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Meter returns

May 21, 2014|

The guys welcome Meter back to the show.

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-- how would you -- the public Dina -- all did it wrong partners boasts. I'm -- and I bought the fly -- jacket you that good hint it's solely can do I think. Do think any minute now the boss one of the bosses. -- Norman and weeks ago in the -- way again aggregate time temperature so good although I don't know literal clearer what would upset the more the bingo aura shepherd. Would have set the mark and more I think -- Yeah I think it's I think they like when they do. Which is. Now -- -- name. Definitely not currency England's Olympic shepherds. And lighten up and laid. Tom but could you kind of tried its early known here because of command security in the back way -- you were hurt. But you and I live ball and beaten down where company men council were plane's six crew bring in. Another old and back. Who's everybody would be agree and I let anybody see a bad thing he's -- totally totally off the wall at parties is screwed up is any humans -- -- -- -- -- the darkness. Everybody likes of meaty. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's I don't know how burst of you wanna go back could you boot you can go back in your -- this is my first time I think in this studio true yes. As a quote co -- you -- he came in -- once in the great while he's in how long were you with the island twellman. -- have -- and at one time and that's Ripken -- and as. And it says to me all the time when we leave the studio and leave the show pieces come on you do you've been with the you know for. -- eighteen years. How do you two economies and he's insane you know and and -- learning it's not easy now what that is or replace him -- deserve a lot of credit as do you. Because you came in at once I remember when you electoral. It was a it was a race he would he would he would says something to that two. Workers. Wanting to tell me something but -- did tell. So he couldn't exits and there's ups and because it's my pesos in -- other studio here at the unit. Now now you don't go when in Rome itself. And tell him to -- me and yet he did it but that was once every other time you're like me and discount ruled it is meticulously dozens of Adobe India took a breath and -- can't. And I don't wanna says we were dedicated speakers. Yeah sure you and -- -- corrupted due to get here yeah he was a bigger and that you mean it's meant he was people and all I've ever before you were DJ equal right when he got here yet. The thick glasses -- sure that hair color that close terrible -- Terrible -- And you got the whole makeovers and you can -- all the known. As I have gone for awhile they used to run would try to keep up with -- try to keep on that possible. Now on the that it -- -- that I do like Charlie Sheen it's about. The wolf of history -- Well we see a movie would didn't feel kind of like that was that the as the analyst at that idea it was slowed down considerably well was this -- if France to face to stop the quit. I we have coverage greatly reduces that we should use inquiry team meets the needs me you now settled down married man. Okay what I was told me about the wedding public way to some of my invitation must beat that's one -- -- -- I was surprised we were the only two from his job who got an invite -- rights and coach Koch. You're the biggest surprise to me I thought you'd be on the list. And within twelve would have on the map Todd -- with a forever but he but they hated each you know -- every day. Which which I think the differences though touch on to lose what we care. Irony. All the trust in that night's. Shot was her head judge wanted to be there attached. Wanted to play by play from August CO that they -- part of it really did wanna go just for -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So you'd have been few during that. During yes -- -- much drinker but the editor. For half a Roman emperor. Went to the challengers. Around. Islands tests like Turks and caicos -- went to Saint -- saint Thomas -- hardly tweeted from there we didn't get the -- and I learned a little bit it's expensive to. Always at the in his care if we do -- island to get those selected these as I honeymoon -- on Edwards -- -- We -- you -- -- for lunch we play you know play golf. -- him making all of his wife. Did you tweet pictures of you make it with your wife I did not know enough about them and I know it's not some weird deal with -- -- just -- my wife at the they're already met Britney lovely intern -- All done you done yet last day and he -- not here or I mean to say goodbye and maybe. Legally. You guys stepped it up your turn recruitment. -- to recount Borchardt. Al Borges who called you gonna help at all what was -- British power our -- -- I don't have talked she once in awhile but that's the day we. As when count board wrote that story fall eyes which the globe put on the front page. And came on the parents that he called you