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Butch Stearns and Steve Buckley on Sports Sunday -- Bruins Postmortems, the Red Sox and Graduation Experiences 5-18-14

May 18, 2014|

Butch and Buck open Sports Sunday discussing the Bruins heartbreaking loss to Montreal in game 7 and where they go from here. They discuss the Habs moving on to play the Rangers and getting absolutely smoked yesterday. The guys also touch on everything from the Red Sox to the Pats to their memories of college graduation in the opening moments.

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I can't. I don't love it I like it it's appropriate to kick off Sunday morning we take care business every Sunday morning. That's what -- and I do and you Matt -- we take care of business every Sunday mornings so. I think that the message from Matt -- The let us know it's it down a business -- mornings like I told good morning Barca were you I have never felt better in my life I was felon Matt and I walked in here. Good -- just the last couple months. It's just it's been -- gone -- spring training. Opening day it's and the Bruins play it's hotels in Montreal getting on planes you know planes going through customs. And I wish I was still doing the -- nothing happening in you know baseball. Nothing gives me greater pleasure doing in the cupped -- even saying for the last week's mall Bruins all the time I'd love I love a part of the patriots but a Marlboro I don't I am crazy about in the -- -- that every single. Game drive -- crazy. And now it's all over for us. The last three days I've been sleeping eating a normal couple -- -- -- -- dog. And acumen. Matt and I commend all bouncy and and it's such agreements -- good until last night. That would friends that tell -- that life I was got to it's fun yeah I mean you know not deep. Judy noted you know it's a secret team no -- no real message that I can discern what it was just it -- late. And I gotta tell you real quick. I get a text message. Yesterday afternoon nobody. Was they'd die hard Mets. Every once in awhile Arnold will be Symbian you know nets one in ten. That hard it's going in the DO manner Arby's and read one of those brightest and so. I get a text from him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I got a text from him it just says Rangers seven it's true. So I assumed it. At the Mets are playing the Rangers had interleague play at. -- -- -- -- at that RO. Well this couple is the government and it dawned on me wait a minute. And then I realize you've thought about hockey the new York and how on God's green earth. Could the New York Rangers at him -- center center -- bad. Beat the rate beat the Canadians on -- rice. -- seven it's so. Let's get to -- a second is a wanna comment on your high point I felt that's that that's might sort of don't but I think and I have a rest column of the paper go read it helped that that we arrest comes a good on that -- me up the. The title is Rask second to one until goalie wins a cup arms rules courage and -- calm this morning and get that -- respect before the Rangers in Canadians. I think what you what's going on when you think about a for all knowing what sports fans it's the same thing. When the Bruins lose a seven game series to the Canadians. You kicking yourself and it got however you react to what you're doing and as you know however he do wake up that next day saying to yourself why do in my life. Now 'cause I don't have the ideal in this gap I think I -- -- -- fans do too I would have been happy to give my -- to the Bruins haven't exactly I think you said it perfectly and I think all. Fans are feeling that we as a matter of fact when I drive in -- -- coming in from the berms that always you don't busy times -- take the Mass -- come from the South Shore. On Sunday mornings I left him in early in my command drug problems -- star driver and always amazes me. As early as a camera sometimes it's 630 when -- breakfast. How many people would jog along the -- six and -- In the morning on Sunday. But it's such a glorious day. It's it's graduation weekend for a lot of colleges local that's way out now Mike -- them all Mike will put 'cause Saddam hall from us he's got his third son graduating from. PC and a quick conversation and I've got my first daughter of three going to college he's got -- like that's a freak -- College city give me the notes afterwards but seven to last night. The Rangers go in there and and not watching the game but then watching the highlights later on and ESPN. I'll say two things about it -- say one thing from a strictly nuts and bolts perspective the Rangers are good hockey team with may be the best goaltender left. Okay when he plays at his best and -- -- -- there ranges are good hockey team right which may be the best goaltender in the -- cup final I mean -- final for the final four yet when Lundqvist plays that is hazard yeah OK yeah. On the other thing is that -- chance -- -- -- as much as it laid up mother -- a Mother's Day unexpectedly and it's rallied the team elected Andrew -- is a real. Palpable. Staying within that team you can see it and him scoring the first school Barkin and imagination can overstate this if you like but. Did you see the stats about scoring the first school in these playoffs scoring the first goal worked out well so that Canadians to have Martin