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Aaron Hernandez charged with a double homicide 5-16-14

May 16, 2014|

The guys opened the show by discussing the latest murder charges against Aaron Hernandez.

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-- dog god life's lessons. That we learned. On a free form Friday or haven't learned or have -- either way they're -- don't drink and drive don't text and drive. Don't drink and propose marriage on a ship don't drink and text don't drink and text tweet don't drink and swing a golf club Paraguay happened. And not. It was the biggest one. Don't associate with Aaron Hernandez. In the month of June or July he gets testy when the weather gets warm. Don't mess with Aaron Hernandez in June or July -- what did you do to -- -- are all. It's quite young writes from like OT is accounted for 'cause they sometimes get together in June July up. The last time we've seen Ras I Dowling ticket question. Hell I mean that Robinson there. Whatever at all like you know backgrounds -- shallow grave he had lunch -- Aaron Hernandez shallow grave in Dorchester he looked at him funny notice is the problem the patriots as you can at this this is always going to be. Part of of their history you know it's. Asked norm McDonald and goof ball and you know who's -- Aaron Hernandez -- -- Simpson. And and its. New England Patriots and dollar diamond is forever linked to Fuji's since right. As they stole murderer doll who was active who was playing who is in his uneven in his prime before. By the full season after killing two people and NFL season. Planes. With guys launch. It's stuff walked around probably talked spent a lot of time Tom pre. Now hang -- -- media and talk and home probably in the lunch room -- that's been to the cold blooded need all of -- -- I mean -- calling -- if you kill somebody brought BM amassed a cup date it's similar to do well. Maybe a day at your Dino -- president it is but I mean he's you know. Imagine this if you're a former teammate -- Hernandez have you not gone through every single chapter and verse and sentenced. An association you had with him and said yourself. But the day that though there was one piece of pizza left tonight I gonna grab I said Aaron you you take you take it probably saved her life. It's got -- article don't get me wrong. If you ever spent time with a murder. I I went to high school with a kid and I was friendly with them and put our football team in that. Killing a woman -- still in jail. Thrilling thirty years label with the circumstance of the kilo it's very private passion or all sorts while his defense he was -- them. Long guy with the you know cam one yeah it was the chemical right -- defense was the chemicals. Affected his brain sort of I rushed a woman's head in with a rock and he got convicted client of the Kenya while which day of the -- was. A good -- if -- he got convicted I believe I was out at in college. And we found out about it group plan pool market that's -- number identity. Some of these changes here he. That must have been when he did it. And yeah whose name was -- -- beating him in the -- Murdered somebody just blow minds and I just knew that guys like you say do three -- right couldn't get my -- just murdered someone should open court. All beaten up. Look like that's a good albeit not courts as some of the the widow war of got to him. Really -- really yeah I think did he seem like he had the potential and our best known you were in high school together fact the defense was he was a gentle giant is a big guy wasn't a good football player cause he news. Soft and passive -- area he was not. Until we started -- that -- on stuff and the theory was that she caught him. Doing something. About him he -- he claimed he was taken -- is. Theory of of people that was evident given -- and he's written into. Those lost something like that but they got convicted again increased the time is serving life it's Syria that you can come up which is rare in Massachusetts I mean you if you think of masters -- somewhere out there. Euro -- does happen. It would have been 1983. May 29 1980 theory that that's when -- convicted. -- the city's argument thirty years. Court in that sun has between and 93 garabedian visited the multi home. Mold to boil order provides -- -- oil and provide an estimate -- and told police he got -- on the yearning in the bush is remote didn't. Cottam told police he zipped up marked over remote and speak to which he told you Cole's boss to seek a woman's arm she screams scratched face he beat he raised his defense. Politics I'm 110 pound mold of news through fifty joking when you realize you're still alive because this strangle the draw -- from -- switcher. Accuse three large rocks and usher wed but so that -- faces beyond recognition the internet's a wonderful thing -- knew more about it than I do now to 93 year yeah. Let's go to UMass right remember that date. And we fund you know that he -- and it just blew our minds I was with a couple of that tells the guys who knew it's crazy. And we we laments because he wasn't. Prototyping and you know I found out you know you -- it's like pilots. I found if you found out that was. Somebody else we know. Some some crazy man -- That was like LB some yeah -- -- -- had -- and yet he added an amendment would never expect to know the winners of violent size and him lurking under yes missing in the dark side -- yes yeah yeah this but not this captaincy come. Yesterday's events. Surrounding area you -- known murder -- I was thinking am I don't I he's thinking no