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Andy Brickley, NESN: Discusses the Bruins meltdown in Game 7. 5-15-14

May 15, 2014|

Andy Brickley stops by for the whole hour breaking down the Bruins poor effort in Game 7, the antics of Milan Lucic, and what the future holds for the team.

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Our Joseph -- not a 37 WEEI we continue. With your reaction off a disappointing end to your bruins' season. 31. At the garden last night Montreal and the Rangers. Ball moving on Andy Brinkley joins us the studio he's brought to you by HSA insurance Jolie's call former senator. And by nor -- power equipment. So before the game brick you were Jack and -- and broke down you broke on your three keys -- the game if I have these incorrect please help me out but net front presence. Was a big one for you both ends. No gifts. Was a big one TU and then -- La -- each be a factor in the game. On the tough grader I guess I believe we have an open three that orca last. I for the Bruins -- is and that's you know that's disturbing. You know anything public keys to a game we try to be. Different you know each game and not just make it big picture and sometimes you really get involved the x.s and those other times he drew talk about will you talk about just to play any talk about attitude and those can be somewhere within the keys but. You know based on what we've seen the first six games of the series game seven as far as the on ice factors were yet you had owned the front of the -- The Bruins were not getting enough inside position in the offensive zone they weren't getting second and third opportunities they weren't taking Carey Price its eyes away from him. And in their own zone they aren't too many opportunities right front to -- whether it was break aways or lay ups or you know real good looks. Because of your mismanaged the pot in most cases. So yeah that was a key and then gets you know do you think about those break aways and should -- coming out of the penalty box and you know the -- shot by panic over to put cancer early goal. Just. The mistakes you know the middle of mishandled the first big gold gained six -- So no more gifts and gifts can be such as turnovers and -- -- -- an -- goals but that line changes bad penalties as a gift to. Especially with the success rate of Montreal I'll play. So and in the third on a mile and -- you know. You never want to put anything on one player and that's certainly not what I was doing what we were doing it -- in the pregame show. But the impact it can have on his team. In big games in big moments and you are obviously you really think of period three pinch to Ronald games and the impact that he in that situation. And this is where you were any hadn't done much all Ceres the airline had not done much ball series in if somebody was gonna change that. Dynamic. I thought it would be number seventeen and so that's why that was part of the keys last night's game in yet over three. You -- of people were talking about them coming out of the gate slow coach Julien and and it's an earlier today and it's game 72 coaches walks in that locker -- voice gained seventy internally that's all he should say you'll always talk about. Showing that will to win. We've already referenced in a ton here early on in the show. Can you put to words what you saw for the first -- given nineteen minutes nineteen minutes what what what's that. As the tightest playoff performance I've seen by this Bruins team the last X amount years. Inexplicable. To me you know -- I've been given these guys credit because of the maturity I saw from them all year long in the month of march which was a huge concern. But this organization. Based on how many olympians they were gonna happen what took his workload was gonna look like and and the amount of games it would have to play in March and that's why they put an emphasis of banking a bunch of points early in the year when the schedule favored and they played to collide. But -- they run the table just about a month the margin percent while that is a really mature team you know they're using everybody everybody understands their role except that they relish should be executed. This is a team concept this is why we had good top of the league best record most points. I thought it was a real maturity they'd lose game one to Detroit didn't seem to bother me come back they win four straight seem real mature about it. You think back now Detroit little banged up couples superstars that they rely on the and a none of the identity of the Detroit maybe we overemphasize how mature they were maybe idea I should say. Because what I saw in the first period last night in game seven situation was immaturity and in it was a tight team and almost afraid to tests -- You know when we talked about it you know couple days ago it. The expectation from here was gonna go far bigger player market you know at a -- -- a and I haven't talked about Montreal yet in this conversation. But man did they do with the job I mean -- there it always look at the Boston played their game march -- just refused to let them play. And until the Bruins said you know we have to fight through this and we're capable of fighting through this because we're better than them it never got to that. The when he talked about that tight play the -- turn -- from David reaching in on the first couple possessions that he had after the first -- Is some of the Bruins that the breakdown that led to that for school. It was the moment brick it was the moment of game seven was that the pressure of we are expected to win. With a favorites to win and we're on the verge of a coin flip game or was it. When they wary of my control done to them