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Bruins 2014 post-mortems... plus where do the B's go from here?

May 15, 2014|

Dale, Michael and DJ Bean break down the very abrupt end to the B's season last night vs the Habs.

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-- -- OK. Okay. Wait a minute I thought we're gonna discuss Andrew Miller and the setup role for the Red Sox for the next hour. What are you don't plan hockey highlights at the beginning of the program and now we've decided in the office basic alone at nine -- it. No way around it we all lived it last night at the TD garden Bruins lost game seven of the Montreal Canadians. -- one -- the best of seven series four games to three. Let me begin. And I am I'm taking you richer that your word Michael and it's good advice face at all at -- here's the deal. There were many areas in which -- it was totally wrong about this series and let me give it just three or -- of right off the bat. One -- Rask was better than Kerry price wasn't in this series Carey Price was a better goaltender. He was a better goaltender in Tuukka Rask that's one of the reasons the Montreal Canadians moved on. -- I said that the Bruins were better defensively -- the Montreal Canadians. Not in this series they weren't the Montreal Canadians were better. Blocked more shots made it more difficult for the Bruins to get to the front of the net the Canadians were the better team defensively. And lastly and there's a whole bunch of other reasons but to make the short most importantly. The Montreal Canadians and I never would have believed this wanted to at more than the Boston Bruins did. That's the story of the game that was -- at last night's game -- it was a story of the series or not. But if you look at the first period of everybody everybody. In the arena DJ being that we -- -- these gaping WEEI dot com man about town. Music aficionado. God who rejects women under the age of about 26. Person would lot of free time for a free time so he's a -- that an age I'm sorry Ed Blackwell. Went up Cutler opera this year. Did -- everybody on the ninth floor was ready for game seven everybody TD garden. Was ready for game seven he won the TD garden you're watching at your house with your -- At a bar doesn't matter everybody was ready for the Bruins. You find that the most inexcusable part of game seven they just were ready. Absolutely and dale mentioned. Bill mentioned that the Canadians want more -- the Bruins expected that more in the Canadians wanted to Morton is the difference there I think that. The Bruins with having established themselves what they've been the last two years. Kind of backed the -- on the place that's -- Euro that cup at a Montreal vote respected everything. But when it came time to XQ when it came time to having. Loaded in the a -- are blown opportunity to close out game in Montreal put them away. But the reason like I had the brewers and six in the series was set up the Bruins are gonna win the series having did you. Think it's gonna go seven games you leaving it up to a crapshoot the Bruins had left that door open. For it to be crapshoot. In it wasn't a crapshoot at all but it -- of the pants in the first eighteen minutes. By the Bruins. Key visual for those of you get better read autobiographies I appreciate that honestly though you put that on the Bruins put it on like you left in diapers by the way I know exactly what I'm not I don't know like I had at. But you put it on them that they came out as if you were used -- the words scared. Nervous. -- -- ski I mean -- early on his Bruins career every time we played you look the kid who is so afraid of making a mistake that. You have these mental errors. And may be that night most nightmarish shifted his career ends up -- and the Bruins the lead her cause that caused the Bruins early on that and be ready. Don't know how it happened while that. I don't think you can I don't think we can Michael attic we explain why was I didn't wasn't ready to play. No but remember this was the cut the argument that -- and I would have. I would say the best team Eastern Conference -- would say to the best team in the NHL. They were clearly. Position to be the best team in the Eastern Conference. This post season. The fact they fell short there is no. Not shocks they just be rhetoric needs it. They should've beaten any team they played in the Eastern Conference he didn't that's on the well all they should've beaten them based on their position. Based on based only on their Taliban made a lot of delete them. I don't know I'm have to keep it going into the series it would say that and I say that going to series same thing you said DJ and I love your point about. You know pick and six if you really believe in the team because you're saying. Hey you know this team and seven. You acknowledge that any any -- -- can happen in game seven so if you really think the team is that much better than their opponent go ahead and -- -- in six or five. Going into this series yet you said the Bruins are better based on the president's