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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Reality TV meets Sports Edition - 05-20-14

May 20, 2014|

We tackle four topics all revolving around the cancellation of Michael Sam's reality show and reality TV mixing with sports.

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Not calling this. -- Say this about NFL films. Nobody does dramatic music better than an -- -- now that want that to be the subject of my life this is the being from hard knocks it could beat the soundtrack to your lights actually that's. Port four -- run my life just doesn't have drama elected them like this ever for a four Broadway too easy AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans. Building you a better network. Now we're playing the theme from hard knocks I have a feeling that athletes. And reality TV. Could be the direction we're heading to make sense makes a lot of have a feeling that's where we're gone -- That is exactly where rebellion some people could say that the original route reality TV was sports. And now sports stars like to venture out into reality TV themselves so. Which Bart Starr had the worst fallout from their appearance on a reality show. Well he got several candidates I'll go whipped up. I'll go with Chris Humphries. Alia who became a laughing stock in the aftermath. From from a a fairly respected and it NBA players to. -- from coast to coast and became they've -- he was he was like the punchline of a bad joke. I think it's ridiculous that their hopes that -- their hair gets messed up their make up this and that and it's like where Bora Bora at a great resort. Let's just have fun. I -- my choice I'm gonna go with the but a moment I have milked for more blogs that you could possibly imagine and that was on hard knocks -- and that was the Antonio Cromartie. The father of our country China named his children. Alonso who is. Cares who -- three. My my -- it was just three. There is my daughter who just three as of yesterday. I have another son -- Tyler. That's who he turns three in December 04 with a Taylor yeah another us daughter those born October 16 named London. -- girls born namely running who's two years we'll. And my newborn when my wife and then his Jersey. A man who couldn't be an offensive line MacKenzie really really -- protection has proposed a lot of putts a lot of it -- With my life -- I got some. Political firewire would swell out a double timing of dollars from other women out the the New York Post of course. It's a bit on this a while ago when they went to the the women. Of Antonio Cromartie -- interview as many as speaker and got their story about mark. The real housewives of Antonio guard that he must have game because he does. He definitely told them. That apple optimism Lola thank you objected -- everybody put out of there over the -- -- well there I don't know if somebody were going there. I would I would say it's Ochocinco and then got. The man got cut. On national TV I mean that's the reality show coming back to bite the reality star. -- From the left. Which you don't. You know you got the message across clear Thursday met not met individually and as a team. And so it was one of the Richards. -- -- -- Yeah. A lot of guys. And teammate. I appreciate them. But -- I -- very -- got -- basically cut himself and a while here at Norfolk rhetoric builders like a great. Took all the spread problem -- hear a lot that their guy. I hope that he would he was hey if you have been justice sideshow -- the game and entertaining guy allowed now out of it fine. Had -- He had -- that is -- it was like 24 hours later on and I -- a couple of -- about a week. Haven't thought about. What's meaningful. Is definitely. -- just comes to plays and that's been comfortable. That's love. So when you can go to number twos in front of your spouse don't want it now we got snow by the way a text or just to follow up on here Antonio -- -- line yes since he's got more three year old from the Kentucky Derby got -- Gentlemen you guys familiar with the showed duels survival. Yes I locked up now it's like survivor man and sign and there's all sorts of you're. Only ninety. Our survival and you know let's keep -- they don't -- don't care like you. I think on this thing you've. You finds out you're not gonna make Connie here and not caring about my life -- home life. So busy mission takes two polar opposites when -- survival expert -- of former army specialist -- -- -- -- like if dale and -- when the hapless -- and a -- -- to pick two athletes to cast an episode of dual survival in the it to survive alone in the wild for a number of days and find civilization. Which two athletes are -- selecting to be on the show together. Gerri at this is may be more current events than anything -- the patriots drafted a guy Cameron Fleming is an offensive tackle out of Stanford. Who almost became an astronaut he studied astrophysics. At Stanford except -- he's like image too tall to be an astronaut. And mostly -- -- be I'd like to hear him have a conversation with Matt Patricia. Who actually was designing submarine sees it as it at aerospace engineer what. I think -- have -- with drunk. I'd supporting your conversation. Between a guy with them whether it -- degree in -- an Astro physics. Our Rob Gronkowski I would listen to that all day and twice on Sundays. There are a lot of easy answers -- go to the patriots are current patriots player and a former patriots player maybe Tom Brady and Brandon Lloyd. Because editors seem to be hello hope there was a disconnect there is not on the same page and the other answer this is probably the easiest to answer Matt Chatham in the rest of us. But I -- Can I say I'd like to be on come with Brady on naked in afraid. Is that this is it that I just go to let's start right -- place I what went out of the -- is not a that what you're outside the head voice I'm gonna pick at a different pair but a more recent there. -- born in the case -- that all of -- I think those two kids just get along and I have a sector since Tim Tebow and Aaron Hernandez yeah