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Will Lucky finally show up? Evaluating the Celtics chances in tonight's NBA Lottery

May 20, 2014|

We talk Celts and NBA Draft and Lottery with Jerry Thornton of Barstoolsports.

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The arrest of channeling my inner Clint Eastwood and are you feel unlucky. Are you punk are you feel lucky because. That's actually. If you're a Celtics fan you've got to feel real lucky. Because I hate to break the news to the end you've heard me talk about this Michaels talked about it and others. You only have a ten point 3% chance of getting the first overall pick in the NBA draft lottery tonight -- which means you got -- -- percent chance of not getting it. What do you have what chance do you have. You're single man going out in the streets of Boston. Got some nice Cologne on less than your rent an isolated what I don't know what he's sort of stance when it it -- Bartlett Eric. Well Eric is intelligent got a 10% chance tonight. What those chances -- I I'd have a 10% chance of got -- -- in my pocket that's debt would be it from me I'm not get it looks and personality Michael like gotta -- you know I got to be resourceful Norton gotta gotta think positively it's Jerry Norton. You know Jerry Norton is here from bar -- sports. The rumors are out there. That didn't maybe we have a problem with you we introduce you properly. Jerry Kelly and point this out a while we introduce you properly and quickly enough. Yeah I know we're here we're gonna do it now within the first minute that Jerry Norton we'd like Jerry Norton. From Parcells came back to me I guess they would they would giving you guys the -- -- -- and somehow it never that would never happen not you know I've got this one -- fighting work out your family are all about teamwork. But now that I'm on one wins we all win Gerri at that day here in this bill rising tide lifts all boats. I know I didn't feel the least bit unwelcome and and thank you for it for having me back. -- -- -- think -- the the -- good luck -- that the Celtics need to buy -- -- -- being -- this story but the -- you know I have to admit when I saw a headline first before likely got to -- -- -- -- -- some live -- like some kind of food and the other -- that severed head. Of ordinary and -- in Mickey Rourke -- that you -- Angel Angel heart there it seemed. To know where she's naked I don't. I don't remember well I tell you it was Bill Cosby right at that exact moment aren't in that broke I. Cricket is acting. This can't be acting. I think good good healthy percentage of us had that pattern on VHS so that part of the tape was not a static -- from from re -- and you re watching the most current and likely monster's ball same thing. With -- buried Billy Bob we talk about that last week and I I don't goalie David I'm talking about that push it to act out. Yes it was -- it was so unexpected. And there I report and we'll get lucky like -- what's it. Lisa bonnet and Halle Berry popped into his head out of nowhere -- mathematically your chances are your chances of getting one of the top three picks is only about 30%. Which again means he got close to a 70% chance you're not gonna get one of the top three picks mathematically chances are real good you're gonna end up around six. Which is not what we're looking for which sort of makes the lottery not a lottery at all because they were. They weren't tied for fifth worse dating get the extra ping pong ball which put them six and all likelihood they gonna end up sixth with a minus one. Like -- everybody you know you bring your plus one -- your minus one and the lottery and it just by the standard system used to be picking fit. But there's a chance that you could be picking tricks. And in weirdly they re seed after three. Correct it -- it is the most public. It I watch every year and and every year ago. I think they just try so hard to make this so complicated. I should just be a lottery lied to they still have that with -- on Haiti's. Is to be unlike the local you know we have just it was right -- jeopardy and for five minutes on his it was like those lovely she was kind of that. Maria Stefhon Hannah severed day everyone else want -- to a girl that was. And for ping pong balls that come out -- and degenerate gamblers who get their stupid daily number and they get on with their -- like can't just be that. Can't they just get done -- out of retirement in an effort just tell us who the picks again. I don't think they should go back to the -- gonna have the you can have the the flat out system where there there's no lottery. And the worst team in the league. The Milwaukee Bucks picks first. And you go from there you can do it that way or you put all of the forget about the chances in the ping pong balls go back to the way they used to do it. You don't make the playoffs your team logo