trophy -- Federer etc. but as the series went on and I told you last week. Nervous watching them macho Canadians I see a team that it's better than the Bruins -- playing better than the brought in this given the Bruins a lot of trouble. So don't you have to reassess dale after the series don't you have to reassess exactly what their talent is well. Don't add up don't -- in I'll tell you why because is there they had several key players. Who played very sub par for me and look we go through the whole list but just that to keep this short. Tuukka Rask played less than he's played all season long didn't play at its optimum mental errors on mental -- and they -- -- -- much less than what we watched all season long. I'm David crate G much less than what we'd seen all season long mean La -- each Brad marsh. One going in his last twenty beat him play and his last -- -- playoff games much less than what we'd seen they had. They had too many guys -- the one of their stars. Who I thought played up to his his potential was -- or to a mama and at a -- but this really Connecticut rallies with at a -- believe very excited about when he's not recognize what looks like a baby on the got to go into the series saying -- -- -- doesn't show up this team is screwed. And -- the performed very well Carl Soderbergh was good for most of the series but provided general Hamid. We -- the whole series about how that third line was set up so well play against. Montreal's third pairing. Credit Michelle Terri and her kind of making up for his mistake and finally pulling Douglas Murray on that line up but. The it it wasn't like the third line was scoring 56 goals against that third pairing so. Lot of missed opportunities lot of guys not playing up to their potential they have this one -- -- I had one line play while on the series that was put up our line and that's bad news if you're. In the thought let me just -- called Matt Frazier to play but that's off our line. And -- third line for a reason your top six forwards and I know technically. Again -- let your team in playoff goals with five. But York top six forward and Bergeron played as well as he could. Your top six forwards -- Right and and you're looking at Lucci each and -- hand and and Riley Smith unfortunately didn't provide enough -- -- Peter surely say at the beginning of the EU. Post season when he was talking a vote. Just how big an edge the Bruins should've had over other teams because of how good -- -- -- violence. He said you go to a playoff series against a good team and you think. The top six is -- cancel each other out. Good first line good second line -- and get to go first on good second line. Those two teams will take everything away from each other may -- score 34 goals apiece in it and that's that whatever idol generally you hope that it will be even. When you're getting nothing from your top line which is centered by none other than the best playoff performer of the last three years. They're putting ourselves in the position even if it's against inferior team. Pretty you're so what I have to wonder what it is behind to be going on during the post season. You don't get it at all and they're a little has there are a lot of good behind the B cracks last night. I don't wanna I don't wanna behind to -- crack outcome -- series from last year now a lot of insiders like you DJ. Knew what was happening. During the policies you when your people these are not that you know what was happening last year you know. That there was -- there was a problem in the family at Tyler saying it was not a fit with the Bruins and he had ago. So we know that until after the fact those of us just watching the games and and and following the Bruins we're covering the -- -- to know that. Wonder if something's happening there's something happening with this team -- something is off you think about it. Yes anybody can lose a game seven but if you combine gained six in game seven. The lack of effort and who games tool potential closeout game for the Boston Bruins are wondering is something wrong. In the house and. Im gonna disagree with -- just to this degree and believe me I I sob bad the first period was last night I don't think it was effort. They work so tight they were sold -- that that that goes hand in hand in hand with the with leopard and a sentence -- go for eight fri eight. They couldn't do anything they couldn't make a pass that could receive the past they -- they and it's not like they were lolly gagging around the ice really they weren't working. It was totally an -- But that was the problem right but that that. Probably just as much as effort is the matter of excuse and in this the team that we've seen do very big things in the post season there is. And it's such a cliche you say there's no excuses. But there is no excuses for a team that has been through so many game sevens and has been in so many key moments -- -- succeeded in those key moments. To all of -- -- and not be able to try as they might not be able to complete your that appealed to sustain pressure in the up in