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Shawn Thornton on his future in Boston 5-16-14

May 16, 2014|

Shawn Thornton joined the show to recap the game 7 loss and discuss his future in Boston.

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Our conversation. With -- important. Is rough few -- with the -- -- -- at the -- via the unity conversation -- joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning Sean how are you. The warrant. Upper -- -- yeah missile earlier today about our conversation which was brought to by the city of Boston credit you. By nor the power equipment and Clark Chrysler Jeep dodge program. -- Tom Brady -- -- a number -- -- on that whenever a season ends without winning a championship. Ending is abrupt the ending is uncomfortable because for no other reason. You suddenly have absolutely nothing to do was it like that for you yesterday and today I guess. Yeah. We have meeting today. So what we do about those the first propaganda -- Yesterday. I'm still shocked yesterday. Actually went. -- football announcers let but but that wasn't what I wanted it on right. They can answer the question that everybody is asking I've not heard an answer that makes any sense how good the Bruins at home. Begin game seven in such a passion -- manner. I -- -- -- as part of the respect or it's gonna happen but since our. Didn't pick. Actually the wave -- Circuit in week we said the doctors are up in that. Battled back again and we couldn't we can't give back all those. No. A bunch of errors that led up to. But there was. It. In seventh you don't want to battling from the hot enough mental it was and. Do you think you'll be back mention Sean and when when we find out for certain whether you will be a Bruin again next year. I don't know -- -- -- -- Vietnamese today so I'm sure that tropical come up with mr. surely. However -- -- a little better sense afterwards. This is new for me so I normally. You know. Either I think should be -- you'll -- planned expansion. I think at thirty wrapped up subsided before the playoffs started off. But -- percent sure what works for them a little bit it will hit. Do you worry that the water ball waddle bottle incident has some effect on their decision on whether you'll stay here and play here again next year. I don't think so in his. Well it happens that it's amazing that that turned a good thing. The united. It happens all the time I think he said he got. Sort of place. I only got -- absolutely I mean he killed in the dark that is did it at the or you know not least -- a couple seconds before -- I just so we got caught doing it it it happened the media. -- the opposite happens all the time so. I don't think so -- so I I don't think so -- into the conversation differently. Do you buy into the idea -- -- you really on this as if you've been made by the idea that the Canadians use this for some sort of motivation between this -- the Lucic stuff you buy into that. There I think it. Whatever it takes to win in playoffs and I think I'm talking about but stopped. It's just another case of that no different than. You know alternative is the limit. Although. All spared in the playoffs that -- with. It's little things. It if you ever had somebody -- -- -- game seventy finish planters -- -- -- somebody say that they're gonna -- kill you when you shake hands like they're saying we ought that he has. I don't ever believe really that -- -- I've seen it happen or. You know -- not -- people are gonna threaten. My life I think. It happens. I'm not saying. You know. Emotions are very raw when you're going through that the hardest thing in the world would do is shake hands. At the end of the series and you just want to war especially here really disappointed in. Sort it happened. I didn't get what -- up at all about apple it's both things. Our big believe -- just don't pick up on the -- let it go just don't want. And then a minute or two after the handshake line you guys are alone with each other in the Dresser on what it what is that like before the doors open in the media swarms in what what happens what's said anything said of tempers creepy people angry what. Quiet out there just disappoint her numerous. Still workshop I think we we plan on winning it if Clinton or right to the end and it also we're just shot you'll have -- -- Physically did Chara look right to you there were a number of occasions where he seemed to lose his balance like his legs were somehow still unsteady. Underneath him did you write to you shot. I thought it I think they're pretty good job with -- is shut look at Albert. -- -- -- people get that in the credit preserver they're really good pockets in the -- -- he played 36 minutes of prior whatever it was going to be some occasions where. You play that much you have a little higher they're not. -- -- several basic document but he actually is a reason joke what he's been at night it is. He's he's this specimen and I think that's let -- aren't you -- lead on. It anyone's going to be also countries in these little. No nobody could do people. -- speaking of the Canadians. Rank these four attributes that they had going for them in order of most important the least important. Our quickness or speed the performance of their role players or the performance of their stars including their goaltender. School center. Role players. The equipment. The quickness and speed was not that. Much of a thing to overcome. I don't think -- you know we're we are moving our feet as skating I think. I don't think they. -- that topic that was the reason I think. We. It impair. Our chances we