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Bill Parcells misses out on the Patriots Hall of Fame again... does the Tuna deserve to be in?

May 20, 2014|

We discuss Bill Parcells missing out on the Patriots Hall of Fame for the 3rd year in a row. Is it merely because of who he is up against in great players of recent memory? Or are their still hard feelings out there for the Big Tuna?

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I just wanna stop this mean momentum I've heard it. And 20 slots. On the station heard on the morning show today. Heard on on the mid -- show that would be DNC and -- Moroni respectively. Heard that hurt this this notion that. Bill Parcells. Should be in the patriots hall of fame before Traber. I probably I agree and I don't I do I don't before you know it. Troy Brown. Was everything. You've represented everything. That the patriots champion patriots championship team stood for. It was all of that blunt talk about position versatility. You wanna talk about. Speaking with your actions more than your words you wanna talk about being the ultimate team guy. What do talk about making plays in big games like clutch dramatic -- that -- yes a guy came out of nowhere who was a seventh round pick or eighty -- round pick it doesn't exist anymore. And made himself into mr. patriot I think Bill Parcells absolutely should be in the patriots hall of fame there's no doubt and I would have put. Parcells and Ty Law in together rules be -- -- -- If you -- what and I know what his impact was I know his importance to a New England history. New England sports history in general and the patriots history. Specifically. But the fact is. Bill Parcells was -- 500 coach here. With the patriots he did not winning super boy draft of some of the players who didn't went Super Bowl and when we last saw him as head coach of the patriots. He was leaving town separately from his team going to the New York Jets. That in the and that act in the end. Was the opposite of what Troy brown and others would have done he belongs in the hall of fame. Let's stop with this he deserved to be -- portrait brown nor -- and we bring this up again in another yet again. Absolutely because now. Fourth and final -- dale and Holley Sports Radio WEEI. -- torn from bar -- sports is in the house with -- us. We've all over the place today but the signing of Stephen Drew kind of got us on one track we've not talked about the Celtics in the draft lottery tonight and what should do would depict depending on how high it is I traded even if it was the first overall pick if Kevin Love was the end game. Michael disagrees no I would not that's fine number one overall pick I would not trade for Kevin Love new and -- and I do want to at least give back to what we were saying. Because time -- get a chance for Michael flesh it out properly. Yesterday we told -- word broke as the show was going on. The -- law was the person elected to the patriots football hall of fame nobody has any argument with that no one. The the way the patriots operate their own hall of fame it's there's thing to what they want a one person gets in per year. What that means is that Bill Parcells has now failed twice was even finalists last year two years ago we got beat up by Drew Bledsoe. Lester didn't make the finals this year you get beat up by Ty Law. And and the point I made yesterday with Michael was that -- Bill Parcells. None of the other stuff follows acknowledged he he drafted Drew Bledsoe he drafted Ty law and Willie McGinest and Willie -- and lawyer -- and it goes on an -- Johnson. And and with that -- -- without the way he'd. -- this franchise back on its feet. Nothing happens with Bob Kraft and Bill Belichick and Tom Brady and and and on and on and on. I I respect the fact that the patriots want it to be the hall of -- and one guy and they want it to be special night and I respect that. But what it means is that Bill Parcells never going to he's always gonna get bounced by a player who but it deserving player. Bylaws absolutely -- he may be in camp Sunday forget about the patriots all. -- borderline it would be tough for him to get in. My body but that the numbers are not they are not chump numbers up and a case can be made especially when you look at his numbers in the regular season in the equity did in the post season. If it's a strong if not a ridiculous argument if you say -- -- make a case for Ty Law it would be upset if he got and -- but still he's in that conversation. Nobody's had a couple of things one. Bill Parcells was in the finals last year -- -- now how that how that happened I don't know if you get your feelings are that's too bad. And then retired long enough not -- even -- the finals two years ago every outlets well not a finalist last -- -- real problem the real issue is. The patriots hall of fame you can do whatever you want you sent it. And it is a hall of fame and they have been fortunate to have a lot of good players and good teams. In the last twelve plus years. So there will be situations. Where you're not watering down the hall of fame and you put two guys and we're deserving. It you don't have to do one at a time the Pro Football Hall of Fame doesn't do one at a time it's a draft class and -- -- -- -- hall of fame class. The patriots hall of -- could have a class as well and in this class you could have. Bill Parcells. And Ty Law. They're both worthy for different reasons ourselves -- worthy for setting up the franchise in legitimizing them. You didn't make -- didn't make patriots jokes anymore