the zone to backed up my point cut at one point the Canadians had the first three power play opportunities of the game. -- not talking about the officiating. So -- I thought I cannot get an -- today they had given talk about first they they'd give your first three power plays of the game. They had allowed six shots on goal at that point three power play tries grand total to Canadians have six shots on goal effort was there. Accomplishment and and doing something what the effort was totally Garcia. Doubt about it but I don't buy it but you know I don't -- effort was there if you're telling me that we don't have to reassess their talent today. Of their if they're talented team if they if they're the number 1 team Eastern Conference number one team in the NHL and they deserve it. If that team with that much talent is giving effort -- tennis and what she's getting sixty game seven. So you began to think they were trying if either one -- the other teams that it worked there there either not as good as we thought they -- Where they weren't try what you want -- what Canadians were better than I thought I would guess that the Canadians are better than we thought that that's that's clear it's always but something is don't know what the Bruins either they work. -- and they -- not either they're not as good as their record says they are. Or they didn't show up an effort to -- a period I can't say they're giving effort. I can make comparison here and -- a throw back 2011 June 15 2000 Levitt in Vancouver games seven. That first period I'd have to go back and watch again it was an identical to -- last night's first period where their penalties being called everything like that. But generally in the first ten what 1015 minutes of that first period the clocks were all over the can eight era we're we're all over the Bruins. Come on that period saying that old they're trying really hard they're just not performing well eventually they found a way to get it right. The Bruins for whatever reason didn't recover from that they had their push back in the second period but. They end up giving up that second goal and they really don't recover from a putrid start look I'm not -- it was a good start the only the only. Question mark I had was effort I thought the effort was there they couldn't do anything they were so tight they were sold. They they were so hams strong buy their own pressure that that they couldn't make a pass that could receive a past they were inept. Totally -- I mean it did Brad marsh and receive a pass in this entire series clean. Receive a pass and do something whether it's your I don't know how many you'll receive passes. Cleanly in the series just given Al -- sticks Montreal had their own zone and that's I mean that's part of that's an area in which the Canadians credit for how good they were. Defensively. But. I mean. What is Jerry what's what's the point you're making did you say it would did you say defense yeah defense because I wanna start with that's the biggest concern. Of Canadians -- did what I note that the patriot evidently Canadians are good defensively but. If you wanna talk about the problems last night. Number one was just the the level of and the intensity intensity the lack of urgency. In the -- From from the start from the drop of the puck in my opinion for the first twenty minutes not here but then number two. I couldn't believe what I was saying from today and to our last night. I think that maybe. You UST -- the worst atmosphere of what you said what's wrong is there something wrong here. From that I take -- say it. Something definitely wasn't right with Zdeno Chara the in I don't know what it was the last two games. It -- is. Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup finals ask in that -- worse he Canadians seem to have realized. This guy for whatever reason whether it's physically you're whatever. We can I don't -- use the word exposed but. Mean they weren't afraid to go after Zdeno Chara Chara on that what which which PK was -- I've I watch the first period three times I don't remember but. Which PK was it which are turned the puck over two times in one -- declared he was that he was as weak as I'd ever seen Zdeno Chara play is that the worst enemies in black. I don't know -- -- he played a really -- regular season game in buffalo a couple of years ago but generally. Brazil -- is one of those guys you don't sustain a -- really spontaneity is it so at least finalist for Reid he's so consistent and he's I mean. Even if he doesn't play extremely well he's such an obstacle he's such a difficult person -- thing to deal with but. Chara in games six -- game seven weak weak weak not taken a body on catcher Eddie on that tag team screw up by Ian and Rask. And I'm the biggest char fan boy homer whatever you wanna say I don't I yeah I have nothing that disabled there which are in the way he plays. That is not the ways in which our place and look at this is the overreaction season and that's fine I don't blame -- so I don't think it's overreacting here I don't think at this -- those