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The Bradfo Show: Red Sox infield coach Brian Butterfield talks moving Xander Bogaerts to third base, return of Stephen Drew

May 21, 2014|

Rob Bradford is joined by Red Sox third base/infield coach Brian Butterfield to discuss the process of moving Xander Bogaerts to third base. Butterfield explains the ins and outs of preparing Bogaerts for the switch, along with challenges facing the rookie. The coach also talks about the return of shortstop Stephen Drew, what the veteran brings to the table, and the keys for a quick return to the starting lineup. Butterfield, a diehard Patriots fan, finishes things up with offering his take on some potential sleepers coming to Pats' camp.

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It's nice easy and. -- things that interest. So I wish my -- it's. Just sit there and still. Episode of this and to be who would win and show. Cheers rob Bradford. What other issues the -- she. Second appearance on the threat show that we know sponsored by schools distinctive clothing. He looks so darn kids. And -- -- insurance. And second appearance on a -- vote show last win came that the view reports returning starter but it was down Fort Myers that third base coach infield instructor. Brian Butterfield welcome back thanks let it be great to be here. So you're -- great -- -- a great person to talk to today news particularly because we're talking a lot about in field moving guys around them. Knives they cut to the chase we're gonna have a situation coming up here and Stephen Drew comes back where it looks like -- about -- to move over to third. Your responsibilities when it comes to that what does that entail -- the argument optional blowback about it even though he obviously played last year and. A little bit but you know it's so right now it's important that you know -- -- -- game tonight at 7 o'clock it's important that he get his mind on shortstop. We will have time because Stevens get some things that he's gonna do before he gets right. He's in great shape too by the way but. It's they're two different positions and I think coupled you'll be fine during all of. Because -- soccer adjustment Troy about when he got moved off shortstop in him he basically said once your shortstop are always a shortstop. And he's if you had to play shortstop he can play any position do you feel come along those lines that. Though the foundation that Bogart's has a -- some really ultimate third. I do I picked it and I agree with Pia thing that you can play George W -- the other positions. Although there are some differences. You know I consider middle infield be running position where. The players to play him little bit more upright they're running -- the ball they have time to get down underneath the ball whereas the corners are protected from the waist down -- -- a wider base. Caring their clubs lower and it's more with -- position. In a reaction position so. That part of it is prepared preparation in his first reaction will be a little bit different on the corner. As it is it as opposed to shortstop. For you this must be a little of bittersweet the united -- much time that you put in is but -- at shortstop and he's coming along quite well. It's been a work in progress throughout the course the regular season is that true it is it is kind of a mixed emotions. A little bit and I think bogeys and a great job -- know that there's a lot of fun. A talks centered around such a tough position pivotal position I chipped it caliber club. But I think he's further along that. But he would be he's made great strides and you know he's not there yet between one years old but he's a good student he's got great aptitude -- -- great player I am very pleased -- where it's so. You know I think that. You were trying to build. The best team that we possibly can and and adding Steven definitely makes us a better team and I think bogeys athletic and I think he's aware. What things that are going on that he'll be able to make that transition to third base and what's even at shortstop and will be better for. What's the first thing you focus on when you start working with over to third base. I think first and foremost that -- pitch where you know the ball gets on elect a worker when you're at third base as opposed to shortstop so now it's gonna get used to playing a lower. -- -- global organ and a wider stance and movements with the -- from that wider stance so you know it's these big guys so. As it will middle Brooks is too so that's an adjustment period just plant with a wider base and being able to accelerate that what basement. He did it last year I think you'll be able to do it again. What what did he do well last year's -- now we know is a new position forum. And we also know that he's probably -- To prove that this year goes on for what he'd do well for a guy who finished on that stage also having not had played them there's not one. I think Garvey showed great mental toughness you know there wasn't really enough time to go over the finer points technically mechanically. He just bought it and willed his way to catch the ball and that's all we wanted him to do sometimes and look pretty. But them first and foremost this is the most important thing is to catch the ball so. Your feet and always going to be right your gloves though it's going to be right your -- gonna it's gonna be right but. Budweiser -- -- film you've done your job so I think that's what he did last year he fought through it and then did a great job force in crunch time. We reference and and Stephen Drew and what he did in the postseason last year and -- I don't know if this is fair but the perception is that. There was a notch up defensively -- to what he did in the regular season going back to that what did use did you see anything that you almost son was doing better in the post season. Then in the regulars. That's a great point you know I think he was great during the season and you know just get a chance to see the difficult plays that he's able to make -- The way he taxable -- taxable more fearlessly than any shortstop I've ever watched him. Sometimes -- go back and watch video of our regular season games last year