one from Winchester and now I know a couple of guys bestsellers on it today white collar crime and it has been the president's -- -- yeah. Aussies some guys off touch and a fairly vigorous works really -- far Porsche -- an awful -- Mort my lucky guy to do more time than. Probably. Some killer -- Donte' Stallworth. That's from out it's true -- every single guy and the team or over those -- he is sure a hundred guys -- -- what -- a couple of children number in the lot. Well lifting weights with whom I mean I was hang in with the stone cold I think if I was a coach I'm thinking more if he's what he's coaches -- -- guys out -- -- -- this Farley note I would not wanna be today I would not wannabe. The guy in the backseat and the BMW. Got shot and survived and probably is one of not probably is. One of the twelve witnesses that. Helped get this indictment done and I'll tell you what I -- I'd be very careful exercise people around Aaron Hernandez just -- get dead but how could you not. Want justice if you match you two friends -- murdered for look at India on your whatever they did you got shot. I wouldn't care if there was if he had friends in the senate say this is insane this guy's war against these two guys play football. Why didn't have him in custody before this it took another murder. For them to get justice for these two families the braille and for not opening at least on the father's. Original maddening how frustrating that is these kids these guys were not gang members they were not criminals according to cops. They were shot by this Augmon has won and beat Tony Montana yeah just because they did whatever spilled a drink look that funny there was no real mode will we find that part out I guess yes and will say that's what that's what did it. You know it's up on his foot in the men's room or something different look at that we think that they were part of a conversation that -- Lloyd had with them yeah that was the original. Thought rate is -- out the window or just don't play well -- Expos still in play but I don't think that the problem. The cops said there or not. And they're not raising any signs tonight that got us past each other club this -- shoulder yes I'm guess in the news and you know what he was to show won his guys. The leader does -- and his guys you know take the take care of things and not only murdered them. Allegedly but he got away with it. Or at least seemed to go -- -- line -- than any man have gotten away with it if he had -- committed in the in the murder of -- and -- you -- the old -- old -- -- say. I understand he's in gangster thug who thinks his friend. Talk to the wrong person and that's would gangsters bugs too but shooting people three at least three people -- In a car because they looked at too funny in a nightclub. The guys in the car with the -- Apparently yes -- all these shootings at the Bradley was with him and he -- six months later wouldn't have been. Yeah they shot him in the face. I mean so that there are two different stats here there's dead and their shot right he allegedly killed three people he allegedly shot three. -- 04. -- seven people. That there were -- whom fled right -- they hit. But he shot at right so army had even a better shot we could be looking at seven etc. think of it he's righty we think is an. I don't know we see them. -- -- lefties like to this right. Is reaching out the got the car at night right SUV shooting down with the left hand with a well and gone yet 38. So I mean he killed the driver. And -- that can't be easy to do from a Toyota four run right to a BMW and then shooting down right at the driver. May be for the windshield right hand side though he was at his driver's side was on the passenger side of the BM to -- people look to the right of the BMW. I know it's and these particular passenger outright lies that I might shoot enough I mean I definitely shoot him but it was -- it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But they have the half of the gun Griese get arrested two. This is a bomb. Father of potato or Aubrayo assay with second of the gun you have video you have. People who can place and it's there. You have the car and it takes two years the cops thirty seen Hernandez in the video it's like that spot now after and it avoids killer they knew he was and then you have a witness who shot. Hello everyone in the BMW saw him. At least one -- -- it and it takes two years. Rearrest them to guys split right what was shot in the arm another -- fled to or four guys in the -- double jump on the card just take off. Hell yeah pretty good and I mean war. I'd say her name is gonna shock them and try to picture tongue vision oh sure I guess I'm sure they got all of the other side get the hell out of there and it's dark figure -- write their -- attorney and is do you think his friends and Alexander Bradley. Was or another guy with -- -- just Bradley and -- Right. That night in Charlotte and early just watching -- what do you do when they say yeah you go and show them man they looked at us for money to different world and you know -- talked to my girl and an aegis shoots them. He is a gangster thug just the worst kind of guy in the world and what is that sixteen days later this on the deal. And said boy the patriots changed me. The Belichick changed -- cycle. That is true it is truly. As I see the movie I hope I hope Johnny Depp plays and -- because -- love to seat this thing all reenacted wouldn't you yeah. This is that this is a place that not only did it. Changed my future from them paying me but it has changed me as a