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Minor Details Ep. 84: How promotion decisions are made with Red Sox director of player development Ben Crockett

May 19, 2014|

When is it time for a prospect to move up the ladder? Red Sox farm director Ben Crockett offers a window to this part of the player development decision-making process, explaining why some prospects have already been deemed worthy of moving up a level this season, while addressing others (including Mookie Betts and Henry Owens) who have dominated at their levels but have yet to be promoted during the season.

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What is it time to move up the -- We're now about six weeks into the minor league system into their players is dominant is forcing the question when they finally going to be moving up. The headline in that conversation within the Red Sox organization right now of course -- movie that's -- of the weekend without batting average in excess of 400 double A Portland. But he's not alone there been other standout performances so far this year. And indeed some players have already moved up the ladder in the Red Sox system. So all of that raises the broad question how is it that the Red Sox make those decisions. To answer that we'll talk with Red Sox farm director Ben Crockett. Then we'll discuss some of the specific players who have either moved up already or who put themselves in the mix to move up letter in the in the near future. But first we'll talk more broadly about how those evaluations are made beginning with -- this very very broad question. -- is it the right time to promote a player. An exact kind of why -- formula -- -- require situation. The actors a good way. I'm alleged and the players control. Let. You know I'd say it's a wonder. They can watch all our nation including. Former. -- -- specific. Not specific -- fund called goal. And he'll. He'll. -- -- but I think. Op -- upset the apple won't work on -- -- it we're out. Odd not. The tradition work or -- -- -- it -- the edge. -- You know quiet individual and -- -- -- -- -- a lot of focus on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Where he challenged by by other well. You know -- experience come and that could I have done on individual way every individual wires out of the quiet that as part. For now. If a situation. The players. The position where they're going to be challenged but -- where. You are not yet but there he challenged him. -- is it guilt that you don't let it. That's not even need a period. -- -- -- I'll go to an individual. Into all ball. You know we don't do it though that's certainly yet factored in what you know around. On -- and you're. You know yet and the percent legit you know required -- Juliet. Are factors and particularly -- -- -- Up your. -- now are the probably the art and there weren't looking -- Already. You know really an individual each. Not. -- -- -- You know can you say that Albert back or get any any -- war. You know it's all wobble. Back then or a and. -- Major League necessity is there at least a minimum that you like to see guy at a certain level before you would even wanna entertain the conversation. So you know setting aside the example of a -- Britain. Who makes one relief appearance are when you went appearance and docket -- minutes OK -- it's time for you to be in the Major League bullpen. You know as guys move up the latter is there you know it is it is. Would you even think of entertaining conversation let's say a month into the guys progression middle level. You know I think it down finger salute you know I think certainly I think it has been level of want to. On -- and they look more every -- you're. You know you're you're looking consistency. All I think there are. They let it. It light it. Up each lunch at apple or at -- not that that can happen cheaper forward. What. You know I don't think it is hard rhetoric unheard of -- numbered at the audit but -- certainly got our work. -- -- -- -- -- And apparently I showed. And where everybody else that opt out wired and ready. -- -- -- -- Check the box thought ought the exact. Are there working on but all that. They're right. Talking to Red Sox farm director Ben Crockett you have a preference in terms of weather in terms of whether or not -- -- quote unquote aggressive or conservative for instance their organizations. -- actually prefer have stated philosophically a preference for kind of level the level annual progression. And they you know they want to seek. Mastery of a level before they move them up. To the next one you know how how do you guys approach the question if you're kind of sitting on the fence. You know injury in one -- is the aggressive -- when the conservative I realized you know do you have a theoretical preference obviously. Again understanding that you can make all decisions in a vacuum like that. -- I think -- oh you are in their children. Again on general and I think. A lot several years are you and to be on the younger side of pop out well ultimately they're when he what what -- they're playing and always BK. Odd but you know I think that don't show -- -- -- It's a -- proper spot. You know. -- -- Players to challenge players. Object and and you know we need it most and -- yeah I think there's. Absolutely. You know a lot about the whole idea is -- -- the players and you know I think. And are now lots -- if you think it is except that players. Hopefully eradicate it. It's about. Copper. Players that -- put in situations and one -- bit -- situation but that's it. Got under. He caught and while. With the benefit of hindsight are you able to identify an instance in which you feel like you guys were either too aggressive or too conservative. You know or perhaps one example of each. In in moving guys at the latter. I didn't. Yeah you know. It but there when wildfires though didn't you mr. -- short. -- one but it didn't work well or did work. -- -- and -- -- and small. -- on the problem that you be white or adult perspective but certainly. I'll certainly -- players you know about it we put on it. Other -- what -- except for or on its what we've been challenged by law. You know and over and over. You know -- -- got what when and not let it. -- -- -- -- -- -- The apparent now the chances you're definitely we got more a lot to well. Double bogey -- we questioned that -- Jason in particular. Internet lately I'm -- look -- what he -- she -- where. -- Rob -- other players here mr. -- to be an important and what were not offered but I think you don't just hope we knew that players. You know I know that it. Out awful they've been -- your unit that need. You know what the -- -- -- troops there are no more likely. It -- -- or -- and say make it now while all. These. Players. -- Just to give a sense of the shape and dimensions of the covers nations to go into the right into -- when a guy gets promoted. How many people take part in that conversation. You know is it is this something. Did you know that you kind of when did you get to you get to push the red button and then -- and say. He's moving or or -- how many people in the organization or party to that conversation. -- -- it is the golf ball before you get to that final conversation. And we're competitions warriors and what we do not. Not that they are taught. -- regular. Our managers at each so it ark urged each page though it. You know wallet well according to stop forced a yeah but it. I'll work in particular but -- -- It. -- -- -- and had -- -- destruction where are so. All of those people I think are art. Art art -- not early out. Not gathering in the nation gathered and everybody got to get it out. You know what the current you went on on what might be blighted areas in it and our outlet. -- on -- Dark history. Itself trying to you know trying to take our own nation got. A real or -- or -- -- And no one and obviously they're there there's. Generally not you know there's -- And you -- and some period. In spirit. -- -- Go to New. England they know -- I'm in YouTube. Or. Are there. It is that evidence out -- -- -- -- it did not ignore mark -- and like -- in your. Our. Well you know older daughter out of foundational conversation I think there. The most important certainly. Are not Paniagua is the situation. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That being the case I guess it's worth asking who has side who's the final arbiter is it is that you or is it isn't. Then you know is it is a bench Harrington or slash my case and in benefited in that part of food chain. Is it what it -- what. -- -- -- will talk about that and I think generally where one of the 2.0 Brockman our British. A lot like work -- -- and often united supply. A are spot on. -- -- that. Oh Eric there often. -- It's it's worth asking do you guys set for individual players specific goals and kind of let them know. Oh or even sort maybe not let them know but have them internally OK if he -- if he had this threshold for instance you know if he walks and 10% rate or. If he's hitting extra bases that you know an X -- Then that would suggest that it's time for promotion or at least have that is a prerequisite. To a promotion. Why did we -- every minute -- -- art -- art you know art or at that. You know I understand that -- radar like for Buddha -- particular player. While we obviously want player Kris -- all of oh -- -- -- -- -- -- Opt out there. -- able to get you up an art in. Your ball out there Urquhart. So I think that's national public art -- don't -- and practically. You know would you go you know probably don't do it and end it on the -- -- but I'd term it. What you might fix it but what might happen out there early that the rational like that to -- You're not you're usual good -- picture you ought. Obviously. I think we all knew it all about with every player we have wetland. Yeah odds are trying to required of what what what the older should be pretty epic is. Obviously a great. But we didn't agree that it arrived at -- again. Op at the end of the and while we don't really open. Well now well and what we're looking -- -- -- -- opt. And as well not you know. So. While and page updated -- -- -- -- -- -- a number of war. It's a bit caught up. Are -- that's what we're. Talking about yeah it is -- our. If your arm which. -- don't really important our -- All and -- that -- not due. What we're looking weren't forced to. Beat. All we need you to. That it will I -- and you support a minute. Lol I think also you know looking at. It worked and what. The object it -- on the -- A bit so let's go to war. Or. -- -- -- -- Talking to -- Crockett at Red Sox farm director about how Oprah how decisions about promotions are made as -- that it's now worth talking about. Identifying some specific instances of a promotion