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Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports, discusses Bruins Game 7 loss to Habs 5-16-14

May 16, 2014|

Pierre McGuire of NBC Sports joins the program to discuss the Bruins loss to the Canadiens, the team's potential moves in the off-season, and the rest of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

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And Pierre McGuire joins his peers it bittersweet because of the Bruins have won -- I think you would have been in studio with us today big launch hanging out talking -- -- is set already account and -- Out of but you guys hung up Bosnia before we started talking here. If I thought -- I thought you hung up the take Pittsburgh school because they needed new GM here. Well first of all are much really -- commentary in terms of where the businesses right now ratio is done as good a job any general manager -- He -- -- -- job they general manager luckily all you have to do -- look at the short stalled trade and what it was able to get for George Ball. In bread and shuttered Derrek -- you'll be historically. It's eventually got the goal we -- well Scotty Harrington now this all different our. On the trade you look at that defense Brian -- and going forward they'd probably have the most -- level defensive prospects in the NHL. They're brought really strong everybody knows that they've lost seven games haven't had a lot of suggest. He loses his job because he was loyal use oil to the head coach last year when nor should order to make a change really sure what the bad form and -- lost his job because of that. Yet -- -- I mean we we expected some things to happen at derided big shift but not but I think Cheryl beat the guy that -- will be gone at -- like you said. That we're surprised maybe by that move hearing that this morning with. I know we're more surprised about that the air all were more surprised about how the Bruins came out and played period one. Well what can you explain how something like that happens with this group in a game seven at all. No I can't it started with a bad turn over by mark Matt -- coast Q we showed it on television. Got pucks got to be deep vital to simplification people approaching what does that have to do that it had a lot to do it it because you have all your forward expecting to shoot him. And so they'll get back and kind. Montreal lecture real Smart shooting brand new trust with the foot race and get to the Danny Briere who eventually gets in order to dale leash. Because again back Gradkowski look at at the -- rather engagement there in the -- So one little mistake in the neutral zone gets magnified by huge goal knowledge eighteen of the last forty games opens. Eighteen other than the one by the change course first I told you guys the other day the first goal is gonna mattered to Bruins never were able to get back on the rails. I'll give Carey Price and credit and also the -- did have a lot of truck blocked. But that was a bad start and carried over a ball so the rest of the -- you. I spent some time talking about the bad start here and you were you shocked it was like that I'm curious what was the bruins' bench like in that first period was there any bothers to try to get that team back -- -- is quiet on the bench is they work. On the ice that first twenty minutes. The coaches were pretty vocal but not in a negative way in a positive way and shock Dorgan was extremely vocal outside of that it was a pretty quiet bench. They know it would lose -- -- thing was also and don't we sat here and said listen when you thought the brought -- a better team and regular season which obviously the war they weren't a series they weren't you know the better team won the that was impressed that the Canadians that depth that they had their fourth line was outstanding the goaltending. The physics Cali the way they played I thought it. They deserved to win this series more than a Boston Bruins with a play in seven games. They were at a faster -- there's no question about it as well as the brewers did kick in the speed quotient out of the Detroit Red Wings game and a five game series for whatever reason there're good portion of this series that could not commit to Montreal. I don't think he came to our for a -- change but I do think they've found a way to create. -- -- -- bite I haven't gill Leach played more managed by having brand trust placed a more minutes. I thought it did a good job spotting gaining greater need and -- two point. In game numbers have double and assess. So they found a way to do a lot of really creative thing as a group I think the biggest thing though would lecture all and I try to share that with you guys before the series started. They're probably the most underrated share thirteen mentally they're huge amount to character Michael and I think that was found out -- game. Well the character -- the first line all year for the Bruins is pretty strong you know that was a line that they depended on and then you get to the this series and in Milan Lucic each no shots in game five -- game seven David -- -- I was one of the guys you talked about that first period looked like -- -- in his first NHL games some turnovers that he had in Jarome -- of the 35 goals in the post season. All looking back on