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The Bradfo Show: Jackie Bradley reveals he is going to finally let his hair down 5-15-14

May 15, 2014|

Red Sox outfielder Jackie Bradley joined Rob Bradford to explain that after growing out his hair for two years, he is finally ready to show the world what it looks like without any braids. Bradley announces that for the first time he will be playing in a baseball game in the tradition of former major leaguer Oscar Gamble, letting his enormous head of hair loose. Bradley talks about the challenges of letting his hair grow through all sort of life changes, and what he has to change before executing the unveiling Saturday.

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It is nice and. Not -- things that interest in some of which might just. Just sit it's okay. Cheers rob Bradford. Welcome to another -- Those shows -- Food to clothing. Sure it's 225. Institutions. Well today we're going to be talking about something that. Again might interest be put you might have no interested at all but I think you well and in the point is is that Jackie Bradley. It's called -- over the other day. And DB breaking news this Saturday is Saturday against Detroit. There's going to be big happening going on. For the first time since he's been playing baseball he's going to go all Oscar gamble. He's letting his hair down he's been growing out of here for more than two years. And he's gonna let it all hang out. That the request of his teammates over and over and over again finally. John Lackey start on Saturday against Detroit. He is going to go pull out with this there. It displays something that I don't think Red Sox fans have seen maybe since the early seventies mid seventies anyway. But there's a process that went into this there's a commitment of growing out there there's a commitment to fighting through. Recommendations from his. Family from his friends. And there's also the alterations he's going to have to make in terms of playing baseball was this sort of there and -- I -- look yes exchange capsized yesterday with a traveling secretary. -- traveling secretary but the equipment manager. There's a lot of adjustments that -- it's gonna have to be made so with that in mind Jackie Bradley. We'll Jackie. Big news news big news on the horizon and witches. You're going to be having a little bit different look I guess which I think a lot of people should be anticipating -- tell us what's going on. Well. Again as a team of top with me and they -- -- -- -- they -- Was he with a hair looks like when it's out in -- maintain. So. He had given what they ask for. That would have has emptied to put this in perspective. You have non tenure here in two years is that right. So it's 2000. In the mid mid June. Will make two years since I've got a haircut. Where where was you remember that moment yeah last haircut was. In Salem Virginia. Right before us -- -- play in. All star game and two does. And he would be cutting it pretty consistently before that. Yeah yeah always had short hair and this -- -- that. And then I'll let it grow and I've I've tried to let it grow at certain times when I was younger. But eventually get today off court stage where you like guys I just can't taking it. So I just had the mindset that that's had to get past opera staging. Not cut it before then when I was so when was that commitment because they revolve and we don't think you know my. When do you remember saying okay you know one. I'm I'm committing to. I think I was say about but two weeks before the -- star break and 2002. And now this is stink -- One wanted to try some new. My dad's bonding. You know eventually as I gonna come to me so -- mile I wanna see what I look like with that hair grown out. Am a little bit since I've never grow my hair out before. I tell you what do you not only in the last two years that'll happen you know obviously became a Major League Baseball player -- -- married. Me talk about the ultimate test of commitment. I did anyone tried to two. Can you do to veer off the path. Oh yeah -- after share as though ways. Someone who wants because they did it just not used to have a family they've always seen you with short hair so. In a scene that long here's a little different. You know my mom has always love long love new along there so. You know going against. What she'd like when I was younger name you know ironically. Which now that I do have long hair I haven't talked about getting my hair clip before the wedding. And she said no she she she says she likes my long hair now it's. Soros things against you just have to get -- to. When you see like they say he never known teacher that's the thing is that we do we don't. -- -- mean obviously you let out here and there indeed did he give you an idea now -- get a little uncomfortable ask you this what. But it's so cool what what is the typical prior process in regards to letting out air and we only see it around here. Column all bound up. It's just the process of just you know on -- it. I usually let. Salon do it. Because. If I take it out and I'm not able to get it down and it's just going to be to -- giant. This is going to be epic. So I'm. Looking forward to you know showing off what looks like now make here. That is as blow -- South Korea because I have curly hair so. If I wash it is not -- is -- but aside dried and actually pick it out. Got some distance. Bowl is so wins Austin recent a couple of weeks ago that you had -- it out but that wasn't you know that you know. But -- -- for public consumption that is -- he had that was just a you know get a read nine news time four. Good scratch and I need to get my hair watched and staff allowed us the best part about it taken about it it's been able to you know. -- nails into the scout. Justice of the debate that we we talked about oh we have gone through some of the great. Hairdos and in Major League history and I showed you that Oscar gamble was a guy everyone references have you gone back to look at any others. And a cocoa. So you know had pretty nice has won. Mom I'll find out and about a week or less -- there is competing worthy. -- will will see so against Jews who was there were you said the guy's going you do it. But by -- but I mean you've never played Major League Baseball. With that and I -- mention there's some adjustments -- -- -- have to be made great yeah that they're stepping on the adjustments from. And I kind of did a little fix. -- did the swampy hairstyle. As in the hat under the helmet. -- colors you know early on season Hamels followed an awful lot. So -- trying to make some adjustments and have and a hat on and in my helmet it worked. It it kept a helmet on for the most part. And now with the Herat I'm probably gonna have to get a different -- size. Different helmets -- and the helmet might come home half. Play a good thing -- have a lot of hair different protective of -- so how to cell processor well first well we'd we have and identify what what day exactly gonna do this. Our own. Not that. I don't even know so yeah are probably actually -- -- let me know I'll lose -- thinking. Right around lackeys. I'm next hour since he's definitely wanted to ones who want -- -- to where forms. Whatever the cowboys says he gets so that that would be I believe on Saturday. This this coming Saturday. Well you know what I'm I'm -- if -- he's gonna get it. So he -- to go back to the adjustments that you have to make. What size -- do you -- right now. I'll tell you -- that hat and a war before I had hair and when -- we're now. Before. Iowa where -- 718. With hair and now where seven and a fourth which is -- -- size up. Who knows what it's gonna be. And think on Saturday. -- So how's that worked you just go to Tommy would go off when views Demi India it is no really way to know I guess until you actually let -- lose right -- there there isn't who knows maybe. Since have been wearing the hat and -- helmet maybe I'll actually be able to fit the helmet I mean. It's it's -- also like he's going to be at the lay down for me so. But you know if I get out take it off and is redneck thing come fallout is. This is going to be the fun part about it. You know as in everything in baseball if you do well doing something. You let it go green is a plan right mountain to let it ride for awhile there. I yeah I mean. Just sisters who whenever hop. Acts the wife multiple times you know you. Should act -- -- or when coming out credit whenever and I hairs is scared of me. But. Not that kind of thought this part of me now so. That talent to go for now mine till. -- change it needs to be done. -- -- -- -- They're very few things in the season I'm looking forward to more than the Saturday's games so. Appreciate the appreciate Jackie that you I'll give us some insight to it in nice and -- back in back on Saturday. Yeah yeah it's going to be exciting times there -- come -- see that there thanks Jack.

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