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Where is Dino? 5-19-14

May 19, 2014|

John, Gerry and Buck discussed the failures of the Sox and wondered where Dino is.

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-- what's happened Jerry are you a friend Kirk -- Jerry Steve completed -- game last night Kirk tremendous yeah it was your favorite part three basket for one favorite. Strikeouts. Are favorite pop up from your Boston Red Sox I didn't watch agreements like Jimmie dale looking at content of the talk it. -- DL while on what. You know what I think it's a good thing. Mr. bill will Brooks suffer injury. Discus it was it painful it was it is painful to watch and in a -- this isn't. -- guessing I mean this is second guessing at its finest night but the should play Bradley at but the should play -- bill Brooks in the that you played. And I liked the kids. It is -- it is as it is just. It's pretty bad but the one where I'm not second guessing is that I I -- him to the beat writers. Intention that Stephen Drew should be without. And I say that because I missed most of the first apple season is on the Bruins and a following the game six black acts. I can't even use the editors Stephen Drew and as in Sydney -- TV here in the united and -- Once I started at -- in a regular basis. You see why now. Stephen Drew is is very steady this has nothing to do Stephen Drew has to do with this these three in the bottom of the order the bottom of the when I thought would do with a because the greens the shorts on he's not. Our notebook. And stars if you read through it shortstop in -- that third Bogut might still have six RBIs right to with a -- call by the way. He's got I think he's got one more than men Carlos let's say let's say the drew accepts the qualifying offer -- easiest part for arguments so we're creating new time what is their record right now. Indifference maybe it's a game with a different story out and instead of carry out their game and a half while bird great they are paying fourteen million your slow down the Prague or somebody you've gained -- -- -- all sorts -- short. Well what we will work on is going now. Bogart's. At short what about Booker -- starting third baseman Brian and not to startle their base but he's regularly warriors are creating -- timeline so politely ask him whose partners -- slowing down is -- -- their base for years yes. We're checking what's that doesn't matter you're building it was a it was a noble so -- -- that's got Heidi it's over. It was dealt with what -- -- played the outfield gets your pride healthcare -- selected to teeny place someplace else does what it with a big knock on him. Defensively gasses Amish adults don't like why he's right left right now an anonymous ever seen the -- now we know so what went by you what you re -- -- It out on the farm we know it's and after do that but at least that is driving you know I -- to try to live for today I don't know I don't know look don't wanna look back don't look back pursuing that last night you know as a -- at Butler his. Released -- And -- so if you wanna go. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The curtain. -- -- we've -- candidates as captain I will say this though -- real quick. My wife Christine. I'm Leo last -- show you convulsed this gesture excuse crawling around and around him. -- -- 1 o'clock start but that it was not here this wedding related these Atlantic coastal out here I thought. I thought -- was like. Covering the whole story here because ceases. In his headlines priest today no excuses anymore gas -- where clip and that hang in the wall for next week would be those back. Some pills that won't deter O'Neal grabs the get the story for you Reza what is it about -- and Dino is they get very delete immediately it was funny. I don't know the rules you have only been married one time and married remember. The was -- Twitter when I want my honeymoon no. It does seem like you're violating there was no TT you know arguments it would violate a rule when you tweet from honeymoon is stupid tweet from the -- and his engine land. -- -- Skate in the word that that it went in there from an all viewers that the nation that some work. Dilution that our -- she was that she was at a festive ceremony it was yes it was a -- was understated and it's subtle was understood I was surprised how astute one yes it was a calm at a piano player no listing or an old ball get married. Supposed to be honest with -- we think you know right where way. Don't notice -- That. -- had when it was 97 toxins and thank you have talks with them out of blue high school prospects appear here via a it's a good question when people that aids compared supposed to be understated -- when his deal done in the understate it. This is the spring of the you