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It's all LOVE! Rumors of Kevin Love to the Celtics have heated up

May 19, 2014|

We discuss the NBA Draft for the Celtics, and all the Kevin Love to the Celtics trade rumors that have this town talking.

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Twitter followers is one of your peeps. Who -- that Ryan says dale I like your work. But I think you're crazy to included top three pick for -- five or lower. Sign me up -- yes. I mentioned that Kevin Love in the course of his NBA career averaged nineteen point two points twelve point two rebounds per game. Its first two years when he was twenty and 21 years old averaged eleven and fourteen points his last four years in the NBA. Twenty and 1526. And thirteen. Eighteen and 1426. And twelfth. I can't imagine that a top three pick in the NBA. Is gonna be better than. Well you look at it okay that not just the numbers or the impact on the team all right well and I don't think for a much Kevin Garnett helped the timberwolves win but it didn't have those numbers either. It did Kevin Garnett of the timberwolves -- -- remember -- not -- -- about the playoff and knock but the knock on him was. That couldn't get out of the first round. Now he probably had more around him in his first six years there and Kevin Love did maybe. But. He was criticized for not being elitist in the first round KG never averaged 26 points a game -- -- he's ever. Immediately got -- -- when he was MVP and -- -- -- 26. Maybe 2425. I don't think it's the numbers like OM BI. Going to be a top three pick. He's not going to be a 25 and twelve guy but will be a big man if he briefly worked out the way people think he will. Will be a big man who will be able to -- shot -- protect the rim. Yet consistent rebounder maybe not have these big time scorer. If the numbers and then we have to answer this question with Camelot you know if I'm kind of catalyst by the way. I wouldn't give up the entire franchise form ripped at this question. I think -- -- the entire French public issue are. If you're trading say to call it if you call it got to take it because that Forsberg plan that's a a nice chunk of the franchise. Throw and throw some red cigars to top it off. So you're talking sellinger Bogans. Salary filler and 21 round picks. Yet but not just two for trumpet to give it to first round picks. First round picks could be want. It could be one could be as high as one as low as eight with eight I'm with you -- the first -- good clippers begin next year. I would do something like that -- I have issue I have great hesitation with the top three pick but is there any accountability at all. For Kevin -- teams not make in the playoffs you do you just excuse them and say and got immunity you play in Minnesota. And you had and you wreck apparently played great Oregon Minnesota. And your team wasn't very good. So write your team wasn't very good and you played great. Well part of that -- India mean. If you played your great numbers star -- are lousy team you're going to be the guy with the ball in your hands all the time view of the potential to put up better numbers. -- if you plan on a team that has three or four guys around that can also play. So but. The flip side of that is. Two -- accountability of Kevin Love is now lousy team and don't make the playoffs. How much responsibility of that goes on his shoulders. I don't know that I mean I'm playing my heart out I'm I'm I am who I am as a player -- got to put someone around me if you think we're gonna you know play out. So is he a super he's a superstar. Kevin Love is -- a -- -- and superstar player. Then I'm gonna put some on him -- that's that's how we judge our superstars. We're very harsh critics when it comes to our. Superstar you one of. Yeah so there I'm a harsh critic when it comes that. You all therapy noticeable not an audience that all they can't -- didn't that's championship Psycho. Surely he's not gonna win -- -- to get him back and win a championship in -- Western Conference it's tough. Brought out. I'm saying he'd been in the league for six years his team hasn't even been an. Eight seed in your tell me he's a superstar I don't know proponent. It's -- to be a federation with no help be -- seven or eight feet. Drag your. Even to the post season and then say it is not that we can do we're seven or eight feet were taken on a one or two we will probably can't win we don't have enough forces. I had I'm not saying that that the guy is the guys a bum what you do have to look at. How he has let let's is that it's boot let's make a compromise and -- to compromise. Maybe he has a very very very good player. Who hasn't been able to get the most. Out of his teammates. He's the guy who has put up tremendous numbers in some cases historic numbers but he hasn't been able to. Bring his teammates with them just