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Butch and Buck on Sports Sunday: Tuukka Talk and a Look at Some Red Sox Prospects 5-18-14

May 18, 2014|

Butch and Buck discuss Buck's latest column on Tuukka and the black cloud of Tim Thomas that will hang over his head until he wins a Cup of his own. The guys also get into a variety of the young names that Sox fans have been hearing about for a while now and which ones will contribute soon and which ones can be dangled for a trade.

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To harass talking about reality Steve Buckley writes about reality. To harass that Tim Thomas shadow until it was a -- will always be over shoulder like it or not. Six on 77797937. To join us -- Buckley in which -- on a Sunday morning at W the guy has always. -- -- -- -- -- Tonight at Mohegan Sun as someone who has indeed seen growth. Yes I lose. It's pay as you Ahmadinejad probably Chavez. I've had their tonight a bus to strike and by the way a much from when you look they go. I'm heading there tonight I couldn't be happier now Bruce Knight now one of the many in my life I was supposed to the last minute it like that wanted to be chipper. Here this morning with few. I know for a win last let me bring your game I didn't bring me again. You know it's funny that I'm. I don't wanna say I'm not expecting guy is I mean obviously like Springsteen does not they'd get -- today like you -- -- again. Having said that this was always back in the eighties when my jogging. I'm Mark -- yeah I used to love when I lived in which to beat me in our premiere has me guys it's it's a lot. This was a -- Wolf we already have a play list because there was no such thing back then but I advocate cassette player and I would play this over and over. For those of you Bruce fanatics out there if you'd like -- attacked him I would love to hear he went to the show last night. I'm looking at a set list -- last night book and it is a Bruce fanatic stream he opened with racing in the streets while he played badly at all with -- always surprises -- If if he played raise your hand. Hearts of stone. Promising improvement on the night. In the long course he played grown up warned Iran thunder road. Tenth avenue freeze out. He also played roulette and roll the dice he was playing at a casino. Look forward to -- but anyway. Before you to Ricky and some of those kicking ass off for people that didn't read your column. A sort of paraphrase it but the premise of it that the point you make and it summit a first of all. Eat he did not have a good series. And he you can rest he says he had a good series and weakened amid -- equivalent but. People from the outside constant bring a Tim Thomas -- -- I asked him. I support people with them how do you feel about an eating quite candidly said he's the last -- to win a cup that's what I'm chasing until I wanna cup. Now -- he was on the team up and but he was the back -- -- what's like to Bledsoe getting a ring. Except to -- -- only played the Pittsburgh game if true you know group. The grass player and almost government then it's no he played he played during the regular theater immediately during the -- and end and he pointed out. That. Until he wins a cup you'll forever be compared and I suppose to a lesser extent like Stephen Gostkowski with -- ski. Without any theory and then you had an idea that I mention smothered by Diaz replacing Ted Williams in left field he had the comparisons with Ted williams' plea came into his own. Doug dispensaries famously replaced him Brooks Robinson and and Tim Thomas is an iconic goaltender in this region in that he led the Bruins to a Stanley Cup and Rask is chasing. That memory. Until he wins the cup and and again. I I did marveled during the playoffs. At how this seemed to be. -- -- That defended Tuukka Rask is though he was untouchable and I understand. Okay if you -- Goldman. Oh it back trading deadline -- surely didn't get a deal and check mark on him fault. If you wanna blame that our housekeeper this and don't -- -- that in case of him he was coming person lying for not yet producing well these traits he didn't show up right Bluetooth that all are talking with -- -- is that a money dice. And then continued the -- after that you have blame all the -- but Rask got to get a chunk of that. Right and eat even you know that game where bid that with a breakaway reason and all what was in his ball the break aways. And I can you be couple examples that that that awkward hand off the -- behind the net I pulled them on. And then there was that they're not slapping his panel about when to be it was coming out of the box and I'm I'm told considered dale mentioning I didn't hear joint or admire her I'm told it's on the witness said. It would be a big difference because seeking interim anyway which is complete -- you and I talked about that when you -- -- -- -- -- -- and and and god bless our important for defending Rask and see what that's all about. After I heard that a -- at a point. Up by the level 52 the metro center at the back you submit it to the Bell -- And when that penalties coming up. And that's going -- cystic you can hear it every single corner of the building. I'm open way up of the top a belt senator can hear it like like I'm standing next to the goalie I'm sure the players as -- So nice drive -- show on -- for effort and it doesn't work. When I site having said that. It misses the point the Iraqi People making which I agree with