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Across The Board: The 2014 Preakness

May 15, 2014|

Is California Chrome a lock? Mike Mutnansky talks with Jessica Paquette of Suffolk Downs, Dick Jerardi of DRF/Xpressbet, and Dan Zucker of Predicteform.com

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Yes these three times a year -- podcast on WTI across the -- over the back and get you ready. For the middle jewel of the Triple Crown it's it's the preakness on Saturday. From high told him it's great auto sector where it's just a podcast. It's something down -- racing analyst communications director she will join instigate the California -- In the derby Jess will join us again we'll get her take on the derby and obviously we'll get a picks for the preakness Dick Girardi daily racing form. I expressed that the wagering guide he gave -- California chrome in the derby to he'll be back and he's also the corporate buyer associates they with the virus beats. The big time speed figure when it comes the horse racing. That number came back pretty slow. For California chrome what does that mean for the preakness we'll get Dick's take on the -- speed figure from the derby his take on the preakness and Dan soccer. Up predictive formed dot com a new way of looking at the pace of a race looking in with a contenders and pretenders are. Going into a race the end soccer will join at the end in this podcast. Get us his take on the preakness I will try to be better look if you if you went with me on the derby it's not our fault not my fault. Candy boy got checked at the first turn he had no shot. Now he likely wasn't going to win but I think with a clean run. He maybe gets in the second maybe it's in a third of the trifecta with commanding curve. Which would have been a big big number right we gave you the commanding curve we gave a curve on the podcast. I'll we'll try to be better this time around I go along shop I'll try to get him but I'll tell yet. -- looks pretty tough. On paper will try to -- shall give you my picks for the preakness at the end this podcast. -- always start our -- this conversation we start our derby conversation with Jessica -- gets up and downs this time by phone instead -- in studio we start by congratulating. Jessica. As my horse candy boy it was getting checked hard on the first turn your pick California chrome went on to win the derby just congratulations. Well he was the favorite but like I told people and they got on me for picking a favorite in derby hard to pick the winner and nineteen -- field and I thought he was just fantastic. We're gonna talk to Dick Girardi and the racing form also works for buyer associates later on the podcast -- I wanna get. His take on the the speed figure they came out of it but I'm curious just how EU and how did you view the win for California com given the pace never developed. Were you surprised he's able win so easily it kick away at the top the stretch the way he did. You know -- record that he heard I all eyes were on him as far as I was concerned and he looked like at the -- won there. I had a couple of -- you don't really know much about portrait of -- masses -- -- that looks aren't that -- at a boiling you don't who went from here and they look at me like. So Smart when he won. Espinoza rode him so well I mean I'm. Sure he expected more of a pace and obviously wins on the speed horse has decided not to go became. A much different race but I I thought it look professional and and I thought. Look at it -- like we're betting standpoint but from an experience standpoint now all those races as a two year old. The winning streaks and X -- and X minerals ago on top. And began riding him later last year he looks like a professional -- who looks like those races did him a lot of good the way he finished in the derby. The thing about it is he just seems to be so ride aboard the tactical. That you can put it almost anywhere he finds a way to get the job done which is why don't toward the preakness and I do really like him even with hot -- Yeah and I'm curious now when I look at some of the horses that come out of the derby in Iran in the preakness I thought we see commanding -- I really did. I thought he ran well to be second obviously they're good -- -- -- -- strong to the Belmont the Boston course -- wait. -- couple weeks and try to the Belmont Stakes other horses that are coming out. Of the derby of the horses that are not in California chrome. Do you like any of these horses did did the derby faces Jessica to be a factor in this race at Pimlico Saturday. Now I really didn't like many of them go into the Dayton Kentucky it I don't like and many of them going into the deep belief in Maryland either. I think it's I still think it's an average group in California from the head and shoulders above the rest of them. And I feel like you normally supposed to start with like you said the derby refugees I feel the same way. About this group when I looked in the past performances and try to tell myself or maybe general A-Rod. Wolf will run better here on the track at