decisions they were made I'm Wilson both focused mostly on this -- -- worth asking. Looking back on on a unique instance but I don't know about unique but. Eight and -- usual rare instance of how you guys approach promotions -- Zander Bogart last year. How did you approach when it was the right time for him. To move up from double A to triple -- which happened in mid June and then from triple -- in the majors which was in mid August. You -- into it I think you're you're you're still talk about some of the pain out on him now would be that we got earlier. On. And let it release here you know our nation at -- -- you know without. Daschle I think not know that anyone could in turn and getting used to. You buy or a couple lecture other part of I'd -- a -- about all. -- that it paid -- at. Art. I'll bet and you know you're you're looking pretty well like value -- you offer. Or -- -- -- reliability. He certainly try and I think. I'll. Get what -- and ability is good Bart. -- -- you don't even play and -- the average player. Now. Certainly in import up. And I double and now I -- at the wheel and it's they're the pivot back. I call our ability to he would recognize that you. -- that you yeah all -- blocked field. And -- and on -- -- that. -- -- -- The agents. Out. So getting to a couple of guys who have already moved this year you guys had a had a flurry of early pitcher transactions in pitchers pitchers I imagine are are pretty are a very distinct dialog from. From position players is that safe to a certain. I think they know -- different different -- that are needed and I think there's. Certainly an idiot circuit rejected it -- -- one. -- about whether it is all about what. So you move quickly with the with three fairly prominent prospect is you know fairly prominent prospects on the pitching side. Pat light after spending all last year in -- Bill Walton you know with that with the caveat that he was injured for a significant chunk of it moved from Greeneville up to Salem. After doing very well on Greenville or the year Cody could cut. I did after after spending all of last year Greeneville started Greeneville this year moved up to Salem and then Brian Johnson who spent the majority of last year. In Greeneville. Went to Salem for the last two starts of the year. And then spent just a few starts in Salem this year before moving up to Portland in double A I'm commute can you talk about the process that led to those three guys moving when they did. Sure I think I think you sure you guys. You know you guys. Really started bat. -- discussion in our current and you our competition to be going to you know below Politico are. I'll have our our. -- immediately gore got which patent war I think all of our body work and the other direction and yeah I think a lot of way. With what a what or are we gave. Best. That got out there yeah thirty or and here. The end period et Al athletes know what what are forty -- that's I think I argued Internet. And it transition first or you -- that your. And you know so -- that that Eddie and I ended up like it it started out. Where did you get that. A lot are. All. -- that. At Wentworth -- really well really. And -- on the right track all be optional are all excited about I got up nationally in animal off ball. I felt you know it moderate strike now given the challenges it -- that -- -- the ball short occurred. Now we all want him to get some exporters but it's not at all. Yeah not what he had as well as -- as well to use. -- It's just that. And while -- you end up on it but making. But we can't -- that development and a our country. It would that you really well loud and really pushing -- I certainly and it barely turned out or start. No well -- got what I think all of them -- it got really you'd like to play our pitching well. And it you know appreciate those wobble on up or all of -- I. Thirty. In -- And any sport a little while you know it well and -- out -- -- the ball -- -- out. Ought to start. What did you see from Johnson that really kind of suggested wow you know he's side he's kind of on on this quick track right now. In those few -- start and -- mean you know it's worth mentioning that. He finished with two straight six innings shutout one of which was a perfect games so that just in terms of the execution in this stuff how is he working. It -- what was he doing to make him so effective this year to start. If -- -- prime also got it as an injury. This year and I think. You know part of that would really didn't see. I think that they'll -- up and all of a lot about what do. I'll a lot here Ian Greenville based on strong coupled with brought picnic and -- person. Not an injury it -- -- that it had an off season that was -- of course by his recovered from at the -- drive. Absolutely accurate and ended -- A -- here you know I spotted in college on early in green -- very good -- and others. And Adam debit you and -- by the while what you came back he had stated that that. Illegally installed. You know probably -- rapper -- if -- way. I'll always and every that. And and etched. I'm not -- it's. Got it right. Have to -- too many bull pens when you're about to go out and you know I have five CB's rate will apple in a stronger and it is where all of its huge. -- -- -- -- -- -- and I can at Jolo and they'll really thought about who want. Or so war. All. The guy that it. Be strong. I'm ready