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Dale and Holley's Final Drive: Telephone, Text and Tweeting Tough-Guys 5-16-14

May 16, 2014|

We end the week with the best of the worst...we address the jerks who hide behind their smart-phones.

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-- It's a perfect gigantic bucket of soccer. Best of the worst they're the texture of your who stressed -- -- -- On Sports Radio telling you yeah. Final drive -- sponsored by ARS restoration specialists just because the weather's changing to -- property and facility managers of these disaster plan in place. Fire and floods happening around be prepared at Paris served. Dot com to read -- tough guys Les Paul yeah we always look forward to this I have -- a great opportunity you go first -- are right. -- Why do you dress like he just stepped out of a Benetton commercial. It's good line with that -- for an. What an opportunity to address like I just stepped out of. And yeah I'm tired a Jeff got -- 12100. Square free in the middle rounds checking out. -- Bennett on his yes that's vineyard -- my friend. -- think. -- and it went -- -- wow a lot of the audit and -- yeah. -- You start lightening round two hours early so we sure will aggregate and difficult. The public school. A shorter. Audited audited. Yeah. I don't want for DJ you know yeah OBJ. How many times -- been a Lilith fair. You're actually it's I've been zero times -- in their burrows who has been able there maybe 56 times but I -- up will -- Wikipedia. Lord who was on your Janelle Monday morning it was on that one year and a duplicate dozen years ago from now which -- feels like watched yourself club. Just -- a but. Will -- as the bulls -- which -- -- I think it's actually not cutting it was about the it acts. To. Change. I don't want for you to Michael Barrett got Maria volley. What do you got to penis -- Well you know. We talk about conception earlier and got to go back. -- -- -- Air lower Gardner democracy at. Good good mama I'll pick the better part probably. Probably credit. So our bats were built the reformist candidate though that we darkened its yeah. But it. RJR got another planet you know this is pretty important that you got to sober up. All the Bruins would've won with somebody else. Doing pre -- post on message but -- -- out of jail aren't. Old guy Adam I'm guessing it techsters the same guy who's been wearing his lucky underwear since October. Just east of Eid Al new -- and okay. Michael yes. Shut the hell lot you don't know a damn thing about hockey all year. There are -- I bet you don't know this though I bet you don't know at a short number. The average Norton shores number did you scale that's how I do okay now. Number. I'll do which Jersey you -- that's right at players like you had eighty -- number I don't. You know that number do you know throw at the Boston -- rule. I know that you figure that is that it's in the future need for one last shot at a I don't know how because he hasn't actually been almost on this program a bit but I think -- it will Maloney somehow. Got involved in our tough guy in and and texture thing and I don't even -- -- shut up Lou -- -- -- Yeah I am and -- yourself. Interest in use of this week I actually don't have to play adapted. That's part of an effort to shut up -- -- you're a role. Yeah I am and -- -- self. Good to see he doesn't actually I didn't part of our crew he wants a period I don't know simply get up -- completely -- jealousy. Where do you think loans from that a guy from LA and you got a guy. Got. -- have absolutely do you think you're too cool for school. -- at a news flash for you Walter Cronkite. You aren't. It's funny text your -- how much dale is annoyed by BJ being. -- -- -- -- I actually like -- He he steps that you act I have right exactly I'm I'm I'm all right yeah I am refuting what an extra set. He made me a kickass mix tape that I listen to and went home yesterday to mix oh boy. I did and and I haven't -- -- the second one -- and admit that tonight. He keeps providing me with bootleg music I'll keep liken my guests. Shot up. Michael. As the -- You ignorant -- It was short and sweet and I actually appreciated the brevity of it but it could have been shorter -- -- Nobody yet to leave that part -- tell you the truth is that. It may. -- you missed. Hey got new guys this treaty yet a new guy don't -- so Reagan defensive. Erecting softer than Sagan if techsters rip it. It's because they like Christian right to get up get a lot of tax sweeteners and less hot. Many of our. We had a heavy heart in this week we did atom heart you sound like -- and little and go yourself you. And you don't know out I just quit your job you and -- That's very nice moment from Indy. I don't marks on the court that there that aren't. You don't have runaway Broadway. -- her actual. Girl Mary grant -- People write this stuff. Sure we get the PH to resist taunts because. Wednesday. Wednesday. Jamie aired all joined us Jamie was -- and it's hard for me depiction of any of the tough guys had anything mean to say but we'll find out. Jamie do you know how to pronounce the rockets are IC HA RD -- yet hash tag never forgets. You know we all have our moments and that seemed to be mine I learned my lesson but let's not turn this into -- Richard measuring the situation -- Or delivery -- some crap delivery game yeah hey hey hey hey but. But I will say javy has the best sense of humor book that thing ever played. That that could be that could have been adorable -- she's like you know what. That's up and you don't ever since the teachers got you don't have a job. The drive you know protect. Our New York is not with a fistful of fifty you're just -- chart is shut up. -- And finally one last one. Another one I guess meant for Jamie. Jamie every Boston sports at one personnel. Are you single. Why yes yes I am and here is my number just announcing it 867. 530 hey hey hey hey hey hey hey. Any excuse to play Jenny Jenny is worth it. TJ good to see again we'll see in October. I just put down that number I that's. It's okay if threat on the bathroom wall right -- that my candidacy at Darrell. DJ how to get with it was to come on everybody. Hit my best.

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