drag them into the playoffs with the with the gentleman's. 48 and 3447. And 35. I'm just looking at it and and I'm looking at the roster here they are 25 wins this time webpart went. With Ricky Rubio and Corey Brewer and Kevin -- in Dante Cunningham at least -- -- -- -- they don't arrest. Yeah you're dragon with you how many guys assays that an outside of a LeBron how many guys can you say do that. A lot of work superstars do. They don't win championships along we went when Kobe lost Shaq. What are -- one year out of the playoffs. I think they missed the playoffs in one year. After shark left. Then it got to a point where. You know hey where we're not gonna have to win a championship and is looking for trade and they bring in Paul Gasol could become a championship team go to three straight NBA finals. They were a eighteen they were a playoff team with Kobe Bryant. And some you know pretty average to slightly above average talent with no chance of winning a championship and everybody understood. Kobe -- great player. But can't do it all by yourself I don't expect Kevin Love to be able to win a championship by himself or even went around and a post season. But I think it it deserves some investigation. That. Some got a really dig beneath the surface to figure out why guy hasn't been in the playoffs in in six years in his career. Assuming that you don't mess around with the the the general core of the Celtics assuming that you know you've still got Rondo and Bradley in green. And you had Kevin Love to. As opposed to adding to -- two. What makes you better team next year after the Celtics MB to that and I am just using -- name and it was going to be top three so you stick MBD in there. As opposed to -- which makes the Celtics that. Our next year of course texture of B Kevin Love and -- -- no there's no argument here's a guy will be in his seventh year in the league verses are rocking you know there's a there's a learning Kirk curve you're not drafting. These guys -- Andrew -- depart Parker. You don't expect those guys suit to make QA. Championship contender next year. What's -- which are counting on is. You know nineteen and and twenty year old growing. In two impact players in in three or four years. Or two or three years. But I think that's the point if it would. Trying to get someone in your organization right now who is the impact than -- and not have to wait and worry about the again you might draft. OK but I don't know where. I don't know what is gonna what is gonna get cute. And 20142015. With Kevin Love having you can't ensure the playoffs. That hasn't happened for him yet. So that's not a guarantee and then you've also traded away some assets. Who can help but -- -- got a lot of assets in terms of first round picks you've still got more and in over the next three or four years -- I was looking at the list earlier banking on the collapse of the Brooklyn nets which. Frankly am probably willing to AM oh god you know Paul Pierce has got to be out there it'll take you all JG has got to be out there. So image there there -- an older team so you're expecting most of your assets and most a year -- good draft picks to come from them honest. I I think -- me he's in peace in between. Isn't he is an outstanding player he's not he's not LeBron. Is not direct. But that next. -- that next group. And I and which would you give up. Would you give up all of that for a guy in the next group. He won't even be 26 until September so 25 years old will be 26 the beginning of the next year. If if you were talking about acquiring a yeah 2930 year old guy I'm with you a 100%. This -- still in his wheel house ice pinky still you know in in the pinnacle of his NBA lifespan. I mean I don't know takes it to another level offensively it. He doesn't help you at all defensively and if you Paul I don't know those people -- that move how does that help maybe attract. Other players. Plumbing that's the other lot more than MB it would what that's the other part of this conversation. And the USO and with -- you know acquiring Kevin Love. That there are some assurances that he goes on long term because and by the way I agree yes I shut the said that the beginning yes. The only way I'd be willing to do this is he's got to be willing to sign an extension. If if this is a one and done of course it would mean when you would -- and considerate. Everything that I've said is predicated on you get talked Kevin Love and his agent. And and they agree to some sort of an extension here so that you know you've got him for the foreseeable future. And is there is there any. Indication on his and that no story laws apply now mean because this conversation is -- on in every and -- in NBA city in -- country right now. Because everyone knows that he wants out and -- making himself available. And anybody who. Has a need for as you would call -- maybe the third