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Lyndon "LB" Byers breaks down the Bruins off-season needs

May 19, 2014|

The Bruins played awful in the second round and LB comes in studio to talk about Marchand, Bartkowski, Spooner, and some other players that could be moving around.

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But -- ID 37 WEEI we are. Put a ball on this for -- season finally. Thursday or Friday in my view didn't change coastal pissed off Friday show you guys were too. LB Lyndon byers trusts. Pit stop get a final take on this bruins' season LB Dario. I'm right I'm I'm good I'm from -- under the snap in on you just. These people attack. Particularly dump on authorities slight dip a -- the rate carried any of these people that he's -- adults on par does that mean as I got you guys ever is that that's where we're at and in. I got a -- losing to Montreal community it really left port wind wasn't up to snuff. Well I've noticed that the text -- -- show arrested over the weekend. You called and left your home address you're a guy to come the house to meet you. Gas zionist parry by the guy was like no authority visit call the Shawn Thornton useless and -- like. What you don't watch and I you know of all the things you're gonna nitpicking get -- like were you going to grab. Fourth line toughness and fourth line talent it's gonna replace. Anyone of those three acts. -- People to your best goal scorers. Goose eggs in the playoffs now let me ask you -- you -- -- and and and I still you know that the better team did not win this series followed Jesus -- edit this you want you to block. A lot of target -- enemy might give enemy out there that I'm not gonna I'm trying to get gas and Graham -- in our program another homer I don't know LB -- can speak from your mart but it but I think you also speak re very good. Hockey since there is nobody respects opinion more -- European hockey so for you to say that. I'm guess I'm -- today just admit I have one team is better. I'm -- it was a toilet Ingram my new favorite Jersey out and wanna buy today which one ranger Jersey Kreider a moment. -- did the alarms -- drop in Montreal looked out a little out. So explain how it caught -- -- -- -- the Manitoba with valid ID and an exploit so -- let me ask you this because wanna -- -- Steven Harris today. -- scouts all the guys get to these drugs to -- this. Aegis the that he talked to veterans got -- just don't cover the Bruins -- no it was very very well recently came down one thing that he was surprised and shocked about the series Montreal. He said mental toughness now is the quote. Mentally and emotionally thought Boston was all over the place throughout the series it was a roller coaster ride. I felt that every game that it play let the veteran team they are they showed weakness which is very surprising to me and quote. And -- ethic I agree because I felt like they were all over the place albeit -- way to put it never. Happened yeah I know are we I agree I agree I caddie kept waiting for this you we just thought they flip the switch. In -- to big -- but the big comeback win you know on an end in game five. But I you know mentally they weren't they just they weren't there and and that took the top core guys and and you know we're we're not mentally. There and you know yeah -- of the you know. A couple of the games are really really you know it. Thought they were committed themselves in on. You know it's Elian on how we had a great great second period and you know like you know what -- -- and watching it and it's really have a great second period and -- got to stay positive said the right things. But you know I -- -- you know Marshall owned -- he'd do you know David preachy. You know I Saudia regretted the brilliant idea he owned it took you know -- he says I -- it got to work -- be better or not. What it's got beat by Iraq in all of these people. It gets frustrating because you know we. You are so many people wanna pull this team up well I don't like well hold on -- -- what I you know -- with marsh. Did makes a lot of money sorry you know I've got a significant money to the president black -- does come into play when he when he talked about. Factor in -- look at what has a season -- -- look at post season bright moments. A lot with this organization twenty goals were when he -- not a goal and a forty million dollars right. I -- our interest in golf. Does any debt you know. You need you put packaged together you know I know that there's no Spooner exporters agents got to be you know -- he's probably on the foreign right now under. Peter surely say hey we gotta you know can can we get a win win here and give my guy and it and you know either up probably a career right. Why -- I don't mean -- courts for years now run you know -- is in a change of scenery you know for everybody might would be a win win win. The other Tyler secondly there -- some type deal you know the players. When I look at him a longer look at them ideal for alarm on the fourth line next year. That's rubble on death due to eye -- I think he's eight he's got great speed great hands he just doesn't -- and never cease to translate form and. You don't mean unionized playmakers got some assessment. I don't I don't think he's