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DJ Bean with Dale and Holley: Response and Reaction to the Bruins closing of 2014 season press conferences 5-16-15

May 16, 2014|

DJ sits in with Dale and Michael and discusses the just completed Bruins press conferences and what is next for this team's future based on those comments.

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I DJ -- is here and I'm -- DJ remembers. Exactly the moment that I'm talking about. We're talking rock floating and rolling the lines and using all all four lines in the eighties he does that dutifully and that's just that's one of his hallmarks. As a coach but in game seven. There was a moment where he he rolled them out there and it seemed to be a momentum stopper you remember that. Yes it was the Iran and try to for IE use all the time note -- it was when the Bruins were in the midst of their push back and you thought. All right now this is where the -- adding I think they had scored at that point it was 221 at that point in the game and that. Here's where you get the Bergeron lineup -- -- -- get the -- you line in hopes that it's not play like fourth line. Out there. And you see 22 out there and jobless everything on board I think they should keep them around but not the time you won a -- to a there. Generally speaking the only time -- would use the fourth line in this Montreal series was on a draw on the offensive zone. Because he doesn't want them run around their own and we saw what happened there -- in -- bad news so you so you put them out the with a draw on the offensive zone. And all you want them realistically you'd love it if they scored but realistically just want to bottle Canadians up for thirty seconds right in the just keep them at this and the ice for thirty seconds. That will roll you know one of the other three lines out there and try to keep the momentum in instead I mean how many times did you see him get -- in their rooms -- nobody can talk you know just as Montreal series. It happened a lot more this season and usually happened and mean this year was just. Talked a -- a bit about it today. It saves kind of a funky weird year for them -- lol linebackers yeah Florida suspended yep ideal concussions. Yeah Campbell coming back from that broken leg. Call whatever you want it was a bad year effort for the outline -- and -- -- generally that's line that. You always he quote put the mode after goals scored and they keep the momentum to keep the energy going. If that line isn't providing you with that mean it's certainly not out there escort common goals so. If that line isn't doing that with the way that you're seeing more skill being incorporated the bottom sixes throughout the NHL. Does something need to change I'd -- in you can help me out here because I'm reading stuff is as were on the air. Up Peter surely talked about how fighting seems to be less problem like god that he give a terrible endorsements on Norton today. Give like a real like. Beat the question was about free agents you you're you if these what do you make of them. Who you think -- be back in between might not backing generally Peter is extremely. Forthcoming that's what -- topic era watchers like -- Parents be told will be back. Younger will be back in it's it's he he's pretty forthcoming with the information. And but he didn't tell show on point that today either he didn't so we didn't see notice on -- which is a good -- -- -- as he always does that put -- all our parents rattled parents -- the day at the break up we can't bring you backer he told got there however they were gonna trade up. So he's generally forthcoming with that but I will say -- other -- The counter argument that the counterpoint to that is that he told Michael Ryder he told at a discount relate. You need some time this happens. These additional -- give me two weeks. And will -- kind of where we stand. Did not give a good endorsement Shawn Thornton go to blow off answer with that that's a blow off answer to rent weeks. But I think that that there -- each other thorn wants to be back here he wants to play let's play two more years he's not gonna get a two year deal here right there right now but. He their -- and -- the. And Peter surely Pete -- is talking about. Sean -- or any. Cut up and down year. Mean me. To the incident with Pittsburgh you know that is yours trends in -- argue that this kind of trend. And in this instance you characterize stories just -- committees contributed. Success in the us. But there's there's definitely. Is that regression trend away from that so I know. I had a discussion different this morning and said look you can give you can -- couple weeks ago practice this afternoon. From there that without seeing -- price he. You. -- -- This was after the question was to assesses you -- face witches they give -- Orton Chad Johnson -- is our hosts. You expected Johnson and miss our Little League back Johnson I don't know that means that Thursday a perfect backup guy he is he is but I mean if -- if -- Get -- Bert cheaper even if it's 200000 dollars cheaper than. This team's going to be scraping and saving as much as they can but. Johnson I'd like to see back certain Charles won't they bizarre -- -- -- as -- even said today who knows maybe they'll even come back year went out notices to state Reno. So. But so it's Peter goes down a lot of all the guys he goes. Who who my forgetting. Corey regarding the Corey potter right here like. -- Orton -- years ago our rights though forgot to be forgot about the guy and then gave him as you heard there that was not a glowing indoor. -- yeah not having heard it though are all say this I think -- in and he's right in this regard what he's talking about is the fighter. But just -- yeah right there is virtually no place left in the game for that guy but is he said -- Orton can play. He can give you that aspect and your gonna need it from time to time -- in the course the regular season almost never in the playoffs. But he can also apply -- has been able to play in the past orient. He's right about a guy like Scott guys like that they're nobody's gonna be -- though that so Shawn Thornton is viewed as the fighter who can play. It does not bode well for him that he did not play well this postseason that has -- -- not play well this post season doubt that his major selling point. Was almost negated by the performance that they turned -- so again. If on the Bruins out slowly bring him back on a one year deal he'll take it. I use or I shouldn't put words in his mouth and signaled they can I would assume that if the Bruins. Want our daughter back -- particular -- as. Like it sounds like you -- -- her Margaret do you see this morning wants to be here clearly this is going to be home well is what it when he when he finishes hockey but your partner in two years so he's gotta you gotta be around here -- not health care are you telling the third again our third man