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It's the Sox that give: Stephen Drew is back with the Red Sox for 2014

May 20, 2014|

We discuss the resigning of SS Stephen Drew and what this means for Will Middlebrooks and Xander Bogearts at 3rd and Short in the present and future.

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By the way Ken Rosenthal fox sports tweeted out moments ago Boston Red Sox. Signed Stephen. Ahead. According to Ken Rosen is the deal with the Red Sox is for one year free agent again at the end of the season. Draft pick compensation will not apply how much money -- question do not know that. But according to Ken Rosenthal the Boston Red Sox have signed Stephen Drew and now this is giving them to do something like this. And get -- Bogart's out of shortstop position where I think he is ill suited to play move him over to third base Stephen Drew was a great defensive shortstop or. And you know was better offensively than we give him credit for -- and ended so -- forum last year. But apparently now now the question becomes and Steve -- brought this up -- us. I want to take him to get ready to -- couple weeks. Now -- seems to think it's a month. It probably should take a month -- -- but I don't have a market out there are gonna win among the put them out there are so the the signing of drew. I'll probably it makes sense and probably was accelerated with the with the injury to middle Brooks. I mean if you don't have middle Brooks injured. And you have to bring back Stephen Drew. You're saying to one of those guys. Either -- middle Brooks or does and -- Bogart's. We've lost confidence and you had a -- yet on any -- the injury to -- Brooks makes it convenient to bring back Steve and her. Okay well we had no plan to bring back Stephen Drew it's your job and got hurt and we had some where the Boston Red Sox you know we got a bigger we got to stay competitive. Bring Stephen Drew back you put him at shortstop. Alexander Bogart the third. And -- Wilma Brooks unfortunately. Is going to be the odd man out I know how this phrase got started in sports it's not true he can't lose your job injury yes you can. Happens all the time this weekend though as troop levels -- -- you lost his job to injury. And no kids now the questions gonna become when he does come off the deal and the fractured fingers better and it's gonna happen. Is he ticketed for Pawtucket is that they keep the -- bench. They like to have bench guys who can play multiple positions for obvious and as a bench guy in middle Brooks who basically can play one position. An answer some of these questions around this time tomorrow roughly this time tomorrow. I will be talking with the manager of the Red Sox tabulate lines and columns. -- get a it probably. John -- least as a separate I don't hold your. Most ever have a more question frankly this so John Carroll will be talk with him as we do every Wednesday and keep in mind. I got pretty hot and they submit a question for the manager. I got a WEEI dot com. You can submit a question for the manager we read on the air your entered. Into our own lottery system which is not fixed it is it is tried and true and it is transparent. Well Spanish necessarily transparent to trust that the optics. But your question in the mix if you are picked at the end of the year you will not only have dinner with John Farrell. But you have dinner with Dale Arnold Michael -- It's not a how exciting is that it did don't everybody electorate why. -- don't pull out of opera -- our everyone idol I. I don't discourage anybody but I see you guys eat and it's it's not a pretty sight so I hope and -- so it's a table manners this time it's no reward is which you don't hesitate don't talk during dinner -- Iowa or pick that right -- -- -- and I submit a question right now right now Farrell -- meat can you say he skipped. Com. When did the talks with Stephen Drew began because as of yesterday there were no talks going on they had no interest at all they -- their support was completely behind the young guys. And today they they -- and so did it start our Michael answer questions about how much. Yes 1010. -- That's the pro rated share of remember they they they made in the qualifying offer of fourteen for fourteen million a pro rated portion of that fourteen million. -- just saying yesterday it's. I just a bit but -- expanded. They are so backwards when it comes to these things don't give Stephen Drew. Has gotten not been happening. Then mayor Joan. And it may. It's even drew haven't played all year no spring training I know we offered you fourteen million dollars. And your dumb -- agent Scott Boris who thinks he's a genius screwed it up and told you not to do you took -- advice. And there's no way there's no way we should give you fourteen million dollars. Now because we're nice if you will give you fourteen million dollars paraded on the upside a few weeks ago Obama are eighties Jon Lester. Who the goddess of -- here and what a World Series without Jon Lester we low ball him but we're gonna overpay you that makes. I can't wait to help or spins this into into a win for him like he's gonna he he's probably talent. Drew right -- I waited. Until they were desperate all -- -- -- area right needed every bit of that fourteen million dollars that -- get Warrick out except it's pro rated so. You got a couple months opted. Yeah. I want them to do I like this I didn't wanna just keep trotting the same left side of the infield out there. Part of this is their their dissatisfaction with the offensive production middle Brooks and Bogart's. Part of this is. As we are we still limit in the division here the rest of the division is so bad. Were right there. Let's just catch up what we can patch up. Stephen Drew is more appreciated now than it was during the World Series or should I mean no pictures you know beating they couldn't