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Kevin Love to Boston? 5-20-14

May 20, 2014|

Kevin Love's trade rumors started the show.

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Yet he left and he shot today and it's so the question all leave says minutes how we do it planned out how we roll the answer the question. I don't think he did you it's the question or left I was right. I don't know what was I don't know if there was chaos which I love spicy once again why we brought you back because once you've got here at the -- unravel or Britain Robin Red Sox expert here resident expert Padilla -- we ask him you know. It's accepted view make that trade was available to talk about the best. Boston movie of all that's what happens that's. We wanted one. We got deflated you know and it thinks it -- -- about -- weird is that without. And now is watch the match was supposed to do -- -- to host bright is he did notice that stopped talking over -- I want to talk on the domino he would not like -- would go home and watch it on the Villa on the Stevie. It's that we can't do that anymore guys that Texas about to capital letters he says finish right. I want -- -- exploratory. Pocket Kirk talked region and you and I were doctors screen it is and here I four person I don't care if it was a it was a man's. Like occasionally you need to have him I -- that some groups that -- get angry. Now -- I'm open you know. The what are we allowed to -- Which was wrong called him we're told we can't call it. -- BMW oracle it's. Him bends to -- -- -- -- the -- -- for you Google NFL player who -- -- MLB -- adding bullets like the face fastball I hope they face the Phillies hope -- fight openly hoped the vote chaos in the mid that's automotive floor should be some certain -- Boston. Recreational team that we don't know about. But he if there is where you're gonna but I didn't let -- I don't think this is priority. Yeah it is seller news exit -- to approve the selfless sign -- episode or improve its all ball team. And that and they'll -- little touch football team. Would it would positioning and he place. All of scat back but gadget which repression that -- -- nice to higher. -- -- impression -- you're in on -- -- -- you go to these -- when I'm skipping Hawaii department -- I'm not -- met today to be -- they still I'll tell -- that they'll allow them to get crazy in the -- days to the -- -- Webster definition of crazy idea like what we did yesterday we -- -- I hope so yeah I don't have -- -- embankment and no I think there's not a chance -- the world that what time is. It is most are only going to be on -- -- when -- go up there on that one program there show. On -- like this. It's a career but we're on nests and at all with -- alias they were well. A little movement but Somalia that we get to the big deal now playing center field hockey market and Nicklaus and Iowa where -- do it's that's indefensible. So you admit your homework. No I I admit I just I got that I admit that -- is indefensible. He used to be home -- -- -- -- -- -- know for Chris I regret flexibility in the -- -- -- I think you know larger. Scottish. There's no I don't know it's just this weird that you use that house for us and tell those widgets but with. Was mad at you from the start he came in the as I've figures -- now you mean like the -- yeah it was a happy. Well was. As code which you individually or I don't think a four person -- I think -- -- Sunday. -- -- it is. You cut -- -- like rubbish piled -- -- I don't know much about it Thursday before back on Thursday it -- speak which is this is. This is a special this week. No -- tomorrow -- it would not talent but you wouldn't you don't know not tell anybody Wednesday we have special goals. -- -- that's tomorrow this tomorrow it is it's going to be men and Callahan NA NAE. Alarm which it does abuse or end with -- old Lola literal later. In -- and anything related secret not a bad -- -- I know. Week we have not. On this by the boss just say you know obviously last Christmas worked out well and stuff I think it did and I think it will again. Not -- hit any it element. It's like Denis laid that's not a bad idea for Thursday I do at the Betty were -- one definitely should. Better to you know here or dale. The and maybe I'll -- that's reasoning. To say. Yeah he was alive and well I more fall my -- tiger hates it he usually has a hard things and I agree EIE. It's an EE -- do. The EI columnists thought the Aggies shot at a very well known. Very and a polarizing figure Gretzky. So yes -- -- without confirming or denying any V -- we cannot do and I'm working full time if we find out I mean if certain people find out they -- own illness strikes at if you like Boston you'll -- you'll have security at the door and I am working. That would actually fell Friday to land another special that's right that's right as you know that for us to be careful what are calmer Cochran got out of high school basketball player I would. -- allowed near -- -- adults say minute and this is a mistake. One do this on here as you know there. People on the Vietnam occurred on the phone -- who has it dammit it better not be. He's he's going to be on your sheep will be on. Morally you can't. Sure. -- sure that what do think juries should you wanna do some years you're the one who brought it up I denied he. Wasn't going to do you. I want a very -- right on the air -- ten and sneak out the door and then these idiots I don't -- told anybody only minutes and I know -- news exceptionally excited that's a bit also not be I would say that's a pretty good chance that as well there's -- there's a good now. We have this guest on tomorrow. -- and we start we'll start with the Celtics tomorrow or today. Where are the -- that it didn't quite look at where they love this he picked it ain't it funny that we talk about all -- -- another month for more than a year. On how they do position themselves for this night. And it's really a long shot on -- -- you know -- in the 10% chance in the topic that means. They're probably not get it Kirk they're probably not get a number one Italy -- -- -- don't wanna free chants of kitten. Not -- right that's but that's that's about amber and and here's the Milwaukee Bucks -- and they went in the frankly no one else was the classic it was a lesson. On how to get the best chance at the number one pit box this year. Chances are 251 in for the -- aren't getting. How to make a prediction right now on the docket number one was -- -- even though that when the bank I don't I know it -- -- -- lakers. Among the guests. And says the sixes -- I'm. The 66 so you tied -- the -- bat could lead to budget receive fixed I'm not since Callahan colon. Draft lottery and fixed in the past -- much of its fixed this time. But the Celtics I don't think. Whether they get the first pick the third pick the fifth pick the discussion remains the same. In what they have to add to that -- -- entice Minnesota and make this move right it. Here's my question maybe you can answer I am all for Kevin love the everybody is right -- just one of those issues. Where there really is no dissent if you're against acquired Kevin Love your not to fool. You're a fool -- pay attention you'd just been so it is -- -- -- nordic as a that he be against the knowing that kind of clear view of earth to men then but immensely. A book about a you but I'm not sure I didn't hear every show and it watcher of TV show unfortunately in my game Tuesday anybody anybody against -- no I think the only argument cheery news -- Of course even that and pop up the -- give you my argument up pulls right here as we got a few of them right here so let's close to -- to love that. Well first to a rock or you're against. -- I am not against him but I am very wary of the giving up the soldier in green. And in the Kevin Love with none out and in the -- I just I just laying Jeff Green I would like to have one of those guys on the team when this guy is on the team that you deal breaker for. Probably night. As we discussed yesterday Salinger and low low essentially put the same position to play it differently but the ball power forwards one's the best four in the NBA in the others. A -- and Al Jefferson right soldier. Members who we read about the Garnett deal like easy Al Jefferson knew -- -- -- -- players like to have them buy it. OK so you Jefferson's -- much much better I know. But I think. What tomorrow we'll have the Brahma the parameters indiscernible by the jury will know tomorrow it's possible -- -- -- to pick a seventh so I disagree guts then it's out but I disagree you were -- and one variable here one wildcard in its. Loves feeling slopes sounds. So levs feelings hello how how does love feel great about this the biggest sellers -- and it it's vital. Honestly and somebody wrote. That to the -- there. Somebody talked to love this year Bob Boston Reich's boss and -- -- spending time -- all of these in LA guys. LA guy he serves we know. Sausage knows all about us -- with mr. itself since you've now briefs off if we've reached. It has yet you guys straight male -- -- is important -- -- is uncles in the Beach Boys yeah. That that's right. But. What it says -- -- -- -- that when possible -- the -- the second happened to me. I think it happens if he wants to come to Boston they have more to offer I think Minnesota wants topic once young players you saw you've seen the the other possibilities the lakers the new X you know or rockets. Every amid Elvis and teams lawyers to question would you do it if you don't have an agreement nine extension belt now. And if it's all up to him and if you have an agreement it's simple he wants to play here you give and the Macs it's done. Right it's like to blow up his is that -- -- the problems we came -- -- -- in the strap that's fine. Any pick in next draft I give another first round pick in it's they pick two players not named Ron Ross. Here's this is from Celtic hub Celtics club we have. These three guys. Make