people and I'm looking at the -- -- -- those people who -- Chara is done. No more excuses that's overreact I don't know that it's it I don't know if I according -- its overall -- I don't think he's done what you don't like it might like to sign plate. You know seventy some games this year I know that. Is he done as any here plate period camp right now. Is he done as as an elite defender don't I don't happily so don't you have to out act and what he's not he keeps appoints Michael but here's the microchip that's a question because of -- -- Because well -- here's thing it ties there with that this is now two straight post seasons. In which at the end I know that Patrice Bergeron was such a big story last year dot blossom for everything he played through last year. For me the biggest take away from that series was. Once the Blackhawks realize that you know char his hip was. God knows what they were able. Go against him in dump the puck in his corner in go right out and go after him. And they were able to score goals against him and once they realize that Zdeno Chara couldn't play. That's when they took the series they came back directors -- to the Bruins were leading 221 became back -- that series and they won that series. That Brian pickle goal -- Chara looked like he was just falling apart he was so weak and so broken down by that point now we have this this season would last two games. Again we don't know if he's hurt or whatever we some grout in his hand some grabbing his wrist. We don't know what he may have been playing through I know that nearly said today across the street that. -- -- played the right thing I don't know I believe that I don't -- today in a RO wants people to think that he broke down two years in a -- but -- right exactly my point is this looks to the naked guy. That's that's what that's happened and years there -- The Bruins lost when Zdeno Chara. -- who again we saw the regular season if you voted for anybody aside and Zdeno Chara for the Norris trophy this year you're actually out of your mind to mix ups -- cents. But late in the season whether it's his body breaking down whether it's whatever we know we keep insult we agree partnerships. But I think we here's an early hasn't done. We have to say this to. I know the Bruins. Are very annoyed by this. We saw a seven game series with Montreal. I didn't see -- in game one I didn't see that he'd be. Definite. Speed advantage in game one from Montreal but over the course of the series. Montreal it's faster. Oh February so this is so team's speed. Is -- when you think about how do you get better next year how do you make sure you're playing your best hockey at that time what is most important. And how do you tweak the team I think that's one of the tweaks they've got to become. -- -- -- open look at the way they changed the the playoff construct and how it works now the top three teams from each division. Yet a wild -- team and then those four teams they've ballot out and they go from there Bruins again a reminder did not get out of their division this post season unbelievable lines still blown. But the point is. They're going to be facing the Canadians or the red wings or the lightning who were fast team they're going to be facing these fast teams in the playoffs they're gonna need to get by. One word to those teams. If they wanna get to the the metropolitan guys and play them so their first obstacle their first. One or two obstacles each post season is going to beat team with pretty good speed I think that is the area that you look to improve again. This team still should be any team that played in the Eastern Conference. But as you go about looking how to improve the team. Yes you wanna get a little quicker I know they have that huge chip on their shoulders that's everyone says were slow week but we can hang with faster teams. The it would not to them to go faster let's. Get this out of the way and and make sure that that -- -- many of you who seemed to wanna hear what you wanna hear when I speak and I don't want you to misunderstand what I say here. If you or someone like me who has said for years and years that the post game handshake. Is one of the great traditions in all of sports. Then someone like me and I have to say what mile -- to get a within a low class and it was low rent. And have that have the courage. If you're a big tough NHL starring -- -- teaches. Have the courage to go through the handshake line shake hands you don't even have to say good game you don't have to say good -- Go through the handshake line like command and move on. Should dale weeks have pop had ratted him out in the dressing room to the members of the media you'd died and and you know -- up your own mind. The initial fault here is Milan -- changes he screwed this -- Where would it change your mind -- if you saw the report last night according to a source. Andrei -- -- -- his position now I don't it's quite a stretch with a purpose sells that position at epidemic professional athlete that to stretch day. But let's go some disbelief here just for