goes into a card. You go to that you know goes into an envelope it's not a card and you just trying to shake it up there but you don't think Christiana okay reach into the hat. Who snags this pull it out. That's how goat these guys by. At all the conspiracy -- that you do -- if you're well aware that -- Patrick -- one guy frozen the pros and arrow and envelope I think it's very written -- said. -- -- -- -- inherited the -- don't believe it personal I wouldn't put it past the NBA again this is that this Little League that employers are black or crooked referees for years I would say if if I believed -- of any league it would be the NBA yes but I also don't believe that the NBA Smart enough to keep that a secret if they -- -- -- would you agree with me that just the hint that media is legit even this just that the this. Urban legend B and Althea is the reason why we have the ping pong thing -- -- Philly like stern was so. Weird notable people openly talking about it be fixed that they came up with this supposedly fixed proof system that none of us can comprehend. If they fix that tonight. If they -- -- and I don't believe they do but if they do it who would they want to get it would they want the lakers would they want the Celtics. What they want the knicks -- what what team do we assume that if the fix was in this is who the NBA would want to get the first overall. Well they probably would want the knicks if Phil Jackson had been -- Tunnel they want they don't they wanna hook up Phil Jackson and the next. Up again this is a different day with Adam silver and David Stern probably wouldn't want Phil Jackson and the knicks. To recover because then. That would knock him out thrown -- somebody that's bigger diameter Phil Jackson brings back the next gives them their first championship since 1973. I got a vocal ability imports yeah I just would not work for the stars nobody's gone -- you stop beating your if you. Immediately if you listen everybody else in the country we will -- him. -- never left the country would be. As you just said dale New York. Probably an order beat LA line Boston to your victory. So if the fix was in with -- in that group on the go belly now they've -- second best chance anyway am not a basketball not a basketball town. So. I had I don't think so I didn't really helped that I mean. If have you talked with a number one pick your top drafting them warming draft in the Mormon kid and Jabari Parker that's a nice story and really help the NB -- that much that Jabari Parker in Utah I think of the Wendy's big market in New York LA Boston. I'm gonna save the last team that won him get it would be the Celtics because the league hates and it's been screwed on their whole lives leeches you highly Dubai into the -- Nazi well I don't -- like is it possible that Tommy writes. Self that that's why that that would yet well he would he would probably tell -- that I don't I don't like by the way -- -- of course -- we should note the knicks are so despite an Olympic. Nixon. Who has there's. -- the knicks have traded a waste of my they have. -- the knicks wanted to make the playoffs and they didn't. Who has an expert well I thought you probably don't get any changed as he has everybody else's but -- -- have -- -- But is this one of those deals where 'cause they are on the list and and their odds are credit but he is not one of those conditional notes that lottery protected or don't like that do not have a -- While I'm surprised and it it's listed as the next Denver. The Carmel -- member -- -- Denver's got two shots -- is there on the list with their own at zero point 8%. The knicks are up there with. What's what's their zero point 7%. So if if you had the worst record what's your percentage of getting them that the best pick. Probably have to -- in the 25% range. She just just that probably it probably over -- one in four chance. Are the working so there's your reason turned it it's it's a disincentive. To. To suck it and -- to swim for the bottom I mean you get one in four shot I don't think two of two lottery picks of the Rick Pitino are determined. -- -- It was the -- -- 27%. Picked it chance to get the first with two picks. I I don't know. There are actually people texture here says enough of the ping pong balls totally fake fraud a joke Celtics not even in the conversation when it comes down to it. The league wants the lakers to be more relevant. -- get the number one pick if not Orlando well. Orlando what -- -- -- a lot of illegal Orlando so much I had I actually absolutely capable with the reason it's not that -- remember the system. It and how the system was broken. When Orlando in consecutive years. -- wound up with the number one pick. They got Shaq. The number one pick they want to which Shaq and and that team you know just in this to make in the playoffs. I and it shocked rookie year they won and that's when