in there and Michael Pina Brian Robert Bryan rob. And Tom -- home primitive yet these buddies off three of the best and they have the measure -- trade proposals where funeral boy. Is he on him should be the Xeon are now I don't know vibrant and and exciting website put -- who threw horrible. He didn't post any tests yesterday attacked the competition and we can't mention them but he did go after them or are you like -- -- a good idea do you like the factories due to ensure excellent excellent. Anything that you like Jerry I like I knew that and you'll learn and he's -- -- that there that. Jarrett soldier Jeff Green Brandon Bass Boston's highest 20141. Round pick and 20151. Round panic. That's quite a mother load from Minnesota. You agree with that one car -- -- that yet apply those not included players think but I mean you know except soldier who's just -- the only green serviceable. That if -- Minnesota -- so that yourself available space either Ricky Davis are you excited are you excited but that. I guess but I guess its major Wiggins that's 21 round picks including one in the top five we think tonight. But but the 2000 for fifteen pick by this argument would be middle first Gerald lawless business 2015. Pick is their pick. Mean ten picks in the next seven years wrecked right. 101 round picks in seven years essentially yeah -- to this year. So that this year will be top five that she would be middle of the -- -- -- did you think -- -- -- 500. Make the well was with low with love but without green bottle or at least with Rondo -- there -- another Wimbledon to the west picture there with 45 games. 45 dollars a minute lose. 37 the third -- light minimum so they approved by twenty guests first homer of the trying to lose this year so if they try to win a few more games. Approved by what for about fifteen -- that's a big jump for one player particularly to take other players -- -- soldier was a serviceable power forward. This -- as a great power forward. I I just think we're Macon police appear to think he wants to come here again he wants to -- he wants to play for contender is as a contender. If if Houston's in the mix. Oh. You name it Golden -- in the mix. He's gonna wanna go there right gold states in California pretty sure it. And that's he wants California wants to play for contender if he says I'm not going to Boston I'm not sending a long term deal it doesn't matter what the Celtics so the soda. Minnesota's. -- -- the Ottawa the answer he knows all -- not a contender. They're not and they're still not with Kevin Love Floyd news and we talk about Rondo future to -- -- if -- -- talking about love and love says yeah I'll play here. But the other best player. Might be gone too. It's even worse situation on if I mean I think wrote notes that if you paid he wants the Mac -- think at a busier Max player -- -- regular trade for love you're basically saying we're keeping met bing you're committing to build those who was that the trade -- that's Smart I -- off what you saw it now with cinematic he's gonna get battered come -- from anything and everything by. You guys sold at Rondo is going to be the Rondo hold. -- -- is I guess you got to take a chance right -- and you better than -- love right now. Which would is there is no easy answer this if you give up the other first round picks you have the seventeenth pick in the draft yeah I don't know go to player that is opening just done a great job in the draft. Is that a viable -- player who play with these two. -- -- Yes it's it's impossible possibly get to find that third guy yet I don't think it's possible -- -- -- the ten best players. In the world -- don't have a chance like this again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tenacious players is co workers as soft. There is no doubts and haven't have a level and it team a guys' knowledge is -- big mistakes defensively but that that's not the question is does he wanna be here what do you think you -- what -- wanna be bottle that you want I don't -- -- but I think we're Angela which I think this is wishful thing I think Kevin Love once said. Be the place where he can drive home from work after practice but the wind and surf. That's at the man I wanna put my window down that hard to do -- sir Paul Foster -- -- In January. -- double wetsuit responded to degrees Charlie windows as -- -- likely mean if this were like a cold place but it were. Close to somewhere warm. Golden State right. Maybe me -- colds that offers but Minnesota's going to screw rudeness and Kevin -- gonna get screwed. The Celtics are offering first the top five pick the good enough muscle to the off for next year's first pick. And love gonna say I don't wanna sign there too bad do you whatever and Oakland Taylor -- -- I wanna -- -- game 34 teams but they won't be so can we also. -- stops will be you know this is not the Kevin Garnett this is not like -- -- because you had -- here there is no pierce. There is in and you also get Ray Allen who's your Ray