a moment. Put yourself in this position your team has lost. 8887. Game series you lost four games that three to the hated. Montreal Canadians you can't stand them they can't stand. Your fans hate their fans their -- -- prayers on and on and on history history. So you're going through this line you're doing what you have to do -- minding your own business look out of the current CIA Laker game to game. And according to this. Andre markov. Told. Lucci. Look habits players in the hot ice. When shaking here. Which are supposed to do. How much video I'm Rick you are perturbed -- Child telling a guy you gonna -- next year. Just know what I got to do I wanna get out of there it's fine it's a great tradition in the National Hockey League I love it just like you do DO. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't don't Hamid -- look at Q and you know what I'm an older man -- I don't know I Yemen to get the guys that has nothing to do with what instead she -- wiest if you want if you wanna say some -- mark -- at that point and tell him. I'll bleeping kill -- right season that's one thing. But then when you go to -- weeks and say it. Could your -- mark -- you say -- to dale please I'm sorry it's -- a sense. I think that would have gone over better. Had somebody. With more -- to stand on respect wise and professionalism. Wise and Andrei Markov told them that. Under mark of how the reputation amongst players and league. Or being a lower character type of guy he's what I mean you saw the -- that he pulled in the first period and you can say guilty you don't wanna blame the refs and I understand that none of Toronto I think I just don't want that to be the story it they were horrible. That's not why the brew without really bad call on the Andrei Markov who again is. Kind of -- cheap guy himself. And he cross checks martian in the head -- gets -- -- anyway. Mark of is by no means this isn't Zdeno Chara talking to somebody saying you're a try to think and this isn't. I don't know like the big B Ray Allen type person saying. You know what son I think we ought to respect each other here this is the slime -- -- another good example Bergeron. Right -- character of the guy Ron Francis any of those guys. This hasn't put up trees Bergeron saying that this is one of those hated guys and get the all hate each other it's fine. I put this again -- teach this is my take on when or whatever which he does say this sort of stuff. We teach is one of the smartest. Professional athletes that we deal with in this town very bright guy very friendly guy goes out of his way to be hopeful people. He has a small part of his brain that when he accesses it. He does extremely. Dumb stupid as you said dale low class things on the proper regard for the -- but it like right exactly. And that's I mean -- -- before he saw 2011 at the end game one when Horton in Victor Hedman Erica talked knew each other and what -- comes to teach. Pops him in the head like dumb things like that where he does crosses the line. In the once you cross the line he goes far over it. I really really really think this is this is the outlook for deal -- to go crying to the media after the game and I don't -- I again I don't wanna turn this around. He had a reason decried the media because Milan Lucic said something stupid. If meanwhile Lou cheats doesn't say I'm -- -- Killian next season always has nothing to get -- separate but we don't. But we don't know about it we only know about it because the week's rent that it at that I had a mile and didn't do anything we -- -- you know what. I don't know this is this is one that's is that you know you're big big you know you do if you dailies and maybe this is even more of a chicken -- move I guess but. At the end of the availability. Is seated there and Gregor whoever. To say you know the end during the during the handshake line which he told people these -- bleep kill them. And then -- gets out there it is and dale Louise like it doesn't come off is -- that you didn't get it from -- you know that type of art like. You wanna know what happened here's what happened in come from me I'm not making a big deal then you do that ends. But again. I -- just it's just -- through the united he's a chance chest just go through. And a sense here that goes both. Waives all right -- -- go both ways. To go through the line. N and shake hands. So if I'm going -- the line if this is true what happened no one really know it'll. That we we can't order but but he was -- -- some of them now are yes and did lip read it and I'm -- bleeping -- Liu yes. It did that was set him if he's going through the line and they told him. That he was not going through the line with the proper decorum. A proper come Portman. Yeah okay then I can see how we get out of him now Pete this is going to the line. And instead of shaking hands he's -- these guys saying you know what -- still stuck accurately too I see you next year yet 100% on him. But it there was a back and forth going through that line it disrespectful words were exchanged between Canadians and