and -- maybe all we can do stuff like that but tell me out on. Now he will be here to. -- says something about the vote in his biggest mistake during the series. It was really something that happened during the regular season. When when the Bruins had a great month of march why not start dramatically in March. When -- are dramatically reducing minutes. Namely -- -- the data which are now knows what -- seven minutes 46 minutes why not take it would take a lot of those guys down minutes wise. I don't buy it you don't I don't I think that people are going to want to look especially with Chara and it is ridiculous how little he wants any information about his physical health out there from what we know. All we always that he had a fractured finger. I think that this which he never took out of his pocket today when you guys know what I shook his hand and afterwards I was kicking myself Russia session appointment left hands he would you do because. I don't know what -- would have killed you with his -- let's I don't know what -- would rather not -- -- -- for a second. Or give up injury information I think that both ultimately the worst case scenario form. But I -- people look at this with Zdeno Chara. And number of -- call for tomorrow and they seat two years in a row. Chara on the post season fell apart physically in someway it in the bruins'. Zdeno Chara when Zdeno Chara is not bright the Bruins are bad team. Very very much worse team -- they are I don't know if that's a bad but bad bad. About DJ isn't at the age it's not this just Zdeno Chara you know falling apart in the post season. It's looking at at this player 3737. Years old and wondering. How how much longer -- he. Expect how much. How much longer can he be expected to be in -- leaked the polo player will -- and any of you can get something forum. Don't know where someone considers him a -- still. Want to do. Yes he is literally at the end contractually. Or he is literally an organizationally. Immovable. You know not moves Zdeno Chara you're Boston Bruins are -- you like so cool so what that you know chart provides right now and remember people are forgetting. He should run away he's -- at 37 years old he was by far the most difficult defenseman in the NHL. Play against so he's still Capel. You can talk about that does he does he EU Wear down over the course of the post season. I -- that argument can be made this year because he got slashed in the hand that can happen to anybody it's only to get the hip injury two years in a row so he was dominant this policies that. In this third this season -- Michael I was trying to get the bottom of the same thing of how long is he going to be dominant I'd look Chicago. Hoopla who leads that team in minutes among defenseman Duncan Keith right correct. Keith and Seabrook that is not their shutdown pairing there's shutdown pairing is Chalmers and -- -- do yet those guys are third and fifth. Respectively in time a -- the Chicago Blackhawks so what I'm saying is you can have shut it down guys. And they don't necessarily need to play 25 minutes a night I think that. Whatever you get from zero chart you can get dominance. Question is can you get it played him 21 minutes tonight as the years go on for you agree with the texture. Once you're protectors and you know you don't have to plant -- amendment didn't have to -- I'm probably gonna I think there are ways to be creative to do that and I talked start today about it and he said. That's fair. But the same time I don't care about how many minutes I play but when the top lines are out there I wanna be out there against those guys -- Nancy I don't ayalon exactly so. It's six some of one half dozen of the other. I think that in ways they will limit his minutes going forward the question is at 41 when he's at the end of that contract. Is that window still open where he -- dominant that the brewers have chances were instantly -- 6177797937. Its telephone number TJ -- has joined us just back from the garden. Would get to your calls give back to your calls we'll hear more from Vijay as well dale and Holley and -- Sports Radio WEEI. -- -- game were -- investments because we -- there's -- you really played more could you. And altered what does anybody -- -- was tired in Kenya and are wrong he wasn't tired and and we expression that we shouldn't. Underestimate that you know because -- -- case because he's that are real. Fine tuned athlete and he knows he's far from being good guys he's -- he's very much alive and very -- Zdeno Chara will not be in the latest episode of Walking Dead people never mentioned that would charge you always thought politicize there that you never mention that he's alive. It's that the one of those things -- of those things you have to keep in mind that -- not dead he's an alive person he's. Hope complete package cannot point out one guy. Who -- I thought played at a very very high level on the Blue Line in the National Hockey League passed the age of forty. Nick Lidstrom OK nick Lidstrom of the last year in the NHL he was 41 right. And there are those who say he could've kept playing he just chose not to at that stage. The the idea that 37 means the end of the road for Zdeno Chara seems a little short sighted to -- No disrespect meant Michael Fran -- -- no yeah listen though yes and on and he's not going to be as good great at 41. As he has right now that's straight up -- I understand that but he's also four years away from 41. Right but I mean so you have the window of what three to four years where you have the -- you you were you have to win more Stanley Cup this guy because I'm telling you. People talk about how he's overrated or -- was slow this game and everything. We haven't seen this team play a week without today you know Chara you know like I think that people take a lot of stuff for granted. With that have a team that you are what you of them which are in line up. When he is at around man and I know the -- -- gonna be really good in the navy crew. It is kind of but come Ference type where he can elevate and BB a second pairing -- and I just excited about Hamilton's development this year yeah sure that the that's a positive came along way -- that are positive but again. You have to look at -- -- and I emptied by fund the biggest -- a supporter in the world. He's getting old he's on the back nine and -- set himself I can't tell you whether he'll still be given to three years because we're not there yet and I'm interested to see where that goes. Are -- -- people -- ago a lot of things for granted -- Zdeno Chara you guys want you both of you watch him all the time and you see things other people don't see. Give us give -- an exit Jimmie won it takes away half the ice and you can't get around him because he has an insane reach OK but do you say he takes we're happier than I've heard that before. He did not take away half yards in the series. No I didn't yet he was dealing with smaller faster