game less than four hours and it wouldn't be a big surprise anyone if you -- run for the entire game. I did just let me with a bad taste in my mouth about it gentiles and I'm never really liked him much as a player since then. Nam -- interesting seeing the look on the though Liverpool players is that he's some of -- he could tell didn't really understand the game based on didn't really -- -- -- talking about. And the difficult some difficulties of soccer compared to baseball. So. Well I don't know why I brought that up but it is just something that's been sitting in the back to my mind ever since last time Liverpool came here. Now. It's going to be a great great time you gonna wanna go it's an amazing experience it's. Now it's twice in A lifetime experience and an -- grateful to John Henry in the the ownership group -- for bringing them over here to help build. Relative a support base here in New England for. Their team across the pond which none of us really have a great opportunity go seeds employed there and and -- now. For those you don't know and field I draw a lot of comparisons to Fenway it's an interest in place it's it's got a lot of rich heritage and history to it. And recently there is articles about John Henry thinking about -- Renovating it a little bit in those couple plans were to delete terror just you know. Amateur architects are throwing out their own plans it was really interesting and fascinating to see. Because it's a start parallel to. What we've seen at Fenway Park which is well it's slowly add some things here and renovate the stadium and keep it up to date. Even though it's an old -- crap. But let's make it as nice as we ten. And they've done a fantastic job is still a great experience the monster seats are amazing they've been there for awhile now and I've never had a chance at their but it is an amazing experience of -- tells me and I've gotten to go up there at least he with a Wal-Mart looks like. From there. But you know I'm deliverable phantom I'm very excited I am -- -- and I'm very excited for the prospects of the future here -- Rogers is amazing job this year. -- an amazing job the team looks like it's a very well built team. Going forward and it's gonna be exciting to see them in some champions league action next season. And I think they're they got a good chance you know we'll see what happens over the summer in the transfer window but. They've got a good chance to really put together a strong solid team for a couple of years and have a really nice -- Of competing in the EPO in the champions league. And really having a good solid core players union so good you're Girard there. -- year you've got a good team. And it's an exciting time for them. Just like it was an exciting time for the Red Sox -- a little while ago you're hoping to see Liverpool have the same kind of run of form that the Red Sox didn't. Recent championships home some trophies home. It's an exciting time I don't know how many more times I can say it's an exciting time but an intern whom time it's an exciting time I'll stop saying. Thank you for listening yet again I am young Ben from the dale and Holley show you can hear me afternoons doing for -- full work. Where are trying to sneak in some soccer and pain don't let me sometimes it's a great time thank you Ian rush for joining me is absolute pleasure to talk to him thank you to Liverpool thank you to defend our sports ownership group. For bringing Liverpool here to Boston and putting on an amazing show for us it's going to be a fantastic time go get your tickets now. They are on sale go get them now it is a great time. Again I am Darren Kitchen signing off next time we see you will be doing another World Cup preview leaving you up to the World Cup and the Americans still. -- --

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