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Buck vs Minihane 5-19-14

May 19, 2014|

Buck and Minihane go at it.

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I would and ask the question for like two and a half hours. It's sucks -- now and and and Brad boys all the -- you said he would many and you said with a Bradford gets here he'll give us all the answers a bit of politics and these calls we Texans yeah it's excellent call for a full and like talked to a vote. When you're doing the things you podcast every day. It was on the -- every single day venture that you did not -- -- today. -- territory opt out and he was Jon Lester pitched -- second highest rated show on the station right now. Well that that's right behind the headlines about exactly how you guys are saying that it was screaming at the radio. By the way I record I can listen for hours Gerri you doing trending. Whatever you got to calculate fuel and the changes is temperature you do how it's supposed to be done time temperature Miami heat's -- out. Yeah -- also mention rob Bradford coming up. Indictment yet we don't know where it all these that's important people it's their cars right now outside work this Sam again he would last saying. The left side of the infield exits in the eighties give that -- that affect you forgive it hurts him and 1:57 am. -- -- -- -- -- When you get when you post that late. -- drift off and -- I'm Chris I spent. I didn't have a reference to a teenager and second I got wiped out so weird thirteen year old -- hired -- hired Joseph Hagerty who worked here -- their -- idea -- to call him a reputable that are too -- you'll have even -- and your best friend he might I arm of the same time when -- -- -- -- consider -- a reputable journalist would you -- -- to -- back here. Why don't options Watson did you beat the street is that we -- or he could apply effort -- would you hire him. I don't know he can play -- clean the scores first wins it's as simple as it could apply for a job -- column Borges. Now we buck said he had some thoughts on agony and we made them our way. Waited for and I -- it has a lot of I -- and you could -- -- I certainly want unless -- I thought I apologize to the holiday about sound and a wife and I -- totally screwed up yeah. And I placed going to be even more by throwing his editor under the bus I agree that there was eight total lack of contrition and the next day I think we're in agreement so far. As the but the -- story who is over the top. Because is a personal gender involved. He says that to -- in -- story like Israelis think later it's like but you -- Ortiz right negative things you -- usually something is always have -- -- saying it saying that you have a personal agenda and then firing away a weapon it's like -- thing I like him personally but it's hope -- -- -- that they had this like I know it's the same thing -- funny that I attacked tag Indian point he'd be NC. It's and they galactic -- you go after me. Yeah well but he doesn't divide correctly -- out yet you point blank if you if you hire raggedy. You'd leave a lot of porridge about how we can apply for a job I'm Soledad how is that -- -- hired him. What I tire and again if you had DJ beam Joseph -- were -- you think these days off the I don't know also felt that probably not -- -- now yeah -- OK and get a life but I find it interesting you as soon as I got the part where accidentally Kurtz story of this reasoned. You went over the top. And yet. It was -- four point eight B and C on agony India and against Cuba negative or little -- project and how does that help plot why was it. Over the top -- -- Michael I think that's I think that's a legitimate criticism. But I don't like over the top sometimes. I like listening -- has carved out eaten it. What part of huge it is going after the medium with so it's shtick. Is arguably stick Robert -- which are -- With Mike Ditka is gaga -- -- About it. You taught that lets us what's I was good at what point properly reading that call and yet where governments sizzling would point -- -- This is just watched this is you know it's funny that is upsetting lobby in Montreal. And the elevator door opens in deep -- being comes. And I'm just sit and read in the month field is that. And says yeah but the Aggies and I know I told him -- And and the and it mornings at 1130 or whatever way and some wacko -- arena and I am late point it is at a -- but at the -- that it did work lobby international outlets. And and you read it and said. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- One in the hours to four I thought that you bringing in stuff other media people say behind his back was unnecessary. Because they're -- leaves -- the convenient fact that everybody talks about everybody. Stick with him and you know that's true. I don't know that that's that's a that's not -- not be. Real but it's more she ID things I think that everybody. Rock the boat everybody behind -- back rob a baseball writer -- we're here we're talking about you Joseph Hagerty your flu though she was. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Rob Bradford high and I am so what can I answer or a -- can -- the plane and answered for a guy go higher are already answered myself. Are you played better opening games -- to duke -- -- -- -- and alacrity. You playing Christian right sir John -- -- six weeks on playing stupid angry at Dulles which we hear more about that answers we want to thank you -- -- -- wake -- -- so you are not. Able to. To -- it just say you can't. Maybe the way he did Nancy not -- you don't have to spend any answers on let me answer you cannot answer could you plainly stupid game to meet you can't do that John and that's usually. How I. -- The military. Well. I think. I've if you want to say look wrap this up as we got a thing budget calls he taught me to say. That a lot of people talk a little -- behind your back to its true okay that's the point tournament right in that spirit that I didn't think that was necessary adjunct to the story that's fair advocates that you like Hagerty. Well enough and again and likely. Yeah it