guys. He was not right physically and yes he was -- the people also mean we we talk about how these guys failed underperformed. -- was a guy who did not. Who underperformed and surely even said today. So -- I'm. I'm saying shame on image among all the guys that underperformed. But again. -- what he brings the table he is. He's still the most of. Call us and it's certainly India marry you we've we've seen a lot of attacked today and get through some of the more incendiary text today at 545. We do -- mean texts tweets and on tough guys all that stuff. But one of the text earlier today said that today don't chart and I know this is my purpose. Texas is -- game which -- has become how to deal. But it's okay. And as just somebody who just yet doesn't have a -- but but that night there was no LO well at the end of that at at the end of that there's no JP no displaying your note note. So. Is he that we know he's not the guy we saw in the playoffs. What he's probably not the guy we saw him during the cup run in 2011. -- -- Open director of the cup on 2011 he was also playing with -- Sandberg -- should have Dennis Seidenberg these next four years because he's on a four year deal with. OK but then through this part of the problem to which aren't in this maybe this is why is take for -- you -- -- the case that he thinks we have the guys from the right. And in his today -- -- on this thing. But then you you mention yet. Dennis I'm very -- going eleven if the guy takes away half the ice and he's that far away better than anybody else don't talk about them having Dennis Seidenberg. -- saying that that's why that's why he'd looked different now over that aside from the fact that he is getting slower and he is getting. Less and less cable in the minutes still alive need to go back to two. When he first came here his first year he's played somewhere around I think he's played somewhere around like twenty minutes a game -- 2720 minutes a game. I was getting around 24. By the time he's 41. Probably get somewhere around -- -- my -- and he's probably. In that role like I said in Chicago where -- -- and -- do you are the shutdown pairing of but they are at the team's second Perry. Raising Dartmouth -- your next on Sports Radio stale and holly. The lawyer -- LR. One opinion one point. One of the opinion is leave it alone he chemically. -- Seidenberg that are coming back. I don't know how many Eagles -- a lot listeners -- in total but actually if you look at that in the last four. You divide it by articles that they were outscored by particular one goal game. I mean granted I he wouldn't of that team Michael. Rolled down tropical I I hate losing to the Canadians what they played better in certain ways and my other point. Why didn't the fighting in the playoffs. Is that a network saying Null known -- saying is that because. Kicking fighting weight from the Bruins especially. There were three instances. Where -- -- turn that around regularly get dropped to get he's when -- This of this potential. Lucic and TK go at it. Don't drop the gloves did not a potential. Moment and -- and they're -- in our game -- out -- target cross checked across the upper chest but keep it. The Canadians would release. His decision making that they would say we cannot trust this guy with big minutes. I know that that's going to be the other story line of the summer of the offseason case event Tuesday is it restricted free -- yes. Probably going to be looking for somewhere around eight million dollars the as they say he's gonna get he's going to pay. -- I think Kevin called upon party wrote this in -- the Bruins look the pursuit of the cases. First of all I don't think he's -- where he is -- restricted not a genre strike freeagent offer sheet I haven't -- you can do that mess them up a little bit right right you cut. Their problem I have I think there's poison pills and NHL well unfortunately I don't think you've got salary cap room to play with to do that -- engineers think just as a for instance you've got four point two million dollars. Of Jerome again right bonus money that's going to be on next year's salary cap. But but there's going to be at that notion out here and abroad could go get they could go sign. The case and to a free agent sheet this some this summer that's you know there there's no way they can do now know I don't think it's saddened to an -- she gets what you -- -- a lot of money right it is the case it is such a dynamic guy I think that if I -- an HO GAM. And you were guy -- the free agency. I would be. On the huge. If our facial GM -- -- the type player that I would note that I would never be able -- -- because other teams would value him. Financially so much more than I would he's gonna as you said -- and ask for some than 78 million dollars a year. He's a better defensive. Players than a lot of these. These offensive forwards who get these huge pay days but. If I'm paying defenseman big money it needs to be a guy. Who guarantees when he's on the ice no one scores but your own team that does not withstood another guy that they aren't gonna bring back in Montreal but is gonna get paid stupid money by somebody this grant Tomas -- right. Well Montreal Canadians don't want him back they're not gonna bring him back as he doesn't fit their system. And it also by the way has under performed based on what they were expecting from him when they got when they got and they expect to beat the Bruins and they beat the Bruins won't bug me but -- I thought I would -- yeah and he's given right that he would be their sniper that you'd be there ultimate this year. The Hewitt provide them with another hatchery production wise. He can put up after reading numbers a lot of places but probably not Montreal solitary and so yeah I mean he's probably done -- one keeps in Minnesota with him and they'll have their three guys to me insane money and -- a bunch of other guys making two million dollars a year. But yeah -- with with -- and again I I. Think that. You can you know you shouldn't be allowed to call and the other player in the league dynamic because PK Sudan is so one of a kind in that right. It's eight million dollars player poll that now. Say that -- for being -- The Chara went Chara it was above. That there are -- That out Iowa way I held pocket and I kind of wanted to your answer later on tell you the parallel. Keep that on this her I have a couple of hours they're -- let them even though a lot of you are depressed -- angering. You want Peters -- rally that to answer some questions you want Zdeno -- to give you an answer why it happened you're still funny. You'll have a yup some of you -- to be funny I like Danny de LA hate any Qaeda. Those guys aren't. Like the many ways that the Bruins beat them now that you're. -- worked. I think that it may crop art that it. And I don't like. In her you know part -- evident on a pop art. A lot voted. Arnold pretty up and blocked it right. Yeah I -- they are picking their spots for sure and again that was when you hit that many posts you say we about -- in do you wish that a lot of them would have gone posted in. Ironically the only goal they scored in game seven went post and right exactly and -- -- hoping that you'll get some goals that go posted when you're hit that many posts. We said a million times. Hey you're not shoot the puck into the net but -- Generally it means that you're dealing with a really good goaltender who's taking away and you're trying to be too far right exit you're bright you're thinking. I'm going -- against Carey Price I see this little. This little glimmer of a spot and I hit that exactly yeah end up hitting a post. But I means that people. Can't discount the the -- job the Bruins did a establishing a net front presence. Getting rebounds in the cashing in on those you didn't see that at all throughout this year that was the biggest disappointment I had in the first line yeah. Lou Chichi and again ala are are so much more physically imposing but it got out you failed to plan -- -- you -- Montreal defense can't keep you away from the front of the net right they are and I'm just saying there's no way they should be allowed. They can't physically keep you from getting there. And yet they did -- -- are now I am not sure he said that are physically capable of it. But I guess they are there what noble my point is they're not as big and as strong as -- -- and again lot. And and there were times when Lou cheats and again a lot they took and I fell out of guys like you guys like yeah Amylin in Georgia's art strong and they can. Album and we talked about going to this round that one big big difference between the red wings in the Canadians was that the Canadians had a better top four then the red wings. Canes had a much better top four currently and they were in. The way the way you would describe -- typically the Canadians can't win a five on five game vs abroad the Canadian. Can't do this first that the Bruins. It makes him sound like they're a bunch of marks. Trying to take on the Bruins they were big enough. They were -- you're all right all the Bruin alert them to be very and I know I'm I'm I'm giving the Bruins the blame on this one I don't know let Mike a lot of points where -- word Michael I agree with you -- -- -- taken aback with. Or by how good they were in their own zone but again. -- might take away from the Canadians and they played their own zone. Was how remarkable. They were taking -- space and how good their sticks were there when you saw the Bruins and again it points they -- overpass when you saw the Bruins trying to move the puck in the Canadian zone. Canadians largest walled up against the a stick on that and then it would go the other way. And there's the counterattack but. I was still also taken aback by the Bruins in ability to get to the front of the net physically to your point dale. Guys like again love guys like -- -- should be able to do they can't allow and they have to be better they have to be stronger we get a video breakdown. I think it was game seven in my I've -- game six in either one I remember pregame we showed it -- and you saw -- each where there was a direct line to the net. But the Montreal defenseman just angled and enough any took. The outside -- We can't let him angle you -- the outside you have to knock him on his ass go throw him and go straight line to the net. And there were too many times when -- -- again law allowed smaller Montreal defenseman to angled him to area where they couldn't hurt them. Right in the they also there's also missed opportunity off the rush even in the game seven. I wanna say it was. Three on two where Smith was coming in middle of the -- Bergeron had a guy on them and the obvious play was for Bergeron to go hard to the nets Smith threw the puck on net and beepers are cashes in on the rebound. Bergeron doesn't Smith tries to go for the past and it gets broken up in the turns and did one of the millions of potential scoring opportunities the water which then immediately turned in with three onto the right exactly 6177797937. Is telephone number Dale Arnold Michael Holley. Better known as dale and Holley our buddy DJ being from WEEI dot com is in the house as well. You know from the seventy's here's I felt we were the -- team's seven game series and you know. He won on on the margins and we didn't so disappointed or weren't supporting causes around very. Heck of a year. In the regular season. And first. We're here when so at this point. Mean mister -- the annual. Plastic garbage bag day at TD garden. Texture says holly yes I had yes dale before the series start arbitrate Ciara pursue -- straight up that day. He laughed and now you also you can at a Port Sudan. That's separate question. He's got to probably -- then I wouldn't know I don't know why I'm I'm answering for myself here a separate question about whether you can afford him. Because of salary cap issues he's gonna want somewhere in the vicinity of eight million a year you don't have that. To what to do it. What I trade him for pursue -- -- know. I wouldn't I answered before -- I mean the seven games I just -- don't change my opinion I understand that the age difference and that's. Well you know. You know dale with that -- its Friday per year -- don't I know you've been pointing to look for weeks now. -- just 25 years old 25. I -- pretty damn good player to not ask you this because Peter surely -- in that that clip. So the standard essentially is to win a championship and had a good first round and get regular season but. No we lose and -- around just not gonna. You you guys are hockey hockey guys you've been -- -- hear your hockey guys -- the Bruins do -- not. And there's the there's a whole new audience. Bandwagon. Pink hat whatever you wanna -- is that -- -- right now I don't what every article casual fans who are becoming less casual one more invested. Recently. If if you mentioned. Playing soccer they have no idea what you're talking about having this huge -- I think a little -- if if you if you. Mentioned Andrew great -- we have no idea what you're talking about that kind of they don't know he got to Tuukka -- sorry so I don't know it on his stuff. So is it better this way. Would you it is it better to have. People overreacting. Everything. Or were you more comfortable win it is. Have conversations. With -- hard core Bruins fans are core Bruins media were around all the time and this took if it was a big deal they said it was a big deal it'd make mountains out of out of mole hills. Well it's good and bad it's for I mean Hampshire -- as an old school a regional. Original six guy. -- and tells an original six counted 336 members of the Bruins media deals wanted to hear what's your resume six steals an original six when it comes from the Bruins media. I think they analyze the more the merrier bring them on I think that the more attention it's