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Villani and Bradford turn the page on the Bruins Game 7 loss, 5-17-2014

May 17, 2014|

As the dust settles on the Bruins season-ending loss the Montreal, Chris and Rob look at who's to blame and what changes might be in store for the off-season.

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Sports hernia WEEI Chris -- hanging out with you it's Saturday afternoon. -- rumor has -- reportedly. Sources. Close to you. Rob Bradford have told me that he will be in this afternoon. Bound traffic somewhere in a Saturday afternoon I had no idea where. Apparently this tropical construction may be hopefully not an accident but -- traffic got there my guess Astaro GAAP. -- -- -- I heard it was an accident that this is like hours ago so he knows we're here right great have Rob Blake chirping in Fenway Park or anything like Adam he's going to be there later prison. But our rob -- going to be joining me this afternoon when -- get too -- the Red Sox related in ruins related I feel like a little later read a deep kind of Red Sox catcher right. Her body that's been so micro focused on the Bruins obviously through the Stanley Cup Playoffs. You got -- -- all the sudden get caught up 41 games in Red Sox 20/20 one tough loss last night will definitely talk about it but. You wanna begin with the borrowings and you know -- few days removed from now. And you count he's settled down a little bit you'd get a little reflected maybe as some of the a motion is taken out of what you repealing may be Wednesday uniter Thursday morning looking at this team and I've heard. A lot of conversation over the past couple days who participated a lot of it with you guys about who's to blame right. It was a failure of the season idol Lochte and Brinkley accurate standards by which this team should be held to which is Stanley Cup or -- And who's to blame or an early exit we look at -- and point a finger at and clearly it's more than one individual in say that this is why. This Bruins team isn't about to take the ice while I'm about to watch on TV right in front of -- the Rangers in the freaking Canadians play in the Eastern Conference game one. It's frustrating and I tell you what. As Bruins fans you should still be frustrated still be angry about I know it's -- 03. Three days removed from. But. I mean it is still sold. Frustrating when you look at how this team was put together how effective they -- through the course of the regular season how well they were able to. Really just roll through everybody in their path -- an extended stretch of time from January all the way to the end of the season. In the end a five game win over the Detroit Red Wings I mean I was convinced and a lot of people. That cover this team a regular basis convinced that they were at the very least going to get to the Stanley Cup spot. That there wasn't a team in the east they could beat them until losing seven games to lose to the Canadians. Is frustrating but the most frustrating part of it for me at least is the way that they played in game six in game seven in this is where I really go back to it. And it draws the most frustration on my -- in my opinion. In game six. You had a team that -- a closeout opportunity. That didn't waste any opportunity against the red wings to steam rolled in four straight after losing the first game. And came out and played for large chunks of that game as if there was tomorrow which of course there was there is game seven on Wednesday night. So you had a team that had an opportunity to put them away. Put the Canadians away in game six not even bring games evident the equation and essentially squandered. And any game seven for sixteen minutes in game seven. At home. Against the team that they hate. The Bruins were unable to generate really any. Energy any consistent -- check any semblance. Of the style of hockey. It led them to -- 117 points the top spot in the in the Eastern Conference the Stanley are the -- presidents cup. President stroke be very different than Stanley Cup. And gave -- that number one and number one -- And you know one of the things -- dismissed right up and I. -- seen a lot of the its -- Giuliani's fault holding him accountable there are particular things. Or which you can hold -- Julian accountable in the series absolutely. I think it's reasonable to ask why not shake up the first line at some point. Mean you see that happen all the time in the post season helped the Blackhawks did it last year in the Stanley Cup final. They shipped up their lines with some of the most effective score is an effective way players in the game they shook up their lives. In the final and it made a big difference or it seemed to at least in the kind of turned the tide and the Bruins had to win that series and six. -- consistently. And woefully ineffective top line the -- she line why not shake -- lineup a little bit. And the waited that -- rolled the lines from time to time but some of its nit picky get a you lose series and seven came to start going back individual plays individual moments and that's fair. But one thing that that I couldn't. Understand for example when the first line did have a fantastic. Stretch. You know had a fantastic. Or checking just pot possession kinda shift. Then he followed up this in the third period game seven with the first third period shift or. The fourth line which was not so again you can look at this you can kind of -- -- certain things what I do not buy into however hurdle out of this and I think it's laughable. When I do not buy into with the idea to -- didn't have important quote motivated ready to playing games six games that now they -- They were ready to play in game six and he sure is a war ready to play the first sixteen minutes a game seven but. I don't put that on the coach I put that on guys you