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Danny from Quincy gets owned by Mut and Lou

May 16, 2014|

Danny from Quincy does a lot of yelling, but as always, ends up making little sense.

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Odd Danny is in Quincy today's on 937 WEEI -- good morning. Morning and I really think it's pathetic to start you know just to spend half an hour of trading deadline clock when I didn't hear any of that top when they went on -- stint. -- my daddy elicited the -- and I -- You guys -- guys were talking about trading deadlines stopped correct. Yes -- it because I did at the trading deadline and before this series that he didn't I would not the day after the trading down we spent two hours. A -- relegate defenseman yet. Second you can but don't know that when they beat Detroit I didn't hear any just a minute I'm just. -- -- way to Montreal I didn't know any of that training that -- -- tornado -- guy. This series -- I say this series what -- You -- Michael we started this series by saying this series as a whole. Would be a a wait a look back at the trading deadline because pierce -- told us through the young defensemen in this on this team were good enough to Los manic. Would he be an impact in this series and a -- we started the day before the series began talking about the deadline. And the cost of eliminating monitoring all let me finish. A compliment and Morton. -- -- -- -- -- To do with this conversation that. And great to know we didn't talk about that day. -- an important. -- -- didn't do. It. But it simply want to call them. The opportunity to me -- -- that's. Israel and -- want to and it did talk. And 211. Went and we cannot. About that with the unpredictable and all. -- And -- I blocked. It. Do -- think I did not think. Don't they don't want 200 appointment -- time block. It's. Important that we didn't want to kill and that's an. Assortment. You want to limit that I didn't -- and I'm not. Just the simplest. -- -- Did -- young defensemen at times in this series are Cal's game Miller had their heads up their bots as you said. You can to a game I didn't I don't know how it started -- want younger but I don't know that's a good game want to. Anybody young defenseman Andy one. I younger batsmen and -- cost them a game. After game six we do. Back to witness stand in the market at all. No complaint chat with a -- yeah I can't put it all up to adopt the account. The. Equality. How shocked that the Big -- an appointment at student. Okay. There are down one ethic is Camilla I didn't. Think about what -- said. It's now but what happens he might do that. Would it looks. -- little miss the net -- on hit the ball. I'll just don't know -- aren't getting educating the any any game you lost such a joke. OK I just thought it from a guy this is common from a guy that says don't bring up the past is government that it still bitching about. Break it what's the guy left fielder for the Boston red saw Jason Bay Jason -- you -- -- Google that was. Yeah. Talking about the history of mistakes were made five years ago in your bitch and a costs -- not bring up the trade deadline a couple weeks ago I would not talking about -- -- It aren't you -- -- and -- Danny. You'll lock you can't grit and Jason Bay for six years and Manny Ramirez why didn't win and always. That's only gonna do you call a no call this -- problem is that. I -- I think it's important and wondering about -- don't give a huge appointment. -- It is a joke -- you have to go and we're talking about the trade deadline now for about three weeks. And the measuring stick to what this series means. It's your politician paper sixty owners. Six years it can't let it go -- just got owned my -- -- A bad or any like I it's the guy that it to your point. Always brings up the past my -- then he's calling card is calling you want something you said. Six months ago or years ago you said -- two years ago. And he's -- because we talked about the trade deadline on a Friday and it talked about it on Wednesday. Are you serious -- She says it's a Friday dude chill. I don't know all that -- -- makes any good is that he doesn't shield the promise that you can. Clearly wrong in this case. Mean that there's not and outs of him it's OK. Yes he's right about part of why the Bruins lost the series. What to say that's the only reason Danny I think you're wrong. -- you're wrong to say this show didn't -- and the birth day leading into Montreal lost and it. Looking back at the trading deadline as they report card and a measuring stick you don't really diminish a relic help we started the day with Joey giving up before we get to the break. -- sure rally day of the trading deadline press conference over at the garden when he when he takes XP he -- That press conference together wide decided to have that. That's that we we played this quote I was -- how many times. Before Bruins want it wasn't just because people as this is the cut people and we talked about sales and higher Rossi just because. I the Bruins played great down restrictions and everybody else ignored the youth in the Blue Line doesn't mean we did. But -- we talked about it over and over -- when their plane while we're polar bunch of idiots because look at the client. Okay just because. Everybody else to glossed over a five game series as we its -- younger -- as we did. -- Murkowski would -- we kept talking about the youth. When everybody is talking about experience going to game seven it's -- hold on now two thirds of -- defensive -- really doesn't have much experience. Is that there he should be concerned with. In two minutes and game what you concerned about it I think you work we didn't ignore most people did Danny. We never did. But my main intention of today was sent to bolster adapt. No way do you get the get in these conversations and and I know has been talked about -- -- -- Montreal and -- strengthen their team and good for them. They never seems -- word anointed the winner of trade deadline day and I'm fine with. They're better team and I look forward to facing them but. There you go and you know when the deadline Montreal bid and one of the guys that they got at the deadline impact of this series Europe your young defenseman Peter surely. They had their failures in this best of seven.

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