know this is the most talked about weddings and Prince Charles -- guy right or you could say well we're human what surface eight. Date -- -- made up. She's she's ultimately -- And egg hunt and had the -- with now. I was she's cute -- the hotline can also violent with -- What was line. With with Camilla that -- -- the him you know beer has to be near Tampa on that was that was six had always yes always -- and works with the -- -- like I -- -- -- -- -- -- don't expect the wind Dino has something. You expect you know. Souvenirs overstayed his ass -- I expect a little. Pop and so I don't see any idea what go to hell I expect it's maybe. Crazy ex -- expect them literally for the show up a flyover -- right ball dropper of the ball drop the helicopter when the when an element lives in the masters that is there anyone who. -- -- -- -- -- -- Big -- cup the cup it's not you. I was late because it solicited the you know -- cadaver interpreted it that. I was August look at that like his old friends -- if they could. If they're gonna burst out laughing he could keep a straight face and they did it again again and again. All his old friends premise that it's a straight face that he was talking about. What is recipient of the winning says the best performance since yes it's the man and -- -- -- -- now one of the best performances Ed Norton and primal fear of the Lewis and Lincoln. When when its -- -- of listening right now oh of course not sure what about the same time there's. Readers about the tactic of is that. You -- -- his mastery had a AM. Justice of the peace -- line up but she. She called in sick is very crucial were the nerve of lakers wells was on the floor thrown up she couldn't make the rehearsals we call on the air. Returned one on the day so she committed suicide yes yes he shoots yet to find -- new. And -- Catholic priest. Synthetic ones yeah yeah Tommy -- who. After pictures Harrison. The caller but he wasn't a Catholic ceremony now it was -- the prison on the nomination I think although a couple of made you uncomfortable economic got a -- up and and and that it's fine it was it was I was you don't -- Africa but yet it's easy he's trying to it was up to beef -- it was at those nice -- opening was -- to make -- on Sundays. It was good from. It was a crappy reception are you find -- -- is shaded. Wednesday crappy Watson Gary Sick just like -- that's the what was the last time understated and dean element in the that's that's in his you do -- that he expects all aspects like -- marching band that are just some kind of surprised that sort of the -- threatening. Yeah expect something preppy is saying you know you Googlers. Did you players started unstoppable. You know close sex. So I was I've never been winning note dancing. Man like no dance floor but lose to Portland dance that's when you approach right in and generally people even at this -- As this will make their own -- well what about we know where I want them with a band. There by the guy it's ancient people walking -- walking out. You've been winning in the pants. No. When we knew he was the justice pieces -- this wedding yup -- may go low one dates and when you you know one year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm not. Invite me the -- when the day comes you'll be lobby on the list. -- -- -- Combine -- -- we have talked a -- of Michael's them because. That's his job he has addressed -- Michaels and it went -- you know -- really she felt that -- -- -- and yet it took that Clinton talked to Michael Sam article -- -- if I talk about the cycle it's seven that was not why we can't be surprised to hear from them and page that you I was gonna say if I had -- -- -- Thanks because. You are -- You are not that of the self promoter and -- when you look at Sam being so promote use that that's a mistake you'll. But Oprah documentary thing huge mistake clearly I hit his were killed -- When he said he was gonna do a lot of knee jerk defenders says -- that's a wonderful idea on on twenty -- each guy's house. And then the next day they cancel ago well I guess it's not such a great idea he knew it was a mystic. It was not major with meet the other way in the satellite that. But when I first -- -- I was like oh bad bad bad but before I went knee jerk in that direction a pick -- economy and calls that -- Ziegler -- sports. Who is very involved misuse in the Roman and and did the background story before Michael's and came out. And notes Howard Bragman as the PR guy in LA who handles all this stuff and it would -- told me was I guarantee you Michael Sam would would not. Put anything less than 100%. Toward making the team. And I said I agree with that but reality TV is not reality. That's are all that's weird begins and ends with me all. If cameras -- run out of pocket because