keep -- on the -- but they were urging them. Not really. John John Ferrell just -- probably stated he's been staying at John -- tells the entire year. At this guy has got me haven't been anywhere. Can you imagine it did of the big grin on John -- space when we see him tomorrow. This does is got it right -- this guy loves loves loves him some Stephen Drew 6177797937. As telephone number. And to detectors just yet remember when he hit 20 wait a year ago. That's not exactly true. He hit 253 last year. He was actually better offensively -- you think and he was a lot better defensively -- -- think so is Red Sox Nation excited about the re addition of Stephen -- somehow I have a feeling I know the answer but will find out 6177797937. AT&T -- -- 37937. It's dale and Holley and -- Thornton Sports Radio WEEI. Now the 32 from Kelly your guns swung on and and this nightmare the post season continues for drew. Who is now four for 4470. Strikeouts. -- let me ask you a simple question guys -- Is this panic on the part of the Red Sox. Or is this a simple acknowledgment that the American League east banks and we're right there in the mix and you know we make a little move your little tweet can and help ourselves out dramatically not panic. It's not panic it's just unless you consider panic in doing what's best for your team it's the right move for the change. We look at it. Young young Alexander Bogart. Is going to be a superstar. Maybe he hasn't gotten off to the hot start that many people thought it would. I still believe. This going to be one of the best players in baseball for years and years it's -- superstar but he's he's not going to be a superstar shortstop. He's having some problems there -- and a third base. Allow him to just relax play baseball. Starting start heat up even more at the plate he's displayed good batting the entire season. And you bring in a veteran shortstop. Who will hit a little bit right hander pitching but won't make you drastically better at shortstop just it makes all the sense in a war. I -- we were only half joking about how happy John -- going to be about this. Just behind Ferrell on the happiness scale is the pitching staff of the Boston Red Sox. There are several reports out there that they were. It's very heavily politicking. On -- behalf with the front office try to get bench Harrington to bring him back again the qualifying offer. He he reportedly allegedly turned down a two year offer from the Yankees in the offseason. I guess that that's got bourses. Advice. The Mets had a one year offer out there for a me turn that down as well. But he is back here now on the pro rated portion of the fourteen million dollar qualifying offer. The pitching staff -- this guy. Why because he makes plays well with -- -- with good reason you know he he. He's that -- rare shots up that makes the routine ones. And then makes the the impossible ones in the -- I think I I wish I could -- that this that exactly but this. From last year they have gone from. One of the you know but the top teams in the league as far as not giving away runs to among the bottom of the the hopefully you can and ball that has been front and in center that and you you you say is -- panic arm. One of my favorite lines and a Toy Story movie through where. But right it was the belt where it would buzz later says this is no time to panic and what he says this is the perfect time to panic I was panic. As of like twenty for hours ago I I wanted them to do something and for a few weeks you know you can you can get by and say you know it's a World Series hang -- whatever. But that went by a couple of weeks ago that the at the time to do something was was yesterday real. Renaissance man holding the Supreme Court justice last hour yes two buzz light year Basel I hear what I could only -- rarefied air for so long I had to go back to who I really am which is a great who's watched -- -- like kids' movie great great movies that deadline for you guys. Talking about defense. -- -- he would horrible offensively. All -- grill until absolutely match. -- -- -- -- -- Right center heat that might go up then. But let's not -- Along the home run another Red Sox bullpen. Born I think bonds that. Its first home run out of this post season just his fifth hit fifty Stuart Matthews that. I don't -- -- -- But let out and a low numbers don't negative than a little of the international -- called world theories. Lucky orbit international Arabic tournament in the elite has named in the LBS against Tampa. At 133. In the ALCS against Detroit unit 050. In the world there -- -- -- Saint Louis that dramatic moment just heard he won fifty he had a horrible offensive post season. As regular season post season was okay. Except. He's favored restrictions will tell you dale. Look at is look at his impact look at how many runs he saved a company plus plays he may have an old. You can make the argument somewhere. Some Saber attrition right now is making the argument that it wasn't David Ortiz who was -- MVP of the world there -- it was Stephen -- -- others -- -- I don't know what little order our Brian but he really did lock it down as you say yes yeah it locked it down short. I just think that unfortunately it probably spell the demise. In a Red Sox uniform will middle realistically. It probably means to try to work out some deal of trying to you know move him somewhere else. And I'm not sure that wouldn't be good thing forum I mean it's not all his fault. You finger gets broken byline drive that's not exactly you know improper training on your part in the offseason it's crap block and it happens. You get the feeling though that that he might be a little career reset somewhere. Well for middle Brooks unit and then everything going on -- and a good guy David Harris brought light at the other the other girlfriend probably not well I don't know if not a not a -- doesn't