AMOCO you know maybe you look at this group and you say all right right on -- Got a tough Friday get -- got sent down to the -- I. I don't have a good feel for the horse -- -- came up I have very little faith that anyone besides California chrome out of the derby. Is gonna run in the exact order trifecta the horse is uninterested in. Us start with a horse like social inclusion who we talk so much about -- strong -- his run in the wood memorial the Boston horse ran well on that prep. Social inclusion. I thought ran really well that race considering it was his third. Lifetime race analysts a lot of speed -- year what are your biggest social inclusion fourth lifetime race in the preakness on Saturday. Well I think it's interesting that the preakness has sort of been the end game for these people on who pointed to -- raced equipment. A -- or Iran sort of OK in Kentucky they -- -- -- -- -- does go to the preakness now to. You aiming for the race I think he's going to be primed for peak performance. It doesn't matter how good is he got beat by an act I think very highly of but you also may not be top top here's sort of force. Do you buy into the fact and I bought into the derby -- a there's lot of speed you know and in the way have a position at this time would be in a general A-Rod. Pass to go down from the inside just passed through this time. I guess the jockey change rumors are go to -- on a -- weekend Graham motion is said. This horse is best when he's running free they tried something different the -- derby. That did not work for them they'll go back to letting him run by Aaron and Baffert. That's greens go and on the outside social inclusion. And Pablo Belmont did you feel like we're gonna have that big rush to try to be in the front in this race that we didn't get in the Kentucky Derby. Yeah I think so I think you know there'll definitely be some contention for the air lately it I really like -- weekend a little bit. Not entirely have been that he is either that's really the big question -- with quite a few of -- theaters including -- clean and it's just how good our our things. Well I'm curious we've got Phillies win the preakness before Rachel won recently. -- -- Antonia. Maria Antonia and this ownership group they have raised a lot of eyebrows are running the source. She is a monster price in fact -- -- one sports book is giving you ten to one that she even hits the board and all I am guessing every area actually know how much faith and Burrell and Maria Antonia the filly in this race. I think Bob Baffert you can serve and used it straight. -- the I just I don't like heretic I kind of think about it and givers not -- -- take on the boys I think that right Philly can certainly do you stay in the -- -- race and race. -- and adaptable you. Did on back there and it exactly you don't make it different pretty against the actually I think like. Yeah I think the only chance this two horse has here maybe this is what -- directions will be for Calvin is let's just sit back and make one Ron you know just try to hit the board will be filled it and it's the board and but I'll the go back and race on palpable wee we wanna avoid her she was awesome obviously. You know. Good guys that re really like here. Boy I thought over the weekend you look at those races she if she ran in the derby and issue a game giving California chrome run for his money your honor I really do I thought she was back. To fill the more even more at reasonable by the. You just don't like Steve asks well at that maybe true. -- I've learned that about you. So we think a lot of speed the horse that then I'm gonna key on this week and rescue crews beacon affiliate Linda rice. The trainer of -- -- some great success the first female trainer to win. The meat at Saratoga couple Summers ago she has that success with sprinters and certainly turf sprinters this they -- router and I L I. I got a couple angles here and I told in the derby pace and price of the things that I look for I feel like. If the Gambia cores running at the end who was shown to -- the track the only horse here it's got to win at him go. And fix the pace of this race and the price of this raced 1 in 1 morning line. I'm gonna try to get -- cruised into the number what you think about Linda rice and Alan Garcia is a -- Mr. -- at all is that right on this one kid Cruz in the preakness on Saturday. Hate him I do you think yes at least on the racquet ended this is going to be a massive class sport -- But we'll definitely get it right that's the one thing I think that is the kind of court can definitely pick up the pieces he's spread around forever. I think if you're looking for an interesting one -- go with your paid the price. I don't I don't. Like a lot of us on the kicker is bandwagon I'm concerned the right up the I don't I think we're not too much weight on his back and preakness day and it's like the price may not be quite. As generous as it should be. So it sounds like you are leaning towards an easy win for California chrome on Saturday. I am I think UN regardless of whether you think -- in the slow group -- an -- very well might be that might be a while average groups he's still the fastest. These wild horses. And I think is that significant hot about and from heard the Internet has been telling me that our government has -- -- -- about 35 pound. Don't sense the Kentucky Derby which is just. A really impressive. Side of the source really thriving if that's the case. He's gonna be one to nine likely on Saturday at three to five is it is a gift if you get it feels like much more likely one to nine proposition. From a betting standpoint Jessica you mentioned kicker is anyone else you wanna include. Inexact as Orrin backed up tickets in case California home. Does not fire Saturday and that for us. The test let's see how well you know -- client soccer for. In this race. I would guess it it would be the only horse we will exist to we haven't talked about here we didn't talk but dynamic impact -- down on the inside or -- for Bob -- Every weekend that Britain -- you -- we -- -- -- I think anyone to get this horse to run paid off for the sixth weekly half -- and kindness in between. That's her perhaps it is the master grandmother and keeping -- but didn't success. On the Maryland circuit particularly look like at this but the other really liked it Q his capital and. Gathered to crap cake angles in the street in weakening cute crucible with the aim Maryland tied to a -- -- probably going to be a longer shot. Any bigger price the -- is based on the though the early wagering. I expected on on -- cruise and his angle. More importantly than we alike what's the plan this weekend it's up account you guys have some celebrities. In the house at -- we. Know trustees. We are having and a friend -- -- network court players. Condit they're coming down on that -- -- handicapping seminar. There a look at the preakness card and enforcement via public that the races that made high rated not ponies -- -- That immigrated -- it's very there will be around all they'd meet expands it to be a lot of fun to reignite my races as well. There are great characters on the team the TV show horse players -- shall be a lot of fun there at Suffolk downs team rotunda which are a lot of lot of fun to watch I'm sure a lot of people have fun hanging out. I Jessica -- cat is gonna go with the California chrome you like chrome in the derby he willing to go back to him here and ring weakened for Graham motion. Post vision for underneath Jessica good luck on Saturday sounds like a lot of fun at Suffolk downs and -- Not not always the best race to handicap is the preakness but the Belmont looks loaded their horses laying in wait. We'll talk in a couple weeks as they get set for a huge day of racing early June. At Belmont park. As we continue with our rough three times a year horse racing podcast here on WEEI we talked to the -- -- really. For a couple years now Dick Girardi award winning writer. Who is here with us courtesy of express bet dot com visit express bet dot com free free. Preakness wagering guide and a wager on the races when you can't get to the track and he gave California home he told -- put some bombs underneath and boy did -- come through. Dick congrats on a big -- -- our friend Howard you. I appreciate it might make you guess -- that you just lock down what it's gonna happen and ago. -- record back to -- darkness that you know what this is that it now -- for what it played out exactly that way. Suspect you and everybody looked. And hopefully they saw my horse candy boy check that's my valid excuse enough Gary Stevens he checked will get a next time now. You you've got to work with the racing form you've written for a long time in Philadelphia. Expressed -- goes to you for their wagering guide. You'll -- to work with that the fire associates any buyer company Randy Moss you guys put together what I think are the heat. The staple to a lot of people's -- and listening the buyer speed figures and when the wire speed figure for the derby comes back gain 97. Ever once says the same thing all the sources to slow this in the derby stunk it was too slow. Either he's too slow or something went wrong when it comes back that low. How did you get did you get -- they 97 buyer for that derby -- and what -- it tell you if anything about the race. It's there's a lot scholarship by starting Saturday night. All days. As probably track at 9 o'clock. This is gonna come up who really low or look Eric -- packed courtroom. Back. So what or at the restaurant. Or were pretty. Don't pretty obvious what that's tracker Richard it was fairly -- What we -- our -- smartest point two points which is. Up I expect liked -- on how long how much the system. -- you'd have -- number to get a accurate either. While the derby was so or adult whack with -- -- the exact number that the which makes absolutely -- So we're trying to figure out what with the wing and -- it correctly and why are those slope because it would put out. It is the first part horses -- running slower court dramatically slower than -- war. -- California are being -- So and yet and we talked about