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The Bradfo Show: Former Red Sox 3B Mike Lowell talks potential Giancarlo Stanton trade, all things Sox

May 20, 2014|

Rob Bradford was joined by former Red Sox third baseman Mike Lowell to talk about the current state of the Red Sox and potential trades, including his view on Marlins star slugger Giancarlo Stanton. Lowell also offers his advice regarding what he would pay Jon Lester.

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It's nice easy and. -- things that interest. So I wish my -- it's. Just sit there and still. Episode of this and to be who would win and show. Cheers rob Bradford. You know there's there's some of the grad folks sponsor to inspire your friends that we distinctive qualities people it was so dark. Fans of new England's parents via honored today to have on the person who the only person I've ever coauthored a book. This Michael. -- -- Are you rob good good. We were texting back and forth last night about all the all the royalty checks keep flooding into our mailbox. So. It is like as we have that going through this everything else's. Everything is great I think -- getting lost in the mail though -- they're not really -- him. As much as you know the blockbuster thing we have hope. Well this escalate David Hasselhoff being big in Germany it's it's delayed reaction once I got in Japan have heard it really it really gaining steam right now it really is and wait till we hit it with a deep drive it today in Holland but. But I'll sore big note last year I'll never forget this because. -- Mike Redmond is no secret Mike Redmond told me that he would ask you to be the bench coach -- for the Marlins and and you you know you -- other things going on your living quite allies. A great life and retirement but I remember they were going through this epic losing streak early on -- of the season and right in the middle of you to preview that a pitcher. Of yourself on a panel board for four. So clearly you have made correct decisions over the last couple years. Well don't get me wrong I mean -- ID. I would love to see myself later on you know if you used on the roll my kids are little habits I don't want that around -- don't want anything to do with that. I really enjoyed being on the field assists. At that time in my life. You know. Well I think it's lost in the shuffle him out of time coach is really put him you know and there are a lot of behind the scene guys have been Yahoo! offers them. You know the training staff and all that and it's a lot of times you know it's probably spring training we -- accurate before returning him. That's the part that just I just wasn't ready to give the -- You know -- I -- took some really cool vacations. I didn't really ever put it in -- way -- -- maybe it is appreciative that he's going to it was district of -- vacation but. I think I rather have the competition about losing streak when you -- I root for him you know he's one of my best friend of baseball and you know it does seem like he's doing some good things in Miami with that team you know they're so young but I do think he's the right guy for the job. Well let's get right into that and here's one thing you'll play about a few different things for one of things on talk to about is is. Mike's team right remnants team and your Dow still down in southern Florida and you talk to my -- There's a couple things are couple players down there there are particular interest of people are up here. One if you bring his name up on the radio or you talk about them are right about him it's automatic attention grabbing which John Carlos -- And -- just had to get your take on how good this guy is how good he can be and do you think now this is an understandable Mike Redmond telling you this. But do you think that the Marlins would -- trade him. I think the mormons -- would listen. You know I think one year in a position where money is an issue if someone's willing to break the bank town lies. And take. What it's going to be huge contract on the road you know I don't -- things -- -- -- -- -- -- a couple times that he doesn't -- -- long term view on the nose. What direction the team is going and historically. No one knows what direction team's zone -- that Google and so. I think you either have to overpay him it's a document. Or people year to year with the number two cable putting up his arbitration numbers are going to be through the roof so to I think they trade him yeah I think they've listened to things. Do I think you have to basically give your. For best prospects -- major and maybe a Major League ready guys the it's try to take something like that but. I've never seen I was in spring training with the Marlins about four days last year and Justin -- -- I've never seen the sound of the ball. You know crack up about like that an employer I've seen Barry Bonds -- -- requirements and results and Alex Rodriguez and those guys take batting practice. And I mean he is like his first round is you don't like I'd like to go the other way. This first round the field is going by the way