start hitting. Not. Not a night I didn't say that it I don't know those two kids love not the results that yeah I just I'm shed no tears for young middle Brooks in the night. And I'm just talking about like he's gonna BM a major league baseball players somewhere whether it's here or not. Realistically it may not be here if we I would I don't know what will happen is they'll bring drew in for the year. He'll play short he moves Bogart's over to third and then DeVon perera will step into shortstop here a year from now. Which is I think with their plan is all along anyway and unfortunately I don't know what now may be maybe as they techsters said he shipped them to put tuck it. You give a first baseman Smith and you say well that's your new position learn it. Except become a first baseman -- we got a spot for you there. But not really. Mike Napoli. To get two years left a year so I don't you know I he's not a character I'm gonna look at is not a contract year for for Napoli so. I don't know what you audio derby in May be used element going to be DH. -- the replacement for David Ortiz and an a year to. Or or more likely it's somewhere else. -- -- and with little Brooks though where we're not looking at a small sample size anymore. He's failed to hit four. Almost a full Major League season if you if you. But altogether and I know institutionally they love a guy that's overcome adversity and -- had bumps in the in his career and then comes back it shows mental toughness. But I think I'm with you way he might just be -- -- damaged goods. With this team and he may just need a change of environment and I -- and it doesn't mean he's not going to be a fine Major League player and he likely will be. It probably won't be here yet if he's not that all the scouts were wrong because that insane about this. This whole mightily career disguise get thirty home run power in this is Allegiant. Major League hitter we've only just seen -- fell for -- for small flashes and I just don't think they can afford to carry me anymore in this that's what I think this move does. It does have thirty homer empower me he's got power of is just a matter of of mastering the strike zone mean that there was a spat out allowing him buster -- was talking about it couple weeks ago much Lou. This stat. When he's got two strikes on. Not necessarily go to put any any count where he's got two strikes on his numbers. Are before the injury we're just horrific. So he's just got to learn. This is very simple we've got to -- throwing strikes. It has -- discipline is is not there. So when he connects with it yet he used the -- to a long way but. It is. It looks like in some ways he's he's regressing. Or maybe he's not regressing and on remain maybe he stayed the same as the league has adjusted and figured out what he can't. And for all those people on the text machine were asking if middle Brooks leaves can we have Jenny -- back it's a good -- I don't -- there a point I don't know the answer legitimate. Beckett have sources that NASA and you know after -- that you're talking you know and Jerry I'm -- right now it's all right now make that trade. Some calls -- -- out Jenny Dell back right right -- OK I don't think there is a man among us that wouldn't be the fine with that as much as we'd love to see of Campbell. If if I had to choose. What is the because of the journals I mean you -- because of the because of the high journalism that it ought to get -- about thirty home run power. She's got it yet she's got that double. I just think that this is a a an -- knowledge not on the part of the Red Sox that they are in it despite everything at their right there. And I think that the the -- of -- bets to center field over the weekend in Portland is another technology meant. Never played center field in his life in in professional baseball until this weekend. And I think they're saying you know we love us some Jackie Bradley junior and he's really good defensively. But if he can't hit his weight may we got a moment -- either too. -- -- I don't know if it's it would be smoky remove keys that double I love the name. So the guy in the guy played second base has been a second baseman for most of his career. He plays a game and his first game at center field he had one put -- -- didn't get lost it was fine. But he's double. So you're gonna tell me that Jackie Bradley is not the answer you would move him out. And then rely on another guy. Who has risen through the system meteoric very quickly into the fifth round pick by the way that this is not. What we're Jackie Bradley junior. Was more. -- They have hired drafts that as a bookie bet. So -- it that much of a surprise for the Red Sox a -- Jackie Bradley junior go through the system. I'm looking -- with Robert shore well regarded but guys -- up right now. -- know 382. At Portland me just crazy numbers slugging percentage well over 500 free blog -- like seventy straight. But still minor leagues he had a lot you have a lot of confidence that if they said. In addition to bringing back Stephen Drew -- we're gonna do that send down Jackie Bradley junior he's got options. And we're gonna -- -- veteran -- can bet it's gonna batten Barton plays that are field. Don't be little security when. -- I don't think they're ready to do it now but I wouldn't be shocked. Look I think he's going to be he's gonna get beat the quick bump to Pataki here fairly soon the -- turn up double life. And would you be shocked if August 1 all it was a smoky Betts was hearing in uniform if Jackie Bradley continued to struggle offensively the way has so far. If there's still on the hunt and that's my point out that that all of this is hate you know what despite everything worked still in this thing. Right -- And I and I totally appreciate that they're not -- did just say which they gave really could they could take advantage of that honeymoon