the reason there is a lot of over analysis they got to break it up bigotry this -- They don't need to do that much it's a very good team. They need to two week. I don't think on board will be back for instance because he's going to be 37. The emphasis on fighting and he -- yet as to rally said candidly and up and down season. There will be some tweaking going but -- need to break it up now to very good team. Social back to the Rask point -- to speak for myself and I think most of Bruins nation feels like there's. While this is a legitimate story -- not that you need me to tell you it's legitimate topic. Story but while this is a legitimate story that the ghost of Tim Thomas will haunt him until he wins it it's like a great pitcher -- -- the playoffs but can never win in the post season that's legit it's a legit. Story line. However mean as a stand when I hear that storyline and I think about it I'm like he's eventually gonna win a cup. -- the reason I say that. Is that I don't you find one Bruins and would rather have Tim Thomas today and Tuukka Rask and -- the one Bruins fan. Or but the majority brought fans agree they made the right move it was time. It's time to do what it's like the Brady Bledsoe argument. Whenever Bledsoe was ending ever and Russians in one Sheboygan went Super Bowl when he did contribute like he said but nobody. The -- the passing of the torch to Brady so I never begrudge the passing of the torch to arrest and while it's a legitimate story. There's not one I think part of the reason why he's you brought up what people coming to his defense and well that it took as a above all blame I think that's a legitimate point. He isn't like everybody else my opinion. Which he did in this series he gave up more goals where he could see the puck in corn -- then not priced it. You know what I mean he could see the hockey gave up more able so let's go to the phones kick it -- for Ricky and Somerville hello Ricky. I guy tomorrow and Eric I've butch I don't they have I want rim are a ball well -- bark at least twice -- and. On the disabled list of late and that he had the bad produce center. How long -- they gonna go at him. And. If they decide not to -- at a mall where would they go and why out the Red Sox want to spend any money I don't get it. -- know those -- three. Different question so let's address the mall once the first his middle books production the second is if they give up on middle Brooks what do they do in the third as them. Spending money you could tie all three of those questions. Into middle Brooks and into the third base position because I would at a fourth. Question to that -- they've got a bunch of young guys now. We're not producing and like adroit at taught us not that long ago in 2007. There is a reward for sticking with young -- when your stick him with a bunch of them. Sooner or later not all of them gonna turn into rookie of the year. And VP candidate and World Series winner. So let's start with -- middle Brooks he's hidden under 200 everybody loves to say that coming into this year -- one -- -- stats together. Put together of two years he's 39 week. Well at less pinch hitting 200. Hitting a couple home runs at a clip and very inconsistent hitter who can sometimes spray the ball to the other field but other times strike out an alarming rates. What is will little Brooks do we even know yet. Well. Will work will -- Brooks. And the big leagues and hit. A -- to home runs in a very short period of time and people thought that was will -- -- And ever since then we've been saying -- got to go back got to go back to that. -- go back to what no Brooks once we know that's what middle -- we have only seen. We've only seen such a short window at them narrow window tiny window. I don't know what he has I don't know that's the Major League will middle -- -- one of those guys was that third baseman they came up will Veres will Veres. And and god he was like Mike Schmidt for a couple weeks and then in -- -- of the big leagues than two years and he all the way back to that seven easily Genentech Cox came up in the -- the hell out of the ball traded for Dennis recklessly OK and then and then he disappeared with every other guys folks. And then he disappeared so yeah -- can't just assume that that small window that small sample size. That you got a -- Brooks is what he's going to be however however globe I just wanted to just the cap it. The Red Sox to re sign Stephen Drew and move. The kid Bogart's the third base while you've got to him on on the in the there was a lobby for that going in spring training and it didn't happen of course. Well. So is 742. Plate appearances what is that you know it's just barely overseas and for a full time player. But for a guy trying to make his mark in the Major League it's what over over parts of three seasons but what is 742. Plate appearances to you is -- enough of a barometer. Or or is this -- little Brooks valuation a little more complicated because it's over it's. It's -- it's is very complicated and I don't I can't sit here right now and give you an answer as to what they're going to do -- bikini from what I'm told isn't ready defensively. I haven't seen him play some play a little bit spring training obviously. He's had for power either win is empowered a corner and capitalize a lot of guys don't hit for power in the minors like Mike meanwhile -- -- the big leagues and to get the power for all kinds of reasons that a food better lighting better