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Mut breaks down his picks for the Preakness 5-16-14

May 16, 2014|

Mut picks California Chrome and Kid Cruz to finish 1-2 at Pimlico

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On the preakness is Saturday -- This is the second jewel a Triple Crown and it's the toughest in terms of and as a racing -- and an eternal battle because you want to root for the favorite George you know a Triple Crown. On the line three weeks California -- correct yet he's the -- prohibitive favor he's three to five right now between a 51 to five coach in the win pool. So as a fan as a racing for anyone to win a Triple Crown line as a better. One -- a terrible bet on California chrome. The pace did not develop the way I thought it was going to win the Kentucky Derby Odyssey -- lower. A lot people thought was going to be it was fast but wasn't fast enough for the closest to really come close -- excel. It's gonna sound like a being repetitive but. As Callahan with say. This is another legit pace valley California chrome and here BO budget -- speed horses in the mix social inclusion. Asked to go to the front to win buyers got to go to the front in weekend -- general A-Rod not named after -- the rig has been generally rod. And public -- there are five new horses in here they are all. Gonna go to the front shorter race though correct it's by a little bit it's a mile and a quarter gross amount threes so violent 316 so it's a little bit shorter. So speed sometimes of the good job hanging on here California chrome should by all indications. Sit up the speed. And -- the way he did in the Kentucky Derby I expect if everything goes right California -- wins the fun focus on how -- we make money. The horse in my whole week it is based on its horse named after New York giant wide receiver former UMass minuteman Victor Cruz. The seven horse kid Cruz in the preakness on Saturday is 21 morning line. He is the one confirmed closer in this field. I think there is a really good chance California chrome crushes. And -- Cruz at 1521. Comes up for second round out the exact if that happens I'm going to be a very happy man I'm being very basic this this week in the preakness. -- crew is once second or third. I'm gonna have a good day as longs to -- California chrome with I just think he's back on what the city -- tell yet he can be beat any probably EE Camby but not -- -- ten -- California crawled. Wins this race as you might. What's going to be beautiful it's already stop rating at AMOCO. So that shouldn't be -- I would only modest that you don't any of those we need the one closer in the field that is -- cruise that's you make it but it -- in with -- gonna play our hard ice cold exact. California crawled bolts kid Cruz went to. I got to school and our versatile little bit in case some it really -- can cruise ends up winning. But he seems like he's gonna -- per second or third. Blow up the exotic prices and if that happens in the favor wins. Make a real in this topic are there are ten horses to wages go chrome and -- crews all all we'll try -- popular component. Keep in a chrome. All while all police drew -- what I'm doing undo it both ways it's eight per dollar increment on the trifecta. You can do chrome crews all for eight. You can -- crew was krall all for eight. I'll probably duel where is one of the horse in this race as I am like the -- social inclusion of full row of -- the second choice. By I think you are pointing in the direction I'm probably going to go which is trifecta of bad decent plot with a dry spots on -- that's why -- here while Kenya. I'm giving you winners. You guys know what the official drink of the pre. Mrs. No Lloyd notes called the black tools -- round. Crown jewel yacht -- it's called the black eyed Susan and -- bring it up because I -- daylight it's. This case I've had one of these I was at the preakness couple years ago. And I had this and pace as bad as it's not just tell me that you would like this spread -- cellular it's sweet kind of girly drinks idea. Vodka. -- Whiskey Bergen. Peach not orange juice pineapple juice sour mix -- -- later -- corps. Something called elder flower flavor look war. You shake all back together and you putter over ice we will carry orange. Does that combination sound good at all now and it's not there's too much -- a terrible there there's a mint jewel liberals don't like the Mitchell let's find it's a basic drink though it's it's the mid east Prussia and there. And it's by -- will -- This is too much. That's too much alcohol beer man becomes a punch in the face it. I mean that's all that that be your name. You know with that's outlooks to see you it's like it's all yellow. It would also glasses. It's grossly you know a -- -- as a black eyed Susan this weekend what -- one of those at at the preakness. By 1415 bucks I got it carries for fifty if you want it was 1050. In a plastic glass it was like eighteen dollars you wanna keep the glass they'd they'd Jack apple price. Strategic aim now we really helped lead over Paris. Paris in the lead over strategic aim you down which -- my bad. Paris now with a Cuban leader of the hit the half mile pole. Will be again. And hi -- Neck in -- won't be again in hi poppy. -- the again and high property. Won't be again and I -- and -- Hi poppy -- and know. Bodies can they should -- -- over there. -- -- Celtics. So the Victor Cruz is named after Victor Cruz the ownership group are huge giant fans kid Cruz is named after Victor Cruz. He apparently is going to be there Casey the horse Wynn's gonna solve the dance I'm worried and you -- -- -- -- down low -- twenty and a woman that's mile long shelf player acute crew's second or third. With California program and --

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