he could mark the patriots. Even when they were five and eleven in his first year because it was Bill Parcells Bill Parcells is no -- so when he got to Foxboro. Okay that's somebody got to -- series. Now. -- law as I said big plays in the regular season even bigger plays in the post season never shied away from the moment. His work against Peyton Manning and AFC championship game. His work against Kurt Warner and the rams in Super Bowl 36 changed the game legitimize the patriots as competitors. As. Not just competitors but as somebody could act as a team can actually win that game at that moment was -- it. And you just felt like -- just hang around. Bets are actually bet. That the patriot would be in the game by halftime. I law interception return for a touchdown does that look I got in the got the Ty Law bears cleans it up and you don't 73 okay. It's a real game now. If you have to make a decision and I don't think they should get to that point but if you have to make that decision. Yet Ty Law should have gone in before Parcells and I -- the same way about Willie Brown -- -- So I don't act. An innocent as I say that. I think Parcells should be -- before Ty Law I think Parcells should be in before Troy Brown or Drew Bledsoe if you're only gonna pull one -- Anything I say is gonna sound like I'm critical of Troy Brown which isn't possible it's not it's not possible for me to be critical of him. I heard he's a friend of yours prosthetic likable little yeah and and I can't say anything bad about -- But but if you're only gonna do with this -- last year they put two people. The patriots decided absolutely correctly sell that to honor his long and meritorious career with the team they were gonna put -- a couple of audience. With a player and they did -- their decision and nobody had an argument -- they can do the exact same thing with Parcells but they don't wanted to. Think they probably will Lynn and who we all stipulate to all the guys including we have mentioned -- Claiborne. All -- people had no chance on this hears about absolutely not in fact you you have to go back a long way before the -- global Arab guys became. Eligible that he'll he'll have a breakthrough but it. And I and I concede that Parcells was the transformational. Figure that day he walked into that that. Press gone -- downtown hotel I can remember I was sitting in that -- and you I swear to god you didn't actually believe it totally walked out from behind the curtain. -- just blanket and there's just there is no way in the world. This sad sack franchise is gonna get Bill Parcells to run with him out from behind the curtain you can almost to the room gas. It's really him that's the only their. It's and and if they were still rumored to be on the way out the door you can argue that the reason they eat they stayed in Foxborough is because. Now he was there that made it more attractive team for mr. Kraft to buy. And and one thing led to another and that if or -- never hires him. Rick what we've gone whatever thirty years now without without football. Twenty years whenever Tom -- Hi alive and that's the reason why I think people wants above Parcells -- 41 Michael mentioned Parcells was 500 in his four years here. That third year he had to answer for a lot they were six in ten. Kind of by his own admission he admitted today he kind of got fattened. Somewhat disinterested and he wasn't. -- in the price and and and that's on him in the divorce was are also ugly but what we -- mentioned is high Ly changed the way the NFL. Calls games. Those games against Peyton Manning weary at the three interceptions in the 2003 divisional series -- divisional game excuse me and then. Palm patriots dominated them to the -- the -- colts' only got three points off them in the championship game the following year. Mean the colts go to the NFL. And the got a good competition committee get them to stop allowing. Teams to play the way Ty Law played more than any other person it was -- they changed the way. Defensive football is played the way Mel Blount did in 1979. He won but he gold -- and. Never gonna -- under their present system your next year and and I don't know I don't I don't know who's eligible but let's just for the sake of argument. Says that next year's class the -- a three finalists are Willie McGinest. -- -- an older guy let's say Claiborne and Bill Parcells that give him. He's not winning now and a year after that it's it's Mike Vrabel lend and -- Claiborne it was on. And well couple things here it just depends on how you view it. Everything you say about Parcells -- everything we've set about ourselves -- true laying the foundation. For what. For what happened after he was gone he wasn't here to waste. The Lombardi but his work yet his work was part of it and and I think everybody knows that but. Still. When it comes down to it are gonna go with the person who laid the foundation an article -- to perform and that's just human nature. He liked the performers are always gonna say I was there for the bright light -- it was making those plays and in big games. It was it was pylon making the plays it was -- Drew Bledsoe. You know coming into the AFC championship game allowing them to get to that Super Bowl. It was Troy Brown. You know having the presence of mind to run out of bounds to give them one more play to Jermaine -- spike in the in 48 yards all that stuff so the players always forget that and second thing is a lot of Texans have mentioned it. Is. He left. It's the way he left with the way. He was not focused for that Super