on the team. Better for us because people actually care vote but we have to say and as such -- mean employed so. Gob bless keep keeping common -- -- It waters down on the conversely conversation for sure there -- a lot of a lot of idiots in the mix but whatever -- anyway. As far as media goes. I loved when all the it's it's thinks that you don't get talked to players you want to all the time it's tougher did the Apple's conversations but. -- all the media's there in just from all the difference TV stations and they get the Canadian the national media involved I think that's that's awesome and adding that if it makes the -- makes the Bruins. Look like through the Red Sox which in my mind when they're playing as balls they are. They should be the talk but at the. So kind of like what they this is what you wanted but not not really. You know Bruins fans. And rightfully so at times felt like you know. We were ignored not paying attention to a few nights that you did you thing though I don't I don't why don't oil has made us a little bit you Blair tried but. Now the people are paying attention to you. You get all that comes with that and oh right yeah yet so do you want every every thing that did that that attention. -- a -- Toobin had to deal with the the oh is that the year before block so when they were dreadful the year after severe. At that great goal in game seven against the Bruins -- from Islam and go -- in the cup. The next year that was like growing pains city repeat these two bit. Yet and up and down year it's finding his way the team was awful in everything that went wrong. There was -- like on Twitter blame Sudan as you like -- in Montreal today hash tag -- event. And at the same Savannah got benched by this coach wreck on three different occasions this year bigs are right he. He's siesta go through that is the -- try to make get the -- that playing in a city like Montreal I don't wanna start comes in here but it. We did not with the media we were not nearly as best house Sagan as we could have been so I don't really -- -- battle. It's on -- on this is like this is a bit of the Boston Bruins. Are now he and all season. Team in terms of people talking about -- people write in my -- in the said he felt like it's like an NFL thing that the. I think it was during the reveling series he's -- long felt that pressure of this the city the media everybody like not necessarily turning on him but. When those expectations are on you at all eyes are on you and it's not put up or shut up time Johnson Watertown John you're next on dale and Holley. Thanks for the therapy session for the past couple -- here. A couple of unrestricted free agents and let me ask you about but first I -- to just kind of get them off my chest. I mean we can't bonanza and have always been in the camp. That the -- in trade. -- I didn't like it and I never liked it and I think some of the things we saw. This post these in just exploited the reasons why don't like it. Moving on. Well a little. While -- move up front about the brother and a garden event. Stay right there what is very reticent young like John. -- -- to be honestly I just I thought that two week in order to get him they they gave up an office so capsule that hole in order to get to draft pick. And then when he came here. The potential will wasn't there he'd be infinite potential was there right I just don't feel that we gave him the kind we is that he needed to kind of -- war. And I think with the leadership in that locker room with with time it would have gotten there is on my stuff. How much time well I just I don't think you would still too premature and I think. It's very ironic that we're having the congress shape the conversation over the past couple of days that we need to finish that we need that thirty goal scorer. You had to what you had to doubt that John had -- -- are really not try to -- like do we need John but. This is the why this is why they traded him aside from the -- character was part of it. But he had a big contract coming. And they couldn't wait for him to find his game being needed or they couldn't wait for him to beat the type player that could thrive in the system I know we scored 29 goals a couple of years ago that they couldn't wait for him. To be a guy who they could count on in the post season not be it goes to admit that put him on the third line so they made a move and said here's our window. Five we have maybe five. Good years of Chara left three to five good years Charlotte we need to win now so they make that deal they get better in the short term. By getting a rally Smith -- very good in -- Erickson who. Is a second line player playing on the third line now. -- Do you think that we Ericsson has has played up. This -- potential all season -- -- -- -- concussions but but it's. Three concussions. So -- and answers -- Right here don't yet have a played up to his potential -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Related that's apartment and I are affected to your point John -- you're trying to say haven't played the expectations I agree with you. And and this sounds very crass but it's just the reality at the business. Concussions are part of injuries are part of -- so. You're if you're evaluating the player. You can't say concussions aside it's. What what have you seen what you seen from -- Ericsson you'd have to say no it's not exactly. What what to expect when they may. -- the other thing is it once and Sagan for Eric's right. Right it was Sagan for your first line I your second line right wing your third line right wing. Your play off. Third line left wing. And defensemen who Pittsburgh traded to Dallas who still sitting in. In Providence right now on May or may not be here next year Frazier in Frazier immoral were more of kind of throw -- and that the idol to people one as they -- Smith is the best throw whenever like none of them he wasn't throwing -- is the Bruins wanted Grossman for a long time and they got them and they got -- as part of a bigger deal. But it was two concussions by the way for her for Erickson to this year and -- had the other one previous you're right but. I mean with Ericsson though you have the me and I was like oh bottom sixes are moving more and more towards more skill and less grit. You have the makings I mean it right now Soderbergh. And Ericsson. That's your cover lead in Kelly of today. Except a lot better than apparently Kelly. Who's staying who's -- one will go through some of that for a four coming up next. But we've been to. In the conference and show them to. Them. -- And most -- We're really just playing songs off the case tonight. This that's probably my favorite song that well. -- along these things is the actual originals on what was gonna stay away BM WA version yeah I was gonna say that acuity but -- you know more out of him the outlook. Of those who is called the blow to a it's been. Nothing. The -- red whistle days it was