for comment but you didn't wanna talk. -- play and that's got an economic missed the cut about meter at the lie about meter. In the book why we play. On book and book when we. Produces on the -- plan for you to watch it says that that's a good reason potency claimed to college you and I was a little surprised but back then no it was another hole and I know we're you know friends and we -- As friends as you know you would have. And defend -- Catholic. And I said that's a better wouldn't defend us -- of this not this weasel on the record -- off the record to this little weasel from the globe whose former intern scorned. Intern who was disgruntled. And he writes historian in minutes and did this performance art just took him apart piece by piece. He was like he was like Denzel Washington man on the back and look at my eyeballs these but that's before they got. To see his and that I did -- door for us of it and they don't have -- did you now. The that would get them and they try to get to me. Other moments of new -- idea it was you know brokers that -- rated you know like welcome them there re echo thank you know. Worked with us here and now if you can owned him down down -- -- Own tone them down to own them all to have him out there was them yes. -- the middle. Yeah he's well I don't think there's. But I don't wanna claw commitment hand anymore that's what they used to want to clone that story. You know -- like I don't like I think well I think there's a way to they like radio as a way to like those -- the same. But he -- I'm here. Now the -- You don't. -- -- know I'm surprised -- -- -- -- -- no other markets. I don't know I don't know I don't know -- and tonight we allowed to -- when he starts to -- -- -- Say Tuesday to -- so it's time for you and all. -- Lou as well as it now as bill. Can keep it straight and son of doctor Adams whom I dollars. While I'm on the show every year -- he's just an awesome we try to -- been coming here yesterday. We could do open. -- -- he went into the boss's office green travesty that's that's I don't wanna for an bus that's -- and you knew that was. Its commitment here was. I knew that assists introduce a video on and now at the time did you really think that -- gonna -- tablets were tried as well so why waste your time you knew that was never gonna happen in east and get a medium like commitment thirty seconds -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- before -- collapse that -- that -- happened. I get it it's my I want it done. W valuable when we first hear him on the year. That's the first time you appear tonight at ten as an advertising and it was was saying that. Well this did Jerry Fletcher faults was -- my -- I was asking you look at right at you blame me. -- Celtic yes it would have been due to -- -- that that's a good question -- you know I've kind of an amendment without a plan I -- -- and I give the credit he walked out of here. We want to say the circumstances under which he left is only the bosses -- all changed this thing that they weren't there was a guy here and up and well. -- had our problems with the issues with -- that he tried to. Tried to break Q when he tweeted this break Q -- edu. That I went when I went to -- said Jeff brown and you know that the leaving my contract's up. And that's. It's out now not the -- but not even in. Didn't even try to -- its. We wanted to -- -- -- Tuesday in this before we knew the minute could handle the job well there was someone in between men and new. And yeah. That didn't work -- -- a -- but real chance I mean they they did -- mean it's been twelve years Ehrlich trying to cut his day was to some respectable Wednesday. Old old Gibson Red Sox pre and post right up nicely truly bizarre was released -- like dirt and and I wanted to stay in the worst way and -- that you said. You can't you can't do what you gotta do here and you did the right again I don't even care if you ever get another job -- Well the -- had to do and I give you respect and credit for that there -- people. Other people crawled and meego would not -- -- -- -- -- understated. I left of my head held -- -- -- did you still have you have -- I still could use the go to a store go to PT and -- of those named doctor easily give the illusion and all your little friends do this pictures level all this stuff. It's a little bit yeah don't -- 66 and missed I missed. You have -- huge -- is good at your door -- I always -- I had tried to find another flashpoint and nobody could do including minute -- not it's not it's not tell us is not awful it's buried and don't you think he did the most important part of the gently handled. You know the you know. Was about it Eagles have to be doubts that affects your picnic either. I'm not saying I handled -- that's the hardest -- the second -- -- me yes you -- it always got along with everybody -- with everybody there even -- a little bit. And on and you've bought have -- How often how often would you if you talk to -- last year probably. The times. That's terrible. That's so he he