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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Bruins Future Edition - 5-16-14

May 16, 2014|

We tackle four topics all relating to the future of this Boston Bruins team, specifically Marchand, Boychuk, Thornton and Iginla

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And coming. I thank you get you that song for awhile. It's human voice for awhile back to this is like. But -- finally a give Mikey credit -- turn with words but it's. -- -- -- -- Eddie lives that we need or gold that's. I like the idea but it seems only fair that we play the Bruins goals on as via our post mortem. Of the season just wrapped up in the question for all of us is. Disease day. Or -- bill young -- that's where we kick things off. For a four brought to you by AT&T AT&T covered more than 99% of all Americans building you a better network. As dale mentioned today it earned 44 we'll take a look at the Bruins roster and discuss some of the players who may or may not be in a Bruins sweater next season. Let's start with the most polarizing player on the bruins' Brad marsh and it will he be here. Next season and it decipher. If there's been more of those my -- rivalries different that's from 2000. From 2012 fortunately but. Depending on what you get form that would treat him I think I think that. It back that up earlier or what they would have to do it for in the last year I think if the -- got right back at NA demanding. I would -- I would give you an observer OKQ what what type of player are you are we talk about it for -- marvel at Montclair art -- brings you back if you treat him you're trading for probably a lower ceiling fight. His ceiling I think is 3035 schools and I'll think he'll ever hit it because you have to account for. Maybe five games that he'll be suspended from. In any given year. I think that they get to go to each year thing in the -- score thirty Eagles so the trade him. Then it probably for a guy with -- kind of like with Sagan and Eriksson you're going with a little lower the ceiling but immediacy for player. I'm a Brad -- and -- -- like it either go -- I consider it dirty player any negative -- -- by the I agree with but I think that. If you can't get. Equal value if you can't get someone he could legitimately sees -- 45 to thirty goals I think he's worth keeping but I do think that. If they can get something -- like he would be open to hear him yes good contract though don't forget my -- four point six million dollars Wolfowitz -- side. And what is -- number. I don't know anyone do or what. Whatever I think right here in the cart -- we're in the middle here four point five years here -- Those closer to four point six -- -- -- here's here's the problem okay when you have one goal in your last twenty playoff games right. You're not worth four point five million dollars to this team in my opinion. He's either got to increase the productivity. -- got to do it somewhere else I'll also say this. You could put up put a lot of crap if you're producing right if you're not producing a lot of the crap becomes crap. And the video that's out there lining up faceoff circle Thomas what damage. And looking to see if anybody's watching and and and punching mechanic and -- kind of fun. It's kind of funny not a good visual. -- if you if you're scoring at -- and -- that's that's OK if you're not. It probably an out of Dexter has the right answer. Move on to a third line and lower expectations. That you paid that guy -- for a slightly -- -- 5000004 points to four point two what you're that you got to a third liners. Who were making more than four million dollars you're blessed. Not so much. Yes we are Michaels John Thornton has been the Bruins enforcer since 20072. Base officers seconds is done against. Blake Wheeler. Who goes in between board now. There are good went back in November -- ball away. Last month the stars came here and they days. Never runaway trained straight shots right -- The -- my good. Words gets all blocked up underneath big gets blows ordinary engages. Gordon goes under six up field -- takes a bloody job like travel right -- -- the top. Marches and agonize try to put his way. I just always hope Jack will be back at soldier says Bedard like Jack vs -- he should have been in the gym lately. This week on these fights will the last of memory we have Sean -- a Bruins uniform beat him squirting water. Case of noble cause he also had a really bad shift of that still we schools so that would be we had other bad things I like I said before I'm gonna repeat it I think he's back. I don't I I think that that. While it is not something you need during the playoffs is something you need during the regular season. You do not have a place -- nor should there be a place for the Jon Scott can do nothing but punch people on the