know I again go back to the idea that your playing in the Stanley Cup final. You're playing or in the Stanley Cup Playoffs you're playing in the game seven you're playing your whole when you're playing against the team that you hate. There should not be any impetus necessary from the head coach to get you motivated to block the -- want to play art. And apparently that was something that they needed or something that they lacked in the players have been startlingly. -- able to explain exactly what went wrong exactly what happened to them. Over the course of game six in the beginning game seven that no explanation. And it's frustrating indeed. If you were hockey and a pure broad spanned the look back at that and say how can that possibly happen -- they don't put out a -- -- put that in the guys in uniform. There's going to be changes I think they hit the tone and the tenor of what boat load Julianne and -- rally at the -- break update yesterday. Didn't leave much to the imagination absolutely need to be changed on this team there should be changes I don't think a full overhaul is necessary. But -- targeted changes to. This core group it appears are going to be necessary going sport because this was an absolute failure on the part of the Bruins. This was being missed opportunities squandered I really do believe. That I mean how many times this morning were a lot of the old time Bruins bands bringing up 1971. And how great that team was what a missed opportunity that was. I think in five or ten or fifteen or twenty years however long. You'll look back on this particular Bruins team and say yeah that was another missed opportunity that was you know something else that was. AM another season. Where the Bruins could about a Stanley Cup. Should have gone further should've played for -- championship didn't I think we're talking about this one a long way down the line. Is this was his good man for man on paper is they say. As any Bruins team that that I've seen and that includes the 2011 Stanley Cup team. The team that won at all. But in at the end of the Davies didn't get it done in game six in game seven and now there's a lot of people asking why. And kind of deciding point 6177797937. AT&T text line is 37. 937. Rob Bradford WEEI dot com I have confirmed. Will be joining us is this afternoon. So I will let him get his bearings for a moment while I talked to Mike in the car up first here and WE -- I mean aren't all talk to Mike anyway. Well you get your -- -- Mike. They think they Michael Brown welcome. The 71 series and in this series -- aren't just because. And seven and series the the -- and of course we all about the -- well app that they separate right and -- separate driving and you meet state like Tim Thomas didn't 2011. He can be saved everything and the plan -- was unbelievable. And a better bulk and our goalie beat the better. Yeah I I I -- what happened I I understand I just look at it as a -- the same as being a missed opportunity at a Greek team. That you looked at and said his team should win a cup and they did. I mean -- how it happened obviously very different. It would -- or you -- probably a once more that would that being said. You know in a series started I call them that the march go swappers'. The -- we talked about -- -- it denied him. They weren't the -- they -- the blockers. The Bruins could not get the -- On price and -- crimes they blocked so many shots from the defense and volatile whatever and that's why the brewers were running around trying to find spots. They couldn't for the life program at the -- -- price -- any peppering. Referring it's I -- monitoring. And I've never seen anything like it now maybe it happens but I'm on the that this edit your record here. Now blocked shots with the intent. I'm telling -- that. It is -- the copy -- Professional League a while many other NHL team I'm gonna copy whatever the Kenny. Because -- -- so many shots. They quit the Bruins could not get the -- our price yeah and cannot tell you something and I paid quarterback declined. And I'm Rick Taylor think it might be happening there and in -- my point there. We're gonna watch some Rangers play the -- now. And how would kill. A great girl's killer heat it and we are talked about the fact that approach them should be real ordinary. And we technically it. If they can Iranians. -- rail by the Rangers. And arranges tee shot on goal and start finding ways to -- to pepper prior. And whatnot in California Clark -- into trouble. Because what's happening is he wasn't able to coach. We were able. And like all right I got when it's right in history it doesn't matter what what the outcome of the Rangers and his chances. Does not have any bearing on -- Julian. Well I'll I'll say an angle I'm -- guys might -- but if the Rangers can get the puck on net. And it became -- to -- is what they did to the bronze in the way it is no way to beat it. If they can do that they can that they can keep yet at that footprint if you would bet that model that that was incredible. -- that's why we get so many while still the they're trying to they're trying to be so you. Mike you've -- like the entire gamut of what happened news here's you've you've gone from stem to stern in regards to what went wrong and I applaud you for that. What about we have the -- -- and we have to move on so. You know might here's my here's my red hot sports take on the Bruins -- Thailand on as they are like which is. I heard -- Julien after the fact in one thing that he brought up. Wise well we rumored to you know I'm paraphrasing that we were too young and -- it's out we could tell that in game seven. Not warrants in the entire time people were preview in this series that it ever hear anyone bring that. And since one everybody I gas or shame on clothes for making an excuse. Well worth it to your workday