likes to matters like -- that you. Easy match you I don't know that I talk to its spring training we had -- -- -- -- We should embolden it was like seven minutes summons an epic about a conduit to its objectives. I was about it and that this guy who used to text me late night used to semi voicemails late -- do go -- some of the used to. -- I think it's just I wasn't. It's boxy body right now he would wanna get into these shares. Things shares and I wouldn't I would not be responsive. I pick a -- from his from his car dealer 5 AM in Korea thank you. A ticket but I'm a mom moment my cart and pick me up early this morning shirt. I'll be there albeit. The car service I was at this for the guy you. No you didn't tonight it's time you stood up for yourself in the -- that it do those like I would as a witness told the cleanest thermos of music now. Mean it was like command -- that we -- -- movie we have that moment when the guys stands up for himself. JJ Qualls and Roche stands yet it. -- stands up to the Great Santini or something that I bought yeah yeah and it's on east in a -- finally. He's a man to man yeah man that was meters he said I'm not acted clinically I would college you know -- malware that -- the I got a wife and children. Yes I do and me to refuse to clean there was a group fungus and while the that was on -- overzealous. Real adult yet and there. But the kids on the -- in those big concession offers. Michael Beasley bill they still call local job I'm like don't call your article in the Philippines not Iraq to protect the truck. It's been this -- to -- uncle John's don't tell us what I was totally in the dark when you run with the you know for a couple months trying to keep up I don't know you sure you're in it I didn't interest me -- it didn't but the family settled lesson in life that. And this -- once I knew you'd trade went off the tracks for that was three months. I was oblivious to the they would talk in the dark there. Exports and everything and escapade you don't think about us in now I don't result on and well delta force which -- -- -- -- -- What what did you realize that was you know that life probably the third month it felt like. -- -- is an amazing -- you know you can do what we say that people say. It's return here bachelor party whatever. That say -- you know going to be okay. So he's he's he's a row he has he's not he's a pro since what probably won't want -- in the machine and you say you think one -- -- break then never does he thank you possible yet I don't you might be abandoned based on the tweets. What -- -- -- sort of yes a phase distress as strange as this sort of thing is not as upgrade for. Advocates you don't think so what you think he's the greatest follow them all you have to because those chances -- gonna go. -- you default -- court as a follow up Julia goes after Bertrand out of of those those that's like that's the deal -- -- yet. Right that's the -- you know I know a lot. It's like get the real deal -- the thanks. The wife and are going out for lunch and the swim with the size between upset that's so -- -- an average now. It is a good quality because these are few people that you look forward to the next week. Because you never know it is never. I'll repeat the fall -- not sure if they're gonna go off the rails as muse is probably the only one there's a lot of people don't -- -- I mean that's not people who wore her and that's you know let me Clark -- has been counted -- -- doesn't -- don't hurt the across a couple of cents. He says direct messages and tweets in my whole onion Kevin Millwood where it's 01. Or you know that is the lunatics that we know like in silly oh as like that you know. -- A crazy two weeks ago. But it's not he's not one of those guys that you you know no worries me in person is first time I've ever work -- Personal Obama much. You are supposed to be done well or drove in and out of not a violent I can no no not no problem it's not the other -- of the rebel over here. I'm sure. So losses in this big sausage fingers on the blog right now I'm under orders I can't let that. Can't let that go now now. -- host of policy wise that. The Olympic -- -- all. We just play one big. The -- for three hours here but god that's and it's sad because you know what meter. Those baseball those Red Sox as well or better than anyone in this market and mostly I include people are on the beat. You know like I say Peter and I here it's like that there's that -- It's anything. But you know based human you know sports that I do like that the innocent if there if there ever if the Ehrlich a media critic in this town who were gonna rate who's gonna rate the sports knowledge of the sports talk shows. I mean that would never happen this wouldn't -- Well for his guys right now but if that works someone like that the world who must record Jim Baker was gonna -- sports world. Would you put anyone had a meter. Mean Bob Bryan stands along -- because he's he's he's he's types. -- back -- that if you took Brian's. Body of work from. From the