Allen. It it's I guess you Rondo by Rondo love is not the same is pierce Garnett Ray Allen and whatever else they have. It's even watch -- writes that -- -- we have to mortgage their future trade for love. All while the wife of 25 he'd be more did what -- -- obviously so that the -- he -- you're saying well right but but this is what he got politics. Did anyone ever think change is gonna use them all and you know that ultimately you don't you're not successful in the NBA by doing. Rent and -- a real source said he did okay. Outlays are these are national pundits Adrian was announced he says Celtics make the most sense and it's all because change. Compiled these tax -- and collect predicts. Not it is not the cause this is a destination city or even a really good team. It's because of change has been building toward this moment where he could take that half these Olympics right and and trade for players players that don't wanna be with a I just don't think I see no evidence I agreed to hear that the of that Baxter Holmes quote a -- Boston's vary by every isn't this a knock on the Celtics all along how you can give credence to come here. Here's. But I I understand if there -- not California LA guys who nods I still don't even understand that if you were you don't like New York guy why what's the big -- become the boss why. We want why would you why would you come to Boston to freeagent. Because it's good CD make a lot of money by African -- -- -- -- -- that you win -- title you know you're. Yeah average in the calendar event it was a perfect storm I just I think you gonna have to overpay for player like you we talk about Rondo yeah okay you might keep Rondo for Max. You Max player this is the problem -- giving -- to Boston -- the way the NBA people the players like the wanna warm weather place that's that absolute. Well it's true. Out so well everybody's enjoying the warm weather in New York -- -- well first of -- New York City is a lot different and Boston frequently world agrees that two degrees warmer and that won't give you that his his wife can do -- VH one reality show to do that there Boston. -- I miss via VH one. -- you know Michael -- in the real issue in Saint Louis. You know until it gets a little -- -- the -- never brought the free agents never happened. If they lost who've lost who the -- -- -- this -- -- that you know what this. Isn't a free agent mean. If they get Kevin Love that's not gonna change that in effect he is a free will in effect grant and the -- Garnett was right but I think betting robbed right in that they had -- okay there are -- -- free -- and I don't -- Doc -- fighters under this guy loves according to Baxter -- quote here he loves Brad Stevens. Even know Mexico and -- -- he went to the final two. And almost beat duke he said Boston's a great city -- and I'm sure freeze would love to go there especially Brad Stevens as. Go to salt or to get this day I say well if I'm Steve her eyes and took them about all that one day already make in the heart cell phone steeper I don't obviously going to have that and -- -- -- -- what's -- Thompson. Yes Michael Thompson kid yes what Lee in the pick yourself yes yes that it's over. -- look at the Celtics package of maybe the -- just explain to you whether it doesn't matter. He's not even listen endlessly about looking at from Minnesota perspective if -- would come here which figures and possibly the lagoon only it's impossible love OK you're Kevin Love. Just imagine you're six foot ten right in your -- Really good shooter -- that's what you are in your dreams anyway -- how. And you have a choice he likes to shoe deal of time extension on not none of these teams are gonna make a deal Alicia agreed to send the Max extension right Brett. Golden State Houston -- Mikhail and Dwight Howard. And Narnia and and James I don't know who else the lakers. The next. You name it there's sixteen journalists 617. Boston's want. Why would you choose -- Well here's the thing Bradford. And how here's why why why such fly and I don't really view that's all I'm saying I don't think you were -- boss I'd love it I love. Booking assuming he's remained together our first market selling Minnesota -- -- committed. If we waited here -- sentenced -- May -- changes don't you think don't know I think Zorn but really they sell the elderly and if the Celtics off from what what is -- ago. It doesn't matter what -- matters Minnesota perspective that would as a source second -- on whom I think it's clear -- sets of doors with a thirty cents or you're gonna try to talk kinda going the boss and he's gonna say no I'm I don't health. We -- about Minnesota they're not a contender and it's cold is that the players outside of Boston nice annual sent -- I'm giving you this guy's perspective and sent a message every player do you think you know I wish I got -- -- -- a -- I want a total stimulus cumulus I don't know -- let's give me 45 names I'll tell -- what when -- Jerry comes before. LeBron James aren't the