a year and up pushing an opera. For the period at the track it slowed down for maintenance and possibly. Think Edwin. Where the derby or what do -- had to run and two white right the first quarter mile and the last quarter. And we would what -- I a -- 100% sure we're right we're not is that it's fact. I figured it just doesn't make an arrest that it today. It's oh it could be well. I think it's also possible that the higher it could be awkward -- Unfortunately a support Arabic this year. Mostly this is a science. Sometimes it's art this art -- as we and my opinion -- -- Arctic are in Iraq right back under fire -- -- -- or. Which make -- upbeat about the are pure. Well and it's going to be a much shorter price on preakness day that it was on derby day I might follow -- question would be making that figure. The tracks it's -- for it's basically two hours right there's a dirt race they were on the turf classic and then. They're on the -- that is it's it's two hours two hours and fifteen minutes after. The last -- race Dick does that make it tough sometimes to make a figure when you wait that long and attractive sits there whatever weather condition. -- happens to get that day. It's. And that was an issue. Art was gracious after the Circuit Court you are great they came out and makes cents with the rest of the all of our. Which made it if what if they had been slow like the derby that article does a Lester is that while output but they really. Again that's why it's it's just so complex. It's not. -- -- -- -- But if you look at California it looked like he ran they appreciate it it -- what it looked like tell -- what we party -- and and edit edit the figure right. I have been eight of the first night horse -- slower out the race for we -- -- -- -- a man of the hour. That's really -- usual. By any itself which are -- it. -- perspective but it does not and what are your racquet change that's what our eyes like that not happen. But this is our profile what you thought about it sort of respect what. Well that the preakness this middle Jules is an interesting one because as -- race then you're you're rooting for Triple Crown CO rooting interest from a gambling standpoint this is not an NEC raced to really get yourself involved and because usually have. A pretty heavy favorite. I want to go against him. In the Kentucky Derby but I I find it tough to take. A real strong stand against California chrome. The pace was not crazy in the derby he should at least to -- Dick get potentially. A better pace set up here do you feel like with the inclusion of public Del Monte social inclusion channel A-Rod back ring weekend who is trainer says. Might just -- this time. We are gonna get that legitimate fast pace that never really developed in the -- Yeah very I'll be shocked if it's not that I think everybody observers are reacting to it happened or. We're probably at that -- outraged by the all the riders were extra cautious traders I think -- our investors that are. So it -- and all made it -- for help we're from but that's the beauty of a horse like is that it white horse. If they are -- -- some of those sources this match is still popular sit for or are like stop the -- I believe that it -- that ought. But if they're not all that fast right. So. I think if it actually they're rather outside -- -- side this is a writer or option in your a little bit of -- waiter inside out every right to be this horse. But -- -- first due regard art just like we talked about the derby at that this year in epic finish by the first time that -- thirty yards and a race. And I I think he's gonna be if we achieve the same race in that spot. -- -- that's the case stick I think that the Iran is something here. You Heidi you wager on this race I mean you look at the -- derby refugees general A-Rod. Doesn't really doesn't instill lot of confidence in me yeah I'll be honest with his right Colorado brought on curl an excuse for that group is. We got a bad ride last time I don't know what Phillip price can be short for worse that. Has been all that fast during his career. For the horses other prices underneath you liked if a lot exact isn't trifecta. Yeah I think the way to play the race this summer hours talking about it -- Eliminate all the horses with -- the California just get rid of the street courses that really the only whatever -- -- -- reassert. -- -- -- it at the rock and Europe where it for a perspective. But -- development and that's going to be talked back. So basically take all the speed horse is -- might throw them out they -- who's going to be running managed to boost through the preakness or any earth. And actors -- possibilities that are that they are fairly obvious all of the papers. Just a Izturis in the Merrill sensational. Grab part no pace closed early late. But having said that he's gonna have to go way up in the outburst at a shot here but maybe that it's not and yet there. And the other is why -- girl at all surprised that they've but I. Haven't tried the relic and -- and they shot at all on this of course I thought was bowling at that