Bruins. And what you think it. One other thing before we get the calls have you guys right now the world hockey championship is going on in Minsk Belarus. -- is NHL players get eliminated many of them get asked to join their national teams. These Slovakian national team asked today no Chara to join their team at the world championships in Minsk. The general manager of the Slovakian national men's hockey team auto sykora. This is not the Bruins now this is the manager of the Slovakian team. I told the media in Slovakia. Its date Zdeno Chara would not be joining the Slovakian team. Because he suffered a finger fracture in game four of the series just completed and -- what he will require surgery. That doesn't exactly. Jibe with you know he's fine right that's so I'm waiting to hear if that's it though again. He looked weak he didn't move as well notes there terrorist nerve in the best skater but. Yes that's noted there there are. Was -- -- something wrong with the hand finger area you saw that that would cut -- -- younger right and -- to get surgery to get it -- understands why was -- shooting asthma and also understands why he wasn't. As strong on the puck trying to clear it out of -- all right and in penalty killing situations right as he can't snap but -- can't snap the -- the same way or hold the stick the same way. Now again this isn't coming from the Bruins this isn't coming from Zdeno Chara this is coming from the general manager of the Slovakian national men's hockey team. That -- broke his finger in game four of this series we -- the plight -- leave the ice for about 67 minutes and come back. And we saw what happened last night -- was that's already -- -- actor ready got to know in -- team all regular -- I don't know but it was patch ready last night got him and he took the -- off any kind of you know grabbed his hand. Evidently got and again on the same finger last right. So according to the Slovakian national team that's why Zdeno -- won't be joining. You know what. We got we got Jack Edwards coming up very soon here and get his perspective on this but before we get to Jack. -- what you guys who. That we had to say on the on the station early today now. You'll lose a game like this the first your first reaction is just. You're angry you're surprised how did the Bruins lose game seven at home to Montreal they're supposed to be the best team in the league. So you go through that you're mad at everybody but you start think about the offseason so what is his team gonna do and and prickly. Was asked about the offseason. Today on not Lou. This is what he had to say. I think that there will be a move of significance. By this Bruins team in order to reconfigure. Their team. Moving forward and you know who that remains to be or kinda deal maybe there was a deal that was in the makings during the trading deadline that being right. Come to surface around the amateur draft I think that they stayed with this core group long enough or certainly given them ample opportunity. To have deep playoff runs -- even -- Montreal is a difficult challenge -- difficult matchup that they knew I think there's there's a way to improve this team and I think it'll involve making a deal and it will be a player should it. Now do you think he's talking about Brad martian. -- got our our -- what Marcia -- possibility of an act to go vote. I think that Alexander revelers obviously big guy that you think about potentially come through it it's who they were trying to land at the trade deadline from Vancouver but -- -- putting together its marsh and -- player of the New York he surprise that he's there every year going going into every year I expect him to score thirty goals isn't done yet. He scored 28. But you do it this year he didn't but he's a guy the you consider as being a candidate to lead -- -- -- Our -- do -- part that was taken. You know we we talked about stars and you'll get a Crosby maybe maybe not known at that but significance. We're talking about -- is not a guy you would move I wouldn't. Now -- and I don't so it would consider you'll you'll win with I know it is silly to say after the antiques people last night -- You win with a guy like I salute you went with a guy. He said -- said something very significant. They've gone long enough with this core. So if you're talking about the course so you're suggesting maybe you'll would have happened last year had it been eliminated maybe happens now. RR RR I I stopped. I stopped. At. How are released literally stopped in my tracks -- heard him say that. -- -- -- They've gone along and up with this court now we're talking one guy. Are we talking about two or three guys when you -- reset to reconfigure their team so you guys agreed you'd think that march and entity. Significant part of the team. But your team isn't reconfigured. If you trade if you trade Brad marsh and it. Yes oh yes that's not only -- I mean for one thing you're you're gonna have to decide and I think it's going to be hard to keep -- again another top six forward. I think that he if you are in fact going