travel. Experience picking up the spin -- breaking ball kinds of easy stuff to understand. So I don't get to yet to hit the power lines so I don't get too caught up. In power numbers I I get caught up on you know can't the guy hit. Period so I guess he gets to -- second and third questions one about the Red Sox spending money. Let's start there because that interest in tirade back to middle Brooks do you believe that the Red Sox will. Have another five to seven year. Player on their roster under contract over the next two or three years you believe that they will sign a guy a five to seven years beyond. The Pedroia is guys that if they bought a free agent years it has been reasons why did willing to extend -- want you believe they'll signed Jon Lester. For five years of big money or shorter years in huge money. Like seventeen questions and to know what it's about the spending money. Would they spent for guys who aren't currently on the roster you can probably boil -- of that and my answer would be it depends on who the guy. I believe that their days of opening up the books and making big big signs in trades involving the likes of aiding and dollars. Carl Crawford we'll Lugo to lesser extent. Woman missing guys like that. Ignorant career I I believe Josh Beckett and John Lackey. Even though they were pitchers and that's a different candidate I -- I believe that the Red Sox have under they keep saying it the -- to say it all the time. We did our homework on this guy we believe the complaint Boston. And if there's one lesson we learned well first -- free agent signings. It's it's -- it's all the works for any team it's hard to get a free agent who puts up the same numbers once he's showing your team and he put up his previous team -- just. If you're playing from older guy who's suddenly making a lot of money and human nature takes hole and made them the motivation is that what it was. Strange surroundings. Expectations all kinds of things the fact of the matter is however you divvy it up. A lot of these guys don't put up the same numbers with a new team that they -- with the world team that coupled with the fact that when you come to Boston. This is a tough place to play the news media every turn it's a tiny little ball park the tiny little club us. 30000 and every single game don't recognize you can't go anywhere you can't go to Walton beach and go to Davis where you can't go to south found. You get recognized. You go to Anaheim you gold. Out of that thing drive down a cappella take a right on this and the -- big boy or whatever and -- -- fade into the background. It's a different kettle of -- Boston and I believe what the Red Sox who do moving forward is they will sign guys -- Comfortable contracts from their perspective. And resigning our own guys who approved they can play here. We like what Pedroia Pedroia Buchholz and buckle to an -- presumably if the money's right Jon Lester. Right so let me ask the money question in a different way before we go to break. Now -- Carlos Stanton as at that point out that that's the -- which would be a great but I even have another one Giancarlo Stanton is the type betrayed like. They did in 1997 would Pedro the teams -- gonna pay him eventually so they penetrate them off -- gonna give up some prospects you're gonna get him for team a big market in the campaign. What about a guy who's gonna throw this out I have no idea if the Mets are gonna trade David Wright. But what if you -- David Wright. As a guy. That you wanna target and you wanna go get. What if you go down on the farm and use a Renato. And Jackie Bradley junior and another pitching prospect and try to pride gave it right up the money question again -- The -- thing is one thing. Buying up some free agent year -- to a contract what -- -- got it's our established in the major leagues signed to a bigger deal. Would do you think the -- -- we won't it take on that money they can. Is a big market team in the third base position if they feel a certain way about milk will -- we talking about David Wright -- -- right. Mr. -- again I'm just making it up. I'm just looking -- a third baseman -- you know always under big don't want anybody who sends you a text message to our commitment to text him go to break what the David -- available. He's mr. -- he's the ultimate right but you look at it from Mets perspective let me just ask -- from the Red -- perspective as we go to break -- you think the Red Sox. We willing to take on a big salary of an established guy to stick him at the hot corner because you know what you're gonna get with him. In Boston -- don't know Boston which is legit. Well I think your questions too simplistic visit because you don't give me that guy and I don't think it would rights can be available plus the Mets are playing decent enough to stick around so. David Wright thought the table they -- for the questions and unknown boy the only reason I can't -- -- -- -- a question would be. Stanton moving forward with the Marlins because it it it seems like it wouldn't have the money to pay him. And that he would be available with the planes and decent baseball right now -- -- -- -- beatable right now but. The question then becomes and we talked about this before what would you give up with that player. And I act I had been saying well the only guy and he -- is -- guys not available because he's that the next big thing. -- bets in the -- -- I've not seen play I've been reading about his numbers that just like pop charts is