forty games 41 games somewhere in there. They were borderline playoff team that lost a percentage point and they come back and get the number one pick again. They take wherever they make that trade. Effort Hardaway. Goes to Orlando. And it really sets up Orlando to get get themselves. To make a championship level team. Went to the finals -- work but that's what the system was broken to think they are so many. Any any system to come up with you gotta find loopholes with that and it looked at war eight. It full proof system and it doesn't exist just got to figure out what's the best way what's the barest. Draft system for your league and. What what what this system that you come out with where it's gonna happen is going to be some competitive integrity when you get to. March April that's the thing date they don't want the perception. Of teams tanking which by the way -- Most people think that the Milwaukee Bucks did at times this year a most people think Philadelphia 76ers did. People think the Celtics did I mean no matter what system they put in place. There will always be accusations of teams -- it's it's just gonna happen. People don't -- people believe anybody read about anything anymore by that I had that I was I was making fun of you about the conspiracy oil. A lot don't believe. I -- There is of of healthy or not healthy part of my brain that says yeah I would not put it past the league did they not give the number one pick a few years ago to the team that the legal and in a while and not get the number one when when the NBA owner. I would have -- Anthony Davis picked yet. I don't know the league if the league still -- -- an -- that pales in pounded by Adam. The guy wants the mcdonalds things. Arnold that was our ability -- -- -- I always some chicanery going in with when they -- that there are some that ray wants franchise going your I'll give you that there's some great story lines. With the drafts over the years Patrick Ewing going to New York is is number one at a very close number twos thing. They executed. The -- In Akron Ohio. Com and he's great. Is he grew up thirty miles from Cleveland -- Cleveland has won seventeen games here and let's see who's gonna win the lottery and know. -- look at it right yeah well those are -- -- throughout the home crowd can't if it's unbelievable. It's very very convenient it's it's a hell of a coincidence right right I I never believe that a league could keep a secret. Admin people talked about you know officials in in the NFL all of date the NFL wanted such and such team to win you go back to that that play in Seattle. You know with the replacement officials and you'd think back to really bad officiating calls and all the fixes him. Can tell you right now there is zero chance that a league could keep that secret. If they ever did anything like that there's zero chance somebody somewhere some disgruntled NBA employee who was there when they fix the Patrick Ewing lottery. I promise you would have come out with a -- I know Donald Sterling. Oh I don't -- got ordered expelled on -- you are trying to pick out Robert tell all thinker you wait. At the same time they they had a referee who by his own admission woods was. Fixing games. And he kept a separate you know what what. They call -- -- foam lake is is extra phone that he used just for gambling. And he frequently texted. -- other people just prior to him fixing games some level where NBA refs and one in particular who he was texting all the time. I forget his -- I didn't get a say yet who is still still -- -- still -- playoff games it in the end of the NBA just threw up and that's it. Not gonna see here we've got it was below a rogue referee this. This lone gunman operating by himself in and we solve that problem for -- all you didn't he got egg hunt. Caught by somebody other than you know. And you know add to what the -- That the weird you know middle of his career -- retirement by by Michael Jordan. Because his father had a dream that it rattle around in the minor leagues on a bus somewhere that just the Sierra. Out -- don't buy that would either I don't buy Jordan. The NBA asking Jordan leave because. -- when Jordan was good for businesses all the falcons are a bit that's why why is it good business for believed. To have the best player. I ratings draw. Why is it good business for him to cool way to Birmingham -- Minor League Baseball. And why I think a difference for the league to suspect well. Because paranoid crackpots like myself. Say that they they had the goods on him they had to suspend them they didn't have to. But they -- it was gonna come out and this was a way to address sort of goal -- it's -- New York Times had a story and let the story didn't run it. A minute if they have a good economy has got to come out why didn't come out that would taint the league destroy his championship she was eat it. You can not only