to be able to make a deal with Vancouver for Alex -- Yup that's a top four defenseman also five million dollar -- that -- next five years so yet -- it. They will absolutely reconfigured the team. Now if if you're saying they gonna trade on -- -- David great -- Patrice Bergeron Zdeno Chara or Tuukka Rask now. No they're not aside and assume a. Text there says that no one is untouchable another Texas has among crackpots -- that is out sleep doctor that no one's about spoiling their -- guys the kids that are in the discussion. Of you're not -- mixture at the Jarome Iginla. The way that he did his deal was constructed they wanted him or Alfredsson because they were over 35. You could sign of those deals that. Has a low cap hit. -- like six million dollars only one point eight goes against it happening you take that performance cushion it goes against your cap next year they'll pay the penalty. Without pay that penalty next year. Now they can keep doing the same thing with -- again look but they can't do it our multi year deal so what they have to do is convince Jarome Iginla. Who just scored thirty goals and might be in line for his last big payday. Say it. Oh weird year with us in if Donny -- doesn't wanna do that if you can find a deal out there that some fringe playoff team that'll pay them. May be going to get -- again -- back next year 6177797937. Is telephone number Jack Edwards joins us coming up next Sports Radio WEEI. News series you know who we are very comfortable playing that team. You know I think everybody else started SI heard some on the TS cents on -- she says there -- perfect hockey club so I don't know what that says about us -- pictures. Bios I don't know how I guess fluctuated -- and found. They have. That exact. Our American jokes are jokes. They always. OK so forth I don't one step away from the first day so I mean what you used in Nassau PS there. He's watching the sand. And they liked abroad more than Montreal. So did everyone else outside of Montreal going into the see your -- Out though Brad -- and last year after the it's up the penguins. He basically said to the the media is like vice president mean. You'll have us -- and have a chance in the series it was pretty equal -- able enough sleep in them which means they use that as motivation but. God like one. Disrespect -- It's. Final drive sponsored by ARS restoration specialist just because the weather's changing to mean property and facility managers don't -- to disaster plan in place. -- floods happen year round be prepared -- Paris -- dot com our final drive today Uga. That's right you've got you guys are gonna do it 6177797. And treat them before. We get to that -- what is news. If there's still put a bow and -- -- -- On the handshake line situation. You said earlier it's what your favorite parts of of ending the series I think it's one of the great traditions in sports -- -- I love it. I love seeing it. Drop from a fan's standpoint you look at the end of the hockey series and you see that happened after that critical -- And you get a basketball series like last night. -- it the Brooklyn nets are eliminated by the Miami Heat. Kevin Garnett probably his last NBA game instead of greeting. LeBron James Ray Allen former teammate Dwyane Wade he walked off the court even pierced -- the court and that's not a good look. That's from a fan's standpoint. I think you also have to look at the other side of it though it is very easy. For me. To be sitting here in my buried -- vineyard I'm buying -- voluntary approach Nelson wagon out Tolle Chestnut Hill okay. Art so it's easy for me. Talking into a microphone and doing -- and it perfectly -- temperature controlled studio. This appearance say an athlete should do this and app which do that I think there's another side to what you have to look at the entire picture not just. Sit there in your suit in York khakis in your Brooks Brothers. In your -- Brothers Brooks Brothers gears today. All of that's dot -- classy that's not a good look it's right after the game and we should you know what's surprising. That we don't hear about war situations. In that line I'm sure other things have happened there haven't gotten. You know what so that that's my initial thought too equal with the the first when the sharp or water bottle squirt thing happened. My next move was that talked to anyone I could who played the game before who played Little League now. It's how often does that happen is that the -- like is is that a common thing -- what. In the consensus that I got was happens multiple times a game. And that people complain about it so. That so. That you kind of put on civilian effort for whining about it up or -- on the but he Condit say. It's interesting it is the only time comes though they had declined thing I heard brick on today. He said that he'd never seen anything like that managed decline in his years in the league -- other guys. That I think is damning evidence it surprised me that it does snap right to grab your point. But for that to be one of those things that. -- that's it's not common