best player in the NBA right now are close to it. Which is every team is stinking and and and in the exact same way so what other teams. And -- what are they willing to give up to get them that's. That's immediate public. Problem he had a series is that a lot of teams are gonna have a hard time fitting him cap wise. You know the you look at at for instance volatile lakers while they're gonna have a hard time to witness. I think we'd love to have I have dimensional lakers and his so far the teams he's mentioned art of the warriors and the bulls. I see a guy like a guy like Kevin. Would be perfect for the bulls. -- be perfect for them because as long and so you have tipped it over there. And know his teams always. This -- always defend. Assistant coach with the -- with the with the rockets and assistant coach with the Celtics head coach of the bulls. Teams always figure it out. So they they defend and defend and -- -- independent but they need somebody who can score consistently. So he won't be perfect they can hide his his defensive weaknesses or get him up. They can maximize whatever he he has the potential to be defensively they can maximize and maybe that's just below average to average but I guess -- tips. Getting the most the most out of them defensively and then he gives them a scoring threat CA that that the -- Does a lot of sent Dexter says. Those love can't defend holly but the lakers happen in my field and you know I don't have to. You kind of an adequate capital. Let a few -- like I let a guy all you got 6177797937. Paulson Westfield Paul you're next on dale and Holley. Good afternoon guys -- you at all. Guys who got a two part subject Michael this is gonna get you -- and Michael Strahan on which the number one player in the SEC was trapped -- Per second or third 2000 set. Sam had a 114 tackles. Eleven sacks nineteen turnovers and -- second collapse which is atrocious but -- wanna find you and Edward and the other happen. You're right on point -- -- about August -- common then when Shaq let that. Didn't think we bring up is if we get luck we happened draft pick or triangle that triangle that Mikhail Herridge bird. Magic in -- -- routinely. Jordan and Pippen and grant that triangle what we can win it. I just think that that you know what you're getting with Kevin Love. You -- you hope -- -- getting with out a top three -- Let's be honest we seem you know top three picks that have failed miserably. And and we know that it's not a given we know that it. Greg Oden it it has happened right Michael Olowokandi didn't go anomalous. With Kevin Love Chauncey Billups took more out here that. Any other place and given now his track record got a pretty good idea which again. You're getting a guy who's gonna be somewhere in the vicinity of of 2324. And twelve every night. I'm not sure you're ever gonna get that out of that -- I mean this year next year five years from now mature you're ever gonna get. Is it possible to have a guy who doesn't give you they'll Dole's numbers. But makes you a better team. And I and I think that's what that's what you're talking about do you become a better team a better organization. With. Say the number two or number one overall pick in the draft. Still holding on to. Jared -- may be to be a part of this team or to. A trade in another deal still holding onto the clippers -- for another deal a pair that with another contract that you don't like that you put yourself in position. To be a player down the road. As opposed to bringing in Kevin Love with the gaudy numbers. And giving up a bunch of stuff to bring him. Are you. Are you -- a better place. With the first scenario where you just cannot hold your pick if it to go one and you start to build. Yeah I guess I I I I like the known better than the unknown I did too except for the the fact that you just brought up. When you're in the drafting you make -- draft pick to draft a guy get immunity at a pace and now at the slotting you know you'd you know -- you -- -- Not sure who he's going to be obviously vis a top three pick you think it is going to be a pretty darn good player we just talked about some of the guys that war. If you go the route and you decide you love Kevin law and you wanna go after him you have to give up a lot to get them. It's not just who wants it I want him will pay him and he comes here now. He talked about trading. Lou we salary guys like soldier green and 21 topic -- not -- lot of not green not only did you hurt sellinger Bogans and find out and and a couple of caterpillar and whatever it ends up -- whatever ends ambient. You you're not just one after the one guy you'd depleting your own roster of players that can and woods and half helped you win. In order to get one guy and I gotta fill -- around him again so what's the democrats' lead you know what you're getting. But you're not sure which yet to give up -- -- to do. 6177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T -- line is 37937. If Kevin -- was in this year's NBA draft. Where would be picked we'll talk about that weakened back. This was in the Boston Globe in February. Quote I've never really spent much time in Boston. I don't know what to well. But I think as far as playing there we love competing against those guys I think they have a great coach they have a ton of youngsters that are up and comers Boston is a great city. I'm sure freeagent would love to go there especially with Brad Stevens as a coach he's a -- -- and win basketball games he gets guys to play for. They've been having good success there even in his first year and he has a lot of young players the coach has a lot to do with it but yeah Boston is a great place on quote. Kevin Love. -- category talking about the open. Think our guys are free agents. You see yourself playing in Dallas in Dallas rate -- and to return here you see yourself playing at Chicago Chicago Museum of Fine Arts fans now perceive myself -- about our lives in my. Hope to upset you know -- no huddle -- backs the truck optima front row with a big load of cash pace and get a big -- cash make no mistake about that. -- 6177797937. Fill us in Belmont New Hampshire hey Phil I don't. And I'm glad I got done the -- And it's fun to bring up -- point. I think Kevin Love and second first of all I think you're smoking something that you wouldn't. And you guys keep talking about. You know get number one number -- your numbers straight. I think we all know -- Celtics fans we are not getting prickly issue debt. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Stop and you know every one of those conspiracy theorists here aria. No I'm not not at all I'm stocking error. Target city a lot when I'm that your out. Where we should it enter -- And unfortunately we can't use words like that to describe even our bad luck com by. I understand your point but I I I don't believe -- I don't believe in curses I don't believe in in conspiracy exonerated or cursing. Or curses. I don't believe that because the Celtics have never won the lottery they won't win it now. I don't expect him to get the first overall pick because that's pretty big leap with the the lottery system the way it is. I could see them in the top three days fixing the system down betting notice that it would Duncan now. Yeah I think Patrick -- this this conversation changes. Tomorrow. If if there's the see the idea of what I trade the number one pick when you don't have it. It is a lot more. On board. Tomorrow night. And that with the number one pick. They're Carter to bring out the Boston Celtics. Had a string there he got the number one pick. You -- traded for Kevin Love at that point you're thinking of doing anything we want. Know anything won't give them any player we want in this draft. We get Kevin Love knows it's wide open for. And even if they get the number tomorrow. Think everybody would do that if you have eight -- in the upcoming draft. Minnesota would take that -- For I don't know what that's sure our guys do that all I do in a heartbeat I just don't think they would I I think it probably would take a top three pick. Doesn't everybody sort of the electors the top three and then there's that drop off. You know from fourth through whatever that you know other three guys here and everybody else over there. It's why I said top three when -- when I was. You know theorizing about would you do the deals probably four though -- probably four in -- you know the names always change but it looks like. Now we're talking excellent Wiggins Parker in -- for guys excellent -- that nobody even laid eyes on until last week. Media guys and talking about right never never even some would be known if you if he stepped -- -- -- car. Until last week but now all of a sudden he's -- you know a top four pick in the NB. If Kevin Love was in this year's draft. And I know that he's 25 -- and all but if he was in this year's draft. Would he be a top three pick and probably go where he went in history was fifth overall life ya know I think he'd be -- that don't you. -- -- it but knowing we know what you know now by Kevin Love that's one thing but I'm talking about he's coming out of this -- it was a good player in college. Good player UCLA. And and they probably screwed up of the you know. Chris Chris Wallace probably screwed up by making a trade that he did he had -- Romney traded for OJ Mayo oops. -- -- -- Connecticut paper and I don't. It took longer appreciate dispute talked to read it won't say you know Kevin Love you know you know what you gotta get even and ecology Chile. He averaged eighteen points so I mean he's got to score I'm not -- -- about -- defense and -- I Gilbert like Michael you know these don't get that hot streak at this simple. That guy from Kansas. -- in -- would