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John Farrell: We still see Xander Bogearts as a Shortstop in the long term

May 21, 2014|

We check in with Sox skipper John Farrell about the injury to Felix Doubrant and Will Middlebrooks, the re-acquisition of SS Stephen Drew, moving Bogearts from SS to 3B and a ton more.

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Well in fact the -- manager of the Boston Red Sox John Farrell is joining us right now Jonas brought to you by our belly insurance town fair tire and Mohegan Sun John good to see -- hopes we have -- doing the right Harry guys great. Area are doing well we're just talking about all the things. All the things it did not go so well here yesterday. At Fenway Park and starting off with Felix to -- on the fifteen day DL it looked very serious last night in any any specifics on what his issue it's. Welcome less when he felt some restriction as each inning progressed and anytime a pitcher walks off the mound in -- given game is never good thanks so precautionary. Until we get further test results he's being he's gone through a full work up this afternoon starting your ballpark. I won't get a better read on on what he's dealing with but the restriction was there the velocity was diminishing. Particularly in the fifth inning and they said what when a guy comes off off the balance ought to be giving game where we're gonna take you know cautious approach would put -- on the disabled list. We've got some of our roster situations that are taking place obviously but Felix will be you. In need of some rehab and overall strengthening to the shoulder. John I'm curious what happened in a 48 hour period where on Sunday bench Harrington is saying the plan is to leave. Zander -- to the shortstop position for the year and -- get better at that position and 48 hours later you've moved him to third base what changed. Well we we sustained an injury to our starting third baseman it required. The need to. Improve our team as best we could. We are able to in this there was a third baseman out there that we can just go sign as we did was Stephen Drew. That's the bottom line that's that's the true distinction so we're able to sign a player of Stephen's caliber to make us a better team without giving up talent in a trade. In -- Because Stephen's obviously long term position is that shortstop. Zander will move over to third base. Had a conversation -- -- -- outlining what's taken place what's ramp up over those 48 hours. And as a result so the current plans to moves into the third we still see Zander as a shortstop long term. And I know that he's dealing with that change you know last night and as we speak today. Or if you still sailors -- shortstop. Long term while I was in the move necessary if you think that this guy's a strength that shortstop. You know maybe you could go elsewhere to find the hole to fill that hole at third base why did he. There were no player available that it was of Stephen's tower and particularly when you don't have to make a trade to give up talent threw it to acquire a player so. Stephen Israel knows a player were familiar with who's had a lot of success against right handed pitcher. -- is a well above average defender shortstop. And that was the most readily. In available -- suits and -- thing how to detect it. It didn't seem like you're from his quotes and Mikey he took it -- I mean it's it's quotes were or what they were use of the you know probably knew a little bit distracted maybe by the message yesterday afternoon but. -- one of the things we also know is that -- every. I should say -- the majority of infielders come up a short stops in at one point in time because of the other players that are around them or because of things that are out of their control they move off the position in this case was Stephen Drew coming -- As standard did last year he adjusted to go over to third base and did a good job and we're looking to do the same. Only one of us in this -- played Major League Baseball you've got to help the rest of us out here because sometimes we don't understand. If you had said to Zander -- look we're gonna send you to attack it or you know we're gonna sit on the bench I would understand. When you ask -- -- -- forty feet to the right why is that so jarring for him. Well and as he even outlined in this comments he sees himself as a shortstop that's what he's always played in his professional career and I'm sure even before you sign a pro contract. And players begin to get an identity with who they are supplier and when that changes it can have. A -- a little bit of an effect on the psyche and you know what. The one thing we try to and outlined to -- Tuesday and yesterday was that there's a short term view this and as a long term view this short term or moving -- third base to. Create the spot for Steve and come back and improve us as a team. Long term we still see him as a as a shortstop in. I think that's what every player goes through -- what their identity is how they view themselves and when that it is adjusted out of their control. It takes and settling. John hi Paul Flannery with a espionage and we've government. When it affected -- for -- did does this seem like a situation that might be longer than fifteen days and what are the thoughts initially toward replacing him in the rotation well we we've got some candidates have to talk at federated stepping -- guys have been thrown ball well. Their -- work as one -- Webster's and other the fortunate thing is from a depth standpoint we're looking at. Pitching candidates that wouldn't be coming to the major leagues for the first time. We we knew this before the season started that we we have very talented young players that would tap into it that the horizon and here's where we are so. That that selection -- yet he made. Long term will get a better read on on Felix's situation once he goes to a four -- and that's taking place as we speak. When asked about the bunting last night was that something that David Ross did on his own initially were to -- situations that. Really got my attention was that your caller though the -- I plan. I put a ball on and where we were in line up in earlier in the game with David against a right -- first and second no one out try to move guys in news in scoring position. We are very protective about here in this organization I'm fully aware of that. Where we are offensively and trying to scratch out runs and looking to gain ninety feet. The double play has been a little bit of it's reared its head far too many times. And with the right on right situation known what Jackie Bradley come behind him and and hopefully turning it over Dustin Pedroia. We are in a situation where we can capitalize on the so that that's where it was David Ross and