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It's lottery time for the Boston Celtics, 5-20-2014

May 20, 2014|

The NBA Draft lottery is tonight. The Celtics have a 33% chance of a top 3 pick, and a 10.3% chance of the number 1 overall. With Kevin Love wanting out of Minnesota, the guys discuss all the decisions Danny Ainge and the Celtics brass could face.

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At exactly 1010 model -- -- ID 37 WEEI tortilla. I don't know. You're a good couple -- other solitaire against -- from but -- -- -- ten dead 156. Like that. Weekdays ten -- and don't nobody thinks we just as golf or credits and tenth and fifteenth. That's really different it's good for business we don't really care about us anymore get reports of people that no one cares about. Next couple days nobody yes or no next Tuesday that everybody will care. -- and that beat debuting right here is it. I'd say 10 o'clock but I wanna say 10:10 o'clock and then next Tuesday ticket that will be with -- -- ten elevenths that percent orders really good -- Loney and now for you right here in 93 point seven and WEEI -- lot to get through today each rewards throughout ski. Is gonna join us and I know Jerry's trying to trick me but I have heard Coach Brown saw actually -- from off the year. Major pronouncing it right peace. He of the won't bomb mr. NB AMR insiders gonna joints at some point today. I would get his take on the Celtics and the T wolves and the likelihood Kevin Love ends up here and what is at stake tonight. In the draft lottery awards will join us and maybe before final drop -- which is the NBA. -- the -- when he just. Visited yesterday which I don't know where he was the one reported. Kevin Ollie and UConn three billion dollar annual deal going forty won't be -- are you -- an area which nobody have a -- Lebanon. So that malice toward Bobby drop yesterday hopefully -- one today either on our show before our show. Or rafter or show he will join us we'll get into a lot of stumpel wanna get into -- Scott -- uninteresting piece today about the veterans' troubles. The Boston Red Sox and probably next down to 1130 or so public to view our first check in. With Tony we are narrow and -- all are but it was 31 your final Rangers. I eighty -- us who we are keeping -- -- year that this -- on Tony marinara show open Montreal didn't CLA's taking it today I'm sure everything is don't -- me feel really good about we will law weigh in not only on that series couple thoughts we have about Rangers and Montreal out ties into the Bruins. But also how to when he marinara -- -- -- but I start today with. The rooster of bar so Los. Familiar with the rooster bar slow -- Actually know not what would would be would -- regard it's actually it's called the rooster bar slows. And Portuguese it's called the Gallo. -- Barcelona's. It's one of the most common emblems in Portugal on -- this is directly from Wikipedia story on the rooster Parcells the legend of the rooster bar so close. Tells the story of a dead roosters miraculous intervention. Improving the innocence the man who have been falsely accused and sentenced to death. According to legend. Silver was stolen from a landowner in Barcelona. And the inhabitants of the city we're looking for the criminal committed the crime. One man a man from neighboring gal and LC. Pelosi -- turned up and became -- -- the suspect despite -- please administer the -- -- -- do with anything they swore he just passing through this is not an issue. And he -- to prove his innocence this rooster came back. It's rooster came from the dead who cares. Well why do you care I don't this is the good luck charm old boy -- Portugal. And this is what Steve Pagliuca better known as pacts. Is taking to New York tonight is -- good luck charm. For the Celtics in the NBA draft lottery he's bringing any action this audience and embossed yesterday's bringing. An actual. Rooster bar so close to give -- the cliff notes this rooster story because I was trying to have come at a credible -- a long story after a while it is my head was an interest I was I would -- Laura story than that roster -- sump and the rest and it was to find something. I'm not forced her to say it was he eats its say he was innocent he says it is is certain that I am innocent as I'm certain at this rooster will roll when they hang. And so they haunt them and the dead rooster Croat the rooster setup on the table and Croat off as the gal leasing and predicted. Understanding is error the judge ran to the gallon oil -- discover. He had been saved from the hanging thanks to a portly made knot in the rope. The man was immediately freed up and sent off and -- goods store -- Ends up he calls -- the rooster crows. -- run down made a mistake I was not dead yet. The -- -- dislike instinct is great good luck charm in Portugal aggregate merit mariners their prayer for -- pictures -- they -- you see our our slows and Canadian. Like you like -- -- and not rely. The bullpen and appease -- right your left the virtually -- of vote of one of the ball this is gonna come I got the ball now went out. -- I want I got the ball but what they -- doing Max what are some better ideas like -- He's a duke guy again it would -- and it. Was that -- -- say hi there in the front row what's his name but Roca decency division I love -- -- He's -- older than them but this this accident is the guy go. You know what and and that is the guy go in this picture packed everybody talks about heights in what was so wrong about that he was. Visibly pissed in 07. Did that not work out well. Since Tommy back did not work out well -- -- -- did what are we afraid of I thought