have these dual and the -- keep have you know they you know red flag with a back injury but I mean basic -- was similar he had the surgery -- on -- get -- have to protect its that's what it. Other than that I agree with what you guys stand you don't -- law. -- I don't know or the other big guides. Out there you know that are you know -- this -- -- so so great players and who are so other state big bodies that they can use the -- -- -- -- the talking. -- -- a -- think they can use and you look at the Celtics. It's so clear on the games that. When they would be in. It when they were involved in close games it was obvious they were missing. Somebody. Who could who could defend the rams don't have anybody like that they had. Governor Ronnie was there are only legitimate -- on the roster. Politico has size that he's more of three slash four more -- four. Jared Salinger. Is an undersized four and is and is not fast enough to play three so if you're looking at what the team really means. I would like to -- Parker is my favorite player and a draft. But what they really need is indeed. And so. When you go outside that rim defender is I think the term to any change there and then go outside the top four. And -- -- -- young -- about this many times. You know you look at Julius Randall. Power game. You'd hope he's not done growing it you know 68 it was official measurement being. But still kind of like an undersized guy. It as a power forward in the -- he's a rugged player. But I don't think that's in the done as far as depending. On the big time defender of fours and fives. If they're good players that could draft. For. One through Ford's. Not a great draft for -- 6177797937. AT&T tax line 37937. Coming up. At 445 we -- -- 545 excuse me our final drive. It's dale and Holley and Steve -- in the house Sports Radio WEEI. Fourth and final hour dale and -- Sports Radio WEEI we mentioned it briefly. During trending our right stumbled over trying to mentioned it briefly. But just to make this official now the NBA officially. Serve papers on Donald sterling and his lawyer Maxwell lecture. Today. Officially notifying him of charges. The charges are damaging the league and its teams -- is racist comments they set a hearing date of June 3. They will supposedly vote after the hearing. The hearing will be held in New York he's been given until May 27. To respond to the charges if he chooses to do so. And in fact tell the weather undoubtedly be there based on some of the things he and his lawyers have been saying. It's probably not even a safe bet that he's gonna but he's gonna appear. I'd -- rebel tweeting about this earlier in the day before we knew about the charges by the NBA owners. Said that forget about the racist comments as hideous as those are forget about all of that. Almost the CNN interview alone is enough for the NBA to charge him. -- damaging the league the CNN interview all by itself even without any of the other stuff. Might be enough. But it would appear that they're moving very quickly now he's gonna fight this thing apparently he's already said -- he's going to be he's gonna sue Wii's gonna do whatever he's got to do. But I think that the NBA constitution is going to be pretty tough for his lawyers to break in. And find a way around others there is there's a school sought out there they can. That that says that he may -- -- Drag everybody in the coordinates as EEE you've found out about something that I did kind of illicitly almost. And you did you know you get -- stern and and say you know of other. Misrepresentations. -- digression -- by other owners that we're never public and under both now. I think maybe should have to tell people about it there are people listen and understand at that might happen that could get ugly for the an MBA. I think he has a sense of humor Donald Sterling. Think they -- -- soldiers some of my best friend I'm a mylar fare best friends. You'd think. Not like -- doing to -- his interview. Anderson Cooper and the thing about African government. -- And act now. You have a filter on me and how lawless. Don't make you wonder how he didn't stumble long before now as he can't get them out here -- it nobody care plan tailored and nobody cared nobody cared to interview him. Donald. Anderson Cooper. Was not interested in interviewing all that done as soon as. Twenty years ago had he popped up and said Santa needed now someone would care. I also I'm wondering but I tied it took this long have that happens I took Jackie McMullen to advice. If she said to me just go back and rebuild -- he over the years. Has built clashed he's been writing this stuff -- -- spending years and years and years it's not like I -- it of all the people on the planet. -- clashed he's probably the least surprised that this stuff. And it's been out there for years and years and years. -- we knew about the lawsuits we knew