only free agent budget deal yet -- the -- that matters Kevin Love. What he -- in Boston. Not a free agent in effect he's for -- -- he's he's called hi -- I say that sadly I have my doubt I think you what. Why. I think you -- -- engaged and sell the Stevens themselves among what. On the idea of coming here pair with -- Eastern Conference easier this attempt with some swept from the west. You come here with Rondo you trust and if that's a good job but an idiot you've been deal with the Minnesota. He's got a bunch of picks yellowing of the couple away. Another of add another free agent says nick if you did that up with Rondo is the third best team in the Eastern Conference immediately the other two teams are getting old. If you did that you wouldn't have to give up that compacts the one that this yeah -- -- this -- where you knew you wouldn't know I mean that 140 in Europe -- straight up. Now but maybe 11 under this first maybe the top three you know these were for at least -- follow -- listen whatever it takes 2017. Whatever we can agree also it does not matter where they fall in this lottery if you get the one you get the three it doesn't -- -- you make a run well given up at seven. You know so -- just say anonymous saying this -- get that you if you get the top pick and picked that topic it doesn't matter. You you do whatever it takes to get Castro the number one pick -- Justice equation on one again to give it as a lawyer entered the what you give up also -- a -- tremendous -- -- putting your body's -- yours do you sell this to. Love of your range means you see them have lunch yet but them is that the pitch is that the best that you can give them something that I Israelis a just and good at this you know -- sold Garnett and Garnett in June. Cindy and wanna come here because it was racist. And in July. He was all in and on the -- that this is a little bit different with Garnett though number one you -- those players -- -- -- and number I don't -- Garnett was a little bit longer in his career. Right -- yeah I mean this club is like hey you know I'm about. He might be I'm about making the money can solve when it's what you had to convince Garnett you're championship caliber you were a contender a little bit cold with -- -- 34. Now thirty. Again while users -- right. They're the only other -- would you agree or 31 thing is now a little bit different in 25 to assure -- that six years older. -- it he say hey you know I've done this stuff I've made my money I wanna win a championship may be -- what doesn't think there's. -- is myself -- -- he changed it to Kevin Love I would say try to raptors 1:48 teams in the Eastern Conference this year. In a Titanic -- so. Balls. You come here the bobcats you come here right away and podcast that's a good example is is Kevin Love and Rondo may have range puts together better than the forty and 34 raptors right away. -- yes yes right. I guess put. There's no. Other players so I guess part of if you can he have a love Rondo and you know signing -- and Bradford is that you guys better than 408 to win but we also now Fauria and Maloney. That's true warrior look like Charlie for three games this year. 43. Minnesota and these are pumped through there with a one and one would place a place was 437. -- seventh place. Is that the goal. I'll type what is that's that's restart it actually doesn't matter where you finish the convince. Love that your have a chance to finish in the top whatever for five. Which get a -- signs he gets. Back in the locker guy that also seems April -- also say that Rondo is gonna -- you think runs -- when Kevin Love has conversation. What he say oh yeah I know we got a deal done when Rondo. There's not enough fans -- no help because Garnett was recruited by pierce and Allen you know and until you made the deal. Had to deal Jeff Green for Alan. Garnett wasn't he had to be convinced and they convinced them. -- Rondo he's not the most charming guy does he have lunch with -- now with the relationship is one. Tony that's why my plan and you Dino mocked me actually -- and number. Mock me when I said the first piece is acquire Westbrook. Westbrook in and love -- -- they went to school together hang out together. They they served together and veteran of Westport standout was too late now -- cry when you are that's speeches to Westbrook much you love and now it's too late now -- -- -- 56 months ago certain -- a big part of this equation all of sudden it's it's an LA thing here there's no. Nobody more LA than Kevin Love. You know -- -- human race I don't know these bi coastal ethic and the hoosiers are you know -- person more LA and Kevin Love blossoms. Via its -- you're delayed the Alley -- via and a -- to Google I think seasons now so way bottle of 6177797. IB threesome celtics' Kevin Love. On the tables while -- rob Bradford -- talks a Red Sox the reeling collapsing. Red Sox it's patriots stuff as well your calls more we get back.

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