note strides so it's almost the defensive swing. And he's pepper in the ball right center in public which exit I wish I knew what about felt like if it's -- for about two about a woman though. What it feels like to -- a mean he's a physical beast he's the guy who. You know you can -- -- home runs this year enough parking in Miami's big I mean I played big and it is -- and he makes it looks point the only guy that -- make that park look small. The is so would you talk about Al disagree with the you're talking about a bunch of top prospects -- -- may be a Major League ready player. There's not a lot of guys in baseball who you're willing to do that -- especially this day and age of keeping contracts under control by. From what you've seen of them. And obviously you like him before what he's seen of him where is that guy that you would say that's the guy we're gonna get that's the guy that we're gonna unload our farm system for. And and basically build around for the next ten years. I mean I think he's one of those guys has big thing as an agent debate -- -- what 2324. With under plus home runs or in the big leagues so -- there are a lot of good years left. In the tank so well all week -- I think he has to make adjustments. A little bit as we know the powers varies you know -- as -- -- -- thirty plus home run. But it does he give you would be giving you pretty consistent app that he's been a really good job this year doing that in the -- -- -- -- the Marlins play. You know they've been a big ship -- you see him make a conscious every got a lot of base hit to right field I think that's what you see is averaging you know around 300 him. You know you can have a high on base percentage -- whenever there's been a situation you know run on third lesson to us they're gonna walk on so. You know that residences huge. Yeah I think when you you're in your third year in -- Ford -- fit your you learn and make your adjustments and you get better and better and does -- have the potential to be that guy yeah especially power and you know production is there. You know as a consistent -- that year you know day after day you're you're going to be there and I think it's. I would tend to say yes because he's 2324. He's still learning. Your best guess two years from now is he playing the Marlins are another team careers -- more look at. Another guy's. Of the trust of people -- up here is Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Went on the Marlins and seven pretty you'd hear today. From what you've watched from talking to Mike Redmond what's your impression what he's done on this so far. I think he's really happy with what well done I mean not only offensively swinging the bat pretty well but I think they needed that. That veteran presence for young's staff you know they have prospect. Rob Brantley fair and just map that I think that this is very good you know Jeff -- is you know he's your backup Peter David -- type guy. That every day guy that you know goes from. I mean I know Fernandez got hurt which is because few people of the Marlins with a goes with Alex Fernandez. -- -- operas. To you know turner and they'll all be in the old guys they're all young you know they need someone who knows the ropes and you know has been in you know he's perfectly appropriate for a little bit but you know he's in with an -- you know. The schedules are now captures nowadays and have success and usability as an off every single hitter. And with scouting reports you have. They can relate a real good game plan based on experience not just based on what you see on paper I think that was a huge part of helping items that. Well kind of morphing from the Marlins the red sides let's do that I like you'll like talking about the Marlins I do where do but I mean our our news is that you don't know MER I -- tell -- I'm telling you what might. -- talk to bush and Carlos stand up here. You can talk about that all of the long. All day people a lot of hype. Well you -- speculation. Particularly you know it's like this with trade the straight Mike -- David Robson and you know. And Felix too -- for John Carlos Stan and the Marlins will take it is yes no no no not. Yet he's. But you know things are coming interest me going through April and then -- really -- Was how the Red Sox reacted to winning the world's yours that you console they come in the spring training and there were turning the page return on the page turn the page. They pretty much have a very similar team and they did last year they get to April and it's not the same as it is is it's just a different dynamic they're working through some things. I'm -- from your perspective. What it was like in 2008 after winning that World Series after winning the World Series MVP in 2007 which can read all about it -- The -- -- him on dot com. But Howell who how what do you remember about those first couple months in 2008. Well I remember the first couple weeks. Very well and go to Japan trip which and I don't think it's the right way to start well you know us. Shortening you know you're offseason shortened by getting to World Series and winning it in every team and player. But if you add to that fact that you shortened spring training. Competition issues are a couple weeks early that's that's a look that up. So those those -- ones on -- that was a little bit up and you know I think the other glaring thing is that shoulder. You know and and we didn't have that Beckett Schilling. 