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Sports Saturday with Mustard and Johnson: Bruins lose Game 7, 5-17-2014

May 17, 2014|

If it's Saturday, it must be Mustard and Johnson, and that means re-capping the week in sports. Craig and Larry take a good, hard look at what went wrong in the Montreal series.

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If it's Saturday must be mustered a Johnston sports Saturday out of Sports Radio WEEI. I've been told by our producer extraordinaire. Paul -- that the the sun is out to take his word for we -- -- that are. Many TV studio here these guys are party in the clouds are gonna disappear. I hope that's a good omen for the Red Sox because man it was very cloudy and it was a dark and stormy night. On Wednesday over there in the north end of Boston and I don't know if you've gotten over yep but there -- a lot of Bruins fans were. Still kind of picking up those proverbial pieces Larry after a shocking when I think clapboard at astonishing. 31 lost the Montreal games. Are you you just mentioned the Red Sox -- get to them and as we always do every Saturday is we pick up the pieces of meat ball on the table Franchitti average white band thank you and are a lot of things to talk about and you can call us and share your opinion on any at all. Of these topics. It's funny when I first learned they were gonna face Montreal it was a little bit nervous about it because of price that because of the way Montreal played. -- -- hand to his credit he nailed it that Montreal one in seven games. I watched the press conference yesterday which are rally and Claude in in I think that number one question that I -- masters do you know who you. Like do you know what is the personality and style of this team going to be. I said it early on and I will stay with the -- today allowed Montreal to dictate how they were going to play. They were not as physical as I want it to them to be and I'm not talking about fighting or anything I'm just talking about every time so Berrian got the park -- punished him. It's slow him down. They they just never did any of that I think they would they would too worried about getting penalties it would tool wary about playing safe. And I think for that reason I think it it affected the team. -- very embarrassed the weight -- and -- rally handled the question yesterday about -- chicken in in the handshake line and you know how he threatened a couple of Montreal play is I thought there was lol I thought it was classless. Tom weir was actor in this series Lou -- nevermind in the handshake line when things as safe out -- to play that way. But I thought the fact that the the GM and the coach almost didn't even acknowledge it like it was no big deal maybe that's potty problem. You know the team as they were there were on discipline they had a lot of turnovers. I'm I'm myself have some opinions. About what changes -- -- thinking about making during the off season and to Wear them I just totally disagree with. All right what -- what are they -- you've -- I think that is not there were rumors going around a lecture on pot while he might not be back I think this guy is class personified. I think he plays. Are obviously he's not will never be the fastest skater or shooter -- on the team. He's the backbone he's the character he spoke up last year he tried to straighten staking out. And not just that and not just him being there as as the enforcer. I think on the fourth line I think he was okay and Larry fourth line doesn't make the difference not only and moving on to the next you're talking about making changes he's not one of the guys that I would pinpoint out and say well. We don't -- for got to bring him back I don't think he was the problem I think that they Adam. A prism of equipment for the park in the ocean. -- way you mention a name I kind of slipped that in there and certainly Sean. Orton played what I thought was an admirable role last year as the mentor. Unfortunately -- to work out too well for young Tyler. Sagan is certainly had his. His transgressions and peccadilloes. Very difficult to keep young Tyler apparently in the hotel room. Particularly on the road and out of the nightclubs and everything else what are you trying to tell me that. Tyler Sagan would not help this hockey state. Does that answer the question and I'm an answer correctly whether you like it on non English your head is in this thing and culturally. Things have changed in the generation. Of young people who were growing up in the seven the sixties and seventies except -- changed a lot where the -- like it or not it's a billion dollar business all of the four sports. You've got to have somebody on your staff for some counseling skills and also some mentoring skills. Are real these guys in that's just the way it is in the in Aiken has as a sniper. He had all the stability in the world somebody should've taken men aback warm and given them agreed beating veteran -- happened. But just to get a good -- fashion punished route you know it didn't hurt me anyway I was gonna yeah I don't not my was very quick -- that no scars this -- out he didn't have that there were two -- to need -- -- but I'm saying to you. That date you know in terms of getting rid of anybody that's -- problem. -- who's got those kind of skills. I was not yet totally in favor Everett even even off the ice -- some horrible indiscretions that decisions very mature. That's the bottom line I think my Sheehan is another guy who -- -- glossed over this whole thing with Tyler -- we're trying I get glossed over and I think I don't want to know I like him being up thing I think it came back they still limping as you have to see. Power some of these people that they ended up getting in the trade worked out for them. I I. If you asked me what was the number one reason might -- went lost the series is because I didn't have anybody who could finish. Catcher Eddie had tools that moguls him -- saying you know the great