was the biggest player at the time and I -- where he was a Sports Illustrated athlete of the the centuries cell. This it was a way to just like a deal we we have to suspend do you do is they'll be I'll do my goal create this fiction that you you have this dream to be apace. All player Michael Jordan became Michael Corleone is hotter router that it was going to go Italy four and he married up Polonia I will say this and detector brings up good -- As long as the NBA continues to do business behind closed doors at this lottery. It's not out on stage you know -- to see it happen. As long as they're out the back somewhere trust that's that's what happened. And that there'll always be question I think cuts but team representatives are there so I don't why are we there why -- cameras there. Why is it that its team representatives or back behind closed doors. And and we know the answer why would -- you know what they've done and I'm saying as long as they continue to do business that way. Bands at least wonder what -- back why don't they show us. Ran out here on stage got a big states there and Secaucus. All that stuff up front. And -- and the Supreme Court justice who once said. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. In all you've got to conspiracy got people out there did not trust and you just. You don't have to be an open process for us all the NFL what do monetize this'll one time. I thought. At times feel it sponsored by under a bottle it up channel all week and -- lottery channel -- they do what an ominous -- coming on tonight in prime time 8 o'clock but by then it's already been settled they bring them -- I just heard them. Someone talk about the study actually at an MBA you know insider and -- that the networks and using and that they eagle -- Roman not allowed. They're they're tablets to laptops there of their phones at all Billick sealed in the air. Until this process is done and then they're not allowed to leave. The whole shell was done live while these guys are still stuck back there like. And I know -- I know what they're saying what they're saying is they're doing a TV show. And and they don't what what what if what if they're doing it live on stage and and we learn you know within the first five minutes that you know the Orlando Magic have the first overall pick in the draft -- let's screws up the TV show you turn away you'll stay through debris later goodbye so I I don't. I don't have you. And after this we will reveal that top worry now if the Celtics pop up before the top three you're out there that are out there out. And who cares but there's some great reaction remember that and in 2007. And the -- and lined up with and number water or number two overall pick would have been either Greg Oden Kevin Durant. They want a number five and there's a great shot of the felt expand. -- -- -- its hands on it and the mile wide open just in shock I don't know where I don't -- -- tonight but I do notice. If they wanted to be number one pick. These phone calls about. Kevin Love will die down a little bit. It will take some of them I don't think saw it -- -- totally opposite they have the number one overall pick in the draft. It may be ballistic forget -- three -- bring in Kevin Love. Michael when you didn't think it that was a top three -- you'd make -- -- I would make the deal with it was the number one overall pick I would still is that Randy -- not only one pick in the draft -- Kevin -- I would and I I felt that yesterday at -- As strongly today -- -- it. -- -- -- -- this is I mean this is why. This is why it's risky are Kevin Love. At at the same age as Jabari Parker's jolt -- MB. Andrew Wiggins. No one would assume that at that stage that Kevin Love. On number one overall pick easy. It was it was year two year three year for. We really started to figure it out and really start to establish himself not just as -- as the as the good player but as the difference maker of very good all star caliber player capable of doing many things. I think it is it's a little shortsighted to say politic the number one pick and I just want Kevin Love right now what does that make you. -- you -- Kevin Love. Trade away the number one pick the -- trade where one and you got. E*Trade were able to your first rounder this year islets and Jared -- OK and you know contract I don't care about congress and I did not carry. It how I'm a mayor of -- like it's important but is -- -- but it just it's important to deal. What what went -- what team are what does that make dale. You live for an addict every team can -- it makes him. Why is it it's in a ballistic which is a patient what with the make the team better makes them. Among the favorites in the Eastern Conference you got to be a target around though and Kevin Love you you download it green you're gonna get -- A top. Among the top I would say out of a top two team in the east