through six came together put your finger on why they came out and played that tight well the real answers I'm curious to know them myself or. And and it almost was that it wasn't an attitude of we got this. Because you think back to after game three and you go inside the locker room and listen to the comments and how calm and cool they were OK you know we didn't play very good game we lost game three wood down in the series. Game four becomes almost a must win but you know they had that attitude of we're okay. We're good enough we're gonna win game four we're gonna win this series and then they don't -- a tough game game forced tough couldn't what eagle at one not that overtime you know. -- and and they came out of it saying we did what we had to do to get the series when we needed and then they played this game in game five -- it it it almost seemed an and I may be Broncos among the room. It almost seemed like -- in game seven we got this thing and they went out in game seven with the expectation that not that it was going to be easy. But they they they couldn't match what Montreal was doing you know NBC was talking about -- races and puck battles and they were exactly right. The Bruins weren't getting to the puck first anyone losing battles along the wall. -- -- Not by brute strength by Montreal. But by quickness stick on stick checks to break up possession and and that secondly with the quickness command now they have possession they get a lot of that. And in the first period specially and the Bruins were just almost watching Montreal control again. Did you see what they wanted to more they did it on a serious race into the -- Now win those battles that I thought you saw -- more so than you have a price on the speed kind of in game seven in the -- the Bruins are slow motion going after the puck. You can you saw that I. Looking back at the series now allows would you accept that it a Columbia different team and and that's really no excuses and let's not. -- to represent in doing that I wasn't happy about last night the way they called that game but the Bruins don't deserve that didn't deserve to win the series Montreal did. You know a lot has been made about the inexperience for the Bruins on the blue you know four or really first year plays out of six I feel I played a factor but it. But I don't think it should be the greatest emphasis because. We talked about this before game seven the guys that needed elevate their game when you have young inexperienced players that -- must come from the established group the core group. And did you get enough from that preaching like did you get enough from my Sheehan on that second like did you get enough contributions from the fourth one it's been together now for a long period of time did you get enough from Sharon boy -- as the experience the fans. And when you lose and you have to take accountability the answer to that is no they didn't get enough across the board it all those -- Let's get some phone calls and -- -- and I do want talk about Montreal as well because they deserve a lot of credit for I think the way the Bruins look through much. Of this series Mike is in New Hampshire he joins -- and Lou Andy Brittany today Michael had. They guys like. The I'm -- as far as the maturity that that they tricked me this year because they're at a different I doubt that they didn't have that. -- -- Paul Ehrlich had neared the feel like we did in game seven against at Toronto to seem like they were. There are smarter than they did learn from their past mistakes and then. They go out and lay an absolute egg like I don't think I've ever been as disappointed and Bruins came to life your -- and that is somebody who has a game seven in Philadelphia and you're out. -- that sit and you know I don't -- start talking about the post but then -- opportunities I mean. How many chances did they have the -- how many times did they just flat out minutes. Yeah that was that was problematic obviously and again it's is probably in the top three of wars -- reasons why they lost that. Probably the top to enact listen for a five would be on the Montreal side of the ledger what they did in order to win this series but. You know -- that maturity to what I look at a guy like Tuukka Rask in his ability and played the gain in the contrast in style to his predecessor did. And that look like a more mature. Goaltender this year with the success that he had. The previous year the dice that he rolled with -- contract negotiations. And his ability to perform under pressure. And the way he plays you know with the lets the game come to him and he controls his rebounds and with a -- system he knows exactly what a -- to coming from. Well I'll tell you what. It looked like that on Montreal side in this series. With the way price played you know price was awesome in game one. I don't I wouldn't put him in the Austin territory. In 237. But obviously really really really good you know and and just his demeanor in the way he was able to control rebounds. And in the believability that he instilled in his team. Was was. Are better than Boston. And it the caller talking about puck -- and missing opportunities may when you. We make a list you're going forward. Of people goal back for the trading bill line who brought up. Get a goal score get somebody it's ranked in the depth on the offensive side any Berkeley you're right the front a list -- -- guys like -- were rescued about defense defense defense. When you are 88 go on a map Frazier who was good and then in game seven. Sitting Frazier and elevating Daniel -- eight that's assigned to -- you were probably a finisher ore to shore and that's that's -- -- -- is they have skill guys who didn't finish so -- take -- all up the pressure off of a crate G Lucci each -- not gonna give me if -- goals in the playoffs that they played. -- and deserve some of the blame here as well but they were probably at the end they're probably one guy short move forward depth standpoint. And again it's it was the you know the ideals wish list yeah trading deadline in and you don't know the ABCs and contracts and what deals were out there in what was being asked in return and it all the variables that go into making deal spiked to yet that I deal wish list because if you look at the situation. Not only through the month of march the first two weeks of April but when you get into the post season. And things are working and things are stale offensively meaning you know one goal and 67. You have to have the ability to make quick changes during the course of the game and have interchangeable parts and pull people back consumed -- I mean it took. Took three year out of line appears healthy scratch becomes that with two points and three you know three Eagles games. -- and I think the Bruins really had that luxury had that they have the opportunity to bring in a veteran -- -- -- have to be -- finisher. But he had to be -- could play multiple positions at playoff experience. Liu had trust in believability in that you could put him in the lineup and move other parts around in order to find that ignition or some more offense. Maybe that makes a difference in a series. You think that. Cole was -- kind of move things around would you would you which changed up some sizable they've been a -- well I I I wouldn't it because it's. When you don't make a regular practice on it and they did some during that stretch at the last couple weeks. And then and then you know quote was unhappy with -- team's performance he only had really nothing to play war. Until the president stroking became. You know in doubt. And aimed at a couple play and play a couple meaningful games in order to secure that if that was part of 101 of their goals. But he most of people around he tried -- guys out of line after he saw a different personal plane went different personnel it looks so good but there was also something that was a regular practice. With the Bruins. They were pretty consistent when the line combinations all year and not get to a game seven which you expected. You expected this to go six or seven and when you start switching things around when it's still one goal manageable game. I can see why they would do you know I get that it you know it and you try to. You try to get what you've been getting all year which is better play from the top guys -- and it just wasn't there -- You know maybe you can make an argument for making -- don't switch it up the lines but I can understand why -- frank is -- marsh field talking about last night's game I've frank. Our guys thanks in the therapy session. That this is disappointing. The team a lot like remembered long term you know -- -- and -- that would create a 2 o'clock o'clock. The real. Elect an overused. They're not it's not -- and good luck or bad luck happen that offered you know I mean they just don't have the additions. And -- second -- issues. Back that -- back to the trade deadline deal you know every year it seemed like. You know last year yeah I went our second option you know well and again. We picked out and whatever. I'm. This year you know and I was out. It with the need for a -- Wind you know they just don't do not and you can't. How good you obviously you YouTube most team's help -- you mean. Guys at the trade deadline you know on emulated saying OEM. I mean as. Well -- -- expecting. Second option that's what it is. -- -- me a world spend more time on this I think the moral analog bricks thought that's where it's not your new but. Peter surely did -- that the sound like it's the could be was going to be used one of two ways the sound byte where he says. You know we never win the trading deadline was going to be used either -- hey look we did it again and get it back to a cup final. We never -- we still get to the cup final without making major trade war. It was yeah. May be put too many eggs in the Alexander and the basket packing on a behind the B afterwards dammit they demanded deal -- what Vancouver that things fell apart. No weapons -- Russell was there is what's the game up. On a level lined with brick and Jack last night -- -- -- struggled at times during the series so the trading deadline for Peter surely. Yeah people are gonna look back at that say did you do enough at that point to all offensively and defensively. Re reset your team for the stripped. Couple things in I'll be curious to listen to your shows and and the ensuing days that I -- that type of conversation because today's not the data are all happy everything's too raw. It when you lose it gets crazy. But a couple of things you don't like any Berea we had a graphic post game with his. You know his post season career numbers and there's a minus six attached to the great numbers that he had. Is okay. And that is a perfectly okay you know you want him for certain style hockey. In order to help create -- it to you live with the mine is because you know that's correct it now. And you think about. You know when you when you say the Bruins didn't have a they don't have enough finishers well people CEO or they like second third third in goals are there to thirty. A thirty -- score but here's the difference. You play in the same team in the same goal seventh street game. You know you're not mixing in a buffalo -- not mixing in and Edmonton you know in a seven game stretch that's see Montreal team. With the same challenges the one bad school is in the world. So you know that changes the offensive