Bowl they really leaves a bad taste. In people's mouths so I think the same people were disappointed with the way he left also acknowledge what he built in particular Tebow -- that they -- The -- those folks are probably the ones who would who would say and is it is a fan vote. I'm not I'm not vote for this guy he left us he went to the jets needing care about the in care about the of the patriots in the Super Bowl from every income back on the plane -- They're never gonna vote for me anyway. Kicked off the Desmond Howard the one thing that they shouldn't -- done and I tell the Desmond -- not that I'm still better. You know it -- they can change the rules there's no reason they couldn't have -- on veterans pick the way the Baseball Hall of Fame does and they may go to that someday but I. I'm wondering if the crafts will. Make that exception for this guy like I wonder if if the bad blood is still records you know his personal. In Arnold but that that parts all -- I've I've been a short from people within the organization. That that's done the I'd say they have long since bury that hatchet they have a very good relationship. Up Parcells speaks glowingly of of Bob Kraft and his stewardship of the franchise Bob Kraft speaks glowingly. -- Parcells. There are no issues between the two of them in that regard none. I know that doubles so that public you know I take a big priority I really is trend and if Parcells as an how many times in his career has he done is he's admitted to being wrong. You know he admits that he -- read some lines and he probably wasn't. The best he could have been -- some of their family members in and was just flat out disrespectful for a guy who just spent a 170 million dollars to buy and it did the team itself. Yeah you'll like the think what I -- I -- a water under the bridge that but the things kiowa said. When he was the go for new contract these you know spell check. You know makes it feeds is -- -- I am so fast so I said things about the crafts and when he went in to the new England sports hall of fame. His present there was Bob Kraft just mister Kraft I'd you don't mind if I column. -- -- -- six dollars and I think by the way if if Imus has already hit by misspoken Sid geno -- letting it was guilt and it -- obviously it was written and and you just -- -- a slip on my part. They did that positively the right way no doubt -- and tells belonged in there they could just as easily do that. In a builder's category Billy Sullivan I think is the patriots all things in the builders category. -- you know on a separate category. The patriots could elect I mean I don't know how many years. Either Bill Parcells will have to lose the vote or not be on the ballot before they ultimately say -- -- -- embarrassing now. I don't now -- ten years and it Whitney's not. Are they put Gil Santos and advocates for his voice and -- report. Is there anybody is there anybody who has a voice like that -- -- talk about a play by play guy pastor ever. That is it is just ridiculous and think about it patriots moving left or right now on your radar operator -- went. He he described Vinatieri kick and he says throw -- Strom. I just pick who's on Internet -- -- -- do an ideal moment or so hits his side his acceptance speech by the way it was he he got in the same day that that -- -- last year. There's acceptance speech is even more amazing considering that. He didn't speak the language. Until he will is the key -- -- -- -- you know. So here you think about that voice. In his command of the language -- get fined because. He was so. He was such a master. With English and this is that indicated five or six years old speak in Portuguese at home and he learned. Obviously learned English very well and and got the top of his profession inches is it's good. Call the game winning this who global gonna -- -- It's like -- -- Pavlov dog just audio -- and -- and Hampshire next on Sports Radio -- not. Hello -- I think the right tasks and doesn't like. You know -- cohort studies cobblestone streets I don't I don't and I actually hope that's what that is tell you the truth. Raids in Revere had -- your next. They get any considerations. Apart so they -- policy and you make a distinction now what. A level of authority he truly had personnel decisions during his tenure. My understating the situation has yet a lot of input on three is that they've bought and that they brought in. But demanded that the draft board in the final decisions -- really done by both Charlie Armey. And by the career. And -- -- Charlie army eventually was forced out he went on to build the greatest show on terror disable the group what you the court. And then what you got forced out parts -- one of the party and crap cleave to Bobby Grier and any military under. What people go back to the old line about if they if they want to cook the meal they should let you shop for some of the groceries. He was he was taken a lot of the groceries. Especially in his early years in Basra that's why I got upset and exactly try to take it away from him. And I yeah I hope you're really expected to take a defensive player. Tony Brackins I think Greta guy he had his his eyes on and it was. -- he didn't know that they were taking com Terry Glenn until like -- the minute that they did and that's what he why he added that line that. That dale just said it instant classic line and it turned out he was right. Because they want to cook the dinner least they'll let you -- for some of the groceries and went to Pete Carroll and they had the Bobby -- Pete Carroll's