because. Everything I've heard was that the Bruins were better than the Canadians. Defense -- goaltending Jack. Coaching Jack. Okay I've never heard the well well you know what they're too young Canadians Jack and -- clos brought. Yeah I mean inexperience on the Blue Line is something that was talked about a bit you -- Dennis Seidenberg you -- out of the Quaid I don't think there's any question about that. And that's where we get back to second guessing it won't so much go back to quote as the front office and it already has happened a little bit. She did you have done more at -- Peter surely said yesterday was dramatically different than what he unique kind of had eight. Sort of glib. Well we never win the trade deadline thing when people were upset that -- sour -- Andre and -- -- came back but he said that at the trade deadline yesterday right was different yesterday is different Tony Sidwell. May -- it I'm also paraphrasing that we could double more. This is the paraphrasing it is apparently asked to prepare for we don't have any exact quotes now we're gonna give you wipe off rough idea well. -- of what was that like to welcome what. Exactly like every single I'm a caller calls up. But why bother in this day and age of two winner -- if the world to paraphrase -- right where pretend any data can't be -- 140 character shouldn't be sent exactly that's a lot feel about it welcome. Are you doing today rob Bartlett. It's your chance it'll -- stupid earth. And you know really stupid earth. -- -- Yes you guys are right on the money the traffic problem traffic issues -- drive via the reason is the Earth's past. Going on that I forgot about it every single weekend this happens where someone saving something and I applaud them ball. Bought it really route traffic. -- there but it. Man no longer my favorite planet and moving up moving up in the following -- you you were right along in my line of thinking oh. Assignment -- that's a tough break. Yet techsters are bringing up the idea we eleven post one postal impose. I give Canadians credit for that to an extent because Carey Price in his ability to. Personally he's big and his billion be big to be six the -- but also to. -- constantly be in position and maybe win the Bruins for not just done -- shot to getting in my neck and were quickly. But he forces you to shoot high he forces you to shoot to a very small area trying to beat him high because he goes down to the -- a lot -- When that happens he had a lot of cross -- the Canadians just across the board blocking shots Kerry price preventing -- rebounds limiting rebounds they -- strong and Iran's own. That's that's it right I mean their ability to control what happens in front price and price. Really forcing exactly you just said making them go high in the but I don't think it's the -- are -- one track I'm but the Bruins. Yet of -- you tried but it's not hear the hit. Packs many post I don't wanna hear that either goes entered doesn't yet there's a reason why hitting oppose does not shot on net. Out attacked taxpayer just chimed in with an exact that you hit the post you missed the net yes it. And like getting rid of that basket that has not it is also not a goal took the ranges for ten minutes to score by the way Rangers are already -- about -- and fire quote. While I workload dad I didn't get that -- that connection either not at one nothing lead for the Rangers they got Henrik Lundqvist -- that obviously -- brewed in the post season. Outs grabber of the -- -- -- to break 6177797937. Pitching Connecticut up next to Mitch. -- guys they don't tell you doing. It all last all that. Thought that their -- out and take a look at this series and they're all gonna. Build a hero blocking shots that it we had Gregory Campbell -- -- blocked shot with that but how that worked out actually that. Not what's gonna happen I I just beat the brewers. Got outplayed but it is our topic is never wouldn't know ever I -- the yeah he never win the delicate maverick. In fact that both of those things can happen. So you know the saying -- -- chance. You laughed again. But anyway -- Welcome it is that it -- it just got outplayed. They. -- They got -- tactic -- all ended and it will be should note to -- a step back and get out next year. You know that let's play that same way we played in the in the middle march. Expects. Appreciate admit outing there is any revolutionary politics aliens did to win these series I do think that. The Canadians if they go back over the last couple years. They lifted the team that was clearly the class in the division two team that got to beat the Boston Bruins and they made themselves a little bit more. Like the Bruins know they added prost they added that the trade deadline Thomas -- physical guys. They they gave them a little bit more straight to go with their speed they became a stronger team in the neutral zone and let's face secured -- really good goaltender it's only got better. So I mean from the conversation would be where the Bruins go from here not how is the NHL going to change after watching her they're not gonna change that there's nothing -- unsure what they did and you -- -- the Bruins won't change that much stimulus UN -- march on. In record traits are. And I heard tail him and DJ in Michael talk about this yesterday the march on conversations opened for business that's finding guy has not put the puck in the net. During the playoffs in a long long time. Fine get that conversation go but other than that yet Seidenberg back right so. -- defense. I don't know how much that's gonna change -- How much is the Bruins good shape how what's the Bruins need to change that's the conversation. Yeah and that's -- conversation we should get into -- -- our week we should get a -- that we will embrace that conversely yeah.

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