really the division and distraction it is absolutely the definition of distraction because if if you -- a TV camera following me around. It ceases to be real. Anderson is that by -- -- perform it becomes performance art it's true performance art is work it's taxing -- in Kabul you gonna do. Therefore logically you would not putting under a city gripped tightly you. Canada has -- and you can at once say it's all about football -- a football player and implement the football team. And then say come on in Oprah network lets you know. Let's have lunch and was also grist for the -- for him but it won't make many if you if you jester in that Michael stamp. All packed and minus -- can use those whose slick across the board anti Michael Sam. Well nobody responsible and talking about the barking dogs than in the shadows of what are now let's -- I think I don't know I feel about this. He's not I put in -- icicles ethic you know you've talked about that enough but to icicles was. Great candidate for that role topic if you -- out of bodies. Unbelievable and this -- is not Michael -- is that I don't I don't know what he's not I just know that Jason Collins is I don't I haven't met Michael samurai I was there the dated Jason Collins came to Boston and we all went down and talked to him and he spent two minutes with him in the -- becomes demise regal. Also he's Smart that you gonna say yeah he's really Smart I'm not so sure Michael Sam is in night he'd never got the sense of Jason calls was being used. Except maybe when news. Marshaled the grand Marshal the parade here there was certain forces of former Celtic comeback home. But if it's all of being used that as -- First of all he's buddies -- -- he -- -- -- an inaugural Kennedy thankfully I don't doubt that wrote a July Kennedy came up to me at Fenway one -- and said in in and wanted to meet. Now I was like. Taken aback -- never that are enemies do that he was very cool I like joke and he OK hate -- politics. Well no matter what happens when ordered Sanders -- not -- -- I wanna finish mine to look ahead but. It's far is that the pride parade goes and Jason call out -- -- will go past that but that's what effect. His -- the legitimate relationship Joseph Kennedy which to -- made it eight a perfect moment. The local congressman inviting his old college buddy Stanford c'mon that Boston. In -- country like Israel on stilts with play castles sort of we did not go up and we're not there on the part that was put but. Michael -- two things he's not good enough to be the perfect in the weakness if if he gets cut. Well agree that Jeff Fisher economic football decision we -- think -- -- yet you're you're a lawmaker football decision and if he's not good nothing gets cut. Spoils the whole plan. And when you hear about the Oprah that you say or UC do you think the whole. Look at the -- thing was performing for the camera. And was that part of the Oprah documentary that I don't know of a problem. And have any problem with the -- what if he was doing it -- -- was the guy who knows that we need to. Get this thing role and he has this this. What reality so we'll talk to this last week was a matter if they did. So what Pakistan. As is Jason would point to note. He's being exploited he's being used by these old isn't 24 he's a grown man I know adult -- what you could be there was no men. And and you could. You could give. Battered by educate you could miss lead grown men are okay and if and I know you know is inner circle was devices we -- about that. Before it came out and they include as a Chris Kluwe -- And -- mean what was was he older football player of the came out Al paper it was over. No and anyway he's got that Billy bean and team for Antarctica advisors. -- and I. And it could be getting bad advice to just dismiss that that that -- observations ABC's 24. He mean he shouldn't take the battery life is the problems we talk about this does Oprah does too he's going to be journeyman he skis this. That doesn't help me and you go in until -- get one of those guys depend even pencil kindergarten journeyman. Yeah but he is you know it was career was almost over when he when he came that that's different but if this is tentative in clown here. -- even. Dominique Easley a whole different story and you have a player who will have a career. You think what would you say if he gets cut you trust issue and trust the rams and say they obviously -- -- And as well as coach and by definition and -- which is a lunatics. We agree at this point absolutely I say he's got a lot of Belichick and command hear what you think of -- and in fact I thought that. I was fairly certain. That Michael say it would end up the patriots only be only because. Yeah I is could Bill Belichick has turned a blind eye toward all the stuff -- he