already pitched really well actually knows and that our. Adult at a LL I feel like it was nothing I -- which really didn't -- for a side. You know like in nearly QL particularly with a lot -- match. He's the guy that. You know I. That's its ability. Be unjust it's pure stock got a good got. Orbit. All -- -- but he also also at all. Strike it well there are pretty good. Got a pretty good. Arsenal what you computers as well or how what. Know what you owe them or not I don't rubble both retreat and it. And continued -- well just -- -- show. And if we. Look forward and struck. Out. -- That that's one triumvirate that we've talked about now with the with talking about Johnson Leighton -- got three guys but I 33 prominent prospects who've already moved up a level. I'm so now I'm going to predictably enough getting to a quick questions about three guys who have yet to move up. But who have done really well at bat -- -- or they aren't in effect you're -- heading up to Portland as we speak. All three of those guys are in Portland so that's very convenient for the conversation. In those three guys are going to ask you about. Are Henry Owens Trevor Sean we'll keep that each of whom are at different developmental stages of -- different amounts of time. In Portland so. Let me start with Travis sharp because he spent the longest period of time there you guys promoted him. To Portland at the end of 2012. And he's been in a really good place for you guys offensively thus far this year. What do you need to see from Trevor shot. You know in again this -- do in in each of these guys in the with each of these three guys it may get into a question of the opportunity to put them on the field at the at the upper level but. What you need to see from Trevor shot before he's ready to graduate after herb you know after this year plus at Portland. To Pawtucket. I really good -- at the start up your. -- for a -- or is it popular. Out which is obviously not great but Bob not more important and we lead it is. Here last year what will -- what. Opted out. It forward Antawn but also -- you know well what you shall not. And I picked up a net job. Opened it it -- -- It picked it. Up. Up at the end of -- he's going to an all. Really I'm very conscious effort to try to. -- -- -- Distinguished. Itself is -- -- this recent. Op approach me out of play and got back and you're in the middle. -- I attracting inability. -- a ball for our it and it's not clear are you -- -- Or are things that. You like that every bit like that. -- -- You know you'll get so many people say no no terrible job driving and all -- power to the opposite field. But getting back instructing me to do with it opt out of that have been fought it out I think child. -- that the county last year showed. Really good and that. Lou the problem at all not consistent. And that when it forced the -- I think. Not that -- all the numbers is what we battled. Thought yuk it up at. -- -- are. You're hitting ability all and that we you out. One of the NBA but you're here. The previous. Job and had only -- always get a fresh start. Even -- against a higher level at least not wobble a double at -- start. Really reviewed. You know not reviewed here. Believe I think and it can be buried with it -- you -- -- -- on the net you know it carried over out or eat. And I thought it. In previously. I had transition first it -- as that big of op spot. Certainly -- very -- -- you know I think I thought our. It is. They are -- -- that he wouldn't partnered. Up. Strong. A lot more so far this year up but very pleased -- and now -- opponent. You'd. And not. How difficult is it to be -- to decide okay we're going to have a therapy. Our let me create it again it -- OK you know I'm I'm pretty. You have America out of bounds you know is somebody that will what are -- beat a former Butler that there were certain things that they really didn't. I've been -- sure it really probably in an hour in a while and -- shot up about Albert what. Odd ball really like to be -- that that's problem. You hear there's even now you know -- -- -- like old. Pop. -- -- that into the Internet the challenging that. On debate that. Require a lot of they're on their perspective. -- Are trying to but -- you not help our current. -- Munich which we know all over -- Talk about what they're question might even. More on what unity are identified and that really need to eat. And the ball off do we out at brilliant book or get the. So Trevor -- represents one -- guy who's spent more than a year in double play Henry Owens you know we talked about pitchers being a little bit different than. And position players but it. You know he he doesn't allow a hit span I don't know that you seeds and things like -- you know hours at a five start since last July in which he hasn't given up it but they're they're still walks that are being given nonetheless this is the guy who's shown an ability to compete. You know today at least from a box score standpoint. Compete very impressively in double play what you wanna see him accomplish before you graduate to the next level. I'm in you know with -- understanding of course that they're also has to be an opportunity for to start in the you have five pretty good starters in Kentucky right now. Yeah I think that I think that situation opened and the work themselves out one way or another. But you know I think -- particular. It is