period and say. Elephant let's just develop a lady young guys you know which -- but but they I think this is -- recognition that we are not the Florida Marlins you know we can't let these guys learn on the job if they're if they're gonna fail. Will give them all along leash because we believe in the future but we're not gonna just keep role model parent and watch them you know pop up with with you know runners -- second and third. I'll applaud them. Mean this is something that they needed to do this helps -- -- -- what you're asking him to do yesterday need to do this now the the next. The next thing to fix. Is. The leadoff spot. And Dustin Pedroia has done well there he has. It's been he has been better than their other alternatives. At the leadoff spot. But -- are really well which are looking at are where it belongs what occurred in a run producing yes it is there anything you can do is there -- -- -- there anything that they can do you. With a leadoff spot at this point could they do what they did it shortstop and bring back last year's leadoff hitter. Is is -- available are not available until they just going get him like say we we changed our mind to want him back now and probably can't. For about a kid him about terminals are obviously you know and yet I think -- Mexico. But you know that guy that's not out there. I mean to me their best alternative and it and it's kind of thinking outside the box -- the stupid cliche but. I think Bogart's may be because we he's fielders with a run all of our whole nation which doesn't manage. You know they just need a guy I wouldn't mind that I should -- my. -- -- -- It hurts you wouldn't mind that did this every week a moment to -- I -- -- -- no this has been standing. On these airwaves going back about six weeks. When I got me out our options Zander Bogart -- -- I've never asked. I asked the manager. Submit your question for the manager I submitted this question for the manager you -- scanner. -- skip let us get us diplomats talk real talk your -- In general public young Bogart's. Is he a good option -- lead -- And he said when he grows he's got to grow into the -- run producing guy out. You know like where he has right now and you know six number six spot in the order. But you look at the batting. You look at the ability to hit having easy he's going to be a great hitter. And it may not be a great hitter right now we have a grown into the the players -- got to become clearly. Are right now. Be a perfect fit for leadoff spot thought that weeks ago picks. Mayor Eddie -- hey that's I haven't I proof. I've been talking about the little or is it he would say with a -- do you think you're talking of fuel over beer but if you Italians and out of gasoline. Right now on debate whether right I tried it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- My number one thing -- lead -- hitter is. It getting on basement of the two was running up pitch counts in those two things can go hand in it both guys that ball from side to me to -- -- a -- you're next on -- -- -- -- I just wanted to talk about little work solo home. And I think he's going to be a player and probably not -- stock but I think they have a lot of BP is this philosophy is sitting pitches. I think it it doesn't play well with the young player I think a lot of them come up they compute to get out of their own debt. And I think he's the pick them -- that and the more than anything else. If you remember when he came up last year for a bottom up it's truly a great. I mean that act in the first pitch. I mean. All collapse of the truck you know work either right I think is certain players. Second adapt to that philosophy. It's in their personality or is that the mayor you know the way that they approach. At bat and -- there's others that -- Well I don't know about Roland what we've done a lot of -- to. -- he did he was. He was sent down and when he came back. So we came back the second time. He was better for for awhile and then he start to fall back and to some of some of that habit. That he had that got sent down in the first place but I don't know fifth of that the philosophy you might be right the philosophy might be. Getting to him. That's -- that's a positive that's that's a check mark for middle Brooks. In his defense on the flip side he's been with the organization for awhile and it's not. A philosophy that they teach once you get to the major leagues if you have been in the system and the hat. Whether it's high -- double A AAA. They are they're teaching this is our approach so when you get the Boston there are no surprises about what the expectations are so. He knew about this long before he got to Boston. 6177797937. As telephone number the -- TT AT&T text line is 37937. The Red Sox have signed Stephen Drew. A pro rated share of the fourteen million dollar qualifying offer works out to about. Ten point two million dollars for the rest of the season. The deal is pending a physical which is probably why he's in Boston. He's expected to be at Fenway tonight. I don't think he's quite ready to play yet unless he's had them the most awesome offseason conditioning program in history. But I don't know that Steve -- is right that this is gonna take a month to get him ready. We'll talk more about that and your calls as well 61777979237. Dale and Holley and -- -- here on Sports Radio WEEI. You know -- is doing the best that he can with that the two remaining guys obviously were with Mike and Stephen. We're gonna do whatever we can bring both guys back at the time that we extent of the qualifying offer to all guys it was you know. Know that this is I don't wanna see a formality but certainly part of the process and they've got decisions to make him and just again wish them well and and know that. War -- hopefully the one that works out the deal with the -- come back. At that point. They're out of the market