numbers that it changes the offensive challenges so he needs to be more. You need to qualify a little bit more you didn't have enough finishers in a post season second round. That's what came out in a finishers in the first round that plenty good finishes there in a regular season but when you play the same team in the same challenges yet with the same great goaltender. That's where you'd need a little bit. But if -- -- the be here until noon breaking down this game with you guys 61777979378. TT -- line. Is 379837. To start with a brick on the game itself last night. We come back -- got to get your take on after the game in the long Lucci each frustrated. What happened there in the handshake line with the Montreal Canadians would give pricks opinion on that and many more your phone calls mutt and Lou nanny Berkeley nests and Sports Radio WE yeah. I got out with any Berkeley of NASA and China -- there raid. Rough bruins' loss last night's season over. In -- Montreal and new York and Easter conference Polamalu 937 WEEI. So we were pretty hard in the first twenty minutes of this show only and the Bruins after last night brick but. The effort or lack there of me long -- channel attitude shots combined in games 56 and seven but the post game antics where dale -- and others. Reported to have been threatened. And -- game by a mile -- saying I'm going to expletive kill you guys next year. You've been through a lot of -- those postgame handshakes. You ever seen or heard of a guy you're sort of threatening big picture in a handshake line like that the NHL. I haven't and I took a quick you know. Straw poll last night post game when when that became a quick topic after the series had ended you know from guys that had been. -- -- -- NHL at any professional level over and building and certainly -- Poland and nobody could come up with any example of that. Be pretty straightforward here there's certain. There are certain traditions. Require respect and required absolutely no disrespect in one of them is the handshake line it's fairly unique to -- grey -- And you've had seven games trash talk all you want that is not the time. Winners you know win with class that loses lose with class and and if that's the case. You know -- I would be totally. You're disappointed recount the story started to come out. I'm already disappointed I'm already there sort of -- how much we're disappointed I could be it just adds to the frustration. And you know some of the nonsense that she did. And again it goes back to my own personal inability to have a better read on that maturity level I talked about because acted in -- act. You know went Winston. Went shall -- and we -- out Toobin as any -- I called and everything that would PK yeah call a lot more. I as it was so bad but when it went in double water spray incident by the law and it when I was asked about that it was more like. You know this. Grow op don't don't say it was two minutes that you couldn't see -- -- just in which -- But I was an immature why on -- case park or and it -- thought it was obviously wrong -- wrong in the league stepped in at least fine but it was it was a it was a not a Smart move by issue on phone and and in the reaction. -- me was you know. Don't whine about it PK just move on you know beleaguered big story which he continued to do even though it wasn't. It's not somebody won't even get into it but the point being got to be it a mature or play which or athlete. Especially when he did this you know get into the second round chance to get to the conference finals and -- one of the leaders of your team. It will be mature person and this is this reeks of immaturity if that's what happened in the in the. I thought -- help would be and it seems like you have no it's no place for the year saying there was nothing. He should the game definitely someone who play -- you see things that that I wouldn't hear the -- Nazi on the ice where maybe. Someone is pushing the buttons like egg kind of getting under the skin playing dirty with -- on the -- you didn't see. Ending in the series -- that would. Forced me long to values he Montreal specifically. Playing dirty -- to lead to that -- nothing out of the ordinary. -- -- Dellucci h.'s he's he's a targeting guy because he's targeting Canadians and you know in the whole you know. Chest pumping in you know muscle flexing and whether that's about boss which crawler nodded when did that actually come mop -- -- We still the same thing Neil mimicking them like. All that was pretty obvious what was going on are you never know maybe a player challenges another player and just as armada -- go with you and then you know. I can understand the frustration the anger the disappointment is coming from a mile island -- but once you get into that handshake line. It can't be there the only legacy and you had. Plenty of time to have conversations with trash talk and say you know keeping head up next year because you know. Because I can't get it done this playoff series because of the position that worried as a team I'll certainly have my opportunity next. It's just that frustrates me is it to sort it feeds into. -- even hear a lot about north of the border right and then you go right there into not on others how they play is on the plate and -- -- is not a grown. -- even though he tell it was physical player. But it got to go they see some -- -- bully. And it just made just keep feeding it in you feeding it even more that's one of the reasons why I think if you are disappointed but I think it it does go to show Brittany do you tell me it's. In the big bad Bruins this was a different Montreal team knew there was a little bit more toughness to them you know oppressed and Mona some of these guys gambling and in weeks and it was a different edge they weren't intimidated by the big bad Bruins and they didn't allow that to get into the -- that -- -- the. Yeah and it's that carry over effect when you when you change the culture needs change the way you perceive yourself as a hockey players and -- it affects. How physical you can be and when you have some guys that bring a physical or physical ability to -- gain. And they'd lead in that direction yet they can still play hockey. It carries over to the rescue team knew if Montreal Canadians they -- it was our game plan how you beat the girl you know best team in the league his what they do this this ranks. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- -- is gonna require top that's we have to respond oh we have to initiate. The physical aspects of the game -- you get your physical guys to be the leaders in that area. And of one of the recently put Doug Murray on a mountain and then you know and I had to have the ability to take a -- when it when they need to make adjustments to make changes. But you need all twenty guys buying it and when you get that kind of play from your physical guys and then you see a -- -- in a day Aaron AEA doughnut but not big guys by any stretch. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's all part of the game plan and it takes the twenty guys to do it it's not the physical play from the physical leaders. But then you get the buy it from the rest of the team when you saw a lot of that from Montreal series. There were a lot of the club -- new stuff on the eighteenth tee decks like talking about was the doses are brilliant Daren McCarty. There's still shook hands in 96 and it settled things the next year's -- Milan which featured his kept his mouth shut shook hands and go gamble that missing something. -- Paul's and -- talking about the Bruins in this series ending game seven he's holiday Andy Berkeley go ahead Paul up pols gone out -- in Cranston Ralph what's going comment. Ignites our growth you know doable it's we're not I wish you -- but you know. Can we can make excuses they should remember the dealer or that it's a -- that let you know I was I was crushed it'll worry -- -- -- -- -- The error the Brady aren't you could have achieved it would be simple into orbit Celtics repeat a luckily it's in the seven game this -- under -- crushed by it. It's almost like you know world records that will be played I don't Q -- -- sure but this the poor sportsmanship should have never been there were a quarter stopped looked. Kamal -- and you cannot give you act. That a thousand to send it in it whatever you have to get to keep their agriculture useful series like there. You can't do that seventeen to get much or do not deserve to to to win. Secretary of L Ehrlich -- bring on the Red Sox got everything -- I'm done with this season because the way it ended. I don't respect the anywhere near as much like it in the regular season. To have a first period like they had last night in game seven you could almost tolerated if it happened like in game one it's outright. You know but -- you Irina it in his deciding game on home mice that reading -- work so hard toward. And that respect and admiration that you expect from your fan base based on what you've been able accomplished to this point. And it just disappears in twenty minutes you know the the aggravation of the frustration and disappointment. And all those negative feelings because judicial watch -- worst period probably of the year. And everybody was culpable I mean. It was hard to pick out a plan of -- -- all Bergeron was you know pretty good and probably the best player on my you know best player relative to why you know I mean it just wasn't good. We -- best players we all of their best players are better than yours. You know but I still do still do look at that youth at -- this look at Miller -- just game six game seven. Two minutes into it the bill sending it that bad giveaway you're down -- out to eighteen I think it was last -- to eleven whatever was into the game. He'll bark just kind of have this we'll watch in the swatch in the pocket not going to be where he needs B position wise but it when most things happened early on. Think everybody sort of tightens up with a little big they did everybody just tightened up to it would go down one now we got to chase and it just. I think that changes a lot early on those games those -- huge mistakes. They're huge mistakes in and they're growing pains in young guys in the alert from this experience. I think they all. They all bring far more positive than they do negative even in this series. You know you're hoping you get greater leadership from the established guys the guys that have been through these situations that it would step up and played better. But you're right this was a series with a Bruins were behind. -- -- behind constantly in this series and you hear that phrase all the time they were -- that they would -- the popular trees in the game and when they had puck possession they were chase in the school. And you can't win like that because you're playing good teams that know how to play with a lead especially team like Montreal. I would tell you right now the -- the DA is currently holding a press conference and they have officially indicted Aaron Hernandez -- double murder in 2012 with some pretty. Pretty credible words coming out of the DA's mouth and and we will play that audio. At noon here on Sports Radio W week yacht three Red Sox baseball. At 1225 wanna come back and talk. Get somebody text about a -- a -- talk about the officials last night and you're taken away games it was officiated then why do a lot of this -- duet -- -- A little look ahead Randy Berkeley