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Mut and Lou with Tony Marinaro of TSN 690, 5-15-14

May 15, 2014|

Montreal Superfan, Tony Marinaro of TSN 690 joins the program to gloat after the Habs beat the Bruins in Game 7

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We are live in Boston and in Montreal -- and Lou. With Tony -- -- 937 WE -- Not -- in studio with us his listeners in Montreal hearing him. And. You must start -- I won't. He Smart or stupid. On all of the star -- -- -- graduation social more class Deloach it last night I'm stupid you're Smart in earnest. I was wrong you -- right. You're the best on the worst. Yeah very good looking I'm not attractive. Last -- so sure about but we -- we've had our fair share championships around here yet so you have I would like to have stated the during the series the better team won OK you guys played better -- Bruins you guys wanted to more you be more physical abroad your fast and the Bruins and and though is stunned though the Bruins came out but yeah. Congratulations again and it kills me to say. Thank you I appreciate that and I got into a cab last minute after the game yeah I'd like to go I was able to stop one. And and so when I got into the -- by I asked the cab driver said to the the Bruins when the hockey game. I and he said you don't know or who want -- Canada won -- Canada won so after the Bruins he's got disqualified. Got disqualified really what does it mean. I says this is a so he says -- act Canada won the Stanley Cup so I was pretty -- -- cadre -- dream. Won the Stanley cut I get staring at your school about who wasn't too hard on dream and and I was shoreline and it was 31 I did have maxed -- score in the way that much. But once again to win the first lose the second when the third whose fourth and fifth. When sixth and seventh I believe from a toad get alternate it was bad told him a lot of money. But but that's OK you know what all and I hope that we can continue this relationship. Because I really enjoyed the past week with you guys. And some hoping that we can continue this but one of the things I'll remember most. -- our discussion and was this. It was one Carey Price is angle for the Boston Bruins last night they went easily. So would you if offered up -- -- can't let you off for the trade to comfort care Carey Price Tony would you take it would Canadian fans make that trade today the rest of the series. Never -- come on come on now. -- -- -- You guys him. Injury and what I might agree a lot from the last night. I mean we disagree but I don't think to grass in last night's simply game seven yet was the problem over or lack thereof Tony in their -- building and I got twenty minutes. Was the issue to Carey Price helping to out play to grass I think he did. Else let him in this series not by a -- -- played at a better than two here's what I want I wide margin ones I think he's a better goalie but I'm just and with a wide margin to me why I horse took a wedge investment. To get the -- will go to the Q but it's really care about individual awards I got you. You guys can finish -- can't facilities abroad zealous political penetrating at last maybe Riley-Smith but that's about it. The Blue Line total domination experience turnovers it was ridiculous you can see those. Regret -- some of the things we talked about yesterday. Borkowski -- and crew. In Miller. Defense of -- in their own zone where the three worst defenseman in this series. Nathan boy you're a kid for the Montreal Canadians playing its first playoff game in game six. It's better and is -- owner played better than those three players and the Canadians capitalized on record capitalized on that and and look. For me. Poetic justice. Three years ago Max catcher Eddie is unable to play in that playoff series against the Boston Bruins. Because of course one month prior to the playoffs starting the day you know Chara accidentally. It Max patch ready into the expansion already leased him it's accidental of course he had he had no idea that Patrick was even on the ice and -- It's part of an investigation and there is an international and neutrality judges -- I I heard some Bostonians this morning are calling 911 mr. -- the series is there any truth to that aren't that you don't. He did here. And -- I. -- He imagine. -- Said I think they will last night you're here are you physically OK today. I did Elvis I am very strong because mountains we have mall I have a mole was at the game last night OK and I I was getting some direct messages via Twitter yes. Yeah and it's one region this and I got very concerned after the game okay. Somebody asked me who was the radio guy -- when Tony marinara -- ninety PS and yet he was sitting next to be the entire game -- Don't know he was drunk or what but he legit pass out or fell over yeah after the Canadians third goal yeah. He was fine. Little bit wild but fine I was nervous when he went down. Didn't know produce heavy heart attack or something I got these between 9:30 at 10 o'clock last night what happened can you confirm yes you fell down I will confirm