and you know their responses back you're gonna be different than what they were important regular season from get right back it is to no response at all. So if you understand it that's that's whether they're instructed to do better -- assists you know their their time with the game and what they're going through is no different than any other team -- experienced. It was John Farrell after last season and the plans and what do. It was a cheer you're dinner with John earlier -- dinner with John fare that's that's what that was from. According to several media reports about it right it's just so we can clarify. Some people are new. This whole dinner with the manager thing. No you don't have to pay. As a matter of fact where pain. Not only are we paying for. Some people have brought in eight plus one. Oh will pay per view. Will play will pay per year plus one. We've been struggling and if your and if your plus one -- -- -- -- world won't take her out. -- Which have happened and I missed that which have. This is a nice place incidentally paper tablecloths. And ultimately in some houses and crayons. It's great. Quote please don't mind go pulls free Lee and instantly infrequently used to. Back when that appetizers and century's great conversation. You ought to do is go to WEEI dot -- questions frankly are. -- sub standard with -- that this is a great baseball area. Rick Reilly's column. The -- Spain's. In America current Boston. If you appreciate frequently worn out no problem now well. There's a Smart baseball WPI dot com. Get involved in this -- Back to the the -- situation according to several media reports you're gonna meant and I know Steve lions gonna find this even harder to mention. He's going to be on the active roster tomorrow. Now that means going to play tomorrow but he's going to be on the active roster tomorrow. At and I'll take it one step further we were discussing the whole batting order thing. And I think they want Pedroia out of the leadoff spot as well he's a run producer get him down -- that number three spot where he can produce some runs. No issue with that we're talking about -- the lead -- guys going to be -- take it one step further. Stephen -- is going to be early. Why that's that is the shocking new pool for -- my friend I think Stephen Drew is going to be your leadoff guy at now I'm not sure he's ready. You know day one to do that. But I think that that's that's what they'll do. Where there for a little guy distant that. Consistently. I don't have a different I think and I know what I think is out of Bogart's as your number two better. Oh all fifty against them Detroit last year is that is at the stat that was a team that everybody struggles capturing right. -- -- what did Ortiz hit against army lieutenant who had we have -- Grand Slam but when he had no six and and to be clear USA in the Boston Red Sox not -- I handle it all way and install a little off broadside from sit on his coach the other day like watching in you know all the. The wire on dvd or whatever Stephen Drew was doing to Rogers I want to Stiller who who you lead off. It probably not in Fenway. That's what I like I don't know I don't. Has that -- a moral but yet I I think. I returned to watching old episodes -- min. Or bonanza guys he's 1 of those I -- for the text or who says I hate the fact that Boris one. It's -- just lost four million dollars. He lost the the the cut a four million dollars that he would have gotten so I don't know how Scott -- one now. Whether he wins or not will depend on what Stephen Drew -- next year he's a free agent again at the end of the year no draft pick compensation for next year. So you know that that loophole that was knocked in all the other teams how to play here this offseason won't exist. On -- he gets next year that will decide if if Scott Boras want. Had a texture on the eighteenth -- text line also says you guys are you guys are back. You're talking about Stephen Drew the return of Stephen Drew a defensive player. Who can't hit. And you're excited. But then you're killing. Jackie Bradley junior. A defensive player who can hit. What -- If this is solving a problem. They've given up a lot of runs it in the infield and and Stephen Drew even woody before he gets back to 100%. Playing condition I think we all agreed day one he's the best shortstop on the on the field like as we stand right now. I -- offensively last year he was a lot but now I know. Your your last vision of -- -- it was so bad but it became his entire year or it's on TV at 253 last year. He had 29 doubles eight triples thirteen home runs 67 runs batted in scored 57. Is OPS plus per last year. Was 117. He was better then barely got a normal average guy offensively at shortstop. And I again I know how bad he was in the post season and that's what we all remember it was a lot better than people given credit for. Those those stats you decide -- would put him at cleanup on this time team to win -- magnified this year. If one small problem with this it's that it's -- personal thing I've get a a hole in my heart the shape of Nomar Garciaparra. And I thought finally it was -- feel I thought the -- are -- to Danielle for a minute there. When I started I can't keep -- on another place calm and really close to might not media outlet -- on their bottom. I want to -- legal -- don't gotta -- youth recruitment the -- -- a clay -- shortstop for back to back years which they haven't had. Since -- left it's like. The drummer in Spinal Tap like they just keep losing shortstop and I thought we luster would now he's a retread but then he may be gone. Next year I just want and I thought -- to be this guy does that guy that they will plug in and I'll see -- cleanup position at a high level for the next seven years. In that dream is already died it would ninety at the Memorial Day yet. Judge just my own personal thing it it it it hurts