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Florida Friday - Man Stabs Friend over the last Natty Ice 5-16-14

May 16, 2014|

We take our weekly visit to the craziest state in the union. Today, Water fights and natty ice lead to violence, and an alligator stops a fleeing criminal.

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Florida Friday month -- We're bringing you stories from the state of Florida stories that quite frankly don't seem to happen. Any or else we got three stories today Lou's got to have been a story than a balls beer when he got -- I know this all happened here. That's for sure a cavalry is when he threw steals cars basically for a living Vick. When the -- -- -- spotted -- it was a stolen car. Or the police report the vehicle begin driving it very highest rate of speed it was lost sight of however there were complications. The Honda was later discovered to have crashed into an alligator. Causing it to crash into the median -- Rodriguez would happen and printing and I would not happen in Framingham not happening Connecticut as a matter for repeated because after being read his rights. Rodriguez confessed auto -- thing you learn to steal cars by growing up but it helped -- Connecticut. Brenda Aaron Hernandez a who knows this guy steals the Clark gets away from the cops yup but fortunately it's an alligator try to cross street trash this event thanks to come out. Murder defendant Daniel Trent. Says he stabbed -- drinking companion. And the man's dog following an argument overweight for. The last can of beer. He didn't wanna share it he wanted to for himself said Trent that's in a cal Florida -- aluminum bench. And Mary county jail Tuesday -- said the skilling was in self defense during a fight. At the element cut its analytic kitchen -- -- track was arrested. And charged with second degree murder in the death of 56 year old mark Durham. The stabbing occurred at -- home and Greenfield apartments. The two had been drinking natural ice better known as Matty ice leave it. And friends said they first -- said they first ranked gate 24 pack. Purchased at a nearby store. Then they went back got an eighteen back to the guys were splitting. Was it 42 -- not greater map there a 42 Pakistan actually these two guys. They both chipped in to split it became ill last year in the eighteen back so beard number 42. -- claimed it -- said they argued in Durham. Eight told their arm to go home Durham said though banks on the gravity knife. Economy and his finger. An ice that -- said it was self apparent because he attacked me but the fight started over the 42. Matty ice of the night. From these two guys in Florida understandably they haven't even -- amount of players like you each have your share when he won in -- culinary. Somebody had a 22 that's metrics faster Matty ice once it is at the rate Matty ice that means you have a problem. You have a problems imagine that you died getting that over and any other good beer in the league awful. All of this with the art cars world. Almost a year and a half Imus that sport perhaps -- -- like you know the water fights with your buddies. Right Ed Weathers got ice water table outside -- watch in the area that's splashing water water but it -- lake city got a lot of control. A little children's water fight escalated. Because apparently Eldridge Henderson thirty years old well aren't happy. That his son I believe was maybe receiving too much water get pissed off their yell it's apparent took off. -- to -- -- -- they tec nine semi automatic nine millimeter handgun and started opening fire. -- one woman in both of her legs. And eventually was arrested. It was just pissed that his kids. -- -- with water too much. Three when young got an automatic -- just that it opened fire nine millimeter handgun. Obviously was arrested charged with. Firing a weapon possession of a firearm. You know so. This. Out of Florida I don't know what kind of water fights but apparently make sure that my -- of additional water found no -- and order. And make should know what's going to be. Experts at that a house that's when we leave out of -- -- people are Marco Island and no good if you say so on their I think you're gonna be okay it -- is down there and ice water water part got escalating. -- -- Florida Friday -- Lou 937 WEEI mop my son has a pirate water pirate ship water table too we love the yeah. He's got this a great setup outside has been nice out again up their play in the water table fumbled worries. Athens' flash himself but no it's never let them. And he what you just national and that therefore.

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