point and -- rolling again finish. They're probably going to be like to exact its at a critical what the prices obviously -- I think that's the way up in the water numbers and just a network is going to be too -- Ever get like stamp -- essential like California chrome so much he can stand alone Hammond and the wind situation here Dick is. Is the the double the Friday Saturday double something you -- -- -- -- through its colonel ball the Dixie when you have a -- like this is that a situation where. You can get involved in the multi race wagers that end with California chrome -- -- get value in one of those earlier races. Definitely put -- exit when it last year and I analyzed so that rate is -- he -- -- have while. A gap now epic is otherwise. You're gonna go about aware of that and I are sitting -- sitting there are having. A pretty nice number three horse great. -- you've done this for a long time they'll look the whether Friday's awful they are predicting. Basically downpour conditions all day Saturday looks pretty good I'm curious Dick giving -- years of covering the preakness. When there's been rain in the day prior and they get a lot of Fridays where it's rain and Saturdays and good there. Anything you noticed with that track condition anything you would look get on Saturday if we do get the two. Two and a half inches of rain that we're expected to get Friday that could impact the way to track plays on Saturday. And like I brought that there are a lot of -- so unfortunate hasn't been recently. I set some. It would be based on openness are it would be accurate. So I don't know I you know distract typically can dry out pretty fair request of seventy degrees I think -- Saturday. You know I look at it -- but it sure three inches of -- Are so yeah it's going to be orbit. The fact that they know -- -- Is gonna help while airport again it's it's. I wish I knew what was on Saturday -- open it if they violate their. I you can get Dick's analysis he's an award winning writer courtesy of express bet dot com I go right there you see the front page -- tab for the free preakness wagering guide. You sign up it doesn't cost anything goes up to sign up because hit. Hit the but you print out you take it to track on Saturday. Not much competition you and I think it feels like issue California -- get through this. The whole lot's going to be different animal -- there are some animals laying in wait to hear that are preparing for that race and I think if he gets through here. The challenge is going to be a lot steeper Belmont did try to complete this thing. Eric order more 34 at derby hero wait what are we -- Is it or that would treat your most. It is is probably. -- strong horse or. -- I don't think he particularly likes -- there are -- He's going to be writer Albert Belmont park. A little bit about how wide to our allies of the hour. It was dramatically better at Belmont park it anywhere else so that you would be a very very major source felt. Dick great stuff have a great preakness day put us on the winner chance of winning bets on there every day -- gonna go back to with a -- -- -- chrome. On top the kid Cruz and -- on -- and in the exact his best luck Saturday Dick. Portrait. Well we got in a -- this Saturday and it's always good to take a different look -- handicapping sometimes and all I've got my certain ways -- one handicap in my routines. And I've shaken that up recently. Thanks to the folks -- predict a form. I'm Dan -- predictor form joins us will get his take on the previous weekend Dan happy -- tower yeah. That takes a look at particular -- -- let's tell people about your product I was put onto a by a friend a couple of weeks ago. And have been -- around with the website and I would just -- as a new way of looking at pace figures. For specific races how would you of people ask you up -- Foreman handicapping. How do you explain its human elevator 32 duck commercial. Let's let's not the only the most difficult thing to do what you're talking about introducing. Today and do analysis and data. In the horse racing business or in any sport business so that matter but this episode -- I can describe it is the pace with in a race. Cook -- was originally called at. Before it was started by a -- for the mine passed away this past summer that he was so foreign at this time when he brought the technology algorithm. That it. It'll bring up the masses which is what we've done -- really take in the industry by store. Essentially what it does is we don't necessarily look at. Anything other than. The figures of course is distributing its energy. And I know that sounds a little wacky but it truly is it the horse doing in good job of distributed energy that was here she. Consistent through the race is the course likely to. Is a lot of it is -- -- is conserving his energy and then what to expect based on those patterns what happened in the upcoming race and that's essentially the foundation of predictive form is these patterns that we see that have come out over time that and carry. The founder of apple -- reform -- 250000. Races and