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Jeff Goodman ESPN, The Number 6 Pick and Trading Rondo 5-21-14

May 21, 2014|

Jeff Goodman joins the program to talk about the Celtics draft options at number 6, the idea of trading Rajon Rondo, and the likelihood of the team landing Kevin Love.

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And I think it UN uptake in and we get we've talked about -- -- Smart. That's a -- they can take that number six. Are you -- -- you take point -- take him with the thought of we're gonna trade version on -- Yeah you know you -- out coached at least it gives you a little bit of a -- That you bring him in training camp he played the first part of the season and you see he's good enough to think it's good enough he's not a pure point. But he's some man. I mean he is a tough kid who is all about winning. And that's been his reputation and other than when he went in and in the span to Texas Tech and to brought of that -- other than that. He's had such a high intangible rate among whoever sees him it's all about winning the market Smart and he's bear -- talked you'll. You're blown away by you really army -- W -- the interviews. People forget about -- expect it will be irrelevant at the end of the day it's whether he can make enough shots -- pinky around it would be great together. Because that they get -- heart and then -- Avery Bradley is not a great shooter either. You know -- and if you do that -- you've got to drop the wing the compute the basketball. Or sign a free agent that can really shoot the basketball that want to admit that their cattle lacking but -- the best player in the port. And I think it's going to be some variation Randall. Bomb play Smart. Gordon one of those four guys if they keep the -- Jeff lasts on for maybe -- -- ownership group -- -- think there. I will did you look back is that those two picks those two players are gonna make you better down the role but it probably means Rondo is going to probably another pickets. The rebuilding process a lot longer if you draft for players here and don't trade for star. Our our our packs and in -- Grousbeck OK with a long billed out to get them back to a championship level. I think they distrust stating. You know it. Whatever he did before war. Let him do it. He's obviously a proven really -- evaluate our made a couple of active. Trade that they've got to the point where they weren't where they competed for a title or certainly deep in the playoffs each year. I think you got to let let him work his magic C a piquant. He's not afraid we know that like he'll make a deal. He's not afraid to make a deal especially now where he -- brought a championship here so you know I could see him certainly helped -- Those -- he can do maybe he'll try to get up in the top Horry. I think it's going to be hard I don't know to have enough but you've got enough draft pick. The certainly dangle for -- -- Jeff great I appreciate having fun -- to the draft the following you everywhere appreciate the time today thank you. -- -- -- ESPN joins us here on the eighteenth the outlets like he come back to now. Is what does the what does the owners.

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