12 punch. Knowing that we had two top of the rotation guys and basically on the back burner which you know Jon Lester who. If we knew it was going to be good but it wasn't Jon Lester that we know now just yet. And review roundup our rotation with you know Lester Buchholz would show it to him in an effective in the one. And we felt really good I think she'll not -- it was a it was a big blow lesson. On top of that. -- your probable -- back you know that's who everyone's gunning for and that. What every team wants to see how they match up against the defending world should. Have you noticed that right out again I'm not -- -- -- Japan but he didn't April and may and he can you know set rather gate that teams are approaching you differently. Japanese you can you can sense that they get geared up you know they figured -- to play the good teams and I'm not sure I don't know how you can qualifiers they all looked are stretching much better or there but. When you -- measure up against what they -- to be considered the best. Maybe there's a little more video work and there's a little extra hitting raiders you know something of -- it gets your juices flowing and you wanna see. You wanna see your team be able to matchup against that team and I I do think there's an election cycles and -- You -- I think it was Alex Cora swung through town couple weeks ago we're talking about this that he's a -- said that Tito. Had basically said hey you know why it. This -- the end of April around 500 and they go from there. Do you remember that you remember that feeling of this just weather the storm because another thing. Which I think you guys went through in this team in through was. The pomp and circumstance in April and all these Dallas and you win your case it was Japan. But you remember just thinking let's get into the season and -- figured out. Well I think your bosses especially the weather plays a factor I like you know world. I think that end of April kind of things start warming up a lot in. A lot of pictures don't my pitch in the cold but the hitters relief. Don't like to -- play the defense is part of I look forward to -- kind of this time mid may. Where it gets nice and warm and the ball starts carrying. -- feel like you know you're catch in the -- ice and haven't thrown over first because. You know the good cause the whether the ball is in you know propped up in you know just those little factors where. You know you feel like you're -- -- this summer so things should be hot pink should be. -- move but. The good thing about with a Red Sox fan now -- I think they feel like they haven't hit their stride yet and no one in the division really has taken off. So there there are a good week away from being right at the top again so I I think under those circumstances you gotta be happy about. Where the team isn't you know when you look at certain guys. I think a lot of Jacoby big because -- up and against. Jacki -- that those those are big shoes to go and it's unfair aspect prelude to -- Jacoby right now no I don't think that's an expedition it's fair for him. You know -- -- had a real real solid year last year. And he talked you know real rough start -- if those are two positions that are that are planning on the pitching side you know you see the start up -- at last year and it was Cy Young type stuff. He's got a little bit so -- serves you know couple guys that are gonna hopefully turn their seasons around it to be big big producers because. The talent there I mean that -- a playoff caliber team unity -- that we make a run in the post season and you never know. You know repeat don't think it is out of the question but. Sure you know these first on the comedy is forty plus is that have been played so far. Yeah I mean you'll see things in my -- some things and even now in the summer months particular and then I think the Red Sox rubio before and we'll be right in the thick of. Lol another huge topic of conversation around here's integration of these young players you mentioned Bradley Bogart's. -- to a certain extent middle Brooks. And you were here when they they brought in a few players every year. But in this case it's they're relying maybe have more heavy on these young players and I can remember -- having to arrive at relying on players. What do you remember about bringing a young player up in Boston how important it is to have that sort of support system not only in terms of production. But in terms of clubhouse and I think I remember one time you said to me. Said if the guy is being called up one thing that we make in -- make clear the expectation is that Europe here to help us you know you're not up here just to carry our. To India to the bullpen. So what do you