a couple of things get number one I do not drink alcohol. -- and I think it was that Euro -- eliminate yesterday. Between us I iced -- -- and I don't I don't like I don't drink all the -- let me for I have. A glass of wine or two per year. Everyone knows it knows that you're not gonna tell -- all right I don't go to the hockey game for the beer and spend the game in the bathroom in the way they have the building that last night number one. Number two I was doing the marsh on died after people fell in majesty. This is little shot that he gave put and it's for no reason. We talk of a mile than any point there's definitely a quick and I don't talk of a mile did you see that the Markoff. Stick to the face it that -- It just rue march on into price meanwhile was an -- call that should not have been a penalty yet gazans gravel -- -- regularly elect the it is the shower but he gave Carey Price that Beck call the games haven't Alex showers I think when every day. Yeah we take another one but no I actually take two or three data were bombing -- -- -- box but here's the deal and for what point are we talking about mile. -- mean we we we talk to bottom that no defense those embarrassed okay good free there's no answer that what happened in the post game. Was a sign of a sore loser you know what -- language was too bad to see that at the end of the series came to be more. Meal would -- more concerned with yelling -- Canadians. They're getting shots on net in game seven. When we were eleven or twelve weekly column for sports at one point two hours ago I would like it was too early. Next real governor. Milan Lucic playing for the Boston now what what what what kind of action -- and then at the end of the game so so. He threatens the -- -- -- right right yeah and then at the end of the game. He's as well -- wants to be a -- and it always like that that place. I enjoy this. I even enjoyed all the voice mail yesterday it was right. By. I'm happy to be in my -- and we played dial. With class. And elegance. With grace. We don't have to worry about and and Claude Julien. All beating the chest that was for Boston's strong he said. The first target brings up the series is after game seven when they get eliminated. At the beginning of the series -- in my truck race at me and -- Beating is just the way is that is is that it's this attitude because higher on the I don't get it there I've tried you know I am nice here com -- primary nationalist -- with a little -- a class but yet. -- shot -- ordered water MP case of yes. What else was done to disrespect this team. Was that just made up to motivate him. All series long at the meeting many -- you know there's general -- in the Vick whether weather was or wasn't I mean I don't know but here's the deal okay. At no point does anybody talk about. But the Montreal Canadians were I've been listening idol watching TV since I've been here I've been listening you guys and analysts have been talking with the fans right. It's all Lucic is a -- pirate. You know. Crate she hasn't scored he didn't use as he did and that you can do this in the cards on the table. Montreal Canadians won the series is Carey Price best -- in the world and he doesn't have to be nominated for best neutral. The Montreal Canadians won the series because speaking a suit that was the best defenseman in this series and he doesn't have to be nominated for a Norris this year. The Montreal Canadians won the series because honestly can't it's absolutely neutralize. Boston's offensive weapons in the Montreal Canadians won the series because they blocked shots because they finish their checks because -- sacrificed. Ed because they outsmarted a bear. What was easy going into this series because even the Franklin park will confirm that there is not Smart animal. You can outsmart them. And that's. You did not Wear the the Jersey last night and also got confident that you hold our -- Maurice who will -- of the game I wore mine Montreal Canadians -- authentic -- 69 -- from 8 AM. 5:30 PM 5:30 PM to cut off because -- -- television. You wore the suit I wore my AM shirt you Wear the Jersey to the game to Hugo Boss by the way I believe spotter for two to Richard and a blazer which goes for 753. Dollar issues. And my to a dollar edged jet adamant that this is this is tough because the other really does what do you do what do I do. Sitting next to Tony merit what -- ice today. We talked about the bruins' depth. They were deeper. Right -- -- how is the fourth line. We talk about the goaltending -- where Lazio the power play where was it. And that's why am -- his -- didn't give me anything to come back that you have an effect that I just don't like Canadians and an -- never like Canadians that's okay at least uploaded over playoffs WR for the Portland. But here's the deal the best part about this series I think all your fans and all your listeners have a chance to see. Is that not one goal went in off to die. If not what all. Shots. Arrival. It. I I wish -- but besides I mean unless you're scared last night to -- that the Jersey and that was it. Wanna Wear the