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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: ATM machine 5-20-14

May 20, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

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Headlines brought you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network MI pursuit of fitness equipment chopper the pros do ever -- -- precision fitness equipment. We start some breaking. It. He -- put the ball in his rectum and and and passed gas and -- on tonight's club where -- -- go sledding tonight. -- to the John Dennis has resurfaced and has surfaced anywhere that. Only -- can resurface. Tweet at 7:34. AM those same time there believe this year. Re -- a few days to number two sat. At the international and B slash C because guess a few of -- -- -- yours do you those romantic side -- get a room. It is a picture of he and his bride -- kissing. From the wedding since you said that Jerry. -- Thoughts here Aurora obviously -- re tweeting over here so leave me alone. Well I favored a big one thing he forgot when he was excusing this when he put hash tag get a room what exactly hash tag general -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's Althea is that he's a guy on that already favored it. Ravens that tweets and some -- it -- -- on him and what that means does that mean they -- it was obvious ones like you eradicated it means your knowledge it. It doesn't give me any good there between. The treasury -- I did not now do. I'm -- for this collection of award but the acted acted it's a little we in for -- why averages and then there's no way anyway. You -- ask you know now -- -- -- as you pictured kissing your wife that he just as well as I've -- -- ask for a picture of me you know. Going like no second base whose -- in that too. Okay what do you person here that it's there's a hotel in the center hotel room last update yes -- you -- to -- -- We got cancer from John during his is about as we look for an answer gave the tools. So yes there's the industry to keep you updated here's well. We wanna start you start this quinnipiac student. -- our group is very strange that Daniel -- 22 year old woman failed to mention her parents she dropped out of Quinnipiac University. Lot of us would do she panicked a graduation time. Then she called into bomb threats cents and tried to cancel the commitments or use it to report should not attend school all year. But mother but -- thousands of dollars of -- education between mr. for a ceremony is scheduled to begin. Police station called the university's public State Department report bomb in the library and called again -- say several bombs rock campus -- -- -- -- nuclear graduation. That's not a good. That's a good plan don't you think mean. It's got nothing do no -- right I don't see what could go wrong she's on the cover of the New York Post page one right and says she blew it with a picture of her. Like in handcuffs. To get the job off of it that. That kinda -- out a little worse than not graduating. I mean I thought I had a good plan when I -- my report card after eight -- graduation my claws. That work -- for a while -- the whole summer offered well because you have the graduation everyone forgets the Pentagon report card right. But then you have to clean through the closet fine. Yeah yeah commits was blocked for. The -- for ninety minutes for the part she as the rest of them -- said it's a strange story is not a strange. It just seemed there was arrested this weekend if you want to to a bar dropped his pants and underwear and attentive section ATM machine police report. You have you asked for -- -- -- the -- to adapt to what are do you. Actor yeah wouldn't enter it and it comes out. We've got the card seems awfully Coleman and and metal what you what you're trying to. Actually think about trying to picture we've got a whole hall of fame guys -- having sex with inanimate objects. The best was the picnic table. The neighbor saw him and I saw him -- -- -- up and -- things. And it was you know love love despite the table he -- the picnic the league Boudreau seemed like drill hole to picnic. It has one win them all right -- abroad rose on the ATM machine. And now publisher of like this and it -- -- a three -- -- TM card right. Well probably the money comes. Is that. -- putt was 49 -- -- -- at the bar and grill the answers you -- a sought to making 9 PM the according to police officer. -- dispatched the bar were witness of how we want to be temple down his pants underwear exposing his genitals. Dumpster said mr. hug them attempt to that sexual intercourse with the ETV. And -- new -- the bar thrusting his hips in the year. So it's. First it was like Peter tenor -- picked it right. And silent over this man had his pants down on the ground and just like let's go and that it. And really know what else the things that. Are on the behind comic. Up I'll be honest I heard the receipt to talk to its term but some like this number cup which -- your city do his refrigerator. I would save the swing refrigerated seals up -- CK did and I would say from aged dogs suddenly did and he said he could understand. He said he did his refrigerate -- -- as -- -- about twelve to both fifteen. I can understand. Oh yeah you name -- was like what. A refrigerator now for Germany TM machine VCR. I would of the parties are. Pie another but there I mean has -- been pulled their -- effort yet from the culinary before I was younger sure like what give me the fruit. What's good for the food. And nauseous the. All car out come on Disco mr. little hang -- days ago. -- with oatmeal. Oh yeah was -- cool off and you do and is really don't want want. Listen. With what this good or is this is a mud on the advice of somebody. A friend you know you know -- the -- you know it's. A -- when you're when you're the oldest brother kind of like Iraq. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's not a -- and museum. Petrified we have but there was he got everybody chime in and then what they. -- Cucumber. Vacuum cleaner now that's dangerous vacuum -- I would look at the word jello and I'd I'd recognize. Jail yet sure. Offered firm. -- I was twelve years old. I don't -- sort of a -- A lot of your -- you think I don't IDC racially Eli can usually review I don't understand. What did you do regularly the AT -- kid did you do food no I didn't either. Now and in that was I was messed up it's let me ask you guys -- with -- -- first -- was the first happened to you. When did you first release. If you broke it. Now like I didn't know what it's. -- -- -- -- I directory. And I woke up 12. At a lecturing it was a with my bubbly sixth grade. I history teacher. Was like 65. -- And this is my -- was when I get the -- and I will lie is Carrick hockey and I look up and I I'd have an older brother I have no friends talked about I had no freaking idea what was going on. I actually thought I broke it was disclosed that -- my parents room. Same with the -- I don't remember having that I have a feeling that's why am that's by younger brother's I let them know -- most of the cozy I don't he didn't what was the end game video mail. Mean you know it's well made it hard not to be success when you were done -- what happened to the -- it was -- it was the worst ever. What was. But the right to host it was not. Was pleasant visit -- potion. At the maple sugar can take care I think is that headlines brought -- by -- -- tell -- -- -- -- in -- get other. I don't -- this will do this for a quick and get into one of Oprah Springsteen forgetting which state he's in. Also remember there until and I had to happen to -- personal budget calls curse to be up probably good talks but expect it. Or older Jarno was abducted after conversations -- one. I just said NPR it -- good -- congress are now Coca leaf. Yeah -- stand up -- playing guard -- Fenway Park. August 30. Playing -- he tweeted this morning releasing petty. Now episode you know just the Super Bowl halftime show. Penny looks old you know he's not that old as we look. Clicking noise like gold for all right forty years looked like he looked always young feels over the hill yes it is and do stuff I win by the you surround them. And its own there -- did you soon and I said freefall. Assaults on I like this a good choice Austin who is gets a song. -- -- And he doesn't do anything on stage just incidents things yet he sings. If you're like a casual -- -- picture if it's -- his stick around -- you refugee free phone. This. That the the best -- -- -- -- -- coming out of Billy -- pretty good runner up guys what you guys they haven't had you know reference any better hasn't there was inflated with the only -- Theo is now dropping Turbo fan. I love I love pro Jim but I can't sing along the eastern along. -- You know little words and there -- economic aren't good approach it like these that are. I like pro -- affect the sticks in Oregon voices the soundtrack and in the wild terrific -- great sound it's the greatest film that move we would have economy alone the cinema topography yes we -- such a pal Sean Penn. And now but the that the the scenery -- saw a society's grates on. Yes it is a tremendous along. Now it's kind of you can never under -- enhance society by better. I mean it's easier now if you really love a song to get online and in Google the lyrics and I know the world how the rules they do not know me if I were a kid again when I was -- -- -- always trying to figure -- the words of songs and so hard to do. Nowadays it's easy to school football murals because why -- you know what purchasing in my -- USA and all well actually. We are on the help if you read you Bruce does that provides. It's a little easier and the thing about it think about this miles seventeen. Camera there so. You can get this right. Understand where compass -- generic game and you wraps up that way Tom Petty -- -- that -- that is offensive. Billion of it and sent eligibility to be someone who you and young. And they don't go that. They don't wanna destroy several that -- just disrupt the neighbors. So you don't think companies dropped the neighbors now tool but would. Don't think about it collegial. Bruce Springsteen Bruce brings I don't water -- the Jaycee and Timberlake yes it's their neighbors -- and Timberlake let's let's let's say that it came. But it always ends early right -- can't go to that's right at 1030 when it was in the Fenway actually used in Illinois and and. Crowds and legal actions. It Dave Matthews -- Also that and we. -- -- -- -- He's angry that new kid is evident in a new pitch I'll actually gushed in and it smelled the -- election it Chesney should be Eric church jingle all gone to Zach brown this year that practice round in the area background -- -- back Panama. There's a says that fox is excellent but -- The stage after him blow away really. His knee is Springsteen Ian knows he tool works don't you dare use apps out there symbol that song writers expressed as a songwriter as a singer as -- a former student he leaves it all on the -- now or get into. You might be finally got to sweats as much as Springsteen it was a -- that's -- like that at all. That'll enable the shape it's just he's in better shape or sports what. You know so -- fat guys -- Hampshire for John -- what's a lot of pocket guys who does trump card -- -- event -- -- that is the surgery dad's. Any loss career. Analysts voice. Just lost the weight -- career. It was wacky factor Monica -- Bob Seger play with them. -- -- expects that capital books your losses voice -- happened yet we said that Roger Waters -- Is -- So it could be fun but you kind of feel. -- that but you're -- against that's who they're going after yes. Knocked it risky despite the heart of the chief petty -- 150 dollars and collegial. 300 get a ticket these are sold like two seconds. And Alberto on the secondary market to enter the reports and Sharon collegial approach tickets yet and I were he were. The secretary prices like 15100 bucks in the you know stated reason. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- elder -- -- back to backers of Jules. Yeah well and I -- that was causes handsome rugged good Celtics now. You know that's seductive headlines frightened by -- 617779. Seven that it through several back to Kevin Love. And the Red Sox ever to get some pictures that would follow somebody that doesn't like love deal we didn't do any good -- anything about it and -- -- put it together we we think it's gonna happen we're gonna make it sound from both of the other -- time -- year. Liked the show your wounds will mark melodious yeah. Interesting callers will hear from her as the show goes.

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