about the the discrimination lawsuit filed by the residents of one of the buildings that he -- we knew about the Elgin Baylor lawsuit. Alleging both race and age discrimination. He dropped the race part of the of the lawsuit -- does settled the age discrimination part of a lawsuit. That there's not much surprise for people I have but posts so that wide it is also become a big deal right in the NBA decent about it before. Well that's another question and -- and ask the question as the current new commissioner said. -- was my by watching this is my watch and -- -- -- I I I guarantee you that he will live to regret those words. Is why the world. Silver no -- oh gosh not not in this case but there are other things will come up to. And then he's gonna have to act swiftly and just as. As. With force hammer. On other issues still and then he's gonna end and people are gonna be on war all all. Another issue comes up and it leads to this. This chain reaction. Worse sponsors. Not worried about what -- Soledad that's what that's what led to a. And outside congress in reaction I'm talking about things that he's gonna come to know. Because basically that's it says Ricardo Torres for my -- now it's my watts now there's going to be other things that come up that he's gonna have to deal with justice swift. I'm saying are you listen that it doesn't now that's -- bit. I mean somebody could somebody can be a better guys and their owners in the NBA right now who have very controversial. Opinions who have who have politics that. That that could be labeled as extreme. But that's part of the story the other part of this story is the business asked to go away. So there's another situation comes up whatever it is. Where's the controversial. Comment and then the sponsors say amount because the guys toxic then. The pressure's on. Adam silver to do with that -- What he did win without sterling. But Donald Sterling -- -- What do what do you this guys Steve how about about how about it about his little situation where it says the Cooper. Talk about people about the year at all after -- how -- Magic Johnson. But I don't talk about people that ideas. I'll I'll take it one step further I will tell you that there is in my humble opinion. 0% chance Donald Sterling wins. Zero not even not even 1% not even 2%. He has zero chance of being the owner of the clippers. At the end of this proceeding. You'll try to drag it out he'll try to fight it he Scott. Millions and billions whatever it is -- and carefully spends it or not he will spend that he has zero chance of winning this. Well what what was his lawyers -- have. Somebody Jacksonville irons and a black blitzer -- -- about it is an accurate. That guy's gonna get cheap he absolutely well up Peters and East Boston hey Peter I don't. I looked at. Him atop what's -- When it hit late this year didn't approach. -- -- Sorry Derrick richer and -- out of our that's our. -- There. Or that he did play a restaurant that. The negotiation of the contract. Yeah it was he was the -- it was he had of these -- players' association he got into with Billy Hunter. I call for an examination. Of the records. Was trying to -- the it was a very public spat that he had -- hunter hunter. Was finally pushed out of the players. Association so yeah it was a. You. Learn about the democratic coach Doc Rivers but you have to do a great advocate. And I think. This year is a great advocate just like stop and -- everything that negotiation track so I don't recruit exactly the players. To come out of the NBA at the situation on. The NBA that just that and I think I admit it exceptional and a little I let them. Yeah. And how he handled -- and and how it could be an advocate the letter. Well I'll tell you one thing where Michael hit the nail on the head. I can't think of another sport where it happens. I've thought of of former players who have become NHL coaches head coaches. Every single one of them without exception has been an assistant coach first or even a minor league head coach first. I can I couldn't come up with a single example of an NHL player who stepped off the ice stepped behind the bench and and ran a team. Baseball absolutely. Well and you have got a player manager once about governor. Now he was he was in the in junior hockey whose enduring years. Part owner of the team and and stuff like that so a lot of denser. Mike Metheny. -- with the it was to insult that in the organization but he wasn't coaching or managing anywhere. Mean it was -- -- -- that funny story about materially -- and when he got the job. When Jerry Reinsdorf called him. He thought he was gonna ask him like to come to spring training for a week and hang around but he uniform on. He offered in the managing job he thought he was joking. So about -- half. So what was century and I mean he -- enough that. He was but did he wasn't he was playing one