remember about that. Well. I think would go with the offense. That was there when I was they're basically you know those six through 2000 -- He's still at the big dogs you know he's still a big news to a -- in there was a good supporting cast in guys like JD myself attack. You know they could you know when a young guy came in you know especially. For me what would clear it up -- -- Pedroia and older. And when they first came up they were announced that it wants to you know they were in -- in the time. Which I think you know lessen the pressure of having to produce and then when they got into their comfort zone -- we -- -- was a week away from being demoted. And in the cup fire and then you know in the last four months to use -- the best players in the game it was a rookie of the year. So you know -- that time we it allowed us to see how good he is and -- view and that will be the top Ally McBeal and Jacoby when he came in. You know basically he cost so much fire that it was you know chemical -- credit goes -- you know two good options. And you know in the playoffs started it was just you know -- brings speed factor that was electric just couldn't ignore it. But you still -- after an illegal you know you still out of the bottom line open and I think that's a big factor you know you look at the young guys now. You know there are a lot of Jackie Bradley you know they are and you know when you look at middle -- if you look at that number. He's going into kind of -- third full season and you'll. You want to see that power in the development really take off because you know these these -- to release a few times and you know the corner infielder. The numbers got to get a little bit better you know 197 is not gonna cut it. But the abilities there so. The one I really like it Bogart's and we are talking about a little earlier and I got to feel a lot. In the World Series where you -- one game after another. And it's the maturity you know and and I think he's a guy that. You know -- the powers in the com and he played the premium position he played to a lot of confidence. And that's the guys that I think you know relief to you know put up solid numbers year after year he looks like the one that. Makes the adjustments dated game and has that even keel it. You know that you need to really play in the big markets but -- -- -- Well you have a unique perspective on on young shortstop since you came up. The Yankees organization the same time really Derek Jeter was integrating into the major leagues and we're not comparing Jeter to Bogart's. But what you remember seeing about Jeter good and bad in those early stages because that's what we're -- bogus both good and bad. Well you know when I -- Jeter when I got called OpenId there was a lot about you know I can't really remember. They he does not do as well. With Bogart that I think the difference between the two is I think -- is -- -- is so there's -- much bigger factor -- -- game. I think over its. Physically I think down the road is gonna translated to -- more power guy. But you know the speed factor with Jeter's. I think it's helpful with the stole bases. -- how high he was hit for average. But what I do see him Bogart -- that Jeter you know patterns still. Is effect competence and in his ability to play a position that is not easy you know shortstop. In a major market means you're involved in a tunnel place. And he goes about it with I don't know it's it's it's. From at least the TV standpoint what do you hear you know pocket from a couple guys this. It's this cool quiet confidence you know and you don't see that a lot of guys that are you know what 20/20 plus when he -- the big leagues so. You know I think -- to be very impressed with what he brings that table and really what he can bring. The next you know look and on the road for 510 years I mean you could really. A solid stapled to you know in a position where I think direct but we've -- you know that the referees have been searching for. Was going to be a short service gonna play you know 45 years you don't think. You know we've had that in Boston. Really what is -- -- -- -- there hasn't really been a guy that has put together for five years and a reflection of for a short. Mean guy assigned to do it for four years but generally work out directory or -- to go logo area now Lugo was going to be. The guys are actually it was a three year deal. But. Speaking of acquisitions announced Q you do work for MLB network and and went to next time -- and beyond. Our first -- -- -- for three to June. That lines right up. With. I don't know what alliance right up I think I really like what are -- first week of -- I I was I'm -- I'm. I'm basing everything around I'm I'm doing these and filling in Dave O'Brien Nam -- to disagree on the radio broadcast. So I'd be married in June he tired you've -- one I do this broadcast so a that your parents lines up when my parents so proud. And senator like. Senator. But but when when the MLB network when you go on there tonight I said do you you -- to answer this you are the best guy on the entire