circular will be whistled. With a would submit that if you don't talk about ignored him but I just like yours do it well that wasn't accurate right. If you were to hear your jacket were here my jacket words like you said you did a better jacked when you did last segment. The excitement with which I speak at there's -- -- switched that he's got god -- invested that's I'm. A little better it was better than your last effort to -- the last one you guys -- -- -- was terrible so what was that that unfortunate news -- I'll let you be the -- came from bearer of bad news John Ferrell before tonight's game Red Sox and the Detroit Tigers. Shane Victorino still experiencing left knee soreness. Will go in for imaging likely unavailable tonight. And that -- is that sort of a precursor to he's not going to be available to us for a while don't you sort of -- that's common for for a long time I don't know about long time -- well. But you just look at him yeah it's Shane in this heat it's one of those guys. And maybe is just that that he that he plays the way he plays and he's not a big guy anyway. It's got I'll say this has got to hide pain threshold so he's out. You know is really serious from the guy just he plays hurt this is not an issue but. I'll go back to that statement he hasn't been healthy since he's been a member of the Boston -- Look -- -- sending him for an MRI for his knee. Now you hope that it's not and then you know ten tonight as servers got a little swelling a day off he'll be okay. But don't to get a little warning buzz in the back here heads at all. Because I do based on history as you said. Alright now here's here's a couple ways to look at as we mentioned Victor Reno and -- -- -- the positive way of looking at it. Is that they have 122. Games left in the season 122. Games at the time right. Negative Republican candidates they look very very very average here twenty and twenty record I suggest. They would look -- they're in the very very average American guest so are they are they better than the -- they the best average team in there. Very average to below average division. I think their right there with the other average teams in their average to below I -- independent also how did this happen. Part of happened -- -- we're talking about a team I know it's hard to it to bounce back in and win a World Series or -- to compete for World Series after 11. A really special teams do that -- to repeat. Or even give back to the World Series next year. But we are talking about the brewer the the Red Sox. As an average team. Coming out of spring training and now it's accepted that the division is not very good in that the Red Sox don't appear to be. Very good how did that happen. -- of course a misjudgment on our part of that after months. Misjudgment on our part maybe they're true. Maybe but I'm like I hiding between what they're judged the Red Sox us meaning you know the people who observer. And we also misjudged the rest of the American League east most of us thought the Yankees you don't expect a quarter billion dollars of course they're going to be. Well -- that the quarter billion dollars is gonna help them with the physical issues they have they look old and broken down. And just like they looked last year and the year before that the year before that. Even with their quarter billion dollars. There may come down but apocalypse to really -- just got a job. -- rhetoric from because I was gonna say it may come down this division may come down to. Which ace. You trust the most so is it is it to Rocca and for the Red Sox had saved Lester. Because I haven't Lester tonight that's that's how you seven that's how you separate in -- if you're an average team but get your ace goes out there and shut people down. -- better than you actually are. Who can who can help his team war. Once a week. It on Jon Lester is it is that Iraq. I did mention -- that Wednesday night at the garden Bill Belichick is coaching staff for NetSuite -- -- the mine that's all of those guys. The Detroit Tigers played Wednesday afternoon. Up on a plane flew to Boston. Many of them were in the building Wednesday night many of the Detroit tigers' Justin Verlander was there with Kate Upton to watch the game Wednesday night. They were not this week I might -- there were no suites available for the -- by critics -- recently you what. A whole whole whole lot. -- Kate Upton was in the building Wednesday just in the whole bunch from the sickness here. I did we are at a distance I mean -- -- -- Somebody pointed out where she was -- she were in the berries and deployed note quite aware at the building. They were in the very back rolled the lower bowl right in front there. But they -- mean they weren't in one of the suite which is where was. Desperately searching the one who thought well not okay -- from. If you got to -- -- Justin -- -- -- -- our army denies that the Michael Moore. Not -- -- anyway the two player game what you say use it you know vote there as well via Twitter. -- Kate Upton doesn't she -- -- well -- and yet you don't -- -- which you say you know all the cars in the if -- It Napster can't show. Our studio would get up on -- -- I -- third man I didn't go anywhere near NATO and mean you or anybody else at the airport just broke early in the box. 677797937. Johnson cell -- hey John. It is it will create like a bad that it backfield Europe -- -- backed -- play by play what are bloom. Baseball. Team very much. You like you only -- want -- thank. I don't I don't know why do you argue all all I called 90. And -- the blown apart but I don't -- -- that is going to be I wanna beware straight. Think I was literally means a Goran electable and glad -- -- what they're separate goals the market with a box. If you weren't I would say in that -- duplicate it why -- -- great guys. What we get our mentality -- that sweet little deal on Ike hit bad habit humorous highly doubt it was a war. Your missing you you're kind of making a good point a little bit you missed Tyler Sega and rich are really in this series because you missed the speed that you give up in that trade. That's certainly true. You absolutely cannot look at a player's numbers outside of the system. And say that that's what they would have done here because palace they would not have scored 37 goals. What. Everybody -- if it was a good what -- those that I was Riley-Smith. -- -- but I'm happy go flat out he hit the bloody whatever we call our deal lap 45. Whose last game and as I hate it's unique I was and what are highly addictive. We couldn't. Get him. No we couldn't because he can't finishes bulls' rallies McCain is never gonna stick -- Smith has it from players. I'm -- I'm not a great -- or 38. Years you won't part of the problem. And yet. -- it'll be at all. All of and the whole thing -- -- kid's a winner. I'm that we couldn't wait any say OK you gave up -- John can I point out they signed him to a contract extension at big money