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2014 Bruins wake and funeral with NESN's Jack Edwards 5-15-14

May 15, 2014|

We talk to Jack... you know about what. Habs in 7 damn it.

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Gauges finished talking about the lack of respect that he built a lot of people that this guy was that a motivate her over she yeah I think as the series went on I think that kind our motivation group. They just disrespect us and -- -- and I didn't think Syria had any respect for us as a team and I don't. Believe it is not you know the better team on. Disrespect I don't know what they're talking about this suspect. Having your uncle celebration. What kind of disrespect his. I mean. I not missing anything. Fair enough to disable. Montreal Canadians playing the part of Rodney Harrison and your local Broadway production. Last night after the game at the TD garden joining us right now as we. Continue with the post more times the TV voice of the Boston Bruins on NASA and. Well before we get to sari. What would get through that I didn't know I you know today is dale DJ. You know what it is today it's free to I don't exactly what it has been depressed since last night this is what you guys need this is this has got to make you feel better free ticket Thursday be the -- caller right now -- 6179310937. With that number again 617. 931090937. And you could win two tickets to see the Sox game on May eighteenth against Detroit and half free parking courtesy of the credentials and her garage. As the Red Sox Orioles sports story many figures from audio sports toys plus. Your WER clubhouse insider you'll win a tour of the Red Sox radio network broadcast -- Call 6179310937. Right now brought to you by Geico town fair tire. At your home for Boston baseball Sports Radio 93 point seven. -- -- -- -- -- And the WEE got to. -- -- that the happy am. I do this -- yelled at its free ticket our states. Joining us on the AT&T hotline the TV voice of the Boston Bruins Jack Edwards -- Jack. -- -- Are -- early early on that we're Evanston mob volume issues are -- caller. And at and without the. We're you know we roll -- we will reconnect with Jack river to reconnect with the maybe some back connection and we'll get him. Going off in politicizing sermon I wasn't what he went on my last check -- to start going boats. Starts boats even accrual under -- play along at home over under. On how many questions can't hear us we'll be if you ask Jack I'll -- three. I surrendered three and a half what's the big what's the biggest question that we can ask how can just get the whole thing we -- We have re connected now. I hit that button right there hey Jack. I just I got -- to a -- start at a that sort like the Bruins last night stage that there was no phone issue. Yeah. You know you get -- picked up the Montreal they have put together. The kind of in the can be brought the vote had no answer. Now the other side -- injury it was a contributing factor the really is the way in Montreal so it's been and it's here that the beginning of the season and practically see you back in the last season and at the abolition of the game so now they're from Montreal Roosevelt regional slightly and bill backed out of next here. Was that good enough coming into the series of attack that that you could say as they matched up that this is how they've built their team and that's. If in the Montreal's actually capable of beating them. I don't think yeah -- and it just sort of about that for the first meeting of the teachings. What was it like five months ago. The -- all. Much like going to head on in now it's up eleven. Had taken the lessons of its losses from previous sequence. And said you know what we've got to atrocities we can't pretend that these are got a -- oil well. We've got to improve later in the areas which we've got to look for all we've got to get proper and there's no doubt that Montreal -- round operate you know we can all. Also talk about. You know a lack of great so. The Canadians -- we want to -- -- -- style or the fact of the matter is that the Canadians. Such free sticks on every part it would probably look back in line they they took away the Roland space. To any ridiculous degree and and that back checked like crazy and protect the how -- -- the areas -- which watcher all the all the Opel. In the previous stop what they. And and they also -- institutional. You know -- yellow what went down last year effort much written rules go into this didn't remember it. -- could not compete. Over a series that began a stretch on against Ottawa so they've got -- problem so. -- the job are out. We played a clip earlier from Andy Berkeley Jack -- he was talking about the offseason and how. There there may be a major move to reconfigure this team now I'm looking at the eighteenth -- text line of people have all sorts of guesses about what that means. Let me just run some of these scenarios by -- some -- say. They move on from close some -- say they move on from crate -- -- -- say they move up from Chara and in March and any chance of those moves happening ending up. Our -- I would say absolutely not. And there's no reason to. -- really didn't make any coaching mistakes. That word difference makers in this series set that I think anybody is what you early. This is -- You know if they're a failure to start games well it certainly won't -- in the coaching -- that you know. God go up there -- 80% speed and don't challenge for the -- That's certainly -- -- or Chilean style. Peter Schroeder has repeatedly gone on record as saying that authorities here or is guy or want that job. And there's no reason to think that early in any cannot control because he is the guy who's written that this team. Is playing out right in front of us -- and it's been pretty successful in the past year. Are. Their -- -- as a player who certainly could draw interest if you wanna go away from not much if you're gonna do the subtraction. Here's the addition for retail. They don't -- or -- for a -- where. You have to start thinking about the -- -- it'll lower direction. And how are you going to retool. As the guy who in the special -- defenseman of his era. Starts to appreciate a little bit -- fewer minutes and maybe end up on the second error has. As they specific shot dot. Those are all places that