heights and would been a good yet you said senator Max. So the conversation went. A Mac itself -- once -- lottery. How much campaigning ball flight a flight out -- work -- -- thing I gotta go by click the coast is back on partner. -- -- Please please please set me. At -- Please please please please please please -- put a much Twitter bio set to the lottery and its banks to hold my voice to the Boston red like please please please send me. Please. Let me down their argument -- the rooster -- it's going to be a -- Exit Downey is -- -- -- in the desert island me. -- Bob and Michael -- desperate out Barcelona's sort of that it. There. Obviously that now -- on tags slapped with the for a lot of people a cute so again populists are terrible roosters and in and birds that's -- -- a tie in the late John Dennis and I agree with them. Yeah I agree and that you kind of flipped at army you know it's innately I look at what's -- -- bring it labor restore Barcelona for tonight. Where anyone would want it does it matter to him. How high how -- you need it to be denied to be satisfied. -- -- what it is it's going it's gone. In the preferences numeral -- my friend that's the preference that you get the ten point 3%. Chance that you're allotted to get from the number one pick. Because that allows for every opportunity right we spent yesterday saying that you'll be your Bible would trade. Any of the picture gift for Kevin Love qualifies him to be 26 all of won't touch any of them are -- putts and player in the NBA all the -- helps recruiting process he and Rondo or good. That the preference is number one because let's say for example that you can't get a Minnesota deal gone. The other number one pick. There's a player out there that we haven't talked about yet. That might be available for the number one overall pick -- -- what is so enamored with MB Parker Wiggins. That he's not -- Kevin Love to have number one pick opens the door to a bigger deal for that player so obviously captain obvious here. Numero -- number one. Is the preference well. Everybody wanted to -- and voted on yesterday every symbolized our top five powerful. We -- discussion before before the game before the show and pirates channel five before wood on. And we just set their tit okay where would you put -- with that we both agreed it Netflix say 710. That arrangement agrees I think the top ten player. Now -- you could say Anthony Davis is so much better leader anointing a basketball okay -- Davis available. -- -- -- About LaMarcus Aldridge no needle side LaMarcus -- gained just go make a trait from my knowledge and he's not that a dorm up there about Chris Bosh. Blake Griffin. Which -- for Blake Griffin. The point is that you can trade for Kevin Love it is there. Now. We talked about it I would do it for any pick. Personally I think tonight. Is gonna be the one of the biggest stories coming out tonight it's gonna be the biggest conspiracy in the NBA. Because the lakers gonna get one and the Celtics gonna be right behind the and and Adam silver citizen I need the lakers relevant. And it Kevin Love is gonna go to LA for the first acting he's going to be West Coast guys to be part of the lakers gonna sound longterm. And they've got their guy and you're gonna sit thereto again -- probably and a ticket to -- park which is. Maybe can't make a trade for Kevin Love I have no problems and honest that on this draft pick. But this will be. The shoot eighty -- lottery draft we have seen it to be the lakers and Celtics in the top three it will somehow jump ahead. As they need those two teams relevant. Do you think Adam silver in his first draft is commissioner gonna fix today got a lot of it old school all -- -- and believe it frozen envelope and -- this viewing from Georgetown to the next absolutely. Normally I like to destroy conspiracy theories there is a a the long running joke -- probably on Thursday when -- Joseph lands. Of your obsession with the great -- -- car story the DA there is no question eternal cat but he often the year domains that -- her car was killed. And was often you reference the the laptop that went missing. And nick was found down the road in all that stuff about the laptop was found the hard drive music in it it was like down the road and river somewhere in a river. In a van down by a river in fact -- has no idea so during the years of the show -- that you've been a a big conspiracy theory guy normally -- like to. Destroy them. Maybe it's a lot at the last couple shows some softening up here but African hope you're right at this one I can get behind. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Lakers to. Some way shape perform. Make that happen you know and I and I almost think it's like and it's I don't take -- lakers won because lakers want allows them potentially. To bring Kevin Love to LA where he wants to go. -- -- -- a couple things took a couple of the first off Alicia get number one. Right Minnesota knows who they would want for which were open the door to do a trade whatever you want in the next month. If you get the third pick. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's say Minnesota sit there saying we want our board our top three is is Wiggins or and Parker. And we don't have a bead on nick is we don't like MB or -- we don't we don't we don't like. Wiggins as much as Marco all whatever it is right because one of those three that they are not that high on. In all of a sudden you get the draft night and -- and let's wait and see who's available at during its see how this thing goes. If it's Parker yeah we do that Kevin Love deal maybe it's wigand's yeah we do -- Kevin Love deal with him beat no we don't you know so. If it's one Judy you know -- pick whoever you want David it's through -- -- who knows maybe it's for -- await to see what players available. At that spot week -- triggered -- gonna have. This -- Gainey went treatments and it enemy attack me options this guy about their right now. But I think -- wanted to talk what is Kevin -- -- all you want. I still think that unless they know exactly they're happy with all three or all four or any of the five debate with a -- which picked. He probably a way to draft they know that. I that's it's there it's a great point oak Glen Taylor has come out and the GM a Minnesota came on the last day or -- this morning saying that you know it's unlikely we're gonna trade him. At certain -- can trade him before the draft. And for that reason you just stated you know what if there are -- one of the guys and he's not there. Let me get a top three pick Matt mentioned during the trending at the 33% chance of top 310 point 3% a number one overall. It's 36%. Chance -- number six. I feel like six in -- and today was was saying no matter what picky get. Kevin loves him play. No matter who they like right in in Minnesota. They're gonna while one of those top three guys if you you can't get fortunately picked you can't get four through eight. You get one through three or five through eight he can't get nine or afterward you gotta pick at seventeen which is Brooklyn's. If you get. Six or beyond. You Paula taking yourself out of the Kevin Love commerce technologies can be opened up here you could. Trade up you can trade around you still have multiple picks in future years which excellent good by the way. But unless you get a top three pick and it's less and less likely may be five maybe. BBL -- Kevin Kevin Love and even then if you get a top five pick tonight you're probably waiting until draft but Minnesota still gonna go through with. All the other all their other draft considerations build I would all these guys what they have a first dug out at a top pick. And then they'll make the decision both. Every every -- he goes down right it was one through three airports five through eight with every pick may be got to give more. Right and and then you've -- -- -- your future first round picks but those nets' future first round picks that you absolutely love for him maybe if you go one or two you'll give up as much as we get six or seventy trying to still get. You know what was -- the Kevin Love doesn't have veto power trait. And in essence he really does -- -- -- mean if he refuses. If Danny Ainge and they were cut a deal and they -- Eric have you sent extension on a chance to go there for one year. And I'm gonna I'm gonna leave you make this trade and help Minnesota all -- draft pick if you still wanna do it will be every year an amount. You know not a moment freeagent Lagos and Ross yesterday with literally had him on out and it was one thing or -- disagree with them. He's he's not worried about the extension is to bring Kevin Love for here world's gonna go. Euros a year ago. In free agency. He's gonna go to West Coast. Again the subject at as their own team could give them an extra year in free agency -- what point six million dollars more but -- same position he's in Minnesota right now it is one part of that. He's got a goal -- he has chance to win he's a West Coast kid or maybe just looks a team is now this team to win a championship -- a lot of factors. So you don't make the -- decides to -- or extensions so in essence I think he really does. It veto -- Allegheny to give up any kind of pick you forgive the -- point here but -- weird is it because their rate -- win next year. -- -- win a championship Nadal is just -- likely you're not when it championship night in the top contender in the east it make the Kevin Love trade. But hopefully -- has the lock. And get a million people from Fall River of the BP Portuguese community has responded on the ATP text line at 37937. Are solos. How to wanted to pronounce that our cell owes them a sense and I actually tweeted out a picture in the last couple minutes of the rooster a bar slows the real thing. You'll know -- -- that bring this thing through the lottery tonight as good luck there because you it looks like at Mott WEEI. On Twitter. Pick number five goes to. The Boston felt our year in the Boston Celtics beat what continues as the Boston Celtics still. It never had a number one draft choice. At all change. That this year but a couple years of Brooklyn it was a little way. 2016. Baby yet Brooklyn pick. Possibly start their 61777979837. Before we had a full day to think about it now we have only calls in the yesterday. Open Celtic fans are still in two. On this discussion because you've had a day to think about it if you were sort of on offense yesterday. Today got to have an answer. You gotta top three pick on a trade after Kevin Love I still wait for hours later. No matter what Michael Holley says you'll hear from him later on the show I I'm -- that trade. 