saint of the week scored the first goal of that series. Canadians better win game to try to get slapped. Its well it. -- which is why which is why and I guess we'll talk about the groans and -- they should make -- why they -- and didn't make a move at the trading deadline to get the -- man in and Kolb so -- you don't talk Whiting critique not score blah blah blah but. Went when Peter surely at that press for the other day oh when people talk about things don't matter such is the you know the water bottle and who respects it would all that. While it doesn't matter because. By whatever means possible and necessary the Canadians latched on that and turn that -- you'll turn it the currency. In the same way that the that the depth of Marty saint -- mother. Has has has bullied the Rangers. And if you eat it it appears -- wants that -- -- saw that with a wave of the hand that define the nets him skating his wing if you -- But don't please don't insult our intelligence placing it doesn't mean anything that -- Is it -- some in the Canadian is that playing in hockey today. Well yesterday and tomorrow Monday night but in order to -- playing hockey currently. The Bruins are not dismissed any of this stuff that's. The last -- the Bruins. Won a game. Was. Big game immediately before or during. Or violence that. So don't don't -- that off and end in and start Thornton what Sean -- wrote about yesterday. Hoping states are hoping that next Johnny Pesky tiny fortieth running -- I'd love that. But when he says although a lot of ball sick at -- DM badge on the way it is part of the story. And what you did was dumb. And the Canadians turned in the currency and you're not playing anymore. That's a fact 6177797937. Obviously that number again on Sunday morning here. That's number always on the job if you're driving around heading to a graduation. Hardy getting ready graduation starter early its -- stay with the speaker your graduation. Anybody famous George went. Well of people line up -- about that it was a very instinct six once again -- it may 23 nineteen. It's 1980 who we had Mike Wallace. Very nice and I think we should flipped and -- I am I -- each day we're getting an honorary degree. Was to the operatives ball went up when whites -- but you know not a country go tell the Mountain View on I don't really you would say not a lot of -- It. Text is on the HTT tech cited 3790 -- have. -- beautiful Sunday morning it's may eighteenth we had a lot to talk about any just in the cup players without the Bruins going on. Red Sox could get swept tonight they're two games under -- by the way you mentioned the Mets. Looking quick look at the standings the New York Nazi the -- seven did not at -- the -- has definitely been -- Mets and the Boston Red Sox -- -- its work. In what everybody believed worm might have been the two most competitive divisions in all of baseball of people argue the National League central. There I have identical records in the identical in the stand 120 and 22. And two and a half games behind the leaders the Mets are two -- on Atlanta and the red sock -- to half games behind. The Baltimore Orioles who was the first place or gets from Red Sox perspective bucked the touch on them to start. The fact that they world over 500 you know how much I care about that bunker harp on it every week. But the fact that they weren't any big ceremony Fenway well I don't get courtesy that is second to. Two home run game in a row they. They went over 500 that they went out and celebrate I was not only tells fabric -- that -- a big flag you can Bobby your command from the corner -- via -- ago and I thought -- we get all exports herald please Tedy Bruschi would get -- fortunately it they were twenty united they've lost. Three in a row four of the last five -- two games under 500 other buyout. They have a chance to get swept by the tigers tonight. And it's just like. I don't know why it's hard for me to get really worked up about the Red Sox right now because of the ball this year we got last year and I think most Red Sox fans feel that we don't. Been no re -- you think people get worked up about the reds I think they will once the afterglow of the Bruins is dissipated. Okay so you're agreeing with me that they're not worked -- -- -- -- -- -- -- currently worked up about them simply because they haven't but it's not it's OK let me rephrase. It's not that they don't care because of the bonus World Series championship of which you speak. But because they haven't been giving me a -- Ronald passion. The Red Sox because of other circumstances this but I held a lot of stuff going on. Chief among them locally being the Bruins -- at this marathon -- this is. Other stories. There's you know there's there's Michael Sam has Donald sterling and Aaron Hernandez is indicted again -- And I think what's gonna happen over the next couple weeks after Memorial Day people gonna come back in the -- got wake up the next day of pick up there Boston Herald. And the Tennessee had -- two mighty columns saying John Q is this team stinks and in the going to be -- boycott the red sites and then polarity -- so that. I would agree with everything you said the reality today. On this Sunday morning as the again as I mentioned that the throw Jake Peavy did amount for an 8 o'clock primetime game against -- Sanchez. Wasn't pitched in like