our church earliest considering and solos later play. -- as the water and what an honor -- draw a lot of interest but again. If you're gonna be the subtraction of the addition we can replace what kind of production are you getting get out of that guy is gonna give you. The other corroboration of speed. And energy and agitation that Marcia it has given the -- So often the most important thing is not to make these decisions today because everybody's pretty emotional after losing the bench. In the aftermath of the trade deadline word out of Vancouver is that the Bruins and the -- -- working on a deal that would include Alec settler to the Bruins -- that obviously didn't happen could well be revisited when you get close to the amateur draft. It Peter surely lose the trade deadline this year. I don't think so look at who wrote. Exactly the unit generally calculate the difference in this series I beg to differ. You know I respect their result from being an athlete is made at the National Hockey League -- It's such a guy -- -- your -- which are also writing and yet that -- -- -- Robert gulf war in China about. That's not the guy's gonna get dark where you know that that's probably more. When Dennis Seidenberg went out there basically trying to passion and untouchable hole and Kevin -- bit. An exemplary job considering what real -- expectations -- a player that experience and age should have been. You achieve absolute tremendous -- no coughed one up -- possible and not some momentum and again that they lost. And not far out you blow a couple of assignments and in a deciding game and you know -- -- -- -- game one in the series so. -- -- absolutely going to let you know as as we've discussed some proven without a doubt. As Michael Holley will pass on this very show. The hardest position to play an important if that's the 900 -- in order to be able to play -- -- Appellate panel itself -- outside the so that if this series doesn't bear that out battle they get a chance if people don't get it by now they're not gonna get a. Let's let's check their a lot of moving parts that you would presumably see on this back and now. Who knows that they go back into the other thing they obviously have Seidenberg. Coming back -- trucks and during the last year of his contract McCoy leads. And during the last year of his contract they pretty much signed -- to that. -- contract that allows them to move. Equated pretty much whatever they want to -- skis and our faith. Groups that are FA. Lot of moving parts the way I see it I seed Marcos ski being at least one of the odd man out with maybe -- being the other how do you think. This shakes out for this team defense -- these young guys and also what what do you think that crude ends up commanding -- in our -- You know -- are really good -- salaries -- going to be. Competitive with what is. It's. Experience group like yeah they are -- voting age group are trapped group is. I didn't draft but unfortunately I wasn't drafted. And not. And you know his agent advance compared to where his experience but. For his. For his experience group I think you're going to be among the -- compensated that that's that. Are no we don't play a lot of minutes but certainly. He. Provides a a vital necessities for the Bruins and that is given not kind of mobility. And heat seeking missile I was shot where he can get through this sheen's with really -- But he -- he's a very very hard worker is a player or not it is healing yet it's got to get better. Agree with the other -- cal is a guy who is gonna draw interest. It's. It terrifically -- He's still on the inexperienced side he's going to get better. It's -- There's probably gonna end up being lower than. They recruit -- You know not forget the workshop installed all we're. -- were soft ski trotman immediate they've they've got bodies. Yeah yeah that they have they have institutional up did not exist two years ago. That you can't ever have too many to let you know it's like -- have a a dire -- got to Providence who. In an emergency daylight in you have a opt for a -- lot NHC -- want it to this summer. You can actually act out or you're so. A couple of weeks. To make a deal. If you. If anybody got a second best -- doing its computer sure oil available or offer the old cycle in January after Seidenberg oneself but again you have the electric. -- coming up. And -- placing additional pressure. On the trade market you know what what what -- -- was being offered short come Hispanic cigars those walking away from that it what's the one of the subtle and I. You know sometimes you -- -- sorted out there were the marketplace you're gonna end up an open invite him well. So -- any and all that second guess -- early Israel but. You know it's it's safe to say there are going to be some -- starting to retooling the Bruins need. It's obvious that if for agriculture Montreal in Portugal -- in the that is able to compete hard against. The body of NHL games and go through Montreal to get out of it. The Atlantic Division next year you need achievements that the Lola quicker and that will report generation. And that probably means or they younger salt. -- those -- -- changes without a considered. Well here's a burning hot take off on the defense and I'm I'm sorry for having not brought up for the contrasts -- going to say that that pick that -- round pick the flyers will not invest after the Bruins didn't reach Eastern Conference finals. I im guessing it will not bring back under him as our -- so it's just going to be that third round pick so Peter surely won the trade deadline -- Wednesday. Now while he's figured out without a lot of those three things such -- the. Actually. Jack we always appreciate time I'm sure will be and touches the as the offseason moves along. There LL with the Boston Marathon job -- you entered the playoffs but I gotta say our studio show makes its provinces like debate I was I was so happy with the the job -- not so it's great to have it. And -- huge numbers and yeah I can't. Thanks -- I appreciate it. My life that is a Jack Edwards TV voice of the Bruins on -- and and of course part of ROR pre and post game coverage throughout the course of the playoffs as well. Were up against the break but I promise your calls coming up next Sports Radio WEEI.

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