on base percent. And so that you have to ask yourself would you be willing to trade him. And the course the other argument with with smokey -- as he's the second -- you've just signed a second baseman currently. But -- 678 years and what I understand that this is where Alex can help itself because this is his job to all these things. I don't know -- that has the wing to play shortstop which is what Jackie Robinson was the second baseman is now on the on the what you thought I don't know. I think and you and I had this discussion a couple of weeks ago I think if you're gonna get Stanton or whoever that other players out there that some teams are gonna pay. You're looking at a four prospect deal and to a -- gonna be pitchers in one's going to be Renato or somebody else that's highly regarded. So you're looking at the majoring Gonzales deal block. Which is Anthony Rizzo Casey Kelly Rey Fuentes. And whoever that fourth players you look at it that deal. If -- the Miami Marlins we take a break back -- -- -- sports Sunday at Spock and butcher on WB yeah. I'll throw a lot of strikes he was able and for the second McEnroe. Induce a ground ball double play when needed. He attacked the strike zone didn't issuing walks to help build and any other than carp and -- fourth inning but they've got a good job and their infield defense is obviously got. Improved range from a year ago and good team. John Farrell talking about the tigers and specifically tigers' pitching was Max Scherzer on a rainy Friday united Fenway sees me. I yep Friday night and then Saturday was written or cell oh by the way is this year is Clay Buchholz if you haven't looked at 7171. Rent or sell. For the tigers part of the reason they are got a got a fight -- where they are. We'll start. Yes. In front seven seconds or 979837. Phone number text on the eighteenth tee decks on 3797. Which -- the -- I asked yup the are needed -- -- on the air bearish you may be met a -- -- that I hip and cool what you call. When you type out a week. And on the -- try you'd get the end of it and there is your characters left. This is their name -- -- I just told him here on your way Calgary on unaudited seven named by it's called a slider kids ebony and so I probably elected anymore than -- -- I just typed out I just -- up following. Sharing the Mike W slash. That a win. She and the soap operas try this isn't me like blowing around what that make -- -- Fiorina Mike W slash. With. Which turn now to 1 PM and nine point seven WEEI period. Talking -- match at -- in Roland -- -- -- call and let's get it going period. -- The perfect tweet. Me -- -- I don't know but here's what's on the text line I think the Sox -- young. Any player north of thirty the Sox stay away from when I brought up the David Wright thing teams realize -- money in a roster impacts Crawford Packard. The Audi -- out of another tax rates are too just too cheap cheap salaries cheap players I'm like the Yankees who keep it dynamic for the fans were. Cheap thing worked out last year and -- that we're gonna for the Yankees right now. Now why -- Zander off limits in the right trade I don't see the hall of -- their Reynolds does. -- off limits but I would not -- for stand. To me that can be lateral moves and just doesn't have the experience and that's high praise -- Collison might be to -- young player in baseball. Just for the heck of a -- I know the David Wright thing probably doesn't happen Hillary's and brought him up. If you gonna go for an established. Unlike steer guided tardy under contractors to third baseman that are out there. -- out to the come to mind when I look at all the third basement baseball right now three there's there's David right Adrian Beltre and Josh Donaldson. That you kind of know what you're gonna get the gays are not gonna trade Josh models they're just not he's under salaries -- MVP candidate. I'm David Wright if you if for some reason a trade happened the Red Sox got him they'd be committed for a 117. Million dollars over the next six and a half years. We see that again a 117. Million over the next six and a half years it's an average of twenty million a year for six plus years. Adrian Beltre is an interest -- -- even though you've been there done that. The -- -- traded region Beltre at the trading deadline you're not the Texas were given to. And not that he's been healthy they would have him. For next year. And eighteen million dollars what's left on seventeen this year any avoidable. Depending on his health sixteen million dollars. For two years from -- could be trading for two and half years of Adrian Beltre at 42 and a half million dollars would you do that that materialized. We finally giving up a large. That's the question would you have to give up to get two and a half years of Adrian Beltre now from the Rangers would Nolan Ryan at them I think you got to give up pitching prospect. Yeah I I don't and will middle now while the but no bricks have a lot of value right now is -- operating the Rangers are gonna take him in return it was gonna trade belt all the into the trade just because he no longer if you acquired a big league third baseman. You would don't want revenue from the world's if you don't wanna send him down of the miners at this point because he's just log in the way -- the -- Keeney. So I presume any trade email on the lines of what you're describing. Would include little. War. -- -- I think you have to keep that's yes. I it's go to the full let's go to our body array