network. -- -- -- When you go on there and you're talking about all different things -- one question that you potentially talk about which is what would you pay Jon -- right now. What would you pay Jon Lester if you're the Red Sox and and his agent is actually your agent Agassi they're still your agent right. It. The -- -- are -- elevenths are yet Nazi friends of friends of the program. In so. So the Levinson say in the Red Sox agree OK let's start conversation. What would what if you're the Red Sox what are -- you make in the legitimate -- not this the semantic and an offer that they did earlier in the year. Bring about older. Jon Lester is thirty years old to be 31 next year. Receive such as this year bird. -- I think minimum. For Lester and he's a free agent after this year free agent after this year but I think minimum -- the -- -- long term. -- it's gonna work. Six years widely in the 20s20 -- on -- at that point but he his this thing is. So -- Broke out one other guy is I've been making but I I'm looking that. You know guys -- he is clearly much better -- much better than cobalt commitments like you know he's much and these guys are making 1415. So you can take those numbers just horrible way like we're way above. Where would you -- so here everyone classifies. The free agents to be two pitchers. Scherzer laster. And then you have a drop down a little bit I think shields will be a guy by it. How how important is a guy like Lester and I -- -- Reggie thank you very important to get off from six years or potentially twenty million dollars per year. But. You played with them you watched him. How important is having that guy who you know has can do what he's already done. Going forward even if it's for the next three or four years even those contracts six. I mean it's it's huge because. You have to have that feeling word every that they there's no one guy no matter who the other teams on the mound throwing or who. The nine guys in the lineup you give -- -- have a chance for him to be. And it's easy to say that -- we think we have a chance. But to really have a chance you know you need Baghdad -- just shut down a big -- and I think what helps. John is it done in the policies. That are really well. And that for me that's an extra added on because I don't think the Red Sox are signing in the -- naval -- as well during the season no Red Sox signing him. The BR a and we look to go to the post -- every year like that the mentality of the team. I'm just saying I think it takes six years. Right now because minimum because this market well yes but if it becomes a free agent now 29 other teams are going to be. You know fielding offers. If someone's -- past six years. So. I mean you look at -- I think sure there's a little -- job right now just because of the year he put last year and how he's starting this year. But I mean. This early under dominate that much more than Lester right now. Now right now we were just that rears its allies and our radio scherzer is scherzer is the best pitcher on that staff right now. Correct correct you know I mean look at the guy like Anibal Sanchez. Might have been Lester is a little bit better than -- -- and -- when he was crazy to. So I mean. Probably would it would DOD a look at I think Felix is a little. Felix is a little high because his page. Although the problem the problem that Felix presents and really sabathia presents it is against the going against Lester contract because. Lot of people on baseball think Felix's stuff for starting back up a little bit even though he's still pretty young. And we saw what happened with sabathia so you're right I mean the market will bear out six years by. You know how wary should they be about getting when you get into that because a pitcher -- -- every pitch is gonna Wear down but knowing what you know about Jon Lester. Is -- guys that you would say will willingly take that chance. Yes absolutely I mean you look at him physically. If he's not built like let's see -- like the royals well you know we're you know he's the guy I was on 95 -- physically. You're like well out of that body from 95 and sooner or later there is just too much -- or six or -- the monster under the he's 240000. -- So it terrific guy they can do it it's it's those. There's still guys that are built that way you know it's it's the -- -- guys that are built like you know AJ Burnett it's it's the big guys. Luckily Cliff Lee comes to mind absolutely I think and I think jobs they're -- quickly you know -- physically like he's he's a bigger guy in. I don't think -- is a guy that you know he's never really been 9897. Foot -- he's kind of been himself. Stopped lies. For now what do we look and a seven year. Yeah and you know they know the funny thing is Mike that. You I would the other day or couple weeks ago last what makes Jon Lester so did and early on I think his velocity was around 96 now it's not. On on a regular basis but everybody to a person said. Is his ability to pitch to both sides of the plate which is when you you've played with -- probably wasn't nearly as good as it is right now. Oh