three weeks off -- you know. The reality today I candidates and -- real quick more days over 500. Know about it thought that was nice where we're getting people texting in the air commencement speaker Kurt Vonnegut. Syracuse 94. Exit a high school class that 87 vice president George -- High school. So yes send in your commencement speaker. Well the George Plimpton story George Michael Tony news. That startled graduation in 1982. And he started by coming out any wrote basically a paragraph he commode. These doctored -- coming out and addressing the crowd is you know Matt Damon out of him and Good Will Hunting yes. And yes he did particularly accurate picture there are a the music boom boom boom up -- -- Iguodala so but he what he said was. We said was go back. We don't want -- in the real world and I went on to explain. And this was right at the time when he had played goalie for the Bruins. I believe -- paper lion -- -- coming out and he had -- played quarterback. For the Detroit Lions are thought it was a great. Commencement speaker his message was we don't want -- in the real world. I took it as a challenge. Pick it out there that said wealth you gonna come into the real world and you you're gonna have to deal and everybody else who's already -- there. And is struggling to get a job or whatever would you like about you -- commencement speech. What I like about it did you. It's funny because the text here it's as what was Mike Wallace's message that the graduation that's human Williams -- questions. I don't remember. A I we won it in 1978. And it was a funny day alumni stadium Mcguirk stadium now. And my mom my Brothers my sisters. My two Brothers you know and so forth. And we think none of the -- had I had two nephews at that point but none of them made the trip I don't think that they would have been babies. And I as to what specifically Mike Wallace said what message he imparted I'm sure it was. Go for a young man be fruitful multiply all that stuff. Seize the moment go for the gusto smell the roses. I think it was some combination of all that -- but it didn't stick with it did stick with -- I talked with stuck with me with -- -- -- was there I was I was English -- for minor. And I had read several of his novels and I I remember getting within thirty feet of James ball when it being two shot it up and introduced myself as he was standing there that he very. In issuing lit major like the business graduates didn't know who -- ball was. So a big crowd was zero Mike Wallace's sixty minutes. And his ball long matches you know use the short bug eyed guy like you know looking around -- ago. I got within thirty feet from -- -- -- in my loss ducks are flying in and Ronald Reagan ninety Ronald Reagan aides. Capitol page in the -- at Portsmouth. At the Rhode Island. They events that. Class of 79 Jesse Jackson well. Joseph DiMaggio Columbia made 91 Bill Belichick 2003 they don't say where gets an island area code was in our great speaker. You know -- universe around its class every five Jesse Jackson ho hum. Spoke about -- to him 1986 BC Tom Brokaw Tom brokaw's a great speaker for him speak twice and I'd like Q -- we do a ton of fundraisers and when I'm am seeing a foundries are often mentioned. His quote which I love. Which is it's easy to make a buck it's tougher to make a difference -- I love to do that around charity auctions because when you take that verbatim and think about it. That we all. Make our money at different levels and it allows a guided Tony 25 bucks and feel like he can make a difference. It's tougher to make a difference and that's -- brokaw's. Famous quotes -- -- Sunday may eighteenth that butch and buck on Sunday -- is always. I'm not Loper is taking your calls screening process will be painful but 61777979837. -- on the eighteenth tee decks on 37 and respect and thanks to says I don't remember my graduation speaker I was high at bats. It's okay if that's the week of June and cut me interconnect. -- ago. But other Sunday we've got postmortem for Bruins we've got Red Sox on the docket the patriots are now heading forward -- -- needed to thoughts about the patriots need to go to break. The more this is sunk in with -- now. I am going to regret. Can I have this both ways my question you've gone in and I have this -- -- -- show I firmly believe a lay -- for anything that goes yard yard ignited this welcome back yet again this is -- like it was real change -- all I'm quite comfortable aren't -- So I think for two years. Maybe three. As patriots -- we're gonna regret them drafting. Jimmy drop below however I think seven years from now. We're gonna look back and say it was a steal I think we're gonna have to sink in with you for two or three years I. If that they don't have a pass catching tight end or more pressure -- depth on the defense of line or whatever now one of these free agent tight ends emerges. It all goes by the wayside but I am gonna -- meant that they could abuse deposition. Draft the guy that could help in the next two or three years however I'll be the first to trumpet. But it was a steal when he turns into the replacement for -- I have it both ways and it apparently you can. I'm asking I'm Alibaba and -- delivering yes. Phone calls text and more are on a sports Sunday -- and butch here on WV.

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