and. Poll. -- -- the chaos that's going on in Indiana I'd say it's it's -- Miami some chaos up one zip. A loose tonight put up one zip that's a team that's. Fatally flatly get into that way to run at the conference finals that year -- that's I mean that's a team with a lot acquit him. Indiana fair enough I mean when you're when -- habits going out -- imposed in zeros in for -- in in playoff games -- it. The result it's really -- At the Rondo will all argue is that I'm Obama Rondo guy you know that puts me in a minority in this company's he's a top five point guard in the league say. And Kevin Love is in all NBA player. All NBA not just an all stock. I am with dale I would trade the number one pick you just have to give up less now. In that deal to get Kevin Love because you give them a number one instead of the number five and. Obviously everything I say yesterday and today is predicated on the fact that Kevin Love is willing to sign. And extend -- -- you don't have that guarantee it would even considering you would even go near it I'm not altogether. That he's got to sign an extension here that's the only way you'd even think of it. But if I did what you just described Michael. More first round picks coming down the pipe and and Kevin Love is he's still young he's 25 point 826 in September. You know Rajon Rondo still young I still got of the core of my team the nucleus. Are two good young players I think it's a very attractive it now for potential free agents to command and all I need is one more. You give -- three starts and I'm with Jerry on this 13 stars you are one of the favorites in the Eastern Conference that you have three starts. And I'm not including Jeff Green and says anyone more and or maybe it's the draft next year and you know maybe it's a free agent this year. Maybe it's the second -- That the average and ink is that that one has might be like the thirteenth or something seventeen. So although it's Michael's scenario you you're trading ball and got yet both on you -- to read about. What may be kicked out about -- -- one next era of the first pick I I think you need to thoroughly and less to make this deal happen. And maybe you keep the seventeenth or whatever but you know obviously that the higher the pick the better it is for. The organization I just don't know that the and he is convinced that any of these guys is a franchise changer and if they are. They're probably not gonna change in franchise felt like another 34 years down the route. If I was guessing and it's only that they have no intention of pulling this off in the celtics' offices and they love the fact we're talking about it. I mean let's be honest how much Celtics talk has there been in this town are much over the course -- 910 months and whatever Celtics -- there was was generally negative. You know now all of a sudden you're talking in a positive way going forward. They probably think -- -- in the world -- world trade him here and we don't have enough to give almond oil well why would they trade him the Minnesota I think Minnesota were considerate they may. That kind of have to well but we're back to the you know would Kevin Love say yeah sure it's on an extension there. You know he really screwed. Kevin Love -- group Minnesota. Despite making public. Eight he had gone to them he said publicly let. The -- -- my uniforms as Minnesota Timberwolves whatever their uniforms as these days. And I'm I'm loyal to this franchise I wanna turn it around here will -- let. It's gonna play out the contract I'm gonna see what happens but I'm focused on getting it right here and then -- about publicly and then privately said. -- -- -- -- -- Can't stand here and -- Now they don't feel like they're held over a barrel -- have to make a deal but that he made it public they are no secrets. And I don't know what it is and you know we're Minnesota you know -- and a little bit of a bind. You know it could be you know he's tried the public -- private -- before -- got nowhere. And he's afraid to call yeah dogmatic public it not it's not gonna happen but he's got he holds the cards anyway. All the odds -- having -- have to sign an extension would not do anything. 