situation now look at it now. Pete Carroll bill Belichick's -- only. Now Pete Carroll has the general manager who he -- general manager works for him in and pick anybody that Pete Carroll doesn't endorse so. That that model of the coach. Picking his own players works for Pete Carroll in Seattle and who's picking the players and -- -- Bill Belichick. So I think Parcells even. They have -- of -- titles that are different Bill -- the guy who makes that decision Parcells was the guy who who drafted Drew Bledsoe. He drafted in the wasn't Charley Armey. It really comes down to trust him and if you're coach. If your coach wants to do that in you don't let him do it. Then he's probably going to be he probably has to coach somewhere that some coaches have no interest in. And in personnel there's one to coach the team -- you know let the other let the general manager in the director of player personnel on the college scouting director let -- worry about all that stuff and his chemical team but the guys who wanna do it. Generally have a strong case. To have that that dual job. Because so eight times -- at odds -- in a few years ago in Minnesota and the names are important that they they spend big money on a second tight end. Only to find out from the coaches after they sign -- like Adrian Peterson refers to run behind one tight end and that and a fullback. And it was just a case of the GMs and this is a great move for us and -- coach and will we -- we don't want that you eliminate that when you have the Carol. -- -- Bart's health system and you do what you said when Bobby Grier was was drafting guys. The team just won in the in the take I mean he never he had that thing about drafting guys with a literate of names. Wiki he'd -- done it clears and Benson -- Chris Canty. Ed Ellis and rod Rutledge who so it worked out but that was his every year you could you knew he was gonna pick four guys would double initials who couldn't play. I think he was before his time. After -- I think Bobby -- before time because clearly there was a draft lottery system that he was an effect and -- -- it may have gotten that then. Is -- who come up who can come up. Mario is on the cell -- hey Mario how you don't. -- -- -- -- -- I get pretty quick points I'll make them and then you -- your editor. At -- -- -- LA ultimately it's probably the best short not doubt about a it. That is a lot a lot but ultimately able. Number so let's put it out at iiroc eaten by Biden -- and -- Point eight million dollars sweaty at that -- -- the real culprit sure to be. And -- interest in the intro I'll open prohibition that they are wrong. About their meat -- little pitching here. They lock them up -- -- in a while -- offered at no real going to be able to do it anywhere because. Not gonna take less money now because he turned out fourteen in the traffic on the table they've got it locked stored away two months. They watch your kids spill it -- -- -- they space it worked for the fact that all. So -- total up at that let -- calculator. Why I just have a hard time believing that they thought it through to that degree that they don't worry we get disguised stashed. You know -- -- what they'll now you're right they wouldn't because of the draft pick compensation and they didn't. Know that but I don't -- what their land once it worked out that way you're right you're right Mario that's exactly what happened. I don't think doubt that that's the weight bench Harrington sat there in the office idol will do. So that's all along and I. I had to feel they're. Well I didn't look I I admit I was kind of hoping they would. Michael -- talked about yesterday I wouldn't have wanted them to do this because I thought they desperately needed it. Well get a chance now 6177797937. AT&T -- minus 37937. Final drive coming up at 5 o'clock drive -- -- -- what are what are they don't go to break the popular vote -- Well look at that are we are late for this right the final drive to see the -- into -- dim -- inches CD's like all right there. -- nice. And one of the things that porter's challenger and our relationship. Was well above the tune you out of five year contract. And each year at the end of the year. Don't go I don't know -- to have them let you make clear decisions. And you might not come back. You know I -- sure. In his last sure coaching -- us. The personnel people have a strong input because. Of one of people who would be with the organization long term accountable. For what happened. -- -- -- -- They want you to cook the dinner at least they'll let you -- -- groceries. I would say retrospectively I probably wasn't. Is. Understanding news on could have been. I'm sorry about it. The one thing the one line in their from Bob Kraft mister Kraft is Karrie was saying thank you that that. Sticks out in my mind and this was true I've I remember vividly every year. You know Bill Parcells would say well you know embassy the end of the year -- if I feel like come back every year it was like we'll see you know every -- and decide if I'm coming back -- -- And you know Bob Kraft got a whole bunch of debts went into this thing you know the guy's gonna come back year to year the air. And it's as he said in the piece you just heard the last Europe Bill Parcells contract here. He put personnel guys in charge of these decisions that was the famous Bobby Grier picking Terry Glenn draft selection. Up until then Bill Parcells got to do that -- was afraid he wasn't going to be -- after that. But as it turned out allowing -- to do that probably was the the single event