is solely about football. And it is one NFL coach who knows how to minimize the noise of the Tim Tebow or whatever big stories going on the sidelines. He's been able to do that they -- they were able to we allowed Tim Tebow when in Tim Tebow and small dose of last year at that it boys alright time's up. Welcome back to practice and the way they handled that orchestrated that what you Tim Tebow some meaty. It was an ongoing quote unquote big story but it was not a distraction and they could have done well absolutely not and they go in the -- I don't but it did and that's my point in its that is theater camp. The Christians though he's -- that people applaud that -- so good all right so here we are -- Carlos -- -- yes that's correct yes. But you get the sense that if they didn't draft him he would have been drafted he would have been. -- slipped to the last its spots yeah. And then sign somewhere. As a freeagent it's a lot seems easier that a guy who's not drafted as -- Mean most guys who aren't being shot -- most seventh picks can you do what yeah numbers on the outlook you know that I did look at his 70% is that what it is. -- -- -- the team yeah is that a direct going to be higher but makes sense if you think about it and there's a reason he's a seventh round so all those measurable you know he's 4940. There was like eight quarterbacks who ran faster than he did at the Columbine so he's got no position. On a team that's loaded in the defensive -- some special team it would put without. It's -- -- put poster if you if you if you get trapped in the -- rounds in baseball you chances -- in the big leagues are amenable. Because you're there to fill up the roster in -- you're penalty if you're an on drafted free agent. Who gets on your chances of almost 0% Mike collecting the one guy can think up atop my ad and football. Undrafted guys make the team all the time right with a broken -- -- new laws laws San Diego sign -- yet so so. The heat he will make the team or not make ready and six rounds in -- and about I cannot treat and ready yet. Like how many quarterbacks one -- like one was 4242. Point six when the Brady 43 -- it was -- And yet the clock and go as far as regards it -- tell again you know I love you like. But what it says that we were gonna talk about Sam -- and meet right away when it's why you should not be sitting in the chair. Can you wanna -- -- talk about you can't you have carts with the return of the spill over two hours no kidding. Of the talk of the love -- love to Jerusalem's against. You know that's probably true -- -- argument love sugar -- how much are -- again against reports is gosh it also depends what you get. Would block -- the seventh was a group first panic. God showed you. Would you still vote yes well we're well aware of fifteen hours hunting on background I would -- it's not leave us with -- -- -- the bags yeah. Taxes go goodbye and so that would yeah yeah what would you rather them coups there -- some do you remember the year -- data milk. In old. And 07 when they didn't get the ban the one they need that was rhetoric. That was the look on Tonya -- at great it's like it's that game show and that like 380 sit there -- look in his -- Was just miserable we'll get to the details of the Kevin Love -- was -- a real -- I mean. It makes sense he's not signing of Minnesota he says in this is the time to trade him if he's not beaten and as. We can we play this -- the Minnesota guy covers the team said the Celtics and lakers will -- We make in a bid -- and have lottery picks and they both could throw in the could sweeten that deal with not just. It's not just pick the Salinger. If you read Salinger and low on the to slow amid obviously Camilo love obviously it is they shooter and you know obviously beast on the board a different player which would you play them together their bowl following orders probably. Could you go home it was all right then how about sellinger in the. Directors like you I'd shut off for Minnesota whenever picking gets the first pick let's say third third quarter -- A third of four was that the likely spot yet missile sites there again the third pick. A given mixtures pick. -- another pick. -- -- The deal is done that's hood of the few minutes on a good numbers whatever -- do well if you do have to Parker's agent and to -- extent yes said gap sound or majesty's. Not on it -- -- doubt the well is on OK and all of us. We keep around nine then that then. You need to greatness in the Eastern Conference earlier players you got Rondo loves it and you hit -- -- these other guys. Two or three or should I you're not as good as anybody else in the east that's sounds like a pretty sweet package if this you know. There may be there in the water and actually American and not but that's a good picnic and