person because you can't come here and act reckless and doing your own stuff knows when that person that I came here. Let acted the way I want to activate its change but I -- those six way. You -- changed by the patriot way and now they're on the patriots don't live my -- there. And make the right decisions. It is pathological. Editors that its -- all -- and logical. Well here's what I'm opening used run defense. A pal Mike McCann that denigrate. Yeah summary goals situation as always those. One possible benefit. The Hernandez. Is that Massachusetts courts have found that little -- joint venture. Can avoid conviction if intoxicated. Or high on drugs. There are many reports linking Hernandez to drugs and alcohol is the -- one defense theory would be that someone too High Court to drug. Lacks the requisite intent to partake in the crime. And that -- -- was very high on drugs. On the notable murders. He could use that as defense if you didn't pull the trigger. Yeah well he's gonna blame someone else anyway but. I don't think that were -- -- -- a week that's like -- -- that's not going to work out that's what he's got going for him good luck I think defense attorneys we'll talk to a well hairy men and about the I think defense attorneys at this point in the in the whole process grasp on things -- on you know and on this and know these witnesses are credible. Well nobody -- wit and an alum Aaron and this is likely be credit bright. I don't expect him to be in the car with. You know other Jerusalem's -- -- -- and Tom Brady. When this happens so. You know. That goes without saying but they have begun may have witnesses -- -- to have the car on four runner at the video again witness who got shot. They have a million people the club complacent. There at the scene they. Actually have video of him win the two guys from Toronto. To break -- -- -- Are coming out of the club going to their car. He circles right right. Like that sounds are ominous like sharks in water circles then in his car at a slower rate that says tennis is already right and it sounds like the cops say he stock price dropped. Now I know lawyers say the mark whatever always come up with reasons that just lost -- reasonable -- but does that if you're juries see that video he's there you you know what kind of guy he is. Com do you not saying this all adds up -- this is not is this not a really good case why did that take two years and it also dilute its what they rules say in the old Lloyd case that he might not have been the shooter -- that you know one guy stayed in the car the other three got out I don't know exactly who pulled the trigger. Is there any doubt in your mind if they determined that he was the guy who just pulled up next it is BMW and pump the car pool bullets. But he was the shooter in the lower -- Made about yes I just think the other two guys -- at some point another gang guys in the -- each other's backs but bigger orgy he just up indicted yesterday big -- right. -- -- No those are Ortiz got indicted Ortiz got an Ortiz is the weaker of the two big earns a big bad ass I -- her -- 43 years old -- and got a real future. Eventually. You say in this scoop it in due time where I'm gonna do the rest of my life. Because a month have now been almost -- you hear. You don't while they may have flip already you know may -- right right eventually doesn't everybody flip. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ended the family for title Abreu disappearance. You know who did this we'll never know meaning to the whispers in there somewhere I mean Hernandez went to bed. Every night for you mentally whacked out Angel dust -- ever. I mean you just have dinner with a Ed locker I know he slipped to two would have to know that the remember Lloyd. I'm Tony if I have a misspelling digging misspelling in my column come up at 4 in the morning wonder and you know what what if I get it fixed it's got murdered his friend in cold blood with a bad. Slipped into in the China Danny. And kill other -- yet here's. Here's a question that that. I think requires being asked right now we say this all the time when somebody gets picked picked up -- do you why we say gee is he just the a lot -- SOB in the world. That the first and only time I ever drank and got behind the wheel is the day he got pulled over. Would it. Supply issue. If there are other people he has killed about Iceland I simply as are going to be on I just I just assume it's gonna -- it's something. So young you know I mean he was in Gainesville at seventeen right. Around seventy. And that's when you get driver's license there were stories out of Gainesville that there were other things not murderers are it was a punched the guy and he he's -- Tebow Florida bar whatever was -- known to most out of that though he was he -- he -- -- -- governor arrested for this I think he's linked just think that it probably did spend time with Tebow question this. So this murderer and much. Was hanging -- Tim Tebow Tim Tebow probably tried to change. Probably try to convert him yet all the patriots that that the patriots were changed. Two -- do you think members of either his sport of football team or his New England football team. Look at this guy and they've gone back in the reexamine all of their encounters with him and there interchanges with him and -- or saw some signs that this was. Possible or was he so good actress and was able to separate that life from this like what. I think one thing they saw these gang guys has some big earned and and probably old Lloyd yeah -- in an escalade bad crew and you