on this offseason for the Bruins -- what this roster may or may not look like is they try to bounce back from. And as battle losses the Philadelphia loss was years ago when -- a three -- seriously. Ended up losing it brick is in the house we'll get more vehicle called with -- exports radio W media. No doubt it's it's disappointing. Night for us. But at same time I think there are young guys. This year. Did a great job of stepping in. For some serious injuries. To certain of our players and and allowed us have a real good season so. Maybe it came back to to haunt us a little bit but. Certainly not disappointed with the weather team. Quote not disappointed lot of fans are we taking your phone calls all day about this Bruins team in the disappointment of the season being old brandy Britton of NASA and is in the house I'll I'll start with the officiating last night many people texting thing of the game is officiated differently. The Bruins would of -- how much of impact -- sniper was the official officiating. On the final score 31. I don't think it had a major impact on on the final results this loss is totally on the -- when players and not the officials were the some calls that you would argue and disagree with absolutely it happens every team I think it's an issue for the league. The consistency. In the in the ever changing. Threshold of what's a penalty what's not a penalty gain -- period to period. I think it's an area that they have to clean up as far as the league needs to be better. I I think he could. -- is -- hockey's concerned. I mean all the way down stock entity -- out of the other -- -- college and you know and in the grassroots levels and we're the better officials in the cup program that's a discussion for a totally different date. But as far as impact on me. -- seven loss for Boston. Absolutely not that's on the players you like the idea of heaven the same group for the entire here I do I do I like that and why they thought I looked at it for them to offer. Italian although I don't know I'm not privy to those decisions of the decision making and what's involved I think it's a really strong idea here and it may -- to get some traction. -- hopefully you would think that you know is it could. Have a different action driving game one. -- code Juliet gets that bench minor he's going off on the direction that toward a seven. But to -- -- to game what you might be happy that this is your -- the rest of the series but at least there's some consistency. At least you're well aware of of how it's going to be officiated you know all what's gonna. You know what's gonna happen I I don't think the -- last night. Had an effect on this series you know but I wasn't as we -- is happy with about the excuse that Oswalt and deserved to win that game last night. It's all it's all perspective you know you could go ask the same question to be on the Montreal side of things and -- you may get. A similar response she may not but I I think they would have the same issues and you know based on the way they see. The calls made based on the way they play in the style that they place though. You know it's all perspective but it needs it needs to be. Again and he's more consistency. Than what consistency in the threshold of what's -- John Quincy actually wanna talk about the officials last night John go at. Pick and out how to out of the special a lot but it depicted -- game seven when they get a elegant and Jerry. And yet they give a copy of a culture that equip and care about. Would think perhaps impressed people an element that -- only know much on that initial coach earlier in India. In this series. Well I -- think his performance based in and I appreciate your point in NM I'm I don't know from a 100% agreement with Cuba. Yeah I hear we come from totally -- And I think that way myself. But that being said from what I understand it's based on performance experience -- -- all -- -- as the goalie who can best handle and best deliver quality performance for -- game seven between you know the two. Arch rivals in the history again. It's like looking like an MBA dot -- it teed up and get Cho and domestic -- don't get on with these eight suspects. Absolutely note. Well I I solid -- but that's happened before too by the way that's a conversation we had in the in the in the green -- when called before the pregame show last night that the jacket was brought that up saint. What do you make of this and unity hope it's not a factor but. And they know electoral -- a lot of probably agriculture expo will be on the Poland and start game. The first time -- -- they had against seven LA getting call lot of penalties -- did you that we had there was no appear published yesterday gave Jackson called one of the -- games of the NHL stick work he's gonna call right away he saw. To both teams don't want these last night was kind of like sort of grab and other guys that I and bull he's got that penalty so. And Dan -- doesn't rise again that was of that the message. Senator at a certain hour and a just because I don't think the refs had an effect as a mean acute pitcher ball couple things I saw last night number one -- and going to feared some -- After a high stick from from -- reason why you actually fell the other won't rally Smith out front get dumped. You -- -- like that want it all and I think the rep it was a reputation that the shower for -- -- reputation call. Yeah and the immediate thought is a similar situation by lies out -- earlier in the series where there was no call so if you have the same officials may be that those who. Well we're not gonna hold disparate but -- -- and I were talking before the show about what's gonna change next year for the Pittsburg penguins. Files was