year in managing and I don't know I don't know I don't know not that quick nobody he had done nothing -- organization and was not. Managing -- coaching -- I mean there's so many examples in the NBA and going back to write read. At times of written read says okay it's time for me to. Go to the front office is going to be the coach Bill Russell. But it was a player coached not upset about -- -- if you don't play you -- playing and and and coaching some of -- examples of guys. I started -- -- -- what you will you and I argue about because I was almost trying to agree with you you know house argue if you got. Is that I I really don't think it matters all that much I don't think. In the NBA that. It's a big deal whose -- in in baseball I eight. I think that most everybody kind of knows what the axes and those are you try to put your guys in position to. To succeed when they don't they -- -- they blame the manager never really got that but I think a guy like Mike Metheny and -- -- approved. How it doesn't make that much difference is -- have good people around to the x.s and those don't change at all. Well I think the big out of -- I prefer I don't think I can disagree with you more. On. Small picture and -- pictures not pictures go back to Mike Metheny in the World Series. Managing does matter he had some pretty dramatic and so John Ferrell. John Farrell had a pretty add to anemic offenses there that were battling it out -- was too funny thing it was almost like here are some that they could do. I would like that I would say when you see a guy hitting 688 compared storm that just me that's just six said he -- the World Series don't pitch that got -- Probably nitpicking here. I think they both made some mistakes. In a World Series but overall. I think for -- and knows leadership. Leadership for any organization is so important you've got to have the right leader. And believe me -- I know that. And especially looking at the last two or three years. For me personally and professionally yes you gotta have the right leader to have the right -- in place. -- -- trouble so yes I think it does matter owning an echo judge Grady little's a great leader. A great leader now. I don't you was a great longer now you're now where it's semantics -- no no I don't 'cause I don't want to dismiss them I don't wanna say. He was a terrible leader and a terrible manager I don't think he was a terrible manager. First year here to 195 games checking your 93 or flip flop -- earnings 9395 that's what 93 -- first your 952. -- got the team to game seven of the ALCS. There are a lot of positives. With Grady Little but was. Francona better for that team and Grady Little yes the manager made a difference. But at that point would almost anybody know. And I don't think so that the way it ended for little. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What anybody else have been received after well received -- -- yes because. He was mud streets of Boston he had to go most people 90% of people that get that guy out here. Fired before I go back to the Florida but that's fine -- that since winning the press conference. What I'm talking about the next year July August September and alternately October. Would the right does the right manager make a difference you -- have right so Tito went from being in the right manager to the wrong one. After a long time I think six -- seven years for every -- -- our head coach shelf life right. There comes a point where you know a great coach can't be a great coach for it for the same team for the a thirty years it just not happening. They're there does come a point where your message stops being -- I think that was case with Tito. I get why that happens that is that is that all suddenly is that the managers fathers at the players that are -- -- Arthur and then they have the nature of the beast. It doesn't matter to -- obvious. It didn't it needs to win. We're here. Like you said what country time's gone by. Managers and coaches is that. Hang in there for years and years and years. I don't I can't think nobody not here who -- Walter Alston yeah it's an example I come up with with a few names here in the -- lost in the middle gotten even at. It unjust -- -- the -- early admits in 1967. You know Dick Williams. He's great. 