know probably ahead. The music cranking and his gamble look consider that would those go yeah I probably have their questions about his. Friends and plus Belichick -- to -- post war. Where they had the guns so that knew that much I'm assuming the pages didn't have these questions that couldn't I mean the they had the most well I murdered -- -- they knew above gang affiliations rumors of gang but they had in the fifteen million dollar -- that's a good point they they -- the forefront cabinet gave -- 50000 natural forget that's true that's fair to some good and everything -- -- way to have. Cool -- but don't you think they said. That red flagged him because he's your gang affiliations this it would knock he's a first round second round third round pick. But there's some point where those red flags do not deter you from taking a chance on again I mean. Aren't there punching guys in the NBA NFL baseball who have some. And you was gang affiliation get any drafting a guy. Is different -- and giving him that second contract for that is true million -- when you've been around for a couple of very aggrieved because you have people even around me you people look and and in every in bush -- is no Greg that they should have no -- murder that's fine but they must have known this was a bad guy in it was a bad guy and that's a major failure there what do you think. Team should not -- bad -- and so you know that's -- say you can't that's what they did but you know should they have no more than you. Or do they know more than what they're saying it seems like he didn't hide it that well it isn't don't mean he is a -- -- -- he's not a criminal genius. Mean the reason he's gonna spend the rest of his life and prisons because he didn't think this he could've killed old -- and and put some thought into it but there was there was. And embolden guy here who's got away with so much probably from 817 and that's why I think there's probably somebody else in his past the need to know about. But he has gotten away with absolutely -- is definitely people use them beaten up -- her. When I had railed for Ike threatened her or -- hurt kill and there's we've not yet read -- that Welker thing which can seem like a big deal we not read abundance and the team. And that's -- say that if if we are to believe. What they're saying about the encounters that it was just an encounter in this nightclub called cure cure the cure club. This had to be a guy with the hair trigger right -- temper. That if that at least cola drink -- her horse at the wrong somehow. Just respected him he went from whatever that bet was to a few minutes later circling them. Stalking them up next to them in an intersection and trying to kill four people. So that indicates a guy who has a short fuse and a flare up to upper. Don't those situations present themselves in the football world. In -- training camp in -- locker room we didn't used to the -- added that the patriots see any of that kind of in all off the charts ignition point from Aaron Hernandez over the years. I don't well good question. Maybe we will never know. We you know when we'll find out the you know. When the document through the Oprah's work on comes -- and a story. Here he signed the deal real -- Oprah watch that wouldn't have guessed that Ohio one boy he'll watch the Michael Sam -- -- person you probably he can't call a real issue of the quality documentary she carries a documentary Siri right. I I enjoyed this yesterday watching you Michael Sam defendants who will defend Michael Sam could -- openness Rex conference. In around naked and and people say he's just expressing himself. You know what what's -- matter you uncomfortable. They're trying to defend this and they have an aha are too tough it's so hard that they deceived the the rams I'm convinced Jeff Fisher does not draft. If he knew Oprah came along when it was like a part of that deal in the seventh round no doubt Democrats it was just said no thank you. But they kept it quiet for a reason they wanted to give him drafted it helped the shell. And Michael Sam and and everybody's. Gotta take on the stages with boxes that he's being used and summit that he is crap. He doesn't sound like we don't think he's being pressured he's not he's not and you know he's not Paris and not two years old he's grown but he is he is being exploited but he's not but he's not you know he's not mentally disabled I didn't say a lot of these -- don't think -- I think. The LG BT -- you'll think they are pushing this sure but so what you -- say no yes you could announce that it doesn't share of the blame them although not necessarily to blame begins -- -- I'd adults fine. He's being exported to the blame blame begins and ends with him. He knew what he was -- one on draft yeah we know that right right. You hear this LB -- this out sports guy tells Jason whitlock that they would world. He's been showed it and thrilled and they were hoping that -- hundred mile credits of this documentary sure he is older a show and this that's it was all part of this. Documentary series and the idea that we won't have cameras in locker room and it's because they can't. They're gonna use footage from ESPN and local affiliates and the gonna show everything they can show them out there's no limit to this document you really think Oprah's concerned. Oh wait that might be a distraction to the rams I don't wanna show him. You know whatever at lunch with his teammates then you know I don't wanna show him -- Whatever the case and has boyfriend because that might distract the ramps that thought