it now appear any standout and that for -- about why they were never able to really get it going here in this series. No losses -- when you have a wide -- that is that powerful but. Using this generation has a big part of the engine. That drives a car and this generation and for whatever reason wouldn't shoot the puck. I had all these decisions distributing the -- For whatever reason he just didn't seem to be -- Unlike other kind of you know play back -- was you know sixteen and seventeen year old played in the Czech Republic. And playing in the world underage before he played military huge tremendous how to really really richter. And most pathetic Joker have been like if you look at the last two point out she's just ordered this -- I mean it's hard argue with the numbers and how great he's been but for whatever reason there was a disconnected -- out she's in terms. Well I think he was playing her -- David great. I don't know that. That could potentially that -- that make about -- -- afterward but I never was told that. UP eight -- PK -- Bonn after the game you asked on both. The exchange showed shaken the hands with -- he didn't go there he talked a boat how he was probably upset and he's probably got a guy want his team -- they always did what was your take when you heard. Or maybe saw what exactly -- did by talking to I think it was. Epic kill you next year dale we -- in Yemen what was your take on that. Okay let me I'll tell you a couple things about how we usually do not usually. I'm standing right near that line and I picked a personal. From the line that the producers want -- to talk to. I didn't do that option because in water needed to the interview in the hallway outside became stressed. Shall I didn't hear what was sure that -- -- GK Sudan that question. Because I thought it probably was appropriate considering the way in which each and Tibet after one another. Our delay in the launch challenge -- and most of the season than most of the top. So I thought it was an appropriate question PK out of respect and Eli didn't answer I I respect. Afterwards when you start to find out lawless. Potentially restrict the tragic and I was there I don't know -- -- but it can attract some of that reporting is true ignored -- true that he's better than. He's better at the handshake is one of the great tradition in the NHL. And some guys participated in and they don't want to but they do -- coach back to the tradition and culture anything trust Erika and Daria -- doubt they'll say anything -- -- shake antilock. Other guys really respected tradition. They shake and enable -- I hope you got to with a cup or great series or Mandela's intense battle and they really -- -- Back you at least some of those stop that shut -- -- -- different directly to being reporters true. We ought to know better tackle that never happens -- It if it is reported his -- here -- rank in terms of things that you have heard. Happen in outlying 'cause like you said and any Berkeley told us yesterday and have heard Bob Beers talk about this normally it it's a pretty. Pretty respectful things so where would that rank in terms of disrespect of what you've seen an outline. I would be rated near the -- -- mean I tried. I've heard I haven't had I tried guys say some pretty bad stuff. In terms -- cannot see it next year but nothing like. What is being reported. Shall it would be you know be -- up it's obvious shot one of the better during the contract -- true this again I will -- -- the Bruins fans and that is listening to realize that we know what I think of elaborate street dealers are. He's better -- -- what is really important true. Together those here in the second round at the successful regular season it's still a very very good team with a very good core. What kind of changes do you expect them big changes to be made with this team that sometimes happens when you lose or just a couple of smaller tweaks maybe back end. I think tweaks like being part of that is the back and gonna get better shot -- that journal from Kevin Miller in game numbers section Montreal which really kind of got the girl behind the eight ball in -- game six -- You saw the back turn all the by Bart can Austrian of that play by -- out each. In game seven on the first goal of -- young players that are making mistakes more how to nurse. That anything else and that that would get better but I I would expect leaders I will say this and -- such a botched. It being way under reported. I haven't Chris Kelly which huge -- Kelly is not only leader through acting he -- future about the speed of the group. Is tremendous penalty killer some of the guys try to play out of position I think it affected before by this special and had to move our way up. Our play it would sort of Bergen -- play where there -- I think the -- just got to do some minor tweaking but now I have reluctant and I think thirteen is still a very good shape all. Always say heavy lifting Zdeno Chara and asked him a lot of heavy lifting for this team he's getting up in age he's 3738. Years old. Is what we saw here and it not just this year -- last couple years the year against Chicago late now against Montreal -- was a reported broken finger for him but had to me that would not. It wouldn't explain the skating you know -- is skating not being there but is