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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Honeymoon horror stories 5-16-14

May 16, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

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-- headlines brought to you by AT&T to cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network itself are brought to -- moxie so distinctly different just like -- made an. If your life and moxie we should drink one day to day just off the cuff problem auction tomorrow. We want to be available -- logical but we haven't done. Ask Kirk along and yeah this is your day we should ask dean all you're doing with the question I'm -- -- asked the question answer the question do you know yes you think would get. And see this. Took hold them in this had traction because Manning and his painfully honest yeah. In god I don't I don't share that that Israel from question government to make it quite popular it's a whispered to take request to. -- -- shout in the and we want to play a big questions for the -- meeting yesterday Kirk. I would say there were some things in there that were good there are some things there that made me nervous. It's K would you thinking. About it Jerry. I was nervous and we have to be there all day it was hope going to be quick you know ones I was happy to stop the wars of this -- -- senate by -- I don't trust people's lives on it was lowered output so it was. -- That's fine it's fine now agree that answer. May mean -- now now it was a nerve. It was positive you get -- and a big result audit us. In spite of ourselves I wonder sometimes what to bring you and that's why. We try to encourage -- -- continue to do well there's always -- -- was like when what he Bulger met with Crist now legal -- when he put the gun on the type -- -- you know. Yes so popular on the -- questions -- student. It's not. Let's get to let's get that what. And only one with a -- setup. Ball. I think that's that'll pick your group that's I think you disagree with him get nervous. I was not surprised by anything that -- -- -- encouraged by. No. We incurred by some things yes yes yes that take your take it -- -- nervous nervous at all. -- -- I -- here's a couple of headlines over the years I think that might fit. The theme for this weakened and going for a so they go back and I archives to go back to February 12 -- about twelve. A dream honeymoon to scuba dive -- -- return to a terrible night. As the husband drowned wife just three days after their marriage happened three days I would like Tuesday. Yeah we've been doing attitude yeah. These violent Saturday -- Sunday morning for rights an important when he sent. We be scuba diving and no I think it's quite get right there when it is generally when you when you Marty what you wait three days right three days to get to -- -- get there. Get the label land run a lot of ground to playland you outsource that is Gabe Watson by the way is charged with capital murder which normally punished by death faces life in prison without parole convicted. David arguing a lot the weeks heading into the waiting also all my good -- and there and he's only Kathy never never never. Arguing the golf course. He wouldn't play with us. Clubs -- you -- On greeting and meeting people like you watch that board to bring club record of media couple balls into -- technical balls. I let myself with a with a -- to a point -- in Turks and caicos you see you like it love no crime is that O'Brien no taxes -- -- No crime -- I -- -- Turks and caicos weekly news well Tuesday I get there might be right. He drowned he drowned in a bit -- yet. How important issues to speak your -- and Latinos turn to -- air supply and who beard -- bear hug she drama I've shipwreck local Opel plant that it's lol that is -- -- that -- hardcore left -- lot of security cameras get caught. 22 detected that. Can possibly get caught and witnesses all you made the people. Are Irish is your version Richard pitchers. Probably be collectively modest life insurance policy well it was like insurance policy and as always and that's what Dina because it's not model else's or I'm always an insurance policy -- losses are always know there's still -- and -- -- very prepared this headlines doesn't know Ellison Tucker the headline right here. More resources will be provided a police force in Turks and -- it was to help them combat the alarming increase in violent crime look this is from. April 2014. Premier Rufus Ewing and governor Peter backing and -- botched help improve the falling force following the brutal murder of an -- this week. Robert being senior were shot and killed behind his own shopping center apartment block on Tuesday evening -- -- 47 -- real had to tell you about -- before 8 PM -- inside his car at the back of the building race base -- respect us Wednesday. Used to go hostile but doctors were unable to revive him should the doctors they're terrific is pronounced dead at 8:30 PM we don't know what they go to look -- -- But it's time of the -- don't have been arrested for the shocking crime. In there are three men injured in the shoot out in downtown night spot Jim -- -- just the week before. -- owe us -- Hernandez have an alibi for Davis even though we still -- on the lowest crime rates in the Caribbean. These recent incidents of violent crimes are totally unacceptable. House so men so that there's a little conflict of a crime are you concerned about not a concern now. To me 2013. There's another way replied -- It 21 year old man from Illinois was in Orlando on his honeymoon and he was arrested for. Obama. Prostitution source that across the pub all I don't Glenn Beck happened -- allegedly against the wife. Backed out of the -- know how to put this. Somebody was visiting her doll and he was not happy with that was not -- the rate -- Was she was unavailable to act shall we say unavailable the river was flowing and you decided to -- -- high now yes he decided -- it was unhappy about that I blame him he probably at his hopes -- I mean it's what what does it up for this honeymoon you know what that's the other thing is they had. My guess is best Cologne on. I'd never according to him and never consummated you can exit is let's say this this was a couple days in the -- I guess -- toward the end. So we decide do we all that wind when the mrs. Is unavailable when not flow was in town this thing and a bad or if they decide to. You decide to. Making matters worse was he was arrested spent the night. -- they found -- about how she found out about was his wife was so terrified he said he was going out -- -- -- bring back yeah use dogs