6177797937. With telephone number the AT&T -- minus 37937. I territories in the house with -- -- dale and Holley. Talk bit as we have kicked things off here about tonight's NBA draft lottery. Where you think the Celtics land up like I am not trying to be a downer here but it's probably going to be about five or six probably mathematically that's what it tells now. The ping pong balls fall in your favor and that's secret room up back where it's totally rigged and you don't know what -- I only kept for. -- -- maybe -- you win but we'll find out what you guys think six point 77797937. -- -- and -- -- Sports Radio WE yeah. Yeah. I'm not through sweating watering we'll. I feel the same way we're we're prepared for whatever happens it's like word and knows that. -- This this is how this subject here I swear to you these are back to back acts. On the AT&T -- -- -- 790 freeze up first and says holly is right. What was the number one option on a team -- -- years of mediocrity in no great teams need to get need to keep the pick unless they slighted numbering. The very next text says get -- -- -- proven NBA player. Sure you might miss out on the next Kevin Durant but that draft pick might end up being Greg Oden instead back to back tax. And in coming years we've been saying. Black and white issues are good talk show issues -- wrong issues you know there's nobody who's gonna argued that the flip side of some things. Your argument is -- every bit -- -- -- Jerry's on this -- keep the pick trade the pick get Kevin Love don't get Kevin Love all of all our ballot problem. It's -- -- -- is better than yours because he agrees with me but there are just as valid as yours. Let's get to the call he would have bought a Ford who -- -- -- -- what else -- Wellesley and every all over the place strength and update probably will be Donald's on the cell -- Donald Europe first on Sports Radio Stella how. Archive that promise you I haven't started during. So -- -- and somewhere of it's it's human. Or strictly yet part 815 yet. So. Well I would -- the past forty years from the lottery switched to the way to. And I try to figure out a pattern to where. Each team where they were slaughtered. In where they felt better. -- figured out. What can happen thank you can write down ticket to the bank. OK. But not one spot you're gonna go to -- and electric. -- because that third spot had won the lottery more current -- -- have their fourth overall pick unions expect that number two bought the Boston Celtics. Because. Of the last twenty years and let get spot at the top 314. Times. That's a lot of the sample -- The third spot into the -- Before. The care of the seven basically like that would get an impact on how we're gonna happen like John Nash and had a blackboard. And it yourself so logical to I mean you've sold me on it to be honest with yet. It at that one -- NBA lottery ought. To be ought to didn't happen that way. That's good point doesn't it so I am telling you guys and I'm -- I won't buy you won't get an. Are you don't have it you're wrong about area that matter -- -- like I I I liked a lot hey I'll take the beer or guys who remember -- Donald. If he wants and a lottery not to Donald said they've got to put the number two pick now let's assume that there isn't a deal for Kevin Celtics fans would be thrilled with number two. Yes they'd be -- I mean Danny Ainge would be thrilled with number two guys and you know you don't really know. With a consensus number one pick is going to be. I mean depending on who -- that number one pick you can make ridiculous Bergen is one you can make a case for all three guys go. I appear that if -- the Celtics. That was before my favorite guy in college basketball -- Parker but this to you need. A senator -- -- Olympic. I should take MB. You need a seven footer you need somebody who can who can defend who can. Can seriously play the position legitimately watch you play like bishop Michael fortunate and feel like the patriots. Picking a guy in the first round exit to ACL issues and help with with medically show it as soon as somebody says the word back problems that the phrase back problems and it's scary now scares the hell lot of I mean -- -- then drafted Greg Oden. Just. When senator Greg Oden I think had urged all -- abstinent within the birth certificate nationally I don't yesterday I am not sure he says what is. But Greg Oden throughout his high school career. In his college career and ultimately it is very brief pro career. Had injury problems. -- problems while at Ohio State an injury problems in high school. So you can you can you could see that you could see that train coming. And for some people. -- that list grows and grows now you know seventeen general managers. Say oh yeah by our number one pick I would have taken Kevin Durant over Greg Oden they all say that I've ever heard there are handful of a big guy here was one of any change hey Gordon did hanging out talking Kevin Durant mom and is making small talk -- think. He was always intrigued by Durant and they had them number one picky problem. That they can end up in Maine you're next on Sports Radio dale -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you you lottery like there are relegated to combat. More better but I mean you spirit EPA. It can be it can be all it on net wells people contracting and that only. It should but it does. I mean like you look at -- Alan Light child per count every few or you Detroit line. A -- off every game pretty almost every game -- and I average number one. We saw an old -- sixteen team and an amazing what's more amazing