yeah right everybody's worker. Captain of the two guys who think the -- presently about Dick Sherman Chris Kluwe they're so Smart they can go out there and survives him. -- As yes harder reported the -- too hard knocks so which currently Boston team would you like to see on a season of hard -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Wanna talk again and again I just saw the. -- Where is the one with Brady the Brady Maroney. I'm still my -- And Tom wayward Belichick -- what about your favor with Belgian -- submit an offer. It's. -- We -- influencing. Okay. He wouldn't. It's. Kicking game and. I mean he's got like a like a jolly rancher. That is about it -- Bob Kraft disaster doesn't help the running. Or that particular -- Ruth did -- -- -- being proven that he can't be bothered to put those are hard candy itself but -- -- -- -- there's loss. It -- would give anything to have a camera follow him around for twenty. For how we saw him on and let's not try to rob Bolden got standard right in the right place. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All of that -- -- -- -- -- market and we are -- Bruins version anyway we got behind them be so we don't need one for them I'm with you and I don't read stuff. I'd I'd I'd I'd want the patriots who I'm with you. Want to know what's going on in there. For the record you don't want a full Belichick around the camera the 24 hours guys that's why I'm wearing this ankle bracelet. The gentleman tickets Monica which player would give us the Ryan -- -- moment for our -- It's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Another genius. And he got that the best hard knocks moment ever was. Rex Ryan. Of course we have all love them they're like hundred that this is. And what do from the same page this was so instantly T shirt where it. Let's go to -- bits per -- -- -- -- Time now for the AT&T question of the day four years from now is Michael Sam more likely to be a reality show star. Or a pro football player. I'm Michael sand. I'm I'm a football player and I'm day. I would suggest you won't be either. Because he won't be a football player anymore. So reality T he won't be interest to him in him anymore. Because I don't think you'll be there at that I'll let him know reality TV is interested in all sorts of people for reasons that we -- it. Always explain everybody's got a reality TV show. It's especially pics from myself for some reason I'm saying you don't necessarily have to be. Doing so all of driver that works ridiculous I don't know what -- -- Michael Symbian Iditarod dot dynasty have just got to throw that out the doors -- -- if you're probably would have a problem with the cameras being here or there you have the clearance and if you're just. Often in your own and you're not really doing anything. Hey that's even more material for the -- we can for our -- they -- the odds are against them. Of playing in the NFL. Important for for four years because where he was trapped trapped in the seventh round and if he was drafted in the seventh round on the up -- up in other words. If he wasn't delivered just drafted there because of the sexuality. Should have been second or third or fourth round pick. You've just got to go with the history of seventh round picks it's very difficult to make immediately the patriots have had some success with that the Packers have the giants have a lot of things happen. Yeah I'd love to see MBA and the NFL still but the reality of it is I think if he's gonna be on a reality show. He's got it lowers expectations it's gonna be like. Celebrity Apprentice or yell I'm a celebrity get me out of here one of those bottom feeder one while the lesser Baldwin Brothers and Jose Canseco we have justice. Gesture in the office early because supposedly it's the single programs who put the kibosh on this Oprah Winfrey network reality TV show for Michael -- I saw on. Whatever ESPN show was all over Jerry's shoulder a little while ago. They were showing footage and they were saying that the NFL is believed to be interested in the St. Louis Rams -- hard knocks. Did the NFL -- the reality TV show for Oprah. Because they wanted to for themselves for hard knocks. See that would presume that Roger Goodell is interested in making a fast buck. And I don't think yeah he's got too much and tiger I don't know how much they make from hard knocks but. But it it's perfect to promote believe I'd I'd I'd say absolutely here's here's the problem with that in my opinion. Does Roger Goodell want this guy cut on national TV yes I think. Yes because at least there's no mystery to mystery is out of it and if you're if you're a football fan. And UC. And you watch hard knocks you see the -- stars. Remember or did he would have with the jet -- the -- start and they moved on from there. And there was some excitement. If you're hard knocks than -- some excitement that this guy might be pretty good in the -- Just didn't know how to use them enabled from them but Galileo is pretty. And yes there are a lot of guys like that -- hard knocks where you see they're playing well or you see they're struggling it's right there on camera. And so it takes the mystery out of it. There'll be some critics. Or not paying attention of football who will say it Michael Sam gets cut that they -- just because he's gay. But that kind of does it make sense for the St. Louis Rams because this is the team that drafted. So why would they draft them. And they're bringing him into the organization. And have no issue. With his sexuality and then cut him because of -- sexual. Yeah. Albeit it will seat they haven't announced which team is on -- not yet if it's the Saint Louis forums but the conspiracy theories begin now. Young -- asked if he can ask bonus question -- -- of course the five at four Wheeler Texas had a really good idea here we're talking about dual survival earlier and athletes. Boston broadcasters. To Boston broadcasters -- media members on tools about. That the last year. I. Thought about the fact that. Adding -- I think worked period I think.

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