is so I like everybody knows -- -- -- -- -- and -- I mean I mean do you have a -- video they're eating and I would like she'll -- that's gone out -- you're not a good barometer on the first gay guy in the locker room or in the club house. Don't trust -- like you know like if the first gay guy were shot deceit or Borges or Midland we would have a whole different. Results. The actress now to my temperament or personality and that we're not against you worked for you but. You you know you had no problems right synod and we've -- -- this is now. No do you think you'd be snide comments home awful dot com I don't you know work Turkmen and Ron Borges I don't counsel I don't if she got to see where the guy. No I don't because you it's it's an unwinnable. It if a player does that. It's not like the days of Jackie Robinson where the writers wouldn't righted and wouldn't it talked it -- -- already be -- it's it's it's just not a Smart thing to -- And by the way but I got -- I got a -- Smart with someplace now but but listen I've had a lot of issues and rob -- back yeah I've had a lot of issues that David Ortiz. An and I think the media -- is that -- included. And does he look like this Michelle was. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just kidding with rob and fees but but the fact is a very moderate -- I had a long talk to David spring training. David Ortiz had a gay friendly as a kid. And this is the when he wrote a -- of fresh -- is the point for centuries so so so. Eat even this is how Smart they are educated you know where they're from with a grew up. Whether their stars whether their. For a guy he's. Does you know why you're such a good. Example but I would like shoes and they had their they'd like they're gay friend right they'd like that if it weren't guy it was not that likable like manhandled. Or you know name Borges John -- mean. He be different that say. -- I hate that gay -- That's like the other day -- if I mean honestly don't you just evil like a personal note yes but this is -- -- I is it ever since the ever since the coming out show which I was on the big show which is you don't pit stop but as Max. Why he got booted that date if they don't know what you see Berlusconi bloated now with Max oh what -- that I never thought about it I don't really think about. I'd and other don't want the public even take a quick call a picnic take a quick call your bullets thanks Paul in the park you're next with. Allen then men and Bradford and buck. Good morning guys -- Championships they -- the -- like yeah I have got a couple of pictures with a good nobody really atrocious and by no means look umpire Gerry -- were the stronger and all of this but that much LP. And democracy you'd. First ball late last at bat (%expletive) up -- law and shoot some High Court right right gap issue graduate school. Secondly. After a tragedy like that happened that there's a Childs the ball how do they allow us. China for much else thought their granddaughter that -- a -- to be and -- -- chip five mark. While they didn't want to blame the -- for that. If there were no there were no dispute on the custody she would not have been and -- if she would not own attached to a Foster mother which she did they blame Jerry and be good for that and and pretty much that only. OK but he hit suspect. Jerry if you were involved in that situation and it was was going to be a custody battle. Which you allowed the grand daughter to go in true. Thought that the alternative was to have a live with a remedy camera and -- -- out anyway via public dissent with the -- family. -- what did you want them to drop it just let you know if you're -- parents but you want them to live with the family that raised Jarrett ran. I don't know what I I. Are they were -- in these people's lives they make it how like they were hot noticed people's lives they dumped her. But they didn't dump her and you know what you you -- -- -- is legit and it's not criminal anything. They live with these regrets state they must eat them up every course every minute orbit -- so I -- brag -- Virginia. Well appreciate goes up there and stayed with that and -- Eric -- orders them -- it take to milk. And she stayed there and dug up. -- -- -- I buy it ninth I'm sure that's that that her name's patty right and he lives with the regret yes. She -- without -- that -- didn't drag her daughter to Virginia -- an issue with I -- Richard McLaren if you're an issue with the mart's health -- waging a battle for custody that resulted in the child being hit by the. Well no I don't I sat at a -- that's what. That's the idea of a problem without much help really and the -- -- -- But you -- to backtrack a little bit Austria backtracking did you have an issue with them -- in custody battle that while I was in transit result of the child being in Foster care. I would I would ya I would like this is how you have to go through Medicaid and health the only way can bill -- don't want -- I don't. It should actually it is after. They way it could -- critic of the child and I don't know why they war because I never heard about it because they try to edit Paul you know the story. -- don't know the story. Well thanks thanks for calling you begin the call -- you can blame them for not drag her back to Virginia and and place. You know part of me wants to do that can't blame them for fighting the grammys in court to get the grand keep the game granddaughter away from that family. They won in the end Brian junior got custom -- -- the -- faces these brother of Jennifer has custody that's a good thing Jerry and Phoebe have. Visitation rights that's -- -- may. I. I don't know what choice to mark tells they were supposed to just. Open hands and say you can go now with the rim he's. It's shirt obviously it's still -- call read the story -- -- hope you can you hang around Jack good we have announced the big question we have -- their drew stuff. I don't know why I'm here but I still don't would block the -- but I don't know why I'm here but it was entertaining behavior it could stick around.

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