when sixteen or sixteen and now. -- I think Olympic village -- how I got it back years. Now and and -- -- the fact that I'm Matt Millen was the architect of one of those teams it's it's not that surprising it's. It's amazing lady of the wanna game yeah allocate their head to head to -- pointers that I think god. In the NFL. The Indianapolis Colts definitely tanked almost the corporate Andrew Luck I didn't they did now. You mentioned the browns they had twenty quarterbacks that when he different starting quarterback since nineteen -- -- just try to wrap your mind around that if it. -- different starting quarterbacks they've lost at least. -- games. In every year the last ten years. -- -- don't know not in the last ten years there's one year under Romeo and went ten games so I hope that the taking issue may be a systematic. That's it's a bad organizational. Issue. I believe the Celtics. Tanked this year. And I were they were selective with how. Who they played and who they didn't play yeah he's not quite ready you know where we're gonna hold him out tonight but airport tankers and Rick Perry didn't think well yeah I I was I -- out trying to not make it is a lot because if you can't know and I can't believe a lucky -- caveat either all or not. Would put had they lost like. Five more games I think it would have increased the chances like 6% or something like that took to the college pointed it does. It should act as a disincentive because if there's like say a clear number one which there isn't the issue like -- Tim Duncan the use the example of another time the seltzer on the lottery. You've got about a one in four chance to get him if you are if you don't win a game -- of the worst team in in basketball. And yet what that would be say six or seven teams were actively trying to tank this year. Milwaukee Bucks positively -- my outlook there's no doubt in my group Celtics I think -- Philadelphia Philly Philly you'll absolutely was tanking. Ideally you want Evan Turner. Torture. For her -- we don't -- re not -- Biotech but we don't wanna pick them. Wave them. -- -- -- -- -- -- What they are eligible deleted it will throw in the air fare you're really what effect did. After accidentally -- out -- I really don't go away you look at why they didn't have that makes sense it doesn't make sense that -- And why for a -- chance. A slim chance that you're gonna miss it does this. Increase your chance that's halting gas guys it doesn't guarantee anything with a weighted lottery system the way it is. What it increases your chances the Milwaukee Bucks chance of getting the first overall pick in the draft is 25%. That's a hell of a lot better than the Celtics resident -- ten -- salary. And if you look at if you look at the box. A lot of these a lot of these teams. I can assure your Carolina in a terrible position either way. I mean if you don't if you don't tank. You know make the playoffs. Your fans don't really have anything -- get excited about. Aren't you you were among the the worst teams in the league so they're not anticipating a lottery night like we are here -- Alia. Don't -- they're really. In a strange way you're giving your fans something to look forward to Britain. But on the other hand you do have to close the deal. That was my biggest fear with the Celtics -- special and I got off to a good start was. That they're not gonna be bad enough. And I do I saw no way they'll gonna be good enough the worst thing you can be -- -- that mass of gray area in between terrible and and great. And if you don't you you miss a chance like this year you could be and irrelevant to mediocre for like. A new generation for like 5678. Years secure. -- -- I think I think the rest of the MBA disagrees with would be any gains unless Danny Ainge is -- some stuff out there Q. It's a -- hounds off percent. A lot of tendencies yeah I got the NBA because it's -- just talking about. At the depth of this draft you know a lot of people compare to the 2003 draft I don't see that at all our -- not. Well why so many teams just. Gut themselves like so many teams just bail on competitiveness. For an opportunity to get into this lottery they think. That this is a very deep draft. And in my instinct say that Danny -- agrees with them I think he was he came out he was railing against the height. Hype of making Andrew -- this before his time making depart Parker's lists and acts and -- -- make them the saviors out that's a different conversation are yet maybe that's. -- media hyperbole but in terms of of valuing these players. -- -- draft class is pretty good. 6177797937. The AT&T -- minus 37937. Coming up at four at four today. We've got them the perfect merger of sports and reality TV I can't wait to dive into that with you were right actor calls coming up next dale and -- Width -- -- Sports Radio WE yeah.

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