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Kevin Millar, MLB Network, I taught Manny how to hit an inside fastball in my garage, 5-16-14

May 16, 2014|

Kevin Millar of the MLB Network, joins the guys from the golf course to discuss the struggles of Clay Buchholz, Will Middlebrooks, and the time he taught Manny how to hit an inside fastball in his garage.

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-- our model or 937 WEEI based on his Twitter. Eyes on a golf course somewhere he is our buddy Kevin Millar from the MLB network he's brought to you. By a RS restoration specialist and by -- smoke shop. He joins us on the AT&T hotline where we golfer today -- Funny cap source speaking could you got light while you're six Matt Light -- they had -- But yet there was there -- Rick Perry carried out recur in the yet C out week. In the light we lost a very very thing that -- kept talking. To call you seek -- Saturday is a member guest column. Practice guys not apartment not ride hamsters and there with the and you guys don't jet skis in and get a tee time later on this afternoon. Yet boycott mostly on or near the YM yeah it. And regarding their student or are correctly and so what we call I've always caught my. -- brought -- a -- like you're always look at it. I don't boys club is on the hash tag reelect Kenny powers because you basically Kenny powers. Down their access. They're a typical well. Hey I Albert are like that at -- -- I'll -- I don't know I thought that our pregame Elliott a summer like heat played great for years you intelligence arbiter. So Dempster -- initial retirement left let the few dollars on on the table so hopefully pick it up the gap. The spends more time with the family down there UT out jet -- and Kevin Millar. -- -- Right it. -- -- abstract rates low and I. I'm okay I'm about what I had to take every dollar that's what we all war in your hat -- That would put a show did a good tee time nothing you've done no no way I roasts all of it and well. Very important one -- a war. Today David tried ever play shortest say Chris Rose to the show by yourself today. It's Chris Rawls it was -- -- or stay. Some plans sharp to me you go to war or -- -- -- -- -- -- he built that once and I'll pick late may still. The demeanor of the year you never know will be looking for. You know you never don't just say it. -- on to say -- to say it Red Sox are forty games in twentieth twenty get a first quarter this season basically in the rearview cavs how would you. How would you. Put this Red Sox twentieth twenty start coming up the World Series last year. Fortunate right now -- a lot of moving parts Arlene out hitters seem like it -- -- and haven't quite clicked. Not so lucky -- fortunate there at 504 -- we're gonna gain game and a half old Richard. You know the -- are fortunate I think the Yankees -- -- -- monster amount of injuries are a lot like last year. Are they looked like it -- to beat early on the mile and a Tommy John scene here an injury here and I get on here so I think the right now you got to look in the your Red -- were fortunate that we're in court. Got it won the biggest question marks here now we're in six weeks into it his people still trying to figure out play -- we've been here before with him. You know much wanted to -- traded before yeah we've discussed this. But now it seems to be -- a lot of you know confidence I think the velocity has come back you feel better but yet the put it together. This you have enough track record with you to sit there and say this and it's gonna get done are you still mentally somebody concern with. You know what about Michael -- You know -- it to the Raptors each period. He has got they'll be stopped we know that -- you believe you are -- You leave your correctly understand it or no greater respect start at Oriole that I'm out there. Dynamic crap all dynamic major dynamic breaking ball with all of the work harder times that there race and but the bottom line took quite buckled it up the more looks -- Bears -- -- -- I'm great I'm at bat man. That he's not gonna pit that level I think we all know he pitched to you ask me that's. It's and that can completely every parent that I'll say you know what I'll look back man clay at such good yet. And a good guy that you know what time that they keep it to almost night. Because sometimes you're gonna -- there and it strapped and let you know that that change of government. What you see you think it's a confidence thing with him that he S have more confidence up there on the mound. At times yeah I do because that's not my at bat and -- all want to reiterate aren't solved that -- cup went back. I understand that nobody went to bat -- thank you -- Well I have on -- -- when you brought that up with him did -- bring up the -- he mentioned injuries at all because that would I knew -- confidence to me it's one of two things the guy I see pitching right now. Doesn't look like they got it was dominant for the first twelve starts last year either is a confidence thing like you were saying or. He still worried about a fire rear back and really throw what I wanna roll. I'm gonna hurt myself again -- I as a pleasant view -- wondering is it still based on injury or is just competent with him right now. I'm not saying that black and -- I'm not saying that I mean I understand I'm on strain. I want him to believe it yet the top five pitcher at this level. You know he should be technical level with that stopped any doubt. It should we need -- -- quite buckled believe that that's a lot right now so I don't know that's what we call account but it had an injury in a current. I -- actually at a at a -- electoral it's not fun when you play that game injured late honor when you play healthy so. Maybe there's a whole bracket turns but I know quake buckled to get I don't quite -- I don't give up on. I know one thing he's gonna have. Great great much at a ball so get out and you know he's human yet. You know the guy to -- talk about mentally knowing. When I talk about -- little Brooks -- Kevin talk about the potential is there at the ability is there at the effort is definitely there and sometimes. With him as you know all of baseball seasons that last mental home you got to get over of that there are going to be bad stretches Federer. I don't we'll go one