probably go on James -- it's a major overall. -- is a major role overhaul for the Boston Bruins but if you had a gas it'll hold. Is there one big move. Or not put the old broader one half big move and you wanna go over or under significant. Either player or players -- Move before opening day next year while less black less than 24 I was reading it it's our. Look at I admit that it's early that IU Iowa is now you know Barbara -- -- And there's a golf is golf course that he'll be around and all that. And edit and by the way it's a shame it has and -- I'd join our conversation certainly be an in studio all of by the way you I'm not going to be here a couple weeks and I wanted to bring that -- you're talking a local problem. Seasons I get asked that question. Okay it's the question yes I think that there will be a move of significance. By this Bruins team in latitude. -- -- Reconfigure. -- -- Movement for and you know who that remains to be or kinda deal maybe there was a deal that was in the making during the trading -- at me. Come to surface around the US amateur draft. But I I do I think that they stayed with this core group long enough wars certainly given them ample opportunity to have deep playoff runs. I -- in the Montreal was a difficult challenge to Google matchup that they knew I think there's. There's a way to improve this team and I think it would ball making a deal in Libya players. Yea I can go back do you think you heard you behind the -- there on this and it's when they are evaluating a lot last year they want the players -- their regular season but they do look at the post season. You know they look at the I want my guys to perform in the post season that's a win here -- and I don't think that involves David -- as much as. He didn't perform we know what he is rebuked by at this optical motive is I don't know. But you're allowed to after being so dominant for two you know daily cup runs. To have a sticker writer in my book. The legal twenty games in a row without a goal is that you start looking at a guy like -- Russia has to start looking at is it worth it right now for a half million dollars the next couple years -- You have to start look at that. And then you have to consider you know the individual player and you know there are years you can be in the same town for fifteen years and somewhere in the year for you had a bad year yet it inconsistent year you've got hot for about a month. But for the other six months it was a work in -- had a bad post season but. Is that enough to make it wanted on a deal -- -- -- young that brings a lot to the table -- a great moments in your uniforms so those things you have to as a management team. You know you got to figure out you know that's right he's been a couple years for him now now you can make that argument. You could make an argument in what 21 -- and this year and you know. He breakdown -- playoff performance. Third period game to probably is best moments you know he was a factor that comeback victory. Now was he capable of doing more absolutely but you know he's a guy that comes up in conversation as to -- number -- names and and what the Bruins can do to to improve their team and and now what are they gonna look like position by position which really need to get deeper win in the -- you'd better you know if the Bruins. If -- -- if you're an individual play you bring up David -- in Europe and it's not a good matchup the -- in this series that's where. That's with a variety of your team year in your lineup needs to pick him op. And you know the guys that have been getting into -- next -- up and get him to catch up but now it puts up you know a twelve point performance in a series against the Rangers you know it. It -- you know that's the way things go their series -- pretty dry because of the match up. But it is other series when you're real rich you put a lot of production up and and that's what happens when you go. 1234. Ceres deep and I think that's -- the expectation. If you can get by this great challenge to the Montreal Canadians. Maybe would get a little less challenging in the next round believers and -- But they just didn't have enough to get by in my -- get used to it. The latest playoff format set up with you in Montreal in some ways what -- I think it's good they might not be -- about it today. I am a realist and marinara again. -- -- -- you -- your show here for you usually -- when you're on the -- that's why I -- Hollywood I was reading through -- so much was so much fun I stated that this morning -- really what thirty seconds Rangers or Canadians are present in the east in the Stanley Cup finals it -- you know I couldn't pick the Canadians. -- Play -- jelly all day. All the way we are Rangers fans he is -- briefly of that city is -- join us throughout the year doing this in the playoffs. HN thing turned Jolie's fourth golf center in Norfolk power equipment. Made it happen for us and our listeners Rick thank you very much this entire season and run and I hope -- these guys have followed him -- -- I'll be listening in the offseason and of course not it's not that much at night. Do you think you're gonna calling the label I'm gonna I get brick in the car driving home I'll be on the air when -- -- leave it that's. I think I -- in the garden I thoroughly enjoyed my conversation but not -- -- even when he is on the -- on my way. -- Thank you break any Brinkley here in studio will come back -- chancellor Red Sox ticket is a couple of minutes away and this topic DA held a press conference today. They've indicted Aaron Hernandez on a another murder charge you'll hear that -- Sports Radio WE yeah. If you look authentic sports member.

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