me on a certain level. But the -- think clearly has worked out as far and. And look I'm I'm not try to make this personal but brought -- and I'm maybe you'll be fine Major League player someday I think they're looking with -- and will middle Brooks on the DL. Are we comfortable going into every game with Bogart's it short and -- -- the third -- out your line -- is every day now. So now now I got to work with Brian Butterfield -- got to work with Zander Bogart at third base all that work at shortstop. Probably helped him to a degree. Put I got a transfer move over. Moved down a little bit. And and transfer that work to third -- to -- -- defensively at third and yet as short. Yeah I thought last year when he played third base a great well eventually doctors over robotic there at third base but he started to relax. And you -- really think in the bottom in the field because he was so impressive at the plate for a young player. Great patience and it was it was beyond patients' mean drew a big walk. In the post season we know that but he also had some pretty good six pretty good hits too. I think that's a good move I think that it it's saying they did this is not average year we haven't given up on this year we're not just gonna keep trot and the kids out. Every single day and if they hit great if they don't you know we got to go through some growing pains this is wherein it. And we got to a team that that is right there let's just fix it go to. -- -- -- a point yesterday. And Steve Lyons. Although we didn't get behind by saying it was close it he said it -- -- silently he was thinking. When you asked him hey what would it do for this clubhouse will do for this team if they announced tomorrow. They've they've signed Jon Lester -- long term deal maybe have an effect for a day or two but it's no big deal -- and help this guy here this guy that whatever. It's about sending messages. Send a message. Bring back -- -- You're not gonna let. -- your message to the starting pitchers is. We're just not gonna let you we're not gonna hang you out there to drive gonna bring in a professional quality shortstop where you trust who you one -- You've signed Jon Lester the long term deal. -- We're serious about this. We're not skin clients were all about the money we're all about. Taking care of our stars I think it would be more than. A day or two it really would. Are reinforced in the clubhouse. At the Boston Red Sox are are are back in business. 6177797937. John's done in Maryland Tayshaun. Kate scale Michael Geary I'd be -- guys I'm really excited about this move actually -- -- a few times. Even over the winter wondering why did you bring him back. Eight -- not even with standard if Willis there -- Goodyear. Down the line -- on our -- our rock all what they're gonna be enough so so eventually each rating Europe. A better utility guy so I'm really happy to have but even drew back on board. With that being said I've got a plan going -- of how we correct the rest of these issues. Most people talk about trading from an outfielder. Down in Miami a -- Carlos Stanton. I think that would be great but probably not gonna happen. So I actually like and other out -- it down their -- genealogy 2120 year old guy. Working his way really accurate superstar I -- rebel. I that top the order type of guy you got it to seven home runs about six or seven stolen bases. He's got a good batting guy he's he's locked well he's he's got a lot of finger at a red stop -- their players -- the minor league. I also think that Jose Fernandez who route their big start probably their biggest attractions aren't selling ticket though. I yup you got hurt and probably going to be out the next eighteen months or so. That rumors you know the past couple years that will Middlesbrough two part time linked to -- I'd like to see how will -- -- Either Mike carper Daniel Nava packaged up with one of the good pitching prospect rhetoric. Webster Renato I'd certainly like to hold on to -- -- I would never trade Owens street Ellis but. I would like to get a packet going with some of those guys that big. I you know carp are not good experienced Major League guys probably pattern and somebody options down there in Miami. Are you get a guy like me Oprah throughout the offensive potential. -- replace their sort of if not replaced paper and that you're that great pitcher but at least give them another option and the more depth there. You -- yell at the top of the line -- it's like a young out very urgent 2.0 and roll it right at this summer again and and I think you're looking really really good at it he thought the prime away from the Marlins dugout to see the rookie Eric got all the eligibility left but. Why would damage that tendency I think the the injury Fernandez if anything shut down business but Lamar. I mean not go anywhere without him with that rob Ford I would -- anything my c'mon there's no way I think. But that -- of stray. Lee Anthony wasn't drunk I. You do that of the first -- we had who did the math on on the on the draft lottery in the -- -- management but -- this I was will -- now but he wasn't because -- -- -- portrait -- how much you know why -- and I've -- -- -- -- try to build stuff about the options again. Argument Daniel out of you know knob and -- the car. I'll give you at the prospect that -- Really don't want. And hold on to prospect -- are I don't want an honor and I get a young rookie who you've got under complete financial control for the foreseeable in the regular guy -- definitely -- -- -- him and it never quite know the strike zone yet and while you're at a though Ryan -- for Andre Johnson let's let's go through with. It's to have every ridiculous act that truck up tight -- we can't. 6177797937. The AT&T -- minus 37937. Not only is Stephen Drew re signed reports are reason Boston getting its physical done reports are. You'll be in the Fenway