this. Is this a guy they can continue to rely out at his advanced age UC tinkering in the back to the need to go get. That third big defensemen with char and Seidenberg so that -- chart can't take these minutes at age 38 they have a back up plan not a bunch young guys stepping. I think they're probably not that war veteran defense such a great point I agree YouTube but I also wanna say this Johnny boy -- has played extremely well for that payment he's not going anywhere anytime soon. The other thing is Doug Hamilton started to prove that he can handle major -- I don't think Zdeno Chara can be -- twenty or twenty minute defense anymore. -- many content featured. You know again people have to understand that. But according of people around the Burroughs he's not hurt baby that was broken trigger but that -- effective skating. I have not seen him fall as much I haven't seen them knock down this much ever. And I go back to watching the radio -- after the -- George cougars in the western hockey league before the New York congressman Mike Goldberg draft of their arsenal. Our Irish I was befuddled by it but I do think it don't need that one veteran presence on the back in the collection minister -- picture can do that anymore. And Reagan doing Eastern Conference finals would just be careful when you were you -- -- that special moment he's got his eye on you after that it -- A that would I was surprised they. Didn't they would supply that I started to legally get a bill but. Again you you get you a valuing these players when they're young like I've had the -- -- you watch him play before you want to play the Belleville. Polls managerial hockey league in any travel around the world would -- the world Derek Jeter who in the world junior. Peaking first ever trip to Europe question the Czech Republic I happen to be on the plane go to broadcast event from China are part of beach in the Czech Republic. And I'll never forget how socially -- represent Canada's number one number two can actually get on the plane crossed the Atlantic. The potential you you get stability as overtime and I think you just developed a bond. And you -- shared folder and -- particular where do you get to all the players such as part of the gig. The -- this is more off the ice but there is Jim Benning is considered a favor from Vancouver job is that a job do you think. He gets and yeah Alexander ever someone that the Bruins apparently try to get the deadline would Jim -- ending up in Vancouver. Without actually helped that acquisition that -- knows maybe some of the younger players he might want from the Bruins -- a deal for Hitler. Absolutely. -- -- things Jim Benning and body stringer tremendous hockey -- I really do. Jimmie obvious here that tie into Vancouver because he played there. I saw him briefly the other day after the game seven lodged. You know all Peter surely they were walking opting elevator down the hallway -- the church Dresser. Are -- a really good hockey and I think if anything -- hired general managers especially. One that -- -- should lectures work are injured player person out there would be a -- get fired back -- In terms of Adler. Adler would be one of those more structural pressure is kind of guys that would help the big body can really shoot the -- The -- Iraq actually the Swedish kid that actually came Moore played the western hockey league. You'd be shocked that you would probably want a look at if you could get have been yes I think would be urged my little lot of hacker -- prospects. Eastern Conference finals Rangers or Montreal -- Stanley Cup. I never check -- you know mark but I will say that they think it's gonna be much different series and Montreal Boston and it'll be a little bit different. And what Rangers coach -- was. I think this will be mortgage each series more thorough bread up trample. -- -- oriented type -- -- production with both goaltenders being very very similar. And very special salt. -- -- -- charitable lot scoring chances against -- -- but others many scoring goals. But I do you think you're -- she's -- really high level hockey. Well -- certainly appreciate you being part of the show we don't appreciate that you use the one who brought Tony -- -- -- into Sports Radio there Montreal the airplane and -- yesterday you evaluates get them out he was rough after Montreal won but at during the year tremendous part of our show once pressure in the playoffs you appear we thank you -- general porosity and time. Odd during a very busy playoff run for you would have a great. Final four here in the Stanley Cup finals. Well you guys are tremendous French I'd love about -- how I'm gonna get destroyed valuable on the altar and also the studio. Mark congratulations are in order to understand you've got a tree rolled it would blow based talking they're -- and I can't wait to listen to you and I look -- a bitterly over the summer little. You ought to deal with me. I'll be offend -- Lapierre when he get over the next on other audio and does grabbing give -- a big kiss on the cheek. -- don't think. You would PK thanks vero CF Fenway. Great fitting -- it thank you very much for coming out. I do here McGwire who was it picture on a hockey coverage all year ramp that up force. During the Stanley Cup finals.

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