in it's something that we just don't hear about it doesn't happen. Chris in Cambridge Europe next -- dale and -- Chris and then I had such an oracle. So I mean I'm a -- so obviously. I know that back to game one after that after a game I just stop and it's it's gonna come back to bite us. I was on the deadly. I put that on the I'd say and I know that would change the whole series -- can't do -- but if we want nagging. And then there was this is an aggregate. You would want that -- on it. Everyone is talking right now about how great you know how great childhood in the oil and touched that shut out and -- -- and then what I want to go home. And out and advocate and and it is and the and that sports black and white I didn't win or lose by. Mean it is right there is just a couple postmark on -- and you know basically a wide opener I. So I'm not I'm not that you're not disciplined and not being down. I I I will say and this is gonna sound like compiling and Milan Lucic and I don't mean. Michael back to that gaping empty net that he shank in game six. And you think if he scored that goal yeah. Does the face of the entire series change and again. It sounds like compiled on Lucci to and that's not my intent at all but solace in Rhode Island -- -- -- on dale and Holley. So I -- You know what's going I'm really really disappointed last night I just cannot believe that he's the best record in the NFL. Would come out with that lack of energy and play that kind of game in front of the whole scene and that is ridiculous. I I don't nibble and what -- did you know what you get all of the game it's it's such -- -- we bowl game you know the EUE. I don't blame and that crap could collect the wolves. -- up at this differently or like so. I was talking with the Montreal reporters after the game and he covered the guy enough to know and everybody mozzarella -- on the teach as the as the stuff that's gone on with Amylin. They can appreciate the type of person he is gently with his dealings the media in just the -- he carries himself. Would you watch that he would decline. In that you watch that video and talk about it. Even after Lleyton not even just that it -- I'd watch the video. He makes himself look really really bad he presents himself in a way where. People who don't ever -- in the series who are closed -- these teams. It look at that and they don't say deal -- is the BB. They say that the players in NHL says that got the got people who don't there are players in the NHL were upset with wiest for going public with it. Keith Jones on the on NBC sports last night said it happening at one time in handshake line Steve Thomas said I swear on the lives of my kids. I'm going to kill you seized. And and that's -- xmas I -- and Keith Jones said I didn't tell anybody. I totals -- spelled out the beta keys Joseph artist -- -- Cities I you know I told a couple of my teammates and and they just laughed about it the very first time we played the next season. Steve Thomas came and fought right off the bat and it's like he does make he keep his promise. But that's the only time I've ever heard of that sort of thing. Frankly I'm with you guys I'm surprised in the past that two guys who just beat on each other for seven games right and some radical bang and -- right now had right. But it doesn't happen. And and that's why it was disappointing because. Your team was the one who didn't. Handled that very well last and you know we were talking about this you know there -- some. There are some critical moments that come out of that line. And I know it's it's much easier to be gracious when you win and always that it is when you lose but you think about Tim Thomas. After the cup. They went exactly and it goes up the Luongo. And he says about the way. They're great -- -- that was after a while ago. That is the top dam sweet heart rate as published its public meltdown of an avid -- his tires and what does it say about me in the in Tim Thomas to explain that. It was part of the strategy part of my strategy to say nothing to anybody. I wanna combine the points of the two callers into one -- appoint the first caller said. You look at the puck luck and you think damn what could have been the second caller says how -- they come with such a bad first period might take away at the end of that game. Was. For all the about like they have in the series and I don't I was down play in the posts thing. Which again that's kind of overstated because you didn't shoot the puck into the net. But yes they got very unlucky in the series. The fact that they came out of that first period only down one nothing. Made up for all but they were so lucky to come out of that period only down one nothing that. That the puck -- was redeem the hockey gods have their back -- -- -- more scores in the right at the post. Maybe they disputed purer. Goals scored all tomorrow 2 o'clock Michael Holley calls for the react position of Tyler Sagan don't you dare miss that Elena holly -- -- took us. Anyone Sports Radio WEEI.

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