clubhouse tonight reports are -- be in the active roster tomorrow night. Let's hope that the rumor is much at all got out on -- I don't know let's hope it is true I'm I've I liked this idea. And besides that was JD was talking about it was Steve I've been even Bob Ryan is all for signing Stephen Drew. Our approach towards our team is always going to be one that we can build the greatest depth. And knowledge to the 25 man roster but guys below that. Stephen Drew was a very good shortstop and I know they'll be people that say you know what's the infatuation with -- -- be based on the policies and performance but. He's a darn good shortstop in a very strong year force. He's a left handed hitter that otherwise you don't have an entire right handed hitting infield which creates further balance in the lineup going forward. I I can't sit here today and say that he's going to be back here personally I'm hopeful he's back. Well his dreams came true today that's John Ferrell at the end of last season talking about possibly bringing Stephen Drew back something he was all for. The reporters who were down a clubhouse right now. Have said in the last few minutes that town and a Bogart was called into a closed door meeting in Jon -- office a few minutes ago. And Michael you you gave us sitting here in this in this studio the exact conversation the -- -- a packet you know repeat all of -- -- the other -- artsy I. -- parts of the conversation probably something to the effect of didn't do anything wrong. You you are still a big part of our future but you gonna play third -- and played third base so you can relax. Just play your game it is anymore. It'd be less demanding position. I've -- shortstop obviously and you've got a guy. Coming in Stephen Drew that under Bogart's knows gonna make his job easier is gonna make Dustin Pedroia his job easier the pitching staff can relax. It's a win for everybody but I think they need to. Say something that -- Bogart's before me he goes to -- fourth -- before enemy before sit. Before the media and talks about. What this means there probably given them some talking points. And had given them the like the break up topic it's it's not you it's it's -- -- via a -- Stephen is take an hour and a break and I -- -- exactly. You do just you just slide over there and it's only Bogut had done before. One world did -- have already had to post things got a he's got a ring from doing that I think that's that's you'll lead and -- and the less said the better that you you Bogart's European Beecher Frasier you're gonna bounce around it. -- one other bit of -- breaking news here in the last few minutes shocking to most of us. Super Bowl 52. In 2018. In a big big upset was not awarded to New Orleans which had been ten for ten. In its bids for Super Bowls rightfully so rightfully so it is the perfect Super Bowl host city. That beat out by Minneapolis. Shocking -- every one all of the observers now they've -- -- new stadium under construction. It does have a roof OK it's not going to be an outdoor Super Bowl in Minneapolis in February. I was at the Super Bowl that was in Minnesota in 1992. And course it was in the the dome. Game itself was fine nobody went outside you couldn't and it's almost walkways overall the city's right Albany city streets and stuff but most people. Thought this was a done deal. This Super Bowl was headed for new war ones I don't know what Minnesota dead -- what Minneapolis dead but out of nowhere and they got awarded the Super Bowl in 2000. Know exactly what they did you mention it's a new stadium yup that was the Augusta reward for a new stadium and that's how. A lot of these. A lot of these franchises -- when -- get are we get ourselves a new stadium we may be able to get. A super ball I remember we were talking about this in Kansas City before they're trying to get in new stadium. He wound up getting some renovations done arrow Arrowhead Stadium and it was Coca -- got the renovations done but he lost -- chance at a Super Bowl Dallas got a new stadium. Dallas got a Super Bowl Indianapolis Lucas Oil. They got a Super Bowl we know what happened there are giants patriots the second time around and this is gonna happen in Minneapolis new stadium Super Bowl. Outlets as Albert -- points out they never let a brand new stadium habit. They always give it to them in the second cup when you're fired on all the bugs fracture innings you know run on right now in the second year will give you the super process that's about the NFL. After the stuff about you look at it. From a distance and you say this is going to be disasters is a bad idea what if -- those would've that would've that. While we talked about new York -- -- and what a disaster that was going to be it was not -- well around Indianapolis. I can tell you -- I thought they did a great job. I didn't even recognize the city in Indianapolis -- town this is not that normally one of my top ten cities in the in the US. It was week. So. NFL. They really come in they've they've got a plan on -- -- home renovation which did you do it on HGTV. Making over not a house but making over a city. Cold weather city not a problem off for the league -- -- super ball. I only I only marginally visited the Super Bowl last year was for a a comedy event that I was involved and it's the only time I've ever been. In a suitable city on Super Bowl week and what I took away from that is. This is nothing to -- your like this is ninety that a blip on their radar and I know fully Jacksonville it was supposedly -- welcome to work or whatever and I hate I imagine it's just not much of a town near hotels on boats. Rally and like chicken restaurants and and crap like app but -- have. As an outsider as a non media guide to meet its just a TV -- They can put it anywhere I'm sorry for the guys who left the goal cut of that and you wanna go -- parties outside you wanna