British public goals they have this year for Dallas 3730. -- Accurate he had two opportunities that I can remember -- -- on the breakaway which Aaron chasing him and pursue. It was amazing to me that in a split second he can now under control of the park. It bury it in the second on a course was a split second top shelf bullet. -- You keep that paper due primarily to Eisenberg was at the polls that Robert -- tales that are by achievers is as if yet the polls that means you missed exactly. I heard a caller on the Dennis and Callahan Show graduation as the job. Proving once again that second marriages are triumph of hope over experience happy where I know nothing I know that well as a second timer Bob John good anyway there was a caller Dennis and -- I believe it was the the next morning had to be they were imparting their post -- And and I think you're absolutely right in cheesy said it way back when or even more recently as the gold tenor of the Bruins but. Great call is that. They say all he had such bad -- just brought it. Overall popular call they called a bricklayer they called a Mason big guy is a terrible shorter -- it to -- and off the rim you've got to put it -- -- the net. That's the name of the game your absolutely right. And I think that that throughout this playoff season. On the Bruins fans were console themselves somehow or another well you know how. Is this goal tender you. Pretty good but let's face he's huge -- from all that metal and iron those cross bars all those posts have really. Helped. The Montreal Canadians. Stay in this series that's a bunch of BS you right now yeah. -- -- right give monitor our credit. I thought from the very beginning of the series that PKE. -- -- was just. But nominal they seven music city used to study like Bobby -- and stopped at I am not comparing him. But I have -- sacrilege don't know I'm not I just -- -- but I have not seen too many defensemen who could bring the park -- around the not the way he did. He was just dominant Tom shot from the point. Where the Bruins actually had to change the at defensive alignments to make sure that he wouldn't get the open shots that he was getting. He was phenomenal is my question to you. You go to a playoff series in name me one guy who really. From the Bruins who really busted his -- -- came out with a great a great series you know what I'm trying to figure. I'm not going for the lines let's start with the you can personalized service you can personalize -- cheap no throw goals -- chick four point for the entire playoff series. Season match it's so good -- -- -- at least had four goals. But. -- hi used to league and he's inconsistent EEE should be. Now we did learn and I have said this all along and I think in fairness to these players. I think if a guy's hurt it the end of the series I think it should be publicized and I think rich Arab -- the opera with a fake fractured finger. Because people were questioning is hot and questioning his ability and all of these other things with him. I do think if the guy was was injured -- -- they set Agassi GM -- -- the last game but I'm asking you -- argue with a Carl is anybody. Name me one guy that point. Anybody right. You could really write Uga got a marcher argued it's a pats are ready -- they -- I mean you can list about this for. Well you can name name three players the core of that team you named it pack -- ready. Deadly sniper Connecticut kid by the way just wanna do a shout out to my fellow not maggert. PK -- -- obviously he's the focal point of that entirety you love watching him but I mean regular government and great player not -- and I was gonna come on and you know -- I think a lot of Bruins fans don't wanna hear this but you know a couple of days removed from that game. I know a lot too we're going to be suddenly rooting for New York team that's on an ironic. -- operative for the and -- Montreal I want us our audience when I I like that we are likely in too much I go yeah -- -- -- -- read I know that's not at sacrilege Iraq round a year but I mean I'm sorry that's you know. How dare you you know I thought you -- friend of the callers Larry -- were friend of the audience and now you're turning on them by routing but what are Montrose Jack Edwards and Obama picks. I think it took. Took it was very average. In you know a lot and and I am gonna totally reverse myself. Because that's what I do that's who we all do -- beep beep beep. Last year when the Bruins were after that miraculous comeback against Iran on just kind of rolled the rest of the way into game six at them. The two goals in a seventeen seconds as you know -- It really is the Bruins defense in the bruins' system. That enables. Tim Thomas to do what he did back in 2011. And maybe he was -- -- is a pretty good right exactly that I do admire what they don't like eight hours are White House yet no matter what you think about his politics his refusal to visit 16100 Pennsylvania Avenue. Tim Thomas delivered. -- the Bruins. In situations. -- lame too good but he never it was there once spectacular moment. -- -- There are couple Koppel but not the way Thomas not that -- -- novice -- that we remember that against Tampa that was a great about wraparound stick save -- ever gonna see it. I'm gonna go back to question and I want people call and weigh in on name me one guy on the Bruins who excel beyond. Andy just gave everything they had him as one of those guys even though they lost. Can you name any now who -- I -- above but their average was. Now here's nobody went above and beyond not up this the other comparison I wanna make which UNC if you agree with me. I think and I know the Bruins won the cup we have the standoff that number -- -- -- -- I'm comparing them to the patriots in the sense that. It's almost like a regular seasons. You can't get that excited about the regular seasons anymore because number anymore what have you ever gotten XIAOK. The drug but trust me that number one team this year