123. Whatever that -- is you get top three untraded for Kevin Love we'd that we had a list before the show. The top players the NBA he is a top ten player. If you're on offense yesterday which come down to make in the -- 61777979370. Is the phone every can text this. Are on the AT&T text like 37937. Edition of the Kevin Love part of this. There is Rajon Rondo factor here as well -- for me. Yeah I have long said Rajon Rondo is not -- player. I would document Max deal for any amount of years. That just don't think compared to the point guards in the NBA he matches up with guys like I don't know Chris ball who are Max deal guys. I might change my tune when it comes to Kevin Love and how it affects for -- -- we'll talk about that with your phone calls starting Celtics with the united 37 W -- yeah. But for the top three won't trade for Kevin Love that would be my deal breaker made this is a tough conversation because it goes back to. Fight this whole. Burying of Kevin Love and in the practicality of Kevin Love. Are there are lots of reasons. Why the team has never made the playoffs. And have yet because they're not -- -- -- part but for six years he's been there he's right regular promising him that they were gonna build a team around him and we're European it's something you would give up all of that yes. For a guy yet who has never been in the playoffs yes. There. No sir -- -- Michael Hollywood and do it because he's never been in the playoffs aforethought -- last night yelling at me and -- Bob Ryan. On TV claiming that. In my best and we voice he's not only play our. What are you saying about low last night I think he has -- -- top ten player -- and make them. I would make that trade. Sar Michael -- sorry Gary -- would you guys make that -- 61777979837. Our friends from let's go Celtics dot com. -- the show and say guys no way Danny trades the pick for love if he can draft and beat. Zero chance now I would agree with let's go Celtics in this case. I think MB is the guy that I want to know he's got his risk but I said for a couple months he's got the most upside he's played very little basketball. His height and and physical ability that combination. How to find in the NBA can't teach some of the skills that again so yes -- the Bacchus to check out the W to guide. If you said of the three guys you might get the top three Wiggins Parker MB. Who would be the toughest for me and to give up that nick if I could get back guy vs Kevin Love it would be MB no question about it. But it is in his best days. Is MB going to be top ten player in the NBA that's what you are gambling on you're getting catalog in his prime who is a top ten player. He just is. You and I made a list before the show I units that I don't I don't. I don't like the argument that did their -- in the post season. Okay that's that's. A vacant in team sports you know if this was like tracking fields that guy's never won a race is different story. You go or golf or whatever individual sport. But a team sport. And I know the MBA -- one great player but as you had a second player to go with -- he's had -- of the great player to go with and it did get to the post season. There's a lot of guys. As a -- -- listen love and has been in the -- a little bit longer but you know Irving for carrier for three years has made the playoffs. These -- using a do you not want him as you know winning player related a lot of this a lot of guys they hate that -- because it's. -- you don't win a championship. You know feel like kaposi's -- -- some guys that just lost in Kevin Love is up there and is lost on this team that. A draft three point guards in the first round in early trade loss -- -- -- nick Kevin Garnett deal but you know it's like. It's just never been a good team. I don't even camped. Too well -- not a good organization the organization is not -- to -- and repeatedly bit -- -- you're talking about the biggest unknown in this draft absolutely right I mean. Not much playing experience. Were talking about what stress fractures in his back that left the -- the end of the year with Kansas. So the biggest unknown you don't wanna trade away for the for the for the known. With Kevin Love a 25 assistant co KG was thirty years old when he traded form. And we started talking about window from the day you traded for what's the window. You bring in Kevin Love. Not only do you sound that Max deal and he got him at thirty -- not the one new windows about 89 years. I don't I just I really I can't fathom the whole no you don't wanna do this -- where everybody is guys that get played defense can't. -- guys really can't play defense in the NBA you don't want Kevin Durant. It was discovered -- play great defense. Oriented team. We Kevin -- is a great players I think the top ten player in MBA -- for everyone texting in the he's not a top ten player like -- somebody text and. He's not top twenty player I was gonna say to that Dexter. -- semi in York topped one that doesn't include Kevin Love for the next three or four years of not talking about the all NBA team from last year. That probably include guys that Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant but going forward. And players that are gonna be entered in the next three or four years I think that -- right he's a top ten player in the NBA. Who who the guys -- -- -- and just text him and I'd love to see some of your lists out there. From these reported NBA -- -- -- -- I guarantee that we -- -- -- it's up to look at Forbes in the Broderick. There was touching a different category of player -- Chris Paul the -- put it to Davis there you what you saw this year which I'm fine with. You know and then where we go next. The James Harden. Is it carrier is LaMarcus Aldridge as it is it Blake Griffin is appalled George there Nowitzki. -- me is Kevin Love in there yes yeah I think it's debatable where he is whether you think he is 768. Or twelve whatever. The bottom line is he's there. And that's a piece that you need would have to trade with the through free agency which you're not gonna get. Or through draft which you still might be able to get in the future at their player Wear them. They want other different angle to this we gave your phone calls and -- second 6177797937. We talked a little bit yesterday about Rajon Rondo does impact on the straight my