and that's what's impressive and I think you know -- cup cutter or you can really make that in fact it's two Fridays you can almost instantly and expand the plea. But he's been able to like you say it both sides and you know when you look at guys that were able to do that really well it's kind of like. Mean these automatic type pitcher but that's problematic got people out because it was used in the way outside and want -- -- got an outside he can -- -- the -- man. And a lefty that can do that you can neutralize the left handed bat and when you have back Katarina velocity. Let you know right you don't look forward because Israel could -- as a -- -- from both sides you know also with all those factors I think playing in the his favor him. I I I don't think direct fluctuate or more months now you know I think that that would be scary because. You know and when you when you -- -- sees someone over okay. You know someone's gonna -- and whether Johnny cakes and I mean that's his decision have no idea but. Right now the only team that can negotiate with a Red Sox I think big indignities that leverage. What do you play an aggressive today. What's on the Michael docket. Well I worked already today and that's good. But it is great doesn't have -- second surgeries so I have like the titanium. Cap on it put. You know been able to -- -- work now. Played some tennis but these crops it it's been it's been really enjoyable I mean I struggled a little bit her. The good two years in. I was just a little little down in the dumps being committed 37. Vote in the Olympic for the rest of my life so that part -- the great you know. But. A lot of stuff going on you know I feel like term. If you're addicted to let you know busy work -- -- players to have a good. Tunnel vision but now you know all of the -- playoffs are going on in you know baseball games going on in life could have about 705. What. You value of the house also in I always get a mixed up. Bermuda Bahamas. Jamaica who don't wanna take your. -- had given me -- the -- an apology of yet there. Not a document type like but often of the summer we use -- we uses a good amount. This is you know attempt at a lot of stuff meant everything now that your round you know my kids in the -- nine playing baseball my daughter was doing some travel all -- -- and -- like every weekend there's something -- practices are brief forays to weaken I don't remember doing that in mind. But I gotta be honest when you go to Little League practice and he says you know I'm just not able to get to my house and the Yemeni. And I think -- that has a lot of street cred to -- he got there and. I've there are no complaints have actually -- you know -- See in the -- I I I enjoy it developmental we talked Albion. You know with Mike Redmond on the bench coach I enjoy like being with minor league guys and guys on the field because. There's -- doesn't seem that the progression when -- he would make adjustments and then their talent take over that's something that's really cold. Well last question is and everyone wants to know this where you're going to where you're at Brad vote shirt because obviously get one for coming on the road for a candidate caught very good drive it's. -- cleaner -- uptight Brit. I think it's cotton and its its its its European tie it. All -- so I have made a public vote here yeah analysts you know you present some problems that man. But I'll vote you know it is the -- that you were excellent okay well let because where you -- aware -- -- -- -- could be it could be you know. And vividly I could simulate the other country or it could be. You know. I don't go too much further in my area for those folks here to -- -- at the auto industry towards. I want also into. And Iowa I want you been. Mike Redmond sitting in the dugout together. -- this. You know what the public about their distribution is Brad -- -- -- slaughter a flood. Thing is is that we have as you mentioned one of the sponsors of the podcast schools distinctive clothing. Jarrod Saltalamacchia voice part of the -- that runs on the air which is I don't know how -- Lester did it rob looks like the best person here at the winter meetings. So he is part of also the bad Brad -- closing family so it's it's it's morphing doubted us. You know it's taken over -- -- at this. Southeastern United States I can't wait well you remember him except maybe we'll -- Holland like a book. That that's a cliff will you remember you remember the the suit and -- Says all of that vote in our -- better. Loved this -- it was a good news I should tell us who do buys you by saying it wasn't on my better days -- actually saying was one of my better years to intervene tires. Some saying you know where you're like really excited and April -- right Iran August getting -- I was on the advertiser wouldn't match would consider them. Let you do that -- for the poor or to -- -- saves for the -- For the kids with related. All right Mike thanks for joining us and hopefully we'll do it again all of that -- thank you figured.

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