I thought he would put himself in good position as far as getting that out front and executing it. Yet but a slider backs up when he pops up from -- catches. In the eighth inning left on left -- the unity the the the flip side of that debate or the other side of the debate is. Which only six outs remaining why would you take about a out of -- hand. And it and to me the way we've been scratching out runs. If a base -- follows the bunt a week cut the deficit by one possibly two. And knowing the Casey Janssen has recently come off the disabled list I've felt like turning. The ninth inning over to the top of our order with possibly one or two run deficit. What was was better them than through reduction. That's assuming that nothing else happened. Inside the eighth inning so you know people are gonna are -- a question that and that's the beauty of the game. But I just felt like you have no. -- situation. Dictated that we needed to move up many. And I'm one of those people like a question what's awhile what's going on here but okay is it fair to say that knows the game situation dictated that is it also fair to say that. Because of the struggles in recent struggles that you outlined here runners in scoring position losing the consecutive games now it's up to five consecutive games. That that had something to do with the -- and you guys are no good. A good streak. Would you normally do something like that. Well again. Yeah we can't. Deny that the situation we're in and hitting with runners in scoring position while our bats last I thought were much better overall. We're three for four team owners or position so you you you take the temperature that you've got to feel for what their current trend is and what's happening. And and while the extra base hit with runners in scoring position has been. What outside David Ortiz over in Minnesota. We've scuffled -- to have that extra base who have runners in scoring position so I thought. You know we get two chances for -- could lead to runs. That was the decision at the time. We've talked about running and and you talk very candidly about your team running and maybe you know running a little less here the way things have been going. Yes situation come up over the weekend runners at first and third. Victor Reno steal second base Brad Ausmus immediately says OK fine we'll complete the walk and sending popping down the first base. Yes stop signs for guys as well we do and man that was a situation that's. -- and it's one of the reasons why Victor Victorino has not run as much because you sit in front of David Ortiz and knowing what that might lead the opposition to do. In that situation it was two strikes on David there were already I think three or four pitches thrown in the sequence to give David chances to drive of baseball. But in a first and third situation that leads to -- the bases loaded. With Mike Napoli coming. You know you can debate that it took that took the bat at a David's hand but at the same time to put another guy -- -- -- in a bases loaded situation. Ruler for over in Europe. I thought that was a good trade off. However I want to ask -- one more question and now we offer. These Zynga -- situation -- that that line question. Long term he has a shortstop -- this organization because I've heard a lot from -- listen listening to. Former major leaguers and all the experts. How he's not a natural. Shortstop and there's some struggles there's some limitations. Within his range so on and so forth. You guys see him as a shortstop despite those limitations are perceived limitations I think. You know a young player -- major leagues and has had some challenges defensively is not the first time. And yet we also look at -- is as a true potential of an offensive shortstop. That's not to say it's you know he's got defense of shortcomings that. You know yours yours and not willing to to live. Every every player's gonna have some parts of a game that you'd you'd like in need improvement. But at the same time until another player comes in behind him and pushes him off that position because there -- better player. Or adjust accordingly but when you profiles in there as a 21 year old kid who swings the bat like he can. And can play shortstop. You know what we -- we see him as a shortstop. Final question from me you have been unabashed in your admiration for Steven Andrews game you've talked about it. The end of last season you talked about if you had a vote you'd wanna bring Stephen Drew back. What is about -- game that that you like so much well I think we all saw the defense of capability and the ability to. Of the of well above average hitter and his no hitter against right and pitching. I think he stabilizes our infield defense he did that last year whether you wanna take a look at what he did knocked over what he did throughout the course of the entire season. And it's a very good player and the more good players you have and your team the better so. It's it's a proven guy you know what you're gonna expect from him and there's a level of dependability. That when it when he put together a team that there's there's a known factor there and and it isn't for any other reason than the player that he has. It's time now for our Mohegan Sun John Ferrell question if you have a question you when asked John -- Visit WEEI dot com slash Mohegan submit yours on this week's question comes from Charlie he's in west royals didn't. Charlie wants to know given some of the team's struggles with runners in scoring position do you feel that this Red Sox team can start to manufacture runs by. Base stealing hit and run and bunting and other words all the stuff we've just just. After about. I think we already answered the question before was asked. Yeah I think more than anything -- We collectively have to do better job today in those situations that's on secret. I've talked before that there is a disconnect between -- on base percentage which ranks in the top three and I believe in the American ignorance scored what they arsenal. You know you have to play to the strengths your personnel soldiers to turn guys loose we talked about the running situation from a David the other day. You know we're we're not to know me. Ideally we don't run into outs. Now the debate is on the funny side which I understand where your side of the coin is. That's part of what we have to do to play the game in the manufacturing runs in the certain part of the order is required will look to do that is to benefit the strength of the individuals at the time. John we appreciate time as always we'll see you next week OK guys thanks John Ferrell brought to you by our -- insurance town fair tire and Mohegan Sun. It's -- Hollywood Paul Flannery at Fenway Sports Radio WEEI.

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