going. By the way at least we -- presidents cup when all else fails you know you're down in the -- -- -- -- -- and I'm feeling blow out but that's -- -- -- and all the President's Cup help protect from talking about -- so effective patriots went during -- regular season while we expect that there. But when it really counts now with the playoffs -- -- -- nervous with this report Larry how many times back in the old building and correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think there in the new building. Number the Adams division banners in the Bruins used to hang. In the old guard and how embarrassing that was because at the other end of the building what was hanging at the other end of the building. Green and white banners that had nothing to do with the patients -- championships or conference titles they were all NBA championships the Bruins used to console themselves all these. Adams the president championship and well you know what that the franchise that and that and -- -- say this is actually compliment. Through this current regime. Peter -- I know you were impressed with -- rally yesterday you might had some problems and what he said not act. I thought he brushed off I'm just -- -- quickly because I write -- work work they asked the first question asked was about to any reacted to -- chick is. You know lack of the Arab class of performance in the handshake line in. Why said he really didn't say it and it really pay that much here in about a begin to pay that much attention and -- rally just kind of rushed and -- And I just said that it I'm sorry that's a tradition and -- he would feel like it or not. In even now he still is non apologetic about it and I just think it's classless right I will say this though in. Deference to Peter surely this is a much better franchise. Under Peter -- we know -- nearly no that are OK and nobody saying -- let's not getting rid of people like now berg is doing it getting British hero it's nobody's saying anything like that. We in analyzing and trying to break down. Why this team should not have done better than they have done and I submit my theory TU. -- the way they play one style there in the regular season and come the playoffs. This so uptight up out penalties and I think my shot is a perfect example of that I think he's he reminds meal in a minute wait a rat rat -- he -- might. Pesky right aggravating. If that penalty they column about you know issue dictation call that was ridiculous. But the point is they play one way during the regular season Craig. And then come the playoffs it's a totally different team up there in making -- not. -- that you just coming to this revelation not no problem saying -- need to make up their minds they can't they can't keep up with they beat Detroit but they can't keep up with these at these skating teams. And when you are not hitting union not slowing down the opposition. The way to get out I am I I'm I'm just shocked. -- Out on the seventh game I just sat -- shark. Well you always most shocked. Was not camera back Emmerich is it was almost like his -- was negate map that we could see it and he pointed out several times appear McGuire did not. This team is playing. The air read her obviously is a lot of anxiety or six minutes of like is nature not a shot the first not a shot right in a unilaterally that record I had like four bit I don't know at least all our -- power of 123 -- you don't want the -- you -- -- -- court down. With -- this bombs we expect a much better perform at your current active bill last year the -- Canada when it broke him and I don't care what you say I didn't ask -- to sing it now I just -- -- So -- all that going on you know what happened and I think this that statistic -- and ensure that night but that's statistic. Data -- -- -- As soon as Montreal scored award two minutes into the game is like well we can't possibly win now because we're a team that scores the first goal. Wins every game in this series and from Denon. It seemed as if. The game had already been -- I am amazed in the third period Montreal when -- of that defensive stance where they just take in the park and company you know taken apart incompetent I think it was a very good little -- that you're not supposed to do now -- don't you play your regular game goes back getting -- event of but I think there are also even when they went out but by two goals. -- leery of this Bruins team that has an unbelievable that's why did what they've given to Ronald last year and he initiated comebacks. They have amazing character to not give up. In comeback. Two win games when they're behind. I'm not angry about it I just Ike -- I am just I'm nervous when you stop talking about making changes. You know maybe bring I thought Hamilton had had a pretty good series I like Kruger a lot I think those have been -- guys group camped. Some -- likes who brand in a sense that you know that shot from the point and the ability to skate around and everything and not as physical but I I like to have a lot. I'm just so nervous I just don't want them to just get rid of I said that played much in May against Vancouver and a Stanley Cup Playoffs is among the greatest plays I've seen in a long time. I just a one off the boards yeah I just hope they take a little time for us and I think they will. Before you react -- highlight Shawn -- a lot not just that I like him personally. I I -- I think he adds to that team we only makes about 800 power a year that's not a big chunk. Coach richt makes about six million a year or remark I am I think maybe you -- get ready him. I don't see so much -- that making a lot of changes. Bringing up some of the young bodies spark how's he had a bad series. And that is Seidenberg not having him around certainly hurt -- a lot. I just think they need some tweaking and I think they need to figure out who they want a pre. Right and it goes back to end this already different ways to go and we've been a digesting. I don't know about you