Oprah cares a. A -- to distract that's true yeah. Us and ziglar who is the co-founder of sports dot com old Jason whitlock I'm so glad ESPN broadcast. That about them. The years -- -- it's a mechanic I hope they're broadcasted a hundred times today. The hundred days we have been protecting kids are too long from themselves. There are kids seven great years of age you realize they are gay. Have been raised in the world has told them for seven or eight years that it is either wrong or certainly not how they are supposed to seven or eight. The faster parents against other kids that ziglar the faster parents can tell there he has the more lives those parents are going to say. Question in my mind if they force working behind the scenes pushing him I would I was. I don't that. But you know shame on him that's not this is not he's not helping because by doing a reality show Oprah. Always use help and we'll do the help. Because she's on on draft day. In their ziglar. Talk reality here I mean what he did visit 11120 he can put about sexuality on the own network whatever it's called you collect this is it really is for Kirk when this come when this happens you can turn on anything you know that. A new poster QB there with the right boyfriend and they will be this will be the ultimate. Propaganda. -- For people like Ziegler -- Who thinks seven year -- -- guys that can kick off the weapons bases well whenever a map of the 2 December my daughter's seven and I see her friends all the time -- a lot of conflict about sexuality among them that's -- that that's. That's why this guy crossing -- -- -- play seven or eight year old's parents don't shield them from. From the gay lifestyle they should shield them from sexuality. Period. Mean is seven or seven year old to the casino a lot of you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- parents the right job right now what's -- and kids went to -- my -- that's not going -- and let me -- -- athletic and -- or as a National Geographic -- don't tell a seven year old. Let me tell you you know what mommy and daddy do -- in the bedroom right I mean you shield them from that at that -- and he doesn't want that he wants seven year old watching. Michael Sam can take off there that the mobsters grandsons face that yes. But. The bottom line is in and Jason whitlock in everybody who's honest admits it. This was deception Jeff Fisher and the rams would not have taken and they didn't sign up for this yes I have no sympathy for them. -- -- -- Jason -- says. Jeff Fisher should cut him today I would. Cut him and I think this accelerates that plan but if you boy if you do that his window of opportunity I think has shrunk Jeff Fisher's got balls I like him he's a little. Ornery doesn't -- little Belichick in. Is -- a chance today he'll cut so Michael -- about yesterday's round -- gets cut -- -- out you know why I agree with you you know want because. Fisher feels deceived he blames the league as much as sent. Sure the league -- It didn't -- teams right so the league knew that this that Oprah came with Michael slam. And was probably very comfortable right that -- yes sure but can they do to say. Sent a memo to all 32 teams just say you know -- seventh round -- is gonna come with a Oprah Winfrey -- -- camera to your question about Jeff Fisher cutting him today that will happen it will have to be presented in the realm of a football value issue where he fell short to be easy to do absolutely yeah I mean the obviously Michael Sam ties disputes the coach cleats on the right foot and the media says he looks great in camp. Might be just runs kick up without fallen down via the -- obviously the guy can play. But Sam I mean Fisher could cut him aunts and NC strictly football essential. And it'll it'll come some heat. I think even these -- again a sports guys understand Sam is borderline. Major leaguer witness I do think I do think Belichick with a -- yesterday. The minute he found a minute that story came out Buick. That's different -- guest Susan -- the remote Andy -- Tom -- maybe you think other coaches would have -- and Pete Carroll could pick it -- saying don't do that you're not could be prevented from doing Belichick got -- or -- that's a good question prevent -- but -- -- just again -- Coleman and say is that happening capitalists -- Angeles your -- Submitted but Sam is a -- Tens of phony every day it was all football one play record straight and already. Made the deal. In these make good money to just registers were lucky got a web site ourselves and merchandise. The and I realized seventh from six to make that much money trying to make some money. But it's not all about football. They think it is. And it is presented told us as usual mr. -- whoever they once did I think Oprah Winfrey was gonna do documentary no other guys on the and I must -- surprised I was yes I -- a public is it just puts -- everything he says so little attention to him I knew was gonna jump is too. He was like -- meg not make any money you make from this are pretty well he can make the team first that's what I thought make the team. And if they -- tail around on the private meet the you're right this is a chance to cash in. Because he knows he might not ever touches an affiliate that was not gonna be lead. Levy would be a reasonable doubt that this for a good six once the sentence that I 79837. Shots or will join us in the o'clock hour. Prince Harry -- -- will dissect this Aaron Hernandez situation that happened to an article phone lines open -- property.

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