have ample opportunity to barrier. I think you know we talked openly at -- 1213 fourteen also. Fact you're talking in that it was. Political which ultimately you know little put off -- a little bit of I mean I think it could have been different but it wasn't well. One and move on and we don't we drug source. Do you look around the room and here in the and the post game one it was quiet you look around and say. This is the last time this group will be together you know the -- some turnover you money me part of it. Does it feel like you guys had an opportunity. Came up short and they're gonna have to change some things. In that room. Possible before the game. Now with a special group and in Evernote. What it happens that followed with a lot I brought it together. Afterwards saying thank you know -- Pressure middle way you know and these changes. Lot of patients so I think that. And I -- that -- -- there. We're guys hurt to amend no we don't talk about it -- hockey players. But and don't offer excuses and I'm not asking about you I'm asking about your teammates who came up short or some of them hurt are we gonna find out like we did last year -- Bergeron. The some of these guys need surgery and some of the more. Planned in real pain. I think maybe I'm not sure I felt good though it would not look too much. In the room doses and as soon as she played through it -- it as well so. All I'm sure your injuries and sure. I didn't. And the attention regarding normally color and I've been hitting birdied the vote comes what doesn't what really use illegal boat okay. Maybe we'll be -- I'm not sure of -- percent sure guys. If you -- if you put escape horrible acute. Evil played very peculiar case -- I had no idea how to -- making -- game six. I think -- part. Little bumps and bruises. Even. -- crack in the -- so you just cut the pectoral. Maybe 37 I think when the next season starts he built a pretty good base your boss or -- it -- to secure kind of part of a community if the Bruins. Don't watch your back you can't come to an agreement is Ernie part of you that says I think you might wanna do some media stuff. You know you sickle waking up hurt his -- party that says scored just -- play hockey anymore after this year. Now I'm gonna play and so there is thought -- think that. I feel my body feels. Remarkable that -- -- and still feeling good at that stage so on the analysts that pick. I'm open we -- under the agreement the so this is home now. Whatever apple I'm going to be back here right a lot of charity work in. I love this city in there and I enjoyed doing all that stuff so I think. -- We'll see what happens. Up to speculate but I think the are I know her Pacman. Went birdie talking to that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- generally speaking Sean what happens in these meetings today which Russia relic or or camp probably know if scams involved what. It's different it's different every year I think -- some -- -- -- You know the year he would lecture. Or. I don't know if so this is unique one for -- to it's been awhile I've been. You -- saying -- -- the obvious that it. The big plans for the summer. Big plans. Well. Order total fight in the New York on June 7 now but there's got freed up I didn't plan on being able to go book and negotiate. -- -- -- -- -- -- United haven't seen my knees which is important literacy. I've been thicker. Than. Sculpture at Chicago and get back in shape. Like the Rangers for the Canadians in the series. It's going to be a battle all that was -- I I think Montreal. Enjoyed our conversations over the course of the year thanks for participating enjoy it as best you can your offseason -- went down approach on the part that -- but -- talent on the AT&T outline our conversation was -- has brought you by city of Boston credit union. -- corporate power equipment and Clark Chrysler Jeep. It just doesn't feel like he's a casualty of the disappointment. Like if -- won and we expect in the win that series the next series and go to the final. And just skated his land literally and figuratively and duck boats -- eight minutes and minutes whenever and and it's some people in and played on that that with -- -- and good fourth line. Good chance he's back. -- -- feel like he's gone now because. Heads have to roll he's free agent and he scored -- and he is not that important players he tells us every week he's just not that. Significant player anyway umps to manipulate you start my lop and is well it depends -- Julian those guys think of it they think differently than we gifted if it's more he says in the says it's not a big deal -- shorts -- not but break for a guy they like -- character guy. For one year and 80900000 dollars my pre and you need it plays a role -- -- -- it does if you want a fighter and enforcer you've got to enforce who actually skates he plays some Bible over the course so long regular season I think like you don't want Jon Scott. Only to put on a guy you can play right -- -- guys like that in the minors all over the miners are sure there are the movies what guys like that right but it's not a huge. Cap and it's true to bring them back up 30 -- hope becomes. 37 the B 37 -- like 23. Simmons Terry Glenn Monica Lewinsky on Imus Woody Harrelson. Terry -- and didn't Nomar Garciaparra. And all and child porn while all of July 23 -- remains in its staunch. Great people there really who Guatemala. 6177 so I 79 -- 37 fault lines open we will talk with you and then it final five. Our legal eagle Harry -- and on the Aaron Hernandez -- indictment.

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