here you know he's had a -- has got to go somewhere I don't these four point play in his third player I think he's someone that could benefit from a playmaker -- eight and a sniper -- on another and another team we need to get some back Foreman in the way of a draft -- or. You know maybe a journeyman it's. I just as disappointed as am I just wanna see a lot of changes were disorganization. They got a great core guys but you know. Yeah yeah we already know that -- canyon in -- Sweeney and Peter surely Charlie Jacobs. You know wanna I wanna be better and are afraid to pull the trigger so. You your you know your guess is you might not know wanting these guys are gonna have to work they're. Balls off the sour. Yeah and and I didn't know we talked a lot about the Utica but the core guys in native perform well we've spent a lot of time talking with a defense -- think Seidenberg coming back and that's second pairing -- love with Doug Hamilton went this is and so he gets a comparing a Steinberg boy -- in the median policies he put those guys been together against Soviet. And that -- Perry crews going nowhere. At a mile Odyssey from Kevin Miller -- We talked about upgrading -- thought last year was that this year rather was this time to upgrade next year and if you wanna add some depth I'm fine with that because defensively. With cyber comes back. Like analytics and a lot of legs back there on the back here and right now there isn't rehearsal model -- in this organization what -- -- -- -- the injured guys come -- -- extra guy right now you or you're gonna you're gonna have some pretty decent talent to to pick your top -- Huskies. Right in the -- well are -- might he play these aren't always a lot to like McClain and Bartolo ski. Al and you try to make a deal for in the player won't keep saying it's obvious as Alexander at ambler. Of Vancouver offensive minded defenseman signed a big money next couple years but would be that next level you know I think that with -- is age. And Seidenberg -- won two. The next guy after that I guess -- better than Johnny boy which I think Adler does that it gives you a nice. Pop for all the -- of your top four isn't sums a situation year. And 81 of these guys even drops down right if you look at its -- -- that sabathia deal boy chuck. I am just I think I want I I would I can't remember it well as extra out and say this guy. I'll just say this that you've you've got to start planning to. Keep Zdeno Chara -- minutes to move and I -- he was she was tired beat up. It -- in there at the end of the year and I mean obviously the guys he's up for another Norris trophy he's he's an incredible talent. But you've got to grab you've got to grab. Well it sounds that's the strength is no doubt some depth in that top top six it was give cut his minutes and it wasn't our 828. 29 minute guy it was the second round he did looked gassed and the last three weeks it was shall limit his ice time -- bearing down he always does which. And he's not printed broke usually here. You know out and that made -- -- again that hindered in my time you know. You about you know -- -- I did the -- Jordan you know right. I he he puts it behind him at midnight every after a loss he gives it to midnight to be pissed off finally gave up a couple of three week. Let's see him and I don't. The -- is the always make it what one point one not make you what what what wanted to now we come back to make seven. Ligament in Nixon was ever charter you know it probably QE EEE you know what I know we take hometown just -- order for two year deal. And -- finish up as a -- or you know I don't know when he wants to her to retirement. I've illiteracy are viewed -- best fourth line in hockey guided teams tried to be in -- builder toll genial. Expect Hoover can act I basically said yeah we tried to copy the blueprint of the Boston Bruins and -- -- for four lines so you gotta you gotta first second and 23. What if I'm able to -- puts belligerent is really that much loss onto the -- didn't didn't you learn in the Montreal series at UMass beat faster team. That's what I learned I doubt in my take let's let's let's eliminate some bruises that that in anybody's any faster than -- brunt of the committee is -- pastor and a clear. He's my player and some real strength of his -- -- -- -- cement hands and he slope. I did it just go over because -- -- how nice is you want accordingly because he looks like he's lumbering. I he yeah he's as fast as any ops six Gary armies -- -- and our data -- not the Dempsey do little water bug he's the only north and south. But the big guy gets there and gets a -- and you know on and you know he you know he said he. It workers' hands. How we can work it is when I get a zealous and this is some sort of I don't know it's not reflect some nights and I -- -- up why not get him out my knock on -- teaches just you know down a stretch in the final three games. 