on that if they jet ski we just that is Attila jet ski sounds on radio Boston -- Mike good Loria down -- where you are now. They won't -- -- -- is that that mental. That make up you need to survive every single day that roller coaster staying even keel looks to me like he rides too high when he gets -- we get down on himself and it's tough time did not have it. We're argue with him at that potential and the player. What year you're still looking at a young man that -- it really doesn't know who -- -- a player right we see some. Power we spent some reason good side is man look at well -- the -- man it's a good body I'll let you know America. You meet some results to -- it all and and then. In and -- go on from there when you're young player still have -- up and now -- seen him being on probably upper bound now and it's like. It's hard to put a lot of pressure on yourself right. But will -- he's hurt they bring immediate for the rest like he's got current -- and -- That big league level and knows that he's gonna have an accurate he got a result here so I think right now we still look -- little -- results. And that's routes that you player and welcome whether he earlier I mean you look at side up. There aren't any counseling meant that he'd see it appeared pale like call you know we we get back and bet that -- what we we've yet to be here to fail. And so stop. We're talking to Kevlar MLB's intentional talkies on lake right now lake Austin -- at Texas the I think is if there's a failure looming here for the Red Sox Kevin that is not getting Jon Lester re sign and -- -- one about a playoff rotation. Obviously that was AAA I was wrong in that case I the Red Sox -- be wrong if they were not talking about Max Scherzer money. He's gonna face Max Scherzer are like money and really that. Work it when nine starts in now and every started seems less and less likely he is here. How do you view this may be heard anything about the negotiations Lester in the Red Sox right now. No I haven't heard a memorable night you won't for the team in Tom Moore looked at John -- but the bottom modest. You gotta have a plan exit strategy if you're not gonna sign unless you that are happening. That -- and how -- -- they had the sign on that streak at all but they left reports that the big games period. They don't have a lot of guys out there Matt -- and that's my whole point was quite buckle said. You know we get a little bit irritated -- Up architect a great stop what we're gonna go out there who are out there all. All they're the Red Sox some -- -- pieces that you gotta keep. John Lackey -- answer court at the RC you know labor oh ops. Splattered out obsolete. These guys that pitches you know its regular market sisters right now offensively scored a run and they -- -- -- -- -- Nevertheless Friday I don't know if you work or not you're out there hang in boys' club whatever was -- seventh inning David Ortiz drops the ball between second baseman right fielder. They rule that is an -- some some reason given -- What was your thoughts on that was that it was an air. 100 Hitler or me we -- act alcohol and there -- here -- late start because of our -- you. Communication part of baseball ever -- communication. And IQ so you're ready you're -- don't Thorpe. We want to sound like the or should boycott of the Bangkok court what. It was caught in it flopped and never see -- all the air. We're about to ground ball much -- -- of the ball the way it's not action air that's a different situation there's no communication and all their. It was I got. We both golf ball stop the ballclub it's not -- -- particular key or whatnot and air and hit it right you get -- made -- walker goes. Have you ever walked up the Papa Jack or a year hitting coaches and today what the hell's that that's on narrative yet. Did you ever offer it -- Ali I wore the question I want little -- -- are all sold out club back and you can't run especially slow guys. And -- Cox are. Waste of David Ortiz is the only -- -- complain about getting one. In the game -- -- -- well I'm not -- at bats a year. I mean I'll -- aren't aren't out of it may not that. That's what this with a hundred and get back to my caddie that's a different that's like a -- points. Eleven dollars and you. Q but oh well at least twelve more recently it was hit a 100% it's a wil Myers -- game one meal yes I gotta gotta gotta know you've got to double. The -- just. That's the way it is a lot was made of the typical David Ortiz complaining about it -- and everybody -- late game as its complete body hitter an error before. Al Leiter saying McEnroe not there yet load that's why -- it was their hit it now -- there yet. And I -- public it and that's the bottom line and we talked about that cant play too much sort arbitrate. I'll turn the page it is big confirmed according to the Red Sox people on the Red Sox that as part of -- 2004 reunion. -- we talked about it a couple weeks ago Manny is coming back that Manny is willing to come back in and be part of this and because of that I wanted you to tell us a story again was last year the year before can have my. When Manny showed up your house I think it was in Texas and you started -- of soft toss sure lists in your brought to -- -- that story correctly. Are out you're around rock express -- believe that awkward eight point around -- -- a bat or. I'm not a golf course took a Milan didn't pit for a course that. Yet matured a lot -- our locker rock complete insult pot democratic. Side bit like -- You've got 914. Home runs not got. -- You had a formal baseball you know except for that and -- -- We sat there a light commercial what there Haley got all sorts why not let you know Walt goes all. And I mean I am taking a tricycle and my kids it was hilarious but that Mary. Well he's coming back is part of the 04 broadcast Kevin we will say goodbye do you I will say good -- as well remove me from the show to the Red Sox broadcast so you'll -- -- the talk to me off every Friday now that's a good thing for you and I'll have to see you. When you're back in town in the Red Sox broadcast Booth when you come back three. But that's also congratulate on that -- -- -- brought all -- You know report are you free from -- to -- daily. -- that you can tear up the crop that.

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