from Lan hello ray. Hey guys aren't doing it. What can he get it right well beyond don't do it are you guys don't -- I'd -- he wanted to spend a couple of minutes on on June 5 which is the amateur baseball draft. Going to be available on MLB TV so I hope. Lot of people who -- and I know it doesn't get any publicity people don't follow it closely Tom it is critical to team's. Ultimate results you know several years down the road so I'm gonna talk about a couple plays and -- minutes but first -- -- -- Where the Red Sox this year. -- what we -- position of the Red Sox this year. Picking 2610. And 33 which is. Sandwich on -- -- Great great -- -- fallen MLB draft not because it's not important but because the names being drafted -- not sexy and only know through these guys are they don't fall College Baseball. And I'll grant you probably do. I'm a big College Baseball fan but I only little cup like -- a couple of guys from BC in northeastern tops because I go to some local games every year. So you wanna talk on this big -- shot a place for space would be see this -- Johnny Adams was a freshman from Walpole. That's the extent of -- I don't know though that the hot young. Prospect from Florida State a Miami whatever and that that's why people don't fall the draft because they fall college basketball college football all season long. And Johnny -- dollar and an all these guys are big names the fall that's why they don't fall MLB draft. You know what lead -- followed because it doesn't get publicity that's a fault pot the of the people who left behind -- -- -- waiting beat. Kinda I don't know it's not because it's -- well it does it's you got it backwards we we would write about it if there was great in interest and it. But it's slightly more like looks like Pete Shanahan. By definition -- that's not my job on the job is to write about things that people are accurate. -- default is MLB baseball which doesn't have a calm buying. What they have a -- -- the first two days in June. It's loud and waiting to grab your. Did outrage that created to twenty MLB network now covering that they should MLB network is has done more for the draft and anything in history because it's gone from having zero interest to some interest at least they try. But I I'm again I'm telling you it's like I have this argument with the ultimate frisbee people last year. Why did you do more things that Altman for is being nicer because all the people we're interested ultimate frisbee up playing ultimate frisbee there is no fan base. And the guys as well that would be a fan base if you wrote about it as well it's not my job to drum up support. You did you get the product in the we write about it but the other way around already. -- interest in it -- speak for myself in the June draft as the positions. That they're gonna draft I always feel like when they -- the pitcher OK I understand you can never have enough pitching depth but right now when I look at the Red Sox organist I want more position. Players they've done a good job drafting catchers. They've done it they've done in my opinion. So far by the results. The position that I don't like is outfield. They haven't drafted -- -- out let's. Every candidate I'll bet you don't have all bets in the system. Well you could say that for every organization now -- this team is short and I mean is a very bright sprints to give us some names. -- a couple of names that could be available to you -- opposition planned speech. Best power -- by far and a draft worthy of some of his own minds are worthy of David Ortiz each -- Reid left handed hitting first baseman unit received Kentucky's also pitches he's a good pitcher and a tough conference but -- be drafted as a position player. Ray -- you know Greg Craig Nolan knows these guys. On the kids that the White Sox talk got to Cuba Abreu hits right handed that's we have sufficient bat speed pickets at the Major League -- pitch. Unanswerable unknowable but terrific Pollack he's worthy of that depicted. -- -- -- I played great break I look great break to remove -- from the college plays that no one knows about what you think of the current Red Sox right now and how they look. The Red Sox they have no chance that horrible -- I wish at their worst an awfully boring days ago that's good stuff keep going. By on little quick notes on kids it felt the way to weapon cut is nearly as much ink inspects the shortstop career architectures like. Like not hitting right handed it to switch here that hitting my hand it is natural side he's terrific. He took -- switch -- late -- school. From the left side he still a work in progress he may never be a really good data from the left side Red Sox in July of next year when he's the regulatory usually. -- -- -- -- Putting him full time -- right -- because he's terrific right handed -- the shortstop a real nominated this year at the very good glove. Close to a place he has. Mediocre back OK on his hit the ball really high this year. Lots of extra base hits and legitimate ones not you know queen is in the gap hitting balls over -- of this. The conditions have been really tough and he Stanley. Very very. -- -- great great great thanks for the Miley report appreciate it. I I don't wanna -- April morning with in the minor league report. We just did it from eight period nine with that -- Alex Alex does a great job -- -- butch on a Sunday morning on WEEI. Our number two coming up after this.

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