our love. In the Eastern Conference that was -- yes I'm sure -- -- -- etc. topical lottery but you know -- go 500 in. -- that's gonna happen every year. How could that be the fifth fourth or fifth best team and they have a bunch of panic so that was still have been on computers that the lottery even a possibility -- why even do it. Don't agree because. Well I mean I'm not saying in the beat the bottom there at the worst record but say your 500 -- teams in the -- definitely better the so it was a record this year. Point six when he says that Tony fortress so you improved by fifteen games. If 500 on the teams in the eastern definitely better in the -- Rondell. Many that are definitely been I don't know what -- do. Who right now all right but -- right now to basketball as the sport we're getting up to 500 isn't progress. Well but am -- right but you're still building -- like -- I think it would. I think he'll do a good job with all extra picks they have ten with 101 round is in the next seven years or whatever the hell if the results -- -- 500 -- she of people wouldn't rule -- in progress that's true. And people in the -- all of this that 500 nominee got. Ball it's coming along and Jackie barbecue year. Pereira and all these young kids -- catchers. 500 and if you go from 24 -- of 500 basketball it's like who should go pottery highway commission dilemma. He should -- commonality of covered everything get nothing that would play at all and it's one we tell Michael -- -- humanitarian for a few missed Oscar laden leave guys. It. The fluid during a typical. The question wasn't whether you had a problem with the cake like it was with the thought it was part of the performance -- -- the cameras. I don't have a problem with that even even at the cameras were in the -- what effect that they would have a guy is guy really guy with a hand held with was at the openness in US Oprah walked on the set on the what boy the directed at. It wouldn't bother me but he's a seventh round pick who's just trying to make the league this is not time for the and it was a seventh round pick -- mrs. Michael Sam I want which yes they would of you seventh round pick cried like a baby in the -- -- up his girlfriend's face wouldn't have taken a whole lot of grief. Acting like crazy I think more that happy with eight. That's where -- -- IP or that happens with that round picks the -- from its first round pick. They get the agent and you know with him at the stretch and -- and aware and make up to it because they -- an idiot. Ready with a musical. It's going to be a big deal. It's the seventh round pick it's the will Maloney who's making his first at a panel that the big deal. At that time Lou the Keiko from Dallas for the blitz often much face much the hot dog. Ago Asia McCarron was drafted in the fifth round if -- okay yeah afterwards things. He would have. Ridicule from coast to coast border to border he's been ridiculed of that. Saying you know Africa it's going to be a bigger problems he was ridiculed for. -- and Richard -- earlier he was he ridicules to show -- not see anywhere else yeah I asked did you -- did you suited Donald Trump somebody on the you -- -- a big deal and his. Thoughts from on campus and what they were going that. What they going at a well I know that it's -- the word I used and he probably use it now -- here he said that was released range it was strange to say said it's now you're here now perfectly let me -- kick off of the human beings face -- non human -- and Elena oil slicks up pot bunker on to note that. What he says here -- -- camera usually it's now that's not true please please please on to the post and they're here a year year and a half from now. I say a year you'd go -- what I say differently. So it was great. -- -- I would -- I ever -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- say it was great because I was afraid of the follow right wanna I would not they take up human beings they announced that Diana -- comfortable. Why would you do with the you know lick the -- at these place that was -- comfortably that they take the kick out of what do that was -- I don't know I mean Obama and it's yeah it's at the kicked at the perhaps the president doubts about. You stuff of people it's Oprah I was I was it was -- apparently the -- was over the top. And really yes of course it was -- If you bring a football player just play football league football team with the -- Michael -- the -- from the -- Michael's wife is easy issue. With this whole topic is it with Michael stamp it with a boyfriend. Or is it with the Caspian mean. So involved in the over is Stamkos. Is an analyst opponent's 24 years old I think he's getting bad advice at that point because I think -- -- to the cameras. And I think people like your help promote sports