but I've been listening very intently and every time you turn on the radio someone has. An interesting post mortem on what happened to the Bruins against Montreal what's gonna happen in the future that certainly were gonna do for. -- greater part of this program. We can still whining complain and more a little bit about what happened on game seven it was as I said shockingly. Poor performance I was surprised. This is not an excuse. -- sentiment it's not the excuse. I I thought the seven game was poorly officiated. -- that some stuff go in the seventh game. Every I'd have the -- OK you know -- them -- orally if they did it influence the outcome of the game. We don't here. And I it's still fought problem folks strategy at least say why even economic because it's I thought that play much on a citizen that result in a goal it is now if it's still ticking time the clock. The -- You have to play a whole different now trying to get a penalty back I like I really overly my comments I think it's not excuse I'm simply saying to you. That I was surprised they didn't swallow their whistles more and play the seventh game in general however throughout the post season that's what they do I just don't I -- that was the bizarre call and certainly a rare one but I don't think it. Had any influence they came out. Not ready to play and -- not come out. Ready to play you know it was kept your home even it's not like a month ago you're wrong and you come out like that in this -- my body language of playing flat but. I don't call playing flat -- -- playing -- you know yeah I think that's what wise and I think and someone said this is the difference between playing intense. Intensity was Callahan. And they played. It was good yeah that was they played. Very tense instead of we have intensity. And I think what happens with that one of our very first arguments we talk about it all the time way back when back in that. Little trailer outside of the old Foxboro Stadium back in 95. Used to come every time the patriots lost we lost a lot of games that year Europe. Instant analysis was they came out flat while you don't want the Bruins came out. Pretty good but the first two minutes then when they got victimized by the goal. Then it was almost as if they wouldn't respond it was like everything was taken out they just lost everything they had going to victory she disappeared. Disappeared. Invisible man but you know I I I do want to acknowledge obviously second place stinks in terms of losing a month ago. They did give us a great year -- detainment in from Adam grateful. Love hockey. And you know they gave us a great season and I understand that somebody has to lose I'm the president I am still convinced. Sitting here right now. That the Bruins with a that it team and I think that's why. Because I just I write what do you think skill level I you'll pay you pointed out -- patch are ready. PK in navy wanted to others but improvement which is loaded all they were loaded boy they just -- from all angles. It is dominated -- -- other -- all there for -- Larry how is that. How could I just sad that I did I I think -- chick I'd done my John I thought how they don't how that worked out are all there on that talent I have I not they didn't know and obviously. That's on you know when -- paper and. We know that Craig but I'm saying to you that I am watching that game watching the whole series I cut the Berwick had the better team. But having embedded team and going out and performing that way you. Two different things you know that's like saying you don't want I don't care what happens Super Bowl 42 the patriots are a better team on the New York Giants if that makes you feel better Larry that's -- task now I'm I'm talking about this specific series -- pitcher I tell my I told me that Montreal won the series but obviously that's that's you know I did point -- they came out. Down three to two this is this what I I would I have to be impressed -- Montreal bit. On Saturday night did you walk away from -- Bruins went on Saturday night thinking now the Bruins are up three to two. They got this now ticket to close the sale they can close the sale because now they're playing. Bruins hockey for line the plane that quote unquote layered game that Pierre McGuire talks about all the time it looked as if finally. Bruins hockey have emerged they dominated that game and you know what happened they go up to Montreal. My -- just totally. Turns the tables. In the in the Bruins never. Ever recover from that it was the gaming game with seven may want to same sex what did you think in in game seven before a Big Brother I -- they'd win. But I was ignoring history. At as many people pointed out since then in the last six playoff seasons for the Bruins Larry they've been eliminated in game seven at home. Does that make any sense. Snow would doesn't Richard -- the -- that if -- -- sure rally in collide you're happy with that asked do you think club as a coach I mean you have to study asking yourself -- you tell they have more talent. Then my Canadians I note that may be -- Julia played the -- I cannot cross hairs on the -- and I -- -- -- look right. Bergeron and and again aren't Lucci did in much. I think that he had -- which I chair I -- he had a five or six players. That -- -- -- if it could have performed at a battle level and they didn't are right. So we certainly have lots of discussion lots of things to pick apart here is the -- Bruins. Head to the golf course Canadians and ranges this afternoon. I wonder how many people to be watching your -- how lacks a would you watch a little -- I'm I'm -- I'm somewhat intrigued by that series. Two teams normally you would root for our butts up pick your poison Canadians. And ranges this afternoon and now hawks and kings in the other. Final four showdown out -- 617779. 7937. Your phone calls coming up with mustard and Johnson sports Saturday and Sports Radio WEEI.

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