02 and zero shots I want my final three game but if you don't get everything everything every every camera part of the that this seems very you know we're debating tomorrow that's. Game seven and mentally they weren't there to give my I don't know I don't know why. It did not target any credit for Webster showed up -- put Carey Price -- out of his mind and Carey Price you know was MVP that's yours never wavered. Even in the losses you know what your thoughts on what -- you know what happened after the game. You've been there yet we've heard the birds of some guys you know. Monty brick Beers you were all surprised that that they hadn't seen it bricks out right here and I'm sure you know being as animated as you loyalist game wired -- -- what have you. -- We cries I. I will just say to -- I should I you don't I. Kyra as you know I did the good the lip purse handshake at the end has stopped. I dropped my share drop bombs to get ours are going through the line I -- it's not even. -- I I have so much respect for -- he's one of the best announces a game he's one of them the greatest minds in hockey and I mean that's that's what made you know any -- the great great player that he was is that. He saw please you know three. You know three moves in in front and he's -- -- smartest hockey players are now but that's sad. I I I respect -- For an shaiken a guy's hair and pat Margaret terrorists and have a nice covenant series go win the cup I wasn't me and now I've heard a lot of stuff said now line. That there are going you know trust me there and it's all there. How's it allowed anybody dares to laughter but you remembered. On their plan I look -- -- -- -- you think I said Claude LeMieux. Well plus the water and -- -- club LeMieux -- beyond it to the guys that deserved to be lit up at a you know. You know NA you know I think blue which was a little army but I'll -- that -- -- their attitude all the you know. And everybody's and -- -- have done in the first periods of our respect and I'm like fine fine -- -- yet but you don't have to would've been everybody else. Like Internet -- and would have been different if he wasn't 02 and zero in the last three games in shots it's like okay. And once it's over now game this but there were -- last three games there was word -- Out right away I would love I would love -- to grab by Amylin now in the first period or game seven a lot of -- have a gesture most definitely. Most stuff so a missed opportunity -- embody him light them up in line is nobody you know. You don't want any major changes then I guess Steve think I did I come back at the same group they had. You feel good about that they -- training camp with the same four lines same defensive pairings and you'd sign -- up inside that right now. I really like I'd really like. Good -- -- -- I like this Boston Bruins hockey team and he. You do go down that -- they've been relatives and relevant for what 56 years now. As far as plan option and you -- we've had our missed opportunities the Phillies series you know we had -- Greek. We we had our opportunities and we capture the Stanley Cup in 2000 -- in -- in the finals last year. But I really you know these guys are a motivated group. That are really really really close tight they get each other and I think that's something that you can't. You can't you can't buy that stuff man you know that closeness of blindness he had the big big big get each day of its proof in the -- that they don't want the President's Cup and you have that's a great thing about hockey here all the time. You know -- there's always a one that gets gets tossed in the first round of the sector around and that's what makes hockey so great. Brittany you know being the it's it's such when it's your number one so you wouldn't -- that's it that's a so -- -- that's a resounding you're gonna have to find what you don't need a backup goalie can you -- deputies -- Ben's brother down south and I had two guys down there that are basically get their shot at first -- the first guest editor yeah well do you know -- Arabic every -- three wanna training camp. Suppan has a town outside server obviously we know he can play are ready. And you know. Enjoyed. But they -- and it has Chad's gonna give it what I wanna let get a Korea being number one cyber comes back -- skis out he's traded or try to -- twice. I think that he is gone if you want a guy like Ed there I think boy chuck this is gonna let them tonight get those top four guy I'd be OK -- that that's an that's an upgrade your top four and at the forwards. A look at Brad Marcia. And and that's the one guy that that he said I think that you start you start tickets and calls on I'd like to see them bring back again. And why. I'd like decides to not enough and I signed Jerome Jim referred to -- for three year slump. Let them wanna play it out you know he got DE you know he did that that was a good line. -- LB -- joined us all year when LB is series brought to you by Brendan smoke shop like Clark Chrysler Jeep dodge and by LBs their doctor. Doctor Robert Leonard change lettuce change your life. You're the man. You guys aren't they listen to it's it's it's I'm just it's too soon. A lot ID to do this and you're supposed to go and ask you to stay for few more minutes Maria because you're gonna hear. Our guy Tony marinara the -- all we have his reaction this morning after the Carey Price news mr. price himself found out during his -- today ally in Montreal. -- price is out for the remainder of this series. We'll get merit arrows reaction next Sports Radio WEEI.

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