that pushed Parcells out the door. Right idea wrong guy and you know he -- the wrong guy to. To give power to. I've been doing some research into this very topic for some of them I'm working on in our cities if you go. A close to the chest but you're under the landmark. Will McDonough. Article that explains all holes or yeah I was in New Orleans and there was no hotter commodity than that Boston Globe in New Orleans. That's Saturday you know you would enjoyed as a read again today because I found that online and read through the -- one on forever what -- always -- it was a it was a book -- and it's let me tell you what really happened yes exactly that's the story of Yemen mister Kraft said that castle I. I -- I started I mean it was all like Whitey Bulger first person yet he was bringing them together it was like you know. Reagan it directly affected -- -- -- Gorbachev or whatever and interestingly enough when it was as bad as it got there and they went into the season. Parcells and I forgotten -- went to Democrats senses it said. I'd like to extend my contract again. That's -- craft went will McDonough said C. Like he's helped the dole. Point have you played it was that was just wrong on both sides users while those things like these guys just didn't belong working together. Well I didn't -- as you heard you know Bill Parcells retrospectively saying you know he probably didn't handle it very well. And ended texture says dale -- you're so naive about the -- craft Parcells relationship. Actually talked to those -- about. And paragon -- I'm just saying Jericho I know little song and well known and and -- there but but they've actually said. You know that that they would do things differently if they can go back in and -- things -- craft his senate about Bill Parcells Bill Parcells as you just heard. -- senate about Bob Kraft I can tell you that. Their relationship is fine now. I mean buried there are no issues. If if Bill Parcells wanted to you know come out -- Gillette Stadium NC game he'd be warmly welcomed by the -- And. And without warmly welcomed for the hall of fame when it comes to these there comes those voters so let's hope for any media of people that maybe you guys have run a file of the you guys can make peace with them now dead to me -- any of any recent -- votes -- directors. -- really are considered. Norton if you. If there's somebody that I don't like. It. I must have really. Really. Strong reasons for not like. A lot of people that I've met. In life that I just don't like that a workbook with a lot of people that I work -- That I don't like -- fight if I hate Q I'm justified. In my hatred. You ordered it -- there'll be no reconciliation. But you can't really think of more than. Two or three people. That'll -- regret to -- the camps there and peppers. And you know them I'm here what they. You know what I did not look at. I don't either result -- awkward silent. There are -- -- and I mean -- what. I -- that -- -- -- number. I would love the capital of -- moment trying to be on the light side of trying to stir the pot and say yes. Everybody loves a good media fight it's like that would girls that -- high school cafeteria Natalie again like. That it. The public the sports can close the DOC. I would I would love you -- -- get the clause. Yeah I mean that's what it is I mean I think. What we're talking about this earlier. I'm I'm surprised by it. But people love talking about. -- argument this public broadcasters. And media people who doesn't like each other outcomes for archer shot and that is interesting that the people. I typically people like don't like deceit by it it's limited ability to remember its attention of -- 22. Adults. Who have issues and they can't resolve it. Peacefully that entertaining within it's it's it's all the -- is like for the under is that the Republican base through the foundation of reality TV is that we were talking about it earlier and that what makes a good reality TV show. Exactly and that's why you need a good glass of throwing wine in your hands at all time because in every reality shall. Someone throws -- line and someone else's face that's why I'm always carried one around just in case. By the way that that clip that you guys play the Parcells thing that is from the -- football life or recognize -- out. That's a great show anyway that was particularly a fantastic episode of yet if you haven't watched that 1%. Pretzels -- just was never boring a moment in his life. -- never. Deutsche they'd do a nice job -- that series and they did in and those wondering a -- guys talking about Bill Parcells. A patriots hall of fame they have Ty law and hall of fame will be honored the first week in August as at August 1. August the day of August there August violently honored that at Gillette Stadium in Bill Parcells. Didn't get in this year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I just. I I I do understand that that for some folks Bill Parcells is going to be I was joking before when it dead to them he's dead at them. They're never gonna forget that the way he left that rat -- thing in New Orleans. I was there to watch it like like some other people were it was an amazing thing to watch. But don't you move on. The weighed the -- Robert Kraft is apparently moved on the way Bill Parcells is apparently moved on even as a fan. I mean he went to new York and figured out a way to get Curtis Martin down there with that. That poison poison pill got attracted to people just never forgive him for about. While striking -- like he's dead to