right because they wanted him to be here and wanted to be a star here. Which is already -- -- actual data wanna lately so why I don't I don't with a little money all of you know again. You cannot delete what you and eating it up and re put that maybe. I mean it's a big -- complacent and thought it. I'm -- do you deal. What would you. Compare them to be like -- not be the duke of York and all these people to be. He didn't. Want -- every idea right it will be an all saying. All right I thought that's where -- -- -- -- there you think extremely. High of Tyler Sagan I understand why because he was high draft pick. Because he has the skill the razzle dazzle the pizzazz and everything that goes through delaying the current legs got the dangling for hockey. -- At the end of the day where does he play on this team in what kind of impact -- -- have -- he scored seven more goals this year than Patrice Persian. He's -- the -- -- earlier in the courts are more go to mr. Bergeron scored seven more goals than Jarome Iginla did. And and and like you you lost they lost he scored one goal in six playoff games for the Dallas Stars right. When they desperately needed more out of on the money was able to pride. OK but despite that despite that and got a job -- job that you guys are you guys are missing of the point that John has bring it brings up to fair very fair point. Number one. They did give up on Tyler state yes it -- That's where you -- that gave up or other act resolutely at the center of this after they signed him to a big board gave -- contract extension. They did give up on the number two. I think his point is that type do you need to be -- and that's what I said yeah at beginning of -- -- they don't DJ or hear it again. You have one guy on the first line. Who is not a two way player can you have eight Tyler -- tight and you have a Phil Kessel type. A gifted scorer not doing everything it -- not -- yet you can do that so that's what the Bruins need. So they they moved from him. And should have OK -- yes. They should've. But now what they have what their their team is comprised of the a bunch of -- Hard -- Play the right way two way players in what they need it to take. At one of those two way player or two of them in exchange for somebody who was one dimensional I did a great idea that I. I media's crazy I mean I can't hit this and it and I are glad you're saying I'm Derek Callaway here crazy -- -- It is like the -- volatility idiots out there I mean some of them yeah I mean they've they've got power for things like that. Ericsson is an out there to kick anybody's -- he's really mean you can call quote on quote soft player but he's got a really at stake is a really Smart player. He's did to a guy. So you can have guys who are just -- their two run people over but they need to leave the right wing within your system -- Ericsson is still the date did he do what they expected him to do. No because they expect -- Patrice Bergeron to be a bitch of a -- would play against and they're not even on the same lineup maybe they will be in the future but. I think -- Ericsson is kind of a third line here you're going to have pre. Top nine forwards in exchange for Tyler -- That's what -- gonna have -- yeah I think I think you're gonna have three guys your cap to the top we we party has Sagan I mean now okay tidal areas that are. I I I. Disagree with the compiled our aggression is going to be there you already have Reilly -- pin and -- Ericsson broker I think Frazier is going to be a top nine forward on this team next year I think that. So get used Ike and -- I buy like Matt Fraser I think that. He's got some areas were -- leads to grow he's the type that -- sees a young kid he's a dominant AHL player. And there's -- -- questions as to whether he will be. They eat low long term be it NHL players need to get better along the wall we need to keep these does everything he can't try to fit any abuse fighting earlier in the season. He wants to make it DHL. I don't think the U pencil him in as a sure fire NHL players and we thank you also just justice. Like I keep -- stress this. Date had to trade Tyler Sagan Memorial -- -- -- keep him on this team. -- yes that they know that they could have kept him it would have been a an awful financial situation if they kept forget about -- financial -- it would have been able decide Jarome Iginla. They would have had they wouldn't even been able to try to bring it the Norton back. I mean that deal and moving -- contract which one he was bringing you with the bad contract. Moving that contract moving -- these are -- for what it was given them was a bad contract in the post season about what he sold this year. For Dallas at the current contract with the right from its of that both teams got out of this what they wanted. I think that Dallas was probably tough for the portrait -- Erickson but they're thinking you know what. We are not a playoff team we have a young star in Jamie Benn who needs another youngster to compliment him let's. Get this that say -- kid. Move bend back to his natural position of -- don't make him play setter -- you've these guys can gel. In so far mean to beat the score title there in those guys fly and they need to bend a globally plays he's a usable Sagan. Has the smarts. The speed everything you watch that team. In Tyler say get it isn't a piece in Dallas he is the straw that stirs the drink for the -- stars so. For what he's been able to be there and that's fantastic is -- good enough for them to win the know might it be 345. Years down the road sure. But again with the if Peter surely kept Phil Kessel you have losses job before he sought counsel become the player that he is now in Toronto I think the same goes for if you kept say get. It would have been a long time before Sega became a great player here. -- we lost to Montreal team. -- mine for many reasons not one reason. We can play -- best we know that. He appears. You know. We're really expecting some guys back. And warm toward me a little bit -- So this is a great team and then there's of the transit you have to address in this team immediately OK and -- Taller and a half way through -- or July 1 or perform this thing you have to let things. Wolf sometimes what. We're welcoming to me changed but there will be some changes. And I wouldn't blow up either and what he's saying is he's not a blow this thing up which in the immediate aftermath of an emotional seven game loss. To the Montreal Canadians their folks up there want them to blow it up we were getting calls and texts from people get Rask got -- here yet -- out of here get everybody out of here. Just. The record do that I got two things as well where Robert Mathis just got suspended four games for violating the pot substance abuse policy told you. -- asked to. Meet soldiers and an -- -- that was government. You're just -- that was my take. I thought -- had you know one of the best seasons of his career right age of 530 whatever -- wonder why properties that everybody's Shawne Merriman and do it early in your career end like this guy's amazing all. Interview at the right way of missed the first four games of the season we look up look at their schedule right maybe it's easy comes back. He's rushed final twelve games playoff push -- that's the charge to do their time limit their artists there there's Houston up miss a few weeks are two things for. Guys about an hour from now would have our army and text -- mean tweets are mean everything. 