that the dot undeniable. I think it's not an ability to use it it yet it's on the button at that. Bob elder certainly it -- Shall not strong ability and -- they opt. And I think that that and I think it's a little extra beyond or -- -- you know up in the airport about -- committed to this year. I hit it there it's an eight. You know what they -- a crystal ball. Change up clearly are clearly. You strike for company got a very good curve ball well up in the you know the next. All white and and -- that's -- and I think all the walkman. I think that. You know opened it it it got -- in -- early -- not that it. -- earlier than it would help them just agree on I think that. And that hurt you where. For every well all but -- -- do -- -- aren't. That. I about all man. And yet we found -- the well one thing that yet I think I'd get exploited -- -- off. Get is older march urgent matters well. Our lot is I pure. -- -- There are those that think that that -- they'll know is it still working on -- made tremendous progress on that thing. You know clearly the other is out there are heavily ought to. And there are a lot. About it and also without a lot of -- One which really hasn't challenged by our updates. Out situation I. Now is in good hitter. Hurts a lot worse situation than your door so I picked up loud and are now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Without it -- -- art. You know the odor odor and what they're there they're still. Huge -- -- opportunity. -- and did not know towns are at war. One bit at all while there are opportunities where. Indeed you know yeah -- pushing -- well. What with Elmo yeah. A look at -- personally. Talking to Ben Crockett Red Sox farm director and so you you know this was coming of course because it's it's me and I've been asking you about this person for like you know and for a thirteen months. So rookie that's what is he getting out of being in double -- right now because the guys hitting over 400. And he's getting on base every game and he's performing at I mean. You -- you're used to seeing guys face some kind of transitional difficulty. And he's kind of making them a mockery of that expectation. With what he's been doing on a day to day basis from a consistency standpoint that may not and you know again -- these memos in the box scores of may -- using something else. Defensively. But somewhere else but. For a guy who who. If he's of these three guys we've been talked about in Portland he's the one who started this year in Portland so the least amount of time you guys have rarely pushed the guy up. From Portland detective with fewer than a few months worth of time there. But what what is monkey that's getting how is he being challenged by double -- It's -- Milwaukee area you know. We performed well and I think and -- -- You know -- our double on the without without. It as the -- I think. No way out entry transition due. You know what -- -- -- You know and now. And considered more on March aren't intermission and make. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know -- you'd think there are still and they are still a hundred. You know -- and you know what in the -- I think. Didn't -- And you know get divorced and a great job. That -- -- that after. Op -- Out you know got out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't think there are -- think arson. We know that he -- -- that area. That he'd vote are. Actually pictures. Op and certain types opt out but you know -- I think. As well. Reform but it means getting out -- I I don't. Not a performance pictures are you -- you know -- that and it ain't quite well. You know given you know your -- get a -- The -- consistency with which. Then. You know pretty consistent pretty pretty. I think you know -- even more you know I jump in Beijing. An -- agent that the what the opposite Archie Thad despite. You know I'm not on topic on and and I think our heart's content and -- You know there -- elbow well -- out. You know separate -- Non. On. On the double and double way. News an all. Out in order. Art art art walk. Yeah. Now. It's all about me and you know you can't believe another they're still hot and Garrett is our stop. But -- All on all about. And so the you know first for the foreseeable future though you still you still think right now. There there are enough challenges in double play. Even without kind of introducing new position that there's fit you know. It there there's still -- player development and growth it saw that he's able to get out of remaining there without without either position change or promotion. You know I don't think I don't think. Not I think what you've got it -- about. -- I'll you know. Pretty streets here and at that point in I -- you all under. You know I'll. What did not. Odd you know I think. -- -- -- in -- way. As well not yet -- -- Opt out of the well I didn't. It and the well -- on the bad end as well as. You know some of the challenges that I think along with its exact here is actually got. I think challenge is that -- you at all. It is that you. Let my four year old son has recognized his name now mostly because he heard one of my previous one of these previous shows and said rookie that's that's a funny name for baseball player so. You know who has recognition expands across demographics then. How are not. But particularly helpful.

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