head type players Shawn Thornton can do more than that. Or one year deal I think Shawn -- back. Here they've had they're the same for -- for how many years since halfway through 2011. Are so that's a long hours at a long time for a fourth -- -- dominance you know. But the state does not come back. He will be no stranger to the city of Boston. Has -- -- treatment a third man import them in whatever. But how quickly got an influence but I think that I'm sorry and ultimately it's I think that speech that they should bring him back -- to be a mistake not -- him back. But I think that with guys like Florida they have guys as in Peter senate today which is just. Pretty -- Fourth lines are moving away from that sort of stuff I think that the how -- potential good fourth line player in just before so. My expectation is the -- with three. Johnny boy chuck has one year left on his contract. Will Johnny boy -- being dealt away this offseason. Jack go to directed to aggregate and it is just going to know. Between now the start of next season I don't call at -- -- -- you know I talked to I went -- put together is like -- before game. That wouldn't get all those materials outline card he said. I haven't made. And I know who it's made by where they live it's my hosts or -- debates the other really blown jacket for a later date of proudly say I'm well in my jacket as -- as we've. But -- -- to go before I go to take currently not it takes it -- -- as he's -- -- he didn't product or not a pretty detailed a couple words that don't aren't you. I'm sure will somehow involve the word particularly now that olive Michael I thought often imitated. But rarely do right but yet -- at Buick Jack -- It takes forever Jack project to make those flights are there anyway we could drag this back to boy chuck it all -- yes and I. Now what you guys say it was a surprise me at Iowa he's a guy who could be trade he's the guy that if you really want to get something back up the guy that you move I think -- -- defenseman. I pastor early today if at some point you'd think got to consolidate these guys have so many bodies -- idea of Quaid. You yeah Accra. You have to if it were soft ski or -- or south he's never yours to recruit. So. You got a lot of guys and at some point you gotta practice together not Murkowski who I think is gone I think that. You've got to move some of these guys get that one guys back and I think it. If it's really good player. The Archos is the guys you move I think that in a perfect world. They would move -- instead of boy -- Atlanta would agree rural people that way and the problem is not -- yeah I mean that's the problem is. Adam equates injury history makes it difficult to deal him voice -- is more credible. Time now for the AT&T question of the day -- again low was only signed through this season. I. And Jerome McDougal. Against Jonas Hiller. Forward. Golf who pulls the. The lot harder with Russia with talk about a thing going. -- but the Bruins resign and re saying Jerome A gamma. This is the hardest one for me because this is strictly a matter of dollars and cents. This is if Jarome Iginla once an opportunity to win and -- it -- maybe tomorrow top there. I know he likes it here -- families here he's content here. But it's going to be a money thing he's probably gonna have to take less here in terms of money -- term. -- and get off somewhere else term is the biggest issue it's I mean they'll give him the money he'll do it we'll do one of those 35 and older deals that they did with him this year. Where they differ all the money to next year. There as you said they're paying about four point two million this year or next year. As a penalty for that was deal this year so what they have to convince it is. Will hate you but it's gonna -- to be year to year so you can we take this one year deal verses. -- -- it's gonna get some team out there that will give them. It'll give three years and years and -- treated today would you blame the -- you have to look at I wouldn't play him a bit. No I think it's hard -- for me the whole thing. Way. Big colored. While. What you what's I think he leaves. Ideally eastward. Did you -- that contract. Three years three or four years laughter contractor whose career why not take action. One quick addition question and we got a text or who said how -- -- -- conference husband. I'd be on -- -- who finally -- being shopped by the Toronto Maple Leafs there mainly to Western Conference teams. Now play against the -- and -- that let me reiterate BJ -- derisive laugh. No thank you he is the definition of a guy who should be playing a -- eager to lower than he has. And the mistakes he -- the year. Propensity that he has to take himself out of position for the sake of that peak hit. Is I mean he's the guy he's a J. D. Drew type where. It seems every year of his