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Is Milan Lucic a punk or just a sore loser?

May 18, 2014|

Danny Picard and Jerry Thornton discuss the end of Bruins season and Milan Lucic's handshake antics.

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Shawn Thornton has lived by the enforcer code his whole career and I respect the hell out of that I respect those guys and what they do. There right there at tight knit group of guys they will. Literally fights somebody when they don't have a beef with them just because that guy needs to spark his team and then you returned the favor he's always done that. Squirt water. Meanwhile Lucic now and this is much much worse and I tried all the self importance of the Shawn Thornton think. But that business it in the handshake line he does not deserve a pass -- debt debt is some real. Punk pay me any. Cheap ass stuff like that that -- handshake line is another it's a time honored tradition it's part of everything that's good. In sports two teams. Forty guys who have tried to beat the snot out of each other for seven games still lineup and you go through when you're in in you shaking hands. A UN agreement with me that what he did was was -- beneath. What he said it. Was first television -- -- -- said because she didn't you know -- -- -- we should -- -- it out. I have heard from people who have played in the league what went through those lines it's a bad stuff is set. Which me Armitage said the deal -- On gonna bleeping kill you next season at least that's the report that flame out of the Canadian drawn first things first that shouldn't come out of the Canadian journal. So the fact that he said it. -- I don't have a problem with what he said because it's heat of the moment he's a fiery guy doesn't want to lose to the biggest run of the wanna lose it all he wants when Stanley Cup. There are going to be guys that say things in the line he's not the first person to say something like that and I won't be the last he will not be the last -- When the other problem is when other plays set it. We didn't know all because he was smile Adam or just went about his business shaken hands it was the way meanwhile Lucic went about it. -- is mannerisms and how he looked -- you know you can't. Rake up the line try to rip our guys handoff from the line and look like you gonna snap. He looked like he was gonna snap and that looks bad looks awful. That's an issue as you can't act like that. You wanna say something -- guy say it -- -- said before and will be in it will be said again. You need to control yourself a little bit more than -- stay I don't think he controlled himself very well. And so no I think you should I don't think you should get a free pass -- psychic weight -- he couldn't control oneself there is is bad sportsmanship and the handshake line. Is supposed to be. At least from the outside looking from a five just watch it about good sportsmanship okay. And man -- my follow up to this in even accepting medical is on all the time which and -- about. I'm not Pollyanna I get this isn't this isn't Little League and I don't mind guys makes it up in and haven't pure hatred for each other part of things I love about sports -- You know he's not gonna go like you don't. Matt -- summit had little pipe in the dark -- I mean he says I you know I haven't I'm -- for guys -- -- that's not try to say all Lucic accused in India weeks right -- called I don't want like Canadians fans tonight at eleven wrecked -- what I. What I will follow -- movement might might come up by saying is that. You couldn't you have the right to do that wind you've either won the series now it's it's not classy. But you know -- spike in the football but okay. Arm to eating just like mail it in for two games which the Bruins did -- Meanwhile -- himself legally garbage for the entire series that's. That's probably the bigger crime than he actually said this is like -- did you get off saying and I'm gonna. You know that the threaten anybody the way you performed you had your chance to seven Montreal all. And you yourself Lucic did nothing. I mean he when he was missing checks he was getting demolished by checks he was given the puck away. Does that leave -- to be better I don't know that he. He yeah but I bet you any from -- I don't -- and I said with -- like that I would look is still in game one yeah. Right and -- -- -- -- there was one on everywhere crated or Attila the right post pages where ever it was game with a game 62 we was right in the crease and yet he slid it across the -- at the point where it's -- with they like -- Economic times the Bruins and playoffs this. They did miss open -- They didn't miss a moment a posting is open that's on the -- post they shot him between the net and the goalie. Every time you see right it was like is like you might ask -- one Sherry -- a golf ball off the heel was club and yet you when you stand in the actual. With his where they like that the that the floor around his -- must be a mess is what I'm saying it. He picked the wrong time to start trying to punk anybody you know it's one thing the spike the football at someone's face can do is beat him it's another thing where. They -- the ice with you for that to close out games and now. The issue -- thought that that had a real yellow on it to get you at recess kinda tell too and I -- -- -- at the the last seconds of game six. I thought that was some cheap stuff would now you start to mix it up. Well wolf the game still aren't so now you like all of you guys like don't do that on his ten minutes yeah. Well that I want. Adam right -- -- I can't think of pulled I don't think we should say -- you know. It happens that will happen on the public I -- say stopped other people online other than good game. I thought every guy and -- it's not good game good game good game hallway to its just not. It's not you don't treat everybody in the line like you -- team was July which was great bottle -- he saw that the other night with the kings in the docs now ducks series is over. It. Team was a -- his final game. They go to the handshake line they actually might not Mike the mop my pop somebody and I think it was a line was my company's Jersey and an ever got out. Most of the picnic plays stop and say hey it was an honor. I wanted to play in the same ice as you afterwards and checked kings came out. They'll put -- stakes in the eyes and -- it sticks the team goes -- -- right moment and great sportsmanship the issue of sportsmanship. And I and I think. We -- first of all we shouldn't even know that this happened but the fact that it in week out. Is video of. Because he didn't control and you have to -- I literally alleged -- look at the way each each shake. Re trying to rip -- and not that looked bad -- but there is there is sort. I'm not all of albeit a good loser because you don't feel she'll be a good loser and I'll show you loser. You demean yourself like you you whom he will never recover. From that debts they will always be on and look at the look on again was face down behind I don't know I don't that relax. What the hell and aren't just you know bite area a guy during the game -- -- and right yeah what do you say it's the art that's all right -- again of why would anyone -- -- lot. In the line and you know what again in the line might even go to guy and might even upset -- somebody might set up so much as I agree. -- -- -- -- Guess what we don't know about it that way again what looks like. Shaken hands looks like he sank again. And I -- But not every guy you know says go again. Well I mean there's a line in gladiator early -- vulnerable to fight that did did Germans and -- historic step to Maximus and he says people should -- at Concord. Lucic should know yeah yeah you conquered it if you wanna go after him in November knock yourself out. -- don't like you just had seven games. To kill these guys in you didn't and white by the way -- -- -- got what three goals of four goals I scored the biggest wanna game seven in New York. I'll give him now what that's a bad like -- it is meanwhile Lucic and will catch a break and secondly I'm Lucic on that you would not apologize what he said. I don't think they'll that would mean Lucic -- all night and watch the video he probably has some regret with the way he went about it physically. Look like trying to rip the guys all off I don't think he should apologize for what he said and I Wiki well I don't think that probably some regret with the way he looked while doing.

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