Celtic wet dream forget -- for second. But mine is Rondo and Kevin Love on the floor together the next four or five years and build the pieces. Around those -- You have said in the past and I've a -- agree with you that -- John model's body Max player. What if giving Rondo in Maxiell and keeping him -- for four years. What if that was the key to getting Kevin Love here that Kevin Love and gaining sit down and they're negotiating whether or not -- wants the you know come to Boston weather wants to sign an extension here and I'd be the key to getting a deal -- in my opinion. What we said I wanna know the version on Ronald going to be here and Rondo said I'll be here played four years and Max money. If that would a case. I would give -- of the Max money because I don't know when the next chance is going to be to have. To really really good players put them together as a nucleus this team and at that means you're committing to those two was the -- you're gonna build -- the next say. Five seasons. Sign me up for that right now I don't think bottles of Max player but it you have to do it to get love what you do what I would I would. Why -- -- future might tie into this deal. And you know what if you don't want Kevin Love because you got to think ahead and say well because if we have Kevin Love not yet signed. John run at the Max contract and you don't think he's worth that then. I'd be OK with that if that's your opinion so be it. Because I think that would tie into it I think -- Kevin Love is traded here which are still thinks the launch optic injuring. And I think you keep Rajon Rondo I think you gonna have the keepers on Rondo the -- has got long term. I think if there's no Kevin Love deal but it was on Ronald gone. Whether this offseason next year always just he just walks in -- sign into an extension. Because it's it's mean it's it's it's one of the other Kevin Love in Q&A playoff picture. Not your game you play a pitcher next year with Rondo. Well -- -- that -- in that might not be the third best team but they'll beat the -- the six to -- to be the fourth seed the win the division. Could you still put pieces around sadly Danny will do some more next exhibited the player seventy look at the track record but if you don't keep Kevin Love it's not going to be. A two year project now camping an investigation and I don't neighbor John Rondo here in a long term project. Ronald wants backsliding Rondo is out to -- -- you on that mean almost that they're tied together future of the two players. Is tied together I do I'd say this in the text of the day so far from the for a one. I would do anything for love. But I won't do that quoting meatloaf. Would not give Rajon Rondo the next contract CI will -- I would enact case -- this one -- out of it's the same guy tag or not. But it's better to have loved and lost. Than never have looked at all reading a lot of these days Texas destined to be playing on the -- out of The Beatles song. The crack in the beatles' all day today then NN and all you need is love drag this on a motorized or. And for the good punter is out there but no one really wants that -- -- -- Max money at least not yet. Stephen main talking about the Celtics needs of -- forget your phone 6177797937. Hi Steve. -- what's -- happening guys what's up now. Now first stop I got a chuckle little readers waxing eloquently there. A -- -- -- -- just reading off the beautiful tech's board that we have been a beautiful that yes. Yes or -- order to have loved and lost it at glove and all these. There you're there with the couple observations are I'm intrigued by Kevin -- in the middle of the the middle of the pain I mean their picket weakness that was rebounding. And love certainly short quite a lot foot soldier beside him all the gala the night -- court. But will it. Well. I don't be insensitive here about -- really care. -- I I look at the -- I don't think it will I think it will help him. Because he won't be asked to do things he's -- natural -- he's a big guy but I got a great rebounding or. Bob that the hearing subsite to my real ability showed that you know and the final statement that -- and so. So -- -- we love you know that epic analytic and actually be better. Gone be honest with Cuba be the piece that goes with. Yes. All of you want Kevin Love and Al less adequacy -- what what what other parts of the deal Steve thank your call in a perfect world he keeps Salinger. And there are times allotments on on the court the same time to get rebounding you've got Kevin -- on the other side going out there stretching. Out defense is hitting threes and getting his normal bubble ball 26 and thirteen. But he that's a real possibility that Minnesota says will take these guys make this deal. It's got to be a clinic or sell under emotional experience be much happier giving up -- elect injured soldier. I also think you view. -- one doubles you. Also picked this year plus a -- on the road I think that is the the basis of the deal and then they send back a bad contract the you have that they have a new price and back and expiring Albert Bogans. May be Jeff Green although very unlikely at this point did you take on Kevin Martin potentially. But that's that at the framework of the deal. It hurts having to give up a lottery pick this year. The nets pick in 2016 right you on the nets pick in 2006 -- -- lottery -- in all likelihood you'd think I I would still do that deal. Those players involved and those -- below 617779. 7937. At the phone number eighteen detects one is 37937. Draft lottery tonight there's a rooster -- packs. New York for a bucket but in -- 937 W.

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