go hit -- street and you know get get hookers or whatever it is that -- media people -- I don't know. But to me it's just put it in an interesting thing you put it outside in the snow I would I'll be happy hour right here. But here's the thing about it -- and still do that. You don't know what the city of your choice but in terms of Super Bowl party -- think that. Because it's Jacksonville or Minneapolis or Indianapolis. That the parties. Won't be as insane as they aren't New Orleans to New York although that's still the still there but that's the beautiful people who are complain about the high rollers in the corporate sponsors they wanna go when they still show up. -- -- -- regardless -- well so it's no big deal but it's in Minneapolis or if there are added and in Seattle or whatever or Dallas wouldn't. You know where he split seconds to me I'm just I'm an outsider and I find it kinda. Malaria still listen to that that they can't ringing in the football -- idea that how dare they forced me to go to. Detroit for a garden -- it's obnoxious for somebody who gets paid to go to the Super Bowl no matter where it is you're getting -- to go to the Super Bowl and complaining about it. Absolutely now haven't said that would might be enact guy and then I'd be the first ones green like -- I want to go to his -- speech what are they doing in Jacksonville or whatever -- I loved them him and it coats outside in New York I wish it snowed. I mean it in evident fox borrow from like -- currently people enjoy. The culture of beautiful downtown Providence. Patriots place or whatever. 6177797937. Stop is just happening left and right like -- and like Stephen Drew signed with the Red Sox will be on the active roster. May be even as early as tonight the will be on the roster tomorrow now reports out of the clubhouse are. He will be sent somewhere to play for seven to ten days. He'll be on the active roster because that's on the contract kicks him. You know target -- until you're on the active roster so he'll be on the active roster tomorrow but then they'll ship him someplace close two weeks. Well right into it says seven to ten days maybe -- or maybe even sooner than just an is an act and hey Justin I don't. Hello just -- well. Sorry to get a -- at -- you know I I do not love this side through resigning. I think that. If you think going into the year that -- arts is one of the top three prospects for a chart that in the last twenty years. And I certainly do mean I'm 37 cities about prospect I have seen in my life I'm. People agree with you by the way and and I I don't I don't bill on my plan to have Symbian might shortstop after two months that the not even two months you know I I don't like it feel a little panic eating meat. I don't think he enters an impact. I think he certainly solidifies in the shorts or short term you eat that. He's an improvement. A -- here you know I get the one caveat is that they don't think Bogart and short permanently and they think he's going to be a third basement apartment. -- think that's the answer though just -- -- -- hiding date field DeVon Marrero is going to be their shortstop of the future or if there's not that her over. Me. Damaged well -- score from second to senator short I don't know if he's got that and -- but. Justin I think. The view of Zander Bogart's being a top prospect hasn't changed. It may not it may be bookie bet that may be governor Marrero maybe somebody else but the that the Red Sox are clearly saying. It's not under Bogart and all that's panicky or that's just. Admitting. The obvious he doesn't look comfortable there -- look like a natural short and just open up. -- what here's the problem iron out the problem I have use. There how the piece on the acknowledgment mean that these are Smart people on the Red Sox front -- how expel. That a 21 year old playing shortstop in the major leagues in -- RC. Or two months is gonna is gonna look so great on someplace. The artist I just feel like -- I'm I'm not what I'm all for having a little bit I don't they rebuilt but you're gonna turn it over some of -- you'd. I think you have to be prepared for periods without some growing pains and I'm all for particular those Roland. Just an iPad -- in different series you'd think they're giving up on and are not he is he is as you correctly pointed out. The best prospect in recent memory for the Red Sox could play every single day he's just not necessarily gonna play it at shortstop. I think it's -- good point to talk about. Living through the growing pains for prospect. At about -- for Justin on the best prospect he's 37. I would say the best prospect I've seen. In Justin's -- lifetime the Red Sox we know more. When you say no ought to be put this tie in game I say yeah I mean we have seen an up and and in Bogart's may exceed him but so far it's no mark came up and immediately went on growing pains. -- Firfer -- came up. Our lead -- guy immediately thirty home runs rookie year but I -- -- and a guy that we knew about all the way up from -- -- -- came as advertised but I I would say that the growing pains are not woods. That's that was bothering the roads with Bob and Red Sox and and in -- has talked about this you know as a much better view. It talks about how Bogart is flat footed his instinctively. He's not anticipating. Anticipating the plays this is just something that. Is knotted at the short. Can live with errors I think I had twenty errors at this point they still -- any -- he's -- all these errors. But he still he's making he's getting to balls that your average shortstop can't get to weaken the -- goes. I think they see. That it's not his position and they are making the switch. Sooner rather than later. I applaud them for that 6177797937. Is the telephone number. Dale and Holley and Jerry -- for a force coming up next.

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