career he has been paid way more than you expected to be next year he makes a million dollars the year after that he makes eight million dollars. The year after that seven and a half million followed by seven followed by six and a half followed by six and a half. Followed by five gonna happen a year 20/20 and 20/20 one. Are you nuts plus he's got that 24 money coming in from copper. Plus we really want to Ronald sloppy seconds gone now the guys still are the -- days or are they regular. You know how to express himself -- looking at temperatures right now -- special for purposes of course. And. Which I was listening to see it before I was like why is that. The -- Susan. Yeah she's a team sees. As well it was. But in mixed -- -- -- -- -- -- You guys guys know that's the end arguing it's the one. It's so I think with mud away but line's. Best line of songs you want -- the -- that -- That's where project that is accurate. And a project Jack. I'll -- ignoring on this finger. 6177797937. AT&T text line -- 37937. Don and captured on next Sunday. The art so it was a great show today in the -- guys really knows export. I want to change focus just a little bit of -- could that you've spoken rather them you know I'm going to lose and took two hours but. Claude Julien wouldn't make comments they've BJP and if you repair or can you -- -- and on. Didn't say anything about -- in terms of you know how we want to put some of this on himself about just slid. I'm not saying that he should go you know they should get somewhere elsewhere perhaps in his. -- it is you know there's different record for cultures and everybody I think agrees with you know his secret code -- he's got. And talent that count as hard. As coaches. Though there are things -- that we have to back in it important. To do well against Montreal all season. And even though you have a system. You have to have a couple things in reserve and then you have to have the courage. Our debt collector fellows and -- it would sit in the shouldn't try to maybe it was the six. What you you have to -- -- so you you need to keep something that you haven't really demonstrated. A hundred practice. And if you can't shake something will court -- so. We'll see all of you see -- second. You need to just took a couple -- it's -- more. Will the of the one mixing it up move is called up Matt Frazier I think. And that was a move on on quote in Peter surely part. I think that's kind of the wild card that they had that nobody really expected that they called acted up but in the lineup bring an -- with a really good job finisher. And that ends up working out for the somewhat Frazier played pretty well he scores the game winner in -- game for. But other than that I mean what else could he really done -- club I give all the credit in the world for sticking with -- Smith the way that he did because Smith. For me was their second best for the post season. Well there's this usually doesn't happen. In hockey we don't talk about hockey coaches who say we we talked a football coaches. The patriots as a playoff game. Very quickly you know is certainly could lead to twenty minutes into the conversation talk about it. This guy you know way John Harbaugh out coached Bill Belichick we see it and basketball. An advantage of course of baseball we -- lot. And hockey reason don't get into it but if you wanted to have a conversation and say that. Meet shall. Terry and had a better series include Julian I think that's a fair statement -- show -- and got the most out of this team. He he was able to identify what the Bruins. We're trying to do he knew what his team needed to do to counter -- the -- was gonna bring to the table and for the most part. They did it they did it at a high level -- more consistent than than the Bruins. And ultimately they won a series so I'd have to say he helped coached there before talked at radio coach quote. Also but he also played Douglas Murray three games Truman -- -- -- shelter area and by no means -- Marvel they're data marvels coaching job against the -- isn't it. Don't want -- -- Yeah that I mean it was that I mean -- -- OK what oh whatever that's the flip it out back old school river. They went in -- Francona now and I don't know that we're not part I don't know he'd just been made mistakes yeah well I -- Douglas Murray was a huge mistake to his credit. He ultimately what the hell like anyone here played him in Boston when he didn't have last change that as the funniest most adorable thing I've ever seen human being. Well. I don't after the game -- -- why do play Douglas Byrd is gonna go all. A code thought it was a funny movie made so -- you don't gonna -- -- he's -- now. -- Six -- 7007. -- 79370. AT&T text line 37937. -- holly in DJ the most adorable thing ever Sports Radio WEEI.

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