old days so some people in the old days and Mikey ends -- -- Red Sox I couldn't one's -- -- historical all -- community at the Mariners via government but if you took them intimate question who would you put the enemy you stink. Yeah maybe him that's about it -- -- that your that mean I mean I'm sure that I'm sure it. That just aren't you think for once I put I'm sure. An occupant of the future is bending over back which he wants to black helicopters regularly. Well I -- that I did anybody come because meter obviously was a passionate fan growing up but he also. Was a flash boy who had to know the days and he likes -- likes sports easily -- Atlantis. And like that if there were ever I mean I know that's crazy. Thought Kris Allen's margin to rank you know who knows sports and Sports Radio. Now what we know why would never be done in in in at least in the Boston Globe. And this would wanna give me your program or even minute also become reports -- -- oh really would be unlike you know who who's on the Ernie Johnson replied televisa would -- its rank who knows most about sports. Why is that why is that any more boring and any other media -- But it's a -- in the giving immediate -- it's not -- And -- Bob rice and launch John Sterling hit through all of this up about this a media column on Sports Radio people who don't know sports. -- -- without heat that up that's that's called reverse it that. Okay and you could take shots -- you know people you wanna take shots at -- that was Patrick -- debuted. At the people who. You know and you're experts have practiced right. Another you know hockey guy ought to talk about Patrick Roy. But wouldn't meet Perot farewell and that -- you -- too much -- would -- like sit there you know what he's mad because he thinks he knows more than you do I do not. And that's. The very similar. And it's very but if you'd asked me questions from the -- -- answer to a Catholic what what do you think of legitimate and the dot Goodrich. And agrees that and honestly I -- he's got a good job to see rates again do you hate him because everyone wants to be missed when they leave and we miss you actually he's different than you it is I don't like I say that honestly mean we may issue because he is different. And you always when we go off the -- you can always get it back in on the -- tried to these guys now Boston I would like you they really knew because you're a sports guy -- in Boston sports cut at Boston sports fan. That the most important. Yeah -- I. Wish you hear that the shows that you and I used to do Dale Arnold you guys -- about -- -- so do you sometimes think you know more sports the -- yes you have mom and I don't think -- it's a perfect fit. Because I think he's. He gets you -- he gets he manages jury goes well. He manages ego that's. Scene and when the producers don't you know give -- a piece of paper don't. You know kisses at the scene that's not -- they should leave the nest and cameras out of that one of these it's always justified but don't deleted and prosecutors should be you know I don't feel. And now on this and that those two words in this and those that it was -- those two and that's that's to protect it. They could they won't do a column until the -- and I love until the period until a built like. We at anfield the block and -- did you hear it no did an almost to a deserted did you address brought the question what are you listening to Ron and and it's. -- As Charlie -- -- that's correct observation political. Trip you couldn't get to the questions please tell you didn't hear -- and Bradford got called for a homer. Bradford called buck clears opened in the setback not the Obama cut off the it was great homophobic or something I didn't even though they disliked each likeable you likable you. And but eloquence global -- room and then. Block and and it was great. What about tomorrow again via a bucket back tomorrow we'd like a look at the box Goodwin house. Which Greek yet times but sometimes you -- was agree that the and then sometimes on Monday. He's good enough good Pittsburgh. Was over argument people and it was and it devolved into chaos which we like. We know enough chaos in this nation anymore need more chaos this was -- yesterday yeah. The map and I'll presumably in the show some really boring Dallas Stars. But. I'm still owes the woman here means that you you by amnesty picture perfect. Perfect -- good -- it. I think it's who you Croat issue it's definitely be perfect. Perfect out you know what you want you reflect relieve the show -- the -- to size -- love Hewitt you know a -- I -- -- I talked to him more than a centimeter almost finished yes he touched everybody's the biggest gossip and a minute's notice arrived at tournaments like this -- standoffish guy in person but went to get him with the phone in the next in the and he's the biggest gossip there is that's true if this -- -- this little gig fails you'll be the next. Inside track. Person you can do the -- attract. I talked everybody don't typically a good deal for you with -- and as good as everybody rips everybody you precluded that really -- would -- Because you -- your niche between -- media critic than medium. -- You beat. Justine it's straight Kevin went. At -- -- -- you really think he's perfect at. And it's very yes it's it's it's a tough job it's I think it's the toughest job in radio. The top job this job at these gotten these dollars is the toughest job. Always felt like I had felt like it was I don't run -- do any physical labor exercise and it metallic this was almost physical activity. And I it to me at minute fixes in the top of his all time best marathon time next year -- -- -- you could she quit your job and trained this is amid assists this is like. Training your mind -- well the problem you know better and I'd use your co -- There by Friday when you're done tackle. He's on this last week I got up at three. You know I got up three -- do last week Japanese league baseball ability are one world sports network -- just -- -- I didn't step for Connecticut in a studio this is one of the arson in the studio on sitting in front of the monitor -- by play of Japanese league regular order of the Yomiuri Giants. -- -- -- -- I know it by myself record yes. You watch -- its Japanese. -- you -- you goodness in Japanese chip dollar during a -- and you have no dollar man broke element. Not wicket to hold the sound. We big fund -- that a great you think listen having fun or differential -- is running the network. Did you do. -- to greatness as a limited what what do you think -- hands not as good as -- as good sarcasm is a little off some do. Only good -- I think he's only sarcastic -- that he would -- idiots and I think he gets on the -- schooling meter meter -- I don't too good to be brutally honest there was internal yardages chart that's what they had front artists say you know and I knew. At times you rated bull when you know your skin like when he -- game properly talents that wants me you know was. The biggest. Trooper in all Latinos aren't sick it can sit in what -- -- this is a leading the effort was November doesn't fairness he's never missed out now. And he would give me your -- -- and -- would be in their newbies smoke coming as he has as you you never called him not that one time borrowers -- Definitely get up put you Korea are realists. Have you noticed that the other end. But I how can you were honest when you want to you know when you were sick you're sick and when you weren't you came in and worked and the you know give crap and he would be rated. Covenants that pencil in a year plus that was in 112 times colleges you know overweight. Overweight that oh what how how how long are you in six months and you're seven months of love. That I what's question is which. No we weren't allowed to -- respect no yes no doubt you could not we could talk about fat. Coaches right Rex Ryan I'd write that -- spectacles through a lot of mixed on any fat people. And -- given a year's worth the material for. That's true. He was overweight. What do but it appears as -- Rex Ryan movement for that he got easier Jerry. All of solid golf balls here and -- to -- that you don't want them you can't do why isn't always about someone's weight. You know it's a personal thing they're trying to. No this is -- -- It's about Rex Ryan and you know meter and only in the -- but I'm not a -- a little. Don't have that he styles that you know on the that she wants them -- dolls that I really event. Once and the you -- got there I -- OK I supposed to reach an age now so what you. It was the we get. Our people to have the red -- big Daria. Wouldn't announced that the corporate world so I called the reunion this year leaders here today until 10 o'clock. 617 cents a slap and tickle fest when -- so far it's been no -- ultimately a -- -- -- can do about it at all. Far away afterward quick break and -- -- the real stuff the sports stuffed yes it was -- a big day. In Boston sports not a great day for the Celtics and I think a great day for the Red Sox either on and off the that's true I. We don't want to do and maybe this can help me I want to buy into conspiracy theory the sound. You know intriguing sound well like the can be a lot of fun to be conspiracy not. You know not talking about the push. What the powers of Cheney bombed the Levys him and talk about the NBA draft lottery yeah as soon as it unfolded this it's fixed. And I'm all for cues in the NBA -- fiction and if you can help me give me how to -- -- reason yet and holiday get a -- and the goal of the NBA is to get Cleveland. The respect that -- -- Gilbert is the bronze going back that's the big would they if they really would -- it wouldn't agree with the lakers Celtics to sell stocks so I don't know it's yourselves right there there's a market I was a conspiracy. That Cleveland. I don't -- cooler topic. -- -- -- -- -- We let them or six what 77797937. Stephen Drew. NBA draft Kevin Love all that would John meter Perot weird you know you loved the big not.

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