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Montreal fans react to Carey Price's injury, 5-19-2014

May 19, 2014|

Mut and Lou take a look at the reactions of Tony Marinaro and Canadiens fan to the news that Carey Price's knee injury will keep him out for the remainder of the Eastern Conference Finals.

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Were you can put the numbers semifinal present all you want but he can get in your head and guess what. Carey Price has played through pain. The entire playoffs he's Pete complained he -- he played through pain and the Olympics when he won the gold medal. If I were to tell you the -- -- And based series. There were five players that went in for treatment because they were not at a 100%. In Carey Price was one of them what would you have thought. Carey Price has played through injury before. And he's played well. Just coming through over the wire Michelle carrying speed into the media he's done for the series. While. At that point -- Kerry price is done for the series. There goes that text from the words of Michelle carrying this is devastating. This is absolutely devastating. That did detect are you referring to this was an hour ago time. I'll back you moderated out back tomorrow the Clinton just -- -- minutes ago in the -- price underwent tests this morning. He's about 75% wants to play it looks like he'll start at. The dog to get sources that a right to our sources are wrong in this case Tony marinara source of Ron Carey Price up in the series and to be fair. I'm not playing the song showed some celebrating care prices injury. I'm celebrating Tony Blair narrow this -- that's what I'm celebrating the guy who yelled he found a dog to a hundred times two -- face last week. I guy city take Kerry price over to -- outplayed Rask in the series and I believe that it's a bit too good. A guy who basically tried to say on the radio -- from Boston Montreal. He was the reason for Montreal success brought a priest and yet a priest bless the shirt well who's hitless drought. The sounds like I'm celebrating his -- -- until like three minutes ago Tony marinara tweets out. Does anyone have a red authentic either -- died years. If so let you know it best he's trying to get that thing is try to get the breaks the little prayer. I -- I die while. Three goals and eight shots he you know and I regretted it came off the -- should be it -- be dead at different and I. I didn't hear Terry it's presser I do nobody tries to -- this is as Kreider purposely ran into Carey Price. I watched him many times Alvin was bumper press Alex will they run into the goal -- -- Why are you outlook for Montreal but you know what what -- -- you know -- they're -- they're playing up the hate you if they're going their because the last series when it was when he went through him when he went through decrease. Pretty. A -- Marc-Andre Fleury went to the Hubble chemists are so that's why this is getting some play. -- -- play some still breakaway that is no way to go to these are you try to avoid it -- really couldn't avoid a way to -- -- albeit -- Bad break just to operate for Rangers -- with a cup arranged well anyway not have been promised Saint Louis guy. Littleton little Angel looking down over the -- majors as he responded to the way they responded rallied around her death mean it's. Went appear said that obvious and we have really go back and look. They rolled that that team came together had a big meeting about this and they have been a if you -- if you believe the Rangers beat writers in the post the daily news they've been a different team. Since that happened out by the way Lundqvist is also. Obviously he is. Played out of his -- plan is yet again. You're one game to win yeah -- and he'd give me Lundqvist I feel pretty good Obama team's chances. I just I just knew there on a special role -- They yielded the bad series of saves that he DD never stick to me and you and me and was make -- like acrobatics and saves those crazy Garrett. By very easily jet man and that's -- got -- -- Baghdad Iraq the wave. Hot goalie right now. Need to -- goal at the right time I'll tell you hockey collegiate game did you lose a better getting a tattoo tomorrow at that right yes. I am getting a guy have to -- have so Canadians logo. Tattooed on my. Part somewhere. The real -- when I wouldn't go -- I was I want to eat very easy way out either put on my -- -- sincere. The Mikey Adam's hair you know I gotten on -- -- I guess there's a dead and I had I've got a really good tattoo artist would think it has some with the bare -- -- -- -- -- it it has had to have global local way out doesn't have to be. Celebrated the Canadians right it could be I didn't I didn't specify I guess I just said dad I would put it that. I had that hope that that amazing confidence. I have in my Boston Bruins -- nicer and -- you know. Canadians love because I knew that might might Bruins are coming out for game seven and only -- passmore and on the absent. I'll sleep for -- -- -- six. And it's only got a better understand the Callahan. A Callahan for Martin Saint Louis. And now because that the Rangers are made Eastern Conference finals give up be a first round pick in fifteen and next year fourteen and fifteen. Well originally -- came to answer first trailer that they now they get an ideal partner. But they were gonna sign the order they were they weren't assigned now account for 85 who wants you wanna -- -- smell it's you what's his deal is still. I -- I think you are these his I think his gigs up so he's gonna you know get a new deal from their injures he's he's banking right now whatever artists. Two picks 21 round -- keep pro -- a final big time to. It would Rangers finals do you feel like right now. A lunatic right now and I Chicago black Cox. Added that McCain kids got it going on Agile seven -- editing and once LA might actually predict they're -- Apparently it did you know quick -- player but the black -- are Toews. And -- -- -- I I don't remember. Seeing a sniper. Number one guy spent that much time getting his nose dirty in the crease he gets. He sticks his nose in there all day every day and and and now wins -- sport to the he's he step. It is because -- it's in this game winning goals they had heroically trying to get you know to get a lot of respect team he's in pretty good goaltender and you know be quick again no matter I don't care who wins on his -- doesn't. -- -- mile -- I'm with a beautiful day. LB we thank aren't voting with coverage on your mental better care prices -- stuff men you know you about the next year. -- -- bit and it worked out big time this offseason. Come back for you guys next year to -- and -- launch -- there you go he has the ability -- -- LB WA AF get him on Twitter of course in the Hill Man Morning Show banks obesity kids I'll come back we talked Red Sox and we -- some Bruins -- -- Celtics as well the trade rumors that are percolate big time across the league. That could bring Kevin Love to Boston that's next Sports Radio WE yeah. Online one I didn't and you. -- we get tender Rangers this theory. Is your grief you still from black and you still got to play. In the period rebounds. I don't know. I need you to be more enthusiastic. It kept me going. I'm gonna try. My -- there. -- that it's time to bring out the big and -- It's an advantage at an Atlantic. Dynegy have a lot of but the -- That we ended and it it is basically -- that regular week. And that -- -- that the car and as. And -- -- in the end and -- that it would be. The patriots and it can. She did it again and we do that and and victory. -- magnet and apparently. Just coming through over the wire Michelle Terry speaking to the media he's done for the series. Involved. At that point all right Carey Price is done for the series. There goes that text from the word zone Michelle turning. This is devastating. --

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