are encouraging. To perform for the cameras because as you know that that. Resonated that in just again so quickly if you just opening night but the document be Rio was dark material that halted documentary zeal and all these surgeries doc says but it is exits as the rest of board name for a real reality which I think so bad news -- I felt always that I felt that way now. Calmer heads prevailed they've backed -- opening obviously got incredibly bad feedback agreement yes it is and somebody said. I don't know there was Bragman and an epidemic of Michael's. Boyfriend I don't know somebody said. Bad idea everybody's even knew that idea and it really wouldn't have looked that. Cameras in there when he gets the calls and your you know bulb went to locker in the back your play book of those kids in -- Now seem like there he's like get in. Statistical. OT replacing it no I fail at the task Basra economic those kids in particular -- Paul Newman by the employer. The mob he knows them is I haven't read I aggregate data registered as you tally. And as the niceties like gold Gambino -- governors that he's going to be. Like. The girlfriend of -- David -- and officer gentlemen. When he put him and -- the navy and -- -- -- I don't wanna be married that you wanna be married to an -- I don't I don't I don't wanna be an Okie from -- goat you know betrayal I wanna be married to a navy pilot and and she dumps them and he -- themselves. So I think the market he wants -- merit NFL player. So Sam if he doesn't make the team he's. He's move on to a fund another somber understatement not desperate. Which we're just fortunate we're always gonna start dating I don't know some NFL can't maybe what you think the club I don't know now you know. But anyway you customers Claudius for him it's no. I think it's he's much faster as the 45 -- with that but some Dino sit on his deck right now and Turks caicos. Matty and any sent almighty god first break and make only they're not stick in the clock. I gave the wrong tangent that's like you recommend Arkin Bernard half when the forestry. About ten minutes ago -- and -- it will go to break elegant back to this because this is really uncomfortable for me. Watching the roots effort like the youth movement I love Jackie Bradley even when he -- arrow elected. I'd like middle Brooks even and you've tried to run him out of town. It just isn't work it -- is and eventually it feels like one of those when when Brady Bledsoe start in the controversy. Everybody was a -- -- at first because it would kind of six round picks going to be you know what's so. It's not a matter of who was a Brady hit a honeymoon estate sucks every body. Although what's eventually everyone became the Brady just took longer for some guys deal took like six years for the camera right. It took me about six days because Brady looked so yeah my eyes and you listen and you watch and you say you know what. -- cute is not bad. In this case feels like eventually we're all gonna say. At least not good enough and middle Brooks -- but -- hurt. They can't have this kind of bottom of the order production -- lack of production. It was I was watch and scherzer. Overseen the pitcher have an easier time I was with the bottom of the Boston Red Sox order in my life. That he had. Facing middle Brooks Bradley -- That for it defending World Series champ is the -- bottom of the order I think I have ever seen. And something has to -- Bad as they added three games that's why some if they were twenty games out it's say. Let them play it's a lost season you wanna start Steve what seat you want drew your I want something something must be done what would -- want. I mean Malone I don't want to forever so that's four aliases if you want to hear you the Bradley's now -- whatever provisions. Do you think. Well I guess you third basement rock -- now. I don't think I wanna give what the question is better. Well as -- -- that's another thing now Boerse has a little bit did you give us some stuff. Where you are Bradford was a bit less than it currently with -- for -- to explain the EU record read his columns last here every night and I -- with the phone damaged your -- music -- -- -- but -- -- -- get solutions based programs like to say that the solution. To this. Ugly. Ugly bottom of the order now on on the Boston as a Byron York. -- not go right through the whole order but that is city defending world champions suck right now. As somebody on the radio say they shot and the exact halo body so. And he'll do well but I did TV. Is reaction with the birthday cake communicate to them. -- you know like I don't know what did it ever think that the wonderful thing I guess that's fine with me that -- let's say it looked pretty out there to me.

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