the identified ten or twelve patterns that. Truly. Are patterns that one can expect based on our pace figures and historical. Efforts by each individual -- does that make sense. It doesn't you you mentioned Kerry Kerry followed this is a guy that for those of us who. Have been -- Saratoga in minutes heroes handicapping sessions there was always one guy once a year carry photos who would. He was just different and -- different take it was so refreshing to hear him talk about race in handicapping is Kerry always had a different angle tool when I saw. His name attached this I knew right away it's up now at least wanted to learn. More about and it does make sense and -- it. It -- necessarily before I looked at it -- but now I spent some time looking added I think it does take some time. To try to maneuver your way around learns from the terminology does come up with. It is very helpful and you guys have done this now. For a while you had your analysis are available at the Kentucky Derby. How did predict a -- look at the derby hotter the numbers point to the derby Dan and how to work out for you guys in the derby. -- so -- as I can actually take a step back 11 series of races in the Triple Crown craps. Looking at the the Arkansas derby you know all we really like both inside and I don't -- and that race stand off with forty to want it but I'll probably went off at 92 wanted to finish 12 and I think that was really the separation of we're providing. It legitimacy. To that -- silence. The predictive nature predict for. Go to the -- they were really just I I think bridges to -- that we were focused on it was California chrome and and they had that that was really if those two seem to be the most likely competitors for us we had those as 1221. So we sort of like into a little bit more because the price. In terms of the pace speakers it indicated. That both. But -- it was sitting on and other chains to move forward the California crowd just based on -- history was likely to run the fastest race. Boxed group. That's what we saw. The committee could coming in and picking up second was disappointing but I was pleased to see that two of our top three picks finished. One in three so what character -- finished first and third. Well that's a great -- for our horse race we have nineteen horses and Iran won three. Like that obviously tells people the guys are on to something as you look at the preakness this is going to be a major favorite now people are trying to figure out here. Dan is you what to do with California home and at likely 1109. Somewhere in that range. Is he completes inch base in the way predict a form looks at this race is he the -- -- looks like on paper to win the preakness on Saturday California chrome. Yes so the first thing that I wanna look at when when evaluating the race with. Predicts Foreman this is what -- always taught it's if you wanna look at the race. In. Just based on the page six you want to imagine based on the page it here's what I -- would put to eat each horse a site. Of course those odds than -- the morning line that compared to post. And you know when you can that would California chrome. You see of course that in my opinion is even money what so fortify. And the reason is he's coming back off short rest this is the shortest -- shortest -- he has brought back in fourteen days and really anything can happen in the preakness I was scared you're Barbara -- -- the gate and they read noted Barbara back yet and that was really disastrous. I'm not saying that's likely the work. What I hope it happens but anything can happen in racing when you're talking about race at lucky and there's a whole other thing with Rick Richard block. Can he get boxing Kinney have a difficult trip so. Those things combined with the pace figures leads me to feel like California chrome should be even money choice they be fortified used to want to know I'd like. I think it's likely that California -- caught that one to two favorite. Yet in the -- -- -- -- that's too short based on the likelihood -- it would. It's such short price to take any race like this there's still three year old. You guys when you go through your races the analysis tries to lead to true contenders -- California chrome is a true contender and a legit contender but the price is not great. Who the other horses stand in your mind that fit back contender status and might be a better price to play around with -- -- Wednesday. One comment about California crowd so from the -- bigger perspective California chrome we have. Two very fast -- to very -- final page pictures they were. He read 78 point eight in the yes it's Anita derby and a 179 point one. In the Kentucky Derby and you know for for -- -- just for people that aren't familiar with the product anything -- Beatty is spectacular. So. The first question comes to my mind it's it's -- this course re. -- put little repeat effort everybody's assuming so right at the silly -- Brady looks great but. It is another thing to actually have of course come back and -- fourteen days later so. -- not -- California -- would be any. Maintained consistent level it turned from rescue -- I think the one course that possibly can give him a run for his money is gonna be social inclusion. Social inclusion has done a better job of managing his energy it looks like he is really rounding into form for three year old that's only had three races. I would anticipate a stand which stepped based on this last performance toward. Money race so well in the way that -- for young horse right I mean you look at his. His lack of experience is still ran well before faltering late two -- strong who was. -- -- second choice on derby day you know I wondered about some of the rotation you guys have with a horse like public Del Monte when you look at. The predict a form pages and you look at the past performance preach race he's got a notation. REV you guys have different wrote notations. Are these things and help people point to what the next race could be based on what's happened in the past these horses down. Exactly -- so it looked for patterns and Bridget Carey forty just that he can't look at a 150000. Races. And of those 150000. Races their came out twelve patterns based on what it forced us. Will be to a reasonable expectation as to what the course will do -- start Abu -- Monta as you mentioned is awful because over -- That means it is the first time that he ran faster final number that a -- -- number basically. He's done a better job of managing energy and he's getting faster at the end now if you look at his race in the daily racing form where you go back and review his race. Watching the video. You will not -- you'll see of course that went it will lead people lead up and finished third if you if you read the pace figures you'll see of course that is actually doing a better job. A magic is energy. Throughout the race so you have to -- a pattern is a very very much a positive especially with -- resources courses stretching out. The one knock I have on public don't but -- -- -- read it on our analysis on the site is. He's not bred for war. Distanced nor is he really important is he really bread for the -- -- that the doctor I have -- possible Belmont it's not necessarily is his pace figures it's. A bit more about his greeting which we don't talk about aren't productive -- sure. I'm pleased with of course with the that dated at pebble but from handicapping perspective like you have to take a look back at that in and that's probably enough to scare me off. And if you mentioned the derby guys we'll -- a California chrome and -- as the two contenders you mention here obviously California chrome again. I'm you mentioned social inclusion anyone else for you do and you consider enact contender mix folks to full relatives there put their place together -- is that. Yep and as I would say this is it a fringe contender but. I'm gonna take -- through. A little bit of the background of this product -- cruise and I really really like -- -- so cute kid -- Is that a -- A brutal bear whose first -- was spelt out right so. This premier out of Philly. That's not for -- cruises to -- called spellbound. Spellbound is a great stakes winner she won the great to block cannot block Kenyatta. Are expected meeting in January. So very quality good quality filly she's earned over 200000 dollars lifetime but a couple of years she's irrelevant that an up or change racing now. And I went back in -- we're gonna be adding to -- it down the road but I -- out. What -- pace figures were in order for last place is secure with a 73. Final 744441. As late as that's fairly brining those kinds of numbers in the stakes race that's pretty significant. So I look acute crews as being the -- -- the brother to the Stanley and I think class so from the foundation standpoint from a greeting at point. Keep cruises well Brett I don't think people are thinking about that bright you know what they're saying is actually 21. -- seeing. Slow the first bet you don't is way -- over to edit so from that breeding standpoint I get excited about hate groups. Well and it's a horse that is gonna bear the weight of York talking about him I'm gonna pick and Iran's second Dick Girardi -- racing form is -- -- second we are all over the source and it's nice to get some. Some confirmation from a different handicapping angle. About a horse the could be 1520 to one. On preakness day -- -- -- -- people to your website in predict a form dot com where there is access to past performances glossary skis. And get get people an idea what you guys are about right there in the front page. It is and we actually just added a new feature. That instead of looking at the the predictive for pace figures as a punching numbers and see if numbers which can be overwhelming if you're looking at a for the first time. Every race every court's balance crafts. We can simply see the expectation of what's happened with. Four furlong pace figure at a final pitch to yourself you -- looking at these -- and imagining which would meet these logic to be yelling. Which is pretty excited the last thing I would adding I wanna go back to keep crews -- at it. Cup -- last two races for the final page -- perspective we're in the high sixties. You know we talked about what -- brand has 79 we talked about social inclusion running 78 there's a ten point spread. In terms of cheap cruises final piece. Of paper. You would immediately throw that out you know looking at the daily racing form from our perspective you would throw that out sure. Which interest -- the -- is gonna practice three races and at aqueduct cheat crews were really good race he ran 76 final pace -- in the middle of winter. It was clearly ground audit you know -- circus but nobody close ground. His trainer Linda -- she's really shrewd. And it looks to me like she's she knows she's got to the course she's just been kind of bringing you know what I'm trying to find the right spot I like the fact that the that -- at one step at a chemical. And from -- He's got such a good quick turn afoot that. I think she's gonna be able to close quicker than the others that -- probably in the more heavily that like right -- pro so. I really do like -- -- for second and you never know if if California pro -- of getting to speed tour with a couple of the others upfront agenda manages energy pit crews could come. And that anything can happen than at present like you said fifteen or 21. He's worked so well walk in my opinion. The website -- spell it out for PeopleSoft they are listening right now on their car the right -- on line it just PR ED IC TD form. Picked -- cart dot com. Easy to get to two globally confined it is well. -- think it's a great thing liberal people to look at and sort of add to their handicapping. Our arsenal and they take a look at it it's a great pace figure. And a new way to look at these races and and I appreciate taken a few minutes I hope you're right about kick cruise -- that's where. All be behind California chrome on Saturday and help it's a great preakness day for you -- the folks that -- to form. Thanks so much you were looking the only two that social inclusion correct. Do you exactly that you -- California crowd cute course. Dan thanks. I'd like that it's. -- they go three different ways of looking at this year's Preakness Stakes the middle jewel of the Triple Crown just a bucket a game to California chrome on derby day. -- back to chrome here. With great weekend underneath the heard Dick Girardi daily racing form expressed bet dot com. He's gonna go with California chrome kiosk maybe Coleman the derby and he's gonna go keep cruise underneath his his long -- also some Rodham -- -- -- and exact -- And then Dan zucker predict -- form. Who was pointing to what California -- was a good horse on their pace figures but. The price will not be their social inclusion to win -- is what Dan told you when that exactly California chrome. -- -- -- He is just strictly the horse to beat. Europe preakness Saturday. Is unlikely to get beat by the trip only ten horse in this race. Unlikely to get beat by the pace he's able to set off that speed to make one run and if it doesn't develop as -- show in the -- -- Ultimately be up close and still make that one run. On track condition should be fast on Saturday Lotta rain Friday. -- less as a major biased towards outside horses that I won't get him beat and so for me this is a situation where multi race Betts picked four X five. The pick three starts today before. 90% of what -- will go to California crawl while single California home to win that last race. The other temper Selby of -- groups and -- kick -- mentioned a lot here today. I go pace of price and and from a pace standpoint he's the closer in a field full speed. And -- price on the morning line is good twenty to one. The cabbie Allah give B is that there's a chance of sorts gets bent down a lot. One local angle. To. The pace of it set him up as the only closer and three. He's named after Victor Cruz the great giant wide receiver from UMass I think that's gonna get them to your money from Belmont Saratoga and aqueduct. Tibet council be less than -- wanted to back off a little bit but to me. I just see this thing pretty clearly California -- kid Cruz. 3540 dollar exact -- Send it in sanded insanity end and on the flip on the other side case cued group wins this race in California -- 12. A battle a bit of money that way teller a long time go you better boxer ever -- in case you're upset works wins. You don't sit there wouldn't -- tickets that are at the line when your opinion comes in. -- trifecta look at kicker is it's the board's second or third we're gonna winning day. We're going to be covered in trifecta that -- well that a little bit on to win a hockey crews. And will feel good about that. Thank you for listening. We'll send it in this weekend as the treatments keep an eye -- the weather on Friday watch the early races Saturdays at the track is played well that's so wet weather. I'm gonna whole story this -- Kreutz. Somewhere in the top three. California -- kids whose heart exactly this and it and enjoy your -- is things -- you watch the race.

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