me. We're reporting live what you think you think surprised that no -- I know I -- surprised about sports politics in revenge -- -- different aspects oddities. I think he got all elements all elements here for that. I mean to presume too much that like I am the voice of the ads or something like that you know. Vox pop Eli here but I think if he added reduced. And it. Halftime of the patriots game the police would would crumble with applause I I I think he's he's very pop like I think this vote was a more reflection. On Ty law and may be. A lot of the. And being younger fans who've kind of cut their teeth in the last twenty years as opposed to the ones who remember that they get ourselves on our I've heard that before in shorts that. Generational thing. The players the players get most of the credit -- don't it Bill Belichick. Was up against Tom Brady. I'm a fan vote if they didn't. -- Now there's some other players Bill Belichick about he's up against them maybe he gets it may be. But this is really about players -- iconic players. That would be the ultimate the ultimate test of their system. Is if Belichick and Brady retired together Brady like a lot of people expected battling. I don't think it's gonna happen but a lot of people upset when Brady goes -- Jack's gone but let's for the sake of our arguments say that's what they -- Another both eligible the same year. All of a sudden I'm betting and the patriots would have to people going to all of. Yet -- yet if you don't wanna embarrass. Either one of them I mean or outright Belichick would lose. And would that be kind of embarrassing -- from saying yes wouldn't you wouldn't want that situation now. You guys talked about. Belichick talked about Parcells and building organizations. And it takes it takes some intelligence. To build a championship organization. We want the opposite. What the opposite in a few minutes by dale dale is probably. The smartest guy -- one of the smartest guys. Right you agree with a -- you've -- for Mikey Adams him at all. What anyone beat us a different kind of intelligence from what the Mike Adams type of intelligence certainly I will utterly out of Europe yet dealt with Smart Abigail positively. Elena I feel like miserably what -- -- -- and a they know how I want you. Forget the bowed not a view and get this stupid union. You know the stupid is and you want to bring in now. I want my wife thinks it overflows that -- always wanted to overflow. So in reality what you want me to do was embrace the stupid race. The stupidity -- I know who have resisted this. You have right you have literally run away from it tried. Problem back come on home bail. I will tell you did in the years that we work together in the first incarnation. This was the only real. Dispute we ever especially at this -- that you know it was the worst of the two disputes them there was there was one really bad habit but the other one was deaths and -- -- in it it wasn't quite as. As vocal as people think. I can shake my head I just look at an angle what -- -- -- -- -- But as I I'm fascinated to see you -- that's going to be you guys it like hearing you'd you'd dirty laundry in front. Norton. Like the the top moments of my life. Department children right up there and the birth of the lightning round -- The -- like Iraq and it's right there every -- you know here's come to my guys are very. Talk about. Like watching watching the lightning round watch -- walk across the stage get a diploma with legitimize that today. That our friends at Dunkin' Donuts said. Yes. We gonna sponsor you. In -- on vacation to. But the lightning round got sponsors. So embrace the stupidity today. We're gonna talk about. -- couple questions about their part for the record when it comes to dumbing things down and embrace -- -- our inability to get out of it. I -- the -- the sport to grow -- go to. I know that you are not your day out it is a lot of physics and philosophy and and automate health thinking on mayor you know it anywhere wanna make you comfortable the common man -- -- In all those kids out there it -- a great. Thoughtful inspirational. Commencement speeches and you probably go up into the world and do wonderful. Life changing world altering things but wait mad -- -- -- hash -- embrace. The stupidity -- ask a couple of questions today. One who's been a hall of fame first. Ty Law -- Bill Parcells and -- what's gonna happen tonight what's gonna happen tonight for the Boston Celtics. Where will they pick in what they do it that it. They pick number one overall pick Jabari Parker take too well and be will -- take into -- Where they trade that pick to Minnesota for Kevin Love embrace of stupidity like. And obviously be the key phrase the keyword here is lightning. Let's let's let's pick up the pace here -- -- look at this thing a lot. It's a lineup -- ready for -- 6177797937. As the telephone number 6177797937. Michael's got two questions on the docket. We're gonna get to them and through you guys as quickly as weekend. Who gets into the patriots hall open first if you have the choice mylar Bill Parcells. What are the patriots gonna do tonight what spot are they gonna get in the draft lottery. What are they gonna do with the -- they're gonna keep that what they're gonna use it for whether gonna we'll get Kevin Love. You get chance to join us lightning round is coming up next on the final drive Sports Radio WEEI. It's Oprah embrace for stupidity. Rebel and it won't -- bet on the candidate. We all deserve that.

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