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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Casey Kasem has been found 5-15-14

May 15, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed the resolution to the Casey Kasem story.

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I received a call to lineup when he gets you promised during headlines but get through a couple of these headlines brought to you by -- to cover more than. 99% of all Americans building a better network and by precision fitness equipment. -- the pros do. Precision fitness equipment mr. Dennis it took one hour 36 minutes and 28 seconds to identify a moron. AT&T text of the apple -- and Edmonton and it doesn't call. From the 617. I'm sorry directorate that's of course that the stands out and it's short Agassi. If the refs called these games right we would call oh yeah. Swept Montreal with EU's. Thanks. Yeah swept them slap them it's. There were 21 periods in this series comedy than the Bruins won. And I don't remember to our top of the head I'd say they -- -- one quarter two of the last six that's it for overall and 136 separate. That's say clear you're saying a clear at seven that's 13. Right best team in hockey team that we all -- was going all the way. 113. And home ice accretion. They did yes this had more shots on goal. In seven games which team at more shots on goal liberal guests Doug -- because the -- And by a white -- was such a blow to 35197. Sounds of a Bruins to a part of it now are overseeing the trailer for the fighter the first time in seeing Christian Bale. -- -- -- -- August is gonna be one of these great performances we've been hearing him say a word. I'm slowly starting get that feeling starting to get that feeling. When I -- Johnny -- yesterday the first picture was him Mays and Whitey Bulger right toys is triggered radio hold up -- -- you've seen each other yesterday guided -- you've seen it. I am I ignored if the movie be good or not now at least I have some confidence that chance it could be because he looks first good movie -- and -- made since like Donnie Brasco. -- yes yes that probably would be yeah he's a dead ringer for that error white -- People do that I love that takes your movie. 64 how easy. Every day well it's like the rubber faced off that -- A couple of our shark -- Yeah I mean yeah I credible. You can read credible you know and waited out a little veterans' health -- -- -- those socks too which is worth note -- Every -- -- -- salute yes yes he's the one who murdered Natalee Holloway so wide right. Serving day a twenty year old twenty year sentence for budget that they twenty under a woman he met in Lima. He is to be a father in his gonna get married we have. 26 year old and his fiancee of near complete legal Rangers who -- the future mrs. Anderson's five months pregnant with the boy he said. You can do that when you're serving life in Perugia murder in Peru yes and -- hole. Indian -- he is teaching English fellow inmates and studying international business via correspondence course offered by Peruvian university. While we were soft so he's gonna NBA a dash or a professor a bad idea husband Americus. America which you -- morning in the -- I don't think he's going to Aruba now for offers -- -- maybe there's Turks -- Kate goes yes that's that's not going to happen either. Believable and through this you know guys are free. I'll roam the streets yet love tea cup and -- a good woman not to accurately and life in prison dangerous and for murder and another woman yet bizarre so law and by the way Kason Cason has been Indian reservation -- -- no -- the state of Washington. EC case and was found yesterday. Is that good healthy as he's going to be this time these orders not Rainier -- on the -- and -- a bit better and no I there's great yeah. Party it's cool when you go up mounting it's colder. Our conference which I don't want to there's snow on top of -- -- Casey case and has been located. He's had gotten and time I want somebody uses and she cannot come on ahead and good. That is a good that's -- pebble and I got a dog and me. He salukis higher and it's gotten a crowded -- attitude a so in case some action. I would. Assault Stewart. I feel bad for those guys once again that was crushed. -- what he thinks -- screw it annual Boston now Goldman on the Seattle guy. Even Minor League Hockey team. Seahawks guy emblem on the Mariners guy -- that he did that in the -- on those -- I think he says he's he still looks group. -- -- -- he was a crude oil but given that you're right about that. What's against -- -- right or wrong I attempt to do want to get these calls one to one more odd or what what what's best gutless. -- Well that's all this very dubious at the -- want to do this -- right now Obama is my question all night long. All eyes on my question before you do the Oprah story. Is Jeff Fisher feel about this. -- he's going to be costar on the show. What Sam said two days ago I'm in this flies in the face of all he says and it's all all football wanna play football around two and anymore and if you yeah. I'll talk football you know with the required time and I am not doing anymore this lifestyle stuff so just out sports and and Esquire and. He and teams each leave meals and an Oprah that's a lie. The the only. Owners OW. OW is what you guys think it's OW and it's probably. The the own network announced -- purchased the rights for documentary series of all the -- of Michael's. Terms -- undisclosed but sources that negotiations to make the deal took two months. Sam became the nose became the first openly gay man to be taken in the draft at -- heard -- the east he's gonna have Oprah's cameras that this -- yeah yeah guys everywhere in his bedroom in his house in his. Bathroom watching them a check of this and -- in the gonna try to go in the that one of the most important -- pitcher Scott -- -- the Oprah announced that it has -- secretary your media likes to show you can't do this without having locker room scene and that the most important. Yes scene setting. Yeah and corrections teammates we are on the Michael Strauss as the harbinger in this moment it is not only -- issuable shape for rappers have been -- I am proud of the focus on authentic storyteller new documentary series format the next real life story we followed -- The untitled Michael Sam project proms sparked valuable -- discussion on like an American today. Acceptance and illumination start here think they'll be in the room when Jeff Fisher cuts him. So like win the dolphins coach whacked out Ochocinco in office. Good. Obviously that opens at the same accesses hard knocks networks. And called Jerry have been Jamaica -- credential to -- When he gets cut. But to be -- -- -- it will it will. Just go with stuff on the sideline during practice the area yet but he'll be might yeah. Well we -- at this seriously unhappy optional five. I I do believe that don't you believe that if if if the and the guy says what triples if the patriots are drafted him and announced that Belichick -- actually Oprah will be hanging around Belichick oh no she won't. And he be on he'd be gone that's headlines brought to you by eighteenth.

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