and I'm amazed at some of the plays it. And if throwing the throwing slot that he achieves it's just phenomenal so you know I'm a little bit biased but I think he's the best people to shortstop in the American League so. I'm really looking forward to see him go again you know that he respected defensively because of -- -- we were in the winter meetings before they acquired army -- the people in Oakland. Or are some of the reporters and and yet he's okay he's okay did you understand how good he was. Well you know I didn't know that he was as good as what he showed last year he I thought he was just exceptional but. You know I think that everybody's a little bit different viewpoint on what a championship caliber shortstop is if you are coming to the -- or your interest in watching ESPN watching. Highlight plays all the time. Then Stephens got shorts up that you wanna watch but if you want the ball secured. In crunch time in big situations with a runner on third and two and attacking the ball fearlessly and and no we're trying to do team defense of lies and Stephen -- you guys. You talked to him very much -- as an when he first got here today about where he was that physically where he was that terrorism -- Progress or was it just I do and we get along talked this morning he got here early I got here early and we were able to look we had some things and find out where he was physically and he's in great shape he was on a program that allowed him to take at least a ground ball today. Without rest so I could see that this is a hit -- ground balls he didn't need rest he jumped back with position got a lot of routes -- -- we had. Thirty to 35 ground balls today and it didn't look like you get tired at the biggest thing we we look at. And he is the Red Sox obviously would love -- he if he's picked -- -- left off but that's fast and quite a lot for a guy who has been through spring training hasn't been here for a month and a half in the regular season. But is that what you're looking for of him this his ability to sustain throughout the course and again. Absolutely I think that's a difficult thing to -- him and we talked about it Stevens talked about it John -- talked about it I think that. You know it's a little bit of an unknown a guy can come into camp in shape. Ground balls shape endurance shape but to -- test of a nine inning game night after night to. How -- can you go and how much can -- do before something breaks down so hopefully. We can have a healthy Stephen Drew because they're healthy Stephen Drew a productive -- where you when you found no good news coming back. I was in the coaches room and came across this role and we have just gotten done talking about -- an -- prior so. We found that it was official about an hour after having talked about it. But you ought not to harp on the the -- wants -- to move over and you have that whole dynamic but for you when you saw that scrawled when he found out that news. To have another weapon at your disposal must have been pretty good -- love and you know look a look Stephen Drew and look what he's gonna bring to us that love heavens in a Bogart's here I think. He gives us another element and you know who their baseball players and sometimes. You know it's early in the process he's only 21 years old he moves to another position he's still a good baseball player and still to help the -- Red Sox. Win -- so excited for both guys is there anything that you guys changed since last year that Stephen would. Have to catch up on not really -- sixteen and that's going to be the easy part. You know we have the basically the same signs we do basically the same thing team defense of what he's highly intelligent intelligent and he. Wants to know everything that's going on team defense of life so they'll be probably the easiest transition that part of is he easier coaching Julian settlement. What Julian we -- to coach I know that when taking ground balls in Toronto he was. He shows great aptitude and it's easy to understand why he's the best slot receiver there is in football. Well that's that's high praise. But it's true it would circles around that guy in Denver that. Well that this if if if you know like -- for. Those who don't know to win Brian Butterfield was a coach in Toronto Jewish settlement gave up. They put a uniform off them before photos go to W -- dot com. Fan and -- butter put him through his paces so if you had to identify a position the Chilean government would thrive in a -- good point. -- -- a slot receiver is. Might be conducive to a lot of positions out there but if you could identify one spot Julian of and you put him on the field where -- bit. We argued because he took ground ball to shortstop and they took his fly ball to center field and he's got that short area great acceleration. Quickness and he's a great athlete so he showed up well involvement. I think -- students' instructor Dwayne Murphy argued that he gets better center fielder we argued that'd be a better shortstop so he got some versatility just like -- with a -- The last question is -- sleeper. Given once sleeper in past camp one guy that when people -- down -- Foxboro they get outside the ropes and it's today. That's we've never heard of that guy before but Brian Butterfield told us to keep an eye on them so we're gonna do that. Got two guys so one on offense -- tailback from Indiana Stephen Hughes he catches the ball he's 200 point five pounds he can run inside the tackles. Any place you played a great conference so Steve and we used to look for him to make an impact in camp -- elect the kids that more and -- looking at some. He's a defense of vendetta concordia. He's long and he -- cut interest and looking on -- so looking forward to seeing both those guys. Well public reports are you looking at them ball close gas throughout the course of the year so thank you once again butter for us against secular parents on the -- votes so you are. Your -- distinctive clothes on the way if you ever had over -- Right at the rotary right near the Concord -- head on mile lap down and tell my -- yeah I don't know what it'll do but -- that'll be good for me let there be excellent.

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