Jersey to guard your Purdue fans they're now I'm not afraid of the fans the fans -- OK I mean what I saw some pictures for what you got quite -- guy. Franklin good to you heard yet very get the matter of fact -- or charismatic individually -- You know you'd think he -- you talk -- -- all of that's a story in my life but you know what generally the coming if you can't. At which point I reminded -- you know general managers -- president can best missile is Canadian and dilute the two best defenseman in the history of Boston Bruins are Canadian and you know year -- financed by bank of letters are uncanny fans not to -- the national -- and the credentialing particularly what -- reporting goal scorers from Connecticut. It's only a little help feeling you'll lose game seven. If you licked my -- Yeah well you know a lot help anybody. -- Connect legislator tell you that Henry Lundqvist fat head in my house right now you. It's all about the -- -- O'Brien Waverly it's all about the range of -- -- had Brian -- -- direct my head down -- New York let's -- play around us I believe the Montreal Canadians are gonna win. Right -- says he in my body found the dogs yeah. Right. The Johns is on -- and god is good Bruins are back Canadians are good they had a saint on the right but everything buys it. But they -- black and anywhere close we have a one in four chance to win the Stanley Cup -- but even if we'd. It's okay. You don't believe that. You its value set up just because you sent make excuses already no excuses had a sixty take got a Canadian fan wanted to punish children out. What did you much offense against saint Peter Saint Louis and Rangers analyses on his side it's on values not on our side it's okay yeah predictions break it down near -- yet. I have -- when the series in six X and all layering house are gonna lose game. And it's a -- -- and they haven't had time to think about it what you ought to correct yes had a dream yeah at least I haven't read it first Altria that's for NBC or AK's I usually don't they're not up draft and -- your choice that before and I don't know. I don't know I don't know what that let him have the dream first but Carey Price -- dogs John confined to dogs again the priest can come on -- can ask the priest and yeah it's an -- the rest of the series and -- beat Chicago. I don't know but that the game is played on the case of north beat Jon quick some people said the Bruins and it was about a goal Lundqvist departs to repress -- Want to. Because of the best. He won at every level he's Olympic gold medalist get a good had to bring back Eric rice is the best goaltender in the world we we really patted on the back for a candidate win a gold. Well I am just saying it was are taken away for that Leo Leo they were the clear cut. Yeah if I got you they should've won it would and the biggest choke job in Orlando and then when a golf. I went in the big extra -- that one would have meant is the best school in the world. Watch is poised watches demeanor watches rebound control well kills me it kills me to say. You know but congratulations go to Boston -- doesn't mean I'm happy about it not married like your value -- -- executive yet but at least two or -- at a time that this blisters is gonna -- which you know should make it easier for -- to make pictures -- much more everyone who called in yesterday for one Bruins -- from the north and this is -- Maybe you hear from -- was your operation oil lawyer showed your -- what do you until 1 o'clock that irregular and rocker guy on until 1 o'clock commercial. Our SAT bride grape smugglers did you graduate girl indeed suited handed out. We can play in the song that is gonna hear a lot of we are we telling yet cracked us. Bash -- had scored into Martinsville fill up. -- -- -- -- -- -- So -- the Montreal I would love to say hey we don't have the Lucic is honored to. We mourn the marshals on -- more than Ford is honored. I would I gotta tell you don't you don't you wanna hate him course and I don't know what I wanna hate. Marinara I don't we want everyone listens to idolize idol I don't I don't know why don't but I don't and you don't you don't you know -- -- out of me. It's charisma and annoyed me but that's not a hate you're born with like the case -- -- I got it like you but I respect the predicament. That make it absolutely. But then again you know chairs nominees nor -- the best -- -- All right you're got to go to you show it's Carlos Corrie yesterday by the way this game. I have a better song than this I would want to thank all of Boston for your hospitality. I -- on my way out of Boston. Don't forget to get -- glitter and telling America early and that's good hockey. We're back. -- diving when you do. Yeah we do. -- Tony conversation brought you like Clark Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram. And by winds of places that living we have right here at some point Indy -- It's at a thousand dollars -- chance to win at 11 o'clock get out here -- Sony debacle back we're all gonna Canada. -- Montreal forward.

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