37937. If you would contribute to that. We will we will play involved we will respond to them have a good time. With this stuff taken with the right -- I believe it is -- with the right spear a aren't yeah I -- -- -- -- Question of who. Opened. -- crazy. It just flat out crazy people would've -- you out. And tweets too you reflect. -- like what let me why -- I mean this particular do you because on Twitter one likes me there'll AdAware and yet they're so friendly. I I think it would dale. I do have some stuff here for mothers against DJ being so everybody doesn't like your expert that's why there's been too you know practiced Palestinian. That's what it comes down. Are you one kind of person or via its personality. As a fan. Are you the kind of -- the believes. Give me that guy give me the number one guy. The one dimensional. Scorer doesn't do everything well but he does one thing Eddie -- genius level when he's right. Let's call that guy Michael Holley are not go to I don't know. A but the player of the players the player ought to about the guy who likes it or. Do you believe. I mean I mean a bunch of guys don't want that one guy at one dimensional -- did score. Give me a couple of guys who do a lot of things well will play the right way -- and nice two -- game play with in the concept. -- overall we are better team. They're just having some dynamic scorer who can do anything. What would you rather have. I'm in the -- in -- so I would rather have one of those like I think that if you could have if you could -- -- Year lineup right now open capsule unit today they would do that to -- in but but the Bruins I mean it's a real struggle but they face of how can we incorporate. The skilled guy who is quote unquote solved by quote -- soft I mean. Literally soft like -- but the softer player either I mean even a -- in -- type who. Is he gonna score a lot of goals anyway but he's -- as skilled a player who fans clamor to see. All you ever hear from the shadow of crowd that's the crowd people who. Are buried on the incident that is sort of should up next here is that there's our -- in -- Arafat I got to -- at that. They're called the -- Crowley has. That they always gonna be should of kept -- should of scooter it's at a car bomb like things like that. This should of crowd loves Ryan Spooner it -- Tyler say they love those skilled guys and they wanna see it work in the bruins' system why they wanna see you working the root systems solo because. Immediately scored. -- -- -- -- -- When -- got a team like this this team like that and give -- the vision of the team is is perfect. The vision of the team -- sound. That's what you don't like their vision I -- like you wanna change. I like their -- but it falls and overall but you don't have everybody on that team. Does not have to be like that America so America we will be able. And all sorts of styles anyway. You are rule that I yeah this was regardless of setup techsters to Texas and oh yeah -- only -- Sagan muzzle is off to Boston confused playing wing. Shut up he's soft everywhere. If you bring in that -- score the guy who does nothing but score. Where is he playing is he your first sign right wing death if so you're saying divided Jarome Iginla OK it probably are anyway this season Peter surely brought in. He is -- the scorers he loves having guys like me -- Lucci to teach. What are they shots and go -- did them for right zero that would you count on from him when your ex or what you expect from each year. Goals wise you say -- get you somewhere between 25 and third need to just diversify. I think that if the Bruins had their druthers they would have a lot of guys who played their game the right way. But -- reached the upper twenties when it comes to scoring goals that's why this year's team was so intriguing. Because it had. A guy like Lou cute guy like martian Alec again like Alec Erickson who none of these guys though we're gonna score 35 -- that. That again -- court 35 but none of these guys gonna hit 3540 goals. But -- Your game the right way and he still managed to score not a ton. But a lot of goals that's just the way this team is built factors that should have. Not sure I don't -- Q I didn't know she would -- I went professionally great without contraction on yours should too. -- Providence Mike you're next on Sports Radio -- politician of. -- -- A guy -- probably eight. Thank you show questions we are here a lot a -- -- -- how grown eight -- speedy but you're what you guys think about. The speed greatly. Speed has. How the -- where he would hate. Accurately be right in the second they call it pocket what it makes sense that adds a more birds all -- -- -- and it. -- I'll I'll I'll I'll I'll be. I when we play cut a few minutes go from Peter sure rally net maybe you think -- crap and that's fine you and telling -- where where he. The irony -- areas they thought they handled the speed to the Detroit Red Wings actually quite well. And the Montreal Canadians were -- some posted speed advantage. Actually played bigger and stronger and lost some of their speed advantage and didn't use that to the advantage that many people expected. That was sure rallies take on on both those two series. Yes and I mean. Yes -- these speeds that I said before with the -- treaty for details Leo rich part release will be missed out on some of that speed but. Again I still go back to. Whichever team forces the other team to play their game mr. team that wins. In if the Bruins were able to slow them down a bit in dictate the pace of play more as they were kind of able to do in game one then it's a -- difference here. Extra calls you around that so it was so soft that you -- when -- in BP votes yeah SharePoint I -- that's a fair point I got my. I couldn't get MVP votes is not player yes sure it's because it's. In -- so far they're not winning yet but for that turnaround hell yes it looks as a great player he's not not my time player. If I had my druthers the pirate NHL GM. I would not have I would not he would be the guy that I build around but they're doing that Dallas in May be Ben's more valuable than him but that turnaround we're going to give credit. -- February and an NH LG where you today. Talking to Peter surely you guys both -- not worried about the playoffs the next round come on our guys will join a mile 45 Sports Radio WE yeah.

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