1966. Cents or don't win more than we lose. 67 in the pennant. Iran and 1970 no not have got -- the -- out of Waltham Eric you're next on Sports Radio stale and Ali. Yeah I called the dark Michael about the Celtics but after a delicate and he sure their -- on the whole percentage thing I mean at the control we can apple but I'll. The Canadian it has 0% chance that I think what the -- -- titled I didn't say 0% but that's fine. OK well anyway some I'm with you Michael I think to -- pocket is number one player in the draft I think. He'd -- exciting come and within the first couple years he'll be it. Up twenty -- pointing game. But I think the move we can get Kevin Love without trade that topic. We still got a lot of pieces settle and it regards on a couple of repeated I wanna keep Jeff Green we're gonna have a full lineup -- and a brilliant on I think Michael. -- so you're gonna -- Kevin on the trading -- top draft and it didn't love with a brilliant bit with or without a hot topic without -- top three pick right. Exactly exactly so what are you gonna give up together. -- explain to rebel and tickets aren't there and we still have another eight draft pick. In grade Linux. Ought to do that but -- got to sever the same raising your excited as the Celtics fan for Brooklyn -- you are you are you're counting on. Brooklyn the Brooklyn collapse. Which will happen. I think the whole league knows it's an applicant esteem it is that backing as a joke they gonna be terrible the next couple years. Everyone knows that clips onto a Smart guy knows what's going on. Take a look at betrayed that we got Kevin Garnett what do we give them. But the -- package. Not that. Absolutely not. I think William -- to pull the -- the and he -- week when -- you know Michael you obviously know did pretty well and I think you know you have a good -- east bank and and now am I just really looking forward to what they're going on here. And that but I realize that there are -- and out there Iowa aren't done yet. This is get addicted people watched this year coming -- not not -- five -- down -- -- and it happened this year. Well okay. This year. I -- gonna happen this year. They were from Erica wealthy and -- in Cuba. Tommy in Needham Heights. This year. Don't think. I just I'm I'm just looking here at the at the deal. Al Jefferson Gerald Green Sebastian Telfair Ryan Gomes. Theo Ratliff. That was the Kevin Garnett and a edit it wasn't her first round pick and involved as well. They also -- -- also trading first rounder I believe your I believe that. Yes -- future first round pick and the return of a first rounder at the -- surrendered in the -- -- Wally Szczerbiak. Ricky Davis -- there. So in effect to first Olympics one that they get back in one that they trade. But dating give up anything -- -- -- well they didn't give up the it was in the top. The -- number five pick the top five pick what for Ray Allen didn't give up a top five tropic to get KG. Connors in Keene, New Hampshire a -- Hey how are you guys are on second time caller thank certainly -- it -- appreciates. One in July and have played doubles that the kids are on the old Donald Sterling. Issue. Not just say what I think that he said over that recording -- right now anyway. I just kind of want it just speculate like maybe get out. You ever count that he'll bat but the guy in a way like maybe he was just kinda caught off guard like it is. It's frustrated that it girlfriend lives without with these young guys like it doesn't necessarily have to mean. Like. Whatever -- they might have been you know what I mean like. But he did I -- race specifically. And he actually wasn't all that frustrated. That she was out with them because he literally said that she could sleep by them if she wanted to. I just don't bring them around. Yeah yeah I guess you know I'm about army you stripped of its ownership and now that I I I got a lot this. -- -- did you see the Anderson Cooper -- I did not I think you should check that out twenty it's worth your time 21 minutes 22 minutes. Check it out on YouTube. And you tell me if there was that would the first part existed there was very distant part interview so the first part of the interview. You tell me if if it was a slip of the tongue or -- at the moment of frustration that that the amazing thing for Donald Sterling guy who's got all that money. He should of really invested. If you are that. If -- that clueless and that unaware and that on refined. And lacking polish you since you've just spent a lot of money. On NPR give yourself some help. You're charm school -- he he would add to that view like a lot of these guys we know we go into an interview. They agree to the sit down. And they're staying on message. You can say aren't -- like in the NBA finals tonight. Or you are -- you like in the -- Eastern Conference finals Miami -- Indiana. While I just wanna say that I've given millions of dollars at to these organizations become -- Children's Hospital. I've got to win there and can ever look for credit and asked the media to be there. But asked about -- be -- they -- win with a clear message he has no message had no agenda. Hate this show notes. Issued today throws it out there and a lot of it is just damaging to him and you would think. Hey did some layers of protection. But it's it just totally. It totally escapes him. Our final drives coming up at 545 dale and -- and Steve -- Sports Radio WEEI.

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