got arrested him any money she reported missing and she found a way -- You've been soliciting a prostitute and was arrested for will. Not that didn't kill me one well. -- worse if your wife worse than killing someone. Market that he never had sex this woman he'd never according to him he said he never had sex there what percentage. A matter of couples getting married. Save themselves for each other -- America I know you look at the week out. I think it was a more -- more common in the old agreement that. These days not so much -- You -- you where people get married later. Right in the old days when you're nineteen to a lot of people who saved themselves a lot of girls guys don't sound so. -- -- -- I've budged ever thought about. According to waiting mayor or 3% of Americans see themselves until word 3% -- I mean people get mattered -- thirty you know 35 you can wait that long. Even AC green and wait that long but it taxes so -- earlier. That's that's true what he probably didn't know consummate with hooker that will be adjusted. You know other little this little that yet -- arrested we get rested at the hookers is takes our money. I was I was is that what is pop culture show. Give them money before you money what the deal is made in your -- kind of caught him in the act yeah it was not a -- Among among on camera today. That's true of course of the Montana story federal judge to order them on Tenet knew it would release from jail own recognizance while awaiting murder trial. And the death of her husband and glacier national he was released without bail yet Jordan Wayne Graham 22 remember this when she allegedly pushed -- B Johnson face first -- -- And national park to a separate effort to argue. That -- prosecutors claim Graham told a French doubts about the couple's. Eight day old marriage. That soured quickly. Today. And how you think Michigan -- haven't you realize you made a mistake seen on I'll -- -- a push him for what it's like this if you're gonna do it. That it's smartly Hernandez walked the top of the cliff you say he fell. You proved that they proved that she is that this -- that the velocity is what they did I think like meant he Madonna got in Rome. And didn't mind tricks on our government to -- Charging documents alleged Graham is having second thoughts were giving merit -- -- the -- husband's body was discovered -- told FBI agent which husband arguing. They want to loop trail area of the park people heard mark. At one point she turned the walkway Johnson grabbed Iraqis and she turned round removed his hand forearm and two or anger should push ups with -- hands in the back well. And as a result he fell face first off a cliff. States she admits pushing each edit it means traditional option that she didn't mean to kill him. It'll all conversation. Every time you've been -- winning in your life. Think -- -- he -- that you always know when it's. And worker and my first my youngest brother Ryan was married he's now -- second FirstMerit lasted. -- year and you knew it was gonna happen right I wish I've told in this matter -- is the date of the wedding of one. The last chance at -- Don't merrier to do with us blame myself you think you listen to you on the way up I wanted to beat nobody liked her she is not a bad person but nobody is an expert but nobody thought. They were right sure nobody thought there right three job right and people generally feel that use the church -- in the golf course and everyone in the audience deals right this has taken their head right like public and seven year old when he by -- broad and this is stupid right. Recent months and we generally always know. Some buddies and you get a -- tomorrow around 3 o'clock. Oh why not talk to him. A therapist at the same page that's good yes your studies and science kids are involved here are able. I sing it researchers found that story in Turks and take a story in this story from signs direct dot -- study they have it says. In the last five years they've seen warming increasing instability in the first year of marriage oh. The first year marriage -- usually think you know the seven year it just -- like -- yeah it's like you know it's like the old days. Personality factors most strongly linked -- susceptibility infidelity work. I -- our system. Big personality -- sincere in psychotic there was three. Okay okay. Those -- the three traits are -- trade instability yeah he's finished yet still have to say well a little of those again I'm ready. Well low Contra just this is one of them. Let's say in the north and mean what conscientious business yet -- and as you know there I'd heard of Roger I forgot about you aren't quite rightly so I don't. -- -- -- -- -- Big personality. Psychotic behavior. I it is it's not too. I got -- at 124 hours but you know. Yeah you know test which is getting that white that I think -- a little board acted we -- in the John that it's odd the golden years I would say that on the back nine late spring about summer. August. August August would be eight month at twelve that two thirds like three fourths. 2 thirds. So twelfth column would be two thirds of people have to be ninety's the delegates -- Too crazy. No I I would say I could -- UB one of those guys with a 114 yards and take -- front of -- still screaming at people dead rabbits utter disaster. In the sunshine -- good finisher gets a bad habit -- headlines. It. Brought to you by AT&T precision what time -- won't answer the question do you know without our guests on lakers 830 not a fun tonight 3938. Full. On the slope and I think culture evolved as well actually you agreed to go ways will be no repercussions. -- any repercussions and Europe. Fiance is -- is like the hamsters chemical. That's that's -- his mistress she's taken out Donna Michaels teeth right now but he is -- as construction of a perfect -- after -- On the -- developed -- -- could not explain the nature of the jamming the hate in each other's space at the wedding. There's a reason for it is also a tradition and -- a reason that we get a lot alike if your email why bubbles were the others -- you shouldn't. If you Jim McKay with -- yet and you break when your fingers and -- -- you -- do the chicken dance yes. I -- that it that it did did did did did it and I had like prevent your request some exit did you and not it's chicken